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Written on John Adams: Butch Jones hasn't had enough time to change UT's losing ways:

Stretched pretty far for this one, didn't you John?

Since I will become among those who will thenceforth be shunned, my final words of advice for you, John: You really need to improve your game. When was the last time you thought seriously about that as opposed to just meeting deadlines and requirements?

All too frequently you state the obvious as newly relevant. You also put WAYYY too much emphasis on past this piece does. What will you do when Butch and this team surprise you with a season that is FAR better than 5-7? Say you knew it all along?

This is one reason why I'll decline to pay. My money is worth more than that.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee football is due a run of good luck:

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Luck? Did you say UT was due some luck?

I have one name for you: Clint Stoerner

UT used up a whole century of luck on one play.

Horse hockey. Luck had nothing to do with it. Dust off the VCR and look at the tape.

Stoerner stumbled because he tripped over Brandon Burlsworth's foot. He tripped over Burlsworth because Burlsworth was pushed so far into the backfield by Billy Ratliff.

Good teams make their own luck.

Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

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It must be painful to walk with your knuckles dragging on the concrete.


Look it up.

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Written on Vanderbilt's James Franklin explains jump off cliff:

Who packed his chute?

Written on Trae Golden to transfer to Georgia Tech, seek waiver to play immediately:

What really frosts my pumpkin about stores like this is the unnamed source and his/her alleged inside information. If you know about it, prove it. Otherwise, shut up. KNS: same for you. You don't come off pure as the driven snow just because you can quote an "unnamed source", even if they do "have knowledge of the situation" and are "speaking on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak on the subject". BTW, if you're "not authorized to speak on the subject", shut up.

It's a commentary on us that we all seem to love a sordid story. Now, it's academics. We already ruined the career of one educator, must we drag all aspects through the mud.

Good luck, Trae. Hope your dad gets well soon.

Written on Vols picked fifth in East by SEC media:

More grist for the mill.

Written on Butch Jones says Eric Gordon's status has not changed:

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Burros. Oops. Lol.


Which brings to mind an old joke:

A burro is an arse. A burrow is a hole in the ground. We're supposed to know the difference.

Written on Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan arrested for BUI:

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Or fail 8 drug tests, bust an eardrum with a sucker punch or be questioned in a shooting like A. Hernandez did while at UF

Like Coach Meyer's old saying "When the going gets tough, fake a heart attack after getting waxed by Saban, quit, come back, quit again once you realize Tebow is gone, go to another school with a loaded roster in an inferior conference and drop all SEC teams from the schedule."

That pretty well sums it up.

Written on Pat Summitt receives Keith Jackson Eternal Flame Award:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Since I oppose censorship in almost every form, I agree your comment should not have been zapped, regardless of how baseless and completely lacking in social significance it was.

It is clear, however, that you don't have a clue about Coach Pat and have never met her. Either that or you're a troll who gets his/her jollies by writing ridiculous stuff so people will respond to your incredibly ignorant posts.

In either case, it is your misfortune.

Written on Pat Summitt receives Keith Jackson Eternal Flame Award:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Feel better now? Ex-lax is a wonderful thing.

Is there an award Coach Pat doesn't deserve?

I think not.

Written on What does Vegas say about Vols in 2013? :

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You are right about one thing BETting on the Vols is a sure Vegas loser. A better bet would be to see if Jones lasts 3 years before he is fired.

Just Saying

Have you ever...even once, had anything positive to say about the Vols on this board? Even once?

It must really suck to be you.

Just sayin'

Written on Sea of crimson in Big Orange country for Nick Saban speech:

Dear Athens,

They already have an Athens in Alabama. Have you looked at a map lately? The correct color in these parts is ORANGE!!!


Your 5th grade Geography teacher.

Written on Lady Vols lose key pieces, but return talent for another run next season:

in response to oldster:

Where did you see anyone "running down" any of the LVs? You are overly sensitive. Just because we don't say "rah, rah" and only "rah, rah" does not mean that we are "running down" anyone. Suggestions, pointing out reasons why the goals that are set by the team are not being met, or, even, criticism, does NOT mean that the person(s) giving or making same have not, do not, and/or will not continue to enjoy and support the team.

