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Written on Vols find recipe for victory on the road, 58-46 :

in response to UkJarhead:

This rivalry always better when both teams are playing well. Glad the Vols are on a roll. We have boneheaded fans on both sides that say stupid things like Vols4Ever. Let's just enjoy the rivalry without all the hate. GBO

Exactly. I was born in Louisville, graduated UT, and hope for a great game, (Vol win). Back in the day, I loved sitting in the fieldhouse and watching Dale Brown whine to the refs about our mean ole players picking on his little old Shaquille, and yelling "Sit down, Joe B." when KY came to town. Also, the great Ray Mears, Earnie and Bernie, and the unicycle. Today, love Cuonzo, wish Stokes would return though I doubt it, and glad to see Trae has deep down character to come back from tough times. Also, looks like Butch has stopped the bleeding in FB, so the future is bright and tinged orange. GBO, and whip those kittys!

Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

Good. John Adams is an excellent "columnist," most always interesting and fair. I seem to be the only one curious as to why he is now "a senior columnist" and no longer Sports Editor?

Written on John Adams: Time for 'serious' changes at Tennessee :

in response to GerryOP:

You may not like what he says, but always remember, he gets paid for saying it. Guys like you offer similar mindless rants for free! Now, who's smarter, Admas or you? Uh huh!

Zing! Me likey.

Written on Jay Greeson: Time gives true grades for hirings:

All we are say--ing, is "give Butch a chance."

Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

in response to TitanandVolfan4life:

It's time for our Vols players to grow up more and learn that college is just like the NFL where any coach, or even an entire staff, can change instantly and they just have to man up, adjust and keep moving forward and working hard to get better and keep their grades up.

Workouts can get old and boring so a new S & C coach is a great move especially since everything is going to be new and the S & C coach will spend more time with our players than anyone else for awhile.

Jay Graham is supposedly staying on the staff so he'll be a coach that everyone will know until they all meet and learn all about their new position coach.

CBJ has been through this 2 times before so it's not a new thing to him and he knows exactly what he needs to get done.

He'll get the new coaches on the Hill ASAP and get our players meeting them and getting adjusted to the new systems very quickly.

Just UNITE like real Vols fans do and support our new HC and the assistants he brings in and we just might be real happy in a couple of years as we see things starting to go the right way.

With Oregon added to our games next season and our normal SEC teams nobody should expect great things for the 1st year or 2 anyway but I WILL expect to see improvements being made every year.

CBJ is already working his butt off and NOBODY on here knows squat about building a coaching staff or a team so just be a real fan and support our Vols.


Best post on the topic.

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

in response to bigdisbig:

No true Vol fan can root for Bama. If the Taliban brought a team over to play Bama I would be wearing a turban sitting with the muslims.

Go Vols......

Now that's funny!

Written on Trae Golden: 'It was there for the taking' :

In general, the better teams can shoot free throws. Practice, practice, practice.

Written on Fifth-year seniors get off 'roller coaster' :

Boy, oh, boy, what a ride! As I sit here watching Tajh Boyd run rings around Spurrier's kids, thinking Kiffin dumped him, and hoping ND kills USC at the same time!

Written on John Adams: Art Briles' record too good for UT to ignore :

Good, interesting--how about same thing on TCU guy? He seems similar.

Written on John Adams: Derek Dooley's firing should be announced right away :

Listen, John Adams is a fuggly little dude, with an obnoxious voice, but, he is a very good sports writer. He is clever, funny at times, sarcastic, accurate, and, most importantly, honest. He never mails it in and we are lucky to have him--no I don't know him, but he does his job well.

Written on Judge sets bond for Chamique Holdsclaw at $100,000 :

in response to bibliosaurus:

I am not a fan at all. Rabid, or otherwise.

Not all fans are adults. I am sorry to hear this story because my 13 year old granddaughter IS a big fan!

Ms. Holdsclaw's problems didn't start at UT. If she's displaying anti-social behavior now, you can bet it started in childhood. She may have had the best years of her life at UT. The only structure and discipline she had ever been taught. Once on her own, she developed a messy personal life.

She came from an incomplete home, without an intact set of parents. That's not good for girls, and it shows up sooner or later.

In this troubled athlete, I also see a troubled child.

And the result is not a suitable role model for my granddaughter.

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Signing class of three now official for Vols :

Good news, coach.

Written on Lady Vols off to a humbling start :

Duplicate of the Fulmer deal--the game had already passed Pat by before she stepped down. Then the replacement coach/coaches also can't compete on the national level and the program dies, unless huge dollars are invested. This will happen in FB but certainly not in women's BB.

Written on 'Second season' begins for Tennessee against Troy :

in response to volprof80:

Here's a more realistic assessment of the situation from RantSports in their article about coaches on the hot seat: "There is always that one guy who does not deserve his fate but is just in the wrong place at the wrong time [...] To say Dooley inherited a mess is the greatest understatement ever made [...] There is no doubt if Dooley had another year or two he could turn this around...".
See, trolls, only in your crazy world is Dooley as bad as you say he is. Rational people recognize the situation he stepped into and that it takes years, not months, to crawl out of such a hole, especially in the nation's best conference.

