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I don't really know where to go with this post. I am dyed in the wool orange. I have cheered to Tennessee since I was a little boy listening to John Ward on the transitor radio because there was only one college football game on the four channels on TV.

However, I don't know if these four recruits are what we need to beat KY and UF every year. Yes, none of them are one and doners. Yes, we have handled UF pretty well over the years. Yes, we beat KY's NBA draft first rounders last year.

I guess we will have to wait and see if a team with 6 or 7 upperclassmen will beat a bunch of one and doners every year. The real question is will that team of 6 or 7 upperclassmen will beat the Duke, UNC, Michigan State, Arizona, Butler, Louisville, etc., that have higher rated recruits. When is the last time that Duke "settled" for the 147 ranked player?

Still like CCM, though. When is the last time we had four top 150 recruits in the same year?


KY will tire of Calipari's recruiting coup d'états eventually. Probably sooner than later.

You can't go after 1 and done players every year and have fiascos like last year in KY. These kids know they have one year to get a guaranteed multi-million dollar paycheck if they stay healthy. Some of them simply aren't going to put out 100% for a college team.

I also remember a few NC teams without a single highly recruited player on the roster. Talent isn't the only factor for winning.

And we own UF as far as I see it.

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Says the mullet wearing fake Kensucky troll with 7 teeth.

Personal question = So you paid cubicle trolls have to even work on Saturday? Of course, when you get paid by hit count I guess you have to work every day you can. Glad I could help you make $0.25 Whatta loser.

7 teeth? He must have gotten a partial!

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A desperate move by a desperate program, and a coach in over his head with an AD that knows it.

A desperate post by a desperate troll, and a wayward UGA fan that probably has been banned from his own team's sites.

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Yeah, where is Deion Bonner? He's the other 4-star DB from the 2012 class, but he's not even on the roster now.

There are, however, 17 DBs on the current roster. Surely we can have enough for a decent 2-deep at corner.

Deion Bonner was suspended indefinitely for violation of teams rules.

He had a problem with sticky fingers, remember?

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You do what the old pros used to do. You put a huge freaking cast on it and let him use it as a club at the line of scrimmage!

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All I can say about the idea that the QB can swing close games is, "Well DUH!"

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"Western Kentucky also has a new coach — a more famous new coach, in fact."

That's should read "infamous new coach".

Don't worry John, UT should win and Bobby "the snake" Petrino won't go 3 years at WKU before he heads for greener pastures.

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Desperate for a tight end.....pick up the volleyball player. That sure sounds like a winning plan!!

Desperate to post BS....sign up on another team's message board. That sure sounds like a trolling plan!

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Last time I saw a POS baiting headline like this it was on MSNBC.

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(re-post from the poll thread)

2 is enough, 3 would be pushing it. Most teams are playing 12-13 games a year and even the pansies in their conference tend to "get up" for their traditional rivalries.

Teams need a couple cupcakes to evaluate talent against and give lower class-men on the field experience.

Besides these aren't professionals with signing bonuses, they are unpaid college athletes that will mostly do other things after college besides sports. Putting them into a meat grinder week after week with an already expanded schedule for our entertainment is wrong.

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Tennessee and all other major college teams should play 4 tough out of conference games.

2 is enough, 3 would be pushing it. Most teams are playing 12-13 games a year and even the pansies in their conference tend to "get up" for their traditional rivalries.

Teams need a couple cubcakes to evaluate talent against and give lower classmen on the field experience.

Besides these aren't professionals with signing bonuses, they are unpaid college athletes that will mostly do other things after college besides sports. Putting them into a meatgrinder week after week with an already expanded schedule for our entertainment is wrong.

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The pieces of the puzzle are all on the table now for CCM. Patience has worn thin. I believe Cuonzo will step up.

Only the unrealistic would have their patience worn thin in two seasons after the debacle Pearl left UT in with his departure. Martin has met expectations thusfar and one could make a good argument that he has exceeded them.

Now should be the year in a natural progression of improvement we should start to see a pay off if Martin is the coach of UT's future.

