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The only thing I got out of this poll was what percent of trolls will respond to a KNS poll? So far it looks like 2-3%

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A top 10 national ranking for the 2014 rank and that's before this commitment--will probably move up 2 or 3 spots. Geez guys, I sure glad I don't work for you. I'm trying to remember--when have we had back-to-back recruiting classes as good as 2013 and 2014? Oh yeah, never.

I get the complaining. I am not complaining but every year you want that GUY. The one every school offers. Last year Martin got one from west TN. The year before he Got Stokes midseson. I like the class but I would make room if that Looney or London want to come in.

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I don't know all the facts (nor does anyone posting here) so I will not opine on the legal merits of her case but I don't see how all the blame falls on Hart. Consider the following...

- She originally brought her claim in 2010 and UT later ruled their was no discrimination in April 2011. Hart wasn't hired until September 2011. See link below

- Moshak received pay increases from $91K to $102K over the last 2 years or a 6% annual increase. Not too bad for this economy

- One of the downsides of suing your boss is the office dynamic does change. It's somewhat similar to the office employee that uses strong-armed tactics (i.e interviewing at other companies to get job offers only to get matched) for salary negotiations. At some point, corporate leadership will not trust that employee and that employee will get passed over for big projects. That can create a lot of resentment There's no black and white answers in these cases...just a lot of gray.

Well said the moment she sued her employer she needed to get her resume ready. I guess what she decided to do instead was write a book on UTs dime.

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Guys I get what the coach is saying. It does stink but it is what it is. The kid is damaged goods right now and UT cannot afford that at this critical juncture. Add to it the grade issues and our need to score really high and a tough decision have to be made. The kid is going to get a wonderful education and Temple is a program that is on the rise so I wish the kid well. I do understand where the coach is coming from and for the most part agree with his thoughts but at the end of the day UT did the kid a big favor and protected the program. Thats what a good administrator does.

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This kid's a lunatic. He committed to Alabama. Then to Auburn. Then got an Auburn tattoo to prove his allegiance. Then he committed to Alabama again.

The fact that Saban accepted his commitment, twice, proves his standards are slipping. Happens everytime. You begin to accept 5*s because they're 5*s, not because they are premium student athletes. Then your program goes to $^!#. It's the natural cycle of college football. It's unavoidable.

Actually your thinking of the other idiot they recruited Ruben Foster. he will not last long as well.

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Its my understanding this was not his choice. He could not get into UT. Done deal. It appears he can get in some other 4 year schools. Good for him. Not sure why some here can't just say good luck and move on.

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Sometimes one has to be humbled before they truly work on there game. Scottie has the athleticism needed to make it so I hope he has added the rest.

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Where are the football players?? Shoddy reportinig.

I think this only includes spring sports. The qualifications were not very clear. Congrats to those who made it while still performing at a high level.

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Product and cost. Why would you charge a student to any non conference game. For that matter why charge them at all? Tuition is through the roof, fees associated with building all sorts of things not needed is adding to the pain for students yet they cant get a ticket to an event. Heck in the 80s I believe the students got close to 15,000 tickets and we rarely didn't fill the place. Also back in the late 70s and early 80s UT wasn't that good yet we always came. We also had tickets from the 50 yard line all the way to the goal post. Seems to me every time we expand or make the game day experience better "for all" the students get the shaft. As long as everything is about making money their will be problems with getting students to the games. I find it interesting that Alabama is having trouble. It really shows that the problem is far greater and maybe more irreversible then college administrators want to admit.

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It is amazing how stupid of a comment that is.

Three players graduated in 2013 who were on the Kentucky Basketball team with about 13 total scholarship players.

Guess how many Tennessee Football players graduated in 2013? A team with about 85 scholarship players.

ZERO, NONE, NADA graduated from Tennessee's Football team in 2013.

Did I strike a nerve. Your coach has turned a fine university into a community college. Its a shame. As for coach Martin bringing in a bunch of one and dones. He has stated he would not do that. I will take him at his word. As for all of those graduates from the basketball team, how many kids has coach Cal recruited that have been their beyond three years?

