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This is great news. Way to go Holly and company!

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Call me crazy , but I think we win all non conference except Baylor and ND. Our toughest SEC opponent will be SC .

Notre Dame will be a different team this year...should be interesting.

Also, don't forget Texas A&M... They'll be a tough conference opponent as well.

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A well deserved honor for a great, great American lady. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to grow up watching Pat Summitt's incredible work, albeit from afar. One of my most prized possessions is the basketball autographed by Coach Summitt that holds a place of honor on a pedestal in my home. Thank you, Coach Summitt, for all you have done and continue to do for all of us. =)

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I'm not all that concerned about signing stars... role players are just fine. I seem to remember a pretty decent Ball State team that was full of role players a few years back... Not sure why I remember them though... /duck

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Is it just me, or does anyone out there despise posters who jump in with negative comments about things and people they don't even know just for the sake of being negative.

Doesn't anyone believe it is just as practical to give the benefit of the doubt? Do you guys feel better when posters and reporters say promising remarks about our Lady Vols?

Get that big gorgeous, perfectly formed, sweet smelling red rose out of here, I'm allergic... Chocolate sundae, yuck, I hate chocolate...
TN landed another post player to shore up our team, yawn, we are losers...
Here's your million dollars, rich. Is that all I get? Gee, you tightwad, I'm worth more...

Fortunately I don't have to LIVE WITH or near any of you chronic complainers. The world is not ALL negative, neither is this site. Thanks to you. You know who you are.

This. As always. Love me some 98!!!

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I don't know about you folks, but I am pleased and excited to see good recruits coming from TN, and staying in KNOXVILLE, TN. I hate it when other schools get our talented athletes.

Sure, some doubters will gripe and complain about TN not getting #1 recruiting classes, but that ranking does not always translate to #1 or even top ranked teams at tournament time.

Got to give credit where it is due - our coaches ARE top-notch. Kudo to Coach Warlick & staff. Looking forward to a new season of Lady Vols hoops.

Agree 100%!!!

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You can be positive and supportive of the new coaching staff and their challenge for the coming season, or you can whine and pizzle about every little, and I mean little thing that doesn't go the way you think it should. If life gives our Lady Vols lemons, they can make the tastiest lemon meringue pie you ever tasted. Ummmm good!

Well said, 98, as usual.

I think we've forgotten we still have a phenomenal point guard in Ariel, a deadly confident shooting guard in Meighan, an incredibly accurate three-point shooter in Taber, a potential superstar in Cierra, a great slasher/defender in Kamiko, a fearless post player in Izzy, a 30 year coaching veteran who is in the hall of fame on the sidelines and some really good recruits coming in next year. I, for one, am really excited about next season.

Of course, I'm always excited about Lady Vols basketball. Our girls play with heart and class. Go Lady Vols!!!

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Can't wait to get a copy...hope I can get it autographed!!

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I have such mixed emotions ... but I'll always be a Lady Vols fan. So now we move forward with a new coach and (basically) a new team. Time to build a new legacy. Go Lady Vols!!!

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I am very proud of the way these ladies faced adversity...the kind that most of us will never have to face in our lives and especially not when we are 18-22 years old.

I will always be a diehard Lady Vols fan. It's my hobby and a passion and I'm grateful to CPS and the LVs for all the joy they have given me - and will continue to give us all - over the years. I love watching our girls play, and I really enjoy watching them mature into beautiful young women from the inside out. Coach Summitt not only builds great teams, she builds great citizens. We need more of that in this messed up world.

Thank you Glory, Strick, Bree, Vicki and A-Town for all you have given Tennessee. We'll miss you!

Now it's time for the underclassmen to step up and start setting some records of their own.

Go Lady Vols!!!

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Lots of comments here on what went wrong. Plain & simple, same as all season long. We missed the basket - 17 3pt attempts and 53 fg attempts = 0 points.

