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Wonder if he ever ran into Radar while in Ottumwa?

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I should have known somebody else would know this and post it before I finished scrolling down. Didn't mean to step on your lead!

No problem.

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If U19 means under 19, then I am confused. Jarnell was born on January 7, 1994, which means he is 19 now? If the Big 10 is comprised of 12 teams, and Jarnell is under 19, then I need to go back to take the new math being taught in school.

The cutoff date for age is December 31st of the previous year. If his 19th birthday was January 7, 2013, he would have been 18 on December 31, 2012.

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It appears the proofreader was asleep on the job for this article.

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If you have not read the entire article you are missing out. Take the time. Well worth it.

I agree!

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Congrats Kamiko. Just curious. Does anyone know the average pay of a WNBA player?

Average in 2012 around $72,000
Minimum around $35,000

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What's the difference in the hatred he sprewed and the hatred you just spewed? Kettle meet pot!

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They should have saved this article until April 1st.

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Spani had a very good game. Good for her. My favorite player on this team.

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"Wash, rinse, repeat. Kentucky basketball dominates! .
By TheDEffect on 2/11/13 at 7:14 p.m"

Something must have gone wrong during the rinse cycle this year.

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Yep, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. (For you younger folks, once upon a time clocks had what they call "hands" that moved around a "dial" except that when the clock stopped, the hands stayed where they were.(;-P))

Good post! Confuse them even more and tell them about the "second" hand. They will never believe it.

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Unfortunately, I didn't expect Tennessee to pull off a win in Lexington.
I would like to remind Mitchell in person about his negative remarks that he publicly made about Pat Summitt. During his first year as coach at UK, he was doing a press conference the day before the Louisville game. He talked about how he had grown up hating hating Louisville. Then he suddenly changed the subject and said that Pat Summitt was too old and needed to go to the house.
Go Big Orange!!

Not a UK fan by any means, but you are wrong about how Coach Mitchell feels about Coach Summitt. I think it has been well documented that he admires and respectes her and he appreciates the opportunity she gave him years ago. I saw the interview, and his comments were made in jest. Here is a link showing some of his comments about CPS.

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Maybe CM should have spent more time on the focus thing last week.

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Doesn't really matter why he left for FSU. The fact is, he left, so time to hire his replacement and move on.

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Good win, but what is it with women and layups? They seem to have a hard time making them.

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Vols win, Gators lose....Good times!

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What are you talking about? I just watched
the game on ESPN. Chattanooga area, cable.

I watched it here in Hazard on ESPN2 through Dish Network. Good game!

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It's usually a bad sign when these guys talk.

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In this context, it's Duel, not Dual.

Could have been a dual duel.

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The impatience and impertinence of some on this site are astounding. We want to see those big numbered stars in THIS class. My oh my, are you all in grade school? With all that has gone on in the past 4-5 years, what a tall task for a new head coach!Give him some time and a year or two to show those 5,6,7 stars(you all dream of); what he and the staff can do. Finally, all you who keep bringing up the former head coach, REALITY CHECK: He is gone, vamooshed; remember, you experts got him fired. There's a new kid on campus and he is not the man you ran down for...about the whole time he was here. At least the former head coach was someone willing to take the job even if he was lacking in ability to get it done.
I say, let's wait until about mid-Oct this year and see where the Vols are. But no, the NEGA-VOLS will be out because we had no 5 stars, we had deCommits etc. Please get a life, stay on fantasy football sites, heck pull for the basketball team, they need it. Give the football program a break from your He can't, They can't, We can't attitudes. Okay, I'm done, wish it would have snowed last night in my hometown. But then, winter is still young.

Impatience? Jones has been the coach for well over a month now, with no SEC or National Championships to show for it. It's time to get rid of this bum and hire a good coach. You know, someone that can recruit all 5* players and win games without them ever being played.

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Maymon will be back next season and UT will have a decent season buying Martin more time. After that, we will have a team full of 3 star recruits and will be the South Carolina of the league. Our PG can't stay in games because of his defense and Martin's answer? Armani Moore and next season Travon Landry, a 2 star PG averaging about 3 points per game in high school.

