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Fourth paragraph: Was Riyahd Jones on crutches or Coach Jones on crutches?

The paragraph mentions Riyahd's injury and then says that Jones watched on crutches from the sidelines. Sounds like Riyahd Jones was on crutches. Then the last sentence says there was no comment on why the head coach was on crutches.

A little confusing.

Crutches you say?

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The people who respond to the trolls are part of the distraction on this site.

I couldn't agree more. When will some people learn?

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Fellow TRUE Vols....PLEASE do not feed the slimeball trolls. I suspect 1 troll has 2-3 (or more)different names as the posts are within minutes of each other on multiple articles. This is a scream for attention or they are trying to make a $5 bonus for spiking post count. What sad little boys.

Leave them alone and let's get ready for some Butch Ball. I smell an upset, or two, in the air.

I couldn't agree more. However the people that respond to these trolls are just as pathetic in my book. Why do people feel like they have to say something back, as it just gives the trolls more incentive?

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Hoo-ray! Welcome aboard!!!

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Either Woody is 6'-8" or all the reporters are under 6 feet........

Will be curious to see what he can do on the playing field.

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A turd in the punch bowl will float to the top..

Now that was funny!

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Hoo-Ray! Good to see Scottie living up to his potential.

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Who was the DA reporter that couldn't get the audio portion on the video to where you could hear it? I expected more from the Tennessean...

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I feel our OL will be dominant this year! Good things will happen.

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Great season Ladies, we're very proud of you. Oklahoma did deserve some good news lately considering what the state has been going through. And we definitely have the better looking team. Some of those Sooner girls look like they should be palying for the football team!

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Hoo-Ray for Maymon! I think we will be in good shape next year. Should make the big dance!

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I predict this will be Kiffin's last year at SC

Then I predict a divorce once trophy wife is out of money.........

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Coach Martin's policies similar to Coach Dooley's?????????????

Sure glad Coach Jones has his open door policy.......

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Witch Doctor say good luck but without biting and pulling hair....Witch Doctor quickly lose interest in UFC as being too sterile and generic, lol
Bones never lie.

I have to agree. The UFC has not been what it used to be. Fighters fight to avoid losing/avoid getting knocked out. It has lost it's luster and they recently had to bring in women to try to add some excitement. I miss the days of Royce Gracie, Dan Severn, Oleg Taktarov and even Tank Abbott.

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Just curious but what self satisfaction do you and the other trolls get by cruising other teams pages. Guess being a troll is kinda like being a pedafile huh; just can't help yourselves..

It's OK. Delta Charlie and Lizard Grad are the same people. I wouldn't pay much attention to it. Kind of like a 3 year old screaming for attention........

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Hoo-Ray! Keep bringing in the OL and DL!

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Here we go with the idiotic comments. We don't know why Lane is off the team, but it sounds like a door is open if he wants to do what he needs to do. Dooley's record had nothing to do with the talent on the field. He had no idea how to make halftime or gametime adjustments, that is why he had a losing record.


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We only need him to rebound and play tough defense. We will have plenty of scorers next year and Hubbs will be getting a lot of shots in the future.

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That's great!......I think.......

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John Adams owes Hood an apology for the mean, vicious articles he wrote on Hood back when he was recruited. Your a hypocrite Adams. Always have been, always will be. Apologize to the kid, he deserves it.

And the hyocritical fans too that wanted his head served on a platter and questioned "why TN would ever give this kid a scholarship". He has been a class act since day one....a great young man!

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Will need to put Devrin Young back to RB if Lane does not come back. Then pray that Neal does not get hurt.

Looking back we should have offered Dy'Shawn Mobley from Powell..........

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Good thing he was talking academics and not putting the beat down on teams 41-18. But that was under the old regime. Things are looking much better for us now.....

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Might want to go to Hawaii and recruit some big boys like Jesse Mahelona!