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You're right; if it is ever to really come together for CCM--and I am pulling for him--it has to be this year. Even if it does, he will have to replace a LOT of production after next year, so he had better be recruiting some immediate difference-maker types. But if it does come together for him, it will seem as if UT has exploded out of nowhere and good prospects might be picking up their phones. It will help if Stokes and Hubbs decide to stay another year, but they will still need more from guys who are currently deep down the bench or have yet to be signed.

Don't forget that the BP apologists will be out in full force after this season if UT doesn't make a respectable post season run.

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"I just wonder if they’ve changed the (admission) rules since (former chancellor) Gordon Gee left."

Best line in the whole article!

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Heat fan also and could not agree more. Miller is overpaid for a player that until this year was on the pine with one stupid injury after another. Ive said it a hundred times for a guard to make it in the NBA you better be shooting 45+ percent everytime you hit the floor. You don't have to be an all world defender or Jordan driving the lane; Just simply knock down that three or pull up in a timely fashion..Ray Allen has made a career of doing it..By the way noticed Tobias in the picture.That Milwaukee coach must be one real bone head!!He barely played Harris 5 minutes a game for 4 points and Harris goes to Orlando and is close 18ppg and 35 minutes!!

I would call the Milwaukee coach a bone head for not playing a guy more that goes to another team and contributes well. Different players do better under different systems and philisophies and fit into the rotation differently.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Are you actually dissing yourself? LOL

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Dennis Rodman?

Or even Boerwinkle.

At least let's keep in the UT alumus category!

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Winning solves a lot of issues doesn't it?

That's why I voted other!

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J. Stokes is at 19 year old junior? I turned 19 my freshman year of college.

I turned 19 the summer after my freshman year. Stokes graduated early and played his freshman yaer at age 17.

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It's also time to clean the KNS latrines so get to it.

I found this exclusive video of SevenT in action!

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Perhaps all the bloviating about Memphis and U of L being the real rivalry from Pastner has finally met reality. After all that is what Pastner said was his reason to stop the instate games with UT.

Louisville doesn't give a hoot about Memphis. They care more about beating UK and winning their conference.

It smelled like feces then and the smell hasn't dissipated. It is about losing recruits to Knoxville. That is what Pastner is worried about. UT has made some inroads into west Tennessee and that rivalry threatens Memphis' dominance over there in the flat lands near the Big Muddy.

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After having watched a majority of these games and reading up on some schools, it's OK to have some confidence in this Vols team. Sure, we didn't have the best spring game ever, but it was a stepping stone in the return of the defense and the team fought through some adversity in working without some key players. If this team can develop fundamentals in summer workouts and come back in the fall ready to install the final bits of the O, this team has a good amount of talent to compete. Jones can coach. I watched him at UC and at CMU while I was in Dayton, OH. He works VERY well with the hand he's dealt. If things go the Vols' way this year, they could definitely be headed to a bowl game, which would be an accomplishment thanks to a thin team and tough schedule. AT WORST this team is 5-7(2-6), but could easily be 7-5(4-4) or with some luck 8-4(4-4)(5-3). If the Vols steal a game at Ore or UF, the team could ride a momentum wave and have a solid year. Very excited to see this 2013 team. Go Vols

I'm not holding my breath. UT football has been too painful going all the way back to Fulmer's last two out of three years.

I'll watch and support the team but I've been optimistic far too many years with far too little results.

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and the great John Constantine Unitas was technically drafted in the 9th round, cut befor playing a down (coach thought him too dumb), but then caught on with Colts the next year. Hang in and gut it out TB. You can make it!

The difference was when he got drafted to Pittsburg he never got to play a down in the training camp warming the bench behind three other QB coming out of Louisville who was a doormat to everyone including UT.

Yep, Johnny U. played against UT. The legend is that he was so exhausted at the end of the game that they had to cut his uniform off him because he couldn't raise his arms from exhaustion. He had 86% of U of L tackles, returned 6 kick offs, punted, rushed, passed and scored the only score for Louisville on a 28 yard QB keeper. It was said that even Neyland applauded him when he left the game in the 4th quarter after an injury.

I certainly hope the Unitas movie that is in production does him justice. From the time he was a boy until his death it was an incredible story.

Bray couldn't carry Unitas' jockstrap.

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This makes our front court one of the most talented, proven and experienced ones pre-season in the league, if not the country.

