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Written on What do you think about the Vols' gray uniform?:

Why would the fan base be divided? Because people don't realize that these ARE part of UT's colors?

Because they don't realize that in the early 1900's the uniforms were Grey?

Be inclusive people! Get behind your program!

Now..if he had chosen a non school color, then we would have an issue!

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:

Good to see the University using all three of the schools colors. I guess a lot of people didn't know...oh well.

I do like the tradition of returning for a game every now and then to the early 1900's uniform color.

I guess some people are just not that much into true Vol history.

Written on Chiefs envision Eric Berry as pass rushing and defending threat:

I hope Eric has a great season. I hope even more that he will get his brothers seeing Orange.

Written on ESPN: NCAA investigating Manziel over autographs:

Say it ain't so, Johnny!

Would hate to lose a talent like his from the SEC

Written on LSU RB Hill reinstated to team:

I think it was the right decision by the judge...young people sometimes just need a push in the right direction (or two!). As far as playing football? Not on my team if I were a coach.

Written on 'Bama No. 1 in preseason coaches' poll; Ohio St 2:

Year 1 goal: Top 25. Very much a stretch goal with the schedule, but I think this version of our Vols has some fight in 'em!!

Written on RB Jabo Lee confirms he won't be coming to UT, but says other schools still in mix:

Good Luck Jabo. I hope that your dreams are fulfilled.

Written on Poll: Will Jadeveon Clowney win the Heisman Trophy this season?:

Tiny will keep him from winning the Heisman

Written on Butch Jones wants a preseason practice open to public:

Whatever you want to say about Johnny Majors, two things are true:

1.) He is a football man through and through
2.) He is 100% All VOL!

Johnny took a team that was nearly in as bad a shape as the one Jones took over, took us to the SEC Championship and paved the way for Fulmer's run to the National Championship.

Did I agree with everything he did as Head Coach? No. cannot argue the facts that he brought UT Football back to the map when it was down.

Let's all hope that Butch can make the same transition happen.

Johnny is a Tennessee legend as a player and was a much better than average Head Coach by any definition.

Written on Tennessee football takes another hit in NCAA academic rate, could face serious penalties without improvement:

Is this further evidence of what we have been hearing about the academics at UT now being among the more difficult of the non-Vandy schools?

If so, the players should be thankful. There is no better opportunity than a quality education.

Student-Athletes: Go to hard. You have an opportunity of a lifetime. Football can be over in one hit, but an education lasts a lifetime.

Written on Pat Summitt's 1-year contract dips from $354,375 to $85,000 :

I wonder how much it would be worth if The General was still around and could attend UT football practice regularly? Having Coach Summitt at Women's basketball practices seems cheap to me at $85K/yr. Having her interact with the players on a personal level is priceless. Thanks Pat!

Written on SEC dilemma: Cross-divisional matchups create potential imbalances:

I would sooner give up my job than Tennessee Alabama every year.

Question to those who know these things: What would stop Tennessee and Alabama from signing an agreement to play a non-conference game every year they were not scheduled for a conference game?

It would lessen the game some for sure, but at least we would still have a chance every year to pull the tail on that bloated Pachyderm.

Hopefully they won't mess with the traditions that made the game great to start with.

Written on Which unit will be stronger on UT's football team next season?:

I think that the Defense will be much improved this year from last. One big exception is that you can't teach speed. Until we solve that issue we will continue to have defensive problems.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' coaches worked their way up:

in response to thevoice:

Not sure what to expect with wins and losses in 2013, but this staff is very impressive with what they've done so far. "Best coaching staff in the country?" Right now I wouldn't trade them for any other staff.

7-5 Losses to OR, FL, GA, AL, SC.
Wins the ones we should for a change.

2014, on the other hand.... :)

Written on Alabama hires Bill Battle as athletic director:

I wonder if Bama fans will park a moving van outside his house when the time comes.

I would, however, take Battle's teams, versus what we have seen the last few years, in a heart beat.

