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Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:

For those of you who are confused, here is the official explanation of "Smokey" as a legitimate school color.

Written on Some UT football season tickets available for $300, no donation:

These are Vandy prices. Ouch!

Written on Plenty of Tyler Bray to Justin Hunter in UT's 51-13 victory :

Secondary looked terrible. The score betrayed the unacceptable performance from the DBs. Georgia State converting multiple third-and-eternities hopefully gives Coach Sunseri fits. I hope the team has shaken the big head from the NC State win.

On a more positive note, the offense looked great. Next week will be interesting. GBO!

Written on First quarter: Vols lead Georgia State, 7-3 :

Our defense looks terrible.

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Bring them on. Watching this game against BGSU, Florida looks about as good as NC State. 4-0 going into Athens would be so sweet. GBO!

Written on John Adams: Fulmer selection reminds UT fans of better days:

Ah, the good 'ole days...

Written on Missouri QB Franklin to undergo shoulder surgery:

Getting updates on the Missouri squad on GVX is weird. Guess I better get used to it. Thanks for the update...I guess...

Written on Report: Peyton Manning negotiating to join Broncos:

What's the deal with the soft filter lens on the photograph? It looks like a Barbara Walters interview.

Written on Ole Miss knocks Vols out of SEC tournament, 77-72 in OT:

Great season overall. Obviously I'm disappointed with the game tonight, but we weren't even supposed to be in the postseason conversation, NIT included. CCM has given the team and fans a lot to be optimistic about for next year. Given the recent state of UT athletics, it feels really good to say that. GBO!

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Obviously I hope, for the players' sake, that we are able to participate in the postseason in some capacity, be it the Big Dance or the NIT. However, regardless of the outcome, I think CCM has shown the fan base that better days are ahead next season. Sweeping Florida will keep the fans happy until next season...

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47 game home win streak, with 46 of the wins at home. Can someone clarify?

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Pretty weak round of highlights if you ask me. Looking forward to the highlight reel on

Written on Vols shock No. 13 Gators:

Still time to salvage the season, and this is a great start. Congratulations on your first big win CCM.


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See if they crawl out of their troll holes today....


Written on John Adams: Bruce Pearl's recipe for Gators was upsetting :

Prophetic article.


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Mike, I agree with your argument in principle. However, you failed to mention the out-of-conference obligations a number of SEC schools have. What about SC-Clemson? What about Florida-FSU? (I realize FL stacks the other two games with cupcakes, so less sympathy there.) What about UT's obligations for a home and away with Memphis every few years?

I do agree, however, with the fact that SEC should attempt to remain consistent with the other power conferences in its scheduling policies. We'll see how things shake out.

Written on Vols Golden against UNC Greensboro, 92-63:

I was seriously concerned about who our breakout player would be this season (e.g. Hopson when he showed up). Golden obviously has the chops to be that guy. I just hope he can keep it up through the season.

Written on Final: Alabama 37, Tennessee 6:

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I'm thinking that light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. I'm getting tired of Dooley's excuses. Just admit it, we ain't got much to bring to the field. If he doesn't start Worley, then he wasted his redshirt year for nothing. However, Worley isn't going to make much of a difference given the overall ability of this team.

A) Nice Metallica reference

B) I think it's pretty clear that Worley is starting next week. CDD didn't put him in to win this game; he put him in to get some looks before next week.

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Don't feed the trolls...

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Black pants and black power "T" on the helmets is the word on the street.

Did you just dream this up or is there some credibility to this statement?

Written on Tyler Bray has 3 TDs as Tennessee beats Montana 42-16:

First, Not perfect, several issues to work on this week. On the whole, great game. Take to Cincy next week. GBO!

Written on Mike Hamilton's status not questioned :

Cheek says, "He's our athletic director."

In all fairness they said the same thing about Pearl every time someone stuck a mic in their faces.

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I don't know. Couldn't see it so had to listen to Bob and Bert. All I can say is both teams slugged it out and it was a nail biter.

I do hope Georgia fans don't turn on their team like some of our fans do when we lose a game. Once again, I have no idea how it looked without seeing it, but am extremely surprised at the outcome. Wasn't UGA the one who beat Kentucky?

UGA did beat UK, but UK is playing like garbage against 'Bama right now.

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Based on his lack of head coaching experience, this hire does not scare me... Tennessee Volunteers 2001 SEC Football Champs!!!


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I am with you. This is a great hire as far as helping us. He had some of the best talent in the nation at Texas and his defenses leaked more than a 1958 Rambler. It also tells me that ole Jeremy got turned down a few times before settling on him.

The door for Dooley and staff just widened a little wider in the Sunshine State!

I agree that this doesn't seem like it would have been Foley's first choice. However, I just can't imagine that Stoops, Mullen, Petrino, AND Malzhan (and whoever else) ALL turned down the job. Maybe Muschamp was rather high on their list. Either way, I hope we can welcome ol' Will into SEC play next year with a big L.

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Of all the hires they could have made (or could make if this turns out to be just a rumor), this one doesn't worry me as much as perhaps Gruden or Chip Kelly.

...or Malzhan, Mullins, or Petrino.

