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I'm sure that Coach Mears, who created Big Orange Country and the Big Orange would be thrilled with "Go Big Gray".

Of course, unlike Hart and company, he and Coach Woodruff were competent and were "Tennessee Men" (Yes, I know that Coach Mears went to Miami, dummies.)

Actually, Coach Mears DID introduce gray into the basketball unis as an accent. Sorry.

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"An undated, unsigned, and unaddressed letter from Warlick......"

Uh, okay.......really?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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I love Pat, but hasn't she made enough money over the years? Considering the financial situation the university is in, wouldn't it be nice if she did this pro bono?

Dave should probably go pro bono, too, since he hasn't actually accomplished anything yet. $50,000.00 bonus? For what?

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when will enough be enough?

good grief.

I'm sorry. Were you talking about Pat Summitt or Stacey Campfield? I never know what you hahnyocks are thinking.

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Russell, Harrison, and Graves are all posts. Graves and Harrison can both drive full court to the basket, but they are talented posts.

I can see Dean wanting the three of them on the floor at times, but good luck to him keeping Cierra Burdick off the floor. She's way too competitive (and effective) to be on the bench.

Pat used to talk about the season being a puzzle that had to be solved. With all this great talent I can't wait to see what the staff can create. That's as difficult a puzzle as a team with lesser talents.

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The overtime loss to Virginia ended the 1990 season. We came oh so close, but were done in by being a team with three All Americans (Charles, Head, and Harrison), but having serious health issues (Carla McGhee) and the worst chemistry EVER on a Lady Vol team (Harrison vs. Debbie Scott and Head vs. Tonya Edwards). The absolute most disappointing season in all of Lady Vol history. Our first threepeat should have been '89, '90, and '91.

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His mother was 22 when she became a head coach. What did she know about basketball? Apparently quite a bit.

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"Raved about his recruiting abilities," but not enough to pay him more than his Division II cronies from Central Michigan and Cincinnati?

You'd better be the real deal, Butch. We don't need a repeat of the egocentric last coach who alienated all the former players he played God with about coming to the practices.

Do it right. Don't be STUPID! It's NOT rocket science.

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johnlg I think it's just plain old negligence. They just don't practice discipline in fundamental basketball. Fundamentals do not allow sloppiness in any phase of the game, as you know quite well. No illegal screens, no hurrying anything, always looking to get the basketball and score, that's fundamental ball. No one knows that better than you, johnlg. fundamental basketball has been on hiatus from the LV program for years. John Wooden style ball, that's fundamental basketball.

Sure. This team reminds of one that Pat Summitt pulled her hair out all year over because they wouldn't give full effort, 40 minute ball all year. That was, er, ah, 2008.

Fundamental ball? This team is playing like Pat Summitt's early teams, you remember, the ones Holly Warlick inspired with her fierce defensive effort. Are they there yet? Nope. Are they close? Yep.

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I think the key will be our cadre of perimeter defenders wearing the ND point guard OUT and players facing the music and taking charges from the ND posts. Do you have the courage to do that like Vandy did last night, Lady Vols?

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The Little Napoleon Complex never ceases to amaze me. :-)

Do you want to be the first one to tell Daddy Haslam he was full of it when he called Pat one of the two greatest icons in Tennessee athletics history? Didn't think so...........

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Kentucky...Texas A& excellent Florida team...Vanderbilt...and one more non-conference biggie, UConn killer Notre Dame. 'Nuf said. We've started out with fire and passion. Let's wait to count these chickens AFTER they've hatched. Oh yeah, and AFTER we've played a 40 minute game. Go Lady Vols!

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I'm sorry, Dean. "No disrespect to Texas?" Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!? "A Single A pitcher?"

Hilarious. Hopefully that won't make it onto to the Longhorns' lockerroom wall.


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Dooley would have liked this... two more SEC wins, maybe.

You mean like the last time he faced North Carolina?

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It was her mother's decision, not hers. Kaela has loved the Lady Vols all her life and her mother has hated the program since she wasn't allowed to dictate who should be recruited to play with her daughter. I love Kaela, I love our newest Vol, A.J. Davis, and I'm a huge fan of their father, the great Antonio Davis. Kendra on the other hand wins the Tim Couch, Sr. Award for making your child's life and choices ALL ABOUT YOU. If Miss Kendra shows up at the men's senior night in four years, I WON'T be there!