Congrats CBB, can't say I wish you success however.

Written on John Adams: 'Bracketology' not an exact science:

I think the NCAA screwed up here, but it is what it is.

Time to concentrate on the NIT and another chance at Bama in that championship game would be nice right after we beat the kittens to get there.

Written on Lady Vols have new location to view selection show:

I bet that Pat is sad not to have them at her house, even though it really shouldn't be. It will probably be nice to have someone else cook for a change!

Wonder why Holly doesn't have it at her house though?

Written on Cuonzo Martin continues to lobby NCAA berth for Vols prior to SEC tournament :

Great words by Coach Zo, but he can put all speculation aside by winning the SEC tourney.

Go Big Orange!

Written on Evan's Eleven: 5-star RB Jalen Hurd's commitment to Tennessee is biggest catch of Butch Jones' tenure:

It's nice to know, for a change, that the light at the end of the tunnell may be a bright new day instead of an oncoming train.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Does UT control its NCAA destiny?:

in response to 8inarow:

Ok, any new break-ins today? Arrests?

I don't know.

Might want to check here though...

Written on Saban: 4 arrested Alabama players dismissed from team:

Well this frees up 4 of the 10 scholarships they are over the limit. What's next? Grayshirts? Transfers? More "discipline"?

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Hope it works out well for you Jay. Probably a hard decision to make. Glad that we had you while we did.

Written on David Climer: Alabama's recruiting math doesn't add up:

Saban taking advantage of recruiting rules? Shock. Suprise. (rolling my eyes).

Written on Tearful Helton sorry for DUI, ready to move forward:

Sad to see Todd in this situation. While he certainly made an huge mistake, I believe the media makes to much of these things. Hopefully he can serve as an example to other players and to fans on not drinking and driving.

Written on Cody Clay chooses Division II school over Tennessee:

Cody obviously thinks Jesus is more important than football. I will not argue with him on that point.

Best of sucess in life and football Mr. Clay.

Written on By the numbers: The Tennessee that Butch Jones inherited:

Wow. We need some D-linemen pretty quick.

Written on Doug Dickey's task in 1964 similar to Butch Jones' in 2013 :

Hopefully one day people will remember Neyland, Dickey, Majors, Fulmer AND Jones as some of the greatest of UT coaches.

Written on 9-win season, top 15 recruiting class building Vanderbilt's optimism for 2013:

Vandy is still Vandy and blind squirrels occasionally find nuts.

Written on Daniel McCullers returning for senior season with Vols:

McCullers and Sentimore in the middle of the line should be fun to watch. Here is looking forward to their continued development!

Thanks Daniel for being a true Vol!

Written on John Adams: SEC offenses should make more gains next season :

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Alabama also leads the country with the most toothless trailerbillies..

How do you know that the toothbrush was invented in Alabama?

It would be called a Teethbrush if it was invented anywhere else!

Written on For now, Steve Stripling thinking defense for Cincinnati :

Hard game for me. Want Cincy to win for Coach Jones, but want Duke to win for Coach Cut.

Is this the Ghost of Vols past versus the Ghost of Vols Future?

Written on No surprise here: John Fox says Peyton Manning is his MVP:

Peyton is, in my opinion, by far the most valuable player. Does anyone think Denver would be anywhere near where they are without him? What would Denver have looked like this year with Tebow as QB?

In fact, I believe he may be the most valuable player to have EVER played in the NFL.

ESPN should be ashamed for what they tried to do to him in college.

Written on SEC has some work to do before March arrives :

in response to wazzya69vol:

I wish CBJ would issue an accurate statement on status of Maymon, at this POINT in time. I saw his father's statement on here few days ago, "needing to get into shape, etc.". I just don't understand the hush-hush about his possible return. Many of my friends, including myself, have gone to "best of luck, get well soon", to "what the hell, wussy". And this frustration comes out cause we knw nothing!! I think we as fans need to know what to expect with his future role on team--we are the paying fans to cheer for our Vols, and should have a quesstimate for his return. Forget HIPPA laws, he can sign off and provide some input. Hope to see you soon on the floor ; love watching you play. Good luck Maymon, Wazzy

I thought the word was that he developed a significant infection in his knee after the second surgery and that it may have caused additional damage.

