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I didn't know that he could be hired before his "show-cause" was done.
Apparently Auburn found a way around that.
I wish him well. Despite his NCAA turmoil, he is a class act. When asked if he would sign a basketball for a PTA fundraiser for my daughter's school, he not only agreed to do it-- he even bought the basketball to donate! (In contrast, by rules set in place by mike hamilton, to get a current UT coach's signature for a fundraiser, the PTA would have to buy the basketball at the high price set by UTAD, and then pay an additional "signature fee" also.)
Coach Pearl will be missed here in K'ville by a lot of folks, myself included.

The show cause is up in August. He can't do anything other than be named coach until then. Auburn will try to request the NCAA to end the show cause now.

Auburn has gone from having the worst coach in the SEC to the second best. UT still wallows in mediocrity.

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I don't understand why Reese wasn't playing at all before the Morehead State game. He seems like he can do a little bit of everything.

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Too bad the best out of conference home games are against NC State and Virginia when there is no Kentucky home game this year. Sure do miss seeing the likes of UConn, Kansas, and Ohio State come to Knoxville.

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Let's hope they get a home game with Florida and maybe one other good team in the SEC. Because their out of conference schedule looks pathetic as far as home games.

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Not the biggest track fan in the world, but even I can see Clark is a huge failure. No way should he have ever been given the reigns to the men's side. The track team used to compete for SEC and NCAA titles on a yearly basis. Not any more. Guess they're a reflection of the whole athletic program over there.

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That would help prove her side in the suit.


UT '81

How so? She's demanding to be paid the same as her male counterpart even though she deals with far less athletes than her male counterpart. Besides, there are other well-qualified trainers who would love to have her job.

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How does Moshak still have a job over there? She's suing the school, wrote a book about it, and got someone involved with UT to print the book. Dave Hart should have canned her when he canned Debbie Jennings.

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I agree the days of the extra large stadiums are over. If UT was smart, they'd tear out all those bleachers seats and install individual seats like the NFL stadiums have. It would decrease capacity, but would also make it for a more pleasant environment in attending a game. Those seats are so cramped now, it's not a lot of fun to be squeezed in there especially on a hot day.

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Maybe this explains why Gruden was wearing a red tie last night.

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Gona have to do better than this

The game wasn't as close as the score.

It's just November. Lots of ball left to play between now and March.

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These sporting events have finally priced themselves out of the market. I saw a number of empty seats at several college games last weekend, places that used to be full for every game. Fans aren't going to shell out $45+ to see their team whip up on some inferior competition.

It's not just UT or college football. It's baseball, NASCAR, and other sports. Funny thing is these events are doing everything they can to get fans to come out except for lowering their ticket prices.

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Those TWA cops are the biggest jerks I've ever seen in my life. They are compulsive liars too. Don't be surprised if he made all that stuff up.

Spoken like the former host of a two-bit sports station that has to embellish the truth to get a few more folks to listen.

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The whole "kids will be kids" saying is okay if it's just something that happens every now and then. But in a period of one month, this happens along with the beer bottle throwing incident. And that doesn't count the unreported stuff UT has managed to sweep under the rug. And all of this comes after the SEC media days when he and Dooley were down there talking about how he's matured and become a leader on the team. I bet most of you taking up for him changes your tune if he lays an egg against NC State or Florida or even Vandy.

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Anyone think Pat knew this was coming (cutting people close to her) and she decided to retire a year or two early because she couldn't stand up to Hart given her condition or it was too sad seeing those go even though she knew it had to happen?

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The bubble has popped at UT. For too many years, there have been too many people on the payroll that do just a little bit of work compared to their inflated salaries. Add to that, the men's and women's athletic departments are being merged. Now you have two people that do the same job. Only one is needed. Now we're seeing folks crying over spilled milk because their bubble has popped.