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I've never seen her play, but if Alaina Coates is a post from the same part of the world that gave us Teresa Geter, I'll take her sight unseen. Things look very postitive right now for the Lady Vols. Fans are edgy that recruiting seems to bed going slowly, but this class as a whole has been very slow in pulling the trigger. A handful of top shelf recuits have declared, mostly the Krewe of Karolina. But, the Lady Vols are right in there with the rest, which includes the nation's top two recruits. Ya never know. looks very promising right now. So impressed that Kendra Davis showed such passion and protectiveness for her daughter. I hope we get that chance, too. Kendra, Antonio, Kaela, and A.J. are already part of the Vol Nation because of A.J. choosing to play for Coach Martin. And, even if Kaela breaks my heart and goes elsewhere, I'll always be grateful that she grew up loving the Lady Vols. No matter what happens, the best to Mother and Daughter.

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ATTENTION ALL NEGATIVE POSTERS: will someone please tell me a coach who came into the same situation that Coach Dooley did and had the team on a complete 180 in 2 1/2 years yeah right 2 1/2 years remember he came in Jan days before signing day in FEB get a grip cut some slack it you expect miracles move to 34th street

I'm a strong Dooley supporter, but.....what was Alabama's situation when Saban arrived?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

And, do me a favor, Longhunter, please don't presume to speak for "all Vol fans."

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Well, I would recognize Kathy Harston if she knoxked on my front door. She coached under Jody Conradt and Marsha Sharp and although she couldn't coach in her role with the Lady Vols, she was often seen talking to Pat during breaks in play before Pat talked to her three assistants. Additionally, she was often in the ear of players. She might not have been coaching, but she was telling them SOMETHING.

I didn't appreciate Dave Hart until that teary-eyed, voice-cracking performance at the TBA presser, but I'll channel Ronald Reagan in Iceland: "Trust, but verify." He can cry all he wants to, but Tennessee fans have every right to critique his hires and his handling of women's athletics. If I'm not mistaken, is Tennessee now the only SEC school to have NO senior women's athletic administrator?

The new guy sounds like he has an outstanding resume, experience in women's athletics OR even ANY in basketball, men or women. Very, very strange, strange, strange...........

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Fired for underachieving, and the Vol Nation welcomes, how the mighty have fallen...

You mean like when Florida fired Mickie DeMoss?

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Why Law over former Lady Vols? You don't think that any of them can match up with Law? I don't know whether its a good hire or not but....what I do know is there would be nothing wrong with adding another former Lady Vol to the staff period. GBO

Another former Lady Vol? You mean like Dean Lockwood or Mickie DeMoss?

Pat was asked years ago what the most important element was in her success. Her answer was the recruiting of great talent. So far, Holly is aiming everything over the center field fence. If she gets Jolette Law, that's two homers out of two at-bats.

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Yet another example of the reason "Comments" sections should be eliminated from newspaper articles.

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Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when Coach Saban talks candidly to his friends about Paul Finebaum? He's such a no-nonsense kinda guy you know it must really creep him out the way Finebaum drools on him.

I loved one exchange on F-Bomb last week. In this soothing, icky voice he asked callers "Do you think Saban is in the same rarified air with the Bear now?" Some level headed Alabama fan (yes, there are some:) called and said "Sure, as soon as he wins three national championships in two different decades." Finebaum is such a tool....and so light in the loafers.

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Kaleena Lewis of UConn was the top-rated player, but Tennessee wouldn't trade Ariel for ANYONE! Same for Duke and Elizabeth Williams.

As for the Lady Vol future, the incoming three from next year are phenomenal.

It's always taken a special player to commit to Pat Summitt, not just the last few years. The list of recruiting misses is long, beginning with Indianapolis' Vickie Hall, through Yolanda Watkins, Ann Strother, Seimone Augustus, and host of others. Poor Pat. All she got was Bridgette Gordon, Daedra Charles, Tamika Catchings, Candace Parker, Michelle Marciniak, Chamique Holdsclaw, Dena Head, Tonya Edwards, and an even bigger host of others.

Do you realize Pat Summitt has been coaching at Tennessee for HALF THE HISTORY OF THE SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE? Get that "last few years" junk outta here!

If this year's seniors fail to reach the Final Four, they will be the ONLY class during her tenure that has failed to reach that goal. If and when that happens, critics can pile on. Until it does, just arm-chair experts showing their rear ends.

