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Written on Cuonzo Martin streams 'good' energy during first men's basketball practice:

Really enjoyed the live stream,what I was able to watch of it.Looking forward excitedly to this season.Go Vols!!!

Written on Summer trips added new perspective for some UT basketball players:

I'm already pumped for basketball this up coming year, really excited with the players on board and look forward to a break thru year and a return trip to the NCAA tournament.But first things first I hope much success to our brick laying brethren and Coach Jones.Good to be a Vol!!!

Written on John Adams: Schools should be waiting in line to hire Bruce Pearl:

Sorry Mr.Adams i'm not buying it, I have moved on with this Pearl drama.

Written on UT confirms Memphis transfer Antonio Barton enrolled at Tennessee:

Welcome Antonio and I wish you the best.Go Vols!!!

Written on Illinois point guard Larry Austin commits to Vols for 2014:

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Now if we can get Kevin Looney.

Yea I agree and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he ends up a Volunteer.

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Coach deserves $50,000 more just for not having a car full of weed smoking knuckleheads rollin around town with an unmarked gun!!!

Wow now I don't know about that but I do appreciate the young men that he's brought in so far.Young men that seem to have some decent character traits about them and want to play some tough ball and why not give the man a raise for trying to do his job,I get a cost of living raise every year and most of us that work on the job do too.I personally like the job that Coach Martin has done and believe we would have seen better results last year had Maymon been healthy.Not to be naïve though I realize that its a performance based profession and this year is critical that he gets the most out of his team and barring major injurys I do believe we'll have a very nice year.All Vol since the Ernie and Bernie years.

Written on UT, N.C. State to play home-and-home series; Marco Harris to be named director of basketball operations:

I think anytime you can play ACC schools its a great opportunity in many ways.GO VOLS!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Robert Hubbs, A.J. Davis, Darius Thompson know what Cuonzo Martin expects from them:

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Good times coming to TBA starting this fall.

I'd have to agree with you on that RoadTrip,I really like how this years team is shaping up especially with the addition of Barton.Go Vols!!!

Written on Father of Trae Golden says reports of academic problems are 'totally inaccurate':

My gut says he either did something wrong or is having some kind of personal issues[perhaps with a young lady].I just don't believe that
Coach Martin would push him out the door no way.Trae was just to valuable a member of our team the last couple years and I wish him well in life.

Written on Source: Trae Golden's departure 'based on academics' and 'repeated plagiarism':

in response to vol98champ:

As Paul Harvey said many times, "now you know the rest of the story." Many of our problems are caused by Vol "fans". KNS is also part of the problem. Please detractors, get on board or jump ship and ruin some other program.

Exactly!!!Go Vols.

Written on Mike Strange: Jarnell Stokes' return means high expectation for Cuonzo Martin, Vols :

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You know, I just don't get where people are coming from who seem to think nobody learns and nothing improves. What we have always gotten is what we will always get. The more things change, the more they remain the same. If this were so, why would we ever bother to send anybody to school? Why would there be music teachers, art instructors, and martial arts senseis?

Martin may not be a coaching prodigy but he is not stupid and he probably recognizes his and the team's shortcomings as well as we amateur outside observers do. He has to know also that, as Mike said, he really can't point to deficiencies in his personnel as reasons why the team can't succeed at a high level--if they fail to rock-n'-roll with THIS squad, it's on HIM, barring perhaps serious injuries to two or more "stars".

Even Golden's defense shouldn't be as much of a problem next year. For one thing, having both Stokes and Maymon, as well as big-body Ndiaye in spot duty, backing him up, opponents won't have as much room to maneuver even if they DO get by him. They can play much more aggressively on defense knowing the team's inside game won't be completely lacking if they get in foul trouble. Golden himself will not have to play as many minutes next year--Martin has already said this--with Thompson and possibly Landry to back him up. When he was healthy, Golden logged only the second-highest total of minutes behind McRae and was clearly gassed late in some games. This was in part due to setbacks in his conditioning because of his various injuries.