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Wiltjer probably was not willing to do what was necessary to play for Kentucky (like learn to play defense and develop his core strength). Kentucky is not for everyone, it is a winning program for top talent. Calipari probably encouraged him to look elsewhere for a better opportunity. And Cal will no doubt pull strings and help Wiltjer find a better fit.

People who follow College Basketball know that what Kentucky is doing with the young player is now being copied by Kansas, North Carolina, Indiana and other big basketball programs. Kentucky invented the utilization of young talent, now others are trying to catch up.

UK is now a community college for the pros. This must make you so proud!!

The good news at UK is you don't have to ever worry about the scheduling issues associated with senior night!

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Liked the kid. had to been hard to play for such a slimeball. I hope his next coach has some character.

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Spot on. Simms was great at the line of scrimmage but too short to get the ball over it.

To prove your point in reverse, 32 NFL teams said "No-thank-you-very-much" when it came to drafting our "game changing QB" from last year, specifically due to his demonstrated inability to read.

Simms was a tall dude just not as tall as Bray. Simms problem was he stunk out loud. worst starting QB in modern history by far. He made Bray look fleet of foot.

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Many people don't understand the QB's calls at the line of scrimmage. Peyton was/is fabulous in getting into right play. Even though Simms didn't have the tools to be a top level SEC QB, he did an outstanding job of changing plays. For proof, just look at the difference in rushing yards when he was in vice the others.

How many pts did we average with Simms in the game? How many turnovers did we average with Simms in. I think it was about the same. Please do not use Simms for any arguments, that guys was awful at everything. When the coaches discussed Simms getting us into the right plays, that was coach speak stating "this guy was 2-15 so we don't want to admit he is horrible so we will say what a great job of play calling in a feeble effort to build up his confidence". After that disaster of great p[lay calling Dooley went with a true freshman who didn't even know the plays rather then stick with that great play caller Simms. Then in a complete panic move Dooley reinserted the still injured Bray who couldn't throw the ball 10 feet accurately rather then have either of the other two QBs play.

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I have no idea if every coach lies and cheats, and I seriously doubt if you do either.

I do suspect you are right about other coaches hading Pearl. But I suspect it has to do with the Deon Thomas recruiting scandal that Pearl instigated. After the Deon Thomas scandal Pearl couldn't get a Division 1 job so he landed at the lower ranks and Tennessee threw the dice and hired a known lying rat and guess what the dice came up snake eyes for Tennessee.

Coach Cal has left every program he has been at in shambles. Good Luck!!!!! By the way yes I do know every coach at a major D1 one school lies and cheats and that includes coach K and certainly coach Williams at NC. The only coaches that may not lie and cheat are the ivy league coaches and the academies. Its the nature of the job and the stupidity of the rules. seven you ay want to keep your head in the sand (where it has to be if you think coach Cal doesn't cheat and has never cheated and lied) or you can acknowledge he does it better then most.

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Good Post

It is pretty basic UT Fan does not care if you cheat steal lie or steal as long as you WIN WIN WIN. That is why they love Pearl.

Just read these posts from UT Fans, they speak volumes

Just Saying

Reality check here every coach lies and cheats. The level is the only thing debatable. Your coach has been tied to many scandals and cheating but so has every other UK coach to walk the sidelines. Yes Pearl got duped and it would have turned out better had the AD done his job when this first came up. I loved Pearl but he back himself and UT into a corner and he pays for that mistake every day. Other coaches hated him because he made their jobs more difficult and all coaches hate that.

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He doesn't look like he has good intentions in that profile picture. Man he looks mean. Glad he will be on our side.

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From what I've seen from Reese so far, PR can keep him. I will say before he got injured he played at a much higher level. Hopefully he'll avoid injuries this time and improves his overall game.

There really wasn't a time he wasn't injured. He came back way early from his initial injury and hurt his back almost immediately. we have never seen him healthy and in shape.

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Had Climer wrote the article last Summer then he would have been right on time with some great insight into problems at UT. Instead he missed the boat and looks like a fool writing about a problem that has already been fixed. Shabby lazy writing on Climers part. Next Climer will reveal to us Dooley didn't do very well as a football coach and something needs to be done about it.

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Good for him. This level of competition will far exceed the RT league. I think Reese has a chance to really surprise next year. Their were flashes to his game that make you realize he can be a heck of a player.

