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If I were Dave Hart, I'd give him a mild raise, one year extension and a low buyout so when we fire him after next year it won't cost us. . .or better yet, try to convince Boston College, Wake Forest or california he's the perfect fit and hope they don't do any research.

I'm not sure what coach in his right mind would choose to coach here when "fans" like you can so easily dismiss a 20+ win coach coming off a sweet sixteen appearance.

Cuonzo will never have the "charisma" of Bruce Pearl but there are a several coaches that win championships without acting like clowns or lying and cheating. Perhaps if our local fan base could convince the outside world that we're not a bunch of haters and knee-jerk hicks, we might be able to get top shelf recruits.

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It is nice to hear about our players exhibiting the kind character that any parent would hope to instill in their son or daughter.

The last time we were in this tournament the focus was on recruiting violations and our coach lying to the NCAA. Some of our players from that "successful" season had been involved in an incident involving guns and marijuana. It is easy to forget that Cuonzo Martin chose to come to Tennessee despite the negative press, questionable team culture and pending NCAA sanctions and restrictions. It is also easy to forget that Bruce Pearl lost his job for displaying a lack of character and professional integrity - by lying to the NCAA and asking recruits and their parents to do the same.

We now have a coach and his players trying to do things the right way. So, put away the petitions and be proud to be a Volunteer - with good reason.

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What Martin meant by saying he didn't know why Maymon was T'ed up was that there was no good reason for the T. And, Martin would have been stupid to run over just to get another technical from an obviously unglued official. The call happened with 4:39 left on the clock. Three minutes later we were down by 2 with less than 2 minutes left (still in the game). In a defensive struggle, you don't give points away. If any of the 3 SEC teams advance in the NCAA tournament it will be on the strength of their D. It's not exciting but it works.

Anybody still talking about Martin needing to go should probably root for one of the eleven (11) other SEC teams that are NIT or homeward bound. The Vols are still playing! Go Vols!! Beat Iowa!!

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"Let the hate flow through you."
-- Emperor Palpatine

Thanks for making is easier Sabin. Bama Sucks!

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The enemy of my enemy...

I will root for Auburn because I know that their success always makes some inbred Bama fan go totally sister shooting, tree poisoning berserk!

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But she has a great personality and her "daddy" is loaded.

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Kirk, there are 2 things you need to know about the SEC:

United we stand, divided we fall.

Ohio State is the SEC's female canine companion.

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If a duck quacks in the wilderness, does it really make a sound?

Nice facilities! Can you move them closer to the rest of the country?!

We don't have to keep up with the Joneses - the Joneses are right here! And, I like where we're headed - even with that old rundown practice shack that we have. Go Big Orange! Let's hunt some ducks! Get 'em Smokey!

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We've got 99 problems but Butch ain't one.

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Crompton Comes Alive!

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Medical and Academic privacy regulation prohibit University personel from disclosing a player's medical or academic issues. The term "violation of team rules" is frequently used by coaches when a player has failed to meet various eligibility standards. Perhaps Coach Martin does not like using that term. Since Trae's father is respecting his son's privacy, only Trae will be able to legally and specifically disclose the nature of his departure.

If UT is not obligated to disclose the nature of any possible violation, it would not be in Trae Golden's best interests to say anything self-incriminating, especially if he intends to transfer.

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Nothing to see here. Please move along.

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The last time I was in needless stadium was two seasons ago for the Kentucky game. I happened to have some connections so I scored very good seats right in the middle of the Vol people. I of course was wearing Blue. One of the Vol fans kept asking me:

"How did you get these tickets"

"You are not supposed to sit in this section"

"Did you buy them from a scalper"

etc. etc.

I finally got tired of her big nosed questions so I turned to her and her husband and said.

You know if the stupid Vol people were not completely ignorant about football and fired Fulmer this stadium would not be half filled with people in Wildcat Blue and the other 1/3 of the stadium would not be empty.

The moral of the story is of course the Vol fans are completely delusional. They like to think they can be Alabama, LSU or Tx A & M if they build enough seats. Unfortunately they stink so nobody will fork out the Cash to go to the games.

Just Saying

Your all time favorite coach has a Louisville Cardinal tat.

Just Sayin'

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Tyler Bray had great numbers. His draft performance ought to be a cautionary note to a lot of people. I do wish Tyler the best, however.

Mentally checking out (see: quitting) before the 2011 Kentucky game has cost Bray much more than the victory and "crappy bowl game" that he incorrectly assumed were foregone conclusions.

Scotty Hopson's and Bray's situations are both cautionary tales. Good choice Jarnell.

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All of you clammoring for Bruce Pearl's triumphant return should consider a few things about Bruce.

Yes, he injected a much needed dose of enthusiam and swagger to the downtrodden B-ball program. But the Bruce Pearl we hired was not the same Bruce Pearl that we fired. We hired an enthusiastic coach who ran a clean program and was a family man. We fired a coach who lied to the NCAA and also conspired to have his coaches and recruits lie. In the K-NS, Bruce called his new wife Brandy "the love of my life"...while all of his children, from his previous (barely cold) marriage, still lived in Knoxville. There was an arrogance and an ego that the "fired Bruce" probably should have reigned in.

