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If Dobbs is the 4th string qb, so be it, let the young man red-shirt and learn his trade. The kid is rail thin, play maker or not, he should not be using his athletic talents for anything except escapability. He walks, talks, and carries himself like a quarterback, has all the smarts of a quarterback, has the temperment of a quarterback, so he can run a little, so can Peterman, no one suggested Peterman solve our depth chart issues at the corner. Stop trying to trot #11 out there. Back in the day, people were quick to tell certain athletes to switch positions for the good of the team, and in some cases thats ok, but Dobbs is clearly a quarterback, who can run a little. He's not the next Carl Pickens, he's the 1st Joshua Dobbs. Don't be jerkin' with the young man!

Unlike most, I do not come on this site to argue. I said up front I am not an expert, and I simple gave my opinion on all quarterbacks based on my observations. I have only been to three practices, you may have been to more, how many practices have you been too?

You are correct in that Dobbs is the 4th best quarterback but NOT so be it. I believe in winning and to win a team needs play makers, and Dobbs is a play maker. I do not understand why anybody would be opposed to putting the best 11 players on the field, and I believe Dobbs fits into that category, only not at quarterback. As you stated “so he can run a little” no, you are mistaken, as Dobbs can run a lot; He is very elusive (my reference to Patterson) and has good speed. In my opinion, he has too much talent to be red shirted and sit on the bench. As you also stated, coaches do approach players about changing positions for the betterment of the team, and again I do not see an issue with that so long as the player agrees with said position change. Unfortunately, this is a business, and all coaches know their jobs depends on wins and to obtain wins the best 11 players need to be on the field.

Regardless, it is neither your decision or mine as to the future of Mr. Dobbs. Coach Jones is the sole person to make that decision, and I am certain Coach Jones has more insight and knowledge of Mr. Dobbs positives and negatives than you and I combined. At this point and time, I am confident that Coach Jones will name Mr. Worley the starter, and it then will be his job to lose. As for me, as I have stated previously, I would start Ferguson.

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Look for Pearl in Memphis for the 2014/2015 college basketball season. This will depend on how well the Tigers do this season. Boston College might make a run for the big time and come up with the 4.5 million it will take to get him. What's Tennessee's chances of welcoming Bruce Back. Coach Martin (I like this guy) would possibly take up the Purdue position and open the door. But all this would depend on what the Haslams and Holland think about the situation. I haven't talked to any of the high profile donors...I am just talking through my hat. Tomorrow, I will probably feel completely different after eating some prime rib at the Copper Cellar. If you haven't eaten at the CC for awhile, come on out...wear a UT shirt and the drinks are on me.

I too have heard that Memphis has whispered Bruce's name as head coach. As for Memphis, I agree with your statement about it will also depend on how well the current coach does. With that said, there is also an SEC university that wants Bruce, but I believe Slive will pull a “Patrino” on Bruce. I have a friend that is a loyal and good donor to an SEC university and from what he has told me “their inner circle” made the decision to pursue Bruce as soon as he was let go at UT.

As for me, I agree with an above poster, as I would have never fired Bruce. I would have taken whatever penalty the NCAA decided and kept the coach that turned around a very pitiful program with only a handful of fans, and took it to heights never before witnessed. I would rather have Bruce with six or seven players and no post season versus Martin with a full bench and post season--two years in a tournament filled with, at best, average teams only to be eliminated early, on our home court no less.

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Mr_Vol, with all due respect, your comments are quite outdated for the times.

" I would switch Dobbs to receiver (or maybe defensive back/safety) as he needs to be on the field (just not a quarterback) because he is that good, actually I believe he could be another Cordell Patterson."

Dobbs did not decommit from Arizona State, to come play cornerback at UT. The old "he's fast, so lets make him play WR" is an ancient thought process. The Randall Cunninghams, McNabbs and Kordell Stewarts of the world, changed the game so guys like Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, RG3, and Mike Vick could play quarterback, and not have to switch positions or go out like Warren Moon and Condredge and have to go play North of the border. Dobbs is a quarterback, lets try and keep it that way. We can't have the next Tony Robinson, back there in the nickel package trying to match up with the Y Tight-End down the middle of the field. Just based on my thoughts on your observation.

