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There is no doubt that this team needs Maymon to be a legit threat in the SEC. With that being said, we have a really youthful team and a heck of a class coming in next year. Maymon, Hubbs, Stokes (I think he'll be back...), will make for a really good team. I hope he redshirts, jmo.

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Does the 'new beginning' also suggest the extreme uniform change which was posted on facebook by the Vol elite? Have you seen what the helmet is supposed to look like?

Oregon/Maryland lookalike, etc? Sure as heck hope not. If so, there goes the tradition.

If you think we're going to change our look, you're crazy. I wouldn't mind some alternative looks, though. The academic UT logo with the state forming parts of the UT and the State of Tennessee Tri Star on the helmet would be sick.

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The guy has won championships everywhere he has gone. He has a winning record. He is fiery, passionate, commands respect and demands effort. He is all about unity and family amongst the fans and program. He knows how to relate to people and has a sense of humor. He is 2-1 against Charlie Strong. He has followed the path of Brian Kelly who just so happens to have righted a program identical to our struggles. The players like him. The spread won Florida a NC... twice. He puts the best system in place for his players. He wanted to be here. He loves the tradition and knows how to see a program. He.... is the man for the job.

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Dont know about that one....Wisconsin was projected to have a very good year, but it didnt pan out. Looks to me that Bielema's run has run out up there..... and he jumped ship after a not so great year

Not so great? I'll take a BCS bowl, to hell with the record.

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Finally, that was one hell of a performance!

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It's one guy
But you trolls enjoy making your jokes

It's "one guy" who is being counted on to replace Rivera who just so happens to be our best TE since Witten! Kind of a big deal!

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Great! We beat Kentucky and these kids get a big head like they've accomplished ****. What a joke!

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I'm sure the all knowing Gerry will be along shortly to enlighten us with his exceptional knowledge of what transpired today... Until then, here are my thoughts.

Our guards played some of the most pathetic basketball that I have ever seen in my years as a Tennessee fan. This includes the Buzz Peterson era. 26% FG shooting throughout the entirety of a college basketball game should be punishable by law. Couple that with 22% 3pt. shooting and 64% ft. shooting, and you have a disaster.

Our guards are just totally clueless when the defense makes any sort of adjustment. They look like they've never seen a full court press or any sort of double team in their entire lives. How many times did we settle for a long range 3 that OKST simply gave us? McBee is here for one reason and one reason only, to make threes. He was 1-4 and his looks were open, for the most part.

I like the fact that Golden "can" score, but shooting 8 three pointers at the PG position is unheard of. That is not the sign of a mature point guard and I can't believe I started to give him credit yesterday for being any sort of leader. Leaders do not chuck up shots from the arc, they settle the game down, recognize advantages and exploit them. Golden was exploited all game.

In the first half, OKST shot 10 free throws to our 2. Isn't this team supposed to be predicated upon low post play? Give me the "ohhh we don't have Maymon" garbage all you want, this team is trying to be a jump shot team, which THEY ARE NOT.

Oklahoma State had 24 points in the paint with a Tennessee washout and slashing guards. Wanna take a guess how many points our dominant down low posts, sleeper NCAA tournament run, SEC contender team had?................... 10. Ten points in the paint over a 40 minute span. Numbers like that show exactly why we lost. This team doesn't have the guard play (or brains, apparently) to recognize that Stokes has kids buried 6 feet under down low and instead, we shoot threes!! We're talking wide open threes, too. 21%......... To heck with it, chuck up another, I'm sure this time it'll go in. Stokes must be frustrated...

It's like I said yesterday, McBee is a great shooter but he is too easy to key on and gets taken out of games by athletic defenders. He doesn't have the speed to play good defense and gets taken advantage of game after game.

We played a good team, don't get me wrong, but I expect much more out of a team that prides itself on defense, post play and strength. We lost all three battles today, BADLY. Their motion offense left our mighty defense clueless time after time after time. Our guards should take note on ball reversal and the advantages it presents your posts with. If you're gonna run a motion, look for the cuts.

