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A month ago I might have come on and said something snarky about the uni's, but we are too close to real football to bother with that stuff. It's time for the season to start already! Let's kick it off!

Good luck in 2013 Vols! When we play, may the best team win!

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Could use him at Florida, but we probably don't throw the ball enough for him either.

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9 straight to Florida will be the worst.

So how will they feel when it's 14 straight to Florida?

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Your passing game is going to be your undoing this year. Teams will overload the box and choke your offense. Your defense has a long way to go to be anywhere close to decent. People who think this is a bowl team really don't understand football.

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Remember when Nu'Keese Richardson did the same thing a few years ago? Of course, the difference there was he was proudly displaying a wad of wrinkled one and five dollar bills...not C notes.

Well, when you steal an Urban Meyer guy, you Urban Meyer guy. It all makes sense, in hindsight.

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It's hard for me to not think about arguably the worst season long defensive debacle in Volunteer football history. Hats off to you if you've figured out a way.

By season's end I was watching the defense with averted vision.

The defense has nowhere to go but up, but the offense, having lost every experienced pass catcher from what was far and away the strength of the team, has nowhere to go but down.

Still, keep recruiting good players, and the future will be better.

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Somebody please tell me that I don't have to watch Justin Coleman get burned all season long again. Ugh.

You don't have to. You can always close your eyes.

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Really John?

So how come Kentucky, which is in EXACTLY the same situation as UT right now (sans tradition) is NUMBER FOUR in recruiting? Could it be that the pitch of "you can start as a freshman in the SEC" is ACTUALLY what is attracting them? Hmmm?

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Personally, I'm tired of teams like Louisville being called a national title contender on the basis of them not playing a single team in the preseason top 25. Time to step up and split off from the have-nots and hangers-on.

However, a 5 conference setup won't work. 4 conferences works much better.

With 4 conferences, you get 16 teams per conference, or 8 divisions of 8 teams each. You play a 9 game conference schedule, the 7 from your division and 2 rotating from the other division. Then, the playoffs are the four conferences playing a conference championship game the first week, then the 4 conference champions playing the second week, and the title game the next week. Simple. No more polls. Win your division, go to the playoffs. Schedule any OOC game you want, it doesn't matter.

(Frankly, I'd rather have 40 teams. Then you have four conferences of 10 teams each, and can play a 9 game conference schedule and play everyone every year.)

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Of course the QB battle is "wide open". If you pick one in Spring, the other will likely transfer, particularly if you are favoring the younger guy. You don't want to be without an experienced backup.

This is no slight on the UT coaches. It's simply how everybody does it. With good reason.

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Morrison's charges were dropped (Really? Arrested for barking at a dog? The officer needs more training, at the least.).

However, the two game suspension stands, which means he misses the Miami game, so this is a significant punishment.

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21 commits, and 2 are OL and 3 DL? Didn't anybody tell Butch the SEC is a big boy league?

You guys can be giddy about this class if you like, but unless you are signing 30+, and all the rest of the class is beef, it's just not going to get you anywhere.

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You're correct.

Actually, the lizards very well may be looking at a 5 loss season. ( Miami, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, and FSU.

Alabama? Probably home free after Va Tech and then at A & M. More than likely, the Texas A & M game is a sure loss. After those 2, the LSU game is probably the last chance at losing a game.

But you're right about the troll laden Lizards.
They definitely have the most arrogant ( deservedly so ) evidenced by the idiots who live on this site instead of their own.

If you think Miami is beating UF, well, ROFL. You know Notre Dame destroyed the Canes 41-3 last year, right? You know Alabama toyed with Notre Dame, right? You know Notre Dame would have been lucky to finish in the top 5 in the SEC last year, right? Miami will be lucky to cross midfield against the UF defense.

Georgia lost their entire defense to the NFL. Multiple first rounders. UF is going to put Murray on his back all game long. Don't expect the mangy ones to beat UF.

FSU? We crunched them last year at their house. They lost a TON to the NFL and are breaking in a new QB. They aren't winning in Gainesville.

LSU and South Carolina are valid concerns. Still, we win one of those, we are going to the SECCG to play for the right to go to the BCSCG and win the national title. AGAIN.

Tennessee has a better chance of losing 10 games than UF has of losing 5. A MUCH better chance.