My thoughts maybe outdated, but they are accurate based on my observations. I have not been at every practice (only three) nor have I set in on playbook study, but during those three practices that I was at, Dobbs was simply the 4th best quarterback. In reality, I am confident that Mr. Worley will be named the starter simply because he has in game experience that none of the others have, and he seems to manage the game relatively mistake free and that is what Coach Jones has been preaching (mistake free). Remember, as I said in my post, I am not an expert or professional, I simply ranked the players based on my observations.

Pertaining to Dobbs, and my comment about moving him to another position, he is entirely too good of a player (and play maker) to be standing on the sideline. I believe in the philosophy of putting the best play makers on the field, and Dobbs is surely one of the best, just not a quarterback. In the distant future things may change, but in the short term, in my opinion, he will not be the quarterback (barring injuries).

As I said earlier, I would start Ferguson as I believe he brings the most to the table, except for experience.

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First, I am not an expert or professional at picking a starting quarterback. Second, I do not know the plays called or know who is smarter on paper (terminology). Third, I have seen three practices and after seeing those 3 practices, I would personally rate the quarterbacks as follows:

1) Ferguson: Very good ball velocity, very accurate, some mobility, good mechanics, and decent game manager

2) Worley: Fair ball velocity, accurate, no much mobility, decent mechanics, good game manager and has live experience

3) Peterman: Decent ball velocity, accurate, mobility, decent mechanics, and fair game manager

4) Dobbs: Decent ball velocity, fairly accurate, very good mobility, fair mechanics, and fair game manger

I would start Ferguson with Worley as the backup. I would switch Dobbs to receiver (or maybe defensive back/safety) as he needs to be on the field (just not a quarterback) because he is that good, actually I believe he could be another Cordell Patterson. Peterman is odd-man out. At the end of the season I would look for both Worley and Peterman to transfer so I would recruit a quarter to redshirt and keep Dobbs familiar with the quarterback position (as Plan B).

Just my thoughts based on my observation.

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It seems each time I read an article about Fulmer the more respect I lose for the man. If someone would have told me back in January 1999, after winning the National Championship, that Fulmer would be saying the things he has I would have not believe it. For a man to have as much respect and devotion to an institution being the University of Tennessee, each time he gets media attention he dismantles all the credibility and achievements he has built at said institution.

I agree with most in that his dismissal could have been handled much better, but whether you like him or not, he is no longer the coach. I know there are still several Vol fans that miss Fulmer and enjoyed his coaching but time has come to let him go and support the current coach and staff. Fulmer was blessed in that he got to coach at his Alma Mater for many years with good success. Unfortunately, it was the only coaching job he could get. I guess I over estimated the amount of respect he has for himself as it is pitiful to see him throw his name out for potential coaching positions only to not have his phone ring. And if that was not bad enough, it is much more disheartening to see him transfer blame to others when he was the head coach.

As for all you fans that believe the football program is in worse shape today than when Fulmer was coach, you are wrong. Comparing wins/loses, remember in Fulmer's last season, he was 5 – 7. Kiffin topped that with a 6 – 6 and Dooley equaled with a 5 – 7.

Mr. Fulmer, everyone has seen what hate and anger can do to a person (Johnny Majors), I suggest you look at your actions and accept responsibility when due. Once you do that your phone may just happen to ring because wins and loses, as you well know, are not the only criteria for a head coach.

The only positive I can see is the somewhat supportive words towards Coach Jones.

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I am certain with Moshak's educational background, she knew exactly what would happen once she filed suit against her employer especially if she chose to remain as an employee. Unfortunately, Moshak forgot one of the most important theories--for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

To paraphrase the Honorable Judge Marilyn Milian, Judge of the People's Court: the Plaintiff has his/her story, the Defendant has his/her story, and the Truth lies somewhere in the middle.

There are ONLY two winners in any lawsuit---both attorneys!!

