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Written on Zach Glavash named men's sprints coach at Tennessee:

Another unqualified yes man for a sprints coach. Didn't JJ just fire one of those?

Written on Vaulters lead UT contingent to NCAA track meet:

They need to clean house, fire everyone and go after Vince Anderson with everything they have.

Written on Underclassmen perform well for UT track team at SEC Indoors:

Pole Vaulters- Awesome ( a freshman at 18-2!? are you kidding me!?)

Throwers- As a whole, very, very good.

The rest of the team? Junior Varsity caliber athletes, and thats on a good day.

It's safe to say now that this JJ experiment has failed, and has failed miserably. It's funny to see JJ try to spin this embarrassing performance as young athletes performing well. He's been saying the same "wait till next year" line since he took over the job. Guess what JJ? The team is terrible and it's a direct reflection on your failures as a coach.

Written on Cross country teams face full season on road:

the downward spiral continues

Written on UT athletic department salaries by sport :

in response to FormerTrackVol:

Wow. JJ Clark made $80,000 for every point the men scored at the NCAA championships (indoor and outdoor combined). Way to go, Coach! The real question is how much more is he making by charging and coaching all his pro girls (you know, the girls he flies out to CA to watch run in the middle of the NCAA season) on the side?

The whole Track staff is waaayyy overpaid, not just JJ

Written on UT announces signing class for track and field :

well, looks like we're in for another couple years of mediocrity

Written on Five-time SEC pole vault winner Joe Berry dismissed by UT:

Kicking your best athlete off a struggling team - seems like a smart move

Written on J.J. Clark: 'It was a tough day' for UT at NCAAs :

No points for the men and 48th place for the women? JJ must be proud of all he has accomplished.

Time for Hart to fix this embarrassment by cleaning house.

Written on Distance medley relay propels Lady Vols to 4th at SEC meet:

wow, 7th place is embarrassing

Written on Vols, Lady Vols should enjoy competing indoors:

lol, this guy is delusional. His team is terrible and it's 100% his fault. Not having an indoor facility has nothing to do with it.

Written on J.J. Clark fills two track vacancies with Rohsaan Griffin, Mary Jayne Reeves:

They got rid of Elliot and Watts for these two? I keep hoping this is a joke but the punchline never comes.

Written on J.J. Clark's new duty 'works out well' :

in response to UTKin1992:

Too bad his new duty isn't "looking for another job". What a moron.

Nice one, that made me laugh.

Written on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: UT track and field alumni displeased with firings:

in response to richvol:

If any of this is even remotely true then there is NO excuse for JJ's attitude towards the men's track program and he should be removed immediately as coach of same. This type of effort by ANY coach towards their team is BS.

Sadly it is all true. After practice one day I was walking home and passed JJ on the sidewalk. I said hello and he just ignored me. I was confused until I later found out that he didn't recognize me even though I had been competing for the track team for four years. Still not sure if he knows my name.

Say what you want about Watts and Elliot, but they knew every single athlete on the team and would always come cheer us on at practice. Whether we were one of "their" athletes or not.

Written on Mike Strange: No avoiding disconnect in track :

in response to VolunteerLifer:

This is ridiculous. There should be separate men's and women's track head coaches. One head coach for the two programs is a silly pipe dream.

The sad part is its not a pipe dream. Many successful programs are combined. Just look at teams like Oregon and Texas A&M. The problem is just that at UT the program is run by Clark, who is completely clueless. If a halfway competent coach was in charge it would probably work out fine.

Written on J.J. Clark's new duty 'works out well' :

in response to 616cm:

Wow, those numbers are downright average. Might he improve? Perhaps, but hardly a recruit about whom to start bragging. I know 200+ pound decathletes that can run faster times on a regular basis.

Exactly. I'm not trying to bash Tyler, I'm sure he's a hardworking kid, but if we're recruiting kids with those type of numbers than we're in trouble. And if we're bragging about getting them, then by God I think the sky might be falling.

Written on J.J. Clark's new duty 'works out well' :

in response to TheREALFightSong:

"Clark pointed out that Tyler Anderson of Antioch, the Gatorade state track athlete of the year, is an incoming signee. Anderson won the state triple jump and was fourth in the 100 and 200 sprints.