I know it will get better and that the season is early but these types of performances will get you a 2nd round matchup of the NIT vs MTSU again, quickly. Sorry that I'm not sorry if you disagree or don't like the honesty, Go Vols.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Golden had comparable stats to some of the best point guards in the country last year. In many cases, his stats were even better than the "top tier" guys that you want so badly. He may not be a pure point guard, but most schools in the NATION would take him over their option. Look at his defense; how much better is it this year compared to last? He's sliding off of screens and getting in guy's faces. Notice how much he talks when the other team is bringing the ball down the court. He is always yelling and communicating with guys about potential screes, back cuts and passes. He's the leader of the team and does a damn good job of it. He frustrates me because he gets in a hurry and changes the pace of the game when our motion sets are doing well. He has a tendency to leave his feet to pass in transition which led to one of his 2 turnovers today. However, a +3 margin is good. I'm just glad we're winning. As wise CD once said, "think of the alternative." Cheer up, Oke!

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Would all you naysayers be saying the same thing if the name on the front of the opponent's jersey today was spelled K-E-N-T-U-C-K-Y? Last year this team was 24-10 and lost by only 7 to #1 seeded Syracuse in the second round of the NCAA. These guys can ball. And, on top of that, UT played without it's top scorer and two other guys. Sounds like some of you have football hangover.

They also lost 4/5 starters. So the "these guys" you refer to are largely graduated.

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(Sarcasm Font/ON) Yeah, you're right, we suck. We suck bad, really bad. Sooo, who's going to start the "Fire 'Zo" chant? (Sarcasm Font/OFF)

Go back and reread your post pal. Is that the post of a fan? Was the game really that bad today? Oh wait, I've got it, you didn't realize that this was only the 2nd game of the year! Right?

I see that you're one of those Footvols that doesn't have a clue about basketball strategy or anything else related to the hardwood. I never, ever, ever, ever said that we suck. To the contrary, I though we looked really good outside of a couple of things with the guard play (God forbid!) that I pointed out.

I'm sorry that my basketball intellect is higher than yours and that you're frustrated by the fact that you don't know what a pop/flare/cut means. If you had any IQ in basketball other than yelling "GIVE ER TO STOKES!!" at your TV screen you might see that everything I said, and I mean EVERYTHING, is 100% true and happened right in front of you.

I'm happy with the win in a tournament setting on a neutral floor. All I'm saying is that we can't get complacent when we get a big lead and the guards need to be more assertive. I guess I should bow down to Gerry, who's posts are only truly worthy of Vol fandom. All hail Gerry! The all knowing basketvol!! Pshh, you're a joke clown! GO VOLS!

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It's frustrating to see how we responded to Asheville switching to a 2-3 zone. We stopped attacking the rim and made poor decisions that resulted in hurried shots at the end of the shot clock. Our guards get really flustered by pressure on the wing and have a tough time distinguishing backside/weakside cuts that are WIDE open.

Complacency is the #1 enemy is basketball. A 20 point lead looks great until the other team goes on a huge run. No lead is safe in basketball and you must keep your foot on the gas pedal at all times. I'm all for saving energy but these are teams we should beat by 20+ with or without Maymon. It hurts not having him but our guards must play better. Golden gets in a hurry and it's a disaster when he leaves his feet to make a pass. McBee is a great shooter but I'm afraid that teams will key on him even more than before. If you're gonna be a spot up shooter, you better learn to use your picks and pop/flare/cut when applicable. You can't stand free throw line extended and expect open shots, this isn't Grainger, this is D-1. That said, I think he made some excellent passes when he realized he wasn't going to get his looks. He is smart enough to adapt on the fly but we need him to get open and aggressively pursue the open spots on the floor. That will make it easier for the posts, too.

All in all, a win is a win and I'm not really as negative or upset as my post sounds. I thought the inside play was lights out. Kenny Hall has come into his own on O and D. We dominated the glass and got tons of key putbacks. Stokes is simply a monster but needs to stay down low. A couple of times he ended up posting guys up way outside. A motion offense needs good spacing! Anyway, that's all for now. A tough test waits on the morrow!

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NC State is a legit contender for the Final Four. That's why the ESPN2 option is worked in for their semi final.

