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Please note that I said "if someone needs to get 'thrown under the bus.'" I do not believe that any one individual is at fault for any loss of a team. Fulmer certainly was partially at fault and, as head man, he should shoulder the majority of the blame. However, he was forced to make a change in his offense. He did. People got upset that it did not produce immediately. We fans and the media (John Adams foremost among them) demanded a change. I hope you have enjoyed the past 4 years of change. Kind of like the change we got politically, don't you think?

Lincoln was 2-2 in FGA against Auburn but don't let facts get in the way of your asinine defense of Fulmer.

Hindsight is easily 20-20 and it's folk like you who love to sit on the sidelines and laugh at the results when things turn sour.

The last four years under Kiffin and Dooley isn't much different than what we could have expected under Fulmer.

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Amen to your post. And to all the Fulmer haters you are the ones responsible for the last 5 years of misery. Tennessee became a powerhouse because of FULMER not ADAMS. And none of you including Adams were privy to what was going on behind closed doors. Cutliff hasn't won as a head coach but he was a great offensive coordinator for us. Chief is the real deal and I think you still will find ill will in his heart about the way UT and you, treated his boss. So let it die. You all got what you deserved and the rest of us had to live through it and even though I love what Butch Jones has started, till he wins an NC and has the won lost record Fulmer had, he ain't no legend yet. Choke on it.

The man's name is Cutcliffe and he has done a solid job resurrecting two programs at Ole Miss and Duke since he left UT.

And let's not fail to mention propping Fulmer's sorry a-- up for his entire career.

It's no coincidence that once Cutcliffe left, this program slipped. Cutcliffe did his friend a favor in 2007 and got it out of the ditch and Fulmer ran it back in for the final time in 2008.

Tennessee became a powerhouse IN SPITE of Fulmer.

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And Mr. troll, what will you say if things don't go as you hope? What if the Vols do indeed make you look like the blow hard you are, win games instead of losing them as you are known to forever prognosticate?

If things don't pan out as you seem to be so certain they will, do in fact crawl back in here at season's end and we'll observe the change in conversation from one know it all troll.

Think you have been sampling too much of the local product out there in sunny Cali buddy.

Only thing I hope for is a win every time out for the Vols but I have enough common sense to realize that won't happen with this roster against the level of competition they'll be facing.

That's the problem with morons like yourself, you can't help but set Jones up to fail with expectations from the 1990's.

Then you're the ones back tracking, changing your stories, and throwing players and coaches under the bus at the first sign of adversity.

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I am not sure I can concur on your "Dooley had plenty to work with" statement. As I recall, he did not even have a full roster not to mention the lack of qb and depth at key positions. Now don't get me wrong, he did little with a lot later on but when he began the pickin's were really slim. I am not so sure anyone else would have done very well under the circumstances in which he arrived. But...let's move on we are in a new era and it begins real soon. Granted, this first season will be tough but let's try to be patient and see what these coaches and players can do over time.

Dooley started with a QB with 1st round talent and a free agent attitude that got no better during his time here in Bray so I am putting him behind Jones and Kiffin.

He also had Poole coming back from injury who gave him a 1000 yard season and an NFL TE in Stocker.

He had Denarious Moore and Gerald Jones coming off of good seasons at WR.

He had Teague, Waggner, and Jackson in the secondary along with Reviez and Lathers in the LB corp.

Granted, the o line and d lines were messes and, as you said, depth was a major issue.

Keep in mind I am not saying Dooley was handed the keys to a Ferrari but he did have some proven players coming back.

Jones is working with almost completely unproven QB and WR although he does have the huge edge in O line.

As bad as that defense was last year, you may as well say he is starting from scratch.

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It's not that simple. Really complicated. I don't have time to go over it again, but the administration undercut Fulmer and the football program. Higher standards cut the fringe student recruits, administration stole money from the football team. Other stuff went on, long sad story. Things are looking up and I think Butch Jones will make the Orange and White proud!

Most of these "administrative" problems with higher admittance standards can be traced back to Cheek, who became chancellor in 2009.