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josh Selby. what? I may have to boo him.

Selby would have been great but unfortunately a certain Guard at Ohio State messed that whole thing up. Nothing to boo here.

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It would not count my chickens before they hatch. Any team could offer a over slot contract and could be on his way. The baseball draft is really tricky. I wish the best for Kyle and all the new Vols.

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If he is not better than Palardy, then he needs to go somewhere else. I just hope Bullard is. Palardy may well be the second greatest bust as a kicker in UT history (see the first and only, as far as I know, number one high school kicker that UT recruited, Dirk Borgnone). He is almost as bad as the last kicker UT had from Florida, Daniel "I can consitently kick my center in the butt with the ball" Lincoln.

Palardy made everything inside 50 yards this spring. Looks like he turned the corner. I wish we had someone else that could punt so he could concentrate on one skill but we don't. Seems to me some kickers take a couple of years to get the yips out. With Dooley as your coach it can take longer because no one could handle his kickers worse then Dooley.

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The guy is doing what is best for him I get it. UT recruited over him and he moved on. If he doesn't win the job at UC he will move again. I wish him well and I hope he nails every kick accept the ones against UT. Now lets hope Bullock and the back up punter move on so we can free some more schollys.

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This is a perfect example of how the Athletic Department at the University is on a down hill slide. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why they would want to support a person who abused the players assigned to Her. What this tells potential athletes, and more importantly their parents, is that it is alright for any coach at Tennessee to abuse players. If we are ever going to rise back to the top of College Sports, The Administration at Tennessee better start looking like they are behind the Student Athlete rather than Coaches who abuse the position they are put in. Rutgers is not the only College being looked at in this affair. Tennessee needs to do what is necessary to be on the RIGHT side of this issue.

This is not a a UT problem and no one has suggested it to be. How can UT be on a down hill slide from an incident 16 years ago. Back then UT was on top and would stay on top for many years so your comment makes zero sense.

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Glad there all gone. Liked Pittman but I like the continuity this present staff brings to the table.

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Its funny how administrators will protect their own no matter what. For Rutgers to have even considered this women is beyond crazy. If they keep her they will deserve everything that comes their way including complete lack of support from the alumni. UT has had its problems in the past but it pales in comparison to what is going on at Rutgers. I do have a question though, would she at this point still have a job if she wasn't a women? I really don't think so and I think the outcry for her resignation would be far far greater if she were a male with the same resume. Its a shame that some would totally disregard their own morals (Cronin) if it fits their overall agenda (increase women in the administration of college athletics).

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Not sure why anyone here thinks we would make the tourney without a PG. If anyone here witnessed the play when Golden was out with an injury you would know that you can have all the scorers in the world but if you can't get them the ball the team will look and be disfunctional (please do not say Thompson he has not played PG in high school so why should we expect him to excel in college as PG as a freshman) . Barton is a great pick up and yes he gets UT into the tourney.

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Zo pulled one out of his A*s and he needed to. Without a PG this team was going no where ( some of you think Thompson is a PG but he would have been no better then Moore was last year). Now I have high hopes for the sweet sixteen. By now Zo should not have to be searching for true PG. This should have been taken care of long ago however you still have to hand to Zo for getting the best PG available in June.

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Well said Banner.

Godley is gone & some of the pitching we need will surely go high enough in the June draft to bypass college...

Like you said, there just doesn't seem to be any fire at all and it starts at the top.

You'd liked to have seen at least SOME improvement so the pressure isn't so great going into year three...but there just wasn't any & I hate to draw comparisons, but year three under CDS is going to be just like year three under or we're starting over again...with another program.

And yes, feel very bad for the kids. So disappointing.

Guys our coach could do hand stands but it will not change the fact that this team lacks talent. The job will get done but when you have three SEC players when you arrive on campus and one full recruiting cycle under your belt, its not going to turn overnight. I am disappointed but based on what I am hearing the players are coming. UT needs pitchers and lots of them. Right now we just can't compete if we have to score 10 runs a game to just keep it close.

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The one thing I thought Dooley would be good at, recruiting, and apparently, he couldn't do that too well either.

Like many people, I wanted Dooley to work out for the sake of UT FB. In hindsight, I am trying to figure out what he did well except entertain the media with his analogies.

