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It's funny to see how many people go off on the KNS 'antivol' trolls. Many people are good at spotting trolls, that's why I am surprised to see so many people spew bile at every article J. Adams authors.

There is a guy who writes for a website called, 'OutKicktheCoverage'. He has recently written a list of 'The 10 Dumbest College Football Fanbases'.

If you read any of that series, you will have surely seen the incredible backlash of hatred in the comments section from each chastised fanbase, respectively.

The guy doesn't write that type of phooey because he really believes it, he does it for entertainment value.

His work is born from an offensive sense of humor and coupled with proud fans that have boat-loads of pride AND naivety.

Though not as blatantly abrasive, J. Adams follows this same rhetoric. While so many people fail to see this from J. Adams, he sits back and chuckles at the ire he has drawn from the immensely proud UT Volunteers' fanbase.

In my opinion, J. Adams is a very talented writer and would get much more positive feedback if he would shy away from the sarcastic foundation used to brace his articles.

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I've never liked these kind of "games". Play a quality team, challenge our guys, and take your chances on the scoreboard. There is no glory in beating up on a glorified high school team.

Sport is why I love football. Part of the sport in football is the scheduling dynamic - it is what makes college football so respectable, in my opinion.

The ability for a team like A-P to ink a contract with a top-10 program is something I would never want to remove from college football - especially if it doesn't hurt the post-season aspirations of the larger program.

Tennessee gets a 'pre-season game', this year it is much needed, too.

Austin-Peay gets more of a pay-off than what many people may imagine at 1st glance.

Obviously, A-P gets $$. That moola means a lot to many collegiate athletic departments who do not regularly experience massive gate profits.

The players of Austin-Peay also have a unique opportunity to play at one of the world's greatest gameday atmospheres. The experience of playing in Neyland Stadium is something the young men - even the A-P coaches - will remember for the rest of their lives.

The players at places like Austin-Peay have all dreamt of playing for an elite level program. Simply because they were unable to land at a major program doesn't mean the dream of playing on the elite level vanished too.

Playing against UT could realistically be the pinnacle of their playing career.

The reality of just those few points is enough to convince me that games like this should not only be permitted, they should be celebrated.

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WTH is a Damm Georgia fan doing in here on a UT website. Typical...get a life man.

I like how he calls Butch Jones, 'Butchie Boy', as if he is talking down to him.

They want to make themselves feel superior by saying things they think are demeaning. They need to get all the school-yard jabs in before someone starts making stupid, childish monkers for UGA's coach.... they'll wish they never acted so ignorant when something like this catches on and they see it everywhere they turn:

Coach Mark Richt
Coach Fart Ripped

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Not that I am a fashion expert but a previous poster touched on this and it was brought up in conversation with friends yesterday....
Many schools have two bold colors and then throw in white in uniforms as a neutral backdrop. Example: FL is orange and blue but sometimes wear blue pants, white jersey with orange numbers. Same with Michigan and blue and maze, Ohio state with red and grey, GA with red and black.
So when one of your only two colors is neutral white, it is limiting. That is why much fan attire sold at the bookstore and other locations, has long had navy, black, khaki or grey. So when you think about it this really isn't that much of a stretch.
Our colors are still orange and white just like they have been for the past years when I have often worn a grey fleece with a Power T.

Isn't dark Navy Blue the 2nd dark color of the Volunteers?

Many people may not realize this, but dark navy blue has been recognized as part of UT's color scheme - though we haven't seen the dark navy incorporated in quite a while - it's sometimes mistaken as black.


There has been mention of the 1914 Vols appearing in the grey.

In 1914, producing colored fabric was more expensive than today and also had a very strong tendancy to bleed when wet. 1914 Vols didn't wear the uniforms because they were an option within the official colors, they wore them out of neccessity.

Aside from that, I like the uniforms. However, I never ever want to see grey incorporated in the official color scheme as an option to use as extensively as the Orange & White.

I like seeing a sea of orange in the stadium and during the 'Vol Walk'. I'm not quite sure how impressive a 'sea of grey' would be.

If anything, break out the dark navy blue (often mistaken as black). If new uniforms sway recruits, changing the grey on these unis to dark navy would have every recruit in the nation getting in line to be a Volunteer!

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I think they look good, but they could be even better. They seem incomplete - maybe it's the helmet...

I reserve the right to hold my opinion until I see them on the field, on a gameday.

They look decent enough on individual players, but... how will they look when you have 11 of them on the field?

How will the linemen/linebackers appear when they are shoulder to should?

How will the o-line/qb/rb's look when they are in formation?

I'm not sure, but I have a feeling it will be much easier to make a strong opinion after seeing them on gameday.

They may appear very attractive after seeing them in action - or - they may look worse than they appear on a single individual modeling them.

Personally, I think they should do a modern reproduction of the historic UT jerseys - dating back to the first leather helmet unis.

Maybe they could break a new version out at homecoming each year... I know some of the old uniforms would look awesome if they were modernized, such as;

the long-sleeved orange jersey with the white 'box' on the mid-chest, a white 'box' on the interior bicep, and a white box on the interior forearm.

the very dark navy blue (it looks almost black) long-sleeved jersey with a large orange 'Power T' on the upper chest, off-white boxes on the top of shoulders, and a long white box on the back of the arm, extending from wrist to tricep.

the very dark solid navy blue long-sleeved jersey, with 10 orange stripes on the sleeves, extending from wrist to just beneath the arm-pit area.