Fulmer was fired in 2008.

Nice job of revisionist history by Phil once again but he has no one to blame but himself.

Lousy personnel decisions in Sanders and Clawson along with a complete disregard in recruiting his last 5 years or so led to his demise.

He thought he was bulletproof and found out he wasn't. He has also found out he wasn't the in demand coach he claimed to be over the years. Instead of being humbled by it, he turns on the spin machine once again.

It really is that simple.

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When we reflect on the last 50 years of rookie Vol Head Coaches, I believe it's fair to say Bill Battle and Philip Fulmer picked up the keys to Ferrari's when they assumed the top job. On the other hand, Jim McDonald, Doug Dickey, John Majors, Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, and, now, Butch Jones didn't get near the horsepower. So, QUESTION FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: which of the listed coaches had the worst material to work with in their first year at Tennessee? Of course, the schedule is more challenging now, and the competition in the SEC is at an all time high (especially 8 Conference games instead of 6). I'll reserve my comments. Y'all have it, if you're inclined to opine.

Close call between Kiffin and Jones in the modern era. Neither have/had an established QB and holes across the roster on defense.

Dooley had plenty to work with, he just couldn't manage the talent and keep them on the field.

McDonald and Dickey were before my time but Majors took over in a dark time as well.

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Let's just cancel the season? I know the Vols aren't the most talented team in the SEC but don't sell them and coach Jones short. All you negative trolls will be surprised. Tennessee is on the rise!

You sunshine pumpers never get old.

Same story, different year.

The talent isn't there so we will just ignore it and slam anyone who doesn't buy into the hype. But I bet you will be one of the first to bail on the season once it does go south.

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Best to get our heads wrapped around another bowless season with five wins.

Far too many holes to fill on this team to be competitive in the SEC this year.

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Fulmer, don't go away mad..Fulmer just go away.

5 years later and still unaccountable for anything.

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This defense is going to be a complete mess this season.

Which is actually an improvement over last year.

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If Fulmer and Majors are ok with this, then I am, but if they are not then I'm not. I'd like to hear their opinions.

If we listened to Fulmer he would still be getting paid millions by this program to work like heck at being thoroughly mediocre and resting on his laurels.

Probably even have a statue of himself erected by now. Maybe even change the name to Fulmer Stadium.

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A desperate move by a desperate program, and a coach in over his head with an AD that knows it.

Don't you have an SECCG loss to mull over with your yard gnome of a QB?

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I'm with ya BB. What ever it takes to win. Let em run around naked for all I care. After all who wants to tackle a naked man.

Pretty sure some guy who used to be on here named Gerry wouldn't mind taking that challenge.

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Exactly when did The Univ. of Tennessee's colors cease to exclusively be Orange & White & by whose authority?

Take it up with Hart and Adidas if you don't like it.

The uniforms look great.

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Best case scenario for this team is 6-6.

Jones is doing a commendable job in recruiting and selling the program which automatically puts him light years ahead of Dooley.

What he doesn't have is a serviceable secondary, a QB with significant experience, or any difference makers on either side of the ball.

You can't with against the Oregon's and Alabama's of the world with so many shortcomings.

6-6 with a bowl win will be a success by any measure. It's a shame that a decade plus of futility has set the bar so low.

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OK Tyler, this may be your last chance. Study hard, work hard, and go forth and do well.

Wasn't it Jim Chaney that made Jon Crompton's senior year memorable? I wonder why Chaney could not perform the same "magic" with Bray?

Kiffin called the plays and coached the position Crompton's senior year.

You're obviously still too much in shock that Dooley's Five Year Plan had the plugged pulled on it to post coherently.

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“I made a lot of mistakes at Tennessee, a lot of off-the-field issues,” Bray confided, “and that had a lot to do with it.”

The biggest off field issue for Bray and any other player associated with this program last season was the man with the fancy hair cut, orange pants, and headset on the side lines.

Dooley was one of the biggest mistakes in Vol history. Bray had first round talent and free agent coaching.