In the NCAA, Pearl went 1 game farther than Jerry Green. And, then he killed what he built. Cuonzo exceeded expectations in his first year and I expect him to turn the corner next season. Get over Bruce...he has reached his expiration date at UTK.

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sorry all...eyes are beat to hell.

I actually thought you had made up a clever countryfied nickname for when he is not playing quite up to par. Hopefully, there will be little need to yell "gol-dern!" and he is all Golden today.

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I bet there might be a coal baron willing to cough up 2-3 million for Fulmer to get things going. It's is hard to find a coach with a .750 career record and a few championships for less than a million a year.

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Peyton? The guy who could never beat the Gators? The same guy who choked again in the playoffs? THAT Peyton?

Yes! '97 SEC Champion, '97 SEC Championship MVP, '06 NFL Superbowl XLI Champion/MVP, '09 AFC Champion, 4 x NFL MVP and 12 x NFL Pro-Bowler PEYTON MANNING. Yes, THAT Peyton.

I think it's safe to say that the 2012 Comeback Player of the Year has clearly moved on. So should you.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

More like: V to FL for $.

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So, his teammates used his gun and on another occaision his gun was in his trunk in his backpack. Was he involved in the robbery? Did he consent to having his gun being used in the commission of a crime? What do our coaches from Auburn know about him? If being young and stupid was a crime...

I'm not saying we should pursue the kid, but John Adams is not our recruiting coordinator nor is he judge, juror and executioner of Knox County. Our coaches are bound by their consciences, NCAA rules, Tennessee law and federal law...and wins and losses. If the kid leaves his unlawful gun(s)/ways behind, forgiveness is not beyond me. GO LBJ! Go VOLS!

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Some honest Alabama cop just lost their job.

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Someone, providing help defense, reached in to briefly grab the ball as Johnson drove to the hole. I believe it was that help defense, along with decent pressure from Lopez, that contributed to the miss. No excuse for not boxing out on the miss or missing late free throws. But a win is a win.

On a side note, enough with the "get Bruce back" cries. He had minor violations but then lied to the NCAA and to UT Administration. The majority of his best players were signed by Buzz Peterson and the players that Bruce left us with certainly are not world beaters. He was a good coach, a great entertainer and motivator but he ruined what he created. We must move on.

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Ah...Derek Dooley. The Lennay Kekua of coaches.

I beg to differ. Lennay Kekua had the good graces to be imaginary and die.

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There's an old R&B song that asks, "Who's makin' love to your old lady, while you were out makin' love?"

You can't neglect the homefront. We must pick the low hanging fruit first. If Jimmy Acrossthestreet doesn't want to go to UT, why would Joey Acrossthecountry want to come?

We will obviously need to give Coach Jones some time to restore/establish some in-state relationships. GBO!

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Stop wasting your time. Dave Hart is not going anywhere over Volleyball. But if Football is still tanking in 3 years, he will join the other multi-millionaire ex-Vol employees. Until then, chill.

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Memphis should be embarrassed to have a "head" coach so openly afraid of competition. I'm quite sure that the kids from the city of Memphis don't share Pussner's cowardice.

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Let Tiger High and their Junior High school coach Pussner hide behind Louisville. We can get the state to force them to play. Until then, tell them to sell their "chicken salad" elsewhere. It smells funny.

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Only two of them are making real money. All of the others are just "middle class" citizens trying to make ends meet.

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Sometimes naughty, sometimes nice and sometimes entertaining...I believe that accurately sums up your career.

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He deserves it for the reasons that Coach Fox stated - new team, new offense, new city. Denver's poor strength of schedule, being in the weakest division in the NFL and losing to the toughest teams on their schedule may fuel the critics' causes. But, I think 4 neck surgeries and sitting out a year at QB trumps a knee injury (regardless of severity) and missing a few games at RB.

Unless Peterson breaks 2000 against the Packers there should be no contest. He needs 102 yards. If the Colts beat the Texans and Denver earns the AFC's #1 seed, how do you not give MVP to Peyton? (I believe the Colts owe Peyton a favor or two)

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I only wish were paying him to sabbotage an SEC defense. I look forward to seeing Florida State DB's chasing ball carriers like children chasing a speeding icecream van.

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We are UT not U2. We can live...with or without you.

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It would have been nice to get Tee Martin but he was offered 3 or 4 other coaching jobs before we finally offered him 1. Kiffin offered out of respect for the job that he knew Tee was doing at Kentucky. Our offer had a too late aroma with a slight hint of despiration. Dooley missed the boat with Tee initially and a second time when nearly his entire staff left after the 2011 season. Dooley offered a job to someone who coached at Wofford and The Citadel instead of offering to Tee. Perhaps, Dooley was angry at Tee for coaching the wide-receiver that quarterbacked Kentucky to victory last year.

