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Written on Checking out 'the bad' — Three concerns for UT:

There is not much talent on the defensive side. Name two cornerbacks worth mentioning!

Written on Kentucky pulls away from Vols, 75-65:

Tennessee athletics as a WHOLE is a JOKE!!! sick of the losing and sick of the players attitudes. The football team sucks, and now the basketball team does. How much more can us fans take? Our football team might not even recover! this Sh*t is getting OLD!!!!

Written on John Adams: SEC offenses should make more gains next season :

We will be lucky to win 5 games! We have without a doubt the toughest schedule next year! The defense will be dreadful to watch again! Tough times ahead for Vol nation!

Written on John Adams: Fan mail contradicts negative posts :

How can anyone be positve with the way our program is going? ALL I SEE IS THE NEGATIVE WERE A PATHETIC FOOTBALL TEAM!!!!

Written on Tennessee AD Dave Hart says Butch Jones offers 'new beginning' for program :

in response to orangecountyvols:


Does the 'new beginning' also suggest the extreme uniform change which was posted on facebook by the Vol elite? Have you seen what the helmet is supposed to look like?

Oregon/Maryland lookalike, etc? Sure as heck hope not. If so, there goes the tradition.

I'm sick of people talking about tradition! Losing is not our tradition either! Those uniforms are awesome, and change is definently needed!

Written on Polls: Are you confident in Dave Hart? Should UT re-hire Phillip Fulmer?:

Bring back Fulmer! We don't need another Dooley and that's all we can look for right now. No big name coach wants the Job that's quite clear!!!

Written on Passion for UT, longevity part of Phillip Fulmer's claim to Fame :

We should have never got rid of him. The recruiting was still good we just didn't get the results. Now look where we are getting 3 star recruits left and right. Wrong move VOL nation.

Written on Philadelphia report says Eagles keen to hire Gruden:

We were dumb for firing fulmer anyway! I can gurantee we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now. Lets see who would you rather have a 15-21 head coach or a 152-52 coach. Thats exactly what we did when we fired him. We hired two coaches that have done nothing but destroy the program. You also cant use the excuse that his recruiting was down. The last four years he was there he recruited Eric Berry, Robert Meachem, Robert Ayers, and Arin Foster. Last I checked they are tearing it up in the NFL. Good going VOL NATION!!!!!!!!!!

Written on John Adams: UT fans thinking new coach and 'same old Kentucky':

Vols fans this was a horrid year! This win today means absolutely nothing. I fear for this program and where it is headed. Next years schedule is even harder than this years!

Written on Vandy: "Let UT have Knoxville, we’ll take Nashville and then let’s fight over the rest":

Vandy fans piss me off you would have thought they won the national championship last week. They haven't even had that good of a year. 7 wins is nothing to brag about! The SEC as a whole is down with teams like Arkansas,auburn, ole miss, and UT. You would hope vandy could pull some wins out of those games. Vandy fans need to know one thing they are always little brother. They have 3 wins in 30 yrs vs UT so it's a joke! I'm sure if you put MTSU in our conference they could do that. Do enjoy it while you can vandy fans. Y'all are about as useless as bama fans.

Written on Restoring Rocky Top coaching search crucial for Vols:

We need GRUDEN plain and simple!!!!!

Written on John Adams: Derek Dooley inherited a 'short stick' and did little with it :

The Dooley supporters get on my nerves this coach is pathetic. He made all these promises at the start of the year and we have the worst program in history. We need a big name coach now.

Written on Bowl trip last major goal left for Vols:

Do yall remember the days we didn't have to worry about making a bowl game! Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on Vols' offense goes on vacation against Oklahoma State, 62-45 :

in response to VOLSnTITANS:

Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE…absolute pathetic display of basketball. No offense, horrific shooters, nobody that can make a post move w/o traveling, embarrassing free throw shooting, and an overrated defense that gives up too many busted plays and routinely bails out the offense with fouls.