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Yeah, SEC...
why did you not politely decline the NIT??

a quiet, firm rebuke to the Selection Committee process.

as it is now, it simply looks as though the SEC agrees with the Selection committee as it meekly accepts the NIT bids.

You are apparently under the misguided notion that the SEC or UT cares about symbolism or moral victories.

The only symbol they care about is green(as in money) and an NIT appearance and more television time will put more in their coffers.

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Tennessee has the opportunity to beat Kentucky 1 out of 10 times they play. Too bad the win is wasted because this horrible program will not even make the NIT. A couple of years ago they were interesting because Pearl brought in thugs and cheated to get recruits, but that is not history.

Just Saying

Do you think your boys in blue stay in the top 25 after this drubbing?

How does this help your RPI rankings, losing to such a horrible program?

Now GTFO and try to wrap your head around losing to the Vols by 30.

Just sayin'.

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I hope the role reversal between Jancek and Martinez works out better than when they were at Georgia.

2005 UGA 27 UT 14
2006 UGA 33 UT 51
2007 UGA 14 UT 35
2008 UGA 26 UT 14
2009 UGA 19 UT 45

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Cheek will never admit his mistake in standing behind Bruce for four months when the NCAA mess started, then cutting his throat just before the NCAA tournament.

UT should have told the NCAA what to do with their show-cause and stood by him like the original plan.

I like the idea of Bruce coming back but it will NEVER happen.

The moral to this post is that Martin is definitely not the answer.

He has lost this team. Indifferent on defense, careless on offense. No heart, no grit, these kids don't care at this point and neither should the fans. I fully expect a losing record and missing the NIT.

Martin should be fired after this season but the UTAD doesn't want yet another buyout on the books.

So, we will get to sit through another year of Martin's brand of boring, uninspired, and plain stupid basketball. We hired a mid major coach with high school results.

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Jones seems to be a nice guy and I hope he can sustain enough success to be here 30 years.

This program needs stability and winning in the worst way.

Yesterday was a real kick in the teeth though.

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moron Vol fans!! that cald-well pope dude was hoopin!!

TN basketball willl be fine...maybe coach needs to open it up a bit....

let him get his playas!!

moron know it all vol fans startin to act like bammers!

Get his players?

He recruited most of the team except Hall, McBee, Maymon, and McRae.

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We were extremely selective and we will continue to recruit,” Jones said.

Bell, Lawson, Ford, Bellamy, Boyd,and Levenberry were selective as well.

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Actually this class doesn't mean much. Next year's will. So quit whining and crying. UT fans sure have gotten soft as baby butts.


Most Vol fans are just sick of losing and listening to excuses as to why we are losing while shelling out twice the money as other programs and getting half the results.

The soft fans are those, such as yourself, who can't come up with any opinion or thoughts other than "wait til next year".

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About the only pluses for Jones in this class were holding onto,Ferguson, Harris, Reeves-Maybin and Carr.

Adding North, Sanders and Dobbs was pretty impressive as well.

Striking out on Bell, Lawson, Ford, Bellamy, Boyd,and Levenberry turned this class into a potential disaster though.

Beyond those guys mentioned earlier, Jones filled this class out with projects and players that had few if any offers from the big boys of the SEC.

And spare me the excuses of a limited time frame and losing seasons. Auburn and Mississippi are sitting pretty tonight with relatively unproven staffs and rough seasons in recent years.

They are just paying a lot less than what the Vols are to Jones and his "best staff in the country". Freeze is making 1.5 million less a season than Jones and Malzahn is making 7000,000 less.

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This coaching staff just learned its first of many hard lessons to come regarding coaching in the SEC.

They got their heads handed to them on a platter and it tastes like 11nth in the SEC.

