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Not sure the reason for these teams to play again. What good does it do for either team for UConn to put an annual 20 point loss on the LVs?

I could be wrong there Dillard, But I thought that the last three games they played each other that the Lady Vols won. Lady Vols are right back on track. Go things are going to happen for this team. GO Lady Vols, NC in 15!

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Glad the see him remain here, no matter the reason he stayed! As one poster stated "stability" is what we need at UT right now. There have been to damn many coaching changes at the University over the last 5 years. Whether needed or not, coaching changes on that level brings nothing but bad to the University. It makes the folks running the show look like they don't know what they are doing (Not saying they do, perception is a killer sometime). Then when a change needs to be made, top coaches have no interest. I actually like all the coaches we have in place although I would also love to see Coach Zo get that T and show more emotion. But hey maybe he's not in that mold! Some of these losers on here striking at the man from behind the keyboard, well they are just that "losers". Kinda makes me smile knowing that Coach Zo is making those millions while they "Those Losers (again)" suffer the agony of defeat. Hopefully their moms will throw some bread down in the basement for them, show them a little love, or something. As far as the Dance goes, they made the sweet 16. I am fine with that. They fought UM to the buzzer. Last time UT played UM in the Dance UT got blown out. Congrats Coach Zo, Go Vols!!!

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Some of you so called fans are the biggest damn cry babies that I've ever seen. When things go good you sit back with you pie holes shut. As soon as any UT team has a bad game or something else bad happens your miserable selves come out for all to see. Nice season Lady Vols. Times are getting better. Pay no attention to the negative posting losers here.

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The questions you ask have certainly occurred to many Vol fans. I can't say I know the answers, but I can make some guesses. For all the talk--which I have no reason to believe isn't sincere--the first two Martin teams especially had a preponderance of Pearl's recruits in major roles, not only on the floor but in the locker room and in off-court activities. It is one thing to intellectually embrace a change in philosophy and style, but often quite another to FEEL the essence of the new style. McRae in particular has taken awhile to realize that he doesn't have to do it all by himself. As one of the few on the team who can get his own shot, he might have been slow to adapt to the idea that the REST of the team needs a little more structure and flow in the offense for them to perform at their best, and that too much free-lancing disrupts the concentration, timing, and cohesion that the rest of the team needs for the offense to produce at its overall best and doesn't put enough pressure on the other team's defense.

It certainly didn't help the development of the team when Maymon suffered his injuries. In the second season, this left the Vols with essentially only Stokes to do all the heavy lifting inside, which limited the overall development of his own game. Then you had Golden at PG who was mostly a defensive liability under a defensive-minded coach. Still, his departure left a big hole at the position where a steady hand on the tiller was most necessary.

Then this year, Barton came in to try to fill Golden's role. He came from a much more wide-open, free-lancing style that put more defensive emphasis on playing passing lanes and shot-blocking, so he never developed the habit of keeping his man in front of him as Martin's style requires. Also, he was not a classic PG who actually knew how to run a more structured offense. Then you also had Maymon adjusting to his new physical limitations and finding an appropriate role on a team that suddenly had more offensive options.

So in essence, each season had unique challenges for a staff that had a clear idea of how they wanted to play, but did not have the ideal mix of players with the requisite skills and total belief in what they were being asked to do. Ironically, next year's team may be quicker off the mark than any of the last three, since ALL of the players now know what is expected of them, and since they don't have any real record of success playing any other style in college ball, they will more naturally fall into the habits that Martin and staff have been teaching all along.

Well I believe you, Awesome response to the questions. I hope you are right about next season..... Thanks

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I did not see one game last season, and I saw them all, where the team "mailed it in".

Then again, I don't just look for something negative to b1tch about. I look for the good and the improvement, which was there all season. The team is young and getting better. I have no doubt that Coach Jones it the right man for the JOB. Go Vols..... We true fans have got your back Coach. Pay not attention what so ever to the nay-Sayers.

