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I wish we could beat another team in the SEC before I retire.

I wish you would do everybody a favor and go jump off a high bridge somewhere. One thing is for sure your not a Vol fan, just some pos loser who posts negative comments no matter what the topic is because it's the highlight of your pathetic, day to day life!

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CBJ is bringing them in!! As for Vandy, when franklin gets them to their first Sec championship and wins and gets them to their first NC game and wins or beats one of the top sec teams once, then he will have proven something, until then he is nothing but another coach of a team who has never won any kind of championship in the history of their pathetic football program. If CBJ was black he would be getting more media attention than franklin, and if franklin was white nobody would be talking about his two average seasons.

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running back please... recruit 4,5 star running back ,thank you

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laughing stock status is you in the locker room with your tiny johnson hanging out comparing it to the rest of the team and coming up short! LMAO!!!!

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Why all the Bray hate? In all seriousness.

The guy absolutely lit it up last year. With Bray and the other weapons our offense was absolutely feared. It was the best UT offense I've seen since 01' or 97', and maybe even better. We can argue all the attitudes and so called choke plays.

But the reality is that Bray & Co. was hanging 30+ on excellent defensive teams and still getting beat. Numbers do not lie, and TB put up huge ones.

The defense was the worst in TN history! Nobody saw that coming. I mean nobody. But, I don't see all the vitriol towards Bray (and even Hunter). Those guys were beasts. Not perfect, but excellent IMO.

Just imagine ANY Chavis defense in place of Sal Sunseri's dumpster fire. The season would have been completely different and we would be talking about being "back". Obviously, didn't happen. But it was not the fault of our offense. Just look at the stats.

Oh btw, I hope Worley does great. I really like that kid.

Great post! If we would have had an average SEC defense CDD would not have been fired and UT would have won enough games, SEC and non-conference, to go to a decent bowl game, but when your defense gives up 30 to 40 points a game against almost every SEC team your not going to win very many of those games. Miss State, South carolina,mizzo and even Florida were games UT should have won if not for an inept defense!GBO!!!!!!!!!!

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If UT offered to match the 40k that Fla St offered then it's not about money. All of it will be eaten up in new taxes Fla.

Actually when it comes to taxes he's better off in Florida! We have no state income tax and food is not subject to sales tax like it is in Tennessee!

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Because his gun was gun was used in the robbery. It probably wasn't registered and therefore a felony. Once you have one, the next gun charge is automatic.

You must live up north in an anti gun state,here in the south we don't have to register our firearms. The article states somebody else used his gun in a robbery, it doesn't say he was involved in the crime. If you let somebody borrow your car when their sober and they go to a bar and get drunk without your knowledge and get aressted for DUI would you consider yourself a criminal because they used your car?

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With the damage he sustained in the college game there is no way he'll be able to make it in the NFL. Tim Teblow has a better chance of success then lattimore, and his NFL career has been dismal at best and it's just about over with!

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They should be kicked out of school and not allowed to play football at any college,ever. After that they should be sent to prison, and if the thugs are all of the same race and were targeting members of another race to beat and rob then they should also be charged with a hate crime! This is what happens when you recruit gang bangers from the hood and put them around normal people, they just can't help themselves, they have to resort to their true violent criminal behavior. It's not all their fault though because it's in their DNA.

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Your so ignorant you don't realize how dumb your posts are! You are obviously the product of a weak sperm and if you did find some sow to mate with I'll bet your on welfare, you and your skank probably don't have a full set of teeth between the two of you. But on the bright side,in a couple of years, you and your kid will be in the same grade. You have shown everybody that you are nothing but straight up white trash!! LMAO!!!!!!

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Worked out pretty good for ND you stupid moron! urban meyer was at bowling green and utah before UF hired him, nick saban got his start at toledo before MSU took a chance and hired him. You have proven yourself to be a very ignorant person with your pathetic rants. I'll bet your some loser who still lives at home with your parents working a dead end, minimum wage job! LMAO!!!!

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I believe he also said he wouldn't hire an assisant before he saw what the guy's wife looked like first, this guy's a class act all the way!

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Wow amazing someone can have this bad of a record and be hired by ESPNU.Amazing the guy should of stayed a Lawer.Its amazing how he could get hired like that.I dont think the Bamboo Grew.

And you should have stayed in grade school" should of stayed a lawer" LOL!! Did you mean to say that he should have stayed a lawyer? CDD took over a program that was in shambles and did his best to make UT a better program. He may not have been the greatest coach, but at least he has class, which is more than what can be said about you morons who run down our coaches and players no matter who they are.GBO!!!!