Add one proven outside shooter, although streaky, and an incoming shooters and this might be a very special year for the Vol faithful.

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Gators Gymnastics huh,,,now thats funny !
Congrats to the gators Gymnastics team.LOL !Ha Ha
He He LOL! Swamp lizards doing backflips, who would have thunk it ? Thanks for the laugh.

That would be the "Leaping Lizards" gymnastics team?

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Good luck Yemi. I actually liked him. He hustled as hard as anyone on defense and knew his role. He'll be a good pick up for a D2 school somewhere.

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Hard to say if you meant to "damn with faint praise", but do remember that, as unpromising as Boerwinkle was coming in--and believe me, I saw that first-hand--he was a MONSTER going out, the hub of an SEC champion team who went on to play 10 or so very productive years in the NBA. If that is what you meant by that example, just take my comment as reinforcement of yours.

All I am saying is that stats lie and talent can be developed.

Every player Martin recruits will be picked apart by the Pearl lovers on this board but there might be something to this kid that Martin sees and we haven't yet. Just like Boerwinkle.

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"He can score around the rim"! Then why didn't he? 2.5 points a game and 3.5 rebounds a game. I know there were some kids in Tennessee who could match or exceed that production. This is a wasted scholarship and you can take that to the bank. This kid will never see any playing time. We need to start looking for a new coach now!

One word...Boerwinkle.

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I had tomato soup for lunch... no sandwiches nor crackers nor any extra carbs. It was still good.
A bowl of this every day might just cure some hamsrting probs...or an apple a day.
Stay healthy vols...(I was real close to typing mocs by accident...the problem of going to small schools)

One of the treats I remember as a kid was freshly made tomato soup from out of the garden on our little corner of the Cumberland Plateau.

Spring was announced with fresh sweet peas and dumplings and fall was when dad broadcasted turnip and mustard green seeds over the remants of a long summer's toil. In the moments in between there was mush and honeydew melons with bacon for breakfast, stuffed patty pans for lunch, wilted leaf salads made with lettuce and green onions still warm from the summer sun with supper. There was also the dreaded long sleeve shirt we donned for cutting stinging okra that we endured for the pickles that were proudly shared in the cold winters. When we had too many tomatoes, we juiced them, made all purpose sauces, and of course great fresh tomato soup.

If you wanted to know what time of year it was, all you had to do was see what mom and dad were feeding us.

Tomato soup and a grilled cheese. It just brings up a lot of long lost moments that were special to me.

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that sounds good but extremely high in sodium .

All things in moderation my friend. All things in moderation.

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anyone that loves tomato soup has no credibility with me.

You need texas toast grilled cheeses to dunk in it.

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Nothing smelled quite as awful as the Ernie and Bernie Show. I laugh out loud every time I hear the story about the Kentucky Fan that flicked a lit ciggarett on Bernard.

The UK fans who aren't the stereotypical jerks that you epitomize who are worse winners than they are losers actually respect the Ernie and Bernie era.

I talk to them on a daily basis and believe me when I say they are as disgusted of fans like yourself as we are sick of hearing from them.

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Point was let it play out before we send Aubur to the gas chamber..

Then what would the talking heads fill the 24 hour news cycle with?

Written on ESPN levels new set of allegations against already-embattled Auburn:

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Remember the Duke laCrosse team...let the story play out..

I don't think it is the same thing.

The difference is that the police in the Duke Lacrosse and the DA both knew that the only "witness" was the "victim" and that she had a checkered past and was completely unreliable.

The DA decided to arrest the players anyway to make a name for himself during an election cycle.

Right now this is less about the alleged armed robbery and assault and more about the actions of the Auburn administration. There isn't a "crime" at all and there is no publically elected official trying to make points with the voters.

Also I don't think all the alleged sources are drug addicts with a history of arrest for solicitation.

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....several lessons here:

For those who believe than only an alum should coach their college team...get over it!

I hate every body in the SEC except one....UT. If you are an "SEC fan" get over it!

If Auburn is not guilty no harm. If they are don't kill the messenger when you don't like the message.

Finally, the fans share much responsibility for the mess college sports is in.

You missed the most important one. If it had been heeded, the kid the article is about wouldn't be going to trial. He wouldn't have been in the car when they got pulled over.

