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Written on Cuonzo Martin: Florida 'a potential Final Four team':

in response to 8inarow:

I already know the storyline. Vols hit 28 of 32 free-throw attempts. Gators, 5 of 8.

Add three Gators foul. Wilbikan plays twelve minutes. That will work for me.

Written on All of Jordan McRae's career-high 34 points "count" in 82-72 win over LSU:

in response to movol53:

OK it was a great game and UT won. So my question is where's the UT defense??? They allowed LSU to get back into the game three or four times; getting the score down to single digits. I like what I see but the defense? What has happened? Have they just decided to out score everyone?

UT needed to get its offense in order and it looks like they have. Defense was good but LSU played well. We really struggled with rebunding early in the second half. From watching this game I thought LSU was pretty lucky in some of the crazy bounces tonight. All and all I thought this was a fantastic effort and consistant with what we did Saturday. The only difference was LSU played a lot better then Kentucky.

Written on All of Jordan McRae's career-high 34 points "count" in 82-72 win over LSU:

Who is this team? I watched this bunch a couple of weeks ago and predicted three wins the rest of the way. Its amazing how much better this team is when Golden just plays average. When he plays good, they will scare anybody. Small line up struggled defensively and LSU played well but there was no stopping this team tonight. Go Vols keep it up.

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

This is not a good team or a well caoched team. I am looking forward to baseball season now.

Written on Tennessee freshman cornerback Deion Bonner suspect in the theft of cell phone :

in response to IdahoVol:

Cut him loose now. I really like the fact that Dooley has found good young men to play for the Vols. Make it clear that this won't be acceptable behavior. Most are representing very well.

I was accused of something that would have ended my college career when I was a freshman. Fortunately I had 30 witnesses that put me 5 miles away from the incident. Before I rush to judgement. I will let the police do their due diligence. Way to many people here want to cut students loose the first time they hear of a potential issue. Glad that wasn't how it was done back in the 70s and 80s.

Written on Derek Dooley focused on improving defense, not blame:

in response to jbc:

Losses to ....

1 Alabama
6 Georgia
7 Florida
8 South Carolina
15 Mississippi State

Combined 36-5 record

With a decent defense could have won all but the Alabama game.

Who hired the DC. defense last year was top 50 with 9 returning starters + the add on of our overall best defender McCullars. Dooley has said it before you are what your record says you are. He will get a fantastic kiss on the lips (5 million) on the way out. Let see who is the next guy.

Written on Starting tailback job up for grabs at Tennessee:

in response to BolivrBob:

Lane had a huge hole that you could've driven a truck through on his 42 yard scamper. State guessed wrong on that play. Neal didn't have a hole like that all night. He did try to bounce it out too much but he is the better back, IMO. A lot of that is the offensive line. I'm still not sold on them being consistent in blocking in the run game. Pass blocking was great, as last year. But Brays quick release is also helpful there. There were times, it appeared to me, that States defensive line was more physical than us. Without those two long runs we averaged about what we did last year. I'm not sure I see that much improvement in the run game from the offensive line. We should have a some good rushing numbers against Georgia State but Florida's front seven is as good as anybody's. Florida may not have looked all that good Saturday but they have some tremendous talent on defense and I promise you they will be ready for us. I think we can win it. We have some meat in that offensive line and SHOULD be blasting folks out of there but we just aren't. Don't know if it's coaching, philosophy or what but something ain't right.

First off you cannot take awy the two olong runs. Last year we never had a long run. I do remember Poole falling over once when he got into the secondary. Second Neal is alot faster then Lane otherwise Lane is clearly the better back. I think both can be effective and I would think they will both have their opportunities all year.

Written on Vol tight end Cameron Clear suspended after theft arrest :

I always support keeping the players and or coaches when they screw up but in this case I say bye bye. Can't have a guy on the team that no one on campus trust.

Written on Addition of Class of 2012 guard means unanticipated changes:

in response to HtownVol:

Trae Golden, as much as I like him AND Jordan McRae are really supposed to be the future of UT ball and both have had horrible stretches.

Trae is the worst late game player ever. Sorry, but with last posessions Trae is NEVER in a hurry. He walks the ball when he has no choice but to hurry. I just dont get what goes on in his head.