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Why should all of Pearl's victories not be vacated???

That still wouldn't give you any extra wins versus North Carolina, the true class of southern BB. Uh oh, look out Kantuck, that's the Missouri Tigers in your rear view mirror!

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She is in college. Education comes first. Then fun and games. Article was a waste of my time to read. This is a 'who cares' article.

It was a waste of time because apparently you didn't even read it. "She is in college?" Which one of the HIGH SCHOOLERS mentioned in the article were you talking about?

Have a nice day. Bye bye.

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Next time there's a fatal drunk driving accident let's arrest the liquor store owner and clerk or the grocery store owner or checkout person or the bartender or friend that provided the alcohol. But whatever we do, we shouldn't blame the person who voluntarily drank. This is the New Era of "no personal responsibility." Everything in life is somebody else's fault.

There is more than one responsibility. I work part time in a bar in Atlanta. All our bartenders agree with the decision made several years ago to charge a bartender with manslaughter who severely overserved an individual who then drove the wrong way up I-75 killing an entire family of four. It wasn't, but it could have been a family from Tennessee! When someone starts drinking, they begin to lose their usual good judgment. They need the guidance of a professional who can see what's happening to them. We're all in this together. Yes, the user/drinker has a responsibility, but you want to depend on the judgment of someone who's drunk or addicted? I don't think so........

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Growing up is difficult on almost everyone. It doesn't matter if you come from wealth and/or fame. Sometimes that makes it more difficult. It doesn't matter if you have athletic ability or musical talent. Sometimes that makes it more difficult.

I salute you Renaldo. You're thinking with your head, your heart, and your soul. I admire you.

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From the website on the occassion of his induction into the M-Club's Hall of Fame:

"A sweet rainbow jumper and strong defensive play guided Joe Proctor, a product of Knoxville, to Sophomore-of-the-Year honors in the Missouri Valley Conference in 1969. Proctor, a quick guard who led the fast break for the Tigers, scored 699 career points, scoring a season-high 16 points against Oklahoma State as a senior, a year that the Tigers finished 18-8 overall. After receiving his BS in Education, Proctor entered the coaching ranks, serving as the head basketball and assistant football and track coach at Catholic High School in Memphis for two seasons before serving as the Head Coach at Shelby State from 1972-1977. There, Proctor was named the District and Regional Coach of the Year in 1977, an honor that helped him springboard to an assistant coach job at Drake University. Proctor was an assistant at Drake (1977-81), Baylor (1981-85) and Mississippi (1985-86) before moving to UMKC in 1986. Proctor started at UMKC as an assistant coach, and took on the Interim Head Coach tag in 1992-93, where he helped the Kangaroos make the move to NCAA Division I. He led the Roos to a 13-8 record in 1993-94 and was hired in 1996 as the assistant coach at Alabama State University, where he helped the Hornets to SWAC Tournament Championships and NCAA berths in 2001 and 2004. Proctor joined the men's staff at Southern University in 2005, where is an assistant coach. He has also been inducted into the Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame (1994) and the Southwest Community College Sports Hall of Fame (2003)."

I suppose Pastner should avoid playing in Knoxville if he wants to avoid signing Hall-of-Famers.


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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Hate to tell a Memphis native this, but........a graduate of Knoxville Catholic High School was Memphis' starting point guard for 3 or 4 years. Poor ole Knoxville can still play some ball.

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Yeah, Climer's right. Let's hire a multi-million dollar search firm to find an AD. Cheek'll have to. He obviously knows nothing about the athletics world. Why not spend millions on search firms? It worked great for Mike Hamilton (and Jimmy Sexton).

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Knox County Commission runs UT Athletics? Gosh, you're so smart. Thanks for letting us know.

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Boy, the freaks sure come out of the woodwork when genitally chalenged men have to deal with those mean ole strong women. Poor babies. I don't know how you stand it.

8 spectators? Obviously you didn't go last year.

Ohio State exonerated in the car deal? Not yet. The State of Ohio cleared them. That's not quite the same as the NCAA. The titles were legal, That's what the Ohio DMV ruled. The amounts paid for the cars will be examined by the NCAA. If the amounts paid by the athletes and their families aren't the same as those paid by other OSU students, then there'll be a big ole Buckeye butt beating by the NCAA.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Who would you rather have, one of our famous head cases or ANYBODY that Coach Martin interacted with positively at Purdue? (I'm pretty sure Allan Houston isn't available. And, Wayne Chism did come in. I'll take him any day and apparently so will Coach Martin.)

