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This is gonna come off as sour grapes but I don't care:

In broadcasting, Dilfer is Better than Gruden. I find myself more entertained by Dilfer and his elite 11 than I do Gruden and his QB camp.

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If I could get one question answered it would be directed towards Mike Hamilton:

What did Dooley do or say in that interview that made you pick him?

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The bigger story is the fact that ESPN completely dropped the ball on checking the facts before airing their Gameday Special.
Those guys are paid very well, but they forgot one of the most important rules of journalism: check your facts.

On another note, I've been dating Kate Upton for 2 years now. So what if she's invisible.

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Yeah a couple of Saturdays like that and snakebit tends to be more than I can handle. At any rate that switch to the 3-4 in such dismal times was poor thinking imho. — Making the switch to a 3-4 defensive front in a make-or-break year for his job security was Derek Dooley’s way of saying “Hey y’all, watch this” and throwing a bottle of Everclear on the campfire.

Moreover, he hires a guy that had no experience as a DC. It makes my head hurt.

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I look at Wisconsin and Oregon and I see where their programs are. Both teams had coaches that took them to BCS bowl games year in and year out. Those coaches were hired by football people: Barry Alvarez and Mike Belloti.

I have to scratch my head when I look at UT leadership. Why is Phil Fulmer not working in the Athletic Department? Why are we consulting with guys like Tressel and Urban Meyer instead of Phil? Here's my prediction: UT Football won't return to prominence until Phil returns to UT.

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McCullers is staying too.

Congrats to Hunter. I hope Hunter goes to a team with an elite QB. I would love to see him with Eli or Brady. I'll never forget that game against Ole Miss! Hunter went crazy on their secondary. Bray had a career day. That was awesome. Wish the best for David Ricky Rogers as well. Da'Rick had a big time 2011 campaign and is an elite prospect. Terrell Owens prototype on and off the field.

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Well no kidding.

So much press has been made out of Butch stating that this was his "dream job"... and "Butch is willing to rise to the challenge of coaching in the SEC"

So did Dooley. So would I. So would you. If a moron was offered a job to coach Tennessee with a GUARANTEED compensation of multi-millions... REGARDLESS OF PERFORMANCE, who wouldn't dream of that job? Butch just doubled his compensation from $1.5M/year to $3.0 million/year ... and Tennessee fans are hailing him as a hero? as if he's falling on his sword for us? I wish I could find a job that would pay me $3M/year for guaranteed 6 years REGARDLESS of performance!!!!!! I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe to the movie "Groundhog Day"... Three years ago Dooley was touted with as much fanfare as our saviour as is this fine gentleman, only to our ultimate dismay. Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me. Butch Jones = Dooley 2.0.

Talk you you suckers in another 3 years when we're on to the next mediocre poser... who is getting a "dream job" at $3M/year guaranteed at the Tennessee Taxpayer's expense. You're sheep. Demand more. Demand Gruden.

He does have a winning record. His resume is better than Kiffin and Dooley's.

Hart botched the search. He did. No getting around it. But Jones has won games.

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UTBEATEMALL, this is the most intelligent post I've read this evening. I know that isn't saying much considering the drivel spilled on these pages since word broke concerning Strong's decision, but it's a sincere compliment.

I don't think Edwards would consider a college job; however, so what if we replace him with Jack Del Rio, who would bring defensive discipline back to The Hill. He also happens to have a son who is an Elite 11 quarterback.

Both Greg Roman and Jay Gruden would be good choices even though I personally prefer a defensive-minded option for our next head coach. We've gone the offensive route the past two tries, and look where it got us.

I wasn't sold on Strong completely, but the inside word was he'd bring Tee Martin back home, which does excite me as a UT alumnus and lifelong fan.

The real issue here is Jimmy Cheek. He's a terrible, embarrassing representative of the University of Tennessee. His hire of Dave Hart only reinforces the fact that he has no clue. He hasn't improved the academic fortunes at UTK and he's botched everything he's touched on the athletic side.

We need some UT blood in our administration, men or women who truly bleed Big Orange. Why not hire Coach Fulmer as our AD (he doesn't have to be a numbers-crunching genius ... that's what Business Administration / Sports Management hires are for) and let him embrace the true "Vol for Life" philosophy Dooley only used as a phoney publicity ploy.

