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So some of you mopes watch a little film and are now ready to select the starter. Criminy.

Tommy, you obviously don't understand what this is. It is a FAN forum; it's not real. It's an opportunity to play coach. Butch is not going to pick his starting QB based on what is posted here. Lighten up and have some fun.

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I'm traditional and love the orange and white, but if the players like the gray, it's OK with me. I thought black jerseys and orange paints might be something the team would like.

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This could be big. Not only do we get a potentially great LB (badly needed), but his commitment was seen on TV by other prized recruits. Maybe some of the top uncommitteds will look seriously at our Vols. Plus this could be a big boost in restoring our great tradition in the nation's eyes. The Bates name means something.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Kiffin has above average ability to attract low-character 5-star kids. He has below average ability to get the best out of his team (re: 2012 Trojans in particular)

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Ordinarily, I don't think offering a scholly to a soph is a good idea, unless he is a kid with exceptional character. A lot can happen in two years (drugs, shoplifting, DWI, etc.), talent alone is not enough (DaRick, Nukeese, Jantzen, Bryce, etc.). This kid may be a solid citizen with the talent and work ethic, to make him worth the wait. I like it.

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It would be nice to see a new tradition shared by many great programs around the nation: When the game is over, the players and coaches go to the Pride of the Southland and stay for the Alma Mater and Rocky Top. I get tired of watching the Vols, win or lose, stroll off the field without any sense of unity. It might also bridge the gap between the rest of the student body and the team... that bond should be in place as it is in so many other settings. The student section won't win them a game, but to have a committed, passionate student section cannot be underestimated. Just ask any player what it's like playing in Baton Rouge or Gainesville.

From the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle, I salute you SnowVol. You are 100% correct. It's time for Vol Nation to ressurrect the winning Vol spirit.

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You really know nothing about how they are coming along "mentally and physically." It would be in everyone's best interest to allow them to prove it on the field before claiming they are in store for 8,9,10,11 win seasons. The sunshine pumpers crowned Dooley the next Saban before he ever coached a game, and look how that turned out. I'm all for the Vols having a big turn around, but the only time to prove it is Saturdays from September to November. Coach speak about "practice attitude" is just that.

A sunshine pumper (that's a new one) is better than a "nattering nabob of negativity" such as yourself. Jerks like you want the Vols to fail so you can crawl from under your slimy rock and say "I told you so." I guess you still think we could have got Gruden. I prefer Coach Jones myself.

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North could get some playing time since we lost Rogers, Hunter, and Patterson. A couple of young ones from last year showed some promise, but there is definitely a spot if he has the talent and can learn the plays. Also, a Qb that can get it to him.

Oangeman, your last sentence says it all. North seems like the obvious choice, but his success depends on havng a QB who can find the open man, get rid of the ball quickly, and be on target with his throws. We don't really know what we're going to get out of the QB position yet.

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As someone else pointed out on a story last night, Louisville loses seven of their last 11 games and makes the tournament and Tennessee wins nine of their last 11 and doesn't make the tournament...something is wrong with that picture.

The committee has supposedly always put an emphasis on how well a team is playing at the end of the season, but that doesn't hold water with Louisville in and Tennessee out.

C'mon man, where are you getting this stuff about Louisville. Their record was 29-5 (don't know how they lost 7 of their last 11). They are also the 1 seed in their bracket.

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Yes they did,but here's the real thing. With everyone so fired up for an ncaa football playoff, the bb playoffs have begun to be ludicrous with the 2nd rate teams and conferences that make it. Why does anyone think, over time, the football playoffs will make sense? Bottom line Ncaa not doing anything right in FB or BB at the high level.

Like many here, you're overestimating the SEC as a BB conference. Many teams in the so-called mid-majors play very good BB. Our Vols are on the road to recovery in FB, but this BB team was a questionable tournment team.

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This could be huge. Stay on top of him coach; don't let him slip away. Now let's get a super impact player in the mode of Jedavion (spelling?) Clowney for the defense (a guy who can closeout a win with a bigtime play like Clowney did with his sack of Bray).

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Bobby Majors for sure. Amazing versitility. Punter, DB, and kick returner. His performance against PA State in 71' should live in Vol folklore forever. Jackie Walker was an amazing LB despite his small size. I felt he could have been an outstanding safety.

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That's good and all, but do you really think Tennessee is going to sign many Florida high school players that Florida, FSU, Miami or Alabama want?

I hope for the best, and this guy may be sliced bread all over again. But I am not kneeling at the altar of Jones quite yet. No more than Dooley or Kiffin. Prove something first is what I say.

