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Written on Shooting guard Jordan Cornish commits to Vols:

I actually like guys like this. Not a one and done but rated high enough that he should have a lot of talent. A very good player will be just as valuable as a Junior as a one and done 17 year old.

Plus, lets be happy we get a top 150 recruit. I will be thrilled to get 4-5 of those instead of a few guys that average 2 points and 2 rebounds(pops).

Remember Hopson was a 5 star, McRae was a 4 star. I would take McRae any day. Stokes was a 5 star, Maymon was a 4 star. Woolridge was a 4 star, Richardson was a 3 star. Thats 3 examples at UT is recent years where the lower rated recruit was as good or better than the higher rated recruit.

GO VOLS... Lets sign a REAL talented big man.

Written on As many as 30 scholarships could be available to Vols in 2014:

All I know is UT has more 4 star WRs than ANYONE..
With current commits I count at least ten 4 star WRs.
Hopefully some can move to DB.
Can we start getting the D-Linemen now???

Written on UT releases Travon Landry from men's basketball letter of intent:

It says Landry released...

All of these assupmtions, is it known 10% that Landry did not ask to be released, knowing he would never crack the rotation.

If it was done in a decent way this is best for the team. Landry had horrible numbers. Even if the team had talent his 3 point % was just ugly and that wont help UT.

Still do not understand the "POPS" signing though. I think Yemi was a great defender, maybe his female issues were too much to keep around though but at the rate Martin is going he will replace Pops with a more talented recruit next year.

Written on Cordarrelle Patterson selected to appear in New York City for NFL Draft :

Its nuts when I hear "experts" say there is no big fats WRs in this draft... 6'3 4.3-40... Hummm.
I am a Bills fan and the only player I want the Bills to pick #8 is Patterson. They need a #2 WR and Patterson may be a #1 in time. I think Patterson can change any teams offense into a threat. I can only imagine the Bills with CJ Spiller and Patterson in the backfield. That would be the most dangerous combo in the NFL out of the backfield. And yes he does line up in the backfield sometimes.

If they select a QB in the first round I would still like for them to somehow still get Justin Hunter. He is not as explosive as Patterson but he can be a #1 one day if he stays healthy.
Also, I love all Vols but I am not too happy that the Bills have held a private interview with Zach Rogers. Maybe in the seventh round but I do not wish for my team to draft Rogers. He looked good at times but I was never blown away by Rogers. I do hope he proves me wrong though


Written on Jordan McRae, Jarnell Stokes apply for evaluation from NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee :

I have said this for a year now. No way they are gonna make it right now.

McRae is not a good ball handler at all. His cross-over is the worst I have ever seen, it can be seen coming from the day before. He needs so much work on his handle and his strength. If he is a 2 guard in the NBA can you imagine Lebron switching on him and just abusing him. There is only one player in terms of body type to compare Jordan to, Rip Hamilton. Rip used to be a great player but he is falling apart now. With a body that small he better be great at something. For Rip it is the mid-range jumper. Jordan can be great at that but he has a long way to go. He is far too inconsistant.

For Jarnell, Size is his biggest issue but that cant change. He can only play PF in the NBA and PF have to have a mid range game. Jarnell has nothing close to a mid range shot. At his size he will not bew backing down too many players because there will be a Center waiting for him and we all know what happens when Stokes gets doubled or has a long player on him. The only chance he has is to develope a consistant 10-15 ' game. And that wont happen before the draft.

Not only for the fan side of me but I want these guys to come back to UT for themselves. I do not want them to make the mistake Hopson made. Please come back and win the SEC and be a championship contender.


Written on Vols believe they can have elite offensive line:

Other fans will disagree that UT has the best OL in the country I cant find anyone that has a better one. Bama may end up being better but going in the season UT has the best on paper.

With the O-Line, RBs and the loaded WR group I think UT can have one of the best offenses in the SEC again as long as the QB plays well.

Speaking of UT QBs... How in the blank in Matt Simms on the Jets roster??? Are they that desperate?

Written on Govols247: Thompson picks Tennessee:

in response to rclarkvols#224537:

Not Stokes fault. The point guard has to fight through that screen and Trae just wouldn't.He lacks the quickness and desire needed from the point quard on defense. Same problem playing against Bama, Georgia and Ole Miss. Next year we won't need his offense and you will see his minutes decrease.

DId not say it was Stokes fault, just pointing out a fact, Stokes can not switch on a guard.

