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Never saw, knew or heard of any successful athlete or coach who didn't have an ego. Fulmer is who he is and he did great things for UT and put together the best staff in the game. If they'd stayed together I'm not sure they wouldn't still be champs.

Also, Doug Dickey came in when the Vols were in similar shape as now and quickly put together a winning program. If he had stayed the Vols might have as many NCs as Bama.

But if frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their little green butts so much. Reality bites sometimes and it is time to quit living in 1998 or 2008. Get behind the players and coaches who are giving their all for Tennessee today and don't desert them when times are rough. You might be rewarded with a great program in the not-so-distant future. But keep turning on your coach and looking for the next hot commodity every couple of years and I guarantee you we will keep getting the same terrible results.

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I think the article goes a little too far, but Fulmer did not accept blame. He needed Cutcliffe and Chavis to help him put a great program together. He was not a Spurrier or Saban as a coach, but he recruited extremely well.

Hamilton was a lost ball in high weeds but that was what Fulmer wanted at first. Later he might have wished he'd had someone with more of Dickey's power to help him keep the program running.

But Adams aways heaped pressure on the Vols, always stirred up trouble and always second-guessed Fulmer. Adams was the guy who said Manning did not deserve to win the freshman QB battle. But I don't ever hear John admit his many mistakes either.

Fulmer said he would take the football program to the next level. He did that. But without Cutcliffe he could not keep them there. If he would have offered Cut a coach in waiting position and promised to ride off into the sunset after, say, the 2010 season, maybe none of this would have happened. But Fulmer had way too much ego to do anything like that.

He was still a great coach. The 90s and early 2000s were so much fun, and a much better run than Majors ever put together. As wonderful as the Sugar Bowl win over Miami was, remember that Johnny could not follow up on it. And if anyone thinks a school like UT would ever give another coach half the time it gave Majors to start winning, you are in a dream world.

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Another intelligent comment. Go tend to your flock of sheep.

Admit it: You're just "John Deere Green" with envy over my screen name, tractor boy.

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You should leave the sheep alone it could cause a rash. This site is for fans not sheep fans.

If we're talking dirty about screen names, not sure where to start with yours, pole boy.

If you understood my post you would know I was not making any judgement about the player, but rather the writer who said the kid will single-handedly replace all the D-linemen who graduate after this season.

Why am I explaining this to someone who either can't read or can't comprehend what he manages to read?

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A JUCO? What a desperate move for UT

Did you ever hear of Cam Newton? What about Patterson last year? JUCOs are fine with me. Shows Jones is trying to win right away.

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He's certainly a good start for the a new future seniors group of DLs! Mr. Fan N. Sheep.

Just poking fun at the writer's hype:

"Four-star defensive lineman DaVonte Lambert of Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, Ga., announced Tuesday morning that he has committed to the Vols, giving them a potential impact player capable of making up for Tennessee’s expected losses of six senior defensive linemen after this season."

A little over the top, wouldn't you say? I'm fairly optimistic about highly rated recruits, and I hope this kid is the next Reggie White, but I don't expect he will be capable of making up for 6 graduating senior linemen.

Written on Vols land four-star juco DL Lambert :

Kid must be pretty good to make up for the loss of six senior defensive linemen all by himself. No pressure though.

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So coaches aren't allowed to coach anymore...particularly when it's yelling at players in practice..?


You misunderstand me. The coach has to correct his players and how he does it is his business. I wonder what Jones thinks about the media putting his comments out there with the names of players. If he is OK with that, then I don't see much difference between him and Dooley on this issue. And UT fans almost universally criticized Dooley for calling out his players in the media.

I like Jones allowing more media and fan access to practices. I didn't and still don't like it when coaches or reporters publicly humiliate amateur athletes. And I really dislike fans who seem to only come to games to ride opposing players the whole game. Even if it helps the home team, which I doubt, it shows your lack of class -- at least in my book.