Don't lie snake. You want our Vols to fail so you can come on this forum and tell us about how you said Coach Jones was a terrible hire. I think this staff will build a great team (it will take awhile) that will shut all you naysayers up.

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Jay Graham is gone and Tee Martin did not come home because of JIMMY CHEEK the Swamp Lizard SOB that has UTK as the only D1 school in the DAMN Nation with an Internal Approval of Recruits over and above the NCAA Clearing House!

#firecheeknow VOLS if we EVER want to compete again in SEC FOOTBALL! Tee told me directly the above problem, Top Recruits know they are not guaranteed admittance to UTK even after NCAA Clearing House! A Blind Man could see how all the other SEC schools use this against TENNESSEE!

THIS HAS TO CHANGE NOW! After 38 years of donations and donation season tickets, I'm DONE until that SOB CHEEK is GONE!



So happy we have all this inside knowledge on the forum. (LOL--much sarcasm).

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What Adams seems to be missing is Dooley only had 3 nyears because our Vols were not making progress. If we had a quality win last year, I think he would have been given the 4th year. I think Jones will get at least 4 years if progress is being made.

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Fulmer was great for UT, especially as long as he had Cut and Chief. Let's also not forget Manning who probably came to UT because of Cut. Name the receivers and O lineman who made it in the NFL who played during Manning's tenure. I was a big Fulmer fan until his last year, but it was time for him to go. A good hire like Saben, Spurrier, Urban, or half a dozen others who are very successful would have us back in the NC picture, but UT avoids these guys like the plague. They prefer paying 3 mil a year for a possibility to paying 5 mil for a sure thing.

You need to smell the coffee. When Fulmer was let go, Saban, Spurrier, and Urpie weren't interested in the Vol job for 5M nor were Gruden, Kelly, Cowher or any of the other guys you dream about. Coach Jones will serve us well like Doug Dickey did.

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Yeah but he couldvn't get anything out of them on the field or control them off the field. Most left worse than they were as freshmen.

The latter teams of Fulmer were an undisciplined bunch that played far below their ability. The bowl game against Maryland was shameful. Not only were our Vols getting killed on the field, they resorted to dirty play (e.g., several very late hits out of bounds).

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11th out of 14 teams in the sec, how would you rate it?
Sec Grade: 3/14= 22%=F
NCAA Grade=103/123=84%=B

Wrong!!! You have to look at expections, where we were when Coach Jones came on board, and the late push garnering a couple of surprise pickups. I say at least a B. Next year expectations for a good class will be higher and he will have a full year to recuit. In that case, this class would be about a C or C-.

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What an oportunity some of these guys have to come to Tennesse. Get in on the ground floor. Many postions are open for playing time right away. Seems like Ford or any other RB would love to run behind a big strong OL. Vonn Bell could be a star. Finish strong Big Orange!

I wish the certainty of immediate playing time was important. It appears to me that most of the top 150 recruits have the arrogance (confidence?) to believe they will get early playing time whereever they go and going to a program with a recent history of winning big is more important than being BMOC at Vol Land. We need some big wins on the field to get more wins on NSD.

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We need a couple of big wins against ranked teams on national TV to get back in the hunt for the top prospects. A win against the FL Lizards would be good. A win against the Jawja poodles would be better and a win against Alabubba would be huge.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You have a cerebral problem (IQ of an amoeba) milkbrain. It's "palsy." Paulsy played leftout for Alabubba.

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Glenn, surely you aren't saying the Wimpy Irish are getting by on 2/3* recruits are you. The Domers have always been able to attract highly rated athletes because of the name and tradition. However, they have done poorly at signing the 4/5* guys who can really play, plus frequently signing kids who don't fit their system. As for the 2/3* guys, here's the real poop on ND recruiting since 2011:

2011: 8-4* 2-5*
2012 8-4 1-5
2013 14-4* 2-5* (Verbals)

We're not going to compete for SEC honors until we start getting the, big, strong, fast 4/5* players again.

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Doug Atkins was a walk on. More recently, Johnny Football was a three star recruit and Michael Palardy, Bryce Brown, and the Apopka thief were all 4 and 5 stars.

You can come up with all the examples of 4/5* failures and 2/3* greats you want, but the teams with the 4/5* recruits will do better than those who don't have them. Bamer for instance. Recruiting services and coaches can be totally wrong in evaluating talent and character, but, I sure would like to get some 5* recruits with the schollys available.