Written on Govols247: Thompson picks Tennessee:

The biggest need for Tennessee was PG because Trae was our only ball handler when h was not in Tennessee was lost. Josh and Jordan both are below average in ball handling, which is the main reason Jordan needs to come back. His cross over can be seen coming from last week. In the NBA Jordan will get his pocket picked all the time. Anyway, I love this kids size, it will continue the length theme C Martin is bringing in. like how Georgetown shut us down with all their length. It makes a defense so much better when 1-4 can switch any play. That would help so much when teams run the play that Mercer killed us with, as long as Martin can figure out how to make sure to keep Stokes out of that. He is the only player that can not switch.


Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

WIll Cuonzo Martin ever be able to make adjustments during a game? How many times can he watch opponents run a 5-1 roll and get a layup?
So many times Josh could have just stepped up when the big was sprinting to the rim , instead he brushed by him and guarded the man going out for a three. I dont understand why Tennessee wanted to say "here take the layup, we are gonna make sure you dont make a three on us".
I like Martin but I am very tired of the lack of adjustments during games. This junk has to be fixed.
Also, Bob knight is the dunbest man in the business. The crud he says is just so moronic. "the team that wins the rebound battle is usually the team that ends up with more rebounds". Even the way he speaks is annoying.
Anyway, I see no way McRae goes pro after that dud of a game. If he cant score on Mercer he needs another year, and Stokes has got to develope a mid-range jumper. We have seen all year that length stops Jarnell. He can not score over long arms. In the NBA he will never be matched up with 6'7 PFs. If he cant knock down a 12' shot then he wont make it.
Now with the roster coming in next season..
Golden, McRae, Hubbs, Maymon Stokes
Landry, Armani, Josh Richardson, Reese, Quinton, AJ Davis, Yemi, Edwards and Miller. That is the DEEPEST roster UT has had in a very long time. There is zero excuse to not have a top 25 team next season. No NCAA means a new coach, no doubt. But there is no excuse, right.


Written on Riyahd Jones' long journey to SEC has unlikely ending at Tennessee:

I am of course hoping the best of Jones but there is something that scares me. His stats at JUCO.
22 Tackles...huh?
Maybe they knew he was a lock down defender and never went to his side of the field. Averaging 2 tackles per game is not impressive. Even Darell Revis gets 7-8 tackles per game and he is never thrown at.
Lets just hope there is much more to this than I can see. Likely is.
I do know that in this next recruiting class there needs to be a priority on defense. AJ JOhnson will leave early most likely and we will be very thin at every level on defense. No Mount McCullers No AJ. Who will be the leader on defense. Of Course I am way ahead of myself on this but I sure hope this staff can sign the 4-5 star recruits on the D-Line also. That is where UT has been hurt for so many years now.

Written on UT signee Robert Hubbs says Vols will 'do some damage' in NCAA tournament:

I have been saying it for months.
If McRae and Stokes stays UT is going to have their most talented team kince Bert and Ernie. Yes more talent than 2008. That team had no NBA players but they did have chemistry.

I just hope McRae and Stokes dont make the same mistake as Hopson. Both players are at best late first rounders at this point. If they come back Stokes will not see many double teams with Maymon and McRae will have much more room to score with more scroring threats on the floor.
If they return both player will be in the mix for a lottery selection.
Not only do I want them back for UT to have a chance at a national championship but I want Vols in the NBA. Both players have star talent but need to tune their game in order to make an impact in the NBA. McRae needs to be able to handle the ball and gain some bulk for the 2 guard in the NBA and Stokes will be a Power Forward and will not have many chances to score with his back to the basket so he has to develope a mid range shot. He can rebound with the best of them but 9'8 Centers dont work out. Almost every PF in the NBA has a mid-range game.
I only hope these kids see this also. If so UT will be atop the SEC next season and should be a top 10 team in the country.


Written on Jordan McRae passed over for SEC Player of the Year:

This is a joke anyway.
It seems to me that there should be only 5 players on a first team. If there are two point guards then one of them are not the best point guard in the league.
I do understand the POY because KCP did it all year while Jordan was only hot in SEC play, unless it only takes SEC play in to count.

But the STokes being left is a joke. last I checked double-doubles are a big deal. WHo had more double-doubles than Sokes?? And likeOwensboro said, Stokes faced more double/triple teams than anyone in the SEC this season, by far. and still put up great numbers.

Man I hope Stokes and Mcrae come back next season. They are both second round players at this point and I wish they wont make the same mistake Hopson made. If they come back UT will have its best roster since 2008, and next years may be better. 2008 didnt have NBA talent and next year we have 2 that will and 4 that can be (Stokes, McRae, Hubbs and Maymon) I doubt Maymon makes it with the knee.


Written on A look at Tennessee's 2014 class after 3 new additions, including 4-star Todd Kelly Jr.:

If UT can get a few more 4 stars before the season there is no reason this class isnt a top 10 class. If all goes well it has a chance to be a top 5 class.
Since we just got a WR I am certain that UT can be very selective with any more WRs. We have more than enough.
Now it is time to build that defense and get the long awaited STUD RB!