We have been unable to defend the 3 all season. We rebounded the ball well, and we kept the turnovers in check much better than I expected. We have not been able to drive the ball and score all season, too many jump shots. We played the same way we've played all season.

On a positive note, I'm glad this season is over. It has been difficult for players, coaches and fans.

I don't really care who wins the title as long as it is not uconn.

I wish joy and peace of mind for Pat Summitt. That is what matters most as far as the future of this program.

As always, well said, 98.

Your observations are dead on - again, as usual.

I, too, wish nothing but the best for these seniors who have fought through a lot of pressure over their careers, and especially for our beloved Coach Summitt.

I'm also glad this roller coaster of a season is over, and I hope the off season brings hard work, improvement on both offense and defense and an overarching sense of calm and peace for this team. They deserve do we all. =)

Go Lady Vols...and Lady Vols fans!

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Physical doesn't even begin to describe what Glory has been experiencing during this tournament. I was afraid that, as the game wore on Monday, someone was going to get hurt. The Maryland/Louisville game was similar. The refs are letting them play, which is OK, but some of these no calls are ridiculous to the point of being dangerous. I'm so proud of Glory for keeping her cool during such immense pressure. Way to go Lady Vols!!!

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KU's Angel Goodrich scored 27 against Delaware. Sound familiar? A guard going off for a near career high? LVs are going to have to shut that 5'4 dynamo DOWN. She can shoot and drive the lane. The rest of her team is a turnover waiting to happen. With great D, the LVs can win this game in a rout...Time to take care of business!

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As excited as I am about our girls fighting for the National Championship this year, I'm also really looking forward to the next couple of years. I absolutely hope Kaela Davis reconsiders her "open recruitment" and recommits to the Lady Vols. As always, the LV future looks bright, even as we say goodbye to some all time favorites! GO LADY VOLS!!!

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Pat should promise the team an "outing" on her boat, or anything within the legal parameters of the stinking NCAA surveillance team IF they win their way to the F4. I sure would. OR she could just threaten to tie an anchor to their feet and shove em in the river, if they DON'T win. Would that be too much?

The latter...LOVE IT!!!

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First, congrats to Nikki for this beautiful moment in her life.

Second. Wow, seriously? JUDGING Nikki? Whatever happened to "Judge not, lest ye be judged"? To those of you who feel the need to condemn, judge or otherwise degrade Nikki for this choice, I'm happy to remind you that this is really none of your business.

Now, back to what IS our business...Go Lady Vols! Win #9 for our happily (dare I say it?) DIVORCED coach!

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Really proud of our girls. Keep up the great work!

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Yesterday's game was more tackle football that basketball. That being said, it's pretty impressive that Glory came away with ZERO fouls after being mugged the entire game by the foul mouthed Brit and the Lithuanian chick.

If this team will get its defense and rebounding together (a la the CP3 championship teams), they'll be fine. I'm ready for another 9 game run to NC#9!

Go Lady Vols!!!

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Well deserved for both players!

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Ole Miss had a couple of BIG girls who were tossing Glory and Strick around in the post for the entire first half. That got Glory flustered and caused Strick to disappear. Meighan was open so she shot...and shot...and shot. If the shooters aren't knocking down shots, they're going to continue to shoot until they start hitting. It's just how it is. Meighan can drive me crazy with some of her shots and turnovers, but the fact remains that she seems to want to help the team with her shooting more than just be a stud scorer. I do think her intentions are good...and when she goes off for 25 everyone loves her. =)

As always, we got Ole Miss's best shot. We get everyone's best shot. Kentucky got Alabama's best shot and withered beneath it. We will get Arkansas's best shot Thursday and Florida's after that. Will they come to play at home? Probably. I think we'll end up winning the SEC and the SEC tournament. The defense is getting better and better with each game. I seem to remember a couple of Candace Parker teams who did the same thing and rode their defense all the way to the NC.

As far as low energy on the road...that had better stop. The entire post season will be on the road.

