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The closest thing to a "name" basketball coach UT has hired in my lifetime (and I'll be 56 in a few weeks) is Jerry Green after Kevin O'Neill left.

Ray Mears was at some little bity school in Ohio when he was hired. Don DeVoe come from Wyoming. Wade Houston was about the ninth or 10th choice and was an assistant at Louisville. Kevin O'Neill was offered the UT job after his Marquette team beat Kentucky in the NCAA tournament.

When O'Neill bolted for Northwestern after a fallout with Doug Dickey, Dickey was able to land Green from Oregon and that's the best name we've landed. Buzz was a supposed up and comer that crashed and burned at UT.

Hamilton nailed the hire with Pearl and Martin did an adequate job. Both Pearl and Martin came from mid majors.

So if you go back 50 years our biggest hires have been coaches from Oregon, Marquette and Wyoming.

I believe UT has a decent basketball history. The only two programs with a better basketball history are Kentucky and Florida. And Florida has only become a basketball school since Donavon took the job.

People comparing White and Dooley haven't done their internet homework. If White accepts the job will he win big? I hope so, but I don't know.

The only sure thing is something that happened in the past.

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He may be ok but this is disappointing if even the mid-tier group which includes Richard Pitino, the Southern Miss Coach, Xavier Coach, etc., are not interested. The key quote of the article above that stood out to me was "The report also says one potential candidate expressed a lack of interest due to UT’s roster, which will return just one starter (Josh Richardson) from last season’s Sweet 16 team." That says it all and if you're one of those Cuonzo whiners please get real. Love him as a person and a moderately good coach, but he left whoever coaches next year (whether it had been him or whoever else), in really bad shape personnel wise. Just my opinion.

Yes, UT returns just one starter from last year, but Hubbs is a 5-star kid that probably would have started had he not been injured this year. Darius Thompson also received significant playing time and was a part-time starter at the point guard. Armani Moore had pretty good playing time as well.

Did Martin recruit the kind of talent you see at North Carolina or Duke? No, but while it doesn't happen all the time, it's not uncommon for a team to lose four starters.

Any coach that says he isn't interested in any job because of the number of starters coming back probably isn't the right coach for any SEC school.

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“I’m grateful to Coach Martin as a former Tennessee head basketball coach, and a Vol for life."

If I'm a Auburn fan or a member of the Auburn administration, having my basketball coach say he's a Vol for life wouldn't sit well. Who knows, Pearl might end up being an option after all....but I hope not.

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BS......the recruiting class was set and full before the petition thing Kiffin, Martin couldn't take the heat of coaching at he's off to a place with lower expectations and a half full arena...and he leaves here a millionaire thanks to all of us awful fans who bought tickets to watch his boring brand of basketball...he's a decent coach and a below average let"s go get a good coach and a good recruiter

What you fail to comprehend is basketball has two signing periods, one in November and one in April. Yes, there are four signees in the early signing period, but the spring period is always important after guys like Stokes decide to move on or there is attrition to the roster for other reasons.

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I heard that too, Theo.

This is an example of Coach Zo pointing to a result that he created by default and calling it a pre-determined reality.

Did Coach Zo come in and go to every radio show and tv show he could get his face in front of and talk about his vision for UT ball? Every month of all 3 years here?

Did Coach Zo reach out to every single player in UT ball's past and personally bring that player in to share VFL with our team?

Did Coach Zo display any emotion before the Sweet Sixteen run?

Did coach Zo ever defend his players to the refs during a hotly contested game?

Did Coach Zo ever display emotion in a game setting that would indicate to his team he had their back? Or for that matter, wanted the win?

Did Coach Zo show any of the animation at any of his pressers here on the hill that he showed in his one appearance at Cal-Fullerton?

Don't walk around like Eeyore for all the world to see your stoic nature...then blame the faithful when they go to the tent of a fire and brimstone slinging evangelist.

Coach Zo wrapped himself up to protect himself...then begrudges the fans for their reaction towards the guy who comes in wide open bleeding orange. Don't think it was just recently he formed that opinion...and don't think for a second his team didn't know he had that opinion as well.

Once upon a time, long before cable TV and the internet, in the days that Major League Baseball was still the king of American sports, there was a NFL team with two assistant coaches.

One coach was the son of an Italian immigrant, who was raised in New York City and was more offensive minded. The other coach was raised in West Texas and was considered by most to be a defensive genius.

The coach with ties to the Big Apple had a quick temper and explosive personality. The young coach from Texas, who also had been a bomber pilot in WWII was often considered stoic.