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A couple of observations: Physics and coaching are the reasons for the increased number of serious injuries. As players get bigger, faster and stronger, collisions are more violent. Players are taught all their lives to launch themselves at the guy with the ball. They are rewarded emotionally for big hits by their coaches and their teammates. Later they are rewarded by ESPN replays and big NFL paychecks.

Also: the media is now getting in on the act of publicly humiliating UT players. Dooley threw players under the bus in his press conferences. Jones does it during practice, then reporters divulge who and why. Maybe Jones wishes his comments had stayed on the field but now he knows they won't. Lots of people hate Dooley and love Jones, but seems like the players are still under the bus, the question is who you blame for throwing them there.

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I think players should at least get their name on their jersey. They (Manning, Wilson, White, Gault, Witten, Pickens, etc.) are the main reason people pay to see the games at the stadium.

I don't know why anyone wants to pattern anything after Penn State, from their ugly plain uniforms to their horse-playing shower coaches. I am a Tennessee fan. I like the uniforms and the Power T just fine.

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Subtle tweaks are OK. But consider how traditional Alabama's uniforms are. Seems like plenty of top high school players want to go there. Heck, you'd need a reason to spend four years in Oregon. This is East Tennessee, for goodness sakes. God's Country. People come here to retire, to escape the madness of the rest of our once-great country. It is a privilege to wear the orange. Now if our administration will let the new man coach maybe he will set things right again.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

If you look at preseason predictions in any magazine or newspaper for virtually any sport, the first thing you notice is that way too much importance is placed on what happened last year.

Tennessee is a totally different team in 2013. New coaches, new systems, new QB and WRs. We have to hope the OL and DL will be strengths and that a running back emerges who can use those big road-graders to full advantage. But the main thing will be quarterback. Even if the Vols rely on the running game as I expect they will, we have to have a leader at the position who doesn't turn the ball over and has the arm to keep defenses from putting 8 in the box.

I really ain't that worried about Vandy. I think they have a really good coach, but Tennessee has already regained its rightful place way ahead of them in recruiting. It is only a matter of time before that talent gap makes everything good on the Hill again -- IF fans give Jones time. Then we can get back into the gridiron conversations that matter: Gators, and Dawgs and Red Elephants, and leave the anchors behind.

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The espn vendetta with UT started with the Phil Fulmer/Alabama stuff and continued when Pat Summitt called out cheater Geno for recruiting violations.

Either way, I've seen enough examples of their disdain to know that it is real.

They also didn't like that UT fired Majors after his heart surgery in '92 and replaced him with Fulmer. Of course, Majors sealed his own fate by hitting up prominent Vol boosters for more money at the time Fulmer was winning big ballgames. Johnny certainly deserved more money but went about it the wrong way and at the worst possible time.

Majors did have pals at ESPN (Beano Cook for one) who most people think held a grudge that eventually hurt Manning's Heisman chances. I just feel that it goes deeper than UT, and has everything to do with Manning being from a prosperous southern family and having a clean-cut image. The politically correct crowd, led by big city media types, hate that worse than anything, and if they can't find skeletons in your closet to bring you down to their level they will certainly get their revenge any way they can. So they drum up a campaign for a defensive back from their favorite conference and say it was because Manning couldn't beat Florida. Never mind that Manning played offense and Spurrier's Gators threw 60 points on our defense in one of those games, it was all Peyton's fault we lost. But Peyton's story wasn't one the PC media wanted to tell, so they proved their own stupidity by taking the Heisman away from the guy who earned it -- who happens to be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in college and the NFL.

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I agree with you to a large extent. However, ESPN and, to a lesser extent, CBS Sports, have displayed a dislike for UT......all sports and not just football.....and I can't truthfully explain their vendetta.....just that it's there. There seems to be a disdain for southern, Christian goody-goody types, with a strange deference to tattooed up thugs. If just the punkish sports fans were holding up all that animus toward good fellows, it'd be easier to understand. It seems that bullies and thugs provide better writing materials for sports writers. A portion of the media has a grudge against UT sports, and its source is underlying and is rooted within a group of executives within their power structures. Nothing makes a program attain admiration more, though, than just winning a lot of games. GBO!