I don't think you can count on Maymon being back next season. If the knee is not healing properly and within that time frame, he may not be able to come back next season even if he wants to. Great if he does, but they need to prepare to play the season as if he is not coming back.

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Highlights???? Are you serious????

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Good win. Another one down and only 1088 more to go.

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Sitting out this season would be a good choice. Make sure the knee heals properly. No point in taking a chance with his health.

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If Butch is happy, then I'm happy.

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Maybe when he gets to Bowling Green, he can trade his bike for a Corvette.

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Still too far to drive.

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Witch Doctor scratch head? Witch Doctor not sure yet...
Bones never lie.

I'm more interested in what is going to happen on December 21st. Any ideas?

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Don't you think Cheeks looks a little like Bart Starr in this picture above?

Yes I do.

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I'm at least glad to see they put the buyout on the easy payment plan.

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No disrespect to your highly educated, overrated opinion of yourself, but Stripes is a CLASSIC!! One of the most popular movies of all time. Maybe you should watch it, might give you a laugh. It's obvious that you could use one

I agree. I have two engineering degrees from UTK and I liked Stripes. I've seen it several times and wouldn't mind watching it again after all this talk about it.

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Hope Rodgers doesn't have a career day. If so, it will be a long day.

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Shooting was a problem last year and looks like it may be a problem this year too. It's early, but bad habits are hard to break. 26% won't win many games no matter how good the defense is.

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Witch Doctor say its the same posters no matter the sport or team. Witch Doctor say Sandusky Ohio must be one boring place. lol.
Bones never lie.

I've been there. It is!

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vols sports program are snake bitten ...

I think it's something in the water.

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Balance has been restored. Nice adjustments Coach Warlick. And congratulations on your fist win as Lady Vols Head Coach

Only 1098 more wins to pass Pat. Hope you make it.

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The defense was never in the game and the offense quit at half time.

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Stokes is going to be a very good player and a silver lining to this Vol team, but he will not have help on a day to day basis. He can't do it by himself. Some of the other players are going to have to step up their play or this will be a long season.

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The guy who passes out these grades has to be putting mega dollars on the over betting. If you have watched every minute of every game this year you are either insane or one tough dude.

With the grades he passes out, he can't be watching the games.

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I just LOVE the way the haters are already coming out and saying fire Holly after the first game of the season. If you guys are so great and know so much, why aren't you out coaching at a Div. I school?

Well, I'm not a hater and don't have a problem with Holly coaching. I don't know about all the other people, but I'm not out coaching at a Division I school, because I'm too busy saving the world and hanging out with Lois Lane.

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Looks like it's going to be a long season. The ladies don't have enough top quality players this year. The next class should help. The Lady Vols should be fine in 2 or 3 years.

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Still has to lose one more this year to be gone.

That will come next Saturday.

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Like I said it will come down to the Kentucky vs Tennessee Thanksgiving Weekend to see who will be winless in the SEC.


I think you've hit the nail on the head.

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why is everybody complaining about the players. 9 of 11 starters back from last years 27th ranked defense. Was Justin Wilcox that good as DC last year or is Sal Sunseri that bad.

Yes on both counts.

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This whole thing rest at the coaching staffs feet. The dooley gang will say the coaches do not pass, catch, block, kick or tackle. So I will pick out the in-excusable things that the coaches did do. Let 1 min burn off the clock and did not call a timeout at the end of the 1st half. I guess dooley thought he could put them in his pocket. In the second half had to call a timeout too many men on the field. but the big one that guttless dooley kicks a field goal on the 3 yard line down by 34 points. He is a absolute career loser. He will never post over a .500 record no matter where he coaches.

The coaches don't pass, catch, block, kick, run or tackle. Their job is to teach the players how to do these things, and so far it doesn't appear that they are doing their job very well. Too many dropped passes and too many missed tackles.

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Try Kentucky and ???

I hope the Vols can beat KY this year. It's been a hard year here in Hazard since last year's game. I'm hoping the Vols can start the streak again this year, but after watching the Cats play the Dawgs Saturday night, I don't think it will be a cake walk.

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Did Ashley Judd finally switch to UT????

I certainly hope not!!!!!

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Glad to see Peyton doing well. Indy's loss was Denver's gain. He means much more to the community than winning football games.