Now none of this means that they WILL be better next year, but THINGS CHANGE. Yeah, the Vols generally have been in a bad stretch lately, but the sky really isn't falling. The football team should be better next year--not championship-level better, but better than the last few years, and hopefully trending upward. The basketball team has every chance of making real noise next year. After that, who knows, but, heck, scientists tell us the entire universe will die the "heat death" eventually. Why borrow trouble? Why not enjoy the positives in life? If things don't work out, you will have plenty of company in your misery, so for now...LIGHTEN UP!

As always John I do appreciate the positive attitude but some people will naturally be pessimistic.I'm so excited about next years team as you and believe they have a chance to be special.Go Vols!!!

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

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Well, again, while the tone of many of the comments lately is overly negative, IMHO, there is reason to wonder why it took so long for the team to learn to play without Maymon. That said, a basketball team is a very fragile creation. Comparisons with football are not really applicable here. Each player has so much more impact on a basketball team than even a good QB has on a football team. If the parts don't function together, they can't beat anybody. Team chemistry is a very real thing, and simply combining a bunch of random elements doesn't automatically create a useful compound. Look at UK this year, even WITH Noel. No question the team was slow to adapt to Maymon's loss and CCM bears some responsibility for that, but Maymon was the catalyst that allowed the team to come together.

Thanks John and well said as always by a true Vol fan.

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

And I for one will have my season tickets,looking forward to it.

Written on Mike Strange: In many ways, things seem same after Cunozo Martin's second season :

Team chemistry is always important and I think ours has a chance to be very good next year.Stokes will definitely benefit with the return of Maymon and I saw enough last year to say that Richardson,and Golden will play well with them as well,I'm wondering if McRae will find his place with these four and I hope he does.Its all about enjoying playing the game with one another.I like Moores' energy and toughness.Reese showed us that he could be a nice player as well.

Written on Jordan McRae at a loss for output in final 2 games:

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More proof that McRae certainly wasn't POY in SEC like many thought he should be. He just isn't consistent enough. Borderline first team All SEC. Real players produce when the game is on the line. We don't see that from any of our players (even Stokes at this point).

My logic exactly Mr.Hayes.I've seen Improvement in McRaes' game but I think he sometimes forces his game and tries to do to much.He doesn't seem to be a "money" player when the game is on the line.With that said I look forward to next years team but first I'd like to see Coach Jones and his staff do well in the upcoming football season.Go Vols!

Written on Cuonzo Martin continues to lobby NCAA berth for Vols prior to SEC tournament :

I think they're in if they win today regardless of what they do against Alabama.Go Vols! Lets win the whole thing!

Written on Cuonzo Martin talks about confident Vols:

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People underestimate how much the loss of Maymon affected the team. He was the hub around which all else revolved last year. He was a good enough ball-handler that the absence of a true point guard wasn't as significant as it has been at times this year. He took inside defensive pressure off of Jarnell. There just was no one to replace what he brought to the team, so of course the team had to learn to play a different way. It is too bad it took them so long, but they seem to be in a pretty good groove right now. I hope they can keep it going.

I think you're spot on again John,I think Golden has probably missed him as much as anyone and they just seemed to have a real nice feel for one another.It seems that this team is just now beginning to mesh,perhaps alittle late but none the less setting a nice foundation for next year but I've been encouraged by the development of the younger players this year.Go Vols!!! P.S. I also hope they can keep it going.

Written on Trae Golden going in the right direction :

Glad to see his game elevate thats the Golden I remember from last year.Go Vols!!!

Written on Jarnell Stokes on sophomore surge since Cuonzo Martin stood up for him :

in response to VolInIndy:

how convenient, stallings planting draft seeds in Stokes' head. i think he wants him gone.

Oh yeah I was thinking the same thing but my guess is he'll stick around at least one more year,I hope so.Go Vols!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Vols continue to wonder who's hot, who's not :

What a luxury it should be next year barring injury to see who joins Stokes,Maymon,Golden,and Richardson in the starting five and even more importantly who's on the floor at the end of the game.Go Vols!!!

