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Good Lord, does anyone proof-read this phooey?
"Curtis" Maggitt? Three three-day event?

Guess I shouldn't expect any less from KNS...

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in response to tnsportsman:

Jay Graham is gone and Tee Martin did not come home because of JIMMY CHEEK the Swamp Lizard SOB that has UTK as the only D1 school in the DAMN Nation with an Internal Approval of Recruits over and above the NCAA Clearing House!

#firecheeknow VOLS if we EVER want to compete again in SEC FOOTBALL! Tee told me directly the above problem, Top Recruits know they are not guaranteed admittance to UTK even after NCAA Clearing House! A Blind Man could see how all the other SEC schools use this against TENNESSEE!

THIS HAS TO CHANGE NOW! After 38 years of donations and donation season tickets, I'm DONE until that SOB CHEEK is GONE!



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Hack Adams.... At it again...

Written on UT self-reports 10 violations in athletics since August:

Good grief, must be a slow news week!

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Good grief, the comments on GVX show less and less intelligence every day. LOL!!

Written on Friday's Memphis-Tennessee game could be the last for a long time:

Sounds like Pastner is a skeered wittle baby! Good grief, boy, grow a pair and quit your damm whining!!

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in response to tvol328:

Your the type of fan than when Tennessee starts winning again, you will have on ORANGE - Go away and find another board to run that hole under your nose!

Vandy's success is just a flash in the pan - lol

DC3 is a known Gator Fan and TROLL.

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Malzahn fired every single coach on the staff and said his coordinators could hire back any one of them they wanted. His NCAA issues were apparently no big deal as their NCAA compliance director came to them from the enforcement division of the NCAA itself. They had already sent him back out on the recruiting trail when Malzahn fired him and the others. The other guy, Luper (sp?), wasn't sent back out so he may be more of the issue. Either way, never was a fan of Trooper's but they said he was a stellar recruiter, probably the reason he was hired both places. And that's not insignificant in the SEC.....Go Vols!!!

Good Lord, do you actually believe the shat that comes out of your mouth?

We all know Trooper was fired because his towel waivin', chest bumpin', arse is the reason Auburn's about to get fried by the NCAA.

Written on Butch Jones, 'intoxicated' by program's tradition, says he can return Tennessee's football glory :

Hey, Evan, I noticed you used the word "SCORNED" when you mentioned Strong?
Didn't Hack Adams use that earlier in the week?
Could you please be original and not try to follow in Hack Adams footsteps, it's truly the worst thing you could do for your career! I know Hack Adams has been around a while, but 90% of the fanbase can't stand his constant negativity toward The University of Tennessee.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

According to Hack Adams, he "spurned" us. That sounds like a man who knew he was passing up a golden opportunity and will probably regret the decision in the future.

I'm still getting the feeling all this stuff is a smoke screen until Gruden is ready for the news to come out.

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You are so right. He was 36th overall, which puts him in the second round. I don't guess they do any research when they write these articles.

I have come to expect no less from Hack Adams.

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Looks like Hart is about to *****slap Cheek in that picture, lol!!

Cheek doesn't have any idea because Hart will be handling the buyouts. If you people don't think there is a plan in the works, then you are absolutely clueless. And KNS needs to learn timing. They asked at the wrong time.

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It's a shame that Vanderbilt is 6-4 and Tennessee is 4-6. Vanderbilt has also won a few SEC games and Tennessee has won 0. I would have never thought that the Vols program would be the doormat of the SEC.

Why do people keep posting this "Vandy has won a few SEC games" phooey? You do realize they beat Ole Miss, Kentucky and Mizzou without their starting QB? Let's not act like they are beating the Bama's, Flarduh's, S. Carolina's and Georgia's of the SEC. Good Grief!

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Good luck proving us wrong!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You're funny... Like what you say on a message board will actually have any effect on the outcome.

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Dear TrouserSlop,

Bleed Orange or GTFO!!!


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Yeah, but a couple of guys that were freshman 2-3 years ago have something to say about this team. We're in good hands, sit back, and enjoy the ride!! Go Vols!!!!

Written on Bizarre path takes Brandon Warren to North Alabama :

Uh, ok.... Yet another Prima-Donna who thought he was bigger than the team and the program.
I have to say, Brandon, that I was in your corner at first, but the more I heard and learned about you,the less I give a sheet!

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So, are you saying CPF could have won the last 2 seasons with the roster and injuries that Dooley has had?
Guess some of us like taking the positive route through life, and some just enjoy reveling in the negative. Have fun reveling. Walt.

