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Written on Tennessee releases 2014 football schedule:

Like the open date before Georgia and the pushing back of the Florida game.

Written on David Climer: Vanderbilt's James Franklin has no playbook for this:

Call Urban Meyer. He has plenty of playbooks for this stuff.

Written on Men's sprint coach Rohsaan Griffin resigns; throws coach position filled by John Newell:

Re-arranging the deck chairs of the Titanic.

Clark should be fired.

Written on Details of lawsuit when Julie Hermann was Lady Vols volleyball coach released:

This is not a person who should be put in charge of an athletic department. My opinion is gained from first-hand experience with her and not from this.

Written on Joan Cronan voices support for Julie Hermann:

I have first-hand knowledge of Hermann's time at UT and in my opinion the thought of her being in charge of any AD is scary.

Written on High finishes not frequent enough for UT track teams in SEC Outdoor Championships :

I'm not sure how Clark is allowed to retain his job. UT Track and Field has a long-standing tradition of excellence. It has been turned into a joke.

Written on Holly Warlick, Brian Pensky recommended firing of strength coach Heather Mason:

Coaches change, and so do their strength requirements. How many strength coaches has football been through? This is no different. Sorry, can't play the gender card here.

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

Until any of the facts come out anything posted in this thread is mere speculation.

Being placed on Administrative Leave and not retained is generally because there was some kind of misconduct occurring. That is the pattern that was followed with John Trembley's dismissal. Not saying that is true in this case, but we'll let the facts come out before jumping one way or another.

Written on Order of protection was taken out against Yemi Makanjuola:

He should at the least have been suspended on February 19.

Written on Calipari loosened team up after Tennessee thrashing with coaches vs. players dodgeball:

Left out of the story: "Then Calipari went back into his office and gave the players their weekly salary checks."

Written on A road map for getting back: Study shows Vols' fall from glory years:

First and foremost, the Vols have to keep the best players in the state. Then and only then they can augment with top kids in Carolina and Georgia.

Written on Poll: Are you satisfied with the coaching staff Butch Jones has put together?:

His staffs have produced 4 conference championships in 6 years. History would say he knows how to assemble a staff.

Written on Sal Sunseri: Troy's offense will keep Vols on their toes:

in response to voodoo101:

Careful, that's asking a lot of the W/L crowd. Although winning and losing does seem to be the only thing they understand.

Last time I checked they still have scoreboards at all the games. This isn't pee-wee football where everyone gets a trophy. If your peers are beating you then you have to do something to keep up with them.

Written on Sal Sunseri: Troy's offense will keep Vols on their toes:

Prairie View A&M would keep this defense on their toes.

Written on Vanderbilt schedule provides chance for fast finish:

I give them a 50-50 shot against Tennessee simply because Dooley will either be a lame duck or already have been fired at that point.

Written on Pat Summitt says she was not forced out at Tennessee :

I have issues with Debby Jennings drawing Pat into this situation unnecessarily. If she really had Pat's best interests in mind she would not have drawn her into a suit has has nothing to do with her.

Change is hard, especially when you've been somewhere for 35 years and have never been anywhere else. Sadly, Debby has tarnished her own reputation by this campaign of muckraking.

Written on Debby Jennings files suit against UT for 'unlawful discrimination'; says Pat Summitt was told she would not return as coach:

Sadly I think this is a case of an individual being isolated at an institution for too long and losing perspective of how the 'real world' works.

Right or wrong, in most cases a boss has the ability to let employees go at will. In this case there was clearly a massive consolidation and restructuring of the department underway. If the CEO, in this case Hart, decided that some higher-level positions needed to go in order for the department to be streamlined then so be it.

No one likes to lose their job, particularly if they've been there 30+ years. It hurts, it's scary and change is really hard sometimes.

But that doesn't make it illegal to do so by the letter of the law. I don't know the exact particulars of this case but it seems at least one side is intent on playing out the case through the media. From my experience that usually indicates that side is concerned about the validity of their case.

This is a hard case to prove. The offended party must prove intentional and willful retaliation and discrimination. Judging from the outcomes of the other discrimination cases (that BTW were brought long before Hart was even hired) it will be difficult to prevail.

Written on John Adams: Hard to play catch-up against UT's East rivals :

At first it was recruiting, but now there's enough talent to be competitive. Now it comes down to coaching and here's yet another area where it appears UT is 'learning on the job.'