Vince Lombardi left the Giants to coach the Green Bay Packers and won several championships.

Tom Landry was the first coach of the Dallas Cowboys and retired with two Super Bowl titles.

If Vince Lombardi was a better coach, it wasn't because he was emotional. If Tom Landry was a better coach, it wasn't because he was stoic.

And just because Landry was stoic didn't mean a fire wasn't burning deep within his belly.

I think Cuonzo Martin is a good coach. Time will tell if he becomes a great coach.

Maybe you know something a lot of us don't, but how do you know Martin didn't reach out to former players? How do you Martin didn't, in his own stoic way, defend his players to the officials?

It seems every player Martin coached at UT spoke of him in glowing terms. That tells me they felt the coach had their back.

I'm not old enough to have seen General Neyland coach football, but I would guess with his military background and commanding appearance Martin is more like the General in his coaching style than is a certain coach now at Auburn.

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I voted for Archie Miller because I think he's a more realistic hire than Gregg Marshall.

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So Martin didn't even tell his players himself that he was leaving? Shouldn't they have been extended that courtesy....guess not. Pretty low class there, Counzo.

I agree that it wasn't the best move for Martin not to address the team himself, but in this age of social networking it was all but impossible for him to tell the team before the news broke.

It's not like he was leaving for Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech that are just a quick hop, skip and jump from Knoxville and Tennessee. Cal is on the other side of the country and the logistics involved made it impossible for Martin to address the team before the press conference at Berkley.

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I'm glad to see Jordan McRae taking the stance he has in advising the current players to wait and see who the new coach is before making a decision about leaving.

Written on Reactions of Tennessee students to Cuonzo Martin leaving vary:

I take it from the tone of this story that it was shocking news to some that Martin left.

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I've lost a lot of respect for Martin. For someone who was touted as a tough guy, who had overcome a lot of adversity, it was surprising he had such thin skin. Overall, I would say the Martin choice was a bust. Hopefully Hart will find a better coach that has a spine too.

You can be a tough guy, but a husband and father also has to consider what the atmosphere around UT and Knoxville is doing to his wife and children.

I don't think it was a majority, but a large segment of the UT fan base never seemed to want Martin. From the day he was hired there were the Pearlies that were counting the days until Pearl's banishment was over so he could, in their eyes, return to his throne as the UT basketball coach.

The only two men's basketball coaches in the SEC that won more games than Martin were Calipari and Billy D at Florida.

We are now back to square one for UT basketball.

If past history is any indication, UT will not hire the huge name coach everybody dreams of. Like it or not, the only school in the SEC that can name a basketball coach is Kentucky. Recent history might allow Florida to do the same thing when Billy Boy leaves.

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From the "program's" standpoint, this appears lose-lose. Martin's supporters will likely either say, "Traitor; he said this is where he wanted to be," or, "Who can blame him, after the way he was treated"?

His detractors will just say, "Good riddance; never should have been hired in the first place." Either view, UT loses. Detractors will find out and supporters will have their view confirmed that we will not capture a "Big Name" or even a "Recognizable Name," offering 11 out of 13 ranked salary range.

We may never know the inside workings of this situation. If Martin was going to be retained, it should have happened even before tournament time and in a decisive manner. Since Hart vacillated, correctly or not, it implied questionable support for Martin.

I hope there is a silver lining; I just do not see the light right now.

Great thoughts.

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When there hasn't been another announcement about Martin's raise or extension since the one a couple of weeks ago I'm not surprised by this.

I like Martin and I think he was doing, and would continue to do, a good job if the hyperfans cooled their jets.

For the Martin haters that didn't think he could get another job and all that other garbage, it looks as if somebody in, what is right now a better basketball conference than the SEC, had other ideas.

Time for Dave Hart to open up the checkbook and get a strong coach. I wouldn't mind a top assistant from a power program and that might be our best bet at this point in the hiring cycle.

Of course the last time we hired a top assistant from a name program it turned out to be Wade Houston so that might not be the best plan.

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Like so many on this site, I too mourn the loss of a University of Tennessee treasure.

I attended my first UT home games as a freshman in the fall of 1976 and at the time I took Bobby's great voice for granted. All these years later I understand what a rare talent he was.

Bobby was UT's home team announcer without every making it seem like he was a homer.

He's going to be a hard act to follow.

Thanks for the memories, Bobby.

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I don't believe Calipari is headed to the NBA for two reasons. First, he won't get five or six number one draft picks every year in the NBA. Second, his past NBA coaching experience raises the question if he can coach players older than the age of 20.