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When Tennessee was winning, the sportswhores common lament was how the conference was "down" and how it was "bad" for the conference. (Strange that we never heard this when Florida was winning in the 1990s.) In this manner, they continually placed an asterisk beside Tennessee successes.

When Alabama is winning though, that same crowd will tell us how the whole conference is "strong" and how "goood" it is for the conference. In this manner, Tennessee's misfortunes receive giddy exclamation points from the press.

I look forward to UT getting back on top of this and making the press moan about how weak the conference is.

When Tennessee was winning, the SEC wasn't dominating the BCS title game every year like they are now. Makes a difference.

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"interesting" article. but, the question now becomes; has anyone dogged on auburn for not "pulling it's weight" here recently for not winning? or has anyone dogged alabama for not pulling it's weight all those years before saban?? why dog tennessee for "not pulling it's weight" now??? might be a pretty good article, an informative article, but not a fair one to dog anyone, anytime.

and the reason why you don't hear any whining from tennessee is because, well, our fanbase is not whiners. it's that simple.

there's a reasonable solution to all of the scheduling delima. if you keep an 8 game SEC schedule, it's easy: play 6 games against everyone else in your division, 1 game against a rival from the opposite division, and 1 game that floats from a team in the opposite division depending on the previous year's final SEC standings. and if you go to a 9 team SEC schedule, then go with the same 6 divisional games, the same 1 rivalry game, and 2 divisional stangings games. easy.

and another thing: texas a&m should play missouri for it's "rivalry" game. they're the 2 newest newcomers.

rivalry games are (or should be):

tennessee vs alabama
florida vs lsu
georgia vs auburn
vanderbilt vs ole miss
kentucky vs mississippi st
missouri vs texas a&m
south carolina vs arkansas

go vols.


An even easier way to make picking a division champion "fair" is to only count the games against your own division. Yes, I know, that makes for other problems. Still, it's a thought.

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That's what the GATURDS said in 1998, 2001 and 2003; MORON!

Any more GATURD players barking at dogs? The MusCHUMP Cup will be won by the CHUMP and the GATURDS! Can you guys not keep your players out of trouble??

If I were you, I wouldn't be so overconfident because your days are numbered! It may not be this year, but the GATURDS will be losing to the Vols VERY SOON!

Florida doesn't hold a 4 game lead in the series by accident. If the 1990's heyday of UT football was only able to beat Florida 3 times out of 10, what makes you so confident that a team that has barely made bowl games the past several years is suddenly going to jump up and start beating one of the truly elite teams in the country?

Don't let one half-done recruiting class get your hopes up too much. Using a metaphor of UT football trying to climb Mount Everest, you are still buying supplies and hiring Sherpas, so assuming reaching the top is a done deal would seem a tad premature.

Oh, and really? The language? Grow up.

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I don't agree with Vandy. They have a pulse. The other two went 0-16 in the SEC last year, I can see being favorites there.

UF and UGa games are undervalued. Look for heavy betting against UT and those lines to rise to about 16 points.

Oh, I saw where Western Kentucky was being estimated at 27 points. Remember that Bobby Petrino is coach there now. Assuming that game to be an easy win could be a tremendous mistake.

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That pretty much nails it.

Just the fact we are anywhere near a Top 5 recruiting class right now for 2014 before CBJ has won a game is crazy good. I truly hope and believe that the same thing that makes him a good recruiter, leader and motivator will make him a successful coach for us. Heck, he already has the top recruits from in-state, a terrific start on the legacy class, and each of his commits on twitter urging other high caliber recruits to come and help build a championship team at Tennessee.

Recruits that have already committed to other schools have still voiced how impressed they are at #VolNation Fanatics who still follow them by the hundreds. Current targets saying things like "Vol fans are so love...S/O to you all," and "Tennessee fans a trip bruh." One recruit picked up 200 Vol fan followers today; a few days ago, another picked up more than 400 in just 30 minutes. Also, the Berry twins are following all our current 2014 commits; gotta be a good sign for the #LegacyClass. There are rumors of two more commits about to announce soon. This is not your typical Tennessee spring. I think we usually have maybe 4 or 5 commits by summer.

Yeah, FU is sweating. I mean they've got meltdown-muschump, and we have bUTch.

