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...another "THREE star"...

Eric Fisher was a 2 star that Butch Jones recruited to Central Michigan. One of only two schools who recruited him.

Oh yeah, he was drafter #1 by the Kansas City Chiefs in this year's draft. Maybe Butch does recognize talent.

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Good luck to you when 9th grade starts in the fall.

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Johnny Majors to Coach Jones:

‘You’re God (darn) right Coach Jones, you give em hell. We’re Tennessee!”

Now if that doesn't make you want to stand up and sing Rocky Top all day long...!

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I don't see how anyone can NOT be impressed by Coach Butch and his assistants work ethic. I know proof's in the W's, but I feel confident with the way he is moving these will be coming. Keep it up, Coach!

Also, seems to me, that the best UT articles come from Chattanooga. Thanks Patrick Brown.

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Hey, I know this guy! Nigel "The Leg" Gruff from The Replacements w/Keanu Reeves! That cigarette smoking, beer guzzling kicker...oh wait, he was the place kicker, but anyway, it was all good! Can't wait for the Aussie Football Chants!

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"Even though he left Tennessee with a year of eligibility remaining, Bray still set a school record for most 400-yard passing games (400) and once threw for 530 yards in a game against Troy, the second-best performance in the history of the Southeastern Conference."

Wow, I didn't realize TB had thrown for 160,000 yards. That's about 30 miles! Not bad for someone who left with a year's eligibility remaining. What would those numbers have been like w/a couple of Bowl Games??

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Guess they had to try to one up Butch @ Bristol...seems to me too, that this is a benefit. I can see Saban, but not a player.

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If you're a coach or a GM and you watched the Jon Gruden QB Camp interview and you were comfotable that TB knew what was going on, you saw something that I missed. I don't believe that his interviews went well with any team. Talent yes, leadership...not so much. Football IQ who can tell. We'll know soon how much KC likes what they see. Good luck, TB. Hope it works out for you. Would love to see you playing on Sundays.

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Hope he does well, but I did feel he had the "deer in the headlight" look on Jon Gruden's QB camp. Also felt that Gruden took it easy on him....

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Show up, look professional, don't get hurt and we can call it a success.

Hey Mike, that's my plan too! I'm going to show up, look profesional and don't get hurt (I Hope)!!

Coming from NC and looking foward to Saturday...

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Now we know who pulled the plug on the Cam Newton Investigation....

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I'll be there from Asheville, NC. Been 20 years since I've been to Neyland w/moving and kids, the boys are grown and we're ALL coming. Where is the best place to park??

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You should have jumped ship when you had the opportunity, James. Now it looks like YOU'RE the one having to "settle" in life...

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Can't believe that Mulkey didn't get a T. I'm glad that she had some assistants keeping her from taking off more than her jacket. Officating was very much for Baylor. Louisville was fortunate to hang on and get the win.

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Not with a bang, but with a whimper

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My waist has expanded through the years.

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In less than 2 months, I believe that CBJ has done an admirable job of addressing the issues left behind by CDD and CLK, having to rebuild the image of the UT Volunteers. The reputation didn't crumble overnight and it certainly won't be rebuilt on one signing day. We will judge this signing class in about 2-3 years. We have a new coach, a damaged reputation and many relationships that must be rebuilt. It will happen. I am sure that the priority is already on 2014 signing day. That one will be much different. Less than two months, I'm impressed. Now give the man a chance to put his product on the field before you beat him down from your living room sofa in front of your black and white Zenith.

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John Adams Articles = Manti Te'os girlfriend

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Main problem is that when we could have hired him away from UK, we didn't. As much as we hate to admit it, Kiffin did, IMO, just to pour salt in the wound. Whichever, he's USC now. I'll remember what he did, but he won't ever be coming back. Good Luck, Tee. Now move along, CBJ and find someone better to build that fast paced offense we are looking forward to.

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Welcome to Tennessee Coach Jones! Keep the "O", bring some "D" and we may have a little something on Rocky Top. Best of Luck!