Written on Tennessee guard Quinton Chievous will transfer outside of SEC:

I hope Coach Martin uses this scholarship to hit the junior college circuit and find a big wide body to take the place of Maymom and, if he leaves, Stokes.

I think we should be OK on the outside next year, but we need some big men to control the paint and the boards.

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To bad Martin didn't "renew" his commitment until getting back from Marquette after not being offered the job! Funny how that works. Why else would he have got on a plane to start with if he didn't intend to take the job if offered? If he wasn't that serious about it he could have told Marquette you can come to Knoxville and talk if you want me that bad.

Let's see, in the fall of 2012, after Hart fired a certain Tennessee head football coach, Charlie Strong was said to be the top choice for the Tennessee job, but he decided to stay at Louisville at that time. By your logic Strong didn't renew his commitment to Louisville until he knew Butch Jones was going to get the UT football job.

Sometimes you have to take a long look at another program to gain new insight into your own program and get greater appreciation for it.

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Or did Marquete pull Cuonzo's name from their list and give him time to pull out to save face? Hart should stand firm with a decent raise and short extension and a warning that another interview will end his job at UT. The whinning and crying media think Martin is the next Adolf Rupp. The man has no personality or abilities to motivate his teams. A long extension will result in a high pay off to drop him later.

Have you attended a practice run by Cuonzo Martin or been in the locker room with the team before a game our at the half? If not, how can you say he has no abilities to motivate the team?

Have you sat down and had a conversation with the man? If not, how can you say he has no personality?

If you were to base Hall of Fame NFL coach Tom Landry's abilities to motivate and his personality strictly on his sideline persona you would be wrong. Landry's intense stare and stoic look was that of a man plotting ahead and thinking in front of the opposition. Of course it took Landry seven years to have his first season that he won more games than he lost. I guess it's a good thing his bosses didn't think like you do.

One's life circumstances often influence the way the appear in public situations when the spotlight is shining brightly on them.

Not everyone is a Bruce Pearl or Ray Mears that is show and flash.

I've always believed that still water runs deep and I want that still, deep water influencing our basketball players at UT.

I believe Martin is doing things the right way and he can be an asset to UT for a long time to come if people let him coach and give him the support he needs to do his job.

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Why did he have to withdraw his name? He told the recruits it was just rumors and to ignore them.

He may have played Hart for $ he hasn't earned.

I'm not happy he was meeting with them. When was the last time we had a head coach meeting with another school besides Kiffin?

You and so many like you slay me. You claim a coach's value can be shown by who else would hire him, but when he gets an interview with another school you say he shouldn't be retained.

Evidently there are some schools out there that would be happy to have Cuonzo Martin as the head basketball coach.

Of course, now that Marquette hired somebody else, the next verse to the sad song will be that Martin withdrew his name from consideration when he realized he wasn't going to get the job.

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I understand it perfectly. Martin won with Pearl's guy, all of whom will be gone next year, and when we don't make the tournament people will want more time for him to bring "his players" into the program despite the fact he's had three years to do so. They cite Martin's running of a "clean program" despite the fact Yemi was basically shown the door for sexual assault. Martin's stock has peaked, he's benefited from someone else's handiwork, and will hopefully (for the sake of OUR program) ride it to a job he thinks is better. Marquette may regret the decision once Williams players leave and they're stuck with a bunch of mediocre basketball players.

westknox you keep claiming Martin won with Pearl guys, but you seem to ignore only two of the guys on this year's roster, McRae and Maymon, were signed by Pearl. I know you will say Stokes was a Pearl recruit but the TSSAA messed it up for him etc. That may or may not be true, but once Stokes was available Martin still had to lock down Stokes and get him to Knoxville against a lot of big time basketball schools.

When Pearl was fired the climate changed around the university and the UT basketball program and Martin sold Stokes that UT was still the best place for him. Your refusal to give Martin credit for signing Stokes is laughable.

Just as Tennessee got hot and went on the streak to the tournament as a team, the Vols lost to Michigan as a team. That said, if you want to single out one or two players for losing the game it would be the Pearl guys you are so enamored with. McRae himself said if he hadn't missed the five free throws we win. And if Maymon had been a better defender and stayed out of foul trouble we win. But I forget, Martin should have coached them better.

You talk about the players Martin has recruited, but you overlook the fact that Bruce Pearl played his son Steven, a walk on, over SEC caliber players he recruited.

By the way, is that you Steven? I thought you were with your daddy at Auburn.