Go Vols! Kick butt!! #RiseToTheTop's May.

I PROMISE nobody is sweating your recruiting, or anybody's recruiting at this point.

Anybody who thinks immediate playing time ISN'T a factor and ISN'T being used as a selling point really doesn't understand recruiting. Of course it's being used as a selling point. If Butch was golfing, would he leave his driver in the bag? Immediate playing time is a good club. Trust me, he's using it.

On another note, Florida has had 3 great recruiting classes the past 3 years, and this one is looking good as well (ask me about it again in August, when classes are actually shaping up). I seriously doubt your current 11(?) man recruiting class is causing any sleepless nights in Gainesville.

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Rip Bray if you want, but Gator fans were nervous playing UT the last two years because we knew Bray could go nuts at any time and throw a bunch of TD passes and beat us, like he almost did against Georgia last year. Not worried at all this year.

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Spring is the time for optimism, and I see it's running high in Knoxville. And that's a fine thing. You folks need something to bring you hope.

Just remember, though, a coach coming into a situation like this is just about always going to have a good to great 2nd recruiting class. Why? Because the depth chart is wide open. When you can show kids a depth chart that has them starting right away, or maybe backing up as a true freshman, and starting as a true sophomore, they are going to be very interested.

The trick is, when you have that class of starters in place, what do you use to recruit with in year 3? The real trick to recruiting is not bring in a 4/5 star, it's bringing in that 4/5 star when there is already a couple of those same type kids already at that position.

Not saying Jones can't be that kind of recruiter, just that the jury shouldn't come back with a verdict until probably the 4th class (or at least the third) is in the books.

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I guess if Muschump was our coach we would look forward to gurly sports also!!!

Yeah, Muschamp wins more games in one year than UT wins in two, I'm sure you would just HATE to win twice as many games a year. And based on how our respective programs look, that fact is going to be true once again. Will UT beat anyone other than Austin Peay, South Alabama and Kentucky? ROFL.

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"Kearney" says to ask him after the Florida game. I disagree. UT will be tested in Week 2 by Bobby Petrino's Hilltoppers and in Week 3 by Oregon.

We should know a lot about this team before they get to Gainesville.

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Well, your defense almost HAS to dominate in the Spring, unless you had a successful offense and lots of returning starters and coaches. With new players and a new offensive scheme, if your defense hadn't dominated the spring, it would have meant BAD TIMES this fall. As it is, you still don't know, and not knowing allows hope to survive.

But hope or no hope, you aren't beating Florida this year. Set your sights on a winning record and a bowl game while building your roster for future years. Baby steps.

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Will it be 9 or 10 in a row this year, I've lost count?


But that doesn't matter anymore. UT fans realize they aren't going to beat Florida, Oregon, USC or Bama, but if they can sneak one out against Georgia, beat Mizzou, Kentucky, Auburn and Vandy, and win their 3 winnable OOC games, they are a bowl game away from a 9-4 season, and if that happens, they have evidence they can give to recruits that they are "back". And that's what they are hoping for.

(Personally, I don't think they win more than 1 SEC game this year, but then, I'm not a Vol fan.)

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Nothing to say, but this post hand't been copied three straight times, I figured it was due to be reposted again.

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I'm pretty sure players can get academic scholarships that don't count against the 13 limit. I could be wrong of course.


A scholarship like Florida Bright Futures, which everybody gets if they meet certain requirements, yes they can. Scholarships where they are "chosen", no.

Nebraska got in trouble with the NCAA 20-30 years ago because every small town in Nebraska had "academic" scholarships for local kids. Only requirement was they had to be Nebraska football walk-ons. This was the reason Nebraska had a 120+ man roster for so many years when they could only give out 90 (later 85) scholarships.

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So now instead of having two Dline coaches and no ST coach, UF has one of each. Makes sense to me. I wondered why we hired another DLine coach when Durkin became DC. But now, since the incumbent DL coach resigned, and we hired a great ST coach who is also an excellent recruiter, it all looks like it was planned this way from the start.

Written on Vols' receiver issues limiting quarterbacks:

This is the time of the year for optimism, so I'm not going to burst anyone's bubble. Yet.