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From his LinkedIn profile:

Director of Recruiting
University of Tennessee
January 2013 – Present (4 months)Knoxville, Tennessee Area

• Oversee the day to day operations of the recruiting department
• Oversee all film production for evaluation process
• Oversee data and prospect information in recruiting database
• Oversee head coach recruiting travel
• Oversee scheduling and coordinating recruiting travel
• Oversee recruiting calendar
• Oversee planning and supervision of all recruiting related functions coordination
• Responsible for creating and executing the recruiting marketing plan
• Responsible for all recruiting services
• Manage the day-to-day responsibilities for all student workers.
• Recruiting reports
• Prospect Identification

Could be a lot of busy work for kind of low money. You definitley need good organizational skills.

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Awesome. Here comes the next Candace Parker.

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And he could bring Jay Graham with him...

I would prefer former NFL player James "Little Man" Stewart who is from Morristown.

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Randy Sanders for HC. Has ET ties and deserves to be HC somewhere. (And he's not from California!)

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Just sitting here dreaming of a lineup in orange featuring Tobias Harris, Jarnell Stokes, a healthy Jeronne Maymon and Scotty Hopson all on the floor, at the same time, with heads on straight and attitudes adjusted. WOW. I guess the point, no pun intended, I'm trying to make is Tennessee can and does attract high quality MALE basketball players. We just can't seem to get them all in the same pot with the right spoon as my Southern granny used to say.

That would have been one talented team, except Hopson would have been gone the year before.....

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Head coach at 22..WOW!!! Just being considered is pretty big deal..Go for it Tyler, Jump in at the deep end

Yeah, talk about recruting players that you can also date.......... Some players on the team may be as old as he is if they red-shirted.

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This would have been the year! A senior line with Bray, Hunter, Patterson and D. Rogers. Would have been the best offense in the SEC and with an improved defense possibly SEC champs.

But this senior line will not disappoint and we will be much improved! Having an improved coach will also make a difference.

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that's the biggest bunch of phooey written HooRay, if Jay wanted to be here, he would be here. I didn't see a short change

And he may have been if he was given a good contract to begin with. Now we are still paying out the 300K anyway. That's my point.

And BigDad.....your company brings in a new boss and a whole new staff with 8 out of 10 making more than you. You decide to leave because you felt like you were worth more. they hire the next guy at 40K more than you were originally set to make. Would that be fine with you?

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OK. What the point of the article?

Perhaps to show the Coach Jones and the administration needed to ante up to get Coach Gillesppie after the tried to short change Coach Graham. No wonder he left. No they have to pay anyway. Lesson learned.

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Hey Dallas, don't feel like you have to play for the Cowboys just because your name is Dallas. I would love to see you get drafted by my Steelers! Good luck, I know you will do well!

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I teach at Coalfield, and Zach is in two of my classes. The day Zach got his offer he came into my classroom, and the first words out of his mouth were not, "Did you hear my good news?" or, "I got an offer from UT!" but rather, "What work do I need to make up?" His head is on straight, and we couldn't be more proud of him. Coach Jones just got this little community on his side.

That's really awesome! Thanks for the inside info!

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Guess they didn't deserve to be in the NCAA tourny afterall. They should have beat this team by at least 20.

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Beat Georgia. Or Beat Ole Miss. Go to tournament.

If you really want to go to the Big Dance, you might want to learn how to dance. Still, our coach and players are OK with me. (Not great, but OK.) GO VOLS!

As long as the NCAA lets in so many automatic qualifiers from tee-ninecey conferences, good teams will get left out. That's just the way it is.

I agree. And try to win at least two games in the NIT to prove we were NCAA worthy.

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Wonder what position we will be recruiting him for? Wonder what he prefers?

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I'm so proud of this team (and coach Martin). I thought they would have been slightly better than a .500 team this year. They overacheieved!

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OK, I admit it, I was VERY unhappy when Pearl was let go and they hired Martin.

BUT I have been impressed by the job Martin has done with this team the last two years.

Oh, and Martin was a Mike Hamilton hire. Where are the Hamilton haters?

Hamilton is a very fine man with a compassionate heart and does a lot of faith and mission work. But is ability to be an outstanding AD was totally different..............