I think modernizing any of those jerseys (which were the #2, #3, & #4 series of jerseys ever worn by the vols) would be quite impressive.

Also, doing something like that is something that other teams aren't already doing a lot and it should serve to keep the traditionalist fans from puking in their mouth when they see them on the field.

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"Randolph's helmet did appear to make contact with North's helmet." Really? Didn't see the play--but I hope they are not going to call penalties and eject players because of helmet-to-helmet contact. It will be a circus--absurd. Ball-carriers often run low and bent over: there is no way you cannot make contact with a helmet when you are tackling! Yes, deliberate attempts to launch at someone with a helmet should be flagged--but nothing else. Watch it: This rule will be a DISASTER this year with officials making bad judgment calls.

If there is going to be no helmet-to-helmet contact allowed, why even where helmets at all?

Take off the helmets and play, no head protection would definitely reduce the number of spearheading tackles.

Can't lead with shoulder to make a tackle? No problem! Simply take off the shoulder pads. With no shoulder protection, players will surely not lead with their shoulders.

Quarterbacks getting beat up too much? No problem! Strap a belt on him and velcro 3 colored ribbons (known as flags) to it!

Really, I do think precautions need to be taken to insure the cranial safety of all players, but going with a no helmet-to-helmet contact rule is absurd.

Maybe they should look into designing better helmets. It seems the increase in head injuries coincides with time that helmets started popping off player's head, mid-play.

Losing a helmet due to collision was very rare, until somewhat recently. Now player's lose helmets requently.

I'm no expert, but it sure seems like something is going on with those hats that needs to be addressed. Maybe that would help maintain player safety as much as changing the rules of the game ever could.

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You see players (mainly O or D linemen and linebackers) play with busted fingers, thumbs, wrists all the time. I expect you're right.

I remember back in 2006, we had serious injuries to Inky Johnson (never played again, unfortunately) and Justin Harrell in the Air Force game. Harrell ruptured a tendon in his bicep which made it basically impossible for him to bend his arm at the elbow under his own power. He still played the next game against Florida before having surgery and ending his season after that game.

Good God, Almighty... Inky Johnson could knock the snot out of people - no matter their size.

I remember seeing him and thinking, 'Hmm, this guy is awful little (compared to other players in general), we must have depth issues'.

Then I saw his ferocity and sell-out. Pound for pound, I'm not sure I've seen anybody who could lay a hit like Inky - except maybe Eric Berry or Scott Galyon.

The injury was unfortunate at the time. What I didn't realize back then is that Inky is the type of person who has such passion, drive, and general intelligence, that he will be successful in whatever he chooses - physical limitations be damned.

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That was later that evening..

HAHA, now that was funny! It looks like you definitely pack a lot of wit!

I wonder how many people read the 'chute' crack, but don't get the joke? 'chute crack', lol

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Knoxville has a better version of everything in Vandyland (except Nashville's legendary recording industry in).

Franklin should have done a proper cliff-dive by taking a trip to Vestal, home of the Blount Quarry, and taking a leap from the highest point...

***Blount Quarry, Vestal:


If you're in Knoxville, but don't know about the Blount Quarry, you can follow Chapman Highway to the BP station @ the corner of Woodlawn Pike, located roughly 1m south of the incapacitated Henley St. Bridge.

Directly across from the BP is a popular, locally owned and family operated mechanic, known as "Crow's Alignment".

Right next to "Crow's" is Fort Dickerson Rd, an inconspicuous, dead-end road that leads up a hill and to a park.

Although the official name of the park is "Harold Lambert Overlook Park", many locals call this park "Blueberry Hill", because of all the wild blueberries that could be found there.

Visitors to this park can see the "Downtown Knoxville Skyline" and it's a very good place to watch "BoomsDay". Vol fans also like that the fireworks, launched @ Neyland Stadium each time the Volunteers score, can easily be seen.

It was a great place to go and listen to John Ward call the game when he was the undisputed play-by-play king! ~ ____ 20, 15, 10, 5... 4... 3... 2... 1, GIVE... HIM... 6!!____ *FIREWORKS GO BOOM*~

Another great aspect of this park is the vantage point it offers from high above the Blount Quarry. Seeing the quarry from this angle is awesome. The water is crystal clear and, when the weather is nice, you can see quite a long way beneath the surface.

*** Blount Quarry is actually a very dangerous place, where swimming is concerned.

Please understand I'm not suggesting the Blount Quarry should be visited by anyone for swimming, fishing or any other water related activity.

People, even experienced scuba/recovery divers, have died here.


Written on Poll: Of Tennessee's four non-conference games per season, how many should be against teams from power conferences?:

Playing 3+ major conference foes would be a good way to "Separate the men from the boys" at an elite college football level.

It could also help eliminate many of the belly-aching debates regarding non-conference strength-of-schedule, but I think it could damage the overall integrity of the sport at the university level.

Many of the smaller schools, who are able to secure a game against the nation's power conference programs, rely on the financial boost delivered by such match-ups.

However, it would be nice to see an agreement reached that would require teams to schedule a minimum of 3 opponents from any conference similar to their own.

Written on Lenoir City's Jaylond Woods more recognizable since committing to Tennessee:

Someone's got Vol Envy!
Seems like you know more about the Vols than most Vol fans...