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I am not sure where the surge of energy, being displayed by the team over the last few games, came from. I am just glad to see it. I give a big thank you and well done to the coaches and the players. At the same time I ask, where was this energy and play for the first 2/3's of the season. I honestly feel that the Vols should have been in the Dance the last 2 seasons. But I don't have an argument because, they laid eggs in the NIT both seasons. I have never been a BBB type, He made his bed etc..etc. I do not think CCM should be fired. Fact is I don't know what to think. What is Vol Basketball with Martin as Coach? Is it the ugly, boring and I can't watch this, that we had before this trend or is it what we are watching now? If any of you know please share it with the rest of us that just "Care about UT Sports". I will be on cloud nine if they make the final 4 but I will die of boredom if they go back to playing that other style of BB.

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Exactly who is UT paying back on Sunday? Last time I checked, they're playing Mercer. What is UT paying back Mercer for?

Since it's evident, by your comment, that you don't follow UT basketball enough to realize the sad ending to their season last year, "I'll just let you research it" and make that discovery for yourself. "Knowledge is Bliss". Educate yourself on topics that you discuss!

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I will with-hold my excitement until tomorrow afternoon. Yes they have won 5 games in a row and yes their defense has been great in those game. 3 of those wins came against the cellar dwellers of the conference. None of those wins were against a team that will be dancing. They have 11 losses and 5 of them are "BAD" losses and should have been in the win column. OK, I am impressed in their performance against sub-par teams. Now impress me against a top tier team!

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Of course Stallings thinks Martin should stay, it gives his team a couple of wins each season.

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I'm going to get some heat from this but this isn't right. The only reason they are getting off is because they are football players. Anyone else wouldn't be so lucky. We wonder why the UT athletes get into trouble all the time, they know they'll get off because they play football or basketball. If I were the coach they'd be off the team permanently.

Geeze, you can't be serious or expect anyone to take you seriously with a comment like that. What damn World are you living in. These kids have a few beers and play their music to loud and you expect Coach to kick them off the team. What would you have the courts do, throw them in jail for drinking and loud music. If so, man you are out there, come on back to earth where drug dealers don't even go to jail.

Written on A week from spring ball, Butch Jones anticipates quicker, stronger Vols:

You must have lived a miserable "grief" existence eh. Calling teenagers "fools" because they had a few drinks and was playing loud music. Most make mistakes at that age and most learn from them. "Immature punk lawbreakers" I am sure that living in your grief has kept you from breaking any law in your miserable lifetime. Surely a beer never crossed you lips while you were young. Probably drank a gallon or two of "mother's milk each day though eh. Actually the joke is on you. Coach Jones has one of the best jobs in the NCAA and is doing an awesome job at it thus far. He will handle any issues that should arise. No need for your help. You are dismissed and can go back to collecting soda cans from your neighbors trash cans now.

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It really doesn't matter at this point. They have at least 4 losses that they should have won. To many "I am totally lost" games. NIT is where this team ends up and deservedly so. They are not a NCAA caliber team and will probably go 1 and done in the NIT again.

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Why did they fill the class with 3 NR players that were not even offered by any other schools. The Durden kid doesn't look like much of a get and the other two are total unknowns?ESPN just reported all three NR's were signed by UT after losing three 3*'s in Dews, Brown and Thomas.
This really hurt the final rankings on average and total points. They have UT falling closer to 10 when it is all over with these signees.
Any explanation?

Coach just wanted to give you something to cry about. I'll have a talk with him and make sure he checks with you before he does anything like that again.

Way to go Coach Jones and company. Awesome class. UT is on the rise to the top. Personally I can't wait until next year! :)

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Can you say, CLUELESS! Geeze, If this theam is the 3rd best in the SEC then SEC basketball really sucks!

Written on No. 6 Florida stifles Tennessee, 67-41:

This is the worse coached, least motivated team in the SEC maybe in the entire NCAA. Sad!

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I hope that the UT over FU in BB trend continues today. I really don't have that warm fuzzy feeling that this game will turn out as I hope. The Vols have not played like a top SEC team all season. If they play that way today then FU might just blow the off the court. I expected much more from the Vols this season and so far it's been one disappointment after another. I have lost most of my faith in this coaching group. Sad but true!