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LOL....a man with a mustache is a man that can coach...

Fear the 'stache

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Butch Davis wants the job, so give it to him. He has been cleared of all NCAA sanctions, great recruiter, and a Winner. Not to mention he is affordable with no "buy out" clause.

I agree with you. He's a winner. Just make sure he knows that he's under the magnifying glass. Don't slip up. Just win!

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No one ever accused Strong of being smart!

Kirby Smart?

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OK, I'm still interested. Told my boss I was considering the job and did he want to counter. He said no. Guess that makes me all in! My buyout would be much better than some of the others that we've seen...

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Great Article. Phil is certainly a VFL in every way. Congratulations, Coach on this honor. It was very much deserved!

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MNF documented BB's circuitous rout to the NFL pretty well...highly recruited by Lane Kiffin, left UT to go play with his bro @ KST and then quiting after two future HOF. Who says hard work doesn't pay off?

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I wouldn't trust the Zooker in an outhouse with a muzzle on. That playbook faxing, slinking out of Knoxville in the middle of the night shifty son of a gun...

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At the very least he deserves a different photo. The one above the article is a little overused.

Thank you! I thought the exact same thing.

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Bottom line, Better be a d#mn good hire period.

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Why has this season lasted for 4 years??

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Earlier this month, after several media outlets reported that he was a suspect in the cellphone theft, Bonner tweeted, "Crazy crazy world that we live in."

Did he tweet this from his own phone??

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The fact that Sunseri works 70 hours a week - can't he see that he is having no effect on target? If his criteria for keeping his job is to just show up - show him the door.

Work smarter, not harder, Sal.


UT '81

Like they say, "Don't tell me about the labor pains, just show me the baby..."

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This situation reminds me of what a little girl in Pennsylvania said when she saw General Lee.

"I wish he were ours."


UT '81

I agree with you, Geofffourmyle. James Franklin will not be @ Vandy forever. Someone will grab him up sooner, not later if I'm not mistaken.

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Say what you will, James Franklin is improving Vandy. Something we could use at home.

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What are the chances that a new coach is already under contract, with both sides have agreeing to hold the announcement pending season's end and potential bowl for the new coach at his current team?

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Literally, nothing here to see...Move along now.

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I'm still a fan. It's just that we've become irrelevent in the SEC and that's just sad.

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Looks like Wiedmer reads the boards...Almost every point in this article seems to have come from the BB comments posted here...I wonder if Hart's reading the same ones...

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Mr Bray, meet Mr Clowney. Mr Worley, you're up...

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Mike Hamilton...the gift that keeps on giving.

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Vols, Tide have a tendency to streak ...isn't there a law against streaking?

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There are still some who "believe" in Obama too.

Now that one made me laugh!

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"Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no. And it ain't over now. Cause when the going gets tough... the tough get going!" "Bluto" Blutarsky

Time to get going

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All that work for James Franklin to hop a bus out of town to bigger and better's coming!

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Ginger or Mary Ann?

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Kids will be kids, but you would hope that one who is supposed to be a team leader would act with a little restraint and common sense. Not a good message to be sending so close to the beginning of the season.

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen! 10 years ago, we'd beat NC State by 2+ touchdowns. 5 years ago, we'd beat NC State by 7+ points. This year, who knows?

We have to win this game against NC State. I really believe it'll set the tone for the season. My concern is that I haven't seen any consistency the past 2 seasons which gives me confidence that we WILL win. Anything can happen, and that's why they "play the game".

If we lose, I'll never hear the end of it around here in Raleigh, but that's the least of my worries. I really want the Vols to start the season with a "W" against a respectable opponent and break the bad run in the Georgia Dome dating back to December 2001.

Echoing your post from Asheville! I agree. This game will shape the season. An early win and we've got something to work with. An early loss and it will be hard to get anything substantial moving. This is a key game for CDD and that's understating it just a little!