Written on Cuonzo Martin says Missouri win is biggest so far at UT:

I dont understand this junk. Tennessee stayed in the first four out after beating Mizz.. Yet 2 weeks ago they went from first 4 out to last 4 in after a LOSS to UGA. This junk is nuts. And a W over USCE or MSU will likely only hurt Tennessee so maybe a W over Bama is a must. I think they are in no matter what but in Loe Lunardis mind they dont move at all after beating a top 35 RPI team.


Ohio State/WEST

Wichita State
Iowa State

La Salle
Boise State
Virginia (moves in with win)

Tennessee (moves down to Virginia's spot)
Ole Miss
Southern Miss

Arizona State

Written on How far does UT need to go in the SEC tournament to earn a spot in the NCAA tournament?:

Jimmy Dykes has a better resume than any person on here and he said we are in before the Mizz game and that win cemented a ticket.

Now that said we need to beat Bama in order to get a 8-9 seed. although maybe a 10 seed would be better to avoid playing a 1 seed in the second round.

Written on Vols celebrate 64-62 victory against Missouri on Senior Day:

From ESPN Insider... This was before the Mizz game.

With so few games left, it can often be difficult for teams to garner quality wins. Conversely, sometimes the way the schedule breaks, opportunities for bad losses also diminish. Tennessee picked up its big wins - throttling Kentucky and defeating powerhouse Florida in the past month. It also has a home loss to Georgia, got swept by Mississippi, and very few noteworthy non-conference wins. Now the Volunteers are the "last team in" the tournament on the second to last day of the regular season.

The team has come on very strong in the latter half of conference play, winning a very impressive seven of eight after starting 3-6 in the SEC. Defeating visiting Missouri today will cement their chances of getting their name called on Selection Sunday. But, as aforementioned, because Missouri is safely in the tournament, a loss to them won't technically be a bad one, even at home. Still, a loss today means the Vols would benefit from another win or two in the SEC tournament and hope that their strong second half will earn them a trip to the First Four in Dayton.

Written on Vols celebrate 64-62 victory against Missouri on Senior Day:

OK, so much talk of "is Tennessee in"
When it comes to "buble teams" there are a few major factors and tennessee passes all of them.
S.O.S - Tennessee has as good or better than most of the bubble teams
Is the team hot - 8 of 9 (nuff said)
VS RPI top 50 - I believe UT is 3-3 (check)
Quality wins - Witchita St, UF, UK and Mizz

Jimmy Dykes DOES know more than 99% of sports commentators and he said UT was in before yesterday so I say UT is a lock, but say they are still close a win in the SEC-t will seal the deal and the game vs USC or MSU "should" be a lock, but giving UTs SEC-T history they could flop.
Either way in my mind and most experts UT s in right now, the only thing that can keep them out is upsets in mid major tourneys AND a loss to a bad MSU or USC team.

And stop with the McRae and Stokes are not NBA players. McRae is possibly SEC POY and is argably the hottest scorer in the country, yeah a NBA team would pass that up.. Look at the players that get taken in the bottom of the 1st round and second in last years draft. no where near the scoring talent of Mcrae plus Mcrae has the length for the NBA
And anyone that tinks Stokes wont make it is flat out lying. He is almost the exact same player as Jared Sullinger. Sullinger never takes over a game with scoring but he is a walking double double. I always thought Stokes was just like Zach Randolph, just cant shoot like Randolph. That is why it is best for both players to come back.
Stokes needs work on his mid range jumper, he will not be a center in the NBA so will need to be able to make a mid range shot.
And McRae needs to work on ball handling and needs to add some bulk.
As is both players are late first early second rounders and 2-3 year projects but will make a roster.
One more season with a complete team around them to relieve the double teams should get both in conversation for a lottery pick.
Just my opinion.

Written on Vols celebrate 64-62 victory against Missouri on Senior Day:

BEST EFFORT I have seen UT play with since Memphis in 08!!
If UT played with that effort they can beat most teams. Not got the talent the top teams do (til nest season) but Tennessee will need to play that hard in the dance to make the sweet 16 or farther.
It would be nce to get a SEC tourney championship. That tourney has been a nightmare for UT but this is the first season that it is wide open.
Right now I see UT getting a 12 seed. One win gets them an 11 seed and 2 or more and they get at best an 8 seed.
Lets hope McRae and Stokes return cuz this team can be the best in the SEC and a top 10 with the new guys , Maymon and all retutning players.
I only hope Mcrae at least learned from Hopson. Same player in playing style but McRae is a harder worker and better scorer, Hopson had more talent. I dont see either player as a first rounder and if not return and lock up that first round pick.