Written on John Adams: Assistant coaches best judged on results, not resumes :

John, are you positioning yourself to call for the coaches head after one season?

Maybe we could give him at least three like Dooley got?

Maybe more if we see progress?

Does it sell more papers to start the contoversy early?

Maybe you are setting things up to talk about their success if they can pull off a good year?

Journalism is really hard, isn't it?


Written on Vols OT James plans to return for senior season:

in response to sbigdaddy:

wow! Great news! The best O0line in the country last year and again next year. Tyler if you can hear me..... We would like you for another year too. Good JJ stayed, he's been a quality student /athlete by all accounts
He even pledge his loyality when Kiffin Bolted for USC.... Says a lot about the young man IMO!

Vol for Life!

Written on Vols OT James plans to return for senior season:

Let's hope Derrick Green realizes that he could start as a freshman and run behind one of the best o-lines in the nation.

Written on Darin Hinshaw will be QB coach at Cincinnati :

in response to mountainbrook:

According to this article only Dooley and Chaney have guaranteed buyouts:

From the article you rferenced:
"The biggest expense would be Sunseri, who would be due another $1.84 million through February 2015 if he were dismissed in December. Tennessee could be on the hook for much of that contract if Sunseri is unable to find another position as lucrative."

I imagine that Sal will not get anywhere near this kind of money, but here's hoping! VERY glad to see you get a job Sal! (very glad that it is somewhere else!!)

Written on Darin Hinshaw will be QB coach at Cincinnati :

Sunseri being hired by Florida State would be a great financial benefit to UT. Here is hoping his salary negotiations went VERY well for him!!

Written on Butch Jones introduced as new head coach:

I have a good feeling about this. Like many, I would not have picked Jones. Also, like many, I don't think Hart ran the best of searches.

However, there was a positive feeling I got from the press conference. I think this guy is not only a worker, but will work with passion.

Here is hoping that the Vols just hired their next Hall of Fame Coach.

Written on Some UT football season tickets available for $300, no donation:

Wow...this does not bode well.

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

A $3 million buyout? That sounds like a deal right up UT's alley!

Written on Jay Greeson: Is Gruden the right solution for the Vols?:

Isn't it amazing that just a month ago the second season was starting and the conventional wisdom was Dooley would get another year if he won out?

Most of the rumour mill still points to Gruden, I think. Regardless of who UT hires, it should be a big step up from what we had.

Written on Gruden: No offer to coach Vols with Browns' stake:

"He posted a combined 100-85 record and won five division titles in 11 years as an NFL head coach with the Oakland Raiders (1998-2001) and Tampa Bay (2002-08)."

5 division titles in 11 years. Pretty darn good in the NFL (not to mention a SUPER BOWL win)

Written on Gruden, Haslam, Browns shoot down Memphis report over UT deal:

in response to BeRealistic:

I think JC is the only who could rebuild this program in 3 years.

I am sure he wouldn't take 3 years. :)

Written on Gruden, Haslam, Browns shoot down Memphis report over UT deal:

in response to RememberWhen:

For all those yapping about guys that "want to come here" understand this...there are only TWO reasons for guys to "want to come here" - MONEY or a SECOND CHANCE! So many TN fans want to make themselves believe that TN is somehow one of the top jobs in the country - newsflash: it isn't. The athletic department is in financial shambles, the NCAA is still looking over the shoulder, the incoming recruiting class is all but a waste, two in-state rivals are killing TN for what little in-state talent there is, two SEC schools within 4 hours of Knoxville are playing for a national title, another 4 hours away (SC) has locked up that state's borders which were once fertile for TN, the current roster is nearly devoid of SEC level talent, there is about to be a war between the academic and athletic factions over money, the future of the current chancellor is suspect at best and the AD has managed to pi$$ a whole lot of people off internally. So, all of that means that TN will be getting a new coach who's primary motivation is either to solidify his finances for life (big name guy) or to try to re-establish his career because he has baggage (fired previously for not winning or morals). In either case for TN fans to delude themselves into thinking that there is some long line of guys out there just drooling to become VFL's because orange is their favorite color, their wife is an alum, they pay homage to Johnny Majors, or they just hate Alabama that much is both comical and pathetic.