You tell me not to reflect on the past, yet, in the same breath, you turn around and reference the very same history, as-well-as gloat about Vandy's win last year (in case you aren't aware, last year references something that happened in the PAST) Hello, McFly, are you in there?!!

It is so much easier to care about streaks when your team has actually had a streak worth noting... Ever!

...wait a sec... Vandy has had a few streaks, but they are just not the kind that anyone ever wants.

Vanderbilt is so terrible, historically, that most people would prefer skid-mark streaks to those streaks produced by Vanderbilt... I can see why, even skid-marks look better than the brand of football being played for decade, upon decade, upon decade at Vandy.

I see you also like to reference the past coaches at Tennessee, those who routinely dominated - and still today dominate Vandy from their current schools.

I can also see why you do this, you must talk about the past UT coaches, because you surely do not ever want to mention the past Vandy coaches.

Nothing you can do or say will change the fact that Vandy has only beaten UT 4 times since 1964! So what you guys got a win against the worst UT team in a century, have you ever beaten a ranked UT team?

Since you acknowledge that Tennessee has been so terrible over the past decade, let's compare something...

(please realize this - I'm showing you factual proof of Vandy's inferiority to the Vols. You rely on, what you believe to be, condescending insults and double standard stats. If you are able, would you be so kind to show proof to support your naive arrogance? If not, I understand - there is no proof to support your opinion)

2002 VU 0-8 2-10
UT 5-3 8-5 (Peach Bowl v Maryland)

2003 VU 1-7 2-10
UT 6-2 10-3 (SEC East Champs) (Peach Bowl v Clemson)

2004 VU 1-7 2-9
UT 7-1 10-3 (SEC East Champs) (Cotton Bowl v T A&M)

2005 VU 3-5 5-6
UT 3-5 5-6

2006 VU 1-7 4-8
UT 5-3 9-4 (Outback Bowl v Penn St)

2007 VU 2-6 5-7
UT 6-2 10-4 (SEC East Champs) (Outback Bowl v Wisconsin)

2008 VU 4-4 7-6
UT 3-5 5-7

2009 VU 0-8 2-10
UT 4-4 7-6 (Lane Kiffin) (Chik-fil-A Bowl v Va. Tech)

2010 VU 1-7 2-10 (Robbie Caldwell)
UT 3-5 6-7 (Music City Bowl v North Carolina)

2011 VU 2-6 6-7 (J. Franklin - Liberty Bowl - Lost to Cincinnati/Butch Jones 24-31)
UT 1-7 5-7

2012 VU 5-3 9-4 (Music City Bowl - NC St)
UT 1-7 5-7

Record since 2002 -
VU 20 - 68 SEC 46 - 87 overall
UT 44 - 44 SEC 75 - 59 overall

Bowls since 2002:
VU - 2 UT - 7

I'm amazed that anyone has enough nerve ,or blind ambition, to hint that Vanderbilt has any supremacy over UT or can even be consistantly competitive.

I will bet you're nowhere to be found around here after UT destroys Vandy this year.

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in response to Crafty_Commodore_4118:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Reality hurts sometimes? How about you step into reality long enough to read this comment.

A Brief History of the Tennessee v. Vanderbilt football rivalry (for those with amnesia, selective memory, or simple ignorance):

Total Games:

Series Record:
Tennessee leads 73-29-5

Longest Win Streak:
Tennessee 22 (1983-2004)

Current Streak:
Vanderbilt 1

UT's most recent win streak (22 games) includes Tennessee's 1994 stomping of Vanderbilt 65-0.

"Since 1928, Tennessee has dominated the rivalry with numerous win streaks and has a record of 71–10–2 against Vanderbilt."

It may be easier to understand like this; Every time Tennessee wins 7.1 games, Vanderbilt ekes out a single victory.

Tennessee is 34-4 dating from the last time a Tennessee Volunteers v. Vanderbilt Commodores contest ended in a tie (1974).

Modern era stats. (1990-present)

21 or more points scored in a UT v. VU game from 1990 until present:
Tennessee - 18 times
Vanderbilt - 7 times

35 or more points during the same time period
Tennessee - 10 times
Vanderbilt - 1 times

# of times held to 0 points
Tennessee - 0 (not held scoreless since 1964)
Vanderbilt - 6 times

# of times held below 15 points
Tennessee - 2
Vanderbilt - 14

Total Points Scored since 1990
Tennessee - 756
Vanderbilt - 312

AVG Pts Per Game since 1990
Tennessee - 32
Vanderbilt - 13

AVG Margin of Victory
Tennessee 19

Most Recent Back-to-Back wins
Tennessee - 2010, 2011 (6g W streak - '06-'11)
Vanderbilt - 1925,1926 (6g W streak - '20-'26)

Reality hurts sometimes... Anchor Is Down, Way Down, and Stuck On The Bottom.

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in response to ClassicVol:

You lost me on that one young man. Just go on to Ohio State.

I agree, I was lost on 'Ohio State' and it seems like a lot of readers also agree.

Hopefully this boy will learn a lesson from this. Nothing you say during an interview matters if you mention, in the slightest, potential interest in another program - especially when the program is headed by the former coach of a longtime conference rival.

He seems to like the small amount of fame he is getting from his association with the University of Tennessee Volunteers' football program. However, any more allusive comments and he may also get to experience the 'dark side' of the VolNation.

If you are not 100% on your college destination, why commit? Is it to secure a scholarship, in case everything else falls through? Maybe... maybe not.