Written on Butch Jones on 1st Tennessee practice: 'Not where you start, but where you finish' (with photo gallery):

This guy just gets it so much more than the coachs son who used to be here.

Written on Skylar McBee goes from humble start to Senior Day:

I have been critical of Skylars defense but he is a good kid and his mom is the nicest person (along with joshs' mom) ever.
At the A&M game I talked to Skylars mom about Skylars path to UT. I thought when he was Freshmen that the word was the only school to offer him was Santa Clara (D1) but Skylars mom ( a nursing teacher at a school near knoxville) told me that he had a few D1 offers most notably from Wake Forest. I did not know that. But she said he turned that down to walk on at UT. She said it was something that she and her husband never knew he wanted to do but Skylar said he knew in his heart that UT was best for him.
I couldnt disagree. Not to belittle it but the KU game was and will always be the highlight of Skylars athletic career and all of us only wish we could have anything close to an accomplishment like that. Skylar played a major role in knocking the best team in the country and he hit perhaps the mostmemorable 3 pointer in UT history.

We can only wih that UT had more kids that bled orange like Skylar does.

Thank you Skylar McBee

Written on Vols get needed win at Auburn, 82-75:

in response to SummittsCourt:

Alright, so this sets it up for Missouri on Saturday. A win almost locks up a tournament bid. A lose and UT will have to win out in the SEC tourney to make the big dance.

Lets Go Vols!

The bracket expert has UT in very safely.

The Full S-curve

ALL CAPS: conference leader





8. Michigan


6. Louisville

5. Duke


10. Michigan St.


12. Ohio State

16. Oklahoma St.

15. Syracuse

14. Kansas State

13. Marquette

17. Wisconsin

18. Unlv

19. Arizona

20. Pittsburgh


23. Vcu

22. Notre Dame


25. Ucla

26. North Carolina

27. Colorado State

28. Butler

32. San Diego State

31. NC State

30. Missouri


33. Minnesota


35. Illinois

36. California

40. Oklahoma

39. Wichita State

38. Cincinnati

37. Saint Mary's

41. Colorado

42. Virginia




47. Iowa State

46. Boise State

45. La Salle


50. Temple

51. Villanova

52. Tennessee

















72. Alabama

71. Maryland

70. Ole Miss

69. Kentucky

73. Southern Miss

74. Baylor

75. Arizona State

76. Providence

Written on Vols get needed win at Auburn, 82-75:

in response to SummittsCourt:

Alright, so this sets it up for Missouri on Saturday. A win almost locks up a tournament bid. A lose and UT will have to win out in the SEC tourney to make the big dance.

Lets Go Vols!

You are way off. A win will lock up a ticket but a loss does not mean we need to win the SEC tourney. Right now UT is like the 5th or 6th last team in, a loss would put them right on the edge but maybe not near as much as you are thinking... Because of Mizzouris RPI it will help UTs S.O.S. Mizzouri is maybe the best team in the SEC.

I think a loss may knock UT to the first 4 out and mean they need only 2 wins at most in the SEC tourney, one win would likely lock up a ticket.

Written on Vols get needed win at Auburn, 82-75:

Other than Stokes horrific free throw shooting I am gonna ssay something I am noticing that you all may not like.

C Martin needs to sit McBee more. He deserves to play but not near as much as he is.

He can not guard anyone. His defense is horrible lately and it leads to so many easy baskets for opponents. I know why he is in there, to keep defenses honest but honestly McRae is a better 3 point shooter right now and Golden is just as good.
McBee gets blown by multiple times every game. His one or two threes per game just done seem to be worth it when his man lights it up for 20 points ( or Elston Turner going off for 36, until Richardson was put on him).
If Tennessee makes the dance McBee may end up killing us by giving up layups and wide open jumpers.

No bash me if you want, just want what is best for UT.


Written on Tim Spencer interviews for Vols' running back job:

I wanted to read the comments to see if anyone had insight on the search for a RB coach.
All I see is a bunch of junk.
WHy do most boards turn into a argument with someone instigating claiming to be a Bama, UGA or FU fan?
I wish we could get all UT fans on here to come to an agreement to never reply to the idiots. They will shut up soon. I is obvious that they are not true fans of the school they claim or they would not be on a UT site every single day for hours.

Please stick to the matter at hand and share your thoughts on UT football.


Written on Incoming QB Joshua Dobbs receives academic award:

I am pulling for this young man to win the starting QB job.

Worley has shown nothing to impress. That is not to say he can not be good but we as UT fans want great, not good.