Unfortunately, most of what you say is not factual. Tennessee is definately a top 20 job. It should be better because of the history, commitment to atheletics by the University, and facility investments but the recent span of NCAA involvement and losing have lowered it some. Still, by any measure, it is a "top job". Secondly, The athletic department is financially strained due to debt service on building some pretty amazing facilities. Not only have they invested heavily in football related facilities, they have made major investments in facilities for non football (and non revenue producing) sports. A strong commitment by the athletic department across the board. Finally, on the financial issue, Tennessee has some very wealthy supporters...the department will not fail.

As far as Jimmy Cheek, the Chancellor is concerned, he continues to get impressive reviews by his peers as well as the Board of Trustees. His primary job is to guide the University Academically. He is doing a fine job there. UT's incoming freshman class has an average ACT score of near 30. (That's real good for those that don't know). Cheek's leadership is attracting the brightest minds in the State. This is the University's first mission, not athletics. However, the Chancellor has clearly recognized the importants of athletics to the University on numerous occasions. Most recently putting the money where his mouth is.

WRT the NCAA sanctions, what real damage have they done? Not to mention they were from 2 coaching staffs ago. This is easily overcome in recruiting...particularly with a big name hire.

Finally, to adress Dave Hart. What evidence do you have that he has "pi$$ed off" anyone in the University's administration? Do you have a link to any solid information on this? I keep up pretty well and I haven't seen it. It is true that the jury is still out on Hart as an AD, but we will soon have an idea of his abilities...both financially and in attracting a coach.

Sadly, it appears that you are the one that is deluded...eithier by hatred or bitterness. You have my pity and my prayers for a more positive outlook in life. As far as posting, try to stick to facts next time instead of emotional posts not based in reality.

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in response to Jenna1009:

Petrino should be taken off of everyones list. If Tn was to Hire him then the program is probably doomed. Petrino left the falcons in mid season then his personal life got in the way of His arkansas team more so with his family life. Nothing has happen to make me believe he would be a long term coach anywhere. It is puzzling why any school or pro team would even have his name on a list of protential hires

Not that I want him as a coach at Tennessee, but the obvious answer to your puzzle is that he wins football games. That seems to be an important component to the HC job...just ask Derek.

Written on Gruden, Haslam, Browns shoot down Memphis report over UT deal:

It is very interesting in what Gruden did not deny, but it still tells us little. I am encouraged though that he did not deny the coaching job.

The best rumor that I hear being circulated is that both Fulmer and Majors are behind the hire. If Gruden could seal that rift, then he would be worth it regardless of anything else.

Written on UT coaching roundup: Kentucky's hiring of Mark Stoops could be relevant :

Reading through the comments, I am nearly overcome by those comparing NFL winning percentages to college winning percentages. Do these posters really know so little about football or are they just trying to troll for a rise out of people?

Fact is...Gruden IS a winner (and has the ring to prove it...I don't care who's team he was coaching...he WAS the coach and he did WIN the ring). That is the only fact in all the smoke being blown.

Written on Tennessee's opening one of a dozen:

Sure is a lot of speculation with little info coming out of the AD office. Maybe Adams needs to take a secretary or two to lunch. :)

Written on David Climer: UT racking up more buyouts than wins:

Fulmer did great things for this University. It doesn't matter what side of the argument you come down on on if he should have been fired. The man brought a National Championship...I don't begrudge him his buyout. I look at it more as a parting gift for some really great years.

Dooley's buyout on the other hand....