"There is no doubt if Dooley had another year or two he could turn this around..." Bull. That's exactly the problem--his recruits are 95% 3 stars. Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Florida have 4 stars sitting on the bench.

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

I'm betting Hart has about 3 names at the top of the list that all AD's keep in the drawer. If one of those will come, he will change if we lose any of the last 4. My biggest problem is a team full of 3 stars with many more on the way, including a couple with fairly serious injuries. Meanwhile, Alabama has 4 stars sitting on the bench. Nothing can help much anytime soon I'm afraid. At least we have Cuonzo, GBO!

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley doesn't hold back at press conference :

in response to mike4vol:

Is Obama coaching now? We're over three years into the term, things are worse than ever, and it's everybody else's fault.

Next thing we know, Dooley will be bowing down to all the other coaches!

Take the blame coach, that after three years, with a top-tier program, you have managed to run it in the ground.

It's time for a new coach--one with a positive record, a recognizable name (immediate help in recruiting), a plan, and and expertise in producing winning teams.

"Next thing we know, Dooley will be bowing down to all the other coaches!" Now that's funny right there.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Is Tennessee’s fan base unrealistic about Vols?:

in response to Vo2Vol:

We should be careful what we ask for as fans. We can all be armchair quarterbacks and question calls. Fans that do not like this coach will say every bad play is a result of coaching. There is no doubt that the coach's would have done a few things different. No coaching staff gets every call correct. From this quarterback's chair, we need to execute better what is called. Against Alabama we had a few opportunities to score with short fields and did not execute, or turned it over. Alabama is too good to leave the opportunities on the field.

Personally, I am sick of all this talk of coaching change. We need program consistency. I am as frustrated with losing as anyone that will chime in on this blog. But I also have not forgotten that Derek Dooley inherited an impossible situation. We are better today than we were this time last year and yes that is little consolation. There is still something to play for this season and I believe our players understand that. The problem is that many of our fans have become front runners and short sited. The fact that 40% of the crowd Saturday wore Crimson was pathetic. I had no expectation of winning this game but they certainly deserve to have a home field crowd. If I was one of the recruits sitting in the north endzone I would have been more impressed with the way Alabama travels and takes over the crowd.

Again, I do not like to lose and I do not like allowing my opponent to party in my stadium. However, this team is better and they deserve better from Big Orange Fans that this BS that continues to be served up on here. The point that our losses come to teams with a combined loss record of 1 game has credibility. Let's keep playing.

Fine, but totally beside the point. All that matters is we have an entire team consisting of 3 star players with more on the way. We cannot compete in this league with that, case closed.

Written on Alabama-Tennessee Report Card :

"The Vols must find a way to bridge the talent gap with Alabama if it wants to stop the Tide's growing win streak in the series." Unfortunately, it's catch 22--we can't win without better players, and we can't get better players if we aren't winning. Dooley could be Vince Lombardi and he couldn't beat Bama or LSU or Florida with a squad full of 3 star players. After we get drilled by Spurrier, I bet Hart will be burning up the phone lines. I bet he will act if he can get a sure winner, though I don't know who that would be. If he can't, he won't pay 5 million plus millions more on a gamble, at least until next year.

Written on Vols have two targets, one scholarship in basketball :

I love Cuonzo, and whoever he gets I am happy with. But whatever happened to Centers, also known as Aircraft Carriers? Do they even exist anymore?

Written on Halftime: Tennessee 23, Akron 23 :

Get ready for the Buzz Peterson response--ie: Dooley is a wonderful family man, a credit to the University, etc., etc., then whining when he is fired, ala Fulmer. This whole mess is the fault of one sleezebag, no, not Hamilton, Reggie Bush. He cheated, Pete Carroll ran away, then Kiffen did too. Hamilton had to find anybody he could at the worst possible time of the year. At least, this time, Hart has plenty of time to find a proper replacement.

Written on A.J. Davis adds to Cuonzo Martin's haul:

I love Cuonzo, who is the real deal, but, hello KNS headline writer--since when is a 3 star recruit a "big time recruit"? Oh sorry, I forgot, when Dooley signs another one. BTW, the Davis kid will be big time when Cuonzo gets done with him.

Written on Tyler Bray, Tennessee's offense sputter down the stretch :

OK kids, here's the way it is--We're back to Buzz Peterson. Nice guy, nice family, etc.; can't compete at this level. Basing this on one loss/season? No. Basing it on a stable of 3 star recruits who will never be able to compete with the top SEC teams, period. Patient zero (look it up) in this mess is Reggie Bush. Cheater under Pete Carroll, Carroll leaves USC, Kiffin leaves here, Hamilton has no time to replace him and gets Dooley. A nationally known sportswriter called Sports Talk last year and said, "I know you all hope Derek Dooley is the answer, but he isn't". The only good news in this mess, is now Dave Hart has plenty of time to zero in on potential replacements who can turn it around. It will be painful, but long term we will be back! GBO!

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