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Being ranked 100th on offense is apparently good enough to whip our sorry @** defense... Makes me sick. Any regular UT defense and that's an easy win. Thanks coaches.

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Big news for a program that just lost its legend. Fantastic stuff.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You know, the city of Knoxville picks up trash once a week. Do us all a favor and stand in front of your house until they come. They'll take your sorry self to where you belong.

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The Braves are getting screwed.

Written on Debby Jennings files suit against UT for 'unlawful discrimination'; says Pat Summitt was told she would not return as coach:

Personally knowing Debby I will tell you this. She is a hard working, great lady who loves Pat and The University of Tennessee. She did her job perfectly to a "T" (no pun intended) every single day and was always nice to talk to. She expected the best out of herself and those around her. She loves Pat and UT very much and it's a shame it has come to this. I'm not saying I'm for or against her or UT, but I think she has a case and I think this will be interesting to watch play out. That is all.

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Duh they're gonna play..

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Tennessee is going to have to control and dictate the pace of play in order to win this one. I understand that we don't run a true hurry up offense, but I would still like to see a slower, huddle based style of play. Long story short, Tennessee will have to have the rushing game that everyone has been waiting for. If we can hush the hedgefolk early, we'll have a chance to get in GA's head and stick around. We need to play simplistic but smart defense. Stop making it so confusing! ATTACK the football and make tackles. If our offense is clicking there's no reason this game can't be more interesting than the experts think, as Corso would say. Stop being so pessimistic and putting stock into the Akron game. Florida looked terrible against BGSU and looked fine against us. This game is not as simple on paper as it looks for UGA and I look forward to what Sunseri cooks up for the Dawgs. Wouldn't mind more Wildcat, either.

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This is huge for the University of Tennessee and our basketball program. Basketball recruits take note of what those around them do, and in the world of one and dones, they want to make the most of their limited college experience and sign with other, similar stars. Therefore, do not be surprise (To the contrary, expect it) if Tennessee signs Nichols and/or Williams III. Tennessee is extending their recruiting lines ever closer to the 901 and Pastner has got to be feeling it. If we grab a top 5 class this year and have the year on the court we expect, big things could happen the following year. I'm talking banner type stuff. GBO

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I'm getting out there at 2-3 AM saturday morning and fully anticipate being on the first row. GBO

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I wonder where Gameday will be? Inside TBA? Intramural fields (my vote), or somewhere else? Thoughts:

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The running game will come along just fine, and this will be a good game to give the running backs confidence firing through the holes. I'm really excited to see Watson and some of the younger guys get some looks on Saturday. Once we get these kinks worked out we'll be ready to work the Gators silly. It's been a long time coming.

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Patterson: JUST... GIVE... IT... TO... HIM...

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This game is going to come down to the offensive line play of both teams. We return 80+ starts, but as everyone knows they're largely unproven players. I expect them to step their play up significantly. NCST returns, by start, the most experienced offensive line in the country and have a great QB in Glennon and a good RB in James Washington (897 last year). If Sunseri can slow down State I think we win. Both teams are going to be trading a lot of points, imo, so someone's defense will have to step up. State has proven players in the back (Amerson and Co.) but are relatively unproven up front. I think we spread it and counter with the run, gassing their defense. State also lacks proven receivers and I believe this more aggressive D will find ways to shake, rattle and roll to Glennon. Bottom line, as our O-line goes, so we'll go. Tennessee-34 NC State-27

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It's a shame that this website more closely resembles a high school hallway rather than a college football website.

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Still have my old John Henderson jersey from the good ol days. Needless to say, that jersey will be coming back out.

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Really looking forward to sticking it to all of the doubters and non-Doolaide drinkers in the very near future. Mmmmmmmmmmm that orange 'shine is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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I really and truly DO NOT CARE who wins that game. It is moot nada nothing to me for either team until we play them. So there, you have seen me type it, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. All the drivel about other teams just somehow does not excite me. On the other hand, I am glad Lattimore has recovered. I just hope he gets stopped against the Big Orange. I'm out!