Written on Florida DL coach Bryant Young abruptly resigns:

We hired one of the best Dline coaches in the business (Lawing) away from South Carolina a couple of months ago. If Young was looking to leave, this may have been the reason he agreed to come to UF. Leaving right after Spring practice looks like something was in the works for a while.

You Vols can keep hoping and wishing, but you won't be beating UF this year, or next year, or frankly, not again for a long time.

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in response to suggest_removal_4_all_troll_posts:

", Will Muschamp, calling him into his office. “I had no clue what it was about because I’d never directly asked him for anything,” says McNeil. “He slid about $400 over to me. He went into a drawer and gave me money and said, ‘Is this enough? Is this good?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m good.’” Muschamp, now the head football coach at the University of Florida, denied the payment through a spokesperson."

But all the Florida Trolls that spend their hours on this site because they have no life say Muschump is the greatest coach ever!

You know, Muschamp was at Auburn in 2006 and 2007, and this McNeil guy was a true freshman in 2007, who played some on special teams. Even if Auburn's coaches were directly paying players, I find it unlikely that this scrub would have gotten cash in hand like that. And only one time? Guys who are getting paid expect it to happen REGULARLY.

No, as much as you Vols want something on Florida, you aren't going to get it.

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in response to VolGrad:

I'm expecting us to be much improved on defense. I don't think that will take a miracle.

You need to take a step forward on defense, if nothing else than to balance out the step back you are taking on offense.

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in response to UTvols33:

I'm worried about the schedule for this defense. They may go into Eugene brimming with confidence after two games against APSU & WKU, only to get blasted by Oregon, then have to turn around and play UF. Could be disasterous for this team. Hope no one is expecting a miracle.


Bobby Petrino is coaching Western Kentucky. I doubt you are going to have a whole lot of defensive confidence going into Eugene.

Oh, and you aren't beating Florida. Florida's defense is going to be ferocious this year. If you get even one touchdown, it will be a moral victory.

Written on Freshman Poythress staying with the Wildcats:

Cats are going to have 10 kids who think they should play 35 minutes a game and the offense should run through them.

Gonna be interesting.

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so far, 2014 class is #6 nationally. i'll take it! take that, trolls!!! ;)

go vols.


When you have up to 22 open starting positions for in a single recruiting class, you are going to get some interest.

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If there are no holes for the backs to run thru and there is no protection for the QB this year, there never will be. The trenches are where the rubber meets the road. Will be interesting to see how the SEC defenses try to play us. Can't wait till Sept. Go Vols and kick some butties.

You have a brand new QB and brand new WR's. Teams will crowd the line to stop the run and bring pressure on the QB until you prove you can make them pay for it.

Now you know, and don't have to wait until Sept to find out.

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in response to HooRay_Vol:

This would have been the year! A senior line with Bray, Hunter, Patterson and D. Rogers. Would have been the best offense in the SEC and with an improved defense possibly SEC champs.

But this senior line will not disappoint and we will be much improved! Having an improved coach will also make a difference.

With SIGNIFICANT defensive improvement and all those players back, there are conferences that UT oould have won this year. Not the SEC, though. You have to be the best team in the nation to win the SEC.

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in response to VolzsFan:

The NCAA Tournament TV deal is $775 million per year.

The BCS games TV deal is $125 million per year. Expected to grow to $250 million on the playoff.

The gate for the Final Four Championship game is about 75K.

The gate for the BCS championship game is about 72K.

The TV audience for the Final game for the Final Four is about 50 million.

The TV audience for the BCS football championship game is about 22 million.

However, the folks in the Southeast and just the Southeast, are the only region that is not sophisticated enough to know this.

Ok, that's a bunch of hooey.

NCAA tournament is 67 games and about 140 hours of TV for 5.3 million per hour. BCS is 5 games for about 20 hours or 6.25 million per hour.

Considering the basketball and football title games are held in different venues each year, saying one gets more attendance than the other is ridiculous. Both sell out, the issue is merely capacity.

Championship game ratings are about 18 million at their BEST. More watch the football title game. I looked it up.

Oh, and you also forgot one little thing. Football games bring in 4-5 million in gate proceeds per home game, and another 30 million per your in TV. Basketball brings in a tiny fraction of that. Kentucky is the only SEC team that brings in as much basketball revenue as football, and that's because their football STINKS.