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richvol writes:

"Bilas was right about one thing...Slive had no business interfering with the NCAA penalty on Pearl by adding one of his own. I have no respect for Slive. He is terrible."


I don't think Slive did that b\c he didn't think the university did enough. I think Bilas was way off base. I think Slive, who is well-respected among the NCAA brass, did that as a preemptive measure in an attempt to avoid major NCAA sanctions. He has friends in the league office; he may have heard that they were talking about bringing down the thunder. I wouldn't be so malevolent towards Mike Slive just yet; he may have done us a favor...

Written on Hopson 'stays in attack mode' with career-high 27 points:

V-O-L-S Go Vols Go!

Great win. We let them hang on late. In the tourney that could be really costly. Either way, great win guys. Don't underestimate Oakland; they almost took down Mich St this afternoon.

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I just assume its a way for the professors to get back at the athletic department for all the money they make. Good job Doc, way to help hurt a young mans career. You showed you really cared.

No where in the article did it say anything about professors withholding grades. This was the Provost's decision to wait until Tuesday to clear him.

It is strange that there isn't a clear policy on this. They need to decide how they will handle similar situations in the future. CBP and Maymon obviously both thought the decision would be different.

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Frightening thought.

"Today, Gus Malzahn was named Head Football Coach at the University of Florida."

Frightening, yes. Frighteningly likely, yes...

Written on No 'bottom feeders' boosts UT's RPI to No. 2 :

Someone needs to repost this story on the Commercial Appeal's; if I hear one more Memphis fan claim UofM has a tougher schedule I might snap...

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That's exactly what we needed future bowl representatives to see. I think we all got a little spoiled pre-2005 and got a reputation that we would only travel to upper-tier NYD bowls. This should set that record straight. Now if we can just win enough games to get the NYD invite! Go Vols!!!

Good point. I hadn't thought of the future implications...

Written on John Adams: Barring rout, Auburn deserves BCS shot:

dvhill100 writes:

"Not right, not wrong,just is."

It's unfortunate, but this is the case as long as the BCS rules the roost. I hope we can still see an SEC NC as long as Auburn beats SC (like CN or hate him).

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Thanks for bringing this (back) up. His family's sacrifice is our gain. Glad to see it's really paying off.

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The look on Meyer's face after these losses has been like Christmas morning. Nice to see that arrogant smirk wiped off his face. We'll get it done against them next year. GBO!

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I agree with the bad calls, I think the problem was that the chair of the ref's association was in attendance last night to see the new horseshoe in the paint. I guess last night's refs would have rather made weak calls than not calling certain things. Hopefully that guy isn't there tonight.

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Cant we display some civility here? I'm a huge vol fan, have been for 40 years, and having worked and/or lived in all three metro areas, Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis, I have an appreciation for each, different though they may be, and they are all part of our great state. It is the University of TENNESSEE, which includes Memphis. The city has great restaurants, Beale street is known nation wide for it's blues clubs, and it has become a much more cosmoplitan area over the years. Divisive posts such as these serve no purpose other than to potentially alienate a city and population base that UT relies upon for it's academic and athletic successes. Let's try and demonstrate to all of the citizens of our state that UT has fans with class and dignity.

Thank you for this post. I'm a native Memphian living in Knoxville, and I've enjoyed the time I've spent in both cities. Vitriolic rhetoric aimed at fellow Tennesseans is neither warranted nor appropriate. I was as happy as anyone that we blasted the Tigers on Saturday, but that does not mean that I hate the city that is home to many of my family and friends.


Written on Florida beats Vols for sixth consecutive time, 31-17 :

Good effort this week; hope for the future. Disappointed with:
1) Lack of pressure on Brantley
2) Simms's inability to "pull the trigger." The game is too fast for him right now.
3) Total lack of running game; FL's disrespect for our passing game.
4) D Line needs to break blocks.
5) Tackle, if FL had wanted a kiss they would have asked your mother.

Dooley has us on the right track though; an SEC upset is coming...


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Hell Adam why doesn't Tennessee just forfeit all the games this year, LOL.

Big Orange 35 & ducks 31, won real late in the game!


I share your optimism, but I think a UT win will occur more in the first half. I have a feeling the Ducks will own the second half; we need a nice lead at halftime to win...

Written on Jacksonville State stuns Ole Miss in OT:


Written on NCAA rules Ole Miss QB Masoli eligible, can play immediately:

Rules were, in fact, made to be broken. Geoff Calkins of the Commercial Appeal will likely have an interesting column about this tomorrow.

Written on Vols change 2011 opening opponent:

I personally think Montana is a more formidable opponent than N. Texas; just like App State would be a more difficult opponent than Idaho.

Written on Michigan State ends run by Vols, 70-69:

Very disappointing, but good run. Time to look forward to next year. GBO!

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"Chism likes cartoons." Hell yes.

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Practice? We talkin' about practice, man. Not a game, not a game. We talkin' about...not a game. We talkin' about practice, man.

Written on Tennessee hires Dooley:

The Vol Nation is behind you coach.


Written on 'Tough guys' lead charge against Auburn, 81-55:

Keep up the good work Vols. Take it to Ole Miss on Saturday.