As a proud UTK graduate and Tennessee resident, I'm truly embarassed this evening to even be associated with anything University of Tennessee, except our women's athletics. Even this bright spot Hart would love to see go away entirely. So sad.

Hang in there, Vol faithful. If life is a round of ups and downs, a major UP must be right around the corner because goodness knows, we're mired in the mud of downs at the moment.

Go Vols, get the swagger back ... and it sure would be nice to find someone who can shoot the rock, Coach Martin!

God Bless Peyton Williams Manning and all those former Vols who brought glory to the Big Orange.

You got it right. Cheek's got to go. Hart too. He can't expect to take on this search by himself and not get blamed for the complete embarrassment we witnessed today.

Honestly, Gundy's entire life has been spent in Stillwater. Why would he leave?
Strong should've gotten a shot at a head coaching job long ago. He's known Jeremy Foley for 15 years, yet foley called Muschamp first.

Hart has botched this thing from the get go. He sat on his hands while Dooley lost to Kentucky and Vandy and then let him reload on contracts for his assistants. Then, the boosters wooed Gruden for months and finally got him to listen, but Hart went rogue and did his own thing.

Fire Cheek. Fire Hart. Fulmer for AD.

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Regardless what you think about John Chavis, name all the active DC's who've won national championships at 2 schools.

I think Chavis only won one with us. LSU didn't win one with Chavis as the DC.

Still, Chavis is an ELITE defensive mind. We hadn't seen a UT team consistently wrap a ball carrier up and take him to the ground since Chavis left.

His only fault is going to that prevent defense late in games, especially without having a top-notch defensive end to get pressure on the QB (ie Jadaveon Clowney or Leonard Little).

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Gruden didn't end the speculation Wednesday because Gruden craves attention and loves the limelight. He would be a great hire for UT and could recruit players like no other but if you see him in West Town Mall he will be wearing a jacket that says "Hello I am John Gruden" that is how much he craves attention.

He shut down the Arkansas rumors very quickly. His wife is playing a very important role in all of this.

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Check out feels like 98. There's a very interesting (and very logical) perspective on he this thing is going down on their forum:

Apparently, Hart is being stubborn...

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If Gruden wasn't interested, he could've ended all the speculation Wednesday morning on Mike and Mike. He didn't. Listen to him. He's interested:

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I can't understand how some of these guys were madly in love with Dooley, but they have doubts about Gruden. Honestly, I think there more trolls on here than we really think.

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For all those yapping about guys that "want to come here" understand this...there are only TWO reasons for guys to "want to come here" - MONEY or a SECOND CHANCE! So many TN fans want to make themselves believe that TN is somehow one of the top jobs in the country - newsflash: it isn't. The athletic department is in financial shambles, the NCAA is still looking over the shoulder, the incoming recruiting class is all but a waste, two in-state rivals are killing TN for what little in-state talent there is, two SEC schools within 4 hours of Knoxville are playing for a national title, another 4 hours away (SC) has locked up that state's borders which were once fertile for TN, the current roster is nearly devoid of SEC level talent, there is about to be a war between the academic and athletic factions over money, the future of the current chancellor is suspect at best and the AD has managed to pi$$ a whole lot of people off internally. So, all of that means that TN will be getting a new coach who's primary motivation is either to solidify his finances for life (big name guy) or to try to re-establish his career because he has baggage (fired previously for not winning or morals). In either case for TN fans to delude themselves into thinking that there is some long line of guys out there just drooling to become VFL's because orange is their favorite color, their wife is an alum, they pay homage to Johnny Majors, or they just hate Alabama that much is both comical and pathetic.

Guess which job opening was selected as number 1?

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Yeah, true. Still think they would leak this to an eastern TN news outlet not scoop K-town.
Either way, I will have to see an official announcement for ANY coach.

Honestly, I think the news will break from the National Media before the Knoxville/ Tennessee media gets wind of it.

Chris Mortenson and Adam Shefter are the guys who're gonna get the story.

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Idk.... I think San Diego would be a better situation. Gruden likes veteran QBs: Rich Gannon, Jeff Garcia. If I were Gruden (and I wanted to go NFL), I'd much rather take the Chargers job because of Phillip Rivers, a better/softer fan base, and better weather. Oakland is weak and I don't know what's going on in KC. All he'd have to do is split with Denver and he's in the playoffs.

That said, I want him at UT.