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Screw Alabubba and Screw Kiffin! nuff said!!!!!

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I think Auburn can win. Could be that FSU, who played in the first BCS title game, could end the BCS era the way they started it. With a loss to an SEC team! Be fine with me!

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Further conformation we don't have the right guy running the show. Can we PLEASE and I mean PLEASE call this one what it is? CCM is another CDD. End it before it does too much damage and come off some money and hire a REAL coach.

I'll let those in the know make those type of decisions. I really don't think a tuba player is qualified! Just a thought!

Written on SEC enters New Year 3-0 in bowls after Manziel rallies Texas A&M over Cutcliffe, Duke in Chick-fil-A:

Best game of the Bowl season so far! Felt bad for Cut and his team but I am for the SEC is every game they play. No matter what some of the naysayers say: GO SEC,SEC,SEC,SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No matter how good or bad things are all some do is b1tch, grip or complain. What a way to waste one's life!

Written on Utah State, Vols' season-opener in 2014, upsets No. 24 Northern Illinois for second-straight bowl win:

So USU ends 2013 with a win and will start 2014 with a loss. No news here!

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I was very optimistic this season for a Bowl bid. Two tough plays/ref calls ensured that the Vols would miss out on that invitation. I really thought we had enough good players, but after watching the speed of other SEC teams I realized that was not the case. I think Coach Jones has done an awesome job recruiting the speed players that the Vols will need to compete. However it will take more than 1 great class to catch up to the big boys of, Bama, USC, UGA, LSU and such. We might be able to compete wit the Vandys, Ole Miss's and maybe Mizzo's this next season though. I will be optimistic that they make a bowl next season. I don't care what they are saying now that extra month of practice in the fall does wonders for the following season!

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If I was coach Martin,I would tell everyone to chill out and let the season play out. There are 20 somthing games left before the regular season is over.

Have you been watching the games? "Tell everyone to Chill?" If they go 6-4 every ten games they will finish with 18-19 wins and 12-13 losses. That will not make the tourney. This team was picked to finish 3rd in the conference. If this team is the 3rd best team in the conference, then the SEC must really suck this year. I know these kids have the talent but the coaching IMO is subpar. Coach Martin needs a fire lit under his butt. JMHO.

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I really don't care WHY? He is not a Vol and since this is a Vol site "WHY" don't you talk to and write about the one's that became Vols. Just a thought!

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I really thought that this season would be the one to get the Vols back. It is so hard to watch this team play. With the talent that this team has there are "ZERO" excussess for their bad play. When painfully watching the games, I wonder what the hell is CMM thinking. He shows "ZERO" emotion at courtside. Some one needs to light a fire under the teams butt and someone needs to light a bonfire under Martin's butt. His pitiful display gives the the impression that he want's his butt fired. I don't understand it one bit. That much talent and they play the most boring game I can remember. Geeze,, Martin wake up already and do your damn job..

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All you idiots that chant SEC SEC SEC! The first crack in the future, he can go to a team that returns most of their starters next year and will be pre-season top 5 even without a NC. If they win it all their coaches which include a couple of ex Vol coaches can highlight two National Championships in three years while the Vols scrape the bottom losing to Vanderbilt and have become comfortable at 5-7 and no bowl. Auburn found a way to win their games while the Vols continue to find a way to lose. Butch is recruiting 50 so he can sign 25-28. Ohio State passed UT in the rankings today on rivals. Auburn will passing UT shortly. If these guys are truly 4 and 5 stars they don't have to go to a bottom feeder to play.
So all you misguided so-called Tennessee fans continue to pull for Auburn in the NC and our other hated rivals as the Vols sit at home and watch these teams get the glory and accolades. A long time until February 6 to watch the slow bleeding that started today by committed recruits.

Cry much?

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And why doesn't the women get the same level of reporting on their recruiting efforts?? have heard NOTHING about who we are looking at or who is looking at us.

