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Written on David Climer: College football recruiting reaches new low:

This is stupid to offer a scholarship to a kid this young. I think the NCAA should forbid offering scholarships to any player in any sport before they start their sophomore year in high school.

Written on John Adams: Vols can turn APR dilemma into a winning number:

You can be assured that Bray, Sentimore and Patterson were not worried about their grades.

Written on Lady Vols win fans across the country:

We need another pitcher to replace Ivy Renfro.

Written on Lady Vols lose key pieces, but return talent for another run next season:

We need another pitcher since Ivy Renfro will graduate.

Written on Monica Abbott becomes first UT softball player to have jersey retired :

Definitely the greatest signing for Lady Vols softball. If we had the offense we have now while Monica was pitching, we would have won some national championships.

Written on Never Better: Vols score biggest victory ever against Kentucky, 88-58 :

Incredible Game!!! Vols should have much more confidence now after this shellacking of Kentucky.

Written on Five from Tennessee invited to NFL Combine :

Sentimore was not invited. Why did he declare for the draft? Grades??

Written on Dallas Cowboys hire Derek Dooley as wide receivers coach :

Of all the STUPID moves Jerry Jones has made since kicking Jimmy Johnson out of the door, this is near or at the top. Jerry is truly getting senile now. At least this will probably reduce the amount of money Tennessee has to pay Dooley. Vol For Life, MSEE 1968.

Written on Top 10 stories for 2012: Derek Dooley fired by Tennessee is No. 1 :

What about the Olympics track and field medals? They were more impressive than the swimming relays. Dee Dee Trotter and Tianna Madison both won Gold Medals in the 400 and 100 relays respectively. Dee Dee won a Bronze in the 400m. Tianna placed 4th or 5th in the 100m is what I remember.

Written on Top 10 stories for 2012: Derek Dooley fired by Tennessee is No. 1 :

Well now we do not have Derek Dooley to kick around any longer.

Written on Geoff Calkins: Killing Tennessee series wrong move for Memphis:

BS from Pastner.Memphis does not care about Louisville. Pastner is just afraid of losing to Tennessee.

Written on Report card :

All defensive grades are F--. Special teams is F--.

Coaching is F---. Get Dooley and Sunseri the hell out of Dodge (Knoxville). Program their GPS units to take them out of town.

Written on Tyler Bray would like to have some do-overs :

You do not get Do Overs in college football.

Written on Charlie Daniel draws Tennessee-Missouri:

Can we play Memphis. Maybe we can beat Tiger High.

Written on John Adams: No change too extreme on defense :

Call Justin Wilcox and make him head coach. He probably left because he knew how inept Dooley was.

Written on UT's 'embarrassing' defense goes from bad to record worst :

Troy would have gained fewer yards and scored fewer points against Bearden High School.

Written on Kaela Davis commits to Georgia Tech :

Big mistake Kaela. You could have been part of something big at Tennessee with Mercedes and Jannah coming in. At least you will play more minutes at Ga Tech and of course lose more games.

Written on UT expects 85,000 tickets sold for Troy :

85,000 in a 100,000+ seat stadium. Embarrassing. That is the pitiful state of Tennessee football.

Written on No. 1 recruit Mercedes Russell picks Tennessee :

Great news. Now Men's and Women's Basketball can make us forget about football or whatever that is that they are playing on the gridiron.

Written on Derek Dooley's injury offers many challenges, but not a coaches' challenge :

If Dooley is too injured to coach properly get him off the sideline. Doesn't he have some assistant coaches to help. This is just another lame excuse for poor coaching and poor playing.

Written on Mercedes Russell to announce Tuesday; count Jannah Tucker for Lady Vols again :

Very glad we got Jannah. Now Tennessee needs their very own Mercedes.

Written on Report card: Tennessee's offense bounces back, but defense continues to struggle :

Coaching: F-. Derrick Dooley just flunked out of college. He needs to go back to being a lawyer. Maybe he can work for the DA office somewhere where his job performance does not matter.

Written on Alabama-Tennessee Report Card :

I give an F to all aspects of the team. We quit and look totally disinterested. Dooley and all coaches must go even if ewe have to hire some high school coaches. Louisiana Tech this year is having a better season than they ever had under Dooley.

Written on Is a "moral victory" acceptable against Alabama?:

Like they say a "moral victory" is like "kissing your sister." If we are satisfied with "moral victories" we have sunk to a new low and should just give up playing football in the SEC or any major conference. Perhaps we should go to the Big East which is now sinking to new lows.

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley may see own fate in treatment of Pat Summitt:

This is stupid. Pat earned respect and the right to go out in her own way and when she wanted to. No problems with players and players graduated when they spent 4 years at Tennessee playing for Pat.