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Gruden could have an NFL job at the snap of a finger, so I'm not sure why some think he would come here only to leave in 3-4 years. One of the stipulations in early negotiations was that Gruden wanted a long term contract from UT. As for his tenure with the Bucs....they gave up 2 first round picks, 2 second round picks, and a third rounder to get Gruden. So after winning a SB with an older team, the loss of draft picks hurt the Bucs ability to rebuild. Not to mention, lots of the money from the Bucs ownership was going towards their then newly purchased Manchester United soccer team. Gruden got a big screw job from the Bucs upper management. I mean COME ON MAN!!!!! He won a freaking SB with the Bucs...need I say more? And since everyone wants to say that he won with Dungy's guys...why the hell didn't Dungy win the SB with them? I've yet to hear an answer to that question from the haters.

As for Gruden's .540 win % in the NFL people keep ragging on, that's darn good in the NFL! If some of you haters would do some research and quit hating you would see that's a really good win % in the pros.

Jon Gruden- .540
Bill Parcells-.569
Dick Vemiel-.524
Chuck Noll-.566
Mike Ditka-.560
Lovie Smith-.565
Mike Shanahan-.562
Mike Holmgren-.592
Andy Reid-.597

These are dudes I just pulled off the top of my head who I think are pretty damn good coaches. Gruden's NFL record is more than respectable. Many on this list are Hall of Famers without a second thought. I'll gladly hang up and listen to what you have to say.

Good post Rich.

The NFL pushes everyone to the middle. It's the salary cap and free agency. The NFL is a completely different animal from college football. There's no salary cap in college football. There's no free agency. If you need a defensive tackle, go get McCullers or Mo Couch out of Juco. If you need a safety, go to Georgia and get Eric Berry. Gruden's celebrity makes him an elite recruiter on day one. Period. It's Jimmy's and Joe's in today's SEC.

The schools like Bama and Florida that invest in having an elite football program reap the benefits. We lost in the SEC arms race thanks to Mike Hamilton and the unstable leadership from the presidents office. To catch up, we've gotta spend the money. In my opinion, it's Gruden or bust.

Answer this question for me: if Gruden wasn't interested, why wouldn't he come out and say it?

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"Derek said he requested that because he felt he would be distraction," Dooley said. "He said all of the speculation about his job was a distraction before the Vanderbilt game and he felt that hurt the team, so he didn't want that to happen again."

Even more excuses. It's never his fault. It's youth. It's inexperience. It's poor showering techniques.

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I wouldn't sleep on Al Golden. Miami is a mess, and they don't support that team. I wouldn't be surprised if Golden doesn't want out.

Obviously the first choice is Gruden, but if that doesn't happen, I want Golden. I'm gonna go buy some orange neckties.

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0-6 this season. If we had one of the coaches everyone is dreaming about (many of whom wouldn't take the job after Kiffin left), what would our record be right now? Who would we have beaten: Bama? UGA? UF? MSU? SC? Answer the question.

Not saying Dooley shouldn't go at this point. Just sayin, when you have that kinda schedule with the talent we have, it's mission impossible. I think Sal has been the real downfall, even though many on this forum clearly have personal dislike for Dooley. I also think if we had solid play out of our DBs this season (not great play, just decent play), we'd have 1-3 more wins and a couple of the losses would have been less embarrassing. Too bad Jansen(SP?) Jackson was such a dumb butt.

Gonna be tough to get a premier coach to take this job though.

This is still Tennessee. It's an elite program with great history. It's a top 10 all time program. We've got the money. We've got the stadium.

Look who handled the last two coaching searches: Mike Hamilton. He was clearly incompetent. Look at the way he handled the Pearl exit. A day before the NCAA tournament, he goes to the media and destroys any chance for that team to focus on Michigan. The same thing with Fulmer and Wyoming. No one was going to take the UT job and work for a clown like that.

Plus, the program was in shambles with an NCAA investigation looming and no one really knew what Kiffin had done.

We're in a much better position to hire an established, WINNING head coach than we were 3 years ago, thanks in part to Dooley.

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in response to SandySpringsVol:

Hart is likely doing plenty of talking -- to the university administration and board of trustees. That's exactly who he should be talking to and not playing this out in the press like, say Mike Hamilton.

Exactly. It was completely embarrassing being openly rejected by Kyle Whittingham, Troy Calhoun, Muschamp and Cutcliffe. Hart and the Boosters are gonna handle this thing behind closed doors.