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I love the idea but have mixed feelings on the uniform base on the photo.

I believe I would have made this "special" uniform much more flashy. I think it is somewhat plain. However, it may look very good on camera and on the field.

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Obviously, this guy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He could have gotten Alabama and Auburn into a bidding war for his services.

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The thing that impresses me about this staff and recruiting is their ability to pull players from across the nation.

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Considering the situation..Pearl should have and staff should have been retained by this administration. What the heck is the ncaa gonna do? Uconn held onto to their coach in the middle of the allegations swirling. Bruce Pearl brought UT out of the dark ages and back to relevance in college bball. He should still be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree.

At the time when all this Bruce situation got started, everyone was saying “UT will get the death penalty” with scholarship reductions and no post season play. Well, what difference does it make if a team is on post season ban with six players versus a team that has all players and cannot make the NCAA tournament? As all UT fans know, since the departure of Bruce, we have not made the NCAA tournament, and lost very quickly in the NIT, so really UT is currently somewhat living the death penalty. As a basketball fan, my hope is for wins and a deep run in the NCAA tournament which has not been delivered under the current coach, so as a fan am I better off with a non-penalized Martin versus a penalized Bruce---no I am not.

I have a close friend who is a very good donor at a rival SEC university, and he has told me that Bruce has been discussed about being their coach, and UT usually plays this team twice per year. The only obstacle blocking Bruce's SEC return will be Slive pulling a “Petrino” on Bruce.

Bruce is a proven winner and as I have stated above, whether you like it or not, it is all about the wins (and the money the wins generate).

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You know how much relevance Johnny Majors and/or Phillip Fulmer have on the 2013 Vols, and beyond?

None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

If you keep looking backwards, your head is bound to wind up your @$$.

Best post I have seen in a while! Totally agree!

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Crompton was a good prospect out of N.C. He came to Tennessee during one of the toughest stretches in UT history. He must be pretty good, how many of you naysayers have every made a dime from your vast athletic talent? He kept his nose clean played hard for 3 different Coordinators and has had a not untypical attempt at living his dream of playing pro football and doing what he loves. He is a Vol for life. I respect and appreciate the kids who give it their all for Tennessee. Even Bray, not that I approve or applaud some of his actions, but for those of you who never did anything stupid in college, cast your stones, sorry for your boring life. How could anyone wish Crompton or Bray anything but the best? Most of the mouths on this site never played a down in HS let alone anything after HS. The ugliness and negativity is reflective of poor self esteem, bitterness, Godlessness, immaturity and hopelessness. This behavior is ridiculous and does nothing but negatively reflect on the program. I can barely read this site anymore. Get a clue. I cheer with bright eyes everyone who chose to wear the orange. All Vol all the time. Get real.

Well stated! I am in complete agreement.

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Well, UT was ahead in that game as I recall 17-10 and had knocked out both the LSU QB Davie and best RB Toefield. There were two bad UT fumbles in the second half and no adjustments made for the running QB who replaced QB Davie.

Recall that this was the week after a very emotional defeat of UF 34-32 -- Spurrier's last game at Florida Field as it turned out.


UT '81

Walt, you said it yourself and I could not agree more, no adjustments made. In my world, no adjustments is no coaching. And as the head coach, it is your duty to keep the team pointed in a forward direction regardless of an emotional win [or loss] the previous week.

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Losing that 2001 title game to LSU was the biggest disappointment that I have had in over 50 years of following Tennessee football. A chance to play in the Rose Bowl against a Miami team that we most likely would have beaten just absolutely destroyed any confidence I had left in Fulmer. I sat there and couldn't believe the coaching mistakes made in that game.

The worst,and most costly,loss in the history of UT football.

I am in full agreement.

I was at that game, and I can honestly say it was the absolute worst coached UT football game I have ever seen. The team certainly was not prepared and had only two offensive plays being “pound that rock” and “hail-mary.” “Third and Chavis” could not, would not, or simply did not know how to make an adjustment while “7 Points Sanders” [and Fulmer] tried and tried to pound that rock, but unfortunately on that night ran into a rock that simply would not bust.