Nothing good happens after Midnight!

Written on Report: Former Auburn players detail payments, academic fraud, drug culture, criminal cover-ups:

"...things you tell me, I've heard that. But I don't have any facts behind any of that."

Facts don't matter! Accusations do!

Yep there was a lot of smoke sightings at Auburn concerning that year but no one found a fire. However when an Alumni is reporting this, it should trigger a NCAA investigation.

The Ducks may end up with a BCS Championship with an asterisk thrown in.

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I agree that the game was pretty physical. But, if you noticed in the article, the Lady Cards had 24 fouls called to the Lady Bears' 14. At one point early in the second half, the officials had called 8 fouls on the Lady Cards and 0 on the Lady Bears. Also, the Lady Cards had 3 players foul out, which helped the Lady Bears with their comeback. So, while Walz told his team to be physical, his team came close to having it backfire on them.

I think the real bruhaha here is about the calls that were made late in the game and when Walz got a T and Mulkey did not. Those situations exposed how badly the game was officiated in its entirety.

I don't think the difference in the number of fouls called between U of L and Baylor is a true reflection of who was getting calls their way.

By the very nature of the game, U of L would get less fouls on them because of the number of three pointers they put up. Baylor plays a post game and that will get more fouls called

They're was more ratchet jawing, flying elbows, hands in the face, etc. in this game that any I have seen in a long time at that level. That benefited U of L not Baylor and that was why Mulkey was POed at the end.

Mulkey was 8 foot out on the court at one time, she deserved a T at the end. Given all the physical play that went on all game, I almost agree with her about the charge call. By itself, is was a good call. In the context of the rest of the game, it should have been a no call.

And Griner did foul at the end inspite of what a few people, including Griner, are saying. You can't come over someone's back with contact against both the body and arms to block a shot and not expect a foul called. But it was a good foul ironically. It extended the game to the foul line with a 1 & 1.

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

It was a badly called game. The refs should have gotten it under control early in the contest and put a stop to it. U of L decided their only hope was to turn it into a fight club style of game and the refs let them do it. Their coach even indicated that was what they wanted to do.

I've seen pick up games on city park courts that were less physical. I was wondering if they shouldn't have issued MMA grappling gloves for the game.

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I agree and you are correct...The timing is bad...BUT the billboard is something they should be ashamed of....! I don't care how many fans they have in the area...This is Tennessee not Alabama....Do you think that they would ever allow a UT Coach and the crystall ball on a billboard in there Lousy state??? NEVER

I think they did have Fulmer on a wanted poster at one time!

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So you think turning in another coach for cheating is being a "snitch"? That means the Ohio St. coach is dirt bag and a snitch, right? By the way he is!

Did you feel the same way about Phil Fulmer when he "snitched" on Bama? Same thing.

Everyone deserves a second chance, whether you think so or not.

UT was Pearl's 2nd chance. He was darn lucky to land the job.

Maybe you need to read up on what he did at Iowa.

Written on Like Bruce Pearl, most coaches survive NCAA show-cause orders :

I am not suprised to see some of the posters here talking about bring back Pearl.

There's never a peep from any of them when the program is winning under Martin then they show up like carrion beetles picking over a dead corpse after a disappointing end of the season.

Overall it hasn't been a bad couple of years considering the circumstances. You guys sound like whiny UK fans when they aren't in the final 4 every year.

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What's your theory on how and why he got Hubbs to sign? I'm interested to know?

What theory?

They posted the story here on this very site when Hubbs signed!

Martin iced the deal by sending a handwritten cards to Hubbs' mom and his dad's mom wishing them a happy Mother's Day!

Pretty darn shrewd for a guy who can't recruit according to the "faithful".

Reported here September 18 2012. Look it up!

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Louisville wins hands down because they have alcohol sales at the Yum Center....the bourbon flows there like water over Niagra Falls.

Yep...and it's not overpriced like those $8 beers they had at the RCA dome when I was there!

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I would have said, "NO"... and then I saw some of those who did make it in....

Tennessee has more top 50 RPI wins than MTSU and St. Mary's... combined.

The selection committee is either on acid or just practicing some bad voodoo to come up with some of these "at large" picks.