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in response to Snapshot:

Well, so much for his integrity everyone has raved about after telling the recruits to ignore the rumors. I say Hart should tell if he interviews for another job he better make sure he gets it because he just lost this one!

Probably best all around if takes the Marquette job.

First of all Hart and the UT athletic department probably signed off on Martin meeting with Marquette. It is common protocol in college athletics for a school interested in another school's head coach to get permission to talk to him.

Unless you directly heard what Martin told the recruits you really can't know if this is a reason for you to question Martin's integrity.

The way many UT fans have treated Martin since he arrived at Tennessee there's little wonder he's listening to Marquette.

Yes, this was our first year in the Big Dance under Martin, but a lot of the blind Pearl followers refuse to admit things were a mess when Pearl was fired and Martin has done a decent job of staying the course and keeping UT somewhat relevant in college basketball.

When the football program under Phillip Fulmer was declining one of the big arguments against Fulmer was if he was a good coach other people would want him. If you follow that line of thinking and apply it to Martin then Martin must be a good coach because Marquette, which has a larger basketball budget than UT, wants him.

If Martin leaves, and I wouldn't blame him if he does, our best bet will be to hire an assistant coach from a basketball factory and hope they can win. We will never get the name coach many fans want simply because their expectations border on the absurd.

Written on Report: Tennessee men's basketball coach Cuonzo Martin met with Marquette; Golden Eagles have "significant interest":

Everyone that says Martin won this year with Pearl recruits isn't completely wrong, but they are somewhat off base.

There were two Pearl recruits on this year's team; McRae and Maymon, the rest of the guys were Martin recruits.

Some people are quick to point out one or two Martin recruits that haven't worked out, but if you go to any school in the country even with the big name coaches there are always players that don't work out never achieve what it was thought they would do.

For those saying if Martin leaves he's not a man of character because he didn't honor is contract...again, I would argue you are wrong. If Martin pays the buyout to leave then he has honored his contract.

Now I would have a problem if he told a kid he was staying and then he left. But realistically circumstances change.

There isn't a person on this site that, if they in a job where they were unappreciated, constantly criticized by so-called supporters and underpaid compared to others in the same market, wouldn't leave if they were offered a position in a better environment with higher pay. If you claim otherwise you are a liar or need to seek professional help.

I hope Martin stays, but if he leaves I think the best bet would be to go after a young Billy Donavon type who has been a lead assistant at a top program. I doubt if UT will ever be able to get one of the up and coming coaches that already have a head job and there's no way a name coach is going to come to UT at this point.

Written on Mike Strange: Keeping Cuonzo Martin is UT's safest play:

in response to fannotsheep:

Good analysis of the situation. I don't think Hart will pay anyone big money because I don't think he values any other sport besides football. Look at Bama and FSU. Football schools with no huge crowds at BB games. That's where he comes from. Tennessee has a dormant basketball fan base that came alive under Pearl and if Martin's most recent success can be sustained you'd see good crowds in TBA again.

Don't forget JUCO players and transfers. If Stokes goes you have an open roster spot and Martin should be able to find and lure a big body here -- if he sticks around. Maybe he got his feelings hurt by those who, like me, wished we could have the coach the NCAA wrongly took from us back alongside our court. I just wish he and everyone else could see that this was not as much anti-Cuonzo as it was we had a coach taken from us and we had no say in the matter. I was ready to march on NCAA headquarters or burn mattresses in Mike Hamilton's yard when that fiasco went down. It was, and still is, one of the biggest sports injustices I have ever seen.

But Martin is a big boy, and if he is honest he saw that he had a topsy turvy year. If he wants to put down roots here the fans will embrace the kind of effort that was on display the past 10 games. But Hart won't ever pay him or any other basketball coach the money they could make at a school that didn't worship at the checkerboard altar.

You might be right about Hart, but I think he cares more about basketball than any UT athletic director in recent years.

Hart played basketball at Alabama and one would think that is reason enough for him to have more than a passing interest in the sport.

When the men's basketball team is doing well and drawing big crowds it takes some of the pressure off of football to bring in all the money for the athletic program.

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in response to facultyman:

UT basketball wiill always be a jumpoff to better venues for coaching jobs. Fans are too fickle and impatient. Coaches have to settle for second tier players. Basketball plays second fiddle to football and can't establish a loyal advocate base. Forever in debt to ex-coaching buyouts, Hart cannot keep stealing from Academics to field anything but mediocre products.

If you go back 50 years facultyman you won't find one UT coach that left for a better job.