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I don't think there is a rumor to dispel. If there is, it must be in Knoxville only. No rumor in Texas. He is not the great coach, so many here, think he is. If Dooley is fired, Gary Patterson would be a better hire.

I think Patterson is on the list. But Gater Hater is right: Gruden could come out and say I'm not coaching at UT and that will end the speculation. The fact that he hasn't done that keeps this train rolling.

This is the question: how desperate is UT?

Bama, UF, even USCe have not only climbed the ladder of national prominence, but we are stuck in a "quick sand" of football mediocrity and BS. We're falling behind everyone, and if, IF Kentucky has the grapefruit to hire a desperate Petrino, we'd fall behind them too. James Franklin has a better recruiting class then Derek Dooley.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.... I say let the boosters handle it. I think we're at the same point that Bama was when they got Saban.
You can't hit a home run without swinging.

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in response to Stooley_Dinks:

1. Charlie Strong. Already mentioned. Major IMPROVEMENT.
2. Butch Jones. Already mentioned. Note he took over after a lot of talent left and struggled at first. The team has IMPROVED.
3. David Cutcliffe. Hamilton is gone. Really made Duke legit. As an ACC team that could qualify for a lesser bowl, consider the Vols could potentially play Duke in Music City Bowl. If the core offense stays and there would be good reason to, Cut would have an IMMEDIATE impact on the efficiency of the offense. Not a sexy hire, but very good 4-5 yr guy to get us back to 9 wins until the big name guy comes along.
4. Willie Taggart, Western KY. Yes, I know we went small conference with Dooley, but Dooley wasn't winning. It wasn't so much WAC ball, he didn't win...and won't. Taggart was 7-5 last yr and 6-3 so far this yr. 1 loss was to Bama. They did beat Kentucky and the Troy team we have Sat.
5. Dave Doeren, N Illinois. 19-4 last 2 seasons.
6. Justin Wilcox. I know this would raise eye brows, but it is obvious he did more with less here. If money were that big of an issue last year, I would have fired Dooley after KY and given Wilcox a shot. Remember, we are talking about realistic, not Saban or Gruden.
7. Tommy Tuberville. I don't particularly like him, but he is a solid coach. We have to get rid of Dooley and Tommy has won at 2 SEC schools.
8. Darrell Hazzell, Kent St. I know and this is a stretch, but they did just knock off unbeaten Rutgers...that did beat a struggling Ark team.

I am not afraid of up and coming coaches, but they have to BE up and coming. Dooley was not. All of the coaches would be better than Dooley. They certainly would justify their own compensation, but not sure if they justify the massive buyouts.

I got a dark horse for you:

Al Golden

Miami is a swampy mess of garbage. He had nothing to do with it, and he's my number 2 guy after Gruden.

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in response to GerryOP:

What are Gruden's qualifications to be the head football coach at the University of Tennessee? Married to a former UT cheerleader is not a qualification.

I think Gruden could walk into any house in any corner of the country and recruit elite talent because of MNF and Gruden's QB camp. At this point, Dooley has slipped in recruiting and recruiting will only get worse because of the pressure that has built up for Dooley to beat a "somebody", which he hasn't done for the 3rd straight year. Guys like the Berry twins and Todd Kelly Jr. aren't committing to Dooley with so much uncertainty regarding his future. We have the talent on this team to go 9-3, but we'll go 7-5, 6-6 or worse. That's underachieving with and offensive line of 5 NFL players, 2 nfl wide receivers. His chance was the Florida game. He blew it. We were up in the third quarter, Muschamp panicked, and they still won.

I'm sorry Gerry, but we know everything we need to know about Dooley. He's has no experience creating an offensive or defensive game plan as a coordinator. He's a position coach that knew the right people. It's nothing against him. He's just not qualified, and he wasn't qualified to begin with. This is all on Mike Hamilton. I support UT and the players, but Dooley has got to go.

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Unrealistic to expect UT to compete for the SEC east on a regular basis? We have the money. We have the history. We have the stadium. We expect to win and compete with the best of the SEC. That's not unrealistic considering our money, history and culture.

Dooley should have never been hired. No one would have hired him. He didn't do anything at La Tech that deserved a $5 million buyout.

This isn't Dooley's fault. It's Mike Hamiltons fault.

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It's wins and losses. That's the bottom line. 6-6 he's out. 7-5 he's out. Period.