I agree 100% with what you said. As a UT fan we really needed him to be good if not great. What I am starting to wonder is what made Hamilton (I know he was a horrible AD)pick Dooley? Their just was nothing in the resume that suggested this guy would be even average. Oh well we will bet there soon enough. I just hope I am alive to see it.

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in response to FWBVol:

First of all, it's not 3,000 miles, maybe 1,5000. Second, read what the story says, the athlete has to request the release. Granted, Martin probably told the kid he'd be buried on the bench, but if Landry had pushed the issue Tennessee would have been required to honor his scholarship for one year.

Finally, nothing against New Mexico State, but if the kid was that strong of a recruit it seems as if someone in a better conference would have offered him a scholly.

Vandy offered as well as a number of other Major D1 schools. Most schools no longer have openings for a PG. The reality is UT didn't do this kid any favors. We can all chalk it up to the big business of college sports but it still doesn't make it right.

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I wish this kid well. I hate that he had to go 3000 miles to find a decent opportunity after we messed him over.

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in response to johnlg00:

Any club will do for the anti-Martin faction to use to beat him up with. Almost everybody saw the recruitment of the Landry kid as a gamble, but perhaps one Martin had to take at the time. In retrospect, it would have undoubtedly been better not to have offered him so soon.

Landry also took a gamble by leaving his public high school to enroll at a "basketball factory". The idea was surely to hone his skills at a higher level to be better prepared for SEC play. The trouble was that he found himself buried on the depth chart and wound up playing so little his game deteriorated along with his confidence and his attractiveness to a high-level program.

He probably would have been better off getting playing time and production where he was before, even if at a slightly lower level of competition. If he averaged 18 ppg, 8 apg, 3 spg, and a 3:1 assist-to-turnover ratio, while shooting 45% from the field and 80% from the line, this would have been a WAY tougher call all around. Those stats are a pretty close approximation to those of the Thompson kid who UT signed basically in Landry's place, and Thompson is about 4 to 5 inches taller than Landry.

I hope Landry finds a good place to land. I'm pretty sure CCM is helping him find such a place. I have nothing against him. He would have appeared to be a long-shot prospect at the SEC level; this particular long-shot didn't pay off.

The problem is the kid average double digit minutes. He played quite a bit he just wasn't offensive oriented. This was a really poor job by coach Martin in managing his team. This to me goes back to not recruiting a PG since he has been here. Martins may leave UT without ever having brought in a true PG. Next up will be another HS wing who will be asked to do what he has never done before and we will act shocked when it doesn't work out again.

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in response to tennlions:

Maybe you don't realize this but this situation is the norm for college BB recruiting. It's certainly possible that the final decision wasn't made until just recently. Anybody that cries for this kid or any other recruit shouldn't misplace those tears. Personally, I don't like the practice of oversigning but teams need to do it to guard against the decisions that players make to leave early or not.

This is not the norm here. You don't sign papers in November and get cut before you ever make it to campus by the same coach who signed you. It has happened quite a bit when a new coach comes in and decides the player is not a fit for his system but even then its usually a suggested move not a get out town move (Dobson at UT is an example of this). I love UT and I like Martin but this is a stain that will never come out.

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in response to volfan2002:

There was a point guard that was in school that never played for Tennessee while Pearl was here. I forget his name Pearl went and signed another point guard Goins and he got pushed out the door so yes it did happen.

That PG was from Detroit and was unable to convince the NCAA clearinghouse. He actually enrolled for a semester and had good grades but it didn't matter. He could no longer afford to pay his way an additional semester so he went to a JC in Florida. I think the same one that Jones the Memphis kid went to. That was not Pearls fault that he did not get in here. What Martin did is really rare and reflects poorly on him and our program. I wish the best for Landry because he certainly deserved better then this.

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in response to johnlg00:

I think you are making too much of this as well. As you said, this happened with Peterson and it also happened with Pearl--remember Boomer Herndon? In fact, if you heard as much on a regular basis about most other programs as you do about UT, you would know that, regrettable as it might seem on the surface, this happens almost everywhere sometimes and somewhere all the time. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Chances are Landry will find someplace where he might actually get to play. Unless there are some freaky circumstances we don't know about to account for his apparent low level of production last season, he may have never gotten off the bench at UT anyway. It occurs to me that he might have made a mistake in transferring to that high-power program in the first place. If he wasn't good enough to get off the bench at his high school, he probably wasn't good enough to play in the SEC, no matter what he or his dad might have thought.