Let's start with Ray Mears, who was hired in 1963. He had a mental breakdown and was forced to step down just prior to the 1977-78 season in which Cliff Wettig served as interim head coach. Don DeVoe was hired prior to the 1978-79 season and was there until he was forced to resign after the 88-89 season.

DeVoe was followed by Wade Houston, who was something like the third or fourth option. Houston lasted five year after his son, Allan, graduated. Wade was fired because he was the worst coach in the modern era of Tennessee basketball.

Kevin O'Neill was next and he stayed from 94-97. He clashed with athletic director Doug Dickey and when Dickey wouldn't give in to his demands O'Neill took his marbles and left for Northwestern.

Jerry Green was next and coached from the 97-98 season to the 2000-01 season. UT made the tournament all four years of Green's tenure, but his gruff persona and demeaning comments about the Vol fan base cost him his job.

Buzz Peterson followed Green and was fired after the 04-05 season. Pearl came in and did a great job, but lied and was fired. And finally we get to Martin, who is still UT's coach.

So to say UT is a jump off to a better venue is not a little misguided, it's totally wrong.

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in response to facultyman:

UT basketball wiill always be a jumpoff to better venues for coaching jobs. Fans are too fickle and impatient. Coaches have to settle for second tier players. Basketball plays second fiddle to football and can't establish a loyal advocate base. Forever in debt to ex-coaching buyouts, Hart cannot keep stealing from Academics to field anything but mediocre products.

UT athletic department doesn't steal, or for that matter, receive any money from the academic side of the university.

Settle for second tier players? Going back a few years to the late 1990s, do you mean second tier players such as Vince Yarborough, a five star guy Kentucky wanted badly? Let's just look at our current roster that has Jarnell Stokes, a Martin recruit, that was a 5-star guy and could have played anywhere in the nation or Robert Hubbs III a 5-star freshman that missed most of the season after a shoulder surgery.

I won't argue with you about UT fans being fickle or impatient. That said, maybe I'm the exception to the rule, I support the Vols no matter how they are doing and who the coach is.

No, I don't have season tickets because I live out of state, but if I was in the Knoxville area and had enough in the old bank account, I sure would for football, basketball and baseball.

Written on Report: Marquette targeting Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin for head coaching vacancy:

UT should never be a stepping stone to Marquette. Dave Hart must meet with Cuonzo and get the new contract signed ASAP.

If we want to have any chance of Stokes coming back for his senior year we have to have Martin as the head coach.

You can bet your bottom dollar that we will continue to hear Martin's name associated with job openings until his new contract is signed.

Written on Foul called against Jarnell Stokes puts end to NCAA run, 73-71: is reporting that Marquette is going to make a run for Cuonzo Martin. It's time for Dave Hart and the UT administration to step up and pay the man.

We can't afford to lose Martin and have to hire a third basketball coach since the end of the 2010-11 season.

I think Martin has shown he can get the job done if fans are patient.

I really believe Stokes hasn't decided his future yet, but if Martin goes I don't think we have a chance of Stokes returning for his senior season.

Written on Tennessee's tournament run comes to an end after rally against Michigan falls just short, 73-71:

in response to underthehill:

Maymon trying to guard Robinson..not very smart..telling Mich you were going to do it..worse than not very smart..Mich was ready to take advantage of this and did..and how in the world did UT get within 10 sec with the ball down 1 and a chance to win..surely a play could be called that would at least give them a shot with enough time left for a possible tip..fraid not..but this is as far as most expected ..including me..

How do you know Martin didn't call a play that would have given us a chance to win the game? The official called Stokes for a cheap foul before we could work something inside out.

The officials took UT out of the game in the first half with the three quick fouls on Maymon. Maymon played 17 minutes. If he plays 20 the game might have gone in UT's favor.

We had been shooting something like 85 percent of our free throws in the tournament, but tonight we only hit 8 of 14.

This team was down by 15 and didn't give up. I think Martin grew up as a coach this year as the team grew up during the stretch run.

I hope Stokes comes back, but with our without Stokes I think we will be OK next year.

Written on John Adams: Jarnell Stokes shouldn't end his college career with a great postseason:

in response to murrayvol:

More than a few guys who played basketball have found a home in the NFL. I'm sure Butch noticed how fast Stokes covered the floor on that breakaway dunk vs Mercer. And Stokes has some seriously good hands.

Getting CCM to sign off on that transition might be a problem.

If Jarnell comes back for his senior year in basketball and then goes out for football, since he was a January enrollee in 2012, his basketball career would be finished at UT and Martin wouldn't have anything to say about the decision. That's just a thought.