Oh, and one last thing. Basketball tourney revenue is spread equally between the 300 or so Division 1 teams. Football is spread only among the 120 Div 1-A teams, and that, unequally.

You need to review your sources, I think.

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What is ridiculous is a team going 19-1 in its conference and not getting its automatic bid. For teams in small conferences the regular season is meaningless. Liberty is a perfect example. It doesn't matter if 75% of your reason was junk as long as you get hot a couple of weeks in march.

That doesn't bother me a bit. Conferences have the choice of the regular season winner or tourney winner getting the automatic bid, so it is what it is.

What I DON'T like is when a lower conference team has such a good year they would get an at large bid, then they lose in their tournament, turning a one bid league into a two bid league. You have to wonder if they threw the game in order to get a second conference team in.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

To all of those wanting a bigger tourney, why? Isn't the regular season useless enough already? Do you want to let every team with even a quarter pulse in? What would be the point of working hard and playing tough games during the season?

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in response to NYCApple:

Weren't you the guy commenting on the last article about Peterman...really excited talking about big sweaty guys, jailbreaks, getting pounded, stuffed, being hung, etc. again, I think you are projecting. Try to keep your personal life out of this...

I said Jones needs to avoid writing checks with his mouth that his backside can't cash. Where you came up with that plethora of gay innuendo is, well, probably out of your own little brain.

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in response to emailnodata:

UT was up 20-13 into the 3rd quarter until Dooleyism took over.

And no, not "about 30", probably less than 10, with USc and Mizzou really hinging on one play each game.

Nice try at trolling, not mush interested.

However, since you bring up the Gators...what's you excuse?? Your team was an embarrassment in the bowl game, form the Coach on down. Next season looks to be the year a Gator pulls a gun and shoots Muschamp during a game.

And once you got that lead, UF pushed you all over the stadium. You were lucky the game ended when it did, 15 more minutes and UF would have been up 40.

Sugar Bowl vs no bowl, and you want to talk smack? ROFL.

The players LOVE Muschamp. Don't kid yourself.

When UT is 2-10 next year, you still going to pretend you were "this close" to winning 8 or 9? I love how fans act like all their good plays were inevitable, but bad plays (opponents good plays) were "bad luck".

I suppose if by "10 plays" you mean "10 scoring plays", yeah, you would have won a bunch more games. Of course, looking at it that way, you were also "10 plays" away from 1-11.

Written on Tennessee beats Mississippi State, advances in SEC tournament:

Kudos to Mississippi State for continuing to fight throughout the season. Faced some serious adversity but never packed it in.

Written on In full-pads practice, Vols crank up intensity:

in response to GreerVol22:

Did someone pee in your O's Vegas? some validity in what he is must definately couldn't hurt anything.

Right. What could it hurt? Only the long haired 5-star recruit who comes for a visit and finds out he has to get a crew cut. Also, what motivation are you giving the guys who prefer short hair?

"We're going to take away your individuality, and return it once you have been forced to conform to our ways".

No, I can't see a downside at all to this plan.

Written on UT freshmen early enrollees trying to juggle new responsibilities in whirlwind practices:

in response to VolinCalif:

Yea 72. We had our chance last year. Dooley shhowe how wet behind the earsw he was when he tr ied to change too many things at one time. But this team isn't short on anything as I can see. Ssure we could use a better runner but these would make any traveling squad. We need to stay Optomistic so here we go again Vols 8-
Go Vols

OK 9-5 I count the O/W

Optimism is great but lets not lose our heads.

Zero pass rushers, slow secondary, weak linebackers, brand new passing game and an Oline that can't run block to save their lives doesn't add up to 8-4 in the SEC. Maybe 4-8, if you scheduled some weak OOC teams.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols are on run of 'momentum':

Coach should consider the size check his backside can cash before opening his yap like that.

UT's passing game was the only thing that kept them from a 2-10 season last year. It's ALL gone now. Everything else is going to have to get a LOT better just to make up for the passing game dropoff. UT could have a better running game and better defense and still only win 4 games.

I'm sorry, but your recruiting has been poor for years. Your squad is lacking in playmakers, and the SEC is going to be tough again. Another 1-7 SEC season is VERY possible, and while UT fans might have accepted that at one point, all this big talk is going to cause some upset boosters and fans if it gets hopes up for no reason. Plus, if he starts talking big next spring, people won't believe him because of his lack of credibility from being so wrong from the prior year.