Hopefully this kid will learn how a seemingly small and passing comment can explode when it's viewed under a microscope by a large group or fanbase.

Either way it goes, I do hope he ends up in the best place for him, where ever that may be.

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A lot of people give Mr. Adams a hard time for the articles he produces. He is unfairly berated by negative remarks, but he refuses to completely change the personality of his writing - I admire him for that and I also appreciate his efforts in not seeing things through 'rose-colored glasses'.

Adams is great at seeing things from different angles. He offers opinions and facts that, otherwise, may have never been realized.

The stories that are reported can not always be cheerful and revolve around a positive topic. The downside must be acknowledged and understood in order to fully appreciate the upside

Like him or not, when relating to sports news, the stories Adams delivers are very important to the bigger picture - specifically UT athletics.

"The Good, The Bad,...", "What's good for the goose...", "Can't have your cake and...", "What goes around..." ~

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Lane Kiffin will not be coaching at USC in 2014

Written on Survey: Help improve the News Sentinel's digital content :

As a KNS reader, a UT fan, & a Tennesse sports fan in general, I feel that John Adams provides important viewpoints that would, otherwise, not be considered - even if it's not always what we want to read...

As far as KNS's online experience for users of touch format devices, I think optimizing the website design for ease of access and advaced features would be great... However...

... I sincerely hope the KNS's site designers and administrators do not make the mistake that others before them have made...

As they strive to create a more appealing experience for mobile, touch-based device users, they often create an end product that alienates desk-top and lap-top users. 'Robbing Peter to Pay Paul', if-you-will.

Hopefully they can create a balance that allows mobile device, desk-top, and lap-top users alike to have a great online experience.

Too many sites have made this erorr (hehe) and have reduced the overall quality of their customer's online experience. Maybe KNS will earn from other's past mistakes...

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

With assertions like, "Tennessee has done great to reach the Title Series, but OU is, by-far, the best team", many people were writing the Lady Vols off before the game even began.

Although the match went to OU, it proved that our Lady Vols can be not only competitive, but it confirmed they can beat OU in the series and bring the National Title home to Knoxville with them.

Go Lady Vols!!!

Written on Former University of Tennessee punter Joey Chapman dies at 42:

There is almost nothing a person can be involved with for only a short time that will remain with them throughout their lifetime. The select few who are able to find a place in such a society are incredibly fortunate.

20+ years after his time as a University of Tennessee Volunteer he is still a respected person who is embraced by, not only, the entire VolNation fanbase, but also by the opponents faced on the grid-iron.

These are the same people who are praying for his peace after death and that his family's strength is powerful enough to lead them into a life without Joey Chapman, but not a life without celebration for his time with them, as-well-as his time with all of us.

This is the answer to those who question, "What makes being a VFL so special?"... Above the support of family and through times of both crisis and accomplishment, all Vols-for-Life will have the support of the friends they made and fans they never even met during their time at the University of Tennessee.

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in response to SevenT:

No, actually Coach Saban can take a look at a players abilities and talent and find a position where the player can be successful at the D-1 level. Players switch positions often when they jump to the next level. Not saying Hurd won't do well at Running Back what I am saying is a winner wants to be on the field playing for the best teams. Hurd appears to be in love with himself and all the glory of playing running back even though he does not fit the mold or have the body. I will take Saban's assessment over Hurd's mother.

Just Saying

Seems like a lot of people have forgotten that football is a game. Sure, some people get paid, whether it's academic scholarship credits or multi-million dollar professional contracts, nothing changes that fact.

People get involved in sports because they are a good way to develop ethics, morals, communication skills, confidence,team-work. and critical thinking. Beyond all they, at the foundation, sports are built on fun.

There are different positions on the field that accommodate all body types and skill sets.

Beyond that, the foundation of fun remains.

When a player finds and understands a position that captures their dedication and provides the highest level of fun, it's a let down to have someone tell you that you are being moved.

If, for any reason, you are moved to a new position mid-season, then a true team player will do whatever is required to help gain 'W's.

What would you do if you could choose a new team, one that allows you to continue playing the position you are passionate about, over a team that makes it known you will not play that position in college?

Would you go to the team that will allow you to play the position you love the most or go to the team who will not let you play that position?

I know which one I would choose... the one I have the most fun with and the one that I believe I am best at.

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in response to PHAT_VOL:

Remember a running back at Ohio St and played for the Titans and won a Hiesman. Thats right Eddie George. Check his size. Six Four and about 240. It can be done and its gonna be fun to watch AT THE HOME OF THE BIG ORANGE !!!!

Nice comment Phatty, I missed it and made a similar post above.

George was amazing. That makes it hard for me to understand why he is so easily forgotten and not compared to other taller backs, especially when the style of play and physical stature of the 2 athletes have so many incredible similarities.

(using whiffin' Kiffin's vocabulary = ickspecially when the style of play and physcal stature of the 2 athaleets has minnie incredibol simularities)

Written on John Adams: Hurd's commitment makes Beech a Tennessee team:


It seems there are lots of people who question the potential success Hurd will have, based on his height.

I know that is a valid concern with all tailbacks, but many of the critics are adamant that he will be unable to produce on the same level as the hype surrounding his talent and recruitment.

Does anyone recall other 6'3.75" modern era tailbacks that experienced incredible success on the college and/or professional level?