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Ignorant is ignorant. Ill-informed is ill-informed. When these two mate, we see posts like yours.

a. Cutcliffe, the OC, quit for Duke, with no good OC's available.
b. Fulmer got Clawson w/his Clawfense---which most of you guys thought would be great. Fulmer knew he could adjust the offense so that a Power-T would come out of it, despite some line/QB weaknesses.

c. Fulmer was on his way to getting Clawson on the right page, when Hamilton realized that Fulmer was going to win 8 games, and be fired-proof. So Hamilton did what he had done and seen done---fire a coach you want to screw over on Monday of game week---in this case, Homecoming week. The team almost ALWAYS loses, when that is done.

Clawson was being criticized, and he laid the blame on the players, thinking he would be given an opportunity to stay, if he could put enough Teflon on himself.

Fulmer was righting the ship. But bozos in the fan base, ignoramases and political back-stabbers got him---including Hamilton, it is reported, who supposedly gave a LOT of journalists every detail he could to stick Fulmer---details he covered up, when the same offenses occurred under Kiffen and Dooley---is what is believed by many insiders.

Just that simple. Maybe you have trouble with sentences longer than three words. But there it is...

And, to this day, not a single college in the country thinks Fulmer is good enough to be a head coach again.

Just that simple.

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I guess this is where we cue up the "coach em up" mantra because Jones sure didn't land enough difference makers today.

Whatever. Hire a mid major coach and get mid major results. It's the Tennessee way.

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I don't disagree that the Vols could stand a lot of improvement in all those statistical areas. However, the raw numbers don't mean that much. Pace of play has a strong influence on points per game, rebounds per game, and assists per game. To be fair, I'm sure the Vols would rate low in some of those categories even if they were figured with regard to game pace. The teams they play probably rank low in those statistical categories when they play the Vols.

Valid point and I agree with you on the pace of play affecting offensive stats.

I think, if anything it would improve those defensive stats I listed somewhat though, particularly scoring defense.

And the turnovers are just appalling given the fact that they are limiting their possessions by holding the ball.

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How does signing another contract not affect the buyout? What am I missing here?

You are missing the fact that Mike Hamilton negotiated that ridiculous contract.

He gets every dime from UT.

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I assume everyone adding "likes" to Dooley's career left Harvard, are at the top of their profession and never had a career set-back. Otherwise, seems a lot of bricks are being tossed out of glass houses.

Dooley was not successful in the W-L column at UT and a change needed to be made. It was made. Don't recall him kicking anybody's dog, abandoning his loaner Lexus along the road or secretly riding double on his Harley.

He is gone; he was not a bad person; he very likely will out succeed most of us, before he is done. He is not our news anymore so we should let it rest.

He is an arrogant, egotistical jerk who made a career out of daddy's last name and making life miserable for the support staff in the UTAD.

He chose to neglect his duties last season as head football coach on the recruiting trail.

He openly mocked one player with a career ending injury and another for hygiene issues to the media.

Kicking Smokey and living clean(that we know of) were about the only things this jacka-- didn't do to this school.

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Actually it is a lot of missing Maymon...He was GREAT in every catergory you listed...our best rebounder, our best scorer, incredible assist game in the low post....very high shooting percentage(took great not to be disagree-ably...but those points you listed are EXACTLY why its a "missing Maymon" problem..along with several others of course...

So, you are saying Martin and his team can't recover from losing a player who averaged 12 points, 8 rebounds, and 1 assist per game last season?

I am not brimming with confidence in Martin's coaching ability 20 games into his second season and seeing the same mistakes over and over and over again and regression across the board in his players.

What really gets me is that defense and rebounding is supposedly his calling card.

64th in scoring defense nationally.

104th in FG % defense.

341st in steals.

123rd in bpg.

That's some resume for a guy that prides himself on tough defense.

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Turnovers aren't the only sore spot Martin. This is not a missing Maymon problem, it's coaching.


Glad to see someone else noticing.

This is simply a poorly coached team.

The injuries hurt but these guys are collectively stuck in neutral at best or regressing at worst.

They do nothing particularly well.

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Once in a while you actually say something funny..LMAO!!