It seems to me that ESPN turned against UT over the ouster of Majors back in 1992. But the Heisman conspiracy was actually (and ironically) born when Majors himself was robbed back in 1956. That was way before ESPN, but more importantly in my mind, the award went to Hornung of Notre Dame despite their 2-9 record, just one more example of anti-Southern media bias.

I agree that ESPN doesn't like UT but they have focused their hatred on the entire SEC now. If there's a way the media can prevent an SEC team from making the national title game you better believe they will. You see, the media can't get over the fact that they can't play the games -- all they can do is write about them. And it makes matters worse up there in that pencil-neck-geekdom called the Big 10 that despite their superiority complex the northerners can't beat the southern boys on the field. They will do all they can to beat us on paper (ballots).

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So where does this put the Vols 2014 class now, according to Rivals and other respected recruiting sites?

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I don't really believe the conspiracy theories of Vol fans that the Heisman was stolen from Manning just because he played for UT. Woodson was chosen by the media because they hate nothing more than a successful southern family that tries to do things the right way. Couldn't stand it that Peyton wasn't in dire straits financially and could live the dream of his senior season at UT before crowds the NFL only wishes it could seat.

The only reasons a defensive player was 2nd last year: 1) Manziel was lapping the field, and 2) the runner up was from Notre Dame. It wasn't like anyone other than Johnny Football had a chance of winning.

Is the media bored enough to vote Clowney in? I doubt it, even though it could be hard to top a true freshman winning it last year. Just doubt Clowney will generate enough highlights all season long to beat a great running back or quarterback.

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Atlanta, St Pete/Tampa, New Orleans, Nashville, Dallas, or Little Rock would be better than B-ham anytime..

Why not have Media Days in Gatlinburg one year? Rotate it so other towns and states get the economic boost. Nashville is a great city, of course Atlanta is a no-brainer, and people who have been to New Orleans never forget it. Charleston, S.C., is a southern icon. Personally I don't see much to get excited about in Arkansas or Kentucky, outside of the Ozarks and the Daniel Boone Forest, but I think to be fair you allow every state represented by an SEC school to host it on a rotating basis.

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It scares me to see predictions of 8 wins on this site. I hope Jones is the real deal as a coach and not just a recruiter, but the Vols don't have the players to beat the top SEC teams this season, Maybe they get lucky and win one they aren't supposed to but you can't expect them to win all the ones that are toss-ups, and with all new coaches and no experience at QB or WR, they could also lose one you don't expect.

I hope I am watching the Vols win a bowl game in January and celebrating the first season back on the road to the top of the East. But if you get expectations ahead of installing SEC players at all positions and implementing the system you are setting yourself up for failure -- and for more idiots making up derogatory names for yet another coach who desperately needs time to fix things.

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LMAO!!! Why do you people still try to blame others??? This was VERY simple - tell the truth. The fact that others had the picture and didn't tell them is irrelevent! THEY weren't permitted to "give the heads up" and obviously weren't willing to put THEIR careers/reputations on the line to do so! Your logic is akin to telling your wife you're not cheating on her when she shows you the pic of you in bed with the other woman - even if the woman was your cousin!!

Seems like you laugh your A off quite a bit.

Anyway, there is a big difference between sleeping with your cousin and a coach not offending a top high school recruit by making him leave a barbecue that he wasn't actually invited to because it was against a dumb NCAA rule (actually that's redundant -- almost all NCAA rules are dumb).

The rule Pearl broke is no longer a rule. But it did its job; it allowed the NCAA and the Big 10 to get back at Pearl.

No, you are not supposed to lie. Even George Washington knew that. But George wasn't blacklisted by the college basketball world for turning in a coach for cheating. Fulmer did the same thing to Alabama but he had the National Championship cred. Pearl was just a young assistant.