Peterman may be just as good but I am putting (maybe too much) faith in the "stars" and Ferguson and Dobbs are the players that are thought highly of. Then again so was Worley..

Since this season is expoected to be a "rebuilding" season lets break in a freshman and if he is great we have 4 years of him to grow as a leader.


Written on Mike Strange: Texas Vol fans welcome new era:

in response to VolnTex:

I live in Spring, TX as well! I took my son to his first Vol game of any sort and we had a great time.
I was really glad when A&M joined the SEC, simply because if you hang out with Aggies you realize they have an SEC sort of attitude about them. They're just a good fit. (As opposed to the Longhorns, who just get on my nerves.)

Where in Spring? Im on Louetta and 45.

Written on Mike Strange: Texas Vol fans welcome new era:

This is pretty cool.
I am Steve Adkins, me and my dad actually. We went to the game with my brother and were hanging out with the players and their family after the game when Mike Strange came up to us for an interview.
Good think me and my dad are both named Steve.

Sorry Mike, we didnt know you meant where from in Texas but we dont tell people we are from Texas, we are from Tennessee.

Thanks for the most publicity we will ever see though.

The game was Awesome!
A&M fans were pretty nice. Although we expected more from the "12th man".

At the end of regulation we were prepared for a loss but I was telling my family the last game I went to was LSU last year and UT was down 17 in the 1st half and came back to force a OT win.
The fans did give the refs a hard time though, They kept calling the older one grandpa and asking him if he could see. I dont know why though the calls were not really in favor of either team although on a inbound play Golden got tackled trying to get open and there was no call.

Anyway, I was very suprised to see our names in GoVols but it is just a nice cap to a perfect game.


Written on Tyler Bray to participate in Gruden QB Camp:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Aren't you in Houston?? I applaud the die-hard mentality.

I am in Houston
Been a Bills fan since the 4 in a row days. I rooted for them just cuz everyone else made fun of them, been stuck with them since.
Its been rough. There is nothing harder than being a Bills fan with a owner thats almost 100 and clearly doesnt care. His family doesnt either cuz they dont want the taxes and eberything that come with ownership so basically there is no desire to make the team great.
That said I love the Bills and pay for the Sunday ticket every season just to be guarenteed to be disappointed.

Written on Tyler Bray to participate in Gruden QB Camp:

Say what you will.
I am a Buffalo Bills fan and I am WISHING for the Bills to take Patterson in the 1st and Bray in the 2nd!!
I especially want Patterson in the 1st. Bills need another WR with Stevie Johnson and Pattersn is THE BEST PLAYMAKER IN THIS DRAFT!

Written on Tennessee signees named McDonald's All Americans:

Is Russel still the #1 overall recruit?

Written on No Noel alters dynamic of Tennessee-Kentucky game :

I have been saying this for a few years now. When UK has talent they will get the calls in most games.
No one can argue that the NCAA does not make more money when UK is winning. It dont matter if UK is playing the Vols or any other SEC team, most times UK will get the calls.

The calls this year have been so frustrating against the Vols though. Lately they have been letting Stokes play but thats the most slack UT has or will be cut by refs.

I have seen a few games this season where UT was behind for most of the game and then they take a lead, as soon as UT gets a 5-6 point lead the opponent gets free throws. One game it was like 7 out of 9 possesions where the opponent got free throws after UT took a small lead.

I know its not his style but I wish to see more anger from Cuonzo. When UT is getting robbed by refs he needs to let them know.
Like the "flagrant foul" called on McBee a few weeks ago that was in no way intentional.

By the way. Is it me or is...
Bob Knight the "dumbest" commentator in the buisness? And is that smack talkerfrom Ol Miss the most annoying person ever?
The dumbest thing I have ever heard Knight say is during a UT game a couple weeks ago
"The turnover numbers usually reflect the team that turns the ball over less". really?
And that punk from Ol Miss, I just wanna punch him by just watching him. I know its wrong but man if I was Josh Richardson I would be ejected from the game vs Ol Miss.


Written on Arkansas' in-your-face defense too much for Vols, 73-60 :

OK here it is..
Why has C Martin not recruited a PG yet?
Lopex really makes me mad. He was under the rim yesterday with no one around and he passed the ball out. He will not take a shot no matter how open he is. Is he that bad??

Am I the only one who sees that if Jarnell Stokes holds the ball for more than 2 seconds he will get a charge or turnover?

WHY IN THE BLANK do the UT players seem to almost always let the double team close on them? I see a chance for them to pass the ball but they dont and the double closes and it ends bad. I have been saying it since Martin started, UT players are the worst at simple passes. That is so frustrating.

Up until recently I thought C Martin was the right choice, I am not sure now (how long til the show-cause is up?) I dont give him a pass on the PG situation. He should have recruited one.