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He may be old but there is nothing wrong with his eyesight! What's the big deal? she is a very attractive woman.

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Glad to see that foam spitting greaseball Muschump and his cheap shot defense get whipped by a team from the Big East. At least Jeff Driskel threw a touchdown pass on their first possesion, to bad it was to the Louisville defense!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is chip Kelly riding on Mike Bellotti's success at Oregon , or david shaw riding on Harbaugh's success at Stanford, or are they just a great coaches? Only a so called UT fan site would run such a dumb article trying to run down,and embarrass the new coach of their team! CBJ has proven himself a great coach at CM and UC, most of the starters,and assitant coaches left UC when CBK left, leaving CBJ with a bunch of underclassmen with little or no playing time, and a new assistant coaches!

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If their going to stay great! If not they need to make it official and not be a distraction to the team or recruiting!!

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You need to learn some morals and values.You would find it does a body good.

Since when is immoral to say c.r.a.p. ?

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he'll turn out to be another nobody like robert meachem!

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Where were all the supporters of Chaney the last couple of years? Nobody had a good word to say about the man when he was here, now a lot of people are praising him, I don't get it! How many times did we watch the offense just give up halfway through a game under chaney? I wished they would have kept pittman, and I'm glad Grahm stayed, but the rest had to go. Only one stat matters and that is W-L against SEC teams, the fact that tenn has won 5 SEC games in the last 3 years and against the worse SEC teams, is why Chaney had to go!

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I don't understand all the hate for him just because he doesn't want to drop everything, pull his kids out of their school leave all his freinds and move across the the country to take another job where half the people on here criticize the hiring of the new HC, when he and his family obviously like it where they are. Not to mention the ungrateful fan base that calls for coach's and their assistant coach's to be fired if they don't achieve instant success and running down the players the way many people who post on here do. I am grateful for the NC that T martin helped bring to UT, but he does not owe UT or the fans here anything more than what he's already done for the program.

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UT needs you more now than ever, your a winner and you would be a great asset for your alma mater with your proven QB playing and coaching experience as well as your great recruiting abilities!! GBO!!!!.

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It's amazing that the same people who complained about CDD and his choice of assistant coaches and the recruits tey brought in are complaining that CBJ is getting rid of them. The same people who have been complaining about the how poor they were recruiting are now heaping praise on how good these same coaches were at recruiting, WAFJ you whiners are. People who bring up Tuberville would have complained if hart would have hired him. CBJ is going to be judged for how well this team plays, so he has the right to pick the asstant coaches that he wants, so get over it!!

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If Jones dumps the O line coach, Darin Hinshaw and Conklin, he will be making his second, third and fourth mistakes since taking the UT job. The first will be having told us that he was going to have the best staff in the US if he brings so many from his staff at Cincinnati. His O line coach may be great, but making a good O line go through their 3rd position coach in 3 years - especially after finally having the kind of year that their talent suggested they should have been having all along - would be ... unwise. Dumping Hinshaw, the recruiting co-ordinator for the kids UT has been in contact with for up to 3 year would be .. risky. Dumping Conklin would be getting rid of probably the most promising coach on Dooley's staff. No, Butch, if you want success, you really need to reconsider this.

Sounds like you got it figurd out !I'm surprised your not making millions of dollars a year coaching, since your giving advice to somebody who is!GBO!!!!

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6 years, 4 conference titles!!! HOME RUN!!!

Welcome Coach Jones!

And for the record, the best sportswriter the KNS ever had was a guy named Al Dunning; the best sportscaster EVER was named John Ward!!! I suspect Coach Jones heard some of these guys growing up in Michigan.

I don't know about the rest of you true Vol fans, but I am FIRED UP!!! Loved Coach Fulmer annd Coach Dooley, but We've got to now support Coach Butch 100%!!! And at this point I have to retract my criticism of Coach Hart! I BELIEVE we've hit a GRAND SLAM!!!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life

You forgot to mention that he was also the big east's coach of the year in 2011! Great Hire!! GBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I for one am thrilled to have Butch Jones as our coach. On the other hand, the last several days of reading some of the comments on this site has convinced me Tennessee has more than it's share of incredibly STUPID FANS!!! If I have offended anyone with my last statement...GOOD. For those who happen to agree with me, that's good too. No Tennessee fan has any right to be critical of any Alabama fan for their stupidity. We have more than enough to go around. G.B.O.!!!!