Bruce knew they'd have a field day if he was caught breaking rules. He panicked and he lied. Lots of people have lied and got to keep their jobs. Of course, you, George Washington and Jesus never have.

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You know, you don't have to have a basketball coach that you'd want for a son-in-law, a preacher or a role model. You just need one who can coach. UT had one who took a horrible -- not mediocre -- a horrible basketball program and turned it around on a dime, with the same players.

I don't care if Pearl turned in a Big 10 coach for cheating. I don't care if he failed to tell a top prospect that he couldn't come to a stupid barbecue because he was a junior and not a senior. And you know why I don't act all shocked and offended that he lied? Because he knew the media and the NCAA would rip him endlessly for any transgressions he admitted.

Bruce Pearl is not a top 25 college basketball coach. He is top 5. There aren't 24 other guys who could have done what he did at Tennessee. There aren't any who would try, especially after the administration proved what all the national experts had said for years: If the UT suits have to choose between basketball and football they will pick football every time. That's why instead of having Bruce's back they stabbed him in it.

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in response to kevininaugustageorgia:

The reason there are so many rules is people continually find ways to skirt around them as they are written.

So, a new rule is written to avoid that again, and on and on and on.

If you are looking for a better way, you wont find it for one simple reason:

Though it has been proven a million times you can't legislate morality, our society continually tries to do so.

You are right that competition breeds deception. The rules can be written in broad and simple language however. No one can possibly defend the ridiculous lengths the NCAA goes to define what is and isn't acceptable. It is not necessary to cover every possible situation if you make it clear that trying to gain a competitive advantage will be governed simply by what is right and what is wrong.

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I've heard it said that a citizen of the USA would have to spend more than one entire lifetime without sleep to actually READ (no memorize) all the laws that they live under. Yet, we continue to elect people to go legislate even more.
The NCAA may appear petty, but nobody seems to offer a more realistic solution to the widespread chaos that would ensue without them.

I'm not suggesting that college athletics doesn't need rules. But limit them to no more than 25. Obviously it is wrong to pay high school players (Alabama). Obviously it is wrong to falsify academic test scores (Calipari).

But instead of hazy rules about accidentally bumping into one recruit when you visit another one, or a rule that says it's OK for a high school senior to be somewhere but not a junior, just limit the overall contacts per player per year. Better get your sales pitch across in, say, six contacts -- whether by phone, text or whatever, plus one in-home visit by coaches and one on-campus visit by player and family -- and let the kid have a life.

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FNS -- you hit the nail on the head.

"I will be happy when the day arrives where 64 major college football programs form a new league, consisting of four 16-team superconferences, their own 10 commandments, a built-in 8-team playoff of division champs, and let the NCAA manage the unfortunate schools that don't make the cut."

Those 64 ADs need to form a super committee and define what the league would look like and get the 64 head coaches to buy in and sign off. Don't you know the major sports media would go crazy in support as well as major contributors to the schools -- would probably fund the effort. It needs to start now, not 5 years from now.

I'm ready.

Apparently the NCAA thinks it's the IRS. Rules that even lawyers can't understand and lots and lots of axes to grind.

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That's the problem with the NCAA. If some rules are so nit-picky they're impossible not to break, how can anyone have respect for the major rules? You had the 10 commandments -- not the 10,000 suggestions -- for a reason.

I will forever believe the NCAA does this for a very good reason: They can go after any program they choose, knowing they can dig up or make up something on anyone at anytime.

I will be happy when the day arrives where 64 major college football programs form a new league, consisting of four 16-team superconferences, their own 10 commandments, a built-in 8-team playoff of division champs, and let the NCAA manage the unfortunate schools that don't make the cut.

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And still sitting at the top of the heap..... I agree with you the Vols have had more than their share of bad news but still finding a way to be in the mix....

