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Completely off topic...anyone know or hear anymore information about the open practice to the public Saturday Night? I haven't seen anything since it was announced earlier. I was planning on driving from Charlotte with 3 kids in tow?


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What's this...more throwing of players under the bus by yelling, screaming and getting after them at practice?!

More of it CBJ!!!! Go Vols! Can't wait for Football Time in Tennessee!

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A couple of observations: Physics and coaching are the reasons for the increased number of serious injuries. As players get bigger, faster and stronger, collisions are more violent. Players are taught all their lives to launch themselves at the guy with the ball. They are rewarded emotionally for big hits by their coaches and their teammates. Later they are rewarded by ESPN replays and big NFL paychecks.

Also: the media is now getting in on the act of publicly humiliating UT players. Dooley threw players under the bus in his press conferences. Jones does it during practice, then reporters divulge who and why. Maybe Jones wishes his comments had stayed on the field but now he knows they won't. Lots of people hate Dooley and love Jones, but seems like the players are still under the bus, the question is who you blame for throwing them there.

So coaches aren't allowed to coach anymore...particularly when it's yelling at players in practice..?


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I had an uneasy feeling the "other shoe was going to drop" when the Football Vols made it out of spring in good shape.

Let's hope we have seen the last of the injury bug! GO VOLS!

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When Nick took over for Mike Shula at 'Bama, and Urban replaced Zook at Fla., and then for Tressel at OSU -- and we took over from CPF and what we've done already at 'SC -- it led to big upgrades in the programs because of the big upgrades in coaching talent. When you look deeper you also see that Mike Hamilton is the foundation to each of these successful hires. The other AD's all have Hammy in thier past -- Thanks again Hammy.


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As they used to refer to you back in your Florida days "Hey, what's up Kar!?"

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Not that anyone asked, my honest assessment is 7-5 hoping for 8-4. Jaques Smith needs to bring it his senior year. McCullers while a giant, has not been the disruptive force expected of him. Magitt was hurt alot last year and his best year was as a freshman. the D-line as a whole needs to apply pressure and get to the quarterback. Hopefully, a 3rd linebacker can be found to replace Latham, as he was solid. We need a safety who can play the run and the pass?! It would be nice if Gordon returns, but I don't expect him to, so a corner with solid cover skills must develop.

Our offensive line needs to play like the veteran line they are...and with an attitude. Neal is a great threat catching the ball, which I think in this offense will be utilized more. Hopefully the off-season discipline Lane went through has him focused and ready to make noise in his junior year, it is now or never for him. Although I like the hometown product, have never been all that impressed with Young, maybe this year he makes a new impression. He is quick, but not very fast and cannot break tackles. Our wideouts are inexperienced and unproven, and therein lies the wildcard in this offense. Should PIG and another WR(Croom?)prove themselves SEC worthy this season, the offense could be special.Speaking of, special teams kicking has been a disappointment for a number of years now, but if they can only play solid...kick the expected PATs, an occassional endzone kickoff and a decent 44 yard punting avg., that would be a success in my book.


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Was a little wishy-washy during her recruitment. I never like the "personal reasons" reason.

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Nice spin....this is all lizzy does day in and day out........not sarcasm, but AGENDA MAN!!! The police don't think calling someone a porker is abusive or defamatory either....try that in public and ya just might get popped..........

WRONG! The only thing I have done on a consistent basis is call into question those of the so called "truth squad" who continually castigate supportive fans.

How could any of those individuals think that possibly helps UT more with that type of criticism than optimisim coming from supporters? Furthermore, if those knuckleheads cannot see that CBJ, has reenergized the fan base, recruited his tail off, and appears to have a plan in place for the future (again note the recruiting being done for 2015) is just anti-UT.

All this bluster about a mid-tier coach from a substandard conference....coaches have to start somewhere, and this guy has had some success where he has been previously.

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Or maybe this is proof that he's not a pig after all.

Based on the fact you're from Elizabethton and never set foot in a college classroom, I guess I'll have to break this down for you. Dave Hart was brought in for the specific purpose of merging the athletic departments. Every other school in the country has one athletic department, and it's far past time for UT to do the same. That doesn't mean that anyone hates women, it just means we're merging the athletic departments. Jennings was fired for being a troublemaker, period. Not because she's a woman (allegedly).

The women's sports at UT have better facilities and fan support than any other place in the country, probably the world. All of this is paid for by men's sports. And you're still complaining.

Whatever. Apparently, that higher education you received does nothing in the way of common sense.

How is that for a breakdown? Oh, and please note the sarcasm.