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Exactly!!!! The only way to determne a champion is on the field. That's why they play the game! The NCAA should be embarrassed!!

It was decided on the field. Alabubba hoisted the trophy not the pathetic Irish. Nobody cares what the computer said, Bamer is the National Champion and it will be so reflected forevermore. Having said that, I prefer an 8-team playoff.

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Others can fill you in more on why the rivalry matters.

I'll be a bit technical: in this era, with limited scholarships, there are a lot of good players out there who won't be going to Bama. One way for them to make a name for themselves is to go to a school where they PLAY Bama. Playing well against the best matters.

That kid from ND, the LB who got lit up?? He's an example of a kid who's never played football at SEC level, much less the "best" SEC level.

All the hype Teo got was ludicrous and based on the ND bias of the media. He is not close to being in the class of Clowney or Jarvis Jones or several others in the SEC. ND has always been the team I disliked more than all others. They have been an overrated,overhyped team since the Parsegian era.

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Notre Dame is playing for a national title with 3 star players.This is Brian Kelly's first stint at a major college. Lighten up and give this guy a chance. We have the same talent level. They just need to be taught HOW TO WIN

You're kidding--I hope. ND is probably the easiest school for recruiters. The 2010 class had 9-4*/0-5*, 2011 8-4*/2-5* and 2012 8-4*/1-5*.

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Because e are starting from such a low base, Coach Jones and staff must focus on recruiting the best athletes regardless of position. We obviously need a QB and a power RB, but we need help at every position. I think we are a couple of good (actually better than good) recruiting classes away from focusing on specific needs.

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I will always have mixed feelings about Doug Dickey. He deserves credit for bringing Tennessee much success in the 1960s but I was not happy with his time as athletic director especially the way he treated Don Devoe and John Majors and besides he is a Florida guy

He spent a lot more time with the Vols than the Lizards and he gave us success. I remember getting beat by Chatt and pre-Bowden FL State (teams Memphis State beat handily the same season). Doug shows that we needed a good coach (whether he has an elite name or not). Butch is the next Doug Dickey(or better) to bring the glory days back to Vol Nation.

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Sounds like Pastner is a skeered wittle baby! Good grief, boy, grow a pair and quit your damm whining!!

He's so skeered who chose to play a consistently quality opponent in Louisville. It's the recruiting thing that scares him, not the Vols BB team. Let's hope Butch gets our FB team back on track and gives the Tigers something to really be skeered of.

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Arian Foster, NFL starter (Pro Bowler)...not drafted. (Why couldn't we COACH him to hold on to the ball?

Ramon Foster, NFL starter...not drafted.
Could UT have COACHED him better?

Was Mayo TALENTED?...Or, did Chavis coach him up?...This is a question?

Was Manning Talented?...How many out there really believe that Coach Cut coached him up? If Manning had gone to Florida, would he have sat on the bench watching Danny W@@@@@ful. (Sorry, can't spell it.)

Did Eric Berry become a Pro Bowler because he was coached by the Chief. Probably not a fair question.

Were the OLD (1994-2008) Tennessee coaches good coaches or good recruiters.

I wonder if Ray Trail has any grandsons.

Peyton would not have sat the bench at FL. He was one of the 2 most highly recruited coming out of H,S. Ole Steve is a pain, but he had great success with mediocre QBs. Imagine what he could have done with Peyton. Fl QBs were system guys like Texas Tech under Mike Leech and Univ of Houston. Peyton was and is the real deal.

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With any defense at all, UT wins 9-10 games this season.

His biggest mistakes, in my book are in NOT hiring seasoned offensive and defensive coordinators.

Isn't Cheney an experienced OC and Dooley kept Wilcox who was a good DC. The Sunseri experiment was a disaster, however.

Written on Tennessee's new football coach Butch Jones used to holiday shuffle:

I'm just a country boy with a public school education, but it seems to me "use to" is correct in modern American English. I guess in the end, does it rally matter on a sports forum.

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Adams talks of Manning, Hell he does this like all Peyton lovers do, and FORGETS WHO WAS THE BEST QB! THE MAN WHO LEAD US TO A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, AND THAT IS NO OTHER, BUT TEE MARTIN!! The kindda QB we need now! Give me a TEE!!

Peyton got us to a NC game against Nebraska and he was more instrumental in that season's success than Tee was in 98. Do you think Tee would have fared any better in that Nebraska game? Besides Peyton won the biggest game of all. How many NFL games did Tee start? Peyton is the greatest QB of all time.