OH... The offensive woes, why is the team always in slow mode? Take their time with the inbound pass, take 9 seconds to get it pass the timeline then swing the ball 10' outside the arc until 8 seconds left to rush up a bad shot.

I know C Martin is the coach and I am nobody but it seems that this team has SO MANY issues that are BASIC coaching issues.


Bob Knight "I think the turnover margin usually reflects the team that has less turnovers"... SERIOUSLY???? Everything that moron says makes me wonder why he is not in a retirement home. Pat Summit is far more well spoken than him and she was forced out.


Written on The pressure is on as Tennessee preps for Arkansas' defense :

Bob Knight "the turnover margin usually reflects the team that turns it over less"

Written on The pressure is on as Tennessee preps for Arkansas' defense :

29-20 Ark, Tenn refuses to run back on defense.

Martin has been here 2 seasons, you would think he would have recruited a PG this season. Lopez will not shoot the ball no matter how open he is and Stokes is going to turn over the ball or get a charge every time he has the ball more than 2 seconds.

Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

in response to johnlg00:

A number of good points here. The team does not seem to understand that you have to pass the ball crisply and step toward it on the catch EVERY TIME. You can't just act like, "Well, I'm done with it; YOU take it and do something" and just sort of OOMPH the ball in the general direction of a teammate. Reminds me of Jimmy Dykes talking about "high-school Harry" plays.

I have said all season that Stokes needs to move around more. If he just camps on the block waiting for a pass that is seldom on target, he can't do anything with it because he always gets mobbed down there. When he is around the foul line area, it is easier to pass it to him, he gets to handle it more often so he doesn't feel like he has to do something with it every time he gets it, and he has more choices both for his own moves and more options for passing it. After passing it, he can always roll toward the basket for offensive rebounds like he was doing yesterday. Glad to see he is doing more of that and he needs to KEEP doing it.

I have been as disappointed as anyone else in Skylar's failure to diversify his game a bit in four years. There just aren't that many players in all of college basketball who have mastered the simple art of the shot fake; they nearly all feel they have to shoot quick to get over a guy who is flying out at them. If you have to shoot quick to get off an outside shot, you probably shouldn't be taking it in the first place.

thank you,
We feel the same on these points. I agree with Stokes getting more touches. I really think that is why he does not ever want to pass the ball because he doesnt get many touches so he feels like that will be one of his few chances to score.

Honestly the reason Stokes dont get many touches is because the team is not capable of feeding him a good pass. That is the single most important area that they all need to be coached up at.

Another reason is because they are never in a rush (especially Trey) They walk the ball up the court, they let the double close before passing the ball, they run the play clock down and pass up a open lane to take a rushed shot.

I know I am not the coach but Cuonzo really needs to coach up the passing with this team.

And Skyler... He used to be a threat to make 3's but he cant do that this season so why does he play? He is too slow with no foot quickness to keep up with the athletic Guards he is on most games. I remember last year there was a 3-4 game stretch where McBee was playing the best defense on the team but that has come and passed. Now he is below average on defense and is no threat on offense. It is like when I was begging for Maymon to play over Steven Pearl, I may get bashed for this but I want Moore to play over McBee any time, which seems to be in the making.

One more thing, speaking of shot fakes. Reese is the worst ever of telegraping his shots anf he has the slowest release I have ever seen. A pump fake may not help him. He really needs to develope more moves.


Just a reminder next season we have a new PG who should push Tre but ..


Next year there is no excuse to miss the dance.

Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

I will say that sometimes I think CCM is a good coach but sometimes I just dont understand some things his team does.

Tennessee is the worst team I have ever seen at a simple pass. That should be coachable, but it comes back in every game. McRae is the worst and Golden is awful also. VS Bama i can remember at least 6-7 possesions given away because UT just threw the ball to the other team when if they were concentrating it would not happen.

Last thing..
Anyone else notice that Stokes is SO MUCH BETTER when he catches the ball and goes right into his move. If he holds the ball for more than 2 seconds it will end bad. I have noticed that he seems to be trying to pass the ball when the double team comes but he does not want to. If he would just be quicker in getting into his moves or be able to pass the ball to an open man then he would be so hard to stop.

(just a question, if McBee cant make anything, why is he playing??? at least give a pump fake and get 3 FT's a couple times per game, you know he can get a defender in the air)


Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

I liked the win but I am very tired of seeing the lazy passing. Tennessee gave away 6-7 possessions due to pure laziness when passing the ball.
McRae is our best scorer but his ball handling is horrible.
I really wish Martin would coach up simple passing (and free throws)

Anyway, VS Ole Miss Tennessee got hosed more than any game I have seen in my life with bad calls ...BUT I have to admit that Tennessee got some help at the end today, Golden threw an elbow and pushed off very badly to catch a inbound pass with under a minute to go and that WAS a foul on Stokes. I am not complaining cuz UT was due some calls.