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See you are offering stale ,out-of-date bread. "to.....honor a WOMEN". Woman would be singular sir.......sad you demean the city of Jason Witten knowingly using it in ure lil poster chile name......have a history of abusing previous player's names.....oh well ewe r what ewe r.......try and help somebody have a nice day and see that you actually will feel good legitimately as long as ya stay humble........

Faith - you need to check the history of my posts! With such keen insight, can you not detect the simplest elements of sarcasm?

Certainly I can with the dumb usage of ewe that you constantly overuse.

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WHAT?! That mysogynistic pig brought in here to ruin UT athletics is....going to...honor a women?

Say it ain't so "truth squad", say it ain't so?

Sorry, I digress. Perfect honor for a perfect coach. Go Vols!

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Okay, there aren't many very good short QB's vs there aren't many short QB's. You still get the same thing, not very many QB's who are shore or very good....with the exception.

How can you not take into account players of any one era. It goes without saying players of today are bigger, stronger and faster than at any other time. But I misstep, forgive me I am just a kid.

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Yes, all of the aforementioned losses were caused by ole-whathisname?! I will infer my disgust just like any other would regarding an inexperienced quarterback....ignorance included.

Oh, as far as exceptions, you gave me one quarterback from the 50's one from the 80's and one from the 90's?? As a note all Wise(a - -)One, Johnny U was actually pretty tall considering the players of his day. Same goes for the other two considering the eras of play too.

Yeah....exception rather than the rule but nice try.

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Tyler Bray? Tyler Bray? wherefore art thou Tyler Bray? Florida -8 yards last 3 possessions and 7 straight incomplete passes to end the game. Georgia, and SC, fumbled the ball to effectively lose both of those. Bama 13/27 for 184 yds with 2 ints. Vandy 11/29 for 103 and 2 ints. If you are going to give him credit for putting us in those games, you give him credit for losing them as well, don't you?

I for one will be looking for a fresh start at quarterback, running or throwing, but mostly - winning!

As for the short quarterbacks you mentioned, more the exception rather than the rule, don't you think?

Go Vols!

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Goodness gracious! Seeems like the troll activity has really picked up lately.

I guess none of them were able to find summer jobs.


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All CBJ did was win 4 conference championships in 6 years at two different schools as the Head Coach, and your prerequisite for success is coordinator experience? Ohhhkay?!

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Duly noted, for the umpteenth time. Now, anything of value you wish to add?

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Gonna need him. I expect him to return with the proverbial "chip" and have a big year behind an experienced OL.

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Good luck Lady Softballers!

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Hapless.....that suits you well.

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Alabama and then Florida "after" we win??

What a bunch of malarky!

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Vol fans should remember the Willie Mack Garza saga.Major violation here,then resigning at USC citing "personal reasons" when the NCAA came sniffing.Sounds to me like they're hot on the trail of some fresh Gator.Gotta love it,the Swamp is infested!

That would be the last thing the SEC needs right now.

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Who cares.....

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You are the one on here talking about conspiracies?! No, 9-23 has not been much better than two 5-7 losing seasons in 4 years and a loss to Wyoming at home from "the great 1st ballot Hall of Famer".

Sorry, but it wasn't Dooley, whom BTW there Del happens to no longer coach here tell Boyd his services were best suited somewhere else. That distinction you can give thanks to Kiffin.

As for this years recruiting class, most Vol fans are probably happy with #6 in the nation, considering UT perpetually has never gotten out of the starting gate, we have only begun the recruiting process under CBJ, and only three of the "leadpipe cinch legacies" you proclaim have verbally committed. Dooley who you continually dredge up time and again, need reminding that he is no longer the head football coach and never achieved that status in recruiting, particularly at this early stage of the game. I am confused, was Derek the Doofus or do you need to look in the mirror, Del?

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I tend to agree with Pompey. UT's rival laden Administration has no interest in fielding a championship team in men's sports. As long as butts are in the seats and $4 hotdogs are bought on a consistent basis there is no need to hire championship coaches. Especially when every three years we can hire "The" coach to bring UT back to glory and then the local media pumps sunshine up us so we buy into it. I hear the same things about CBJ as I did three years ago with CDD. Sad!

Here we go with another UT administration conspiracy theorist.

And if you can't see the difference between Dooley and CBJ...that blind squirrel (you) will never find an acorn!

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Jolly - Harper was at the height of my excitement for LV BB. She was the best point guard in UT history IMHO. 3 consecutive says it all. She was not an elite scorer, but she could put a dagger in your heart at the right time, and was an excellent floor general.

I do remember however, she would always dribble backwards in the backcourt instead of pushing the ball forward, and I used to yell at her through my TV screen, and then a slick pass to one of the Mique's and we were rollin' again! Ahh, those were the days. Best of luck, Kellie.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Agreed, would be a good hire....

