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People relax!!! They will only be worn 1 or 2 games this year. It's a SCHOOL COLOR for crying out loud. I think they look great and if it excites the team, recruits, and the fan base then I'm all in..

Go Vols

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

So the AD freed up all that money for this? Talk about Anticippointment!!

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

Well If this true then Arky sure made the "BOOM" hire. Yawn.....

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You know If Gruden wasn't interested he should've said early on. He politely said "thanks but no thanks to Arky. but we get a canceled meeting and "never interested" from him and then his agent say's "Fastasy"..Seem's kinda like a low class insult to me. Just saying!! Probably better off in the long run anyway..


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Like Dave Hart say's we need to look to the future and not the past! Let's move on! Why are people soooo high on Coach Cut and Al Golden for that matter. Cut did good (not great) at Ole Miss while he had Eli then was fired. He's not really set the woods on fire as a head coach anywhere. Same with Al Golden had a couple good years at Temple and thats all. Oh and no Tommy Tupperware either! We don't want other SEC schools rejects. We are Tennessee.

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Not a troll, negavol, or a hater but truth be told what does CDD know about defense or offense for that matter?? He's never EVER even been a OC or DC coordinater of either..Yet still has a portion of the the fanbase pulling for him.....COMICAL.

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Coach Martin wasn't impressed with his own hiring?

My apologies for my grammatical errors. I like coach Zo. I wasn't impressed with the hire at first.

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Like coach Zo...Wasn't impressed with the hire at first but he's a class act, good recruiter, and knows the game at every level. Hoops is certainly going in the right direction.

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I respect your opinion. Thats the thing some of these dooley fans don't get even if dooley does get to a winning record this year and me personally i say 6-6 or at best 7-5 with some luck. With the lowered expectations at UT now that just might be enough to save his job, and people don't realize that the schedule is much easier this coming fall then in years to come. 2013 is brutal, and with Bray and Rogers and whoever else gone that means we are basically back to square one with a loser of a head coach, lots of un proven talent and a brutal schedule. That's why if the AD was smart they should have canned him in November opened up there checkbook and hired say a Larry Fedora (great coach by the way and a southern guy, perfect fit). With our talent he would have for sure gotten 9 wins this coming fall with some momentum a great recruiting class and great coaching going into 2013.

Well said and I concur. A decent season this year could be a curse. If we had better recruiting class's I'd feel more confident in the future. Although UT is one of the better jobs it's tough and your HAVE to recruit. Not like Fla., Texas, LSU, or Cali. I'M not a CDD hater but I just don't think he can get it done..

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Here's my two cents. UT wins 8 maybe 9 if we're lucky with a bowl. CDD keeps his job and probably a new contract. Obviously if UT has a good season Bray, Rodgers, & Hunter will enter the draft early.

The 2013 season will be ugly plus we have to go to Oregon. This season may be our only bright spot for a while..AND stuck another year or two with CDD..

Just keeping it real....

Go Vols!!

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Baylor was just too much. Sad thinking this was possibly Pat's last game! A true legend as a person and coach!
If so, UT Admin is clueless not to throw the bank at Nikki Caldwell. Class act, great recruiter, 2009 PAC 10 coach of the year, never had a loosing record as HC, a quality resume, and from Oak Ridge...It's a no brainer.
I'm sorry folks Warlick is no clone of Pat, can't coach a lick, is never been a HC, unproven, uses Pats name to recruit. THIS IS LADY VOL BBALL.....A Dynasty not a experiment..

Just saying!!

Go Vols

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That's been my pick all along as well. However, after seeing someone say the 49ers, that makes me wonder. I seen where Alex Smith is a free agent, not sure if they are planning on bringing him back or not. But Peyton with the 49ers would be filthy.

I concur...Make it so number 1.

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No USC or Kiffin fan but thats a "no brainer" USC hands down. This a promotion from UK. Tee is doing what Tee feels is best for his family and career! Heck he has a "chance" for another national championship ring this year and wouldn't that look good on his resume! In coaching, it's a business and he no doubt made the right career move...I don't like it either but don't blame Tee...

Just keeping it real


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Considering the coaching changes and a disappointing 5 and 7 record last year I think it was a good class!
However, under normal circumstances and aspiration's of getting back to the SEC elite it was a yawner...

Content but not excited!

Just keeping it real.


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Is Tennessee turning into Alabamas little brother?

Well It's sure better than being LA Tech's big brother....

Written on 'Bama defense shuts down Tigers in BCS title game:

Nebraska was robbed

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Bama is amazing tonight! The best prepared, motivated, hungry, well coached program. Probably the best college defense I've ever seen!!

I'm no bama fan but very impressive..

Thats how it's done.


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Why would they even consider Zook the Crook...Say it ain't so!!

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These must have been posted by Clemson players, coaches, and fans...

Written on Orange Bowl blowout not enough to eliminate Kevin Steele as possible UT target:

God I hope it's not Steel..Why is UT so high on this guy? Have you ever heard of Clemson being mentioned as a solid defensive team! If UT/Dooley hire's him it will be a yawner and the demise of Dooley.

Shannon has a solid and impressive resume. Granted it was in the ACC but better than Steel's! Shannon has the experience, resume, record and been in the South Fla area for many years. Could be a HUGE recruiting asset.

It's a "No Brainer"...Shannon. Make a statement UT.

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I realize it's just one game but 70 points!! Geez...I've never understood Dooleys/UT interest in him anyway. We can do better.

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley's job safe for now, but Tennessee Vols must produce:

So does anyone think UT is still interested Clemson's Kevin Steel as DC?....Probably but I hope not.