In my instance, I believe that I make the comments I do because of my background as an athlete (though frankly, not at the level excellence as the LVs), and a coach. This background causes me to analyze what is being done and what is working and what is not and, trying to figure out how to improve both. I was never a cheerleader; therefore, it is difficult for me to think like those of you who were and are. I appreciate you, but evidently, the appreciation is strictly one sided.

Re-read my post. I never accused anyone of running down the team. The coaches have been constantly in the cross-hairs for some, though.

I appreciate anyone's quality opinion and EVERYONE has a right to's called free speech. I suspect this board is chock-full of people like us...former athletes...of varying degrees of success. As Vol fans, we want the best for the teams in orange and we want to offer our suggestions. I have no quarrel with that.

What frosts my pumpkin are those who consider themselves - in hindsight - to KNOW what we SHOULD have done. It's easy once the game is over.

BTW, I was never a cheerleader but as one of many who cheers for the Vols, aren't we all?

Written on Lady Vols lose key pieces, but return talent for another run next season:

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Yes, I would. Any right-thinking orange-wearing Volunteer would.

However, when it comes to finding answers to any perceived shortcomings on this team, I'd bet the farm that the LAST place they'd look is this it should be.

Written on Lady Vols lose key pieces, but return talent for another run next season:

I will rest well tonight knowing we have SO MANY experts on this board. I guess a Senior class record of 202-53 just isn't enough for all you softball purists.

I'm getting more than a little tired of you expert clowns running down the Coaches Weekly on a near daily basis. They have produced the most successful program in school history and are getting no love and little appreciation. I guess nothing short of perfection will suffice. No, they weren't perfect and neither are you. However, they ARE highly successful unlike several of the opinion writers here, I'd wager.

Let's congratulate the team for their success and let them know we back them all the way. They know they fell short. They saw what it takes to dominate this game in the form of an excellent Oklahoma team that lost only four times all season. What they DON'T need is all this armchair quarterbacking from those who are clearly education well beyond their capacity.

Written on Lady Vols swept in championship series, Oklahoma wins national title, 4-0:

It's all a numbers game, right? How many teams WEREN'T in the series? Right.

Congratulations on an excellent season, ladies. You're still the best with us...and always will be.

Written on Two runs and two Renfroes get Tennessee down to the final two in WCWS :

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

There's one in every crowd.

I can't imagine getting satisfaction by always trying to run down someone else. You'd have my sympathy if you weren't so pathetic.

Written on Tory Lewis hits game-winning single in 7th to lift Lady Vols, 1-0:

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Great win after a rough night! Keep that momentum!!

The "Mo" in Oak City is wearing Tennessee Orange!

Written on Bill Battle knows how much UT-Alabama rivalry matters:

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It is not a rivalry, nor has it been a rivalry for a very long time. Tennessee simply does not belong on the same field with Alabama, UT is not in the same class.

Auburn has a new rival, LSU plus Auburn that has the players to play with them.

Just Sayin

Ya know, Vol Fans....we should be somewhat grateful for trolls like ol #7 here. Otherwise, how would we know what a troll is?

No...I, for one am grateful. When I click on a page and get that unmistakable whiff of sewer gas, I know who's been here....and nothing grows where 7-T goes.

Written on Ivy Renfroe provides relief for Lady Vols, 3-2 :

Let's not start counting chickens before they hatch. There's still work to do.

Go Lady Vols! The WCWS needs some orange!

Written on Guard Alexa Middleton commits to Lady Vols :

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congrats on the pick up lady vols but I still hope we get Kelsey Mitchell as well

Good decision, Alexa. Live your dream.

Kelsey Mitchell is for real. Knoxville is closest to Cincinnati. She'd look good in orange.

Written on Rainey Gaffin drives in Cheyanne Tarango to end marathon stalemate for Lady Vols in regional:

in response to fearthehound:

I, for one, am pretty offended by the statement "In Gaffin’s case it was 'Hit the phooey out of the ball.’" If KNS writers can write the word, why do the 'word' police at KNS change it to "phooey" when we use it in a post? KNS editors, please go back into that story and change it to 'phooey'. In fact, check it out, their silly little program just changed the word in the article to 'phooey' for me--but only in my post!! Hilarious.

Point well taken. In the world of multi-syllable, hyphenated, compound curse words, excrement with a "c" seems pretty tame.