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What I've never understood is the fact that the state of Tennessee does not produce many D 1 players each year as per the sports media.
Yet other schools come to Tennessee and recruit well. Almost every SEC school has one or two players from Tenn on its roster; Bama has one or two that are seniors or Juniors who have made an impact at Bama. Yes Memphis is closer to the Mississippi schools, Ark, LA, ALA, etc than Knoxville but Jones must start at home in ALL of Tennessee. Tennessee has always recruited well nationally so build with Tennessee boys and get the others nationally. We've got to have those that WANT to play for Tennessee. Look at how many 4 and 5 stars actually make it to the NFL and look at the number of 3 stars that make it. The lower ranked players are not afraid to work hard whereas many of the higher ranked players think that it should be "handed to them". Recruit Tennessee every other SEC team does; usually getting a successful recruit. GO VOLS!!!

Regarding Barrett Jones for Alabama, he was a legacy recruit and third generation player for them. That is one player in particular who the Vols never had a shot with.

It's the laws of averages that more 3 star players will make the NFL than 4 or 5 star players, there are simply many more of them.

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I think there are many factors that have caused the decline of Tennessee football. A lot of it happened when Doug Dickey retired. Mike Hamilton really dropped the ball. The way Fulmer was fired. The hiring of sleezy Kiffin. Then the hiring of incompatent Dooley, he was not qualified to coach or recruit. Hamilton spent his time trying to extract as much money from the Tennessee fans as possible.
Much of the blame has to go on Jimmy Cheek, he made it harder for top players to be admitted, he took away the support system for student athletes, did away with athletic dorms, got his grubby paws in the athletic departments money.
As Phillip Fulmer said, "recruiting is the lifeblood", of a winning college football team. I think Butch Jones knows that, and will spend 365 days a year doing it. Rome wasn't built in a day and it will take coach Jones some time to get this thing going. Go Big Orange!

Yes, the firing of Fulmer was not handled well.

He should have been let go in 2005 instead of 2008.

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When you go from a coach that is too arrogant to think he needs to recruit in state(see the Willis being passed over by Fulmer story circulating) to one who left the state in the dead of the night to another coach who was too lazy, arrogant, and unmotivated to go to any of the schools in the state, it's not hard to see why in state recruiting has faltered.

There simply isn't enough in state talent to completely build a program in TN, but there is plenty to consistently put nice core groups of classes together with it. No one can sell this program to out of state players like a kid whose life long dream was to wear Orange.

Jones needs to start off by winning the in state battles. Losing to the Vandy's of the world on or off the field is unacceptable.

Then there needs to be a reestablishment of a foothold in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. UT is never going to pull the best players from these states but their leftovers can help fill a solid roster. Look at Charlie Strong and Louisville as an example. WVU made a living under Doc Holliday a few years ago in Florida.

I think he needs to use Graham to put the UT flag down in North Carolina and up state South Carolina. There is plenty of talent in those states to sustain multiple programs in the ACC. The lure of being an SEC school and reasonable proximity to Knoxville should be giving plenty of recruits in those areas to think about.

Before Jones worries about recruiting nationally per Fulmer's advice, he needs to recruit regionally.

Jones is going to have to be relentless in recruiting to undo the mess made by Fulmer, Kiffin, and Dooley. Remains to be seen if he is up to the task.

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My goodness, I'll bet the players are really feeling the support of fans after reading these comments! It seems 99% of the comments are critical of players and coaches. Interesting because people commenting are sitting home in their easy chair watching the games and looking for something to be critical of. How many of you negative "fans" have played basketball at this level or coached at this level? Very few if any. I hope the team and coaches know there are those of us, uneducated as we may be about the sport, who support them and their efforts. This team will win more, though it may be next year, when players with injuries return. Try walking in CM shoes before you critize something you know litte about.


Spare us the "good fan/bad fan if you haven't coached you can't comment" hyperbole.

5th grade children across the state of TN can see how poorly prepared this team is game in and game out and the W/L record speaks for itself under Martin.

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in response to samvol:

no one on this team knows their role and this is a problem that the coaching staff has to fix.


No leadership on the floor, no leadership off the floor.