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in response to vq4nfo:

Gruden makes $4.3M doing 17 Monday night games and a few off field player interviews. Forget him even if his wife was a former cheerleader at UT. Gruden will coach again but it will be with a team that he can have an immediate impact.

Do not count the Alabama game as a loss. They look good but have not played a ranked team on the schedule yet. That can have an impact on the players and how they approach the game. UT has played 3 top 25 teams and granted they lost but if all falls into place this Saturday, if the QB does not try to win on his own and the defense steps up, then UT could upset Alabama.

Remember this post: UT 31 Ala 27

Dooley will be around for another year or two.

You know, I would've agreed with you before he came to Knoxville in the spring. Really, I would've. But then I watched this on YouTube:

He didn't deny it. He's gonna coach again. He's more Mike Ditka than John Madden. He's too intense. The question is: will an NFL team take him? He hasn't coached in 5 years. What NFL owner is gonna take a chance on him? Yeah, he has a super bowl, but everyone knows that Dungy built that team.

He's in a similar spot that Pete Carroll was in before USC. Carroll needed a route back to a HC job in the NFL, and USC provided the avenue. If Gruden wants to coach in the league again, I think he'll have to go to the NCAA to do it, just like Pete Carroll.

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When did he get hurt? Could it have been handled during the bye week?

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in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

Personally, I hope this goes to trial. If Hart is engaging in sexual discrimination, then the facts need to come to light and Hart needs to get raked over coals. He was forced out at FSU due to his apparent failure (in the eyes of FSU President T.K. Wetherell) to "improve working relationships with other university offices, improve procedures for investigating allegations of wrongdoing by athletes, and the internal communications within the athletic department." (AP article,, Oct. 25, 2007). Let the truth come out and put it all on display.

Of course if Hart has been disproportionately firing female athletic staff, then that also needs to come to light.

I was a fan of Dave Hart when he was first announced, but his handling of the merging of the athletic departments has been hamfisted and unprofessional. I know a lot of the posters on this board like to applaud Dave Hart for his hardline approach on terminating employees, but he's acting more like a self absorbed bull in a china shop than a deft administrator. Jennings had 35 years at UT. Maybe she didn't deserve to get a large payout, but buying her silence would have been worth more than flexing an administrative muscle and trying to act like you're the new sheriff in town. In the end it isn't a question of "deserves," it's a question of risk management and I would bet that UT's legal bill will dwarf the amount of money it would have taken to convince Jennings to leave quietly.

So, let it go to trial. If other Plaintiffs jump on Jennings' bandwagon, then good for them. The last thing UT needs to do is settle and basically give off the impression to everyone that discriminatory employment practices took place.

Of course if Hart is making employment decisions based on sex, then he needs to be fired. UT doesn't need another high salaried albatross hanging around its neck. Nor does this University need to perpetuate the impression that our athletic department is a good ol' boys club.

Cowherd says this all the time: take the emotion out of it.

It's not personal. It's business. The economy won't allow UT to run 2 athletic departments. It doesn't make fiscal sense. There would be casualties when the BOT elected to combine the men's and women's athletic departments. Unfortunately for Ms. Jennings, she was too expensive to keep around. I think the guy that replaced her makes $30k less than she did. This happens in every industry. FedEx forced as many of the higher salaried and tenured employees to take a buyout. This is a similar situation.

Written on Former Vol David Oku moved to tears at chance to play:

Oku is a victim of poor decisions made by people with more money abd power than him. Oku didn't have an RB coach his second year at UT. Dooley forced him to put on weight and change his running style. Oku needed to redshirt his freshman year, but Kiffin played him ahead of Poole. I think that Oku showed talent his freshman year, but took a step back in year 2.

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in response to RockyMountainVol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Anyone could recruit to UT because of the tradition and facilities. Dooley hasn't done a lot, and he's been a top 15 recruiter. Cowher would walk in and pull a top 5 class based on his name. And Cowher coaches like an SEC coach should: tough defense, good special teams play, excellent power running game, no turnovers. That translates to success on every level of football.

Plus Cowher leaked info about him wanting to coach the Dolphins, Texans or Giants. He'll coach again. Not college. NFL. (he'd be excellent at UT). If and when Coughlin steps down, I'd expect him to take the New York job.

But, that being said, Dooley is still the guy. I hope we beat UGA.