Thank God Ray Mears brought a new attitude with him when he came to Tennessee. I was really nostalgic for that 4-19 record the year before he arrived (and, yes, I sat in my room as a little boy and listened to every damn minute of that fiasco).

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At some point we must admit whatever we did to our schools, society etc. it the 60's and 70's revolution....DID NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly there was a need to say "Thou shalt not steal" long before the 60s and 70s.

Everything bad in this world did not come about because of the social revolutions of the 60s and 70s. Some of it arises from plain old (ANCIENT) greed. That's one of those things Republicans and Democrats can agree on. That's because they're both equally guilty of asking others to pay their way for them. Just because someone says "Balance the budget!" doesn't mean they aren't necessarily a thief themself. Just ask the dudes on Wall Street or the fat cat large farm owners who don't turn a spade of dirt and get high end WELFARE that WE pay for so they don't have to do a lick of work.

It's all the fault of the 60s and 70s. Yeah, right.

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Lord, they crawled out of the woodwork for this one, didn't they? What would Knoxville do without so many postive commentators?

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There are some folks here who have no awareness of American college basketball. St. Louis University has a much more distinguished history than the University of Tennessee does in basketball.

I'm a Knoxville native and have been following the Vols since before Ray Mears, since Orbie (freakin') Bowling.

Competing against Saint Louis for recruits is a step UP!

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Our coaches will have a lot to sell when they meet with recruits, parents and (sadly) 'handlers'. Martin displays confidence, character and will assure 'momma' he will take care of their young man. That goes a long way. Recruits will see our coaches successful history on the court. Here's hoping for good things for the basketball Vols.

I'm guessing Harris' wife will enjoy being around Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols program. I also hope the good relationship Pat has/had with Bruce is also true with this new staff. Bruce embraced the Lady Vols success. Smart move.

Dealing with"handlers" is right. Did you see Urban Meyer on ESPN yesterday telling the story about his first recruiting trip to Miami as HC at Florida and being told by a handler that every Miami Area recruit had to go through him? The rumblings are that this issue has now totally pervaded even women's basketball. If you want real reform NCAA this is where you start.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I believe OKEMO has BONES to pick with us.

Skeletal units never lie.


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We already have a proven and dynamic Athletic Director on the payroll. You already have the big hat. Jump up on that big white horse, Derek, and come to the rescue!!! And, he has a successful former Athletic Director to give him advice when he goes home for Thanksgiving. No-brainer.............

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From your post apparently you did read it.

You need to start catching up with WBB. ESPN covered a high school game in Chicago tonight that featured a future lady Vol. Nobody reads that stuff though, do they? BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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The kind of sloppy, half-hearted play we have seen in the last two games is just the type that will get the LVs beat against better competition. It is a sad commentary on the current state of the SEC that the LVs can continue to win handily, for the most part, while playing poorly.

Some of the "just win, baby" crowd may be annoyed at some of the fan criticism and at Pat for riding the team and showing such dissatisfaction for their level of play, but two things must be kept in mind. For one, the LVs have NEVER been satisfied just to win the SEC; their ambitions have always been to get to the Final Four and win the championship. For another, Pat has always tried to emphasize that the team should play to its OWN standard, not to the level of the competition. UConn, for example, has the same ambitions and standards, but for the most part they have out-performed the LVs in these areas. Die-hard SEC fans are fond of boasting about the SEC and deriding the Big East, and thereby discounting UConn's success in it, but the facts, especially the leagues' respective RPI's, show that this a fallacy.

It is HARD for players, especially young ones, to realize that there even ARE other standards for play besides the final score or their individual stats. They don't understand the idea of striving for EXCELLENCE with VICTORY as a BY-PRODUCT of that striving. This is, IMHO, yet another unfortunate result of the AAU disease that has infected both HS and college basketball. "Just win, baby"; yeah, sure; that is the attitude that will lead, and HAS led, to disappointment in the only competition that really SHOULD matter to this team.

Not just basketball. Players watch other sports, too, sports like college football where a coach will often say "I don't care, as long as we win by one point." Where is the "striving for excellence" in that?