But, you are still a joke.

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If enjoying a 152-52 Hall of Fame run that was the greatest era in UT football history is wrong, I don't want to be right.

I liked Fulmer, but will you let it go with the greatest era in UT Football phooey?! No one follows any principals of football established by "the great hall of famer", because he didn't establish any. Nor was he a great innovator.

That would belong to the one who resides with the greatest era in UT football lore, The General. Please don't try telling me, this was pre-modern day either. OU's 47 straight is still considered the greatest run in college football. Half of ND's glory comes from this era too, same with Michigan's.

UT, IMHO does a very poor job of self promoting one of the greatest coaches college football ever had. I know your going to spew the usual drivel, that he played against the Suwanees' and the chattanoogas', well guess what, that was back in the day of the Southern Conference and it included the likes of LSU, BAMA, and Florida as well, and they played those creampuff charlie's too!

Long live the General! GO VOLS! and Go CBJ!

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ElizabethtonvolinNC, what about the gentle giant Mickey Marvin, wasn't he from that part of the country as well?

ex, he was a little further east, that being NC.

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Another great player just came to my mind, Johnny Majors from Lychburg and little Petersburg and Huntland. I'm not sure but the great Doug Atkins also might have come from a small school.

Jason Witten and (Johnny Mills, who is from Carter County) ...sorry, had to get that one in there. I know we are not in the smallest classificaton, but we "ain't one of the big'uns" either. GO Cyclones....GO VOlS!

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No . The "SAD" is you just trying your lil best to stir up a hornets nest. Read the article there said he won MVP at Myrtle Beach event. That means he stood out amongst his peers.....So yeah they are shivering in "SOuth Carolina." Some grumps love being a grump....if the shoe fits.......Try and have a nice day anyway skippy.....

On topic, congrats on the offer young man. Now through the next two years show yourself worthy of it so mister sour grapes can be unjustified...

And MVP of elite OL camp in Oklahoma!

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"UT snapped a school-record streak of six straight NCAA tournament appearances last year."

Who was the coach last year? Oh wait.....same as this year.

Unfortunately, inability to score these past 2 years is hurting. Let alone...the ability to make a freakin free throw.

And for those folks who said this year was "poor" b/c of the loss of Maymon....uhhh, they had Maymon last year and still underperformed.

Uhhhh, Stokes had just started playing in February there, Smelt

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Ouch - Bad day for the Vols yesterday, everywhere you looked!

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No matter in what venue we will play our next game, remember this about this team:

1. Their rock in the middle never played this year
2. Coach took the disparity in calls against Jarnell and not allowing him to play to the league instead of getting T-uped on the court. Look at the record for him and our team since then.
3. Beat Mizzou, the Gators when we had to produce.
4. Beat the Cheating 'Cats by the largest score ever ... ever being defined as 216 games and since 1905.

We lost a game. We won 20.


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Nice, nice pick up. I have yet to understand the Miserables who have constantly downed CBJ at every opportunity and continue to bring up everything from former HC DD, to the conspiracies of the UT administration trying to ruin UT athletics, football included. For one, and most importantly, this is the bell cow of the university. Do you not understand, which I believe those involved in UT athletics do, this is a business first and without success comes failure...and jobs.

Despite all of the negative aspects surrounding the UT football program; coaching turnovers, losses, player departures and legal mishaps, no bowls etc., all this within a 6 year time frame with the added element in lack of support and negativity from you the Legions has made this program as a whole unpopular and unattractive. All CBJ and staff have done is ignore all of this, exercised energy and a new found sense of pride and optimism (what would you have them be - doom and gloom) along with exceptional promotion of the UT brand (tradition, history, past players)with such success at this early stage of the game....well, all I can say to you is, stick it!

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Hey Glenn Fords Fool -

The man chosen to lead UT football was 27-13 at CMU while your Chosen One BK of famed ND went 19-16.Note - The team Jones inherited included 19 gradutated seniors.

Additionally, after taking over at Cincy and another senior ladden team graduating 14 players and (8 - 1st or 2nd team all B E) went 4-8 but subsequently won 2 Big East Championships with a 2 year record of 19-6.

Sorry you feel like you were sold a bill of goods....sounds like a winner in my book, definitely not a Dooley.

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.....waiting for that capper, flowers guy to tell us what a disaster all things UT sports are now and how Vandy is THE program in Tennessee.... Or was he actually the ghost writer for this column??