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Someimes. Sometmes 5 stars don't pan out, same with 4 stars and sometimes 3 stars turn in to super stars. You go out and recruit the best you can--it's a phooey shoot.

True, nothing is guaranteed, but I'll take a team of 4/5* against a team of 3* everytime. I fully understand that 3* guys sometimes become great players and 4/5* can be arrogant, trouble-making, flops, but I'll play the percentages.

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Uh, Meachem is hardly a nobody! He was one of Drew Brees' top targets with the Saints for many years. He's with San Diego now, not sure how he's doing. Regardless, he's had a great NFL career.

You are correct, sir and Hounddog is a bonehead. Robert was Drew Brees favorite deep target and he was very good with the Saints. I think this was a down year for all things Chargers, but Meacham was in demand in the free-agent market. If Justin has a career like Meacham, he will be a success.

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he didnt have sec size and speed on defense at texas tech

Silly boy, he didn't have to play against SEC defenses either. The real problem at TX Tech is recruiting against the tu shorthorns, OU, and TAMU.

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Whoa big fella.....
Do your homework... uT was only in any ratings on account of who they played. Lot spin going on here gentlemen. Please read.
Not so impressive numbers when you take who uT was playing out. Sooo did folks watch because of uT or because of who the Vols were playing? Indeed. You and I both know a 1-7 SEC contender garners no followers.

The highest rated and most-watched college football game of the season was the December 1 Alabama/Georgia SEC Championship Game on CBS (9.8, 16.2M)

just sayin'

Hang on, big fella. A lot of us Vol fans tuned in regardless of who they were playing or who was playing on other channels. You certainly have a point, but I think there are many out there who want to see the Vols.

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Bray has more talent than any UT QB other than Manning. It's hard to say he would benefit under a new coach, especially if he loses his receivers. I think more highly of Bray as a person than most of the people who post on this site, but he has a different sense of humor that people around here don't get.

I'd like to see what Worley could do and it seems like he is being wasted if Bray comes back. So for all concerned maybe Bray should go and try to be like Brady and keep a chip on his shoulder as he outperforms other guys who will be drafted ahead of him.

My guess is that many UT fans will be surprised one day at how successful this young man will become on Sundays.

If he comes out this year, he will never start an NFL game. His only hope is to stay and maybe grow up and learn something from the new coaching staff (like mental toughness at the end of a close game).

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Coach Jones is going to be like Doug Dickey, not Derek Dooley.

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in response to Vol86:


Cali has good weather (mostly) and fine scenery (although I prefer the Smokies and our (rivers). The problem is Californians live there and they have a socialist gubmint.

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I'm going to give you an analogy to explain where you are wrong. (By the way, the stadium seats about 56,000 and they averaged about 50,000-52,000).

In 1971, Denny Crum became Louisville's basketball head coach after being John Wooden's assistant for 5-6 years. After Wooden retired in 1975, Denny Crum had a chance to go back to coach UCLA, which at that time was the top program in basketball. Louisville's program was good, but not anywhere near being an elite program. It had been in the NCAA Final Four once before Crum came and he took them to two Final Fours (in '72 and '75), but no titles or title games. Louisville played in the Missouri Valley Conference, which in no way compared to the Pac 8, Big 10, SEC, or other big conferences. Crum decided he liked Louisville, liked the AD and wanted to build up the program and have a lasting legacy -- and he did. Was Crum afraid to coach in the Pac 8 (now 12)? No. If Strong can continue to recruit good players and Louisville can beef up it's non-conference schedule and win an ACC title, why couldn't they compete for a title. Currently there will be four teams in a playoff, but that is likely to be expanded to 8. So what does Strong have to prove if he can win a title at Louisville. The bottom line is that he's trying to build up a program. Who would have believed that a Boise St. would be anything 10 years ago, but they've beaten the competition every time they've gotten a chance in a bowl game and in non-conference games. While I grant you that overall the SEC is the best football conference, they also have a few bad teams to beat up on, and outside the conference most of the SEC teams play patsies. Charlie won titles when he was a coach at Florida and has nothing to prove by being the Tennessee coach. Your program has a lot of problems, which may take years to fix. So why get off a program that is improving, but has a lot of upside potential and has long way to go before it is considered a "elite" program (and it maybe never will be an "elite program"). But you have to start somewhere and see if it's possible.

Actually the Missouri Valley was a very good BB Conference. Cincinati won titles, Memphis State wento the championship game. St. Louis, Drake, Bradley, and Louisville all had good programs. The MVC was one of the top BB conferences in those days. It was certainly better than the all KY SEC.