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This program's leadership seems so out of touch. Clueless! I'm no coach but after the horrible running game, O-line, special teams play, and no sign of development..There are no changes! Oh I'm sorry, Mr. Baggett WHO RETIRED!...He was one of the bright spots. Baffling! I just don't think Dooley makes it past year 3. Big time coach's make big time decisions...However, it doesn't matter really to CDD...He's a millionaire now....

Just saying.....

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Sad... one of the few quality coaches we have and good for recruiting.

Not sold on the "retireing" thing..Ohio St. maybe? Penn St.? More to come...

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Ummm...Thats not what I meant when I wanted a coaching change! Fire the good one's and keep the Cancer. I think Charlie is a damn good coach but who knows what go's on behind the scene's!! What's next Wilcox and Thompson?..Geez, If we would just jump the SEC and join the WAC this would be soooooo less painful.

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THIS JUST IN...Meyer resigns before first season at OSU stating the coaching pressure and press conference is killing him! What a flake...A rich one, but a flake.

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Anybody follow Justin Hunter's twitter? Read that he tweeted earlier today saying "I'm Done". If anyone follows him, is this true, and in what context was the tweet. The thought of him leaving the team would be just another set back.

Surely not....

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We can continue to do what we always seem to do and think that somehow we give Dooley more and more time he will prove to be an excellent coach in the SEC. Even you folks that support Dooley out there, ask yourself that question. Given more time, do I really deep down feel like Dooley will win SEC Championships at Tennessee? I'd like to be optimistic and say yes, but I seriously doubt it. That's just being honest. I don't really believe this guy and this staff can compete with the Saban's, Miles, and the rest of a tough league. Hope I'm wrong.

Well said....very well said

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No disrespect to "The Cheif" His experience would have really helped after the coaching change. He's a good DC, good recruiter and gained experience along the way! Lets all don't forget the "Bend but don't break" the "3rd and Chavis" years! He was almost ran off in his early years here due to UT getting whipped on D. Any DC would look good with the talent and recruiting base he's working with.

Just saying

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I'm loosing faith in CDD, Wilcox, & Chaney. improvement and no hope of it being any better next year. I try to be positive but come on....

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Great to hear, great player but didn't know he was injured or questionable haha! Any word on Herman Lathers?

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UT WILL NOT make a head coaching change for at least 2 years minimum! So shut up about it! If CDD wants his job he will make a few coaching changes and I sure hope so...Go Vols.

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Gotta love Devron Young...What a breath of fresh air on the return side....

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It's like bamboo people..Like bamboo

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I know everyone is tired of losing heck I am two. The fact is UT can not and will not make a head coaching change for 2 years MINIMUM. We need to support our program and coach till then! Is CDD the man? That remains to be seen but I will say this...He wants to win two haha! He's putting together nice back to back top 15 recruiting classes. He's a good man, class act, and wants to build a solid, clean program! Neither Rome or the Death Star were built in a day and he really did take a job that was a mess. Give him a chance...I think better days are coming...

It's always darkest before the dawn.


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Bama - 50
Vols - 0

Is that at halftime or final score? We can always hope that Bama forgets and doesn't show.

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The current regime will not be replaced for at least 1 maybe 2 more years MINIMUM. Unfortunately our program can't afford a change either financially or for stability. It is what it is!

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im not suggesting that wearing our current uniforms are bad, im just suggesting that a uniform change for a conference game may help motivation. We need some motivation, we arent getting it from the coaching staff.

Thank you! That's what I'm screaming!..Fire'um up instead down playing the importance of this game or any game. Where's the coaching fire. Orgeron was a looser but he could light a spark.

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Now Bray's hurt...I think we're cursed!

Written on Third quarter: Georgia 20, Tennessee 6:

How long can we use the "young" excuse? I think we have a better recruiter than X&O coach. Not sure we have a good motivator either cause he down plays every game. Lets have some jumping in the tunnels or sidelines! Heck something! Until we get at LEAST a marginal running game we won't win in the SEC.
I like CDD and a Vols fan but I'm not sold.

Just keeping it real.

Go Vols

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Dang LSU looks strong! Miles is still a grass eating complete dufus. The Tebow jump pass was in your face awesome though!

Go Big Orange

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West Virginia - Bank on it.

I believe your right! I would much much rather have the Tarheels but bring on the Mountaineers..

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No young lady, we are here because this is a Vol site.

Let's see if we can make it clearer for you.
We assume Florida does in fact have a sports site. If they do, ( but apparently they may not have one since you troll here all the time ) but let's just say they do. We assume they talk there about other schools. However young lady, we don't know that for sure inasmuch as we don't find it necessary to be lurking there as you seem inclined to do here.

Seems you and fellow trolls just can't get enough of the Vols, can you?????????

Well said...There is a center to the universe and Fla ain't it! Case in point..Where are all the Bama fans? Probably on their site! Imagine that!...

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Hahaha..That was comical! I'll give you that.

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Although your winning there's no tradition, no class, no respect, and no substance to your FB program. If your a true UF fan then represent with a sense of reality..not a virus.
Bodine take off the Gator colored glasses...your coaching staff is the butt of constant and on going laughter nationwide and the clock is ticking....

And anyone playing UF

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

True you may "own the Vols" but the plain and simple truth is the Bama program can be respected. Bama has "Tradition" dating way earlier than the 90's. The Bama fan does not need to talk smack because their program has a touch of class. And last ...they have a proven, professional coaching staff.

Now I'm noooooo Bama fan but there's a huge difference in the 2 programs..

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It pains me to say this but.....Roll Tide

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Welcome Aggie nation.