I honestly believe UT [coaches and players] felt by simply showing up, LSU would just roll over and surrender. There was as much disbelief in the coaches eyes as in the players eyes. Once the game was over, you could cut the disappointment with a knife.

If I had to specifically pin-point the exact time when UT football started to decline, I would, without hesitation, say this game.

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I live in the world of reality and by living in reality, many decisions are made under the consideration of one rule, being “the golden rule.” For those of you who do not know or understand what the “golden rule” is, basically, the person who has the gold [money] makes the rules.

With the above said, the donors will have input as to Bruce being hired [or not]. With UT needing money, the continued fan support for Bruce, and Martin’s performance to this point, I am certain UT will deeply consider this situation.

I, for one, am more than willing to “donate to the cause”!

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No big surprise to me. This is where I bought into Martin last year only to have my eyes opened with his lack of coaching knowledge and then followed by disappointment [lost to MTSU]. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me [and there is no shame on me tonight].

I dislike being negative, but I simply cannot see anything to be excited about next year with UT Men's Basketball unless there are personnel changes within Martin's coaching staff, which I do not see. I find it very disheartening and disappointing to see the VOLS repeatedly playing without emotion, direction, and game plan. Also, it appears to me that the VOLS continually gets beat by what seems to be less talented teams that are simply better coached.

If college basketball games were won by drinking water, shuffling feet, and licking fingers, Martin would be undefeated.

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I have met Phil Fulmer several times and can honestly say I believe he is a good person and a respectable coach.

It is of my opinion that both divisions pertaining to Coach Fulmer are over exaggerating exactly how great and how poor of a coach he was. Coach Fulmer was neither a great coach nor a poor coach, he was actually an average to above-average coach. He was smart enough to surround himself with decent coaches that were good recruiters which translated into him winning most of his games by simply having better athletes, which is fine, as a win is a win.

Not to bash Coach Fulmer, but to address what is blatantly obvious, no other school other than UT has approached Fulmer about being a head coach. In 2007, Coach Fulmer thought he had his choice between the Clemson and University of Virginia positions and neither school even interviewed him. As much as the Fulmer elitists state how great of a coach he was, a person cannot ignore the fact that no other university has even offered to interview Fulmer let alone hire Fulmer.

If the ETSU position is offered to Fulmer and he does accept, I hope it is due to him truly wanting to coach again, not simply to keep his name afloat in the coaching world.

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

Great Hire! Coach Jones continues to impress!

I, personally, cannot see why or how any true VOL fan can speak negatively about Coach Jones or anyone on his staff to this point. I firmly believe Coach Jones has handled every situation in a near-perfect manner. I can barely wait for the season to begin!!

Welcome Coach Gillespie!

Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

I hope once and for all, with Graham leaving, this will eliminate all the poster's who continually write how UT needs coaches that are especially former players or coaches with university ties. Just because a person has played or coached at UT in the past does not make a better current coach and it certainly does not make or create any loyalty (See Graham and Martin).

With the above said, work ethic could possibly be an issue here. Coach Jones has the most passion and drive than any football coach I have met going back to Majors. I do not foresee any coach staying on Coach Jones' staff that cannot pull his weight be it coaching or recruiting. I am not worried at all as I know Coach Jones will hire a coach that wants to be at UT and on his staff. Personally, I do not think it will be that difficult to find a coach that is better than Graham.

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Wow! Can't believe all the negative comments about our new coach and signing class. The guy hasn't even coached one game for us and people are bashing him for not pulling in a top ten class. As for our new recruits if I was one of them and was reading half the garbage on this site about them I would definetly be second guessing my decision. Way to trash talk the new RB we got as well. That's gotta make him feel real good about his decision to come here. How about supporting our new coach and players instead of constantly having something negative to say.

I totally agree!! Shameful.

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in response to claiborneh:

Listen to Butler coach Brad Stevens interview, then watch a Cuonzo Martin interview, then interview the players of each team, and then you tell me which program is better managed, prepared, and indoctrined.
Martin sounds like Eyor on Winnie the Pooh, or Snuffy on Sesame Street. No energy. Speak up man! Wake up! Drink a Red Bull or something for Pete's sake!