It seems that many people forget about the incredible talent of a former Heisman Trophy winner who stood 6'3"+ and had great success in the NFL.

This player was also on a team our Volunteers played against (and beat) in a bowl game.

Here's another clue to help you figure out the player's identity: His collegiate team is currently coached by Urban Meyer.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I guess I should reveal the player:

Eddie George.

He was a beast! George's physical stature and running style is nearly identical to what we have been told and what we have seen from Jalen Hurd.

I am not saying Hurd will win the Heisman hardware, but I do believe he has a mountain of potential that could eventually place the bronze statue of Ed Smith in his trophy case.

Written on UT releases Travon Landry from men's basketball letter of intent:

In reply to allvollego's statements.

The very first sentence in your post says:

- "I honestly just cannot agree with people saying that this move stinks"

In your next post, only a few minutes later, you say:

- "I agree it stinks, but there is a special place for those who want to be morally correct in this situation"

So..... which one is it?

Written on Reaction to Jalen Hurd's commitment on social media:

I do not believe people are paying attention to Vandy because they are so much improved over their traditional teams. If Coach Johnson made the same comment, he would have received the same sort of backlash.

It is not because Vandy is on the rise, it is because the TENNESSEE VOLS are part of the topic!

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

in response to Pearlville:

Just shows you how much KNS sports writer copy and paste their own info.

This must have been part of an old RB position hire story and it somehow wasn't deleted as part of the actual RB position hire, Gillespie story.

Simple, honest mistake. However, I'm a middle school teacher and this wouldn't be acceptable at that level. Ha!

If you're teaching middle school, you are already providing knowledge on a higher level than what the media (local and national) use as a publishing guide... the ticker bar on the bottom of CNN/Fox/MSNBC, etc., is written on or below a 5th grade level and the scroll speed is also slowed way down... same thing for most national media, including Gannett - but not sure if KNS is still owned by them or not...

(I'm glad they do this, I'd never be able to understand anything on a 6th grade level or above!)

Go Vols!!!

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

in response to olecountryboy:

Make a mistake of his recruiting in a earlier post. Gillespie got 10 commitments from fl this year. Got a DT, 3 WR's, 2 DE's, 2 RB's, 1 Ath, and a CB. All from Florida. Also was named 2012 Rivals RECRUITER of the year.


We Have A Ringer!!!

Go Vols!!

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

in response to Pearlville:

"For more background on Spencer, including his role in the famous UT-Florida game in 2011, read Evan Woodbery's blog"


I guess that is meant for those who want to know more about the coaches we DIDN'T hire!

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

I agree AHOUSE... I do not recall it being standard procedure to delay the announcement of a hiring, especially an assistant/position coach.

I know the salary is not always available right away, but a delay in the hiring confirmation? Almost seems as if they are not squared away on the contract or Coach Graham is having some other issues we are unaware of.

I know a lot of people were disappointed in Graham's departure, but it may turn out to be a good direction to go.

The new UTK running backs Coach is respected on, at least, the same level as Coach Graham - with the edge of Tennessee's fan favor going to Graham as a former Volunteer's star.

Coach Gillespie, Welcome to Rocky Top!

Go Vols!!!

Written on Christian Academy of Knoxville WR Davis Howell signs with Chattanooga on National Signing Day, Feb.:

In my opinion, which is obviously not properly honed in, I believe Coach Jones scored what will be a HUGE miss by not pursuing this great local talent.

Anyone who saw CAK play this year knows the talent Davis Howell possesses is on par or exceeds that of his team-mate Smith. If Josh Smith is worthy of a UT Scholarship, then Howell-III should have been approached too! When DHIII matures at Chattanooga, we'll see just how big this mistake will be.!

Good Luck Davis!

Written on In welcome letter, Butch Jones says parents of UT players can call anytime:

You can always tell when someone realizes they have lost an argument or fight when they begin to offer slander to their advesary and those associated with them.

When they see their enemy making strides in the right direction, where they can not find a way to slow their rise over them and to the top, they resort to typical behavior of someone afflicted with a fear. They fear the inevitable, their enemy will soon be better than they are and they can't change that fact.

They raise their voice and shout snide and foul remarks in a last ditch effort to create an illusion of present and future failure. They say these things as a projection of their greatest fears. That fear is knowing they are becoming mediocre and largely irrelevant. They say these things because they are in denial and projecting their own fears onto others gives them a false sense of control and security.

Written on GoVols247: Top247 WR plans to visit UT again :

in response to signalcorps:

Come on we should not have to pay to learn about these recruits,, these young recruits and parents coming to our site are not going to pay to learn about other players and recruits looking at the vols. your being a Hindrances,,,,any other school this would not be aloud GREED before the program,,,,,,print it all or print nothing....GO VOLS

I agree with you comepletely! I am a Vol supporter, I make my donations (although they are small), I pay for tickets, I buy officially licensed merchandise, I pay the outrageous prices @ the stadiums concessions, I even have the New-Sentinel delivered for the sports page.

I am disgusted to see the partnership with 247 in a way that requires fans, players, potnential fans, and potential players to open their wallets to learn about the program we support in all the traditional ways.

247 took the partnership with and trashed a source of UT athletics information.

The football program makes, by far, enough money to supplement the cost of running the website. They should supplement the membership fees and allow free membership to the site.

If 247 would like to continue being greedy in a scenario like that, let them be creative with advertising dollars - not fleecing longtime, loyal fans for whatever they can squeeze out of them.