C'mon LVs. Keep workin', keep winnin'! Go Lady Vols!!

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in response to kazoo:

Yes, Brewer would have helped. She had an ankle/foot injury--and something else was up with her; not sure what. Cain was hobbled by injuries. Your other points are off the mark. PS didn't make Stricklin captain because she's not a leader, and that's a problem. Stricklin has a lot of talent--but she doesn't play for 40 minutes and she's lazy on defense a lot.

As for Massengale, PS named her point guard coming in because 1) she's good; and 2) we don't have another PG except for Bass, so it was an easy call. Bass plays better defense than Massengale, who like Stricklin is hurting the team with lazy play when the other team has the ball. The program has had a lot of issues the last five years--injuries, players quitting or transferring, spotty recruiting, no real leaders, and questionable coaching. A lot of instability for a program that was like a rock for a long time.


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I love my Lady Vols. Period. That being said, this team will go as far as their defense and rebounding will take them. I really hope they go back to Knoxville and work on nothing but defense until Sunday night. These girls were recruited because of their offense. We know they can score. They need to be taught to play your face, arms waving, pestering, wear 'em down Tennessee defense!

Pat can teach it. Mickie can teach it. I'm not sure what Holly and Dean are doing, but it ain't workin' as far as I can tell.

C'mon Lady Vols...get to work. If a LV team can go 29-10 and win the national championship, you can lose 7 and do the same. Your coaches HAVE to step up and take responsibility and you have to put in the effort. It CAN be done, and I believe in you - as do your true fans!

Go Lady Vols!!!

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Just read this article about the team who went 29-10 and won the's so similar to this year, it's not even funny...

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in response to ps11824:

jerome, I gotta say, pal, I don't read anything into that article other than another coach lamenting disappointment in herself and her team. Life happens.

As for mike, seer of the future, one who can tell you if Coach B's Pitt team or any other team will ever win again.
: ) what a gift...

There's the 98reax we all know and love. Welcome back, my friend! =)

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Geez Kazoo...let up for once. Even I, the eternal optimist, am getting really sick of reading your negative posts there, Captain Obvious.

Anyway...I think the Auburn game was a good rebuilding point for our girls. Let's hope Glory can get inside the heads of the girls who don't take these games personally.

Player of the Game: Glory Johnson - she once again brought it 110%. Rebounding is all effort and "want to," and she obviously wants it. Way to go!

Today, it looked like Meighan was really thinking out there. Nice to see that.

Strick looked good today, and I still believe she can be an All American. She has the potential to take over games, we just haven't seen much of that this year. I wonder if Pat's condition is bothering Strick more than we know?

I am sad to say that I agree it's difficult to count on Manning and Baugh lately. I wonder what's going on there... Manning has turned into a slow moving foul machine and Baugh acts like she just doesn't want to play defense unless it involves swatting at the ball.

I love Ariel's fight on defense today. She really looked like she was trying to keep their guards in front of her.

Bass plays with such fire and heart, it's difficult to see any negatives in her play.

I'm glad Spani is feeling better and better with every game.

Kamiko is doing a downright awesome job right now for the LVs. Very impressed with her this year!

Burdick will be great once she learns the Tennessee defensive style. Too often she gets caught standing straight up and her man dribbles right by her. With time, that'll be fixed and she'll become the superstar she has the potential to be.

Izzy played well today; reminds me SO much of Glory as a freshman, just a bit more polished. That's a great sign!

Overall a good win. Vandy will be a tougher test, especially IN Nashville. I believe our girls will win it going away.

Keep up the hard work, girls, and the results will come! Go Lady Vols!!

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I'm glad Taber's back, too. Even if she's not hitting shots, she draws the defense and can help open things up on the inside. She's not a bad inside presence, either. I like her aggressive drives to the basket.

Go Lady Vols!!!

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Glory Johnson, you know as agressive you are, you are going to be fouled. In heavens name how can you hit so few foul shots? My daughter and I had a bet, I said she will hit both of these and you made 1 and she won the dollar. You are a superstar with pitiful free throw %. Focus focus focus please focus at the line.