Well said!!!!!!!!!!!

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Each new coach in the SEC has won the entire conference they came from...except Tennessee's new coach.

Ark-Bret Bielemma...Wiscy/Big 10 (Oh St really won the Big 10 though)
Aub-Gus Malzahn...Ark St/Sun Belt
Ky--Mark Stoops...FSU/ACC
TN--Butch Jones....lost the Big East to a 3 way tie btwn champions: Louisville, Rutgers, and Syracuse.

I liked how mark stoop's defense held up against NC state, which tennessee spanked, and UF! lol. UT hired the best coach out of your list and time will prove it. Stoops will be begging his brother for a job, Bielemma will get run out of town quicker than john Smith, and Malzahn only looked good at aburn because of cam newton! And do you seriously consider the Sun Belt a conf? And as you pointed out Bielemma won the Little ten by default.

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Dude, shut your pie hole. Anyone with half a brain can see that the administration failed miserably in this hire. Some of you guys seem to enjoy coating everything in powdered sugar. This was a bad hire considering what we were promised. I'll support this coach and this team, but don't be surprised if we aren't back in this same situation in 3 years.

Exactly what were you promised? You are a crybaby, I'm sure your choice would be what you consider a better hire,Gruden would've been a huge mistake and all other coaches that you would approve of ARE AT WINNING PROGRAMS AND THEY WANT TO STAY THERE!, obviously you don't get it, you show your age and IQ by refering to someone as dude. I bet you were a spoiled little child who would pout every time you didn't get your way. CBJ has a winning record everywhere he's coached, has his teams at the top of their conferences, so stop crying , UT hired a better coach than Arkansas, Auburn,and Kentucky,and he alot better choice than charlie Strong.

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Not right hire at all. Good Grief. Guess theres always ETSU, or MTSU.

Don't let the door hit your back side on the way out! You would cry no matter who they hired , unless it was nick saban or some other unrealistic coaching hire. Butch Jones is a proven head coach, 2011 Big east coach of the year, has almost as many SEC wins as CDD, takes his team to bowl games, had his team finish in the top twenty five in 2011, went 9-3 this year for a share of the big east championship.

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The AD at TN. missed the Catch of the Day; Wisconsin's coach.

Yeah if you eat carp !! LOL!!!!

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There's something that's not right in all this. Anybody really know?

It doesn't hurt to ask a head coach from another school if they want the job at UT, but if the guy loves his job and the community where he is now, why would he leave? There is nothing wrong with the UT job, it just that the guys hart is asking are happy where they are, coaching programs that they have built up and have have been successful at. Why hasn't hart interviewed Petrino, Butch davis or jim tressel? their all proven head coach's for major programs and currently available. What Hart is doing is the equivalent of a single man try to talk a happily married woman into leaving her husband, instead of going after a single woman or a woman who wants a divorce from her current husband!!

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If Strong is going back and forth with UL and UT it'ts time to move on and get Petrino, Who, unlike strong, would love the opportunity to coach the Vols, a proven winner as a head coach in the SEC ,and no contract buyouts.

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WTF is Hart doing? every team that was replacing their coach has hired a new one but UT, maybe we need a new AD!!!!

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they should have kept petrino, this replacement won't be any better than the one that coached the team this season, this guy can't win the big ones.

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Most of the ppl on this board wanted to hire a proven coach if Charlie Strong isn't considered proven I don't know who is look at what he has done with Louisville with limited resources. And for those pointing out Louisville's record against Florida and are trying to say that is why he shouldn't be hired are morons. Look at Louisville's recruiting classes versus Florida's it is hard to beat a team that is in a state full of talent who all they dreamed about since being kids was playing for the Gators. Of course only time will tell if we do hire him if it was a good decision however, the same could be said about any coach they hire. I firmly believe the ppl on here who wouldn't be happy with Strong being the coach are still stuck on Gruden which was never going to happen in the first place. Stop being delusional and start being realistic because you are setting yourself up for disappointment if your still stuck on Gruden.

I agree, Gruden is covered in cobbwebbs and has never been a college head coach, Strong is a much better choice and will recruit well especially in Florida.He will bring discipline, as well energy and enthusiasm back to our team, which has been a problem in the past.Plus he looks like mirine drill sergeant instead of a pansy like the last two head coaches!!

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Whomever they hire, true Vol fans will get behind him and the team,I would rather they hire a proven SEC head coach like petrino, but Strong has done well for UL and will do well for UT if given a chance!