I'm not calling him out on this necessarily. It's possible that UT has a squad nearly as good as what he had at Cincy and he doesn't realize how big a step up in competition he is facing. Look and see if he is dumbfounded after this squad he is talking about so highly takes a couple 30-40 point beatings next year. If he is totally at a loss, it means he didn't realize what real college football looks like.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols are on run of 'momentum':

in response to emailnodata:

For those trashing Dooley on last year..

Get ####-ing real.

Last year's team was one of the great offenses we've ever had, and was within a few plays of a 9-10 win season.

I cannot fault Dooley for being optimistic pre-season. They pushed around every team EXCEPT Bama, and that included a very good UGA team that was within a play of being NC's themselves. Yes, UT gave up by vandy....yet another season a team gave up on Dooley.

Yes, Dooley turned out to be an unlucky "woulda coulda shoulda" guy....but this constant belittling sniping is pretty stupid. WE'll be damned fortunate to see ANY entertainment value for the next 2-3 seasons from Jone's bunch, is my estimation.

By a few plays you mean, what, 30?

Oh, and Florida pushed UT around, not vice versa.

Written on Jordan McRae passed over for SEC Player of the Year:

in response to jt45:

Deep in the tourney? LOL! Not likely based on his road record. Thanks for the humor though, your always good for one chuckle.

Florida lost 3 of their final 5 regular season games during both their national championship years, and lost three straight before going to the elite 8 last year as a #7 seed.

Evidence suggests that once UF gets away from SEC refs, they start playing a lot better.

Written on Tennessee QB Nathan Peterman looking forward to 'open competition' for starting job:

in response to pingkr62:

Who ever wins the job should do well this season due to having a solid, experienced offensive line. That, along with depth and experience at running back will allow the quarterbacks time to learn the new system and gain confidence. I'm not too concerned about the receiving corps. With the receivers we have returning from last year, and the incoming freshmen, I'm confident some will rise to the top and become very productive. One thing that can work in our favor is the fact other coaches will have a difficult time preparing for our passing game, since they don't know what to expect. Just a thought. G.B.O.!!!


Um, your O-line could barely run block when you had a prolific passing attack. With a new QB and new WR's, DC's are going to crowd the line, stuff the run, and jailhouse blitz when you are in passing situations.

You aren't worried about your WR's? Your top 8 pass catchers all left. Your recruiting has been awful. You will have WR's who can't catch trying to get the ball from QB's who can't throw in an offense nobody on your team understands yet. If you score double digits in any SEC game other than Kentucky, I will be shocked.

You need to set proper expectations for this year. Things like "good effort", "improvement from game to game" and "hung tough for the first 20 minutes". If you expect actual wins, you are only going to be disappointed.

Written on Alabama plays like No. 1 to avoid softball sweep from Lady Vols:

in response to volboy81:

ABSOLUTELY!!! Wish we could have swept, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Way to go Lady Vols!! Now SWEEP FLORIDA this weekend!!!

Well, as I always say, if you are going to dream, dream big. And dreaming of taking even ONE game from Florida, that's dreaming REALLY BIG.

You seem awful proud of your pair of one-run wins at home against Bama, but Florida went TO Bama and beat them by FOUR.

Florida is going to roll through the SEC and take the National title as well. And since their entire team is sophomores and freshmen, I'm thinking we are starting a dynasty.

Written on John Adams: Vols should be California dreaming in football:

It's a long way to travel to play for a team you barely heard of growing up.

I'm sure you Vols will look at that as a shot, but really, how much do you hear about the University of Washington here in SEC country? I mean, other than they got crushed by LSU recently. You see any elite Southern kids heading that far from home to play for a 2nd tier PAC-12 team? Nope. Similarly, you aren't going to get any elite Cali kids out here to a team that all they know about it is that Oregon beats the crud out of them.

And before you say that it's different because UT won a title in 1998, I would remind you about the dominant Washington teams of the early 90's. I think Washington and Tennessee are a great comparison.

Be honest, wouldn't you think it very odd if elite Florida, Georgia, Louisiana boys started heading to Washington? Same for elite Cali boys heading to Tennessee.