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It is difficult to accept how low our football program has fallen until you discover that Oklahoma State and LOUISVILLE are preferred destinations over Tennessee. Alabama did it right. Identify the best coach, then offer whatever it takes to get him. It has paid off several times over for them, while our revenue is falling.

Whether a school is a preferred destination depends on the individual. We use the "Vol for Life" expression on this forum. In Mike Gundy's case, he is a Cowboy for life, but for most, TN would be the preferred destination. Don't know what Strong's rationale is, but UT football is more glamorous than Louisville.

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Gary Patterson or Jack Del Rio. We need to get a staff in place quickly. Hopefully the new coach will keep the offensive staff we have, in place.

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No true Vol fan can root for Bama. If the Taliban brought a team over to play Bama I would be wearing a turban sitting with the muslims.

Go Vols......

Thank you for defining what a true Vol fan is. I thought I was a Vol fan (since 1956), but I guess I have been wrong. I never want ND to win. I generally want SEC teams to beat non-SEC teams (except FL). I will be cheering Bama on against the detestable Irish.

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in response to CCLC:

"Did anyone in Tennessee ever actually see Gruden coach or know the history of what he did to the Buccaneers? He took over a stacked Tony Dungy / Monte Kiffin lead team, gave it a worse offense than it had before and then road that defense to the Super Bowl in which the defense outscored the Raiders offense. Following the Super Bowl Gruden wanted to prove to everyone that HE could win the Super Bowl without Dungy’s players which is why he did stupid stuff like let Warren Sapp walk and cut John Lynch. He chased off the GM of the team that built it from the ground up so he could bring in his hand picked GM. Since that pesky non-idiot GM was no longer there to stop him he used up the freed cap space to sign 35-year old offense linemen and running backs. In the end Tampa hasn’t won a playoff game since that Super Bowl, which was won with Tony Dungy’s team and Monte Kiffin’s defense. If I was in Tennessee I’d hope that Gruden stayed far away, which I’m guessing he will do since it’s always about Gruden. He loves letting his name getting attached to stuff since he has to be the star, but at the end of the day you’d be better off taking any random qualified candidate."

If Tampa Bay was so good then why didn't Dungy win a SB there. You also forget Gruden had been the coach of the other SB team. We have seen Monte's coaching prowess first hand and I was not impressed. SoCal's defense was also terrible this year.

Written on Will Manziel break Heisman Trophy frosh curse?:

He is the best player and should win the Heisman. I remember early in the season, many Vol fans thought FL was not very good because A&M played them close. A&M was good and Manziel made them better. A&M is SEC quality at least for a couple more years.

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in response to tnoutlaw2001#228008:

John the sky is falling Adams at it again.

College players typically play 3 yrs and graduate. Some Freshman if talented start 4 years but not that many.

That means every 3 to 4 yrs college teams have to rebuild, it's nothing that any coach doesn't expect going into a job because it kind of normal. So thanks John for wasting more of my time with your sky is falling BS article.

It's not normal for the top programs, which unlike the Vols (of recent years), recruit at a high level every year and reload instead of rebuild. Adams point is very valid.

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Since the Dooley era is over, who do we turn to now? Some think Gruden will come. I think thats a pipe dream. Some say Stoops. Why would he leave OU? Some say Strong. Can he win at TN? I still think the best name out there is Patterson. But will he leave TCU? He has built a Good program down there. Can Patterson recruit in the SEC? Im so afraid that TN will get some no-name coach like they did with Dooley.

BUT, take into consideration that TN is in a MUCH better place, then we were when Kitten left. So, will TN spend the money to bring in a Top Shelf Coach? We'll see I guess

I agree on Patterson. He has been able to beat teams with better talent regularly. Good defensive mind. I don't know if he wants to leave TCU, even for a big paycheck, but I say go after him.

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And so it ends; not with a bang, but a whimper. Glad this season is over.... Let the coaching search heat up quickly!

Some people are never happy. Dooley is gone; Sunseri will be shortly. This was a solid performance by the offense. Although the defense played poorly as usual, they did rise up on a few occasions with key plays. Let's be happy and look forward to a return to SEC glory.

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Our WRs are the most over rated in UT history Patterson has never come back for the ball and Hunter treats it like a hot potato.

You spoke too soon. Patterson had a great game. He's raw at WR, but will be a top 10 pick. In fact, our 3 junior prospects will all be drafted by the middle of Round 2. They showed enough today.