Just another negative aspect that, when combined with coaching turmoil, losing seasons, and player controversy, adds to the reasons the University of Tennessee is shedding fans like a hillbilly mutt with mange shedding hair in the middle of an East Tennessee August.

Written on For now, Steve Stripling thinking defense for Cincinnati :

for anyone who cares... please excuse my tyops in the posts above... I am on a smaller keyboard and forgot to spellcheck before posting...

Written on For now, Steve Stripling thinking defense for Cincinnati :


Well, tonight, even though he was not on the sideline, we got our first look at a Coach Jones product on the field in the Belk Bowl.

Cincinnati versus Duke is wrapping up as I type this. Cincinnati's interim HC, Coach Stripling, will be headed directly to Knoxville after the game, to assume his role on Tennessee's new staff.

Watching this game, I couldn't help but be impressed. The fact that they are operating on half a coaching staff and have done so since mid-December is impressive. Surely there is handicap in those conditions, but the Cincinnati players held their ground and performed well, in the face of an uncertain future.

While COach Jones was not there, the Belk Bowl showcased some of the assertions made by Coach Jones. The on-field product, delivered by Cincinnati tonight, seems to confirm Coach Jones' claims of an efficient and secure offense. That offense was accompanied by a defense that, not only creates turn-overs, but capitalizes on their opponents mistakes.

The Bearcats closed the scoring with an interception returned for a touchdown, putting an exclamation point on the assertions made by Coach Butch Jones when he first arrived in Knoxville. Whenever he can, he's says the same thing.

After watching Cincinnati claim a win in the Belk Bowl, beating an overachieving Duke team, I am left feeling great about Coach Jones and his coaching capabilities.

We will have to wait until next season before we can see our new-look Vols, but tonight we saw that our new Volunteers coach can back up his claims. It is settling to know he is not just giving a sales pitch, saying the things we want to hear.

Tonight we saw the product of what a real coach can give to young men. Without Coach Jones on the Cincinnati sideline, we can see that he truly changes these young men. The discipline and confidence he instilled into his players can be seen in their efforts on the field.

Having a coach who can turn young men into upstanding members of our community and the communities they call home later in life.

I like this guy and if he can back up his claims with results on and off the field, well I will certainly back him up as the right person to lead Tennessee and the young men who have committed themselves and their future to the Vols, as the place to catapult them into adulthood.

Go Big Orange!!!

Written on For now, Steve Stripling thinking defense for Cincinnati :

Who is this guy? He's not a premier coaching name! Well Tennessee fans, looks like Hart did a Dooley 2.0. We'll back in this same position in 3 years, nice work Hart. Get ready for another several years of terrible football on Rocky Top!

Hmm, this guy seems better than I first thought. The more I watch this guy talk, the more I think the hire may not have been so terrible. The more I learn about Coach Jones, the more I think we may have backed into a good hire, but Hart still screwed it up.

Maybe Hart knew what he was doing! The more I see of CBJ, the more I like him. Tennessee may have made the best hire in all of college football this year! Maybe Hart knew exactly what he was doing!

These are all the things I remember reading and some of them are even things I felt myself. Oh, how times on Rocky Top can change so quickly. It is a short walk from the Castle to the phooey House... that also means it's a short walk back to the Castle...

As the days pass, it seems more likely that Coach Butch Jones and his staff could be the ones to leave the phooey House and hit the path back to the Castle!

We've heard Coach Jones talk about his philosophy, particularly his assertion that our next Volunteer team will be one that takes care of the ball, doesn't throw interceptions or fumble on offense and on defence, they'll be sound and will create turnovers.

Continued in next post...

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

Only top ranked teams stand a chance of finding a win in 'The Swamp'... who was the last team to beat UF in 'The Swamp'? =-)

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

Good lord, I must be half-way asleep! Forgive my terrible tyops... hopefully you can decipher the bad shpelling erorrs

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

Bray, Hunter, and Patterson, I hope you biys do great and find yourself in a life that is filled with love and true happiness, regardless of the direction your football careers take ach of you. Tennessee's Legend and History Books will both be better for having your names in them - Go Vols!!!

I know many of you here are longtime Volunteer fans and you already know what I am about to point out...

Tennessee Volunteer's football did not magically elevate to legendary status as a top 10 program in the record books and the teams financial value because Hunter, Bray, and Patterson were here.

UT Football reached this point by recruiting great talent and, more importantly, developing that talent to compete in the most dominate conference in the country.

We've all seen the careers of great receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, linemen, defensive backs, linebackers, D-linemen, come to an end in many different ways. Although the careers closed in a manner of ways, one thing remained a constant... 'How will we ever replace (Eric Berry, Reggie Cobb, Heath Shuler, Jermaine Copeland, Alber Haynesworth, Kelly Washington, Jamal Lewis, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,etc,...)?

Although our Vols have been far below standards, the returning players and incoming freshmen have plenty of talent to contribute to Tennessee Football. In every position where a player is departing can be found an opportunity for a new player to realize his dreams.

The upcoming players, who we are not very familiar with, have talent and they want to prove themselves against the best players in the WORLD. Like the Volunteer team of generations past, I have complete confidence that we will see new stars begin to shine in the absence of those who have gone supernova.

The difference for the next edition of Vol Players is that they will start with a blank slate and a coach who has already excited a large majority of UT's fan base - and made our opponents do more than raise an eyebrow to see what's going on here in KnoxVegas.

