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Written on Dave Hart, J.J. Clark want to see Tennessee get back on track:

Why prolong the futility? Hart obviously doesn't care about the track program, or a change would have been made. Clark asks people to look at his record -- that includes a downhill spiral of 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th in the SEC championships. Enough said. Whatever competence he showed in the past is long gone, even on the women's side. His revolving door for assistant coaches has been disastrous. If I were a top-notch recruit, I would not want to get on board this sinking ship. It's sad to see how far the program has fallen.

Written on Tennessee's Kyle Quinn finishes 10th in NCAA javelin:

First of all, kudos to the throwers and vaulters for at least being in the running for national championship points this year. You are obviously able to rise above the mediocrity that is rampant in the track program.

The overall showing by the team, however, is clear evidence that a change is needed in the track program. Coach Clark is tossing out the same old line he has said for the last several years: “We’ll reload and build momentum for the future.” My opinion is that the reloading should start with a new coach, at least on the men's side. Coach Clark has accomplished nothing, except to run the men's program into the ground (77th place!) He has ruined what was once a nationally significant program. Obviously, no one in the athletic director's office gives a hoot.

Written on High finishes not frequent enough for UT track teams in SEC Outdoor Championships :

The men's track program is, with a few exceptions, a glaring disaster. By my calculations, we scored a total of 5 points in the track events. Thanks to the throwers and vaulters, we made it to double figures in the scoring column. Many events the Vols used to own, like the decathlon and hurdles, had no entrants or our athletes were not close to being competitive. Coach Clark is totally incompetent -- does anyone need further proof? In just a few years he has destroyed the track & field program. Finishing next to last in a sport that used to bring glory to UT is embarrassing. He apparently thinks "a plan" is entering seven women in the 800 meters, even if only a couple of them are potential scorers. Are you kidding? Why not recruit some athletes in other events? The men's distance program has totally fallen apart. What's Doug Brown doing these days? Bring him back, or someone like him, please! Enough of this!

Written on Underclassmen perform well for UT track team at SEC Indoors:

Congratulations to Coach Clark for putting the Vols and Lady Vols into the top 10 of the SEC. Eighth place with all of that young talent! Next year you can shoot for 7th! For a guy who claims to be a middle distance coaching guru, where was all the scoring in those races? Dear Mr. Hart -- how about a taking a new look at the failure of the combined programs?

Written on Peter Okwera runs to sixth place at SEC meet :

The one success story for the Vols in this meet, Peter Okwera, transferred into the UT program and was already a top talent. All the other mediocre results are the products of Clark's pedestrian coaching ability. Can we not hire a competent coach? Oh for the good old days....

Written on Rodney Stoker named assistant track and field coach:

Good luck Rodney -- I hope you know what you're getting into. Coach Clark has gone through more assistants than Dooley, so I hope you have a Plan B.

Written on Cross country teams face full season on road:

At least the fact that there are no home meets means that Vol fans won't have to witness the sad state of the XC program. Clark says he is focusing on the SEC meet in Nashville -- is he hoping to crack the top 10 in the team standings? With the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri, that may be a challenge for him. Can we please end the combined program experiment?

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