Why can the KNS say it and you can't? It's their web site.


Written on Loss of Melissa Davin hurts UT speed and power:

Thanks for the update, Dad. It looks painful.

The fact that she wants to come back speaks volumes. I hope she makes it. Good luck, Melissa! Go Lady Vols!

Written on Lane Kiffin, USC strive for drama-free 2013:

I will - and I hope the KNS will - strive to have a Kiffin-free experience in 2013.

Clue one gives a fat rodent's rump.

Written on Lady Vols to host NCAA softball regional, will host super regional if they advance:

None of that matters now. Time to start a new winning streak!

Written on Tennessee's Ellen Renfroe shuts out South Carolina, 5-0 in SEC softball:

The Lady Vols played very well. Now. don't we owe Mizzou a little payback?

Getcha some.

Written on Pat Summitt's 1-year contract dips from $354,375 to $85,000 :

Before the brainless begin to try to inflame true Tennessee fans, allow those of us who see Coach Pat as the treasure that she is to say we continue to support her involvement with Lady Volunteer Basketball...until SHE chooses not to.

There is no other position that makes sense.

Written on With contract to expire, UT working on new deal for Pat Summitt:

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when will enough be enough?

good grief.

I was thinking the same thing about your post.

Psychology 101: You DON'T make yourself look better by running others down.

Written on UT athletic director Hart gets one-year extension, $50K bonus:

$50K "retention bonus"?

What's wrong with this picture?

I can't think of ANYONE who's worth that.

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

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Moshak next?

Would it get that obvious?

Written on Volscars put UT athletes on a different stage:

The link to the pictures does not work.

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin says 'people are offended' that he stands up for his school:

James appears to have settled in nicely at Wonderbuilt. He's got the elitist attitude in "anchor down".

Written on Kellie Harper hired by Missouri State:

in response to madrigal:

Is this the same school that used to be SW Missouri? If it is, they have a pretty decent tradition. Anyone remember Jackie Stiles? Perhaps Kellie can bring them back. Pat always said Kellie was probably the smartest player she ever coached. Maybe now she can show that. I would not have wanted to follow Kay Yow at NC would be like fighting a ghost. Good luck, Kellie!

Yes, this is the former Southwest Missouri State...they dropped the "Southwest" part a few years ago. And you are correct, it is the alma mater of Jackie Stiles, who still holds the NCAA career scoring record.

Missouri State is a great school and something tells me this might be a good match for Kellie. I, for one, will be following her success.

Good luck, Kellie!

Written on Holly Warlick appreciates Pat Summitt, Geno Auriemma paying respects to each other:

Hatred? No room for it in my life.

In the final analysis, it always comes down to content of character.

'nuff said.

Written on John Adams: UConn one big victory shy of Lady Vols:

in response to VolzsFan:

Whatever.....he has more Final Fours. He will have more National Titles. A better winning % in the regular season as well as the tournament. He wiped the floor head to head with Pat and did all of this in less time than she did. Not to mention he did it in a better era without the benefits of outlaw transfers the way Pat built her teams.

Get it through your head. In every, not some, category Gino is the better coach....PERIOD!!!

*yawn*. *poot*

Written on John Adams: UConn one big victory shy of Lady Vols:

I posted my first comment after reading only the headline. Now that I read this "article", I'm sorry I wasted my time.

Congratulations, John, you've reached a new low. If you had written this piece in college (did you attend?), you'd have flagged it with flying colors. It appears that as time goes on, you've gradually come out of the closet as the UConn fan that deep down, you really are.

You should move to Hartford, you'd like it there.

Written on John Adams: UConn one big victory shy of Lady Vols:

Yet another reason to be pulling for Louisville.

Written on Auburn in self-defense mode over scathing reports:

The winds keep prevailing from the stockyards.

If it smells like poo, it probably is.

Written on ESPN levels new set of allegations against already-embattled Auburn:

I think this is all a little more than "blah blah blah". Seems to me like a perfect storm is brewing in the "lovliest village on the plains".

How long do you think it will take the NCAA to do something this time?

Written on Jacobs: Auburn checking out alleged violations:


Somewhere, there's a tail wagging this dog.