If we give full support to our fellas in Orange, chances are we'll have the rest of the SEC trying to 'Keep Up with the Joneses' in the immediate future.

Hope you all have a Great Christmas on Rocky Top!!!

Go Big Orange!!!

Written on Report: Zach Azzanni new Vols receivers coach :

Welcome, Indeed... the resume highlights referenced in the article seem to reveal an experienced coach on several levels of FBS collegiate play and his stops all seem to be with teams who had success during his time with them.

Might be a great addition, considering the head-start he has from working previously on Coach Butch Jones' staff.

Written on Tennessee AD Dave Hart says Butch Jones offers 'new beginning' for program :

in response to yabadabadoo1026:

that cant be serious----has to be someones idea of a realllllll bad joke

Haha, it could be a joke, or... you know the ESPN commercials, where the mascots are just hanging out around the office, or NASCAR drivers are walking around in their speed suits?

Well, I guess this comes from when a Tennessee Football player gets cast in the role of Darth Vader, in a Star Wars play.

I might change the uniforms, but not much at all.. I might make the stripes on the pants a little thinner, but no major changes... outline the helmet T with a thin white line and then a thin orange line, but probably not... I'm not sure if I'd like to see one of the new era fashion uniforms worn once a year, or if I'd like to see them stay firmly within the bounds of Tennessee uniform tradition

Written on Tennessee AD Dave Hart says Butch Jones offers 'new beginning' for program :

Just for kicks, have a look at this all black UT Volunters helmet, with a glossy black Power-T and a flat black base.

Written on Tennessee AD Dave Hart says Butch Jones offers 'new beginning' for program :

Tennessee Volunteers will NEVER change their uniform - as evidenced in the struggle to wear the black jerseys on Halloween. That was very close to not happening.

The only change we might ever see would be the incorporation of another, not so well-known school color. It was worn in only a handful of years, long ago. It was blue.

There have been discussions about the design of a 'phantasm' uniform that would be worn in only 1 home game per season. It is a very dramatic design and, in my opinion, looks better than any other 'combat' designs I've seen in college football. Even better than the Oregon Uniforms I've seen (admittedly, I haven't seen all their uniforms, it's unlikely anyone has, lol)

Ideas for an all orange helmet, with a white 'Power-T' have been talked about, as have ideas for a blue helmet, jersey, pants, Orange 'Power-T' on the helmet, with two white stripes flanking an orange strip down the middle. The jersey, pants, and tights would have similar orange and white inclusions.

They look incredible, but they will probably never make it onto the field... unless it is an anniversary type of deal... otherwise, Tennessee tradition will not allow the change.

Written on John Adams: Comparative shopping: Petrino, Tuberville, Jones :

Like many Vols, when I first realized that Butch Jones would be announced as the new head coach - not just a rumor- I was kinda let down. Not because Jones is a terrible coach (I knew little about him when his name surfaced), but that's because I thought we would be hiring a legendary, household name for our next coach.

As the hours passed on the day he was announced UT's HHead Coach, I began to learn more about him and I was liking what I was learning. By the next day, I had gone from the frustration felt because I thought we made another Dooley hire + the public embarrassment of being turned down by other coaches, to feeling excitement. Excitement that accompanied the realization that we may have just made an off-the-radar hire of a much better coach than any other college this post-season.

It's also great to see other Vol fans becoming more supportive, as they learn more about our new coach by watching some of his previous teams play, seeing how his players respect him, and by the way he presents himself to the players, fans and media.

I'm sure you've heard, "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't... you're right!" There have been people bashing his assertion that he would assemble America's best coaching staff. Most everyone does not believe he has hired the Nation's #1 staff, but as long as the staff, the players, and Coach Jones believe it... they might just turn out to be among the upper echelon of today's top programs.

If Coach Jones, his staff, and his players can continue to gain momentum heading into next season, we might have a level of pre-season anticipation and excitement like we have been missing for a long time!

Go Vols!!!

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

Good Lord, if you're listening, wrench us from this pit of total ignorance that seems to be flowing from all of our minds (including me) on this board

I am trying to remember it... judge not, lest ye be judged - and because of football...

Glad we have Coach Jones for the players... now if we can get Hart to hire Dr. Phil for the fans...

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

in response to budd#207344:

The simple fact is that the QB who everybody names their kids after couldn't match T with his NC ring.
He can't even out do his younger brother. You are right there is nothing more ignorant than racism or bigotry. especially when it gets spewed out because some 50 yr old fat white guy didn't get his way and a black guy made a decision for he and his family. If the only color you care about is Orange then you should be as angry and embarrassed as I am over the comments based on T's decision. If you aren't then you need to think about that

You, my good man, are a genius!...

"You are right there is nothing more ignorant than racism or bigotry...

...spewed out because some 50 yr old fat white guy..."

is it only racist when it is against someone other than a white person? sheesh...

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

in response to GerryOP:

Tee Martin? Naaw, he really wasn't all that good. All he did was lead the '98 Vols to a undefeated season and the 1st BCS Championship! That's all ... it happens every day around college football. Right?

Prior to Tee, when was the last time it happened at UT? Since Tee, how many times has it happened at UT? Naaaw, undefeated championship seasons are not that much of a big deal... not much at all.

I'll admit, he had a little help from a guy named Wilson ... Al Wilson. Those two guys put that team on their backs and literally demanded that they win. And the team did win ... 1998 Undefeated National Champions. Tee and Big Al did it.