It's a disorganized mess and I am surprised Martin hasn't tried sending 13 men floor yet.

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in response to yabadabadoo1026:

cant argue about this teams deficencies in general but rebounding is not one of them---we are 4-6 out of 14 teams in rebounding stats

Here are SEC stats which pretty much sum it all up to explain this season to date:

Point taken.

When you are turning the ball over 20 times a game or allowing the opposing team to shoot 55 % for a half like yesterday, the rebounding stats can be a little skewed.

Also think if you throw out a couple of games, UMASS and W. Carolina, the rebounding average takes a hit.

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in response to dvols:

its ok everybody.......please chill

help is on the way! thay didnt play that bad and probably wasnt going to win anyway, give hogs some cred

just wait till maymon back next year !!! with hubbs, stokes richardson!!! and mcrae..

there is a sleeper pg out there as well

TN will be fine!

It won't matter who Martin brings in or who comes backs as long as this team keeps running this garbage "offense".

This isn't even Big 10 basketball anymore, Indiana has just put more points on the board in 5 minutes than the Vols have in some halves.

It's not just a lack of a point guard or Maymon missing. Those are just convenient excuses.

It's a fundamentally deficient team that can't pass, can't dribble, can't shoot, and can't rebound and has zero basketball IQ.

They aren't improving and it's coaching at this point, plain and simple.

I said after the MS ST win that this team had at least 6 more potential losses on the board(AR, Vandy, Ole Miss, KY, FL, and AL)and they are pretty close to that pace. NCAA tourney my a__.

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

I would take Pearl back in a second.

There may be some recruiting misses and an overall lack of talent on this team attributed to him but, at least he would have them playing smart, confident, and able to handle the fundamentals of the game.

Written on UT tells students not to paint Rock to welcome recruits:

The NCAA opens it up for recruits to be bombarded by texts from coaches non stop yet the compliance office has a problem with this?

Perhaps they feel the rock is a stone aged method of communication and want to show that UT is technologically advanced.

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This team has much bigger problems than the refs and whether Martin has ever been teed up or not.

It's an understatement to say the guard play is inconsistent.

The "offense" they run is complete garbage.

This team can't hit a clutch free throw and look to be getting worse, not better as the season goes along.

They have no outside shooters that force the other team to alter their game plans.

The big men like Stokes are too busy reaching and grabbing instead of properly using their size to defend or establish rebounding position.

A simple lack of fundamentals by players across the board and a poor basketball IQ displayed by those players begs the question of what exactly is being done in practice to make these guys better.

You have a coach that is so stubborn that it took half the season to determine McBee is a complete liability on both ends of the floor and shouldn't be getting 25-30 minutes a game.

Yeah, getting the attention of the refs should solve all of that. Give me a break.

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in response to JimmyJoe:

How did we find this many guys that can't shoot? I mean how did these jokers ever get off the playground?????

They didn't.

Written on Josh Richardson: 'It's payback week' for Vols :

It's been pushing a decade since we have seen a team that is this inept and mentally soft.

Three games in a row on the road they have choked and squandered away with turnovers, missed free throws and looking completely lost in the final minutes on offense.

The entire team, including Cuonzo, gets the deer in the headlights look when any game is close and it is crunch time.

Folded like a house of cards again. And people thought this team could have an NCAA tournament run in them.

What a joke.

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in response to GlennFordsFoible:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Just a side note, the Berry twins were in 6th or 7th grade when Fulmer was fired. Dont think he could have locked them up.

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in response to underthehill:

If Jones can hang on and get Jason will be a major win for him and his staff..hope they do it..but however this recruiting year goes..Jones is in a situation where he just has to do the best he can..

Carr reaffirmed his commitment the other day.

I also think Bell is the Vols' to lose.

Written on Josh Richardson: 'It's payback week' for Vols :


Teams can't win on the road in the SEC without capable point guard play. UT proved it against Bama, KY, and will probably do it tonight against Ole Miss.

Martin is catching up with Dooley in a hurry on being able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.