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One text message. Three charges. Huh?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I think at first Brian thought his role was to be somewhat good in the post, but that his main job was to stay on Scotty's rear end to stay focused because the Vols could do nothing without Scotty. Something looked different yesterday. I think Brian has finally decided he'll have to SHOW Scotty how to stay focused. We need a great warrior. Brian Williams is that warrior this year. I'm pullin' for you, too, Scotty. Just follow Brians' lead.

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Another factor in the "skinny" on Marlon Brown: He followed his girlfriend to Georgia, where she's a star player for the Lady Bulldogs basketball team.

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I live in Springfield, MO and I'll be at the game down in Fayetteville, Ark. I may be the only person in ORANGE. This is as close as any of the VOLS get to my location; so I'll be in ORANGE all weekend. GO LADY VOLS!!!

Look for the folks from Morillton, Arkansas in the crowd. They'll be in ornage, too.

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Total BS 'we dictate other team's shots'...
really? Like we did with Georgetown, Baylor, or even Stanford??

Face it, MSU could not handle their first-half success. I'm not really buying the pat-screaming-at-halftime thing, either. Players aren't stupid, she could have been quiet as a mouse and they would still have played harder.

Pat really nailed it, but Lockwood isn't on the same page (nor is spani):
(Pat): "We didn’t pick them up early; we were lazy"
(Spani): "Thirty-seven points in a half for anyone against us is unacceptable."
(Lockwood): "We are the ones that dictate their shots"

Pat is saying: 'we are not good enough to just go throught eh motions, we need to work!'; Lockwood and Spani are saying 'oh, we are better than them we just need to play harder'.

Do you not see Pat's message, or get it?? If we want a shot at a title, we had better learn 'blue collar' ways, and play with the attitude the other team is much, much better than we are.

Maybe even Pat's staff is not 'getting it'.

Good grief!

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There are quite a few serious, sincere Christians on this LV team, and that (speaking as a serious believer myself) can make it hard to "keep pounding" your opponents long after the outcome has been settled.

Nevertheless, while we are commanded to love our enemies, we are also enjoined to do our work "as unto the Lord" in quality and conscientiousness.

Reggie White's final game against Vanderbilt is probably the best illustration of staying true to both. As I remember it from a column by Sam Woolwine, the Vandy QB was taking a beating from Reggie and the Vol pass rush. Dazed after numerous big hits, he became aware after each hit of a voice, of words floating through his brain: words of encouragement to stay strong, to keep at it, to not give in to pain or defeat. Occasionally it was a reminding verse of scripture, like "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

At the bottom of a pile after yet another sack, he heard the words again... closer. He finally focused his eyes to peer beyond the facemask that was jammed against his own, to see that the words were coming from Reggie White.

Ladies, you can play each game as unto the Lord, buzzer-to-buzzer, displaying respect for your coach, your teammates, and the game itself. At the same time—with no compromise—you can encourage your opponents as individuals, acknowledging or complimenting them when they demonstrate good basketball, or encouraging them to maintain their individual character and integrity, even in the face of a humiliating team defeat.

Neither greatness and humility, nor competition and encouragement, are mutually exclusive. As serious disciples of Jesus Christ, bring your WHOLE game to the court.

The Governor of Alabama totally agrees with you.

Written on Lady Vols work on defense after 'unacceptable effort' :

Gosh I sure am glad I didn't read any of these posts in '08 when the national champs got torched by Duke and LSU. Y'all did come back later to tell Pat you were wrong and she actually was the Coach of the Century, didn't you? And, you did correct your belief that Candace Parker, Nicky Anosike, and Alexis Hornbuckle were the worst to ever wear the Orange, didn't you?

Did you ever have a cut on your heel? Ever try to do leg conditioning exercises if you did? Did you ever look into Lyssi Brewer's eyes? I'll give you a hundred dollars if you'll tell her face to face she won't make it back..........

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A great coach knows what her team is capable of. She should be unhappy with the way they played. Pat is looking at the bigger picture, not just being satisfied with the win. The margin of victory should have been greater. Pat knows this and so do the fans. Even the one's that wear rose colored glasses. I am so happy to have a coach that demands excellence from her team, tip to finish, regardless of the outcome. Some people just don't get it! True,they won! But it wasn't a good win. They did just enough to win! I am glad that Pat notices this, and she is not going to stand for it.

First post from you that I would just add.....DITTO!