One thing I was thinking about Glory...her shoulder had to have been hurting pretty badly. It's hard to recover from a sprain in a week. That had to have affected not only her shooting, but especially her free throw shooting. I thought she had been improving in that department this year, actually. I would think that the shoulder pain probably affected her mentally as well. This senior class has never been the strongest mentally.

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Yeah, they won the national championship with Parker. UCONN and Stanford play the same type schedule and have just as good if not better athletes. There should be no such thing as low points in Lady Vols basketball. That has been the standard and there should be no wavering in that standard. Holly Warlick is not cut out to be a head coach. Pat can't coach forever, especially now with her situation. End of story. They need to give DeMoss the reigns. She recruited some of the players at Kentucky and you see where they are now. They beat Tennessee which would have been unheard of 10 years ago.

Actually, they won it with Holdsclaw and company as a #3 seed, but we get your meaning.

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itsgolden writes:
this team has to rank right up there with the worst ever. ]]]

Sad but true. This stroke has placed the preverbal foot on the neck of the TV Lady Vols program. It is the coup de gras. This is also crushed.

This is not fair to Pat Summitt. The posters saying disrespectful comments regarding what Pat is or should be doing need to shut the stuff up. This lazy, sloppy, lay down and wallow team is not Pat's doing.

I'm having a tough time even believing this fiasco is happening to the program. Someone-something needs to fix this mess some kinda way before it is too late. This season may come out decent, albeit this game will not be forgiven, but it is difficult to see the light today.

Hey 98, I've been hoping you'd post. This loss just plain makes me sad.

I feel for Glory Johnson...she's finally made the adjustments in her game and this is what she gets? Her free throw shooting was suspect tonight, but 90% of FT shooting is mental.

I agree that our coaching is not where it needs to be. No one seems to have the same "respect" (fear?) for Holly they had for Pat. Huddles don't have intensity or fire. And, if DeMoss is coaching our posts, she needs to get out of town because if I see one more post dribble in the lane around all the little slaphappy guards, I'm gonna 'splode. I don't know much about Lockwood except that he makes great analogies during speeches and interviews.

Strick seems unhappy.
Vicki wants to be a guard.
Meighan would shoot as soon as she crossed half court if she could.
I'm still not sure if Kamiko has attempted more than 2 shots since coming back.
Harrison gets frustrated fast.
Manning is apprehensive and tentative.
Spani needs time to get back in to playing shape.
I think Burdick has the potential to be a star.
I think Massengale will be a superstar point guard for the LVs before she's done.
Bree plays with heart and fire every possession.
I'm proud of Glory...I jush wish she could shoot the ball.

Can one teach basketball IQ? I don't know the answer to that. I know I hate playing volleyball with people who just don't "get it."

These girls need to get their minds right and play with heart, fire and Tennessee pride. I can swallow a loss when I see them fighting from horn to horn, but giving up? Unacceptable. The coaches need to get their heads right, too. Confidence. DeMoss is negative, negative, negative. If Holly hasn't picked up some of Pat's fire over the past 30 years, then she's not head coach material, either. Nikki Caldwell, Kelly Jolly-Harper, Jody Adams, Matthew Mitchell...We need fire and heart!

I love Pat and I love the Lady Vols, and I will back them til the end. If we, the fans, won't give up on them, should it be too much to ask for them not to give up on themselves?

As always, Go Lady Vols!

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in response to Noogaorange:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Ya know, if you would actually take time to read butch31's post(s), you would realize that he or she really cares about the Lady Vols and knows basketball to boot. I suggest you leave your snarky attitude on your gamer sites and come here with respect, especially for long-time, knowledgeable posters.

Most of us who come to this board want nothing but the very best for our Lady Vols, and any frustrations, upset or advice we share is out of respect for CPS and our girls. I know I would relish seeing our LVs get #9 this year (heck, and another ever year until Pat retires). If you're coming to this board, I would hope you agree.