Written on Mike Strange: An aggressive Trae Golden ... that's worth talking about :

Good article Mike and how true it is.Go Vols!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Are the Vols losing their basketball stepping stones? :

in response to budd#207344:

CCM has coached this team for a year and a half. Last year UT was picked to finish 11th they finished 2nd in the SEC. He has recruited two great players in Stokes and Hobbs and has seen Reese and Moore get better. McRae and Richardson have improved as well. He has been without 20% of the team since the beginning but no one knew if it would last all year. Then he loses Golden to injury so now he is playing w/o 40% of his starting lineup. And the rest of the SEC is having problems as well even the mighty Cats. Do you think they are calling for a change in KY? Of course not, they understand the game. UT fans need to chill and give the staff the opportunity to get their starters back and let the young team continue to mature

My thoughts exactly Budd,good post.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

Go back and watch the UCONN game from last year, talk about team chemistry.I still believe CCM can get it done here especially next year if he can rein in Mcrae alittle bit.You can't have 20 points and negate that with 9 turnovers in a game. Our group next year should get over the hump.I've seen players develop this year and should contribute next year,never saw alot of that before with CBP. I hate losing as much as any fan especially these close games and the way we're losing them.I'm not abandoning ship, GO VOLS!!!

Written on Jordan McRae and Cuonzo Martin building an understanding :

This is good news and I hope that it continues for Jordans' sake and the teams,Go Vols!!!

Written on Seem familiar? Trae Golden went through, worked his way out of, similar struggles last season :

Something's definitely affecting his game,don't know if he's having girlfriend problems or missing his big buddy Jeronne Maymon who I think was the best leader for this team and what concerns me is what happens next year when he returns will he be the vocal leader or will Jordan McRae?My feeling is that the team will rally around Maymons' leadership.I guess what I'm really trying to say is that our team chemistry just hasn't been what it was last year without the leadership of Maymon and perhaps Golden has been most affected.In conclusion though its probably a girl messing with his head. Go Vols and lets beat Vandy!!!

Written on Freshmen Derek Reese, Armani Moore 'growing on the fly' :

My guess is that if Reese and Moore continue to earn minutes,quite possibly Halls' and McBees' could diminish if they're not any more productive than they've been lately.Just a feeling.Go Vols and what a win that would be to take down those Rebels at their place!!!

Written on Efficient version of Vols appeared against Mississippi State, can it continue? :

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There is certainly no reason to say the Vols have turned the corner on the season just because they beat an out-manned opponent at home. However, there is no reason to assume that they can ONLY win that kind of game. The best thing about this last one is that nearly everybody was doing the things they have to do to have a chance to win against anybody. The fact that they did it Saturday is no guarantee at this point that they will keep doing it, but it is certainly better than playing BAD and winning, or playing bad and LOSING, for that matter. If everybody will just do what they do well, not make careless mistakes, and continue to work hard on defense, the wins will come. The Vols could have easily beaten both Alabama and UK if they had made the plays at the end. They let Ole Miss mess with their heads and they couldn't get out of their own way. I'm not predicting a win there--I was surprised at how good the Rebs seem to be this year--but I do expect the game to be a lot closer than it was here and see no reason why they can't finish the season strong. It's all up to them if they just come to understand what they are doing when they play well and just keep doing it, no matter who they are playing. I think they are better than they realize right now, they just have to understand what "better" is for each of them. It is a confidence issue even more than a talent issue.

Agree with your post John and as always appreciate your level headed approach to our team and its progress.Go Vols!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Jalen Steele proves he's good enough in Knoxville homecoming :

Class act by our Coach to acknowledge Steele after the game.That sort of thing goes a long way in local talent considering UT.I'm glad you're with us Coach Martin.Go Vols!!!

Written on Jordan McRae the Vols' lone scorer :

Hey Quinn sounds like you enjoy trying to contradict our coach it sickens me when reporters think they know more than coaches.

Written on John Adams: Stokes, Golden performing better as a disappearing act:

Really don't know what's going on with Trae Golden,really disapointed in his game.I think the home town refs had a hand in taking Stokes out of the game but he is just not as good without another big body inside to compliment him.

Written on Jordan McRae's play up, but Vols are down :

in response to mocsandvolsfan:

I think you're right as far as who has performed better in the games...where it really counts.hehe
But Hall isn't the only inconsistent player inside.
Also the problem inside for us seems to be how the guards play. If you can't get the ball to the bigs in a timely fashion then it makes their jobs much harder. You'll see a wide open big and the guard is just standing dribbling and I guess waiting for the big to come and take the ball. Sorry for the sarcasm. But I've seen passes to all our bigs that got them more in trouble than got them a shot. I'm not saying it's all guards. But the passes should not be such a huge surprise to Hall and Stokes or Makan. If they don't get it when open why should they expect it when they aren't. ? When Golden is playing his best this doesn't happen. When we slash the lane the bigs though have to be ready to receive.