Players are NEVER cut before they even get to campus unless they do something stupid. Herndon Had spent two years at UT before he left. You are right that players are asked to move on all the time and if Edwards had been asked to move on I would have gotten it but in this case you sign a kid in November and cut him in April well that just doesn't work for me. By the way had Landry asked for his release and UT said no he would have had to sit two years to get back into D1.

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in response to allvollego:

I honestly just cannot agree with people saying that this move stinks. I don't mean to say this to knock high school players, but high major college basketball is indeed that, and some illustrate that they are not ready for such an opportunity. Landry is not currently ready, and his stats are not the only thing that show it. I have watched Huntington Prep play several times on television and I must say there are young guys 3 or 4 players deep who contribute more on both ends of the floor. Landry does have heart, but that can only get you so far in this world where basketball talent is expected to produce immediately. I also think its a win because Tennessee is re-establishing itself as contenders when it comes to in state recruiting.

Then why offer him two years ago and why not make this move back in the fall when he would have had ample time to get situated? It stinks and I would bet Martin would be the first to admit it to his close friends.

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in response to lemme_axya_this:

Wasn't Philip Juric a casualty of a Bruce Pearl numbers crunch?

Juric was a casualty of Mary Jane he is a good example of a player that maybe Pearl should have dumped but honored the commitment. After a year of bad grades and other activities he was on his way.

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in response to volfan2002:

I think we need to know the entire story before we jump to conclusions. Landry may have asked for the release because he wasn't going to get any playing time. Regardless it has happened at every University in America that has a basketball team. Bruce Pearl did it a couple of times when he was coach. Most of the time it is better for the player and the team and I think both Tennessee and Landry will be better off for this decision.

Pearl never cut a player he signed. he did tell that Dobson kid he would never get off the bench if he stayed and suggested he go but that was a Buzz guy. This is bad anyway you look at it. The father was interviewed two weeks ago and said no one has spoken to him or his son about prep school or looking elsewhere. Additionally Huntington Prep is big time school and now we have trashed that relationship. Just an FYI here, one of our top targets just transferred there so I think its safe to say he probably doesn't go to UT.

I get why Martin did it but this stinks to high heaven.

Written on UT releases Travon Landry from men's basketball letter of intent:

I personally hate what just happened here. Martins best asset is his integrity and in this one move he has lost it with me and made it easy to recruit against him. This is consistent with what Buzz did and we saw how that worked out. Its bad enough that you would not have room for a kid who commits to you early in the process. It worse when you let said player sign his papers and then you shove him away leaving him with very limited opportunities. If you sign him then you should accept him. What happened here is a shame. Now that coach Martin has ventured into the sewer here he may find out as many other coaches have its hard to get out.

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in response to WaltGoVoIs:

You are missing the point.

Say Ms. Mason's performance just fell off the table like a rock. Dave "Your Cheating" Hart is -surely- good at -something-. I mean, he's been in the corporate halls of power for a -long- time.

So even if this gal is an 'at will' employee, he needed to have some sort of paper trail to support his actions. Instead, there is a ten year string of good, even outstanding performance reports.

So he has to coerce critical letters from other coaches that would support a decision to terminate this lady's employment. Just happen to have a lawsuit filed against him, don't you know. It just stinks.

And it also supports an interpretation that here is -another- aspect to his job that he is -not-good-at-.

Now of course this is just a hypothesis I am putting forward. But it sure does quack and walk like a very guilty and sleazy duck.


UT '81

So what your saying is Hart fired all the football coaches including the S&C coach and not not coach Jones. In Walt world coaches don't make any decisions on support staff that is only done by the AD. Before you answer Dooley game Chaney and company outstanding remarks in their reviews. If hart was goiong to seek revenge he would have done it long before now. Her firing was a business decision made by coaches who are protecting their jobs by hiring employees who are on the same page as they are. Kind of like Butch Jones did and every other coach has ever done. I am sorry your sister or wife got drilled here but thats the way it goes sometimes. I am sure with all of her talent she should have no problem landing on her feet with a significant pay raise.