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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

Well said. The guy gets one of the several 3-star recruits that come from W. Tennessee ANNUALLY, and you would have thought Martin had actually gotten a high profile Memphis recruit---where a LOT of 3-4stars and several 5stars are usually from each year.

Instead, the Coach---who should get kudos for recruiting a 5star---continues with an otherwise medium-strength recruiting effort.

Martin is nowhere near the level of Bruce in recruiting.

And because he is such an obviously good guy---the media is giving him a pass on his team's horrid record last year and his C+ to B- record for recruiting. The recruiting will not get it done in the SEC.

One more thing. I think there is racial discrimination in the way he is paid. Dooley does about the same level of performance as Martin; and Dooley for his crappy record makes a guaranteed $5Million Bucks. Martin is being thrown a bone.

Let's be fair. If we are going to hire C+ to B- level coaches---which both are---let's pay both of them at the same level.

Yeah, I know $5million bucks is the kind of money that only a dumaxx would have offered to Dooley with his experience and record; but then Mike Hamilton was in charge.

So why would Martin be the victim of what looks like discrimination in compensation?
Gotcha. Athletics Director from ...

ALABAMA! Same guy accused of discriminating against women. (Pushed strong-willed woman off the bridge, when he pushed Pat Summitt out. Then his alleged anti-woman bias surfaces from his past. And UT's basketball coach is paid C+ level money for his C+ level background and record...

But Dave Hart's buddy Dooley is not trimmed at all from the $5MM guarantee.

One more thing...most of W. TN is Vol country. It is UT's to lose...if the coaches have anything to the recruitingskills. However...a good coach can recruit Memphis.

How we doing there? Remember Pearl...and remember where the top player on Cuonzo's team came from...and remember who recruited him?

And you don't want to know about the two that were coming to UT with Pearl, but were lost in last year's recruiting after Pearl left.

I love Pearl, but he wasn't a great recruiter. He won with Buzz's guys.

Zo literally had an empty cupboard. He landed Stokes (Pearl laid the ground work and there were some other circumstances involved). And then he got that team to buy into defense. I wouldn't sleep on Zo. If we get some consistent outside shooting to go along with our post game, we'll be a team capable of making a run in the SEC and the NCAA tournaments.

Can Dooley talk Stokes or Maymon into playing Tight End?

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That's great!!!

If you take one step, God will take 10 in your favor.

Written on Rajion Neal now sharing Tennessee's running back role :

I wouldn't play lathers against GSU. We need him to be Al Wilson against Florida.

Written on John Adams: Vols lead the SEC East in playmakers:

This is the most NFL talent we've had in a long time. AJ, Couch, Bray, Hunter, CP, Lane,Tiny. Dooley has recruited exremely well, stealing guys like Lane and Maggitt from Clemson and Wisconsin. Waggner is elite at CB.

And I'm sorry, but Maggitt is something special. The guy looks like Predator with his helmet on, and he plays with intelligence. That strip sack that led to the safety was absolutely brilliant. He showed me everything I needed to see: Strength, Speed, Intelligence. He's going to be First Team All SEC, and probably All American. I think Maggitt is a Leonard Little type player. Check out this breakdown of Maggitt:

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in response to HOW_BOUT_DEM_COWBOYS:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I hate it for you, bro... Y'all suck this year. Muschamp has absolutely no clue what he wants to do offensively. And defensively... WOW!!! The clawfense actually worked. LOL. The "gatas" are in for a long 4 months. And no fan base deserves it more than Florida fans camping UT boards.

Written on Lenoir City man dies after fall from upper level of Ga. Dome:

Thoughts and prayers to his loved ones. This is very sad.

Written on Athletic department lost almost $4 million in 2011-12 :

This shows the need for a combined Athletic Department. There's no sense in paying two people for a job one person can do.

Hamilton ran this thing in the ground!

Written on 'Second chance at life' puts Antone Davis in position to make impact with VFL program :

He's a little too old. These kids weren't born when Davis was at UT. I think he might have some difficulty connecting with this generation. I think Inky was the obvious choice, and the guys on 1180 AM are saying Inky was never contacted.

VFL sounds good. It really does. But some decisions have to be handled by the head coach in a timely manner. If Rogers was a problem last summer, last fall, through the spring and into this camp, why not handle your business earlier?