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Given all of the circumstances surrounding this program and it's current state, the fanbase included I would rate it an A. Why? Averaging the three most "trusted" recruiting services would amount to 26th in the nation. As CBJ stated many times in the presser, this staff had 31 days and limited contact to make an impact. I don't want to hear about Auburn OR Ole Miss. How did Arkansas do? 2 years ago Auburn won a national champiionship, and the coaches they hired, all came from the SE. Our former Head Coach as constantly lamented by the legions, allowed for the deterioration of relationships in the high schools and the prospects they should have been recruiting. CBJ, at the eleven and half hour, at least was able to attract the interest of some 5* rated talent and kept some guessing until national signing day. This on top of coming into new territory, with a broken program, 4 coaching changes since 2008, no bowls in the last two years and consecutive losing seasons to go with it made the task that much more difficult. If half the the legions would realize that we are never going to get back to where we want to be unless we are all in, all the time and that others feel the excitement or negativity within a fanbase, and it's program. Otherwise you might as well go root for Bama or Vandy. Go VOLS and GO CBJ.

Written on Evan Woodbery's chat recap:

To the Legions: I don't portend to know that CBJ is going to be a great coach, or even if he will be a great recruiter for that matter. However, in the short time he has been here I like the way he has gone about the business of reestablishing the Tennessee brand. I guess some fail to realize...capper, foils,et. al. that you repeatedly bashed the former coach because he did not have a proven record. All I know is CBJ does, the championships speak for themselves, whether they were with other coaches players or not. I do believe he was on those coaching staffs evaluating talent, coaching and recruiting. Don't forget before his last championship team, the previous one went 4-8 at Cincy. That ought to tell the legions something. Recall, these same legions have reported that the former coach more or less deteriorated the relationships with high school players and coaches. Add to the fact we have had 4 coaching changes since 2008 and suffered through 3 losing seasons with no bowls the last two years. In comes CBJ, and there are those that expect him to sign a top 10 class. Guess what legions, it ain't gonna happen. This coach and staff have brought with them energy and hit the ground hard to reestablish what has been lost. If you want to shout about how great Vandy is doing, then get off this site and go cheer for the dores. If you don't like Hart, Cheek or any of the other guys you deem misfits or feel non UT supporters hired to dismantle all things great in UT Sports, repeat, get off this site, go grab a sign and stand out front of the UT administration building instead of trying to wreck the support for the men and women who "will give their all for Tennessee today"! GO VOLS and GO Coach Jones.

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All the negativity towards JH ....WTH is wrong with those of you in Vol Nation?!

Best of Luck Justin, thanks for putting on the Big Orange!

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Whoever it is will have to take chicken s#@t and make chicken salad!

Sure you are trying to be cute, but not working. The offensive line performed well all year, bozo. While there were major defensive breakdowns, this has to be attributed to the 3-4 more so than the chicken @$@$& you exclaim. How can I say this, better talent and size this year than last and we were ranked 26th in total D last something was amiss and not necessarily lack of talent.

But thanks for the......insight.

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Seriously? I haven't seen the poll, but with Maymon, Golden, and the Stud is a little surprising.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Geee Wally, your right we did hit rock bottom after Dooley came..after yet another coaching change and player attrition...

Dealing with Fulmers 37th ranked recruiting class and what was left of Kiffins "stud" recruits...get real.

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That's fine. Got your name written down here. I'll get back to you after the game.

Great 43. I hope I am wrong, but until I see otherwise, I am expecting tough sledding in the run game, and Florida to make TB a little "uncomfortable", something he has not quite experienced in the 2 games we have played.

Florida will bring it early and often. A good run game can slow that down, but I for one have not been overly impressed with neither the backs or the run blocking, and with the talent they have on the OL, there is no excuse. GBO!

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Finally a realistic statement...good job Etown! I see this game going down to the wire with the Vols toughness being tested to the hilt! I say "hit em in the short ribs"! OGSLOV!!!!

PS...I used to live in Johnson City, graduated from ETSU. Good to hear from a loyal, realistic Vol fan from upper East Tennessee!

OGSLOV - Another original GVX PS Member if I recall? Went to ETSU myself. They had a football team back then....Go BUCS!

Thanks for the post BTW, I would love to see the same type of beat down we have endured the last few years. Again, I expect a bloodbath. GBO!

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Not to sound like a troll (long time GVX viewer and an original Paysite Member from back in the day - 90s)...but some Vols fans do not have realistic expectations for this game.....

140+ yards....300 passing....seriously??!

It will be a hard fought, bloodbath. Anyone who expects anything different is.....well, delousional.


Written on Tennessee players trying to block 'external clutter':

Controlled anger. Focus with an intent to punish. Hit, Run, Block, Catch. GBO!