Go Lady Vols!!! Beat the Irish!

Written on Lady Vols hold off LSU, 65-56:

Since Pat has been more vocal and fiery, the girls have played with more fire as well. I think we'll have a nice, deep run in the NCAA tournament. I like this team, and I love or Lady Vols.

Go Lady Vols!!!

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in response to camvols:

Kelly Cain was this teams superstar. She was Pats go to player, if you needed points give it to her on the low block and it was a sure two. They have struggled without her. Glory has been the only player to step up in her absence. Without Baughs presence in the paint the load has been put on Glory's shoulders and if anyone can take us to the final four, it will be her. I'd love to see her at her natural position. Playing the five stop against bigger and thougher compeition this year has gotten her better.

I loved Kelley, but c'mon...seriously? The one thing she was really good at was shooting layups completely over the basket. Her inconsistency shooting-wise was maddening. She played with a lot of heart, but her injuries seemed to keep her down, both mentally and, of course, physically.

Glory is so much more of a potential superstar than Cain was. Her heart, fight and drive will never be forgotten. I'm proud she's a Lady Vol!

Written on Shekinna Stricklen listed as day-to-day with slight knee sprain:

in response to madrigal:

Maybe the award will shut up some of you Massengale bashers for awhile. I think she's coming along nicely! And she is just a freshman.

I'm not sure which board you're reading, but any Massengale bashers that might have existed were silenced during her first game as a Lady Vol. She's exceptional, and will be a superstar by the time she's done.

I hope and pray Shekinna will be good to go soon. I know she loves the game and the Lady Vols...perhaps she'll come back with a vengeance!

Go Lady Vols!

Written on Lady Vols hammer Vanderbilt; Shekinna Stricklen injured:

Decent game with a good second half. Glory Johnson is so much better than the rest of the SEC, it's almost scary. I wish her supporting cast would bring her energy and fight every game.

I really hope Strick is right and her knee is just banged up a bit. Even though she's not been playing true to her All American status, we need her.

The team played so much better with Pat roaming the sidelines instead of sitting. That was encouraging, and I hope it continues. I also hope the swarming D continues. We need that more than anything.

Keep workin'; keep winnin' Lady Vols!!

Written on Christina Foggie 11th to score at least 20 against Lady Vols :

Notre Dame has more than one player who can beat you, though...maybe that will, in a strange way, make our team defense stronger? Let's hope so!

Written on A runaway ending for Lady Vols, 80-51 :

This was a good, solid win for our girls. I'm worried about Strick...I wish she'd regain her All American form. I'm sure the staff will work with her so she gets her legs under her again. Other than that, a decent game. Any time we can make Andy Landers whine like that, it's a good game. =)

Keep workin', keep winnin', Lady Vols!!

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in response to ps11824:

Simmons hit 4 of 14 from the floor, 2 of 6 threes and 0 freethrows. Strick hit 2 of 7, no threes or freethrows. She had 5 boards and 3 assists which is not that impressive on paper. I did not see the game nor listen to the broadcast, but where was Shekinna? I see the bench scoring was right there with the starting 5. Nice to see Williams is healthy and cleared to play.

Anxious to see how they play Georgia. That matchup is always tough. We need to score in the 90s and we will definitely need Harrison and Baugh to stop the Dawgs under the basket...we know Glory will fight like she always does. If Massengale can step up again in the scoring stat without the turnovers, we will have a fine game.

98, everything Strick shot was short. She needs to rest her legs. She's not bending her knees and jumping into her shot right now. Simmons was lights out in the first half and couldn't put it in the bucket in the second. She rushed a bit after the halftime buzzer, in my opinion.

Everyone played a LOT of minutes last night, which is probably good for this team. I mentioned on the blog that a good blowout every now and then is good for the soul. =)

Now, it's time to focus on Georgia and beat them HARD. Go Lady Vols!!!