McRae has the worst shot selection possibly from any UT player in a long time. And the last 2 weeks Jordan couldnt make a thing.

The UT guards have to take a lot of blame for UT not riding the best players on the team (Maymon and Stokes) Those two can dominate in almost any game but the UT guards are incapable of feeding the post players with a good pass. So many times I watched a big work for good position only to be denied by a guard.

Point is, if UT doesnt get a PG who can make the right play or a SG who can shoot the ball and be relied upon to score when needed then we are in trouble.

I really like C Martin, but I am very scared of the players he recruits. Defense is his priority, I understand but defense CAN BE TAUGHT! Look at Tatum, McBee and McRae (at times).
UT needs SCORING!!!!
BTW, Does anyone think Kenny will be back?? I dont. This is the free scholly. I wouldnt mind to see Wes go, he is a far worse scorer than Richardson but not near the defender. I really like Josh also, but he is the LAST UT player I want to ever see shoot the ball.

C Martin... PLEASE recuit players that will get UT to the next level!! please..

I would argue that Goins was worse then Golden in late game situations but you make a good point. Mcrae needs to be more consistant but he has the potential to be really special. Guys like richardson will become a better shooter in time. He also is a gret defender who sometimes trys to hard and gets himself out of positon or commits a silly fould. I still feel he will be areally good player by the time he is a junior. The future looks good but we do need more players that can create when things break down.

Written on Bruce Pearl vehemently denies Ohio player's claim :

in response to larrycook99#274374:

Why do you have to decide now who to believe? There are no provable facts about the incident on the table, but you have to make a decision. Without any facts, it's bound to be a good one.

And you are certain the Coopers have never lied and that Pearl always lies? I assume you have never lied either and if you have, should no one ever believe you again?

Thier are no provable facts but the phone records indicate no contact. Knowing Pearl he gave the kid tremendous praise prior to UT playing them and after we dusted them off and the kid took it the wrong way.

It is ironic that this article brought trolls from all areas of this board.

Written on Mike Strange: Ole Miss impressed with Vols' Dwight Miller :

in response to johnlg00:

I agree with you about the free-throw shooting, but that is at least an occasional problem with most of the team except for Golden and McBee. I'm not sure, however, that I would say Stokes doesn't hustle. On defense, he doesn't always get to the proper help positions on time, but it took most of the season for the rest of the team to do that most of the time, so I think he will learn it as he plays more. On offense, he is very deliberate in his moves, somewhat like Harris last year though not as good at handling the ball as Harris was. He does need to learn to be a bit more decisive with the ball in the post and to be quicker passing out of double-teams. None of those things amount to a lack of hustle, IMHO, they are more indicative of a lack of experience against players as big and strong as one finds in the SEC as opposed to his HS opponents. One thing I have noticed is that once he gets his hands on a rebound, it is HIS. He seems to have very strong hands once he gets them on the ball.

Your quite accurate about Stokes. I was wondering how long before us fans started attacking the effort of yet another star player for not meeting our over inflated projections. In this case its been 6 weeks.

Written on Mike Strange: Ole Miss impressed with Vols' Dwight Miller :

in response to mocsandvolsfan:

As far as Woolridge goes I suspect he found that Martin's way was too much It's a lot easier to play offense and shoot 3s. When he worked hard inside he looked pretty good...getting rebounds and inside shots. I know you can't force players to do what you want but for the team I am very disappointed in him. He DOES sit and pull for his team though. Maybe tourney time he'll find motivation again. Heck make him a point guard. I don't care. "Magic" J. was 6'9". NOT that Woolridge is magic.

Really the issue we have is UT has 4 players in Yemi, Woolridge, Miller and Hall who offer different things but have no distiguishing strengths. With only about 20-30 minutes to split between them its hard to keep them all happy and productive. I think Hall might have separated himself but his suspension set him back. Now Martin has to figure out which one is going to be on and thats hard for the players and the coach.

Written on Five score in double figures as Vols beat Ole Miss, 73-60 :

in response to rockypop:

Ole Miss is a tough out. They have been for everybody they've played this year. Those guys bring their lunch pails to every game. Even though UT's performance was uneven, they brought their lunch AND supper pails to the game, and eventually "Martinized" the Rebels. I'll never complain about a win. I will only hope that aspects like field goal and free throw shooting improve. But, Tennesseans should be proud tonite - the Vols beat a solid team that doesn't get the recognition they deserve.