I agree and I've noticed that our guards with the exception of Golden maybe have trouble making the entry pass to the post many times resulting in a turnover.I even like Stokes with the ball at the free throw line moving toward the basket or making the pass to a teammate spotting up for a three and speaking of free throws practice,practice,practice we need him to shoot at least seventy percent.I hope Golden can pick up his game we really need him,also I like Mcrae and Richardson on the wings, Mcraes' defense is suspect but his offense is what we really need when he doesn't rely solely on the three ball.I guess I've spewed long enough but thats my best five to have on the floor especially at the end of the game.Go Vols!!!

Written on Jordan McRae's play up, but Vols are down :

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McRae shoots too many 3s and doesn't always guard his man. He's still my favorite player right now. OK I like Richardson better on defense but he's already a starter mostly. Starting doesn't matter as much as finishng. McRae's been helping us all year and it doesn't matter whether you start McBee or not. Just take him out sooner if he doesn't hit his shot. It also doesn't matter to me if McRae starts. I just want him in when we need some energy and scoring. I don't know things the coach knows but it seems we'll need something to replace point. I'm not sure Golden's healthy enough to play 2 guard either. I hope he's back and healthy but we'll just have to see.

I feel for Martin. He's in a "d---- if you do and d____ if you don't" kind of spot with the kind of "fans" on here. I don't even trust him completely yet to get it done. But I am for him to do it and believe he can. We did well last year under worse circumstances. We can finish strong this year if they'll buy into playing smart, strong , and a little mad maybe...or heck just have fun and play hard. I don't know what fits this team. I think they miss Maymon's work ethic inside. But they also need McRae and Richardson's fearless fun on the perimeter and attacking the lanes. Golden seems to play his best when he's NOT INJURED! Seriously he needs to quit playing so methodical and let go some too I think. Martin's gonna have to find what style each of them plays best. You can't make them all a Jarnell or a McRae or a Richardson. Let them play but within the system? I guess? I don't think just running and gunning is the answer.

Am I the only one that thinks Makanjuola should replace Hall as a starter,he has a pretty good work ethic inside and will give you everything.I know he's not a very good offensive player right now but he'll get a few buckets around the paint and shoots free throws pretty well,also he rebounds and plays defense and I think would loosen things up inside for Stokes.Thanks for your post by the way I enjoyed it.Go Vols!!!

Written on UT men's basketball player Jeronne Maymon to redshirt :

in response to golfman1975:

The problem with Stokes right now is because Maymon is out. It is hard to be the only real big in the middle...the double teams are effective because we are weak outside right now. With Reese we showed that there is potential outside and can change our team.

Finally a paragraph that makes alot of sense to me, the chemistry was better inintially last year between Stokes and Maymon and I haven't seen the same team chemistry this year.Players are developing though especially Richardson,Mcrae,and Lopez.I'm concerned about Golden though don't know if he's injured or what but something is not right.We could be a beast of a team next year with this announcement if we can stay healthy of course.Go Vols!!!

Written on Cuonzo Martin's message: 'you've got to fight' :

That's one thing i like about Coach Martin it doesn't matter who you are if you aren't playing with great effort you sit. Thanks Coach,and Go Big Orange!!!

Written on UT men's basketball needs to push the pace to spur its offense :

in response to golfman1975:

Coach Martin took a team picked last in the East and finished tied for 2nd...nearly beat KY. Played 7 games without Maymon and are 4-3...could have have beaten Georgetown who took #1 Indiana in overtime...even though they had a bad offensive night. Miller is out as well...2 bigs with Maymon being he heart of the team with both being impact players. Yeah, you talk already of getting rid of CM. Stokes will develop leaps and bounds this year...he is only supposed to be a freshman this year ya know.... Sell your gosh darn tickets and dont let the door hit you in the butt...I suppose the injuries were CM's fault. Go ahead and say it. Ask Georgetown if they want to play us in Ktown. Bet not. Hope Santa gives you a Christmas tree supository.