Written on Glory Johnson named SEC Player of the Week :

in response to ps11824:

butch31 writes:
Well deserved, the most athletic, hard working Lady Vol EVER in the history of UT women's hoops. I am very proud of Glory. I said yesterday, she was the MVP, and look-ee look-ee, guess who got the cookie? LOL ]]]

Taking nothing away from Glory... but I don't think anyone could ever take 'hardest worker title' from Tamika Catchings. If we had a team of Tamika Catchings, we would, oops, there I go dreaming again.

Congrats to Glory.

Amen, 98...ain't it the truth!?!

In any event, congrats to Glory.

Written on Lady Vols run over Old Dominion, 90-37:

in response to butch31:

Nice crowd tonite...I'm glad the Lady Vols were able to jump back and get back to playing great basketball. Missed Taber tonite. Meighan was 5-13 from the field 1 assist, 2 turnovers *(Selfish play)* I'm thinking she thinks its all about her, because Cierra had 9 assists and 3 turnovers from the post position. I am seeing some things don't ever change. I could never launch that many shots in less than 20 minutes of playing time, without getting some assists 1st. Kudo's to Cierra for the 9 assists. I'm glad the post players got more touches in the post, especially Glory, she works harder than anyone on this team, PLEASE REWARD HER!!! Good to see that the defense stepped up BIG TIME in the 2nd half, like I said last week, if we are trying to get to the final 4, we can't afford another LOSS. No one has played a more competitive non conference schedule like the Lady Vols have.
Isabelle, Cierra and Ariel are NO LONGER freshmen at this point *(LOL)* they must step up, and become scorers, rebounders and consistent contributors. The SEC starts now, and the Lady Vols must win it.

The reason Meighan doesn't get many assists is that she doesn't pass the ball well. Her passes are either telegraphed or way off target. It's obvious, as a scorer, she's never had to pass the ball. a shooting guard, don't we want her to shoot the ball when she's open? Key there...when she's open...when it's a good shot... etc. =) If she keeps hitting, she can keep shooting. I'd really rather see her do that than try to pass. At least a missed shot can lead to a rebound and a putback. hehe

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in response to Fall_Creek_Vols:

I have to disagree. I believe that Vicki CAN do it and I hope she not only will...I hope she can sustain that attitude for the next three months. Three months, Vick. That's all that's left. Whatever legacy she leaves will be written in the next 90 days.

The comparisons with Candace Parker are unfair. Candace didn't blow out her knee (twice) although she fought through a shoulder injury. Knee surgery is no fun. Neither is the recovery. Vicki fought through it twice just for the opportunity she now has. I can't believe she'll just whiz it away.

Actually, Candace DID blow out her high school, and then reinjured it just before coming to UT, which is why she redshirted her freshman year. Just sayin'...

Written on Nnemkadi Ogumike, Toni Kokenis score at will against Lady Vols, 97-80 :

The Lady Vols lost to a great team defending their home floor. Stanford would have beaten anyone last night. Period.

Props to Massengale. Her defense and court presence steaded the LVs when she entered the game. I was disappointed in Glory a couple times when it seemed she just gave up. I know it's got to be frustrating for her when she works her tail off to get open and they don't get her the ball. At any rate, I don't EVER want to see our girls giving up again. If I were the coach - and I am SO not a coach - that would be the first thing I addressed. The next would be defense and rebounding. The last teams who obviously bought into the defense and boards theory happened to win national championships.

I still think our girls are a great team when they bring their best. They HAD to have been tired last night.

I almost feel sorry for Old Dominion when they come to Knoxville next Wednesday.

Go Lady Vols!!!