Tee would probably like it if our revolving coaches door would slow down a bit before he considers stepping through. He also can recall the fates of his Hall of Fame coach (Fulmer) and his 1998 Nat'l Championship/1999 Offensive Coordinator (Sanders). So, please forgive Tee if he chooses to look out for #1 when it comes to Tennessee. At least Coach Jones had the good sense to make the offer.

I look forward to the Butch Jones Era. I wish Tee Martin the best (but will never root for USC/his current boss - ever). I thank Tee for his great contribution to our rich Tennessee Volunteer football history. Now, let's all move on.

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Bobby Petrino. A proven winner who needs a chance to redeem himself and restore his tarnished image. Sound familiar?

We may have been too proud to offer him a job a few months or weeks ago but we are currently a SEC doormat/laughingstock.

Petrino was the best coach available at the beginning of the search (and still is).

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I say we contact Sofia Vergara. She would absolutely be the "sexy hire." She has name recognition. You might ask, "Can she recruit?" To that I say, "Who would not want to play with/for her?"

Can she coach? We have not asked for proof of success from our last football 2 hires - why start now?

Watching Coach Vergara on the sidelines would be a nice alternative to watching our defense.

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Lovie Smith, Bobby Petrino, Mike Leach, David Cutcliffe....

That is my short list. Can anyone provide additional or better names? This is not a request for a critique of my choices. I just figure that UT botches it's coaching searches so badly that we should pitch-in and offer some suggestions just to help out.

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We still have 3 top quality wide receivers. People forget that Zach Rogers was the fastest sprinter in the state of TN in high school.

FYI: The last time we beat the gators was with a QB from California (who happened to win twice in the swamp).

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OMG! It's FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE! Friday Night is GO time! Who else can feel it! All you haters can hopefully just shut it for a bit and allow the Big Orange hemoglobin to flow free throughout your body. It's time for everyone to start showing some true LOVE for the VOLS or I'm sending AL WILSON to your door to help get you right.

Go O! Go D! Go Special Teams! Go Vols!!

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Not right in front of the aqua po-po!

I agree that kids will be kids. But breaking the law right in front of law enforcement is just plain stupid (for anyone at any age).

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Snitches get stitches

And ce-ment britches.

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There was a time in my youth that I lived and died by the Vols. But now that the seating (rump) space in Neyland has been reduced and ticket prices increased to exclusive rates - I feel I have sacrificed enough when I attend the games. I should not have to trade anything beyond the $130 bucks a game my wife and I shell out to squeeze in with the other faithful suckers.

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Run Phoebe Run! I know Knoxville is behind you - and especially the female runners that you inspire through your help with KTC's youth programs. Best of luck Thursday and Sunday! Go Vols! Go Phoebe!

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Somehow, I don't think Coach K or the Butler coach will be calling, tweeting and emailing recruits after midnight either. There are two ways to build a program: with Class or Crass. Both approaches work; one allows you to sleep soundly at night and also feel good about the job you're doing every day.

Go Cuonzo! GO VOLS!

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I believe anyone placing behind bolt will be bumped up a spot when more sophisticated drug screening tests are developed. That being said, powell isn't winning anything at the olympics except for the 4x1 if he is fast enough to make the team, and I cannot think of a single reliable american who can challenge jamaica's best. Which really sucks.

If you are going to accuse someone of doping, you should just come out and say it - Or, say nothing if you have no first hand knowledge or proof.

If you say that there is a drug that cannot be detected by current drug testing measures, then you can accuse anyone of taking it - any of the Americans or any of the Jamaicans. If you follow that line of thinking to conclusion - their undetectable drug is better than ours.

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Who Cares? In other news my calf muscle is sore from playing golf yesterday....

I heard you aren't really hurt but trying to get out of yardwork.

Are you related to Bryce? You probably should get his handler and you'll be playing on the PGA tour next week.

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Calipari is the best Juco/Community College Coach in the land. No one can match what he is able to do with those young guys - who are playing great basketball while working on their various certificates and associate degrees. It was fantstic to watch the upstart KyJrCC almost beat Vanderbilt - a 4 year University which has several 3rd and 4th year student athletes.

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Best D in 43 years! That is a strong statement in your first year of coaching. Love Coach Martin!

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One CEO moves his company from the bottom of the market to #2 in one year while another CEO helps keep his top rated company at #1 all year.

Which feat is more impressive?

If I add the fact that the top rated #1 company has historically always been rated at the top while the other company (#2) had just prior completed a year full of negative press and were forced to replace their disgraced CEO with an unproven CEO - which company's success would seem most unlikely?

It seems like the term "no brainer" should come into play at this point. Coach Martin is the SEC Coach of the Year.

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One CEO moves his company from the bottom of the market to #2 in one year while another CEO helps keep his top rated company at #1 all year.

Which feat is more impressive?

If I add the fact that the top rated #1 company has historically always been rated at the top while the other company (#2) had just prior completed a year full of negative press and were forced to replace their disgraced CEO with an unproven CEO - which company's success would seem most unlikely?

It seems like the term "no brainer" should come into play at this point. Coach Martin is the SEC Coach of the Year.