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in response to WaltGoVoIs:


Didn't some idiot opine that this was the smoking gun that showed why Ms. Mason was fired? What an idiot.

If you were called to the office of a guy who looks like the last mummy pulled from the Valley of the Kings, who the embalmers were still spooling his intestines into a jug of unguent, you'd produce a bogus letter too.

Okay, Holly Warlick is not established yet as the coach of the Lady Vols. And per the complaint, her testosterone level is set wrong.

But here's the kick, the Lady Vols know that she caved and provided a bogus letter on this trainer at the behest of said mummy. It could be a big behind the scenes problem for them.

But Dave "Your Cheating" Hart could care less if UT sports teams have success.


UT '81

Warwick stated in a thread unrelated tho this one that her team had to get in better condition if they wanted to compete. You of all people who clearly follows the lady vols should have thought to yourself that changes were in the making if the head coach is not happy with her teams off season conditioning. Instead all you are concerned about is the AD who said if you don't like your staff change it. Dumping this lady will not save the department a nickle because they are replacing her. Sometimes you have to make change for the better. I am sure your sister will be able to find work down at the 24 hour gym.

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in response to WaltGoVoIs:

It's Post Facto. It doesn't mean squat. If anything it shows "Your Cheating' Hart in a bad light. If he wanted to get rid of this gal punitively, he needed to have attempts at performance counseling on paper before hand.

One of the crappy things we had to do in the Marine Corps was make page 11 entries on Marines who were doing a great job, but that we wanted to get a little more time in grade before you recommended them for corporal or sergeant. These Marines had to sign a statement in their record books, "Not recommended for promotion at this time due to blah, blah, blah."

We'd just tell them - "Don't worry. It's just BS required by HQMC. You're right on track."

It prevented some from saying, "Well, no one told me I wasn't doing a great job."

Again - this shows the administration in a bad light if anything.


UT '81

Are you Serious? I guess UT should have given Dooley three warnings as well. Maybe coach Jones shouldn't have been allowed to dump is S&C coach(as well as everyone else) as well. We are not in a union here. These are not hourly employees. Get a grip. Your hatred of Hart has blinded you and has made your opinions meaningless.

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This has to hurt all the Dave Hart bashers here. They should have picked up on it when Coach Warwick mentioned that we have to get into better shape ext year. That was a direct shot at the S&C team.

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in response to jack4444:

The whole thing comes down to Hamilton's hire of Kiffin.

Hamilton had months to make that decision and he couldn't have made a worse one. The Dooley hire was in like a 2 week window.

Quit complaining about Dooley and complain about how Hammy set UT football back 5 years with his lil Lane hire.

I do agree that hammy damaged this athletic department more then Professionalhandicaper could have dreamed of.

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in response to voloffaith:

get over it........Dooley didn't fumble..throw who won't give up the past and its twist and turns...........

Get over it. Voloffaith is just listing the obvious. Dooley damaged a lot of careers except his own. he managed to leave with an additional 5 million in his pocket. I feel sorry for all the players, coaches and UT and La. Tech fans that had to endure Dooley and his ineptness.

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Good luck Tyler. make the most of this opportunity.

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in response to tennesseetyler:

U forgot all Bama Dave is doing is padding his retirement...dismissed trish summit...joan Cronin should have been AD.....Added 8 assistant AD from his good ole boy network...botched the head coach hiring process..added Dooley 2.0...he's a lawsuit waiting to happen look at his FSU days and since he now doesn't have to post it will allow flowers more time for his truth squad circle jerk with turdy todd and Walt can be the pivot man..

Joan ruled herself out. We all love Pat but she was in no shape to coach and would have damaged her legacy and allowed another program to tumble to depths unknown in UT history. Additionally Hart has made the unpopular decisions that needed to be made to get this program solvent once again. Lets face it, Dave Hart came into a 6 alarm fire and anyone who thinks it was going to be easy to turn this around was crazy.

I do agree with a previous poster though and wonder why its necessary to extend a contract that is in force for another 5 years? I would like to see the turn before I go crazy and extend the AD.