Also, is UT the only team that has to call a T.O most of the times when the trap closes on them?

And what is up with Golden??/ How many 10 foot air-balls did he throw up today? Thats guy is falling apart.

A win is a win but man that was ugly.


Written on Mike Strange: Is Jordan McRae being asked to do too much? :

I accept that C Martin cant teach scoring BUT someone please tell me why he allows the team to give away the ball because of lazy passes.
In the first half I have seen 6-7 lazy passes that cause the ball to get turned over.
Can he not fix that I would think that is coachable.

Written on Mike Strange: Is Jordan McRae being asked to do too much? :

OK, it is 10-7 Bama..

Tennessee has had 3 chances to get a easy layup but does not look for the open man.

Then they get double teamed and cant pass the ball.

They take too much time and then have to rush and most of the time ends badly.

The offense for tennessee is just the worst thing I have ever seen,

Written on Mike Strange: Is Jordan McRae being asked to do too much? :

10-5 Bama and Tennessee is horrible, AGAIN

Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

Hey, remember when Steven Pearl played over Maymon.

I dont care what is said Maymon was a hundred times better than SP.

Raw or not he gave UT so much more.

I remember getting bashed every time I said it 3 years ago.

I miss Maymon. Stokes is nothing without Maymon.

I wish C Martin was a better recruiter/evaluator of talent.


Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

in response to Scoon:

As you can see from my above posting there, ironleggs ... your Jarnell Stokes is NOT quieter than a church mouse and in fact, has a BIG mouth!! And, so does your ole Bernard King!!

Article written on King, Thursday, February 11, 2010, as follows:

Bernard King is at #Vols practice today and had these motivation words to say.

Bernard King to the #Vols: "Listen up, guys. We don't lose to Kentucky. You hear me? We're not losing to Kentucky."

More from King: "I'll be there with you. We'll do what we have to do, because we're not losing."

That was when your vols went on and proceeded to be made mincemeat out of inside of Rupp Arena at the paws of my Cats.

02/08/11 Lexington, Ky. - Rupp Arena Kentucky 73, Tennessee 61

I may be missing something here...
But you keep saying Stokes said they wont lose at Rupp, right?

you post a scorre from a game at Rupp when Stokes was still in High School.

Yes has lost to UK twice, but I am pretty sure that with the talent UK purchases that they should NEVER lose a game. They have had the #1 or 2 class four years in a row now. UT usually ranked around 30-40.

UK does have a better coach. Any reasonable Vol fan will admit that, no matter how much he does dirty things he wins.

So why are you on this site for almost 24 hours now after a Bama game???

If there is a Vol fan on a UK board after UK lost to Western Ky, then that fan is a real loser. Take a hint.

Anyway, maybe you posted the wrong date but I dont see why you keep mentioning Stokes and post a score from a game that he had no part of.

Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

I am getting tired of this. I see no choice but change the way the game is managed. This team looks so much better when they just play. Turn them loose. Slowing it down kills the scoring.

What really hurts is I really dont see this getting better any time soon.

We have a great recruit coming in BUT... One great one and 2 way below average recruits does not equal improvement ( I hope I am wrong)

I have been saying for 3 years but UT has NO SCORERS! Stokes is but everyone nows he is all UT has. He gets triple teamed every time he catches the ball. If we had scorers we would take advantage of that. Then again Stokes gets so little post touches that he refuses to pass it back out.

The real killer is PG. Golden is degressing at a horrible rate and Armani Moore looks like he is not going to be a player any time soon and Lopez does nothing but dribble the ball between his legs for no reason at all.

And the PG we have coming in is not even raked one of the top 100 PG's in the country. Who knows, but that doesnt look like it will be any better.

The only posotive in next season is Maymon. Stokes will come back unless he speaks to the moron that advised Darrington Sentimore cuz Stokes has done nothing to impress this season. Maybe though he gets drafted on upside alone.

I really dont want to give up on C Martin but it is going to take some magic to turn this program around this year and keep it headed in the right direction.

In my opinion... I dont think Martin has recruited the type of player it takes to win at the highest level. After this clacc he will have signed 2 top level recruits and 6 or 7 recruits rated 3 stars or below. I like Yemi but pretty much all of the lower rated recruits are not game changers and none of them can create his own shot.

Sorry, I may hear it for this but this is all my opinion and I want to be wrong but I have seen nothing to say this will get better.


Written on Geoff Calkins: Pastner and Bowen agree, beating Vols is fun:

I have no experience and Martin is the HC... BUT I seem to think that there are so many ways to get better scoring.