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in response to ps11824:

kazoo, some good points regarding Baugh's game. She plays like she's dadgum 5'4" instead of being the long, lean 6'4" she was pre-injuries. Why the heck she wants to play all bent over, putting the ball on the floor, whe all she need to do is turn and shoot. I do not understand why some coach will not work with her on that...To me, she's still playing CAUTIOUS. I 'spose I understand. It would be nice to have her work with Candace Parker for a while, wouldn't it? Baugh could be a power forward IF she would use what she has, length & strength, but finesse is lacking.

richvol, you're spot on. Sykes was on fire. Griner could not have stopped her last night.

Olster, I enjoy your comments. You've been there-done that. It's obvious in your spot-on posts.

A good win over a great team. A win is a win, but of course I can still find things upon which our girls can improve. =)

Baugh has said herself that she used to play guard in AAU, and she's comfortable doing it. That said, we don't need her handling the ball. We need her in the post. Turn and shoot. PLEASE, someone, teach her to turn and shoot. Why do Vicki and Glory insist on putting the ball on the floor? They give defenders time to grab elbows and slap the ball!

On missing layups...I really do think there is more contact under there than we know, but there shouldn't be any excuse for missing wide open layups...just a lack of focus.

Sykes was incredible last night - I'm surprised she only got 27. She could have thrown the ball over her shoulder and it would have found the basket. I'm glad RU failed to get her the ball over the last 8 minutes.

Strick - wow. If she can keep up this energy and intensity, she can help carry this team to the Final 4!

Glory - I felt bad for her last night. She couldn't blink her eyes without getting called for a foul. That has GOT to be frustrating for her.

Meighan - I'm glad she has confidence in herself. Her passing is suspect, but it worked out.

Taber - She brings more to the floor than just shooting. Her hustle plays are admirable, and her drives work most of the time. She got out of more than one tight spot last night and made some smart plays. I just hope she finds her shot again soon.

Manning - I still love her fight. She, too, can make some very pretty moves to the basket. I love how aggressively she plays on both ends of the court.

Burdick and Harrison - As they keep working, it'll come.

I would have liked to have seen Brianna Bass play a bit at the point last night. We needed some speed during that lull, and she could have brought it.

At any rate, now the girls can prepare for UCLA and Stanford. Our defense can stifle Stanford's offense. I think the pressure will work against them. Let's beat UCLA handily and then put a stop to Stanford's silly little home winning streak!

Go Lady Vols! Keep working and keep winning!

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Apparently, you haven't been watching much the past four years... Turnovers and sloppy passes have been a major issue...

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Great win against a very good Texas team with (gasp!) very good guards. That in itself is a victory. I was pleased with our defensive intensity, and I think the offense will follow. Keep up the good work, ladies, and we will all be happy with the results.

Go Lady Vols!!!

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Overall, this was a much needed confidence booster of a game for our LVs.

Stricklen - played like an All American. Period.

Johnson - I still love her fight and will to win. I wish they'd get her the ball more down low!

Baugh - Girl, quit dribblin! Turn and shoot. Baugh has a pretty shot, she needs to use it more. What an incredible leader she has turned out to be!

Manning - Finally! That no look pass was the play of the year so far!

Simmons - Showed up to play some great D, even if her offense is still off center (you can see it in her eyes...she's frustrated!)

Spani - Going to be one of our most consistent scorers. I like her mobility and fight. I'm impressed with her strength this year.

Massengale and Burdick - These girls are fighters, too, and I'm glad they are LVs. GREAT game girls!

Harrison - She's certainly tough, and once she settles down and doesn't rush her shot around the out!

Bass - I love watching Bree play defense. I also root SO hard for her to score. I'm a short volleyball player, so Bree holds a special place in my heart. I'm glad she got some good minutes!

These next few games are really going to be tough. Whatever happens, the girls are going to learn a lot about themselves and how to become an even greater team. The SEC had better watch out!

Go Lady Vols!!!

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[[[ untimed_vols_ghost writes:

here is what I'll betcha... 98reaux, that truest of vol fans, will be unhappy we lost but happy over much of the effort.