Totally agree. If I could have any coach at UT naturally, my first choice is Bruce and my second choice is Brad Stevens.

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in response to One_in_West_Knox:

It looks like the Vols may not make even the NIT, so why not bet on other things besides wins and losses and point spreads, like, to name just a few:

if the Vols score first
if the Vols are first to score a field goal
if the Vols are first to score 3 points, 7 points, 10 points, 20 points, etc.
if the Vols are ahead at halftime
if the Vols can score a certain number of points every 5 minutes
if the Vols can make at least 50% of their free throws
if the Vols can actually "pull one out" if being down by 5 points with no more than 2 minutes left in the game, especially with this "plan" of playing more defense and less offense (even if playing Kentucky)

Might be able to get a few bucks off these.

Hey One,

I totally agree! I did make a few of these bets last night, to be specific:
First to score
First to foul
First to make a free throw
First to ten points
First to make a 3-pointer
First to turn the ball over
First to dunk
First to rebound
First to take a timeout (none media)
Combined points (without going over) at half time

We rotated each pick, and I won seven of the ten.

This kept the game interesting for about the first 10 minutes---I got the half time score off of the internet.

Written on Report: Dallas Cowboys ready to hire Derek Dooley :

This will help Coach Dooley in all aspects of coaching [even recruiting]. I hope he has nothing but success in the future.

Written on Fulmer says he'd be 'willing to help' ETSU:

I was there in Tempe the night the VOLS won the National Championship. My ticket is framed and hanging on my office wall. Before leaving Knoxville, I was interviewed at McGhee Tyson by a local television station and said “this will probably be the only National Championship [pertaining to UT] I will see in my lifetime” and I still stand by my words.

With the above said, I, personally, wish The Hall of Famer would either officially retire or get a job away from Knoxville. Without getting into the debate of the state of the program when Coach Fulmer left [which was bad], Fulmer had a great run. Most any coach would trade more victories even conference championships for Fulmer's National Championship!

Should Fulmer reenter coaching at ETSU, I sincerely hope it is not a feeble to keep his name in the media but instead a true desire to coach. I have met Coach Fulmer many times and I want to believe it is desire, regardless he will never coach at UT again.

As for my personal opinion, I wish The Hall of Famer would retire!

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Here is the problem. Vol nation had experienced much success in Men's Basketball with Bruce and have come to expect, even demand success. After a person once experiences success, it is much harder to accept little to no success.

It is like driving a Ford Escort most of your life [DeVoe, Houston, Green, O'Neil, Peterson], then hitting the lottery and driving a Mercedes 550 [BRUCE] for a few years, then losing all your money and having to bring the old Ford Escort back into service [Martin]. It is an automatic recipe for disappointments, anger, and regrets!


Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

I wish Martin actually knew as much about coaching as he thinks he does! Too much ego and not enough coaching knowledge.

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

Vol Nation do not worry, Martin will be gone soon! Recently on the Enrichment Sports Source program Jimmy Hyams was asked which UT coach would be the first to leave---he immediately said Martin, not due to firing but to take a bigger and better coaching job. This statement shows exactly how much Jimmy knows about sports!

I would suggest that Martin seek advice from Holly about coaching offense and intensity, neither of which he has a clue.

I have said this before and I am saying it again, sometimes it is better to get 50% of the credit than 100% of the blame..........Martin get some help from an offensive minded coach, do not let your ego cause your demise and further humiliation to the University of Tennessee! You know absolutely zero about offense---bring in help!!

I would say Stokes regrets his coming to UT more and more each day.

I, too, am in full support of BBB [Bring Back Bruce]!!!!!!!!!

Written on Central Michigan focus for Butch Jones' coaching staff at Tennessee :

This is the first Athletic site I have been to that gives History lessons. Very unusual and different.

On topic, I wonder if UT has enough money to give me back my donation? After reading all these posts, I believe UT needs to cut