Uhhhhhhh... If you're a Vol fan and care anything about the SEC East race you should care about who wins this one. A Vandy win over USC would be big if we're in a position to go to the SECCG when we play the gamecocks.

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I NEED TO SEE MY WIFE!!! bow chicka wow wow

Hahaha about time someone made a joke/reference! I was expecting that to be comment numero uno. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

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Alabama > FSU. Pretty simple math.

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Big Orange Nation is behind you, Justin!

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You must be the 15 year olds idiot cousin Gomer. Great post by the way, now put the gimp back in the closet and put the lotion in the basket.

I'm a Vol fan, born and bred and I have a great reputation on this board. It just sucks to see people like you and the rest of the fans who feed into their negativity. The reason the Jeffys and Co. stick around is because people take time out of their days to respond. What's the point? They're called trolls for a reason and all they want is a response. Why even acknowledge them? They aren't Vols and they certainly aren't fans so I don't understand why a board that should be comprised of mostly adults acts so childish. Take your post for example, what did it have to do with football? Nothing; just derogatory BS that brings nothing to the table at all. Stick to the name calling and prepubescent jokes while the men cheer on the Vols or maybe if you want to find the real idiot analyze your post.

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What are you, 15? You're so cool. It must make you feel so good to come onto a site and bash another team...constantly. What kind of joy do you get out of your non-sensical ramblings? You're the kind of person that seems to get a kick out of spreading hate. Do you not have anything better to do? I would like to take something from Mike and Mike and give you the "just shut-up" award. If you don't like the Vols or Tennessee in general, why are you on this site?

Because people like you take time to respond!!

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Talk is cheap, the only place to prove it is on the field! Anyone who is ranked out of the top 25 might as well be #26, because if we start out hot we'll be right there in the list. I'm not worried about it, preseason polls are indicative of expectations, not results. We started #3 in 2005... remember how that disaster ended? Oh, and folks don't respond to the trolls, they'd go away if you idiots wouldn't "reply to this post." Cheers, GBO.

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For your Info. Redd signed with Texas yesterday. So no help at the kicking game.

FYI, Redd is the running back and he went to Kiffy. You're looking for Anthony Fera, who went to Texas. Cheers.

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So happy that it's finally game month! This team is going to surprise some folks but I hope they settle in at the defensive spots. Line and secondary are concerns.

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I think Tennessee should take back his scholarship if he refuses to play.

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Really? Thats funny cause last I checked Tennessee has never truly been kicked around by South Carolina, Florida or Georgia the last four years. They have all been pretty good games within a couple scores one way or the other the last four years. And plus how can you say Tennessee will coninue to get kicked around by Texas A&M and Missouri when these two teams have never even played each other to my knowledge at least in my lifetime. And its going to be a few years before Tennessee even gets to play A&M so tell me how do you figure A&M will continue to kick around Tennessee? And furthermore I think your mistaken in calling Mississippi State a bottom feeder (though they should still get beat by Tennessee this year)

We played TAMU in the Cotton Bowl in 2004 and beat the breaks off their behinds.

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AJ Johnson is a sophomore...

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Dooley has yet to prove if he is the wrong guy. Let the year play out and stop being so negative.

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He has the making of the next legendary UT linebacker. Big, strong, fast and an exemplary leader!

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"Last year, I felt everybody was together in their position groups," senior offensive guard Dallas Thomas said. "All the linemen hung out together. All the linebackers hung out together. But now, it's everybody together."

That's so telling to me right there. When the team is all on the same page, O and D, things definitely start to click. I'm excited about this year. This team is going to play their hearts out for the alumni, students, Tennessee, and each other. GBO VFL

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It's such a joke that Bray is being slotted as a high 1st round pick in some big time mock NFL drafts. If that's the case, how can he not even get at LEAST 2nd team consideration? Not a hater, or a troll, but y'all have seen what I'm talking about and it is laughable. He definitely deserved 3rd team though. I'd take him over McCarron any day.

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Nothing negative can come of this. Great for him and UT!

Written on Jackson is No. 1 pick in Rocky Top League draft:

Heck yeah this league just gets better and better!

Written on CAK's Brett Kendrick picks UT :

Welcome aboard young man! GBO!