Thanks golfman for saying what I should've said for some time,not to mention beating UCONN last year.

Written on UT men's basketball needs to push the pace to spur its offense :

Lets get Maymon healthy and if not this year than next years front line looks very promising with Stokes and Makanjuola returning.I hope we all realize this is not as good a team with Maymon not playing.Looking forward to Hubbs being apart of this team as well. Go Vols!!!

Written on Dreaming big: Cuonzo Martin's mother provided plenty of incentive :

Very inspiring story and feel fortunate that we have Cuonzo and his staff to lead our BB team.

Written on No panic in Vols after loss, but little time to regroup with Minutemen on Sunday :

Maymon is the heartbeat of this team and compliments Stokes very much while on the floor together,perhaps another big body on the floor such as Yemi for the intern would help Stokes game.On a side note i've been very impressed with Richardsons' improvement since last year.

Written on Vols' offense goes on vacation against Oklahoma State, 62-45 :

in response to VinylVols:

I really don't think McBee is starting material and should be coming off the bench during games. He's a great 3 pointer, but that is it. You can't afford having a bad start to a game because he's on, he should come on when we have a lead and we can open it up and extend that lead. I think McRae is a better player, even though he didn't play well today, but he is better at coming in and shooting short jumpers and also taking it to the rim. I think that would be a start, switching around the starters.

Golden, McRae, Richardson, Stokes and Hall would be a better starting lineup.

On another note, Richardson is actually really impressing me.

I also think bringing Hall off the bench along with McBee might work better.My logic is that with Makanjuolas' bigger body it may free up Stokes alittle bit more with Maymon out.I've also seen the improvement with Richardsons' game compared to last year.

Written on UT men's basketball has found confidence over past year :

I fear we'll really miss Maymon in this tournament, last year i thought he was our best player and only Stokes is probably an all around better player than him on this years roster.Go Vols!!!

Written on John Adams: Players may buy in to 'second season,' fans not so much :

I'm ready for the second season alright-BASKETBALL!!!

Written on Report card: Tennessee's offense bounces back, but defense continues to struggle :

This defense is just to hard to watch so decided to work and make some extra money instead,just couldn't bring myself to sit thru another but wait basketball season is right around the corner. Go Vols!!!

Written on Jim Chaney: Tennessee QB Tyler Bray's frustration mirrored team's :

I'm glad Chaney accepts some of the blame especially the part about getting pass happy I thought that hurt us as well in the second half.Go Vols!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Vols getting back on the football map :

Yea I think the ranking may be alittle premature, lets beat the Gators and then we can talk more seriously about where this season may be heading.Go Vols !!!

Written on Upset not on Vols' manifesto against BC Atletas :

in response to AlexAndersonAAradio:

I couldn't help but get a laugh out of Martin pushing Kenny Halls buttons and making the game more competitive at the same time.

I like the fact that Coach Martin has control over his team,"If you don't play hard you sit".Very refreshing indeed.Go Vols and enjoy the Italian experience.

Written on John Adams: Schedule should be big plus for Vols :

Had to throw that last one in didn't you John.

Written on Newcomers offer Vols, Cuonzo Martin versatility :

in response to johnlg00:

They will be close this coming season. They seemed to have run out of gas late last season and Golden and Maymon were noticeably slowed by injury over the last month or so. It didn't help that Kenny Hall was on suspension during most of that time. The Vols should be able to put together a pretty strong nine-player rotation, with three others available for spot duty. Depth and experience will both favor the Vols this year. They won just enough to understand what they missed at the end of last season. All Vol fans will be proud of this bunch by the time this coming season is over.

I agree with your comments John particularly about Golden and Maymon and I believe our frontcourt will be as good as we've had in a while with the experience Makanjuola gained last year. I'm also excited with our new guards as well and I firmly believe barring injury we will have a tough team that will surprise some naysayers along the way and represent us again in the NCAA tourney. Still proud to be a Vol fan.

Written on Mike Strange: New NCAA rule should help Vols, but UT changes won't :

Thanks Mike for a very informative article.