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in response to MooseandSquirrelVol:

"Dooley got hired coming off of a 4-8 season"

Tennessee is one of only two schools to have NEVER had an eight loss season.
There were challenges at the time of Coach Dooley's hiring, but that was not one of them.

You didn't understand my statement.

In Derek Dooley's last year as head coach of Louisiana Tech, they went 4-8. That was in the fall of 2009. I was not referring to UT in that statement.

This is relevant because Dooley clearly wasn't qualified for the job when he was hired by Hamilton. Texas made the decision to hire Will Muschamp as their coach in waiting, meaning they felt his performance as a DC warranted a head coaching job; he was more qualified. Cutcliffe had coached in the SEC, recruited against Saban and Fulmer, and he was more qualified. This is more directed at Money Mike Hamilton and not Dooley. It's not his fault that Hamilton was an idiot. It wasn't his fault that Money Mike ran the Athletic Departmebt into the ground. I doubt that any competent AD would have called Dooley after LA TECH went 4-8 in the WAC.

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I think part of the problem is that our most bitter rivals are as successful as they've ever been: Florida, Bama, and Kentucky (in basketball).

Tennessee is a top 10 job. Criticism comes with the territory. If you lose to Kentucky for the first time in 26 years, you're on the hot seat. Dooley got hired coming off of a 4-8 season. He was a questionable hire to begin with, and I highly doubt any competent AD would've hired him. It's not all on Dooley. There is a lot of blame to go around in that athletic department.

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That's ridiculous..Remember when MR lost his first two games of the season and he was squarely on the hot-seat before those losses..You didn't see UGA flake out and fire him two games into the season, and the patience paid off with a solid season the rest of the way.

IDK. I think Mark Richt had some history to stand on. But Dooley doesn't. A loss to Florida or NC State is underachieving in my book, even without Rogers.

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I gotta be honest. This Da'Rick situation was like a shot to the gut. Everything was moving along in a positive manner, but then.... Boom!!! VFL sounds good, but why aren't we winning? Why aren't our best players producing on the field? I'm not putting this on Lott. If Da'Rick was a problem, why not bench him in 2011? Suspend him for offseason workouts? What does that do? We lost Arnett and Baggett over this guy. But Da'Rick went unpunished. That's not on Lott. That's on Dooley.

I was so optimistic about this year, but now, my faith is wavering. I still think we should will be ok, but I'm getting nervous. If we lose to Florida or NC State, we've got to make a change.

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Been to Houston many times for business. BIVOLAR is right. Really ugly city. What about Nashville? Most centered town for the conference but you gotta dance with the Titans and the weather.

I would love for it to be in Nashville, but I think the "decision makers" want it in a dome to control the weather aspect. I still think Nashville would be an excellent host city. If they want it in a dome, I say push for Atlanta. I think city officials are already making plans to replace the Georgia Dome with a bigger, more up to date stadium. I see absolutely no reason to give the Big 12 a home game.

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Moore's JUCO film was ridiculous. I mean, I thought he was returning punts when he was actually returning interceptions (that's how often he was taking an INT back). Pete Carroll wanted him, so you know he's good. I'm glad the kid gets his shot. Now, if we could just see Mr. Pick Six Eric Gordon a little more often...

I don't care who's a fan of what team, we're all ready for some College Football!

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Bring on the trolls. I'm sure they'll use this to try and say why Derek Dooley is in over his head.

So the kid's dad says UT lied to him, but he didn't say how. If he was going to make that kind of accusation he should at least give some specifics.

Did Derek Dooley promise the kid he would be the starting tailback or that he wouldn't get hit by Dan McCullers?

This kid has a lot of room to talk about breaking promises. He committed to two or three different schools and then signed with Tennessee. I'm not saying he's different than a lot of other kids in the recruiting process, but a lot of these players promise a school they'll play for it and then change their mind and break a promise.

The only thing UT or any school should ever promise any player is the opportunity to fight for a spot in the lineup, a chance to play in the SEC, ACC, Big 10...and if he goes to class and studies he'll get a degree that will last him long after he can no longer play football.

Good post. Every SEC school has 4 and 5 star running backs waiting on their opportunity to hit the field. That's the reason he de-committed from LSU. He's not as mentally tough as he needs to be to play football on an elite level. And his dad making excuses for him won't help at all.

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Wasn't there a running back out of Knoxville that we looked over to take Bourque? I think he ended up at Kentucky or Louisville.