Is this supposed to make us feel better about losing Locke? Why not try harder to keep an outstanding All-SEC sprinter that's already on campus?

Tyler's marks in that meet:
Triple Jump- 46ft, 100m-10.93, 200m-22.09

Lockes High School PR's:
100m-10.31, 200m-20.58

Not exactly a fair trade

Written on Mike Strange: No avoiding disconnect in track :

"And I can only imagine I would get support from our alumni in achieving these efforts."

What is JJ smoking? The alumni will never support him.

Written on Former quarterback Jim Bemiller helped develop pole-vault champions:

take a good look JJ this is what a REAL coach looks like

Written on Tennessee won't retain George Watts, Norbert Elliott for track program :

A few of my favorite JJ experiences:

At his first team meeting last year he talked for an hour and a half about how the freshman girls weren't doing their homework and how they would show up to his office complaining about various girl problems. Needless to say I never wasted my time showing up to another "team" meeting.

During our week long stay in Oregon last year for NCAA's he tried yelling at me for going across the street to Subway without his permission. I looked him dead in the eye and told him I'm a grown a** man and can cross a street without his help.

Then there was the weight room that the throwers put together at the track. It was perfect because we could always get a quick lift in after our runs. One weekend we got back from a meet and it was gone. Turns out JJ told the KTC they could turn the space into storage without telling anyone.

Written on Tennessee won't retain George Watts, Norbert Elliott for track program :

in response to FormerTrackVol:

Turns out my source was incorrect on the second point 3 and this encounter did not actually happen. Sorry for the misinformation

Regardless of whether Watts calling out JJ actually happened, I think the real issue here are your first three points. I was there at the 2007 SEC championships and thought it was so strange that the Lady Vols basically sprinted from the track after it was clear that the men had won. Now that I know JJ better it makes sense.

As for your second point, even after he was made director of track and field he never communicated with or helped any male athletes. In fact the man was like a ghost, sometimes I would go weeks without ever seeing him. And never mind respect or trust, pretty much every guy on the team actively hated/mocked him. I can only imagine what it's going to be like now that he's fired the two most popular coaches.

Your third point is also true, making someone who never coached a guy before head mens coach was a classic Hamilton move. JJ was basically made mens coach because Hammy didn't feel like spending time on a coaching search for a non-money sport like track. Chris Fuller isn't innocent in all this either. A week before JJ was hired he told the men at a team meeting that they weren't going to combine programs. There was no way he said. A week later look what happened, essentially the end of championship mens teams.

And as for GODDESS, the mens track team is historically one of the highest performing teams in the classroom. This has nothing to do with JJ. If anyone is going to get credit for the men's grades it should be the Thorton Center, the people over there are awesome and don't get enough recognition for what they do.

Written on Tennessee won't retain George Watts, Norbert Elliott for track program :

in response to FormerTrackVol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

As a recent UT Track and Field alum and All-American I could not agree more. During my one year under JJ he never once even bothered to show up for any mens practice. He never gave any words of encouragement to the men at meets, in fact he would never even watch us compete. And he's supposed to be the mens head coach? Are you kidding me? Coach Watts and Elliott are the types of coaches that most programs wish they had, great technical coaches who also command the respect of all athletes on the team. The worst decision this team has ever made was giving JJ the head coaching job.

Written on UT track additions include transfers :

As usual John Frazier is loading the throw with serious athletes. Now if only the rest of the coaches could keep pace.

Written on Third time's a charm for UT's Annie Alexander :

Congrats to Annie! She's been working hard all year and she deserves the win. If she has a throw like that at nationals she could come home the champ.

Written on Six Vols get titles in last day at SEC meet :

No one should be surprised the men are doing so bad, Clark is a terrible coach and an even worse recruiter. This downward spiral will probably continue till he is fired and a real coach is hired.

Written on J.J. Clark: 'It takes time' to rebuild :

JJ has driven the program into the ground. He's in way over his head coaching the men and is completely clueless about any other event besides the 800m. The best coach on staff is John Frazier, but JJ won't give him any scholarships to recruit so he can't get any talent.

Bring back Bill Webb.

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