Written on John Adams: UT defense on the hot seat now :

I said coming into this season the D would be the area of concern - you can't change schemes overnight. It takes longer than a Spring and Pre-Season to implement a change in defensive schemes.

UT will get better as the season goes along, but the problem is they're facing the meat of their schedule starting next week.

Written on How would you grade Tennessee's performance against Florida?:

0-11 vs ranked teams and 0-18 as a HC?

Is there really anyone who seriously thinks Dooley can resurrect Tennessee?

Written on Tennessee special teams coach expects new kicker, holder to block out pressure :

Story about Derrick Brodus, so you post a picture of Michael Palardy (whose name is not mentioned)... then label it as a punt when its clearly a kickoff (notice the tee).

Written on Tennessee athletics to slash $5 million from budget :

Anyone who's under the impression that UT could afford to replace Derek Dooley this year is sorely mistaken. He's here for at least another year, regardless of what happens on the field.

Written on UT: Game-day ticket scalping being cut off near stadium, arena :

Curtailing scalpers won't make up the $4M deficit. The theory that if they reduce scalper activity people will have to pay full price for tickets from the University is flawed.

The ONLY way to increase ticket revenue is to increase success on the field. Period.

Scalpers aren't the issue. I remember a time where it was near impossible to get a ticket, even with scalpers right next to the stadium. That's because they had no tickets because anyone with tickets wanted to go to the game!

Note to UTAD: Win more games. That will cure any ills or revenue problems.

Written on Predict the outcome of the Tennessee/N.C. State game:

The wildcard in this game that no one seems to want to mention - the defense. It takes more than a Spring and pre-season to learn a new scheme. There will be mistakes in the first game. The only question is whether those mistakes can be overcome.

I believe UT will win, but barely, and would not be surprised to see NCSU ahead for most of the game.

Written on Lady Vols playing host to soccer Classic :

Explain how a team with a 0-1-1 record (VCU) can be "coming off a 3-0 victory?"

Written on Derek Dooley doesn't expect suspended Da'Rick Rogers to return:

UT should have jettisoned him long ago.

Dooley has really backed himself into a corner on this one. To put it another way, if Dooley coached at LSU, Honey Badger would still be on the team.

Please let this be the last we hear of this guy in the Sports section. I suspect he'll end up in the crime blotter soon enough.

Written on Vols 'soaking' in educational activities in Italy :

Of all that is wrong with collegiate athletics today, this is a shining example of the way it should be done.

We hear a lot of things about how athletics is out of control and out of whack (and at UT it can be argued it is), but this is a ray of hope that it can be saved.

Written on Tennessee announces new premium tailgate area, Tailgate Tennessee:

Coming next: Charging you a 'pedestrian' fee to walk through campus to the game.

No one is making people pay for the tailgating service and I'm guessing corporations will be all over this but this does smack as simply another money grab for UTAD (which in actuality, it is.)

Written on UT practice facility's layout enhances its appeal :

Things truly are out of whack when something like this is put up on a campus that has raised its tuition 20 percent in the last two years.

UT football should have a good facility but this is excessive, bordering on obscene.

Written on Cuonzo Martin, Tennessee agree to contract :

in response to b24vol:

Didn't see word east...there is regular season champ and sec tourn. champ

Look at the actual document, Appendix A

Written on Cuonzo Martin, Tennessee agree to contract :

Why is there still an incentive for SEC "EAST" championship? There are no more divisions for basketball. Figured they would have updated this.

Written on Tracy Webster promoted to associate head coach :

Anyone who debates that Martin didn't do a good job coaching this bunch is just silly.

There's a lot you can argue with, but the fact that Martin got this squad (picked last by many) to finish second in the SEC is indication enough that coaching wasn't the issue.

Written on Tracy Webster promoted to associate head coach :

This is gender equity - in reverse.

Elzy was hired in at a higher salary. The men had to make an adjustment to bring their similar position up to that of the women.

I think this was a unique situation brought on by Pat's retirement and new Women's BB staff. Webster should walk directly next door to Kyra Elzy and say 'THANKS.'

Written on Pat Summitt has room in Indianapolis :

A worthy honor, certainly, but does anyone else think this entire 'naming' thing (not just PHS) is getting entirely out of hand?