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in response to ProfessionalHandicapper:

That is just a stupid comment. The last two games UT beat Vandy by 7 in overtime and scored nothing vs Kentucky. Got beat by over 100 points in the three games vs decent SEC teams before that. I know everyone thinks Hunter will make all the difference but until UT shows they can even begin to run the football in the SEC teams will stop the pass game. This is not the WAC. Most SEC teams are bigger and stronger up front and have much better linebackers and DL than UT. Man until you beat a Top 50 team get real, much less a Top 25 team. Dooley is 1-7 his last 8 SEC Games and will be 1-9 the last 10 after Sept. I understand fans get excited but UT is far from the most powerful SEC offense. Not even close. Bray has shown no ability to beat good teams or stay healthy, who knows how Hunters knee will hold up. and the run game is a non factor. Vince Dooley has siad since day one, if UT can't run they can't win. And we know they cant run the football vs SEC defenses. I hear this same junk every year. Until the OL shows any ability to move a defense off the ball, forget about it.

You really should remove "Professional" from your screen name...

Please add "Mental" in it's place.


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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

This comment may be inappropriate. Reveal this comment.

UT under its present leadership---including the Board of Trustees that hired this sequencial stupidity---is awash in inferiority:

Bad coaches in all major sports, except Women's BB.
Bad coaches after bad coaches.
Bad Athletics Director after Bad athletics director.
Pat Summitt, living national legend and treasure, pushed out the door by the AlabamaJerk,Supported by the FloridaScumballs.

And from some of the people on this board and other places with chatboards, who can lose a lot of money if people stop clicking, we get comments like "we need to support our coaches; we need to support______."

The real deal is these people do not deserve supporting. They are guaranteed to lose; they are guaranteed to screw up; and they are guaranteed to make UT look like the laughingstock of college football.

Maybe you do not remember, but Phillip Fulmer's last year % before Hamilscum fired him on Monday of Homecoming---the one that they used to fire him---was better than Dooley's entire career.. Pearl could have been kept---and with him winning basketball---if Hamilscum and the BOT had really decided to defend him, instead of running their mouths that direction, but feet walking another and mollifying Commissioner Slive.

The baseball program now has two bad hires to replace Delmonico, just like the Football program has to replace Fulmer. The two top people in the University are the third group of bad hires, also; just like the (formerly) men's athletics.

Predictably, the crown jewel of women's athletics in colleges in America, UT's, was disbanded by Hart and fellow losers.

And the scum running the place pushed out Pat Summitt!!!!! Sooner or later somebody has to look at the Board of Trustees and say, "Enough!"

Yet we have people on this very board and elsewhere suggesting that loyalty should prevail, and that we "Support" those jerks?????

Those who advocate that are naive twits or comatose.

GoVols. And we need VOLS with integrity and morals in charge @ all levels, not pretenders and Alabama or Florida rejects...

or misfits and the amoral.

You need to change your screen name to "knstrollthrunthru".
Fits you better.

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in response to powert#205805:

My biggest fear is that the schedule is so easy that he can win enough to hang on and further deplete the talent level. Seriously to anyone who thinks this guy can take us to the top, please put down the crack pipe. When a game gets tight, he has that same deer in the headlights look that Mike Shula had. Gives anyone who is not a sheep shivers.

Of course the player are enthused now, since they are undefeated.

Must be tough living life as you. I'm sure mommy's basement gets lonely, but hang in there! Someday you'll hook up with that waitress down at the Waffle House you've had your eye on. You two will have a couple kids (although 1 might be the mailman's) and a nice house (although it might still have the wheels on it) and then you won't seem so pathetic.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

That's all you got, Bodeane? Seems like you're losing your touch.

Written on Former Vol Cameron Clear pleads guilty to misdemeanor theft:

in response to jumby92:

If Dooley hadn't got caught in that halfway attempt to cover this up, he would be reinstating Clear from suspension right now because it was "only a misdemeanor"...the plea, not the crime. Thieves are useless. We are better off without one in the locker room, it is bad for morale.

Do you have proof that Dooley was "attempting to cover this up", or is that speculation? Or maybe, as Dooley has stated on a couple of occasions, he likes to get all the facts before making a hasty decision.
Maybe you should start gossiping at the beauty shop, Ruthie.