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The fact that Auburn and Arkansas have their hires is only good news for the Vols, at that leaves Gundy, Strong, Fisher, Fedora and others still available.

The bad news is that recruits know who's coaching those teams and they don't have a clue who's going to coach UT, which put's us behind in recruiting again.

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Petrino will never be cheaper than he is now. To my knowledge he has never been in trouble with the NCAA for rules violations.
With UT's resources and a good recruiting coordinator it would be on like donkey kong.

I agree, Petrino is the best coach on the market right now. Who cares that he cheated on his wife, there could be a lot of reasons why he did it,there's no way any of you knows what was going on in his marriage that lead up to his affair. UT should hire him based on how he runs a program, and to my knowledge he runs a clean one, that wins games.If you want to win, he's UT's man. If not don't complain about the next UT experiment gone wrong!!GBO!!!!!

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And your not ready to be considered an adult, time to grow up little one!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

laughing at what, moron? They were hoping that UT would be dumb enough to higher a coach with no college coaching experience, Gruden would have been a huge mistake because he is an NFL coach which is totaly different than college, just ask Spurrier, Saban and Butch Davis. Most coaches can't make the transition from one to the other and be successful, and Gruden took a super bowl team that Dungy built to the super bowl in his first year as the bucs coach and beat the team he coached the year before, against his former OC ,who was using Grudens play book,in other words "He's no Bill Bilichick". Just because a lot of people that post on here wanted Gruden doesn't mean that UT was even pursuing him or that the majority of UT fans wanted him in the first place, just a lot of media hype because UT is not giving info to the media on who they are pursuing, so they are just speculating to keep turds like you happy.

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thank god, Gruden would be a disaster of a hire, he's too much of a hot head to deal with college kids and has no real experience at the job of a HC in college football, plus he wouldn't stick around long and would leave UT for the NFL after a couple of years. Bobby Petrino is a proven winner and would jump at the chance to coach at UT. If Tenn doesn't hire him Auburn will and he will have that team back to elite status in the SEC in his 1st or 2nd year on the job.If not him, Strong would be another good hire with his recuiting ability throughout the south, and he is one of the best defensive coach's in college football.

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I hope hart has been doing more than spooning with gruden in his coaching search. I don't know that a man who hasn't coached in years, won a super bowl ten yrs ago with a team tony dungy built, against a team that he had coached the year before and knew all the plays that bill callahan was going to run because he wrote them, and with very little college coaching experience , is the right man for the job. After the super bowl he destroyed the team by getting rid of all the top players and was fired after a steady decline of wins coaching the bucs.

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So what does this say (if anything) that Kentucky has already hired someone and we have not?

KY fired joker phillips weeks ago and UT fired CDD 9 days ago, KY has a lot less options compared to UT when it comes to bringing a high profile coach to their team. UT has more money, better facilitys, better stadium, better everything, and with the right coach will be a serious SEC contender in a couple of years. Kentucky has been and will always be a bottom of the SEC team.

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Tenn defense sucks, but UK sucks on offense, defense and special team. Tenn beats down the mild cats and this win will be the start of another quarter centurey + of UT dominance over the cats.

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I just saw this guy under an overpass drinking a bottle of mad dog 20/20! LOL!!!!

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What's wrong with Petrino? Don't yall like winners?

I agree with you ,he should be at the top of the list ! Nobody knows what Petrino's marriage was like, that's between him and his wife. How many of you who are against Petrino as our next coach because he had an affair voted for Bill clinton to be president,once or even twice?

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Okay all of you classless, immature brats, go ahead and let us know what candidates you will find acceptable, so that the University can make sure you're happy with the hire. Because God knows, if you disagree with the hire the "culture of negativity" will only continue. Because, of course, you know exactly who should and should not coach this team.

I love Dooley, and know he's a good man. But I agree he had to go. But some of you bums show absolutely no class or compassion for a GOOD MAN who took the job that none of your dream coaches would take, gave it his all, suffered some of the worst luck and toughest schedule imaginable, and demonstrated true character that you LACK and will never have.

YOU have damaged this program with your classless negativity. What coach with other job opportunities would come here? What players with other opportunities will come here?

My rant ain't about Dooley...he needed to go. I think he'll spend a few years as an assistant and then reemerge as a very attractive HC candidate.

My post is about YOU...bunch of weak, classless, heartless, whining, ungrateful, unrealistic, spoiled, know-it-all, quitters.

Great post!!