It is one thing to be honored and recognized by your peers (which again, PHS is certainly worthy of). It is another to use naming as a political tool to make someone or some constituency feel better about themselves.

Written on No APR penalties for UT men, women:

The good news - only really one of these years can be pinned on Dooley.

Much room to improve, not much room to get worse, but not showing improvement will be a much bigger deal at this time next year especially if the team flounders on the field.

Now, if there was an APR for coaching retention UT would REALLY be in trouble.

Written on Salaries for UT athletics executive and senior administrative staffs :

The executive salaries are not out of line at all with similar institutions in the SEC.

Take those 8-10 away and the vast majority of individuals in the AD are underpaid according to job function, but probably in line with similar salaries at higher education institutions.

For those railing against Hart have you taken a look at what the Alabama AD did this year? Guess who had a hand in that?

Written on Dave Hart says he will be advocate for Title IX:

It's BRIAN Pensky, not Mark.

Written on Izauea Lanier ineligible for 2012; 12 new players start first summer session :

News flash: If you flunk out of school you can't play on the football team (except at the U. of Alabama).

Written on 6-3 post player Nia Moore signs with Lady Vols :

If Pat had made this signing everyone on here would be saying she can help the team, etc. But because Holly made the signing people are automatically dissing the signing? Don't get it.

Written on Dave Hart says Debby Jennings 'fostered an atmosphere of negativity and division' :

I don't profess to know what happened here, but culture change is often very hard. The women's department has been completely separate and autonomous forever. Folding them into the umbrella of the Men's department was bound to ruffle more than a few feathers. Change is a difficult thing and it's my guess that they tried to have her do things she wasn't comfortable doing, and she responded in kind.

So the truth as usual probably lies somewhere in the middle - Hart would have preferred Jennings be a part of his 'streamlining' and she wanted to continue on as normal. Both have strong personalities and obviously things went south from there.

Written on Lawyer details Debby Jennings' departure from UT; legal action considered :

Someone help me out here - Tennessee is an 'at-will' state, correct? Which means the employer can fire anyone for any reason, good or bad, as long as it's not discriminatory or retaliatory.

Hart definitely needed to clean house, but he is also under obligation to do it properly and legally.

'Insubordination' is a pretty vague designation and incredibly difficult to defend against. Someone's not telling the truth, just not sure who . . .

Written on Vol tight end Cameron Clear suspended after theft arrest :

He should be kicked off immediately. Not doing so will just create a huge mess for Dooley down the road.

Written on 1B/OF Richard Carter announces on Twitter he won't return to UT :

AlexAnderson you seem to have an agenda . . .

I don't know the kid and haven't seen him play. That being said I do believe that UT has the right baseball coach and staff finally. There are obviously going to be some very hard decisions made this off season and more than a few hurt feelings. Serrano has basically said as much.

Whether it was Serrano's decision or the kid's, I wish him the best of luck and the best for the Tennessee program.

Written on 1B/OF Richard Carter announces on Twitter he won't return to UT :

in response to AlexAndersonAAradio:

Too bad. He was my favorite player. At one point he had 7 straight at bats with either a hit or an rbi. I guess coach didn't think he was good enough but he was real good in the games I watched him play.

He had 2 RBI and one hit. There's no conceivable way he had "seven straight at bats with either a hit or an RBI."

That fallacy aside, sounds like Serrano didn't like the way the season went at all. Better to jettison guys who wouldn't play to make room for other talent.

Written on Dave Serrano: 'I’m not proud of the product we are putting on the field':

The hard truth is hitting the program - there aren't many SEC-caliber players at Tennessee right now. Serrano coached them well in the first half of the season but now that the grind has hit we see the real true character of this squad. He needs to jettison much of the dead weight and get some of his own signees in - only then will things really truly start to turn around.

The stench that was Todd Raleigh (thanks, MH!) will take a while to dissipate.

Written on Lady Vols hammer home points at SEC track :

Clock is ticking on Clark.

Written on Pat Summitt to receive Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPYs :

Well deserved. Hopefully she can use the platform as Jim Valvano did to bring more awareness to this disease.

Written on Mercedes Russell isn't close to making choice :

Holly's two hires are outstanding recruiters. I seriously doubt talent will be an issue at UT.