Me?? That game was all effort. We aren't real smart yet (basketball wise), but the effort CAN be there. ]]]

You know me well. I was especially pleased to see Baugh compete. uvg, we have a long way to go to be ready to compete with the top teams. If we do not get back to basics, taking/making high percentage shots, we won't win tight games. When it comes down to the final 2 minutes and we cannot knock down shots, grab boards and make free throws consistently, we are simply average-not good.

What's up with Manning sitting?

[[[ bigdisbig writes:
There is a losing disease that has hit the Vol sports program evidently. From baseball, basketball football and now the Lady Vols have it. The once mighty Vols have fallen in all sports that matter. ]]]

I'm confused. Are you a fan??????

98, glad to see you on the board. I feel like you're sort of a kindred spirit. =)

As far as the game yesterday, I was proud of the way the girls competed. I, too, was looking for Manning in the second half. She has to get more minutes for the LVs defensive intensity to remain at a high level.

I was SO impressed with Vicki and Glory's fight yesterday. Strick played like an All American. I don't blame the girls for all the jumpers - that's what the coaches told them to do. And, with Griner able to block any shot out to about 15 feet, what else were they supposed to do?

With this kind of effort on defense and rebounds, the LVs win 99.9% of any other game they play. The low shooting percentage was largely due to the girls altering shots - overthinking them, even.

This team may well follow the path of the other team who went 2-2 in November and win a national championship after learning lesson after lesson during the regular season.

All in all, a great effort. Yes, they were tired in the second half. Yes, they could have made a better decision here, a better shot there. Yes, Meighan needs to learn to share the ball a bit more on the break...not dribble off her foot...NOT try so hard. It'll come with experience.

Great effort and a great game. Keep up the hard work, girls, and it'll pay off. Go Lady Vols!!!

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Anyone else watch the UConn-Stanford game last night? I was pulling for Stanford (of course), and saw a lot of the LVs in the Cardinal. I also caught myself thinking "Wow, UConn is playing Tennessee defense...or what Tennessee defense USED to be."

That, in my opinion, is the issue. If our girls need to run so much to be successful, then they need to play better defense. Great defense creates easy offense. If they would commit to that - just like our last two national championship teams did - they'd be contenders.

I love the Lady Vols and always will, but my LORD these girls can be frustrating at times. LOL

Go Lady Vols!!!

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I agree with you about Glory. When she settles down and lets the game come to her, she is almost scary good. One disadvantage about Glory is that she appears to have a reputation for being a rough player. Seems to me that she gets more fouls called on her than necessary at times.

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[[[ SoddyVol writes:
Good win. I couldn't enjoy the game as much as I should have been able to because they were a little too inconsistent. There was some really great play but not consistent. Massengale played like the freshman she is at times but she did have 9 assists. Glad they had Simmons to come in off the bench. She did a great job along with Spani, Johnson, and Stricklen. Good shooting and rebounding against a good team. ]]]

Got to agree 'bout being very uncomfortable' watching the game. The turnovers were making me scream at the TV, and I hate when they hurry. To me they seem to play as if they have 15 seconds on the shot clock instead of 30. I see panic, when all they need to do is establish their position, settle & make a play.

Don't bash me for critiquing. I see what I see; that doesn't mean I think I know better how to coach or play. I hope we can all get along with our comments this season and not 'get on' each other too harshly. I'm reading some really good comments, and I enjoy that.

Consequently, I observe Vicki not utilizing her length & strength. She is playing bent over & off balance instead of standing straight up, extending her arms, making her look awkward and hurried way too often. I'm hoping as the season progresses she will regain confidence and be the power player she was in the '08 season pre-injuries. She has been inactive and in pain so long, it may just take a few more games. Nevertheless, she's a good team leader.

I said all that to say this; I was nervous watching the game last night. Miami is a good team. We will play better teams. Until then we will have this experience to learn from. We will improve in those areas that made me feel so uncertain.

I love my Lady Vols!

98, I always love your comments. That being said...where is our friend, Pink Champagne???