Here you go! Future Lady Vol's!

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I am shocked that Mr. Dave didn't ask you to for your input. Maybe some things you just don't have the need to know! Just a thought.

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Coach Jones will get it done! Go Vols!!!

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When KNS started charging for these articles and the privilege to comment, I like a fool signed up. I stupidly thought that if they were charging then surely there would be some positive articles that us Vol fans would want to read. However, I was sadly mistaken. I have gone to the Web site to try and determine how to cancel my "PAY for Reading" and I cannot see where you can cancel. Does anyone know or do I just need to call them or what. I damn sure am not paying to read this negative chit!

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Two Plays that could have been:

1. With the Game in OT the Vols had a chance to beat UGA in Knoxville. UGA had thrown a TD with 5 secs left in regulation to tie the game at 31. In overtime while diving for the end zone, on a play that was originally ruled a TD, "Pig" Howard lost control of the football prior to crossing the Goal Line. UGA kicked a 42 yard Field Goal to win the game 34-31.

2. The Candy's had a 4th and inches on the UT 33 yard line. They went for it and the play that was ruled a stop by the UT defense. However, and I still don't know how it was determined, on further review, the replay official ruled, without being able to see the ball on replays, that in fact Candy had made a first down. Candy QB threw Carta-Samuels 25-yard completion to Jordan Matthews. Then with 16 secs. to go Candy QB Patton Robinette ran for a 5-yard touchdown giving the Candy's a 14-10 victory.

Those two plays will haunt me this entire off season.

GO Vols. May better days be ahead. I HOPE!

Written on Jarnell Stokes leads Vols over Wake Forest, 82-63:

That first game against UTEP upset me to no end! They played like a lazy group the complete game. I was actually surprised when they can out and played tough against Xavier. Todays game was impressive. Considering that Jordan only scored 10 points, the rest of the team stepped it up. Stokes played a great 3 game series. We shall see how the season goes. Will they play like the last two games were played or will they pull another UTEP. I would like to hope they learned a lesson in that game. We shall see!!!!!!!!

Written on UTEP knocks off cold-shooting Vols, 78-70:

Worse "Coached" team in the history of UT basketball. Martin stated that UTEP "Came ready to play". To bad he couldn't say the same about his own team.

Written on Cuonzo Martin comments on Tennessee's four-man 2014 signing class:

Another NIT and 1st round loss should = new coach.
If with the players we have this season and there is no improvement in the program then there will never be improvement. I am not judging by one game, but the play in that game left much to be desired. Don't forget this team has 2 five star players Hubbs and Stokes. I hope Coach M can get them going if he can't then he needs to get going, elsewhere.

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Well the Coach and the assistances cannot do the tackling for the team. I saw many opportunities for a tackle for loss yesterday that were just bad misses. The offense played well except for the stupid "dead Ball" penalties.

The defensive special teams were nothing special. When you give up 185 yards on 5 kick returns and 127 yards on 2 punt returns you are putting your defense in a bad situation.

Add to that giving up 214 rushing yards to a
QB and the game becomes hopeless for a win.

They say football is a game of inches, well yesterday it was a game of yards and our special teams and defense gave up way to may of those yards.

I am not jumping ship on Coach Jones and Company. It has been evident over the last 3 blowout losses that the team does not have the speed to play with the big boys of the SEC. But I do believe that Coach and Company need to get back to basics with the teaching of tackling and the importance of stupid penalties. When James intercepted that pass for a pick 6 and spiked the ball for a 15 yarder that was a killer on the kickoff.

Very disappointed in their play over the last 3 games. Hopefully some of the recruits coming in will play faster and smarter.

I would love for my old ares to still be alive to see them get back to where UT football should be.

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What planet are you on?? Maymon was missing last year and we have a great incoming class...I think we are looking at a very "Special Season." GO VOLS!!

I really would not pay too much attention to him. He pays on this site just so he can post negative BS comments. That's his life! Just saying...