Tee wasn't the only person on the field during the '98 season... the talent pool was so deep at that time a mediocre qb could have led the Vols to a nearly unblemished season.

He was better than mediocre and made some big plays, but he was not better than the best to wear the Orange and White.

Defence won that Title... 'Stoerner Stumble' anyone?

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

in response to TheEffect:

It's not all bad. He was a good recruiter at Kentucky, but a terrible receivers coach. He was once asked about how to improve his receivers performance, and his reply was "I don't know...I never played the position!".

Yeah... maybe Tee should try to be a QB coach instead of WR... instead of coaching his wr's on how to be better wr's, he taught them how to play quarterback instead... he coached one of his wide-receivers into a quarterback that beat the Vols!!!

That might also explain why the UK receivers were not that great!

just messing around a little, don't take me too seriously about this...

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

He's gonna do the same thing he did at UT during his playing days... Wait...

He is gonna sit back and wait, let another coach get things going. Then, when UT is built back into a top 20 program, with solid talent, and great potential, he'll slide in on the coat tails of a graduating coach (coach gets hired away for his success here) and fill the role. If he plays his cards just right, maybe he can get a lot of credit for coaching UT during a Chmpionship run in the SEC and hopefully the NatCha - maybe he'll even appear to be a main reason for the success, nevermind the ground work laid beforehand.

Haha, just kidding Tee, I couldn't resist. You'll do fine where ever you are.

After looking at his current situation and the current situation at UT, I think now would be a great time for him to stay away. His wife's a singer, they're in LA... had he convinced her to come here, we may have seen a nasty soap opera played out in Knoxville...

I am intent on blaming it on her, since Tee can do no wrong! If it isn't her singing, then it must be his baby's mamma! Maybe she didn't like the prospect of Tee having regular, face-to-face contact with her - a little jealousy maybe? If that were the situation and it blew up, it would be a distracting mess.

Now, the reason he didn't come here probably has nothing to do with what I posted above. I am just re-hashing what I've heard from a few talking heads.

However, if those potential distractions do carry weight, they are the last thing we need here, as Coach Jones works on the rebuild.

The least amount of problems and distractions are the best and a NC Vol may carry inate distractions, simply because of their background here.

I hope we return to a National Champ contender, our '98 Vols do know what it feels like, but bringing them back at the wrong time may cause issues for the truly 'Fresh Start' I think we all want.

Maybe a few years down the road, depending on success, would be a better time to call our alums home.

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

Also wanted to add... Tee has children with this woman and they are obviously married. I don't know for how long, but it seems they have been together more than 4-5 years? If that is the case, then they were living in Kentucky not too long ago.

Her career with music may not hinge on LA. Although the is a mom, a lot of singers are mom's and they don't just 'raise babies'.

Also, being a singer doesn't mean that is her only talent. Many times singers have multi-talents in the music industry. Writer, producer, manager, etc. are just a few things she probably has the talent to work with. That still leads me to believe all those things can be accomplished in Nashville or Atlanta as easy as LA... in Atlanta, maybe even more-so.

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

It would be awesome this return become reality. It's time our National Champion alums come home and put Tennessee back on the level they took us to. Those alums hate to see their University as a shell of what they spilled sweat and blood to build.

Only reason I see Coach Tee Martin remaining in LA is his wife, the fact that she's an entertainer and LA is a Mecca for entertainers. Hopefully she will support Martin if this is what he wants to do... not too far from Nashville or Atlanta and she can chase her star from either of those 2 places, just as well as she can in Los Angeles.

Written on Jones tells Vols to 'Be the best':

A lot of skeptical Vol fans at first, probably because of the deflation from not scoring the household name coach - you know, the one who has no college history, or the others who used our Vols as a springboard to a pay increase.

After learning a bit about this guy, I decided to give my full support, and remain cautious...

After seeing this guy interact with our Volunteers, I decided to be optimistic...

After seeing him address the media, the fans, and after learning a bit more about his history, he took away the decision - it's replaced with anxiety - the good kind.

If Coach Jones remains consistant with his attitude and philosophy, I think we all have reason to be anxious about the newest edition of our VOLS!!

Anxious, as in; Spending 6 months learning kung-fu and being so anxious and excited about whipping the bully down the street the very next time he picks on you, you can hardly wait!

I hope everyone of you who have ever followed the VOLS, or have called yourself a Big Orange fan, get the same impression and feeling about this guy.

It is more than optimism and, while I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, he has something that's been missing on Rocky Top for some time.

I waited all off-season, with crossed fingers, hoping the 2012 Vols would be great. There was a feeling of confidence and excitement, after the N.C. State game, that had been missing for a while.

The electricity in the days leading up the the Florida game was incredible. The atmosphere on campus, Gameday, and in Neyland Stadium was on the level of something we have missed for some time now.

All Vols had the feeling that our 2012 Vols would be a break-out group - but that flame was quickly extinguished.

I am beginning to have those same great feelings for next year's Vols - and have yet to even see his staff!

I hope I am not the only Volunteer who is getting this impression! I like it and can't wait to see what is unveiled in 2013!

I had to wait until '12 Vols played a couple games before I felt the excitement, but not with this guy. He is bringing something here that is exciting.

I hope it continues to grow until the season kicks off and we can see what he's down with our guys in Orange!

Go Vols!!!