Well the rain finally stopped -- for a day at least. Maybe the Vols can look ahead to brighter days too.

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Also the other day in the paper they showed UT with seven 4-star commits and the article said they have only five. Does anyone know which is correct? Or is one of the totals according to Rivals and the other 24/7?

Written on Holly Warlick and Lady Vols regroup after Jannah Tucker's decision:

More bad news for UT. I wonder if this has been the worst five years in the school's athletic history. Like the rain, it just won't go away.

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So far so good for Jones. Just keep it in perspective. Got to be able to sign what you recruit and coach what you sign. Got to take your lumps before the fab freshmen become super sophomores. Hopefully the fans raving now won't be ranting if the team is 4-8 next year.

The bricks are being put into place but there's a lot of work to be done before the shingles are on the roof.

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A family member went to Vandy a couple years ago and the sad part for these players is they really didn't need to commit any crimes. Many females on Vandy Vans heading into town to party made no secret as to the types of acts they were looking forward to performing later that evening.

I'll give the team a bit of a pass as they try to get some street cred to go with their rare winning season. I'm sure they're not already a team full of thugs. But the 'Dores probably need to take the sage advice, "Wherever you're going, act like you've been there before."

Written on Jarnell Stokes named to U19 Team USA :

Should be a good experience for Stokes. Too bad Coach K isn't coaching him, then he would really learn a lot.

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The great thing about college football is the roster turns over continuously and good recruiting, if combined with good coaching, can have a pretty rapid impact on the results. I don't expect much out of the 2013 team, but do expect to see fundamentally sound offense, defense and special teams. Will a QB emerge who is capable enough to lead a winning attack given a very good offensive line? Receivers should be able to learn routes pretty quickly, and hitting a hole as a running back doesn't require tons of experience. I remember Herschel Walker being a pretty good freshman.

They play the games for a reason. Probably ought to go see a few of them and watch what happens. We will know more after they play a few games. Everything written on here now is based on nothing. This coaching staff never coached these players before.

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...and if they had waited, you would have castigated them for being so slow...

No I just don't see the newsworthiness. And while I do care about Hunter I could give a rat's rear end about the Tight 'uns. They will never be a real franchise because they only keep guys they can have for about half the going rate, then go draft more. If the cost of living in Nashville wasn't less than almost every other NFL town, or if Tennessee had a state income tax they'd have nobody (with more than 3 or 4 years in the league) that you'd ever heard of.

Written on Titans agree to terms with WR Justin Hunter:

Breaking news. Hunter will be paid somewhere between $1 and $10,000,000 for somewhere between 1 game and 20 years.

Really? Why not try publishing this story again when there actually is one.

Written on What does Vegas say about Vols in 2013? :

Jones is building brick by brick, recruit by recruit. That won't translate into 9-3 or 8-4 next season. But in two years it might and in four years -- imagine four years under the same coach -- who knows what may be achieved?

Perspective. Patience. Perseverance.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Some of Fulmer's players left voluntarily and others were encouraged to leave by Kiffin. Many of Kiffin's players had no interest in anything except the Kool-Aid that Orgeron and Kiffin were serving. Again, when he left some followed, and when Dooley arrived more players said so long.

Many of the dominoes that fell over the past 5 football seasons resulted from the firing of Fulmer by Hamilton and certain powerful boosters. If Vol fans had the ability to see where the program would be today, many would have voted to just keep Fulmer. The others -- and I imagine the vast majority of pro-Fulmer fans -- are really, really hoping the third guy (Jones) is the charm.

Written on Tennessee football takes another hit in NCAA academic rate, could face serious penalties without improvement:

Same result in the classroom as on the field when you change coaching staffs so often. Players defect, others are encouraged to leave, etc. Add it up guys. The math ain't hard. Jones needs time to turn things around. He won't win the SEC East next year -- he may have a hard time winning an SEC game. But wait until the losses start piling up and watch the same old sad history start repeating itself.