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Can we keep this one?
UT recruiting has fell off so much the past 8-9 years. That is reason #1 Phil is gone and the same for why UT cant crack the top 25, or beat FU, or play with Bama, and lose to a team in the SEC that has never been good enough to play in the SEC.
Although this staff seems to know how to recruit WRs, they seem to have no idea how to get DL to UT and also cant attract the top talent (top of the top) like they used to (dont give me Bryce Brown, his handler paid the recruiting services to say he was the #1 recruit).

It seems like UT has brought in plenty of 4 star DBs but not many of them work out. I for one never thought Wilcox was a fit for the SEC, he played the DBs 10 yards off the line on 3rd and 1 too often and I never understood it. The opponents saw it though. Maybe him being gone will make the DBs look better.


Can't get DL to UT?? You do know that 4 star DE Dante Phillips signed with us today, right? with Phillips, McCullers, and O'Brien, Dooley signed 3 of the top 5 in the SEC (According to Rivals). Do you even keep up with UT football?

Written on Mike Strange: Patience no longer a virtue in rebuilding :

in response to DCHess:

What if we have another 5-7 season?

You will after WE stomp your team in Neyland on 9-15-12. Good Day, DC.

Written on Former players rekindle memories for Phillip Fulmer:

in response to SevenT:

I wonder if the average Vol Fan who trashed Fulmer is wondering......What were we thinking when we supported the firing of one of the greatest College Football coaches the game has ever seen?

Wonder if UT will do the sensible thing and crawl back to Fulmer and beg him to coach Tennessee again?

The same thing was said when a program (UT) fired a NC coach (Majors) and hired an unproven young coach (Fulmer) to replace him. I'm so glad the powers that be didn't listen to Moe-Rons like you last time it happened.

Written on John Adams: Mount LeConte could be step up for Vols :

J.A, I was ALMOST proud of you for putting a story together that had nothing to do with Dooley possibly getting fired, or our dismal season last year. ALMOST!
Same ole' same ole'... I guess.

"It also qualified as a not-so-subtle metaphor for a program attempting to climb its way from the bottom of the SEC East after a 5-7 2011 season. If last year's misadventure had been attributed solely to the team's talent void, Dooley's creative off-season itinerary might have little bearing on the season to come. Yet last year's failure was more complicated than that.

You saw how the Vols unraveled in a 49-7 loss to Arkansas. You heard how they cited "individual agendas" as a divisive factor following an inexplicable, season-ending loss to Kentucky. Maybe they weren't Team Turmoil. But they weren't a band of happy hikers, either."

Written on John Adams: Derek Dooley cool about 'hot-seat' question :

J.A.,(doesn't mean John Adams)can you PLEASE find some new material? Exactly how many articles do you plan on writing about Dooley possibly being fired? Sheesh, and to think someone at KNS is actually dumb enough to keep signing your paychecks! WOW!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Yeah, because the article CLEARLY states that Cam stole all the items listed.
This village need not worry about losing its idiot as long as you are around, Jethro....

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in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say you forgot who you were logged in as! LOL!
Bones never lie.

Happy Memorial Day, Witchy. Been a while since I've been here to feed the trolls.. Seems not much has changed!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Mind your own business.

Written on David Climer: Recruiting could save day for Tennessee Vols' Derek Dooley:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Seems to me that Bama cared who they played when LA-Monroe and Utah took them out back for a good, old fashioned, woodshed beatdown....

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The typical comeback from an excuse making disciple, let me explain how i know he can't coach since you are to delusional to see the writing on the wall; 28-34 in 5 years as a head coach(overall Losing Record), his teams in his entire career have averaged being outscored 3 to 1 in losses including at la tech(thats called never fielding even a competitive team), 11-14 and 4-12 in conference since he's been at Tennessee, 0-22 when tied or down at halftime, has beaten only 1 div 1 team with a winning record in 5 years, managed to lose to a kentucky team that had a wr at qb, 7 coaches up and leave in 1 month, his rushing offense was 116 in the nation, triple ot at home against mighty UAB in 2010, couldn't coach his team to a single point against MTSU in the 2nd half( mtsu had the 117th ranked defense in the country), players losing games on purpose and assaulting staff members, players committing felonys. Is that enough because i can keep going on with facts as to why this dooley is a failure and can't coach. What do you have besides wishing that shows the slightest sign that he can coach, and i don't want to hear oh well now we have afull roster, so does every other team on our schedule adn most have more talent and proven head coaches.

Wow, I'm surprised you even took the time to type all that. Congrats!