What has DD done? Zip, nada, zero, nothing!!!!

Written on Alabama fans crash plane into field, still make Ole Miss game:

Now this is dedicated fans. If it had been closer to game time they would have crash landed in the stadium parking lot.

Written on Tennessee to retire Johnny Majors' No. 45 jersey before game :

'Bout time.
What took so long.
Johnny is a legend.
"When Johnny Goes Marching Home."

Written on You predict the score in the Tennessee-Florida game:

Tennessee - 24
Florida - 17

Written on USC coach Lane Kiffin gives up vote in USA Today poll :

We will miss you Lame. NOT.

Written on Derek Dooley says Vols have contacted Penn State players :

We could use their kicker. He was nomiated for both the Lou Groza and Ray Guy awards last year. Our kickers could not even hold their jocks.

Written on Lauren Gibson helps U.S. make medal round:

So they finally got her out (once).

Written on Jeronne Maymon named to All-SEC second team; Jarnell Stokes on All-Freshman:

Congratulations to Stokes and Maymon. However, Maymon not being on the first team is ridiculous and an affront to Jeronne and Tennessee.

Written on Josh Pastner wants to end series with UT :

Josh "CHICKEN" Pastner, basketball coach at Tiger High.

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols lack a loathing for losing:

This Lady Vol team doesn't seem to be too concerned about losing a game until the horse is out of the barn. They will be the first group of Seniors at Tennessee to not get to a Final Four. There is no way they will make the Final Four the way they are playing. We will get a low seed and a bad bracket. This is very disappointing.

I believe that Pat will retire after this season since her early onset dementia seems to be progressing much faster than anticipated. She is not coaching during the games. Unfortunately when Pat retires we will see slippage in Lady Vol basketball. This happens when most legegendary coaches retire (e.g. Bear Bryant, etc.)

It is too bad that Niki Caldwell left UCLA this year to coach at LSU. She would have been my candidate for the new coach but I do not see this happening after just one year at LSU.

Written on Josh Pastner wants to end series with UT :

Josh "Chicken" Pastner. He is afraid of Tennessee.

Written on Janzen Jackson, Bryce Brown enter names for NFL draft :

Jackson may have some chance but a slim one. Bryce Brown has no chance to play in the NFL. Bryce Brown entering ther draft is a joke. I might as well enter the draft and I am 67 years old. I hope Bryce and Jantzen enjoy their careers working on loading docks, building roads, etc. It is tough work.

Written on Controversial former UT receiver Nu'Keese Richardson retires:

Retiring from what? Not football since he hasn't played football in forever. Hope he enjoys working on the loading dock. It should pay at least the minimum wage.

Written on Jarnell Stokes cleared to practice by NCAA:

It is a record to be cleared so quickly by the NCAA but I read last week that he qualified for an academic scholarship at Memphis. Given that fact his being cleared had to be only a formality. This is also good since if he applies himself he will be elgibile until he goes pro.

Written on Report Card: Vols vs. Kentucky :


COACHING: F (we were outcaoched big time).

Palarady is useless as a kicker. Where was Broaduss? Where is ther local kid who wanted to come to Tennessee but we did not offer him a scholarship?

Written on John Adams: No excuses allowed against Vanderbilt:

We are playing Vandy in Knoxville and Vandy is a 1 point favorite. This is where we have gone to? EMBARASSING!!!

Written on Vanderbilt game 'defines our season':

We are playing Vandy in Knoxville and Vandy is a 1 point favorite. This is where we have gone to??? EMBARASSING!!!!

Written on Michael Palardy expected to be back for Arkansas game :

Great News. Now we get to watch Palardy missing field goal attempts rather than Broadus making them. Can we get him injured again by Saturday.

Written on GVX247: DT Danny O'Brien picks Vols:

This is GREAT NEWS!!! Lots of ability with size and speed.

Written on Dan Fleser: Former players' bond with Pat Summitt remains :

The headline did not bother me. Dome people have too much time on their hands. I understood the headline in its correct form and meaning. I guess some people are just too picky.

Written on Dan Fleser: Former players' bond with Pat Summitt remains :

Who is Michelle Snow playing for in Russia this year?

Written on Charlie Daniel draws UT vs. Cincinnati, Sept. 10, 2011.:

Fantastic Charlie Daniels cartoons.

Written on Josh Pastner says UT game vs. Memphis a bad fit:

So Josh pastnet of Tiger High does not want to play Tennessee and also says it is a bad fir. Let's see how do you spell CHICKEN.

Written on Janzen Jackson has enrolled at Tennessee:

Great news for Janzen and for Tennessee!!!