Tennessee seems to waste so many possesions byt spending 25 seconds trying to feed Stokes the ball and everyone knows what they are doing so they deny it then with 8 seconds left they just hope for a shot. That never works because there is not a player on the roster who can create his own shot.
When Stokes does get the ball he is always doubled. Practice moving the ball to the open man. I think Stokes gets upset at his lack of paint touches so when he gets the ball he holds on too much.

The BIGGEST difference would be for Golden, McRae and Richardson to DRIVE THE BALL!!!! UT is so much better when they can drive the ball. At least try it.

Anyway, since Martin has been HC he has signes 6 recruits. Only TWO of them are SEC starters (Stokes and Hubbs) And we dont know about Hubbs yet.

I really like Richardson, he is getting some confidence scoring and he may be very good sometime but for UT to make it deep in the dance Martin has to sign players who can create his own shot when needed.

Starting now he needs to develope relationships with the top talent in the 2014 class and sign the best class since the Chism class (06'?).
Do whatever it takes to sign four recruits at least 4 star recruits and hopefully about 2 five stars.

I love Martin as a HC but defense alone will not get us to the next level. These athletic teams line Memphis, FU and UK will be able to run us all over and put up points.

Lets all hope that we start seeing some points. 52 in the 2nd half last night is a start.

Also, Golden... COME ON MAN!!! When did you forget how to score?


Written on Geoff Calkins: Pastner and Bowen agree, beating Vols is fun:

I said this after both UM games a year ago, McBee is not quick enough to guard any UM player. He was not the only one though.

Bottom line is that UT will never take the next step under Martin unless we start signing recruits who can score. Defense means nothing if you score under 30 points in almost every half.
Hubbs may be good but bringing in two more low level recruits doesnt make me think next year we will be lighting it up.


Written on Cuonzo Martin's message: 'you've got to fight' :

I do love having Cuonzo, I think he is a great coach but...

He has signed 6 recruits since coming to UT, only TWO of them are top recruits (Stokes, Hubbs).

Do not say this dont matter because those recruits get those stars when more times than not they can score. UT can clearly not score right now.

I just see UT being SO GOOD if they would recruit more top talent.

Also, am I the only one who thinks Reese has a funny looking shot. He seems to attempt to do the splits when taking a jumper. I guess its fine, I am a Bulls fan and Joakim Noah has the ugliest shot ever but it is better than most Centers in the NBA.


Written on David Climer: Time to give Derek Dooley some credit:

I think that dooleys (non)coaching ability was so obvious if you just look at what UT did under Dooley in the 2nd half vs good teams.

How many times was UT within a score at the half and came out and got blown away in the 2nd half?

the first 2 years it was due to "depth"

Yet it still happened a few times this past season.

Dooley had some talent and enough depth to not get blown out like they did.

I was never joking when I said that Dooleys halftime speech is..

"good game guys".

He is nothing more than the coaches kid who ended the streak.


Written on Juco DT Ben Bradley no longer a Tennessee commitment:

Stop with ranking and stars dont matter

LSU, Mama, FU and even the gamecocks and dogs are signing top 10 classes.

What has UT dont vs those teams the last 3 years (somthing like 2 wins??)

Written on Tennessee Vols await Bray, Patterson plans:

I wont talk the trash about Bray thatnotfun did but what I could not stand to see was the change we all saw in Bray.

Remember the Music City Bowl? Bray wanted that win.Remember when he cried??

Two years later UT is losing in the 4th qtr and Bray is on the sideline dancing. This season he was all games even in big losses. The QB should NEVER be dancing when his team is losing.

Patterson, I want him back because he is the most electric player I have seen at UT in the last 10-15 years BUT... TWO "showboating" penalties in two weeks. Come on man!!

Hunter, I think he is the easiest to replace (not saying he will be) I got very tired of seeing him play not to get hurt.


PS, we need to start signing the top talent..PLEASE

Written on Vols' Jones 'comfortable' for recruits:

So far Jones has lost two of Dooleys better 2 recruits (2 LBs that would have been nice) but that is expected with change.

What is not expected is that the only replacement he has so far is a 3 star athlete and news that UT is now in the lead for the #149 athlete in the country now.

We have seen on here too much about the "stars" and evaluating talent...
We are still in a mess because Dooley did not sign near enough of the top talent. Bama,LSU, UF and UGA are all signing 4 and 5 star recruits and UT is signing 90-95% 3 star recruits with about 3-4 of the occasional 4 star recruits.

This has to change and that is the bottom line.

UT will not get back to the BCS until we see at least 10 players in each class that are 4-5 star recruits.

This is all my opinion.