Saban's record his first 4 years coaching at MSU was 25-22, and that's not even playing an SEC schedule. Seems he turned out ok.
Dooley did take La Tech to thier first bowl win in over 30 years.
Exactly who assaulted a staff member?
If you honestly believe that "afull" roster is "just an excuse", then I'm ending this conversation right now, because you just proved yourself as ignorant as I thought you were!

Written on David Climer: Recruiting could save day for Tennessee Vols' Derek Dooley:

in response to collegegrovevol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Glad you asked, as I knew that would be your reply.

Did Saban follow 2 coaches in 2 years and had to deal with a lot of attrition that left the roster so devoid of talent that almost every game was like showing up to a gunfight with a water pistol? Don't think so. Did Alabama have to play the #1, #2, #6, #10 and #12 ranked teams in the nation, almost back to back, when they went to that SEC Championship? What happened in thier bowl game against UTAH? Do you even keep up with Tennessee football, or just trollin'?

Written on David Climer: Recruiting could save day for Tennessee Vols' Derek Dooley:

in response to gomer:

Unfornately for the disciples the w/l record is real and it sucks. In the real world we are judged by our results not our excuses for why we fail.

So, by your logic, Alabama should have fired Saban for going 6-6 his first season and losing to LA-Monroe?

Damm shame that didn't happen!

Written on David Climer: Recruiting could save day for Tennessee Vols' Derek Dooley:

in response to gomer:

If you want this team to win stop supporting this loser coach! No matter how much you support him doesn't change the fact that he can't coach.

Gomer, I'm just curious as to exactly what coaching credentials you have that makes you say Dooley can't coach?

Written on John Adams: UT's tradition is changing :

Thanks for stating the obvious, J.A. (That doesn't mean "John Adams", either)

Written on UT tight end Cameron Clear arrested for theft:

Wow, sure are a lot of clueless moe-rons hangin' out here tonight. I better get out before some of this stupidity burns a hole in my computer screen!

Written on Juco standout Uju Ugoka picks Virgina Tech :

in response to WetumpkaThumpa:

If it's coming down to Tennessee and Va Tech for a Women's Basketball recruit and she's choosing Va. Tech, then Adams was right, the dynasty is definitely over. Va. Tech? Really? Why is Tennessee even recruiting a girl that's considering playing at Virginia Tech? That's kind of like having a scholarship to play at an SEC football power and instead deciding to play at Maryville...

You probably also thought UT should have had the #1 football recruiting classss in '09 and '10, didn't ya?

Written on Tyler Bray looking for more from Orange and White outing this year:

VERY SATISFYING!!! Sheep never lie (or kiss and tell!) lol

Written on Tyler Bray looking for more from Orange and White outing this year:

Hey, Witchy, question for ya.
Do you know how orangesheep troll found the sheep in the tall grass???

Written on Tyler Bray looking for more from Orange and White outing this year:

in response to orangesheep:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Little girls usually aren't on a college football site... So, why are you here?

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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

There is not way to say this nicely; I have tried to think of something that would explain to you that you do not use sarcasm very well, and your ability to use the English language is not good enough to try that kind of thing.
So here goes:

You would be much better if you kept your commentary at the level of

"See Spot pass gas,"

which would be nowhere near as odious as your writing abilities.

You are out of your league, boy.

Perhaps you could try condescending to someone from Alabama; someone there may be at a level to which you could actually condescend.

This one is a true Internet Tough Guy!

Written on John Adams: Vols could buck the SEC's running trend :

What's the deal with "... s"? Really? I can't believe no one proof reads these articles and that some writers around here actually have a job? Good grief!

Written on Discipline still a point of contention for Derek Dooley:

If this spring game could count as a L in the regular season, the Vols might muster enough losses to get to where Flarduh will be under Muschump! (I'm just glad I don't have to watch our coach act like a baby throwing fits on the sidelines, ala Muschump)

Written on Florida's QB competition continues into fall:

Looks like the Gatrolls are out in force tonight. Glad I don't have to troll a rivals site to feel better about my team! I wouldn't trade places with UF for the world right now! I almost feel sorry for them... uh... no I don't!!

Written on John Adams: Tennessee's 'Tiny' has big goals :

WOW, finally an article from Adams that doesn't bring up the KY loss!

Written on John Adams: Jim Chaney makes history by sticking around :

Hey, Adams, can you please write something that doesn't have anything about the KY loss in it???

Good grief, wouldn't beat a dead horse, would you?