Written on John Adams: Jarnell Stokes shouldn't end his college career with a great postseason:

Here's a thought nobody has mentioned. Jarnell has expressed interest in playing football at Tennessee. Since he enrolled and started his basketball career in the winter of 2012, he could play his senior basketball season next year and then see how the draft works out. If he doesn't go has high as he would like he could join the football team for the fall of 2015.

Written on Mike Strange: The money ball is in Martin's court now:

in response to johndavid:

You and every fan you know are wrong because you don't make business decisions on emotions. Less than a week ago 75 % wanted him gone( based on almost 3 years of work) and now suddenly every fan you know wants to invest 5 years and more $ because we beat Mercer? ( with mostly Pearl's recruits. This is how a program gets ruined, knee-jerk reactions. Fulmer was in the SEC championship game less than a year before being fired! You think you would feel this way at 12-20 next year? Better slow down and look at the big picture . What if the tournament had not had play in games and we were left out? You and 75% would be wanting him fired. STOP THIS KNEE JERK REACTION STUFF .

Every fan I KNOW wants to give him one more year at the same pay rate to see if he can continue this success with HIS team.

johndavid, I don't know how you can get "Mostly Pearl recruits" out of Jeronne Mayman and Jordan McRae. Yes, if you check the facts you will discover that those two guys are the only ones on the roster that were Pearl recruits.

Martin swayed Stokes to Knoxville. Richardson came to Knoxville because of Martin. Barton came in this year, that makes him a Martin guy as are the rest of the guys.

People are quick to criticize what Martin has done, but he took a Tennessee job that a lot of people considered poison as UT waited for the NCAA to hand down sanctions. He had to coach under a cloud for a couple of years.

And then there was the shadow of Bruce Pearl. I don't blame Pearl for staying in Knoxville after being fired. It's a great city and he had every right to stay in East Tennessee. But Pearl's presence in Knoxville only fueled the fire that if Martin didn't do enough he would be fired and Bruce would be brought back in once his NCAA penalty was served.

Even before Pearl took the Auburn job last week this UT basketball team was starting to play better. I just wonder how much better and more relaxed Martin will be able to coach without the perceived, rather real or imagined, Pearl factor out of the way.

This is only Martin's sixth year as a head coach and each of his teams at UT has shown improvement.

Now that is the big picture. I'll let Dave Hart and the powers that be decide on Martin's salary next year. But in my opinion his pay should be more than the 10th or 11th in the SEC that it is now.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols know Mercer is no free pass:

"We weren’t very disciplined in the game,’’ senior Josh Richardson said Friday after his second terrific NCAA tournament performance in 40 hours."

I think Richardson is a junior.

Written on Jarnell Stokes posts career high in NCAA tournament win against UMass, continues to carry Vols when it matters most:

I love Jarnell Stokes and I don't think this team would be where it is without him. He had a what for him was a career game in the biggest game of his UT career.

But the comparison to Bernard King's double-doubles is a bit misleading. Stokes has already played 35 games to reach his 21 double-doubles this season. In the 76-77 season King achieved his 22 double-doubles in 26 games.

Stokes scored 26 points and had 14 rebounds against UMass today. In 1976-77 King averaged 25.8 points and 14.3 rebounds a game.

The game today is different than it was in the 1970s was King played and I'm glad Bernard was a Vol in his day and that Jarnell is a force for us today.

Written on Tony Jones, Steven Pearl named as assistants on Bruce Pearl's staff at Auburn:

in response to volnsc:

Steven was a joke when he first came aboard the Vols roster but at the end he had developed into a very nice bench defender. As I recall, there was a Summitt kid playing ball on the same team that didn't have SEC chops either. No one mentioning that. Bruce is a showman, a motivator, and a pretty darn good Xs and Os guy. I wish things had been different. I'll pull for him when Auburn is playing anyone but UT and pull for the Vols all the time. Let's get Zo the first NCAA win tonight.

The thing you left out though was Tyler Summitt was a typical walk on player that only saw action in mop up situations. I'd dare say Steven Pearl played more in one game than Tyler Summitt did the entire he was on the team.

Written on Tony Jones, Steven Pearl named as assistants on Bruce Pearl's staff at Auburn:

I will reserve judgment on what kind of assistant coach Steven Pearl is, but that might be several years down the road. Many of the UT fans that cried because Derek Dooley rode his father's name into the coaching profession now seem to be willing to give Bruce and Steven Pearl a pass for doing something even worse.