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Well let's just say I was pulling for Oklahoma the other night.

So you basically pull for any team that goes up against UT?

Written on 3 Vols named preseason All-Americans:

Hopefully Jones can get some skill players coached up quickly enough to make good use of the talent he inherited in the trenches. Richardson is a special talent and McCullers has tons of upside.

Brick by brick.

Written on Kyle Serrano 'excited to wear the orange and white':

At last, something good for Vol baseball. More please.

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in response to Orange_Beach:

Or maybe every team the Big Yellow play will have the flu game week, or maybe their buses will run off in the ditch on the way to the stadium. That's the spirit, instead of our team getting better let's hope for decline across the rest of the SEC. Typical UThug mentality.

So, what team do you pull for?

Written on John Adams: How the Vols could rise to top in SEC East:

Journalists don't understand the competitive fire that burns inside every great football player and coach. They never had it and never will grasp its significance.

If UT signs better players than the other SEC teams and coaches them up as well or better than the coaches listed in the article, they will climb right back up the ladder. If they don't, they won't. Jones doesn't give a dadgum about Spurrier or Saban, he just wants to get his players in and run his program his way. He is convinced that will win ballgames and championships.

As for Franklin, he is changing the paradigm at Vandy. Look at Duke basketball. Look at Stanford football. Same academic standards and they are national powers. It will be harder to do in the SEC than the PAC-however many teams they have, but if he continues to get the best athletes with the brains to make C's in the classroom at Vandy, he will win. Maybe he is one more guy wanting to take the money and run, or maybe he has something more to prove. It will be interesting to watch.

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Johnig00: That was an awesome post and better than most of the articles on the site. Agree that Martin is a coach who cares about players and that's a great thing. I guess I just miss the excitement that Pearl's teams (not so much in his final season) generated on the court. I don't know if nearly all the credit should go to Pearl or be split fairly equally between him and his assistants, but there was genius there, and they took the same players Buzz Peterson got nothing out of and somehow built a great team that was fun to watch.

So much of college basketball now is very hard for me to watch. Defensive struggles are for purists, and though I can certainly appreciate the tough-nosed guys who grind it out, no Vol coach I ever saw put a team on the floor that played with a reckless abandon, was so energetic, so opportunistic and so above-the-rim brilliant as those teams. JuJuan Smith, Chris Lofton, Dane Bradshaw, even JP Prince -- I wish I could thank them for the best times I had, either at TBA or in front of my TV, in the 45 years of UT basketball I was old enough to even vaguely understand.

Written on Jeronne Maymon: 'I should be 100 percent by the end of July':

in response to johnlg00:

I've always been a little less skeptical of CCM than you seem to be, but I pretty much agree with you on this. The stars will likely never again be so perfectly aligned for UT basketball success unless CCM gets better, as a coach and as a recruiter. All of the known experienced talent, especially the offensive threats, will be gone after next season. There will still be a good deal of experience on the squad, but it will be the likes of Richardson, Moore, Reese, Chievous, Hubbs, and Thompson, to name a few. If Hubbs and Thompson can play at a high level and the others continue to improve, that is not a terrible nucleus.

BUT the front-court situation becomes critical. The only real chance CCM has to impress some good young big men is for this year's post tandem to kick serious butt with good fundamentals, and for the perimeter players to show that they can feed the post, protect the ball, drive the lane, run full-court, and make open perimeter shots. The whole team needs to show more purpose, cohesion, and execution in the half-court offense, especially against zones. They need out-of-bounds plays they can rely on for scores. They need to manage all the standard, routine game situations--time-outs, substitutions, tactical and strategic adjustments, foul trouble both ways, etc., i.e., all the ways to steal points and time that usually determine who wins the close ones. If all those things happen, then CCM might have a real shot at some (more) real difference-making talent. If not, well....

I'm skeptical of everyone until they convince me they know what they're doing.