Folks can cry about prejudice in these dismissals (as the element is alledging) all they want. The bottom line is the athletic department was ruined by Mike Hamilton and it's Dave Hart's job to clean it up and fix it. If some long-time employees are some of those getting the ax, then so be it. UT has a $100 million budget and is fielding teams in the bottom half of the SEC. Time to right the ship even if they have to fire everybody over there.

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Stokes is already a better player than any big guy Tennessee currently has playing. He needs to play right away.

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If these folks worked in the men's athletic department and were being paid less than others for doing the same work, I could see their arguement. But they have been working in the women's athletic department that generates no money for themselves. Considering how many people are out of work these days or have taken big pay cuts just to have a job, these people should be thankful they have a good job with good benefits that pays well.

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Tip time of Connecticut game announced yet ?

4:00 on CBS.

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I agree with you there, especially because 2014 is the year we play at Oklahoma. No need to pile on more top 10 teams.

If Dooley is still here, he might try to buy his way out of that game too.

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Dude, they have waived many of the required donations, they have partnered with neckcar, they have created some kind of Mini Pack, they have had meet your seats one after another. If that is not many price reductions if not outright begging, I do not be knowing what that be. Hamilton, as unlikely as it seemed just 5 years ago, has killed the golden goose. Get used to it. The days of UT winning 9.5 games per year, playing in the SEC Title game every few years, having the most ESPN Gameday appearances in the country and averaging 105K in the stands per game are over. Adams, Hamilton, Haslem and the vocal minority of fans have done it to UT. Enjoy the change.

That's only a reduction if you buy something else with it. Go over there and buy a ticket to the first game with no other offers. It still costs $40 per ticket. That's too much to see them play against a team from a lower division. Most people don't want to buy anything extra, they just want the ticket for that game.

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How about they lower the prices of the tickets? Bristol too as far as that goes? When something isn't in demand and you're having trouble selling said product, you lower the price to sell more. It's good business sense. In the case of Tennessee and Bristol, they need every seat filled not to give off a bad perception. It's rare to see sporting event places lower their ticket prices. They think it's a sign of defeat.

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Sadly, rumors had circulated town months before his death that he was involved in drugs in some way. It's a shame it had to end this way for him.

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Excellent hire. It's about time somebody over there hire a proven winner instead of all these up-and-comers. Nothing wrong with them, but we have a bad run of them. Looks Joan needs to be the permanent AD if she had anything to do with this.

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The price of tickets is what keeps me away.

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One year too late.

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Phil Fulmer was a national championship coach and was fired before the season was over. Todd Raleigh hasn't won squat. Why hasn't he been fired yet? Time to cut bait and move on now. Don't wait until the end of the season.

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I'll admit I don't follow baseball over there as much as I do football and basketball. But every time I hear Todd Raleigh talk, I always get the feeling he's not one of those deep thinkers you see in successful college baseball coaches. I think Tennessee could do a lot better and needs to address the situation after the season or that newly remodeled stadium will remain mostly empty.

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I don't know if Dane would be a good coach or not. But neither do any of the other "experts" that call into radio show or vote on polls that say yes. We don't know. If that's something he wants to get into, good luck to him.

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Gregg Marshall has been a "hot" name for almost 10 years and still doesn't have a big time job.

Rick Byrd seems like a decent man and is a really good coach. I don't know if his personality and recruiting ability would work well here.

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Do you know anything about basketball? Except for Marshall, all are excellent coaches.

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I don't have a problem with them firing Pearl. With all the mounting lies and deceptions, it had to be done.

I do have a problem with the way it was handled. Hamilton botched the Fulmer firing and bothced the Pearl situation by his comments last week 2 days prior to the tournament. Hamilton is a good man and is very good at raising money and improving the athletic facilities. But he has done a poor job with some of his hirings and the firings. Hiring Kiffin was a joke, not sure what he was thinking about hiring Todd Raleigh, and mishandling Fulmer's and Pearl's departures are big goofs. I think Hamilton needs to stick to fund raising and hire someone else to be in charge of the hiring and firing.