Ole Miss plays greayt the first half of every game. Good to see UT put them away when they had the chance. Now lets take care of business on the road!

Written on Cuonzo Martin wants lineup to have 'consistent flow' :

in response to Rich_Is_Re-born:

Maybe WestKnoxRepo can explain why "Pearl the great" let Jalen Steele get out of Knoxville. Dudes doing quite well for Mississippi St.

Steele is a nice player but nothing special. He doesn't defend well so he wouldn't play for Martin. Pearl did struggle recruiting players that fit his system but all and all I think he did pretty good.

Written on Vols beat Western Kentucky in longest baseball game in UT history, 8-7 :

in response to huntined#565710:

Name the pitcher that really stood out and won the game.
By the way you don't have to be a baseball expert like you to see pitching did not win the game some of you guys act like we beat the YANKEES we beat two bad teams that have a record of they do look better then we did last year because they show some fight but they will need better pitching to win the bigger games all I am saying.

If we are 4-0 then of course the teams we played would have a losing record. Its to early to make any bold statements. This team is predicted to come in last so I am pretty happy that we are 4-0. When we get going against the stronger teams will no what we have. As for now its good to see that the team is winning against lesser competition. That is something they did not do last season.

Written on Kenny Hall suspended indefinitely :

in response to amyinsparta:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Yep I really saw the effect coach Pearl had on the likes of Chris Lofton, Wayne Chism, Jordan Howell, Dane Bradshaw and many others. Those guys truely reflect that horrid individual we had as a coach.

You don't have to hit Pearl to build Martin. So far they both look good. Martin will have to do a lot more to be mentioned in the same breath with Pearl. Martin will also have to donate $$ to the University at a level close to what Pearl did before I beleive he truely wants to be here for the long haul.

Written on Key stretch has Vols in position to rise in SEC standings :

in response to makelemonade:

Winning out and getting to the championship game would give us 21 wins with at least 4 over top 25 teams(2x Fla, UConn & Vandy). That would pretty much guarantee a bid to the Big Dance. You are right about one thing, we can't afford to lose another one. If we had only beaten Austin Peay, Miss St & UGA there, we would be sitting pretty. Lots of what-ifs. They've still exceeded expectations by any stretch of the imagination. I'm very proud of them. GBO

Part of UT's problem is the games that should have built the RPI have not because those teams (Uconn, Pitt, Memphis and Vandy) are not in the top 25. Add that to some really bad losses and its a stretch for the NCAA. That said I thought it was impossible for us to beat UF in Gainesville so what do I know?

Written on Vols fall at College of Charleston, 71-65 :

Disappointed in how unathletic and how few balhandlers we have on our team. For 10 minutes I saw team defense that I had not seen all year. Then the next 30 minutes I watched Charleston get lay up after lay up or wide open 3s. To often after a turnover the player committing the turnover would put his head down and jog back on dee while Charleston went on an odd man break. Coach Martin has his work cut out for him but if he chooses to ignore playing zone when clearly his personnel scream it then we will continue to see a low quailty product.

Written on UT has strength in numbers with Ron McKeefery's contract :

Its a slow time right now when we concern ourselves with contracts. I guess thats what happens when your not in a bowl game.

Written on Cuonzo Martin hints at changes in lineup :

in response to untimed_vols_ghost:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I think you guys are missing the point here. Its not lack of effort that is killing the team defensively its lack of talent and expeience. This article concerns me in that Coach Martin doesn't seem to discuss that no one on this team ever comes off their player to help when someone gets beat. An example is everytime Golden beats his man to the lane a big comes over to challenge the shot. When Golden gets beat, our bigs stay on thier guy and let the guard take an easy jumper or get a layup. The help defense on this team is nothing short of terrible. Coach Martin needs to preach the team defense and that it takes 5 players playing in unison to make up a good defensive team. Right now, I see effort but not much else.

I look at our team and I see a team that has personnel better suited for a zone. I will be interested to see if our caoch will implement one and how this team develops over the next 45 days.

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