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Well was it the same scooter that Jessaman Dunker was riding when he got arrested?


Get well soon young man.

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The last few seasons and especially last season, I saw Vol teams that lacked 60 mins of effort, missed tackle after tackle and look confused on way to many plays. I witnessed a Coaching staff that had no clue how to make halftime adjustments. Through it all I stood by my beloved Vols. Team 117 has "righted" the ship. The Vols are back on course. The teams down years are behind them and the "Rise to the Top" has begun. That's what I've witnessed this football season. Will they beat the hated bubba's today, I give them about 10% chance. But hey that's why they play the game. I do however expect another 60 mins of hard nosed SEC style football, with 110% effort. With that win or lose theam 117 will be one step closer to their goal.

GO VOLS! Buck FAMA! Shock The WORLD!

Written on Vols upset No. 11 South Carolina, 23-21:

Yes, Yes and did I say yes! :)

Written on Vols point guard Antonio Barton out to show he can lead a team:

The Basket Vols should have an awesome season. Not sure how deep they will go in the tourney, but there is little doubt that they will be there this year. Things are looking up for UT sports teams. It's great to be a VOL!!!!

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I don't think Neb. will still be on the schedule along with this game. You have to remember there is a lot of support to add a ninth conference game. You can bet if that is approved there won't be a Neb., Va. Tech and Conn. on the Vols non-conference schedule.

I will disagree with ya on that one. By the time 2016 rolls around the Vols will be able to handle any team. Including Alabama.
Bring them all on 2016 is the year UT wins it's next NC. Just saying!

Written on GoVols247: Vols' recruiting continues to impress with latest two commitments:

yep bUTch, things are turning around on the hill. Good things are coming!

Written on GoVols247: Vols' recruiting continues to impress with latest two commitments:

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Too funny. I don't miss them at all.


Written on GoVols247: Vols' recruiting continues to impress with latest two commitments:

Great news. The Bricks just keep coming for the Vols.

Hey GVX, let the Trolls back in for like a 24 hr grace period, so that us Vol fans can bash on them. :)

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Strongly disagree with two areas that you gave the Vols the edge. Offensive line, really? UT's OL was supposed to be one of the best because of experience. Face it, they have proven to be a total bust and are average at best. And Coaching. Give me a break. Richt won't make the hall of fame but Butchie Boy and his microphone won't make it as long as Doofus did.

"Butchie Boy" & "Doofus" you have lost all credibility on this site. Are you actually paying to post asinine comments? If so you are one sick pup!

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This report card is kinda on the crazy high side. Not sure if you watched the same 2nd half that I watched Evan. The Defense never showed in the second half until the last play when they got the interception. This type of play will NOT result in wins against the schedule the Vols have left. Worley needs to get his head on straight. Him and the receivers are NOT on the same page 75% of the time. They were playing USA not BAMA, play vs Bama like they played today and we will have another Oregon final to deal with. I am all Vol but that second half grades should be all F's. JMHO. Come on Vols get it together, The Season has really started now. There is a tough road ahead and lots of sharpe curves. Come Saturday there is going to b a huge semi in the middle of that road, how will you respond?

Written on Vols, Justin Worley seeking offensive rhythm against South Alabama:

Justin, Go out there and play without fear for 60 mins.. Without fear of making mistakes. You need to put some damn zip on the ball. I know your arm is stronger that what you have displayed the first 4 games. Pick your target in short order and get that target the damn ball. No more underthrows. Play the game like you have been there before. Go Vols!!!!!

Written on Oregon routs Tennessee 59-14; Butch Jones says Vols will stick together:

in response to Farragut_Resident:

No it isn't. You're going to lose to Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, at minimum.

Well Mr Howard that very well may happen! But I'll just wait until the games are played before I count them as a loss. I was as disappointed as any TRUE Vol fan in the game yesterday, but win lose or draw I be dammed if I will come on any site and degrade the team. They need many more quality players in order to compete with the big boys. I will not question their heart or character. They did the best they could with the talent level that exist on the team! Always and forever "ALL VOL"