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Mike Hamilton is a bean counter. He's good at making money for the athletic program, but that's about it. His hires have been awful aside from Pearl (great hire) and Dooley (decent hire so far). To come out and say this now is unacceptable.

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Any chance Tennessee will have the right shade of orange next season?

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I think "Makeing_The_Call" should invest in some spelling lessons instead of subscribing to VolQuest or GVX.

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How many ticket holders will be at work at 3:00?

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We already get to see those two every week. This is about the CBS college channel and it carries lesser games like C-USA and the Mountain West.

Better late than never for Comcast. That is why I also dropped them. I was also tired of waiting for new channels to be added when all my satellite friends already had them.

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Ol' Peyton is doing pretty good. He has a street named after him, a scholarship named after him, a locker room named after him, and now a classroom named after him. Way to go.

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It is no fun to watch Tennessee anymore anyway. This program has started to slide and it ain't over yet sports fans

Started to slide? Two losing seasons in 4 years from 2005-2009. I'm not sure what you'd call that if this is just the beginning of the slide.

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So the players and their families check into the hotel a couple of hours early and UT gets into trouble for it? Got it. The NCAA is a joke.

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Nice way to try to sell papers. The headline makes it seem like the basketball program is under investigation, but once you read the article it seems to me that this is still related to the UT hostess debacle. If this were something new I think the NCAA would have sent a new letter to Hamilton detailing what they were looking for. As it is, this is just more of the NCAA looking at UT because of its last football coach and his cohorts.

Read again:

"The NCAA investigation involves phone calls and contacts made with recruits outside the parameters of NCAA rules, according to the source."

That has nothing to do with the hostesses.

At least Tennessee doesn't have a pro on its team like Kentucky does.

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Actually, they did make one mention of Justin Wilcox coming to UT during the first quarter of the game.

Tennessee fans are some of the most paranoid fans around. Most want to hear only what they want to hear.

Enough with the Kiffin stories. He's gone, good riddance.

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If he's a good kid, why has he been arrested as many times as he has including holding up some of his fellow students?

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Dooley wants the plans for the weight room changed for another $9 million and now wants the stadium to have field turf for a high cost. Dooley better worry about recruiting better players and winning game first, then he can worry about spending more money the athletic department is still paying Fulmer.

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The 90's spoiled Tennessee fans by thinking they'd always be a national powerhouse. What happened then is a once-in-a-lifetime era for Tennessee football.

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People in Knoxville are still eat up with Lane Kiffin, including the media. I'm tired of hearing about the man. He's a snake and I'm glad he's gone.

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Dave Hooker does 1 interview and then writes 5 stories from it.

Steve Phillips at wbir does the same thing. He and Hooker must have gone to the same journalism school or they're both just lazy.

It must be strange for Peyton to come back to UT with Fulmer being gone. I know when I went back to my high school and didn't see a teacher I knew, it was a strange feeling. Glad he still comes back once a year.

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The economy is only a slight percentage in the drop in season ticket sales. A declining program, the ridiculous cost of donating just to buy tickets, and a sterile gameday environment are all the major factors. Why would a person want to donate $1,000 or more plus the price of the tickets to see a team around .500 when tickets can be bought for around $20 at game time?

The demand has dropped because the product on the field has dropped. The administration can't continue to charge these prices for a mid-level program. When they start winning, the fans will start lining up again for tickets. Just look at Alabama. The economy isn't hurting their ticket sales.

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Al Gore is not a real Tennesseean. He's spent most of his life in Washington DC.

Fulmer has been gone for 18 months. Why are we still talking/writing about him?

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Charles Davis for UTAD!

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I think the open wallets has more to do with Kentucky fans driving up the price of tickets. If you want to go to Nashville, prepare to open up your wallet as wide as you can get it.