Jay Bilas: "La Salle, MTSU and St. Mary's have four Top 50 wins, combined. UVa has six, by itself. Tennessee has three. Maryland has three. UK has four...
...I'm okay with the Committee taking every little guy. That's fine. Just admit it and stop saying "who did you beat?" Because you don't care." "Of the teams on the bubble, not one from a power conference was given an at-large bid. We’ve reached the point where the selection committee is discriminating against power conferences in favor of the “little guy” as Bilas put it. With the field the committee selected they sent a message to schedule terrible teams and beat them. MTSU played just four games against the RPI top 100…and lost three of them. The Vols, conversely, played 19 and won nine. Which team is more tested? Which team is more proven?"

I suspect that since there is a mid-major AD on the selection committee this year, that had a lot to do with more mid-majors making the dance. How else can you explain so many mid-major conferences sending multiple teams? Isn't there one sending like 5 teams? That's indefenseable.

I also think it makes the pathways for the power teams a lot easier to advance past the sweet 16.

Written on Poll: Did Tennessee deserve to make the NCAA tournament?:

Until the 2nd half of the SEC quarter final, yes.

After the 2nd half of the SEC quarter final, no.

You can't play a game on national TV, not ESPN, and toss up bricks like you were a bunch of apprentice masons trying to erect a mailbox at the end of a driveway.

The last 15 minutes of that game had more shots that should have went within 5 feet of the hoop that clanged around aimlessly to win that game 3 times over. Those 15 minutes going the other way would have made all the difference.

We can talk about all the close games early in the season but what UT showed at the end was they still had some offensive issues that were never resolved.

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Watching the replay, there was some really sloppy things going on, I admit. But I have to think a lot of it was the fact they had such an easy time getting a big lead and sitting on it.

And I have to say one thing. Late in the game when MS acted like it was going to make a game of it, UT put the brakes on them and stopped any last minute heroics.

Not every team can stop momentum like that late in a game. The Lucky Lizards for example couldn't do that against Arizona or UK this year!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


They were 13-1 going into league play with a win against Memphis. They have wins against 4 teams who were in the top 25 over the season. They have a RPI rank of 24 and a BPI rank of 30.

Their problem is how they finished. 5-11 over the 2nd half of the season looks bad but it isn't enough to wipe out the rest of their resume.

I realize that the rankings are obviously slanted towards the Big 10 and especially the Big East but objectively MN has evey right to make the dance as UT does. Subjectively it pisses me off that they could take a spot that UT might slip into.

But I still cheer for Tubby. If for no reason that his unceremonious exit from UK that he really didn't deserve.

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Well, I gotta say I can't remember a less-impressive 16 point win in my life! I'm not nearly as concerned about the margin of the win as I am by the almost-total lack of apparent interest or energy by nearly the whole team, nearly the whole time. If they go into tomorrow's game walking around in a daze and leaving the ball laying all over the court, they are going to get DRILLED! These guys just aren't good enough to think they can just turn it on and off as they choose. From everything I have heard from and about CCM, he is all about forming good HABITS and playing the way you are supposed to, regardless of the opponent or the score. I just hope the Vols understand how lackadaisical and sloppy they looked and vow NEVER to come out that way again!

I am going to watch it after the fact but given that they owned them all the way through says something.

I think we need to look at the bright spots.

Golden didn't have a great game but UT still won.

Stokes has 3 steals and 2 assists? COME ON! That's a big guy in the paint.

We had 21 points off the bench. Sure it was MS but still if you can get 1/2 that on average you will do well.

Now it's time to watch it on replay but if I agree with you John, I'll come back and say it. I would rather have a sloppy win against MS to put a few heads on straight for Alabama than have a perfect game against MS and look like UT is having it's "special day" playing against them.

It's been quite a streak. Teams are up and then they're down. Better to be down for one game you can win than be down on one you have to play up for to prevent a loss.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Minnesota is a strong team that has a some very impressive wins. a decent overall record and have a good coach with a NC in his back pocket.

I like 'em and I like Tubby Smith. Too bad many of the boosters and faithful at UK had the bus warmed up for him when he got there. I'll always cheer for Tubby. Unless of course he is playing against UT.