What scares me the most is how grossly outcoached our team was. Out motivated, out willed, out energized, NO ADJUSTMENTS, NO ANSWERS. Came out the 2nd half and fired up 3 long-range jump shots that didn’t have a chance. If this were a chess match OK ST was always 3 moves ahead of us. I have watched all 3 games this season and have seen ZERO improvement from any player from last year. I like Stokes, seems like a nice guy, but he is just a big body with no post moves and cinderblocks for feet and hands. Don’t even get me started on Golden and his careless shot selection, was there a Kenny Hall sighting today (oh wait I think I saw him tackle someone out of frustration and get called for the foul), and who is #32 and why is he on the court?

With such pathetic and inconsistent shooters, I hate to say this team is incapable of making a run in a tournament. There will be a few highs this season and many lows.

Lucky for me, I’ve gotten used to mediocrity as a VOLS fan so I’ll be over this loss in 5 min.

SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on John Adams: If not a big name, how about a familiar one in David Cutcliffe? :

No Cutcliffe is far to old we need a younger coach. Please NO Kirby Smart talk the only reason Bama is good is because of Saban. We found that out through the Sunseri hire. WE NEED GRUDEN

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

If we hire petrino I quit on the program talk about no recruits!

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Dooley making Hart's decision much easier:

Does anyone really think we can land Gruden?

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

in response to 10SE:

You are correct. We should have never fired Fulmer. He should have retired about 5 years sooner. If he had, we would have never had this far of a let down.

He was not the start of this mess he had one bad year, and vol nation goes crazy. Look where we are now a JOKE. Fulmers defense was still good even the last few years. It was the offense that ruined fulmers career and I have Crompton to thank for that. He's recruiting never died either. Just think the last few years Fulmer had we still had Foster,Meachem,Berry, and Denarius Moore. So next time you try to down Fulmer just think where we are now.

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

in response to Colliervol:

You do realize that Phil was the beginning of this disaster right? Did I miss all those titles that he won after 1998? Maybe we all slept through them.

A coach who can win a title is a good coach. Your and idiot he was not the start of this disaster. Our recruiting was awesome when Fulmer was there. We had berry foster and meachem. Last I heard all of them are top players in the nfl right now

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

in response to 69vol08:

Please explain why Gruden would be a good idea. Has he EVER been a head coach in college? Was he a great NFL head coach? I just don't get why people act like he would be the savior of UT football.

Our next coach needs to have successful head coaching experience at the college level and at least significant assistant coaching experience in the SEC. Gruden's only college coaching experience was as a grad assistant at UT in late 80s and was a fair at best NFL coach. His Super Bowl win was arguably with a team Tony Dungy built. If you listen to him on Monday Night Football he sounds like a moron. I think if we hire him we would spend millions on a disaster!

Gruden is a phenomenal coach and a very smart man. You obviously haven't watched his quarterback show on ESPN. The man is a genius. The recruits would be swarming in if the vols got Gruden. Tell me who we would get if not Gruden??

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

in response to utvols1:

Never fired Fulmer? We shouldn't have waited so long, you moron. The Vols haven't truly been relevant since '02.

Shouldn't have waited to so long? Really? Your a moron. We won the East in 07, and the recruiting was phenomenal. Look where we are now. A joke team that is hoping to beat Kentucky and vandy. Tell me would you rather have Fulmer now or Dooley a coach who couldn't even win at LA Tech.

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

For you morons who want Kirby Smart as the next coach FORGET IT. This would be another Sunseri hire. A coach who has no expirence at being a head coach. We need a big name coach, and we need him NOW. The Haslams can dish out big money, and get Gruden. We should have never fired Fulmer anyway.

Written on Vols' slump could put Dooley's future in question:

The worst part was 5 star recruits were at this game and they see us get housed. Seriously what recruit wants to be at Tennessee right now?

Written on Vols' slump could put Dooley's future in question:

Could be in doubt?? Are you kidding me!!! Doofus needs to go along with Bray. Firing Fulmer was a major mistake anyway!!!

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

This defense is the worst in the SEC without a doubt

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

Tennessee is sorry it would be different if the players didn't flat out quit. The players get all sensative too when the fan base talks bad about the team. Maybe if you were a bunch of quiters with no heart for the game we wouldn't talk bad. Hunter and Bray are the biggest jokes of all. To think I was even worried about hunter going pro after this year is a JOKE.

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