Derek Dooley at least went away to school to play his college football. And while it's true Dooley did get his start in coaching as a graduate assistant at UGA, Vince was no longer the head coach...granted he was the AD.

The fact is Steven Pearl seems to have grab Bruce's coattails to get a chance to play in the SEC and now to get into coaching. Most coaches work up the ladder starting as a grad assistant and then moving up to an assistant coach. The story says Steven Pearl has done medical sales and sports radio since graduating from UT. No coaching experience in travel ball or high school ball is mentioned.

It seems Auburn is hiring an assistant coach with zero coaching experience. I'd dare say if the kid's name was Steven Prince instead of Steven Pearl and had the same resume or lack there of, he'd never even been given an interview for the job.

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in response to Snapshot:

Watched his press conference on utube. The best, most passionate, enthusiastic and energetic coach the Vols have ever had is now at Auburn. J. Cheek should be fired immediately. Hope all the Bruce haters are happy now, just get ready because they will be kicking the Vols azzz regularly when he gets them cranked up.

I'm not a Bruce Pearl hater and UT had no choice but to fire him after he was hit with NCAA show cause penalty.

I don't know how old you are, but to say Pearl was the best, most passionate, enthusiastic and energetic coach UT has ever had is a real stretch. I don't even know if that is true even if you are just talking about UT basketball. Ray Mears was known as the Barnum of in P.T. Barnum of the Barnum and Bailey Circus fame.

It was Mears who coined the phrase Big Orange Country. It was Mears who first wore an orange blazer on the sidelines. And I could go on.

I know swimming isn't in the same sphere as basketball when it comes to popularity of sports, but anybody that ever sat down for five minutes with Hall of Fame swimming coach, the late Ray Bussard will tell you he was everything to his sport and more than Pearl was to basketball. Bussard won eight SEC championships and a national title after building a program from literally the ground up.

Even if the UT administration had wanted to bring Pearl back at the end of the season they couldn't have done it with Auburn acting so quickly.

Bruce Pearl has a couple of black eyes he will have to overcome as far as his credibility goes. I've got to think the NCAA will check and double check every move he makes.

He might very well win big at Auburn, but it won't be as easy to win at Auburn as it was at UT.

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There are times I think the NCAA basketball committee bends over backwards to get non-football league or lower football league schools into the tournament. Come on, the Atlantic 10 with six teams in the tournament is crazy.

How can an 11 seed that both UT and Iowa are, be considered in the last four teams in the tournament. Granted, they didn't have the automatic bid from their conferences, but they are seeded higher than several conference champions that don't have to play a game Tuesday or Wednesday.

I think fans need to look at our seeding rather than the fact that the selection committee has us playing Wednesday night.

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And while the committee might have considered UT the 33rd best team to receive an at large bid the Vols are still ranked ahead of the some of the teams that received their conference's automatic qualifier. I don't think any team that is considered an 11 seed, and that includes Iowa, should ever have to play their way into the field of 64.

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Bruce Pearl could be next Tigers coach.

Most of the talking heads and so-called experts don't think Pearl will coach anywhere next season for the simple reason his NCAA show cause penalty doesn't end until August, which would severely limit Pearl's ability to recruit.

He might be able to get around that some how, but I don't see it happening. I also can't see Pearl in a town the size of Auburn.

Auburn's a nice enough little town, but that's all it is, a little town. I think Pearl needs a brighter spotlight than the one that would shine on him at Auburn.

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I think it's a shame that a fresh new SEC Network will start with a 75 year old Brent Musburger as the lead play-by-play announcer. IMO, Musburger hasn't been relevant since he shared the NFL pregame show on CBS with Phyliss George in the 1970s.

I'll be 56 win football season rolls around and even I think the SEC Network needs a young and exciting lead announcer, not some over the hill guy like Musburger.

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Love a defensive lineman with a chip on his shoulder.

Written on Willie Gault, Jackie Walker on College Football Hall of Fame ballot:

I have great respect for Willie Gault and hope he gets elected, but he was only an AA one time and Larry Seivers was a two-time AA. Seivers' senior season UT ran the wishbone and he still had 51 receptions. And that was with Stanley Morgan on the team too.

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My best friend played linebacker and defensive end at Auburn from 1976-79 and he said Saban is nuts for wanting this rule.

My friend once played more than 80 snaps on defense and special teams against N.C. State and that was the norm.

Also, several high school players still go both ways so Saban's so-called logic about the extra plays leading to injury just doesn't float.

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I'd love to see him at a defensive end. Can you see him going after a quarterback with his wing span? A QB could possibly have a hard time throwing a ball over Stokes.