I wish Martin nothing but success. Now, do I wish Pearl was still court-side for the Vols? Sure I do. He was the best coach the school has had in nearly a half-century (I give Mears the benefit of the doubt that if more than 16 teams could make the NCAA field back then the Vols would have made something happen a few times) and the penalty Bruce paid was way way beyond the crime.

If Hamilton and his inferiors in the UT administration had half the guts Doug Dickey had, Pearl would still be the head coach. That's my opinion, of which I am entitled. No one need agree with it. I've been a UT basketball fan since Mears coached Justus and Boerwinkle. I am no expert but I know the Pearl years were the most fun of any I witnessed. Especially the first two or three seasons and all the huge wins against Florida. I am glad I got to see them play. It was a privilege.

I think the upcoming team can be Elite 8 good, maybe better. Or they could fail to play together, suffer from lack of experience at the point, face injuries, etc. I want something good to happen for Tennessee Men's Athletics soon. And this is the best opportunity for at least the next couple years.

Written on Memphis transfer Antonio Barton completing online courses, due at UT in 'July, close to August':

in response to Original_Witch_Doctor:

Witch Doctor says it is going to be a great year. VOL Nation ready to support this team.
Bones never lie.

Vol Nation needs a deep postseason run like a man lost in the desert needs a trail of bottled water to follow to town. Martin has a heck of an opportunity in 2013-14 and he really, really needs to capitalize.

Written on Memphis transfer Antonio Barton completing online courses, due at UT in 'July, close to August':

High hopes for BasketVols again! This team needs to come together quickly to ensure a high NCAA Tournament seed. The pieces are there and it's up to Martin to put them all in place and it's up to the players to learn each other and build team chemistry.

Should be an exciting season. Need to get the most out of it because we will lose a lot after it's over.

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in response to mocsandvolsfan:

Baloney. nonsense. Wha? HEY YOU! Go away. getouda he! skidaddle.Skoot. run along now. Got outside and play and let us have some peace.

AND everything else I've been told when I was being annoying.

What part is nonsense? Vols have most talent on the 2013 roster than any season since Pearl era and need to make most of it. Maybe Martin can replace Stokes, Maymon and McRae with 5-star recruits -- or maybe he can't. I say he needs a Sweet 16 or I'll be disappointed. Another NIT with the talent on this team and there will be trouble.

Written on Jeronne Maymon: 'I should be 100 percent by the end of July':

He needs to be 100 percent or Martin may need to worry. With Maymon playing the way he did before the injury and the newcomers providing ball-handling and scoring on the perimeter, the Vols should be Sweet 16 or Elite 8. But if they lack Maymon's inside strength and if the new guys aren't what they're supposed to be… I don't see a lot of patience if the season starts sliding towards another NIT appearance.

This is make or break year for Martin.

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It's a long time until Signing Day 2014. But if the kid sticks with his A&M commitment he would only sit one year -- if Johnny Football takes his talents to the NFL after his junior season. I have read opinions that Manziel isn't likely to be nearly as good a pro as he is a college QB.

This no doubt puts A&M way ahead of Vols in class ranking, which gives the story plenty of relevance on this site.

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in response to dirty_don:

just picked up a DE from Cleveland OH and now ranked no. 1 on rivals

This is where Vol fans need to focus. What BJ can do right now to build the program back to ground level is exactly what he is doing. If this class keeps gaining momentum, (it doesn't have to end up number one, just be in the top 2 or 3 of SEC teams) then that's a huge start for a new coach.

Forget 2013. You are dreaming and your dream will become the next nightmare on the Hill if the success in recruiting gets blown out of proportion and people expect miracles on the field. The best you can be in 2013 is competitive in all games against teams on your level. That does not include Oregon, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

But give coaching and recruiting time without unrealistic expectations and 2014 can be different. Heck, I'll be hoping for a surprise like everyone else. But I won't be predicting any. I have no interest in adding another coaching tombstone in the Big Orange graveyard.