Written on Report: Former Auburn players detail payments, academic fraud, drug culture, criminal cover-ups:

in response to imw8n4u:

this is all nothing compared to this:

Wow! What a (long but) fascinating read. Thanks for posting it.

If 10% of this is true, Auburn is burnt toast. Certain legal terms arise like "RICO", "wire fraud", "tax fraud" and others that readily come to mind.

I guess I've been a little naive myself and like Coach Brooks said, it takes a little away from what we'd like to think college football is all about. The shame in it is that it taints those who play the game WITHOUT cheating. They, too, get the same broad brushstrokes from the majority of those on the outside looking in.

Back to point, if this report is correct (and it sure seems like the writer has spent a good deal of time getting his ducks in a row) not only should Auburn be done, everyone involved deserves serious time in the cross-bar hotel. Mississippi State looks good after telling them "no" and I am glad Tennessee has no connection to any of it (save Trooper Taylor). Coach Fulmer's comments are interesting and probably correct...nothing happens quickly with the NCAA.

The heart of the issue is greed, and it affects many facets of life, not just football. There's a reason it's one of the "seven deadly" sins...the key word is "deadly".

Written on John Adams: Kamiko Williams' value increases as UT advances:

Kamiko deserves all the props she's been getting lately. Some of us have wondered why she hasn't seen more P.T. all along but then, we aren't in the practice sessions every day.

Time is short, K. Make the best of it.

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:

A very solid effort by the Lady Vols. Kamiko deserved her TV designation as the "impact player". we get Louisville. First, congrats to them for their big win. Now, about Tuesday gotta think they WON'T shoot 64% from 3-pt. land, but you have to know they will try. Reminds me of playing Mizzou. They were known for chunking up the 3's...and we learned how to handle that.

I would love to see this team in the final four. Not bad for a squad picked to finish 5th in conference.

Go for it, ladies. Why not us?

Written on Lady Vols must deal with 'head of the snake' against Sooners:

Sherri Coale is an excellent coach and her teams are always tough. It doesn't surprise me that they're in the thick of it. From here on out, the Lady Vols have to play their best in order to advance.

I hope they will. I'll be watching. Go Lady Vols!

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

in response to carbonzip:

Calapari was from Moon Township, PA. He was Prom King there in 1977. This was the biggest event in Moon Twp history other than an air liner crash in the 90's. I think Calapari threw this team under the bus to make a statement to his are not "one", you are done.

Calipari threw everyone under the bus but himself. Blamed the players. Blamed the Noel injury. Blamed the situation. Didn't blame the coaching. Now, THAT'S the Cal Memphis folks remember.

For the Ky. fans: when you sleep with dogs, sometimes you wake up with fleas. I hope this season will teach some of your fans about the humility and sportsmanship they clearly lack.

Written on Lady Vol Ellen Renfroe 'tough' against Gators, 3-1:

in response to SummittsCourt:

Yeah, like UT has never been on the receiving end of a bad call. I never blame a loss on a ref's call. I might get mad about it, but bottom line, UF failed to get hits because they could not figure out Ellen Renfro.

BTW, by making your first statements you did diminish Ellen's performance.

Wow! Your shorts must be chafing you around the waistband (or elsewhere) just a bit.

No one was happier than me to see this solid win than I was. My comments were just an honest - and accurate - assessment of the calls at 1st base. In order to placate you, I should have said that the calls had no bearing on the outcome of the game. It seems to me that some fans (short for fanatic) can't read objective observations without misconstruing as being negative to our team (like you just did).

And I disagree, the comment did NOTHING to detract from Ellen's excellent performance. Just a bit of a stretch, don't you think? If it helps, I think you are correct, UF lost because of a superior performance by Ellen Renfroe.

Written on Tennessee left in the hands of the committee, but Cuonzo Martin thinks his team deserves to be in:

It's all a bit dicey...and this decision committee? Not exactly a who's who of names or schools.

Makes me nervous.

Written on Lady Vol Ellen Renfroe 'tough' against Gators, 3-1:

Very solid performance all around...although being fair, we DID benefit from two pretty bad calls at first base - both at critical moments. The first one - in the top of the first - kept the inning alive and led to our first run. The second one - in the bottom of the 8th - was a dagger to Florida.

Certainly don't want to diminish Ellen's performance...she was excellent! Go Lady Vols...sweep the series!