I really think his best chance to get on the football field would be at defensive end. There's not as steep of a learning curve at defensive end as there is at tight end. A defensive end basically can learn simple technique and react to the ball as a rusher or contain the end to stop the run.

Written on Vols to honor memory of Eric Nelson, whose son is Quinnipiac sophomore:

What a wonderful gesture by Dave Serrano and the UT baseball program. Serrano is doing things the right way and it makes me proud that he's our coach.

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From all indications, I'm one of the few fans that doesn't think UT should fire Martin and bring back Pearl, but I applaud Bruce Pearl for taking the high road and encouraging fans to support the program.

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Let's be fair. Pearl was the coach who brought passion back to Tennessee basketball and filled that arena on a regular basis. His last year, however, was littered with the NCAA scandal, his suspension for 10 games, and a lot of very bad publicity. Ticket sales almost had to suffer. But OK, the "trend began" in Pearl's last year. Nonetheless, you have to admit, the team passion, fan enthusiasm, and game attendance is at a low water mark if you use Pearl's arrival as a baseline. Should Martin lose his job on this basis alone? There is a lot of debate on that question, and certainly there are lots of factors that will play into the final decision. My guess is he will NOT be bought out and thus be here for 2015. Whatever. I am beyond worrying about stuff I have no control over. Sadly, it just is what it is.

Actually Pearl's last year was the 2010-2011 season so the decline started a year, possibly two, before his meltdown and the scandals showed up. You mentioned the last 10 games, but Climer was talking about season ticket sales.

I'm not saying Martin should be retained or fired. I see strong arguments for both points. My context is that Climer using the season tickets was not logically thought out based on when he said sells started going down and when Martin was actually hired.

Written on David Climer: For Tennessee Vols, buying out Cuonzo Martin should be about more than just dollars:

An interesting point Climer made in the column is that tickets sales have gone down every year since 2009. This is just Martin's third year as the head coach so the downward trend started under Bruce Pearl.

I'm not saying that UT should keep Martin as head coach. I'm not saying he should be fired either. What I am saying is throwing the decline in season tickets in there as a reason for Martin's firing shouldn't be a factor since they were on the decline under Pearl and it probably has something to do with the economy.

I do know UT has to play better. Stokes was a non factor again in the second half against A&M. Martin needs to get things turned around quickly. The thing is he seems like a class act and his teams haven't done anything to disgrace our the university off the court.

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Proud of the Vols, ticked off at ESPN for moving the game. I had to work and was recording the game on ESPNU only to have the game moved to ESPN at the first media timeout. I wish I could have seen the whole game.

Written on Jarnell Stokes 'demanding it' leads to UT win over Georgia:

I hoped to watch this game. It was scheduled to be on ESPNU and, because I had to work tonight, I set my DVR to record the game only to find that at the first media timeout they switched the game to ESPN because the Indiana game was postponed.

Congrats to the Big Orange on a big win over Georgia.

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in response to fannotsheep:

The word dude has no negative context. It was used for humorous effect which is often wasted on self righteous people. I have been to more churches in my life than most people I know of so please don't pretend you know anything about me.

My point is that Jesus looked at the heart of each person and did not hold them to impossible standards. He knew that all humans make mistakes yet he forgave them. He befriended prostitutes and thieves rather than the pious and, if you recall your scriptures, you know he told the criminal who was crucified with him that the two would be together that day in Heaven.

So spare me your condescending b.s. -- and in this crazy, stressed out world in which we live, try to forgive the young people who try to escape their troubles with a drink -- Jesus did after all turn water into wine, not milk, which he could just as easily have done.

To each his own, but if you ask me too many people fail to live while waiting for eternity. I am not crazy about spending it with these types because it would would surely seem an eternity.

With each of the social outcasts you mentioned Jesus hanging around with, He also told them to change their behavior.

Yes, he told the religious leaders accusing the woman of adultery that, the one of them without sin had a right to throw the first stone. And they walked away. He then asked the woman, "Where are your accusers." She replied, "There are none." To which Jesus said, "And I don't accuse you either. Go and sin no more."

Jesus told his disciples you are in the world, but not of the world. I can have a good time at parties with friends that aren't Christ Followers without doing the same things they do.

I don't know the circumstances about the incident in question. But I don't buy the boys will be boys either although I understand that logic.

When a kid accepts a scholarship to play college ball they are basically under contract to live by the rules set by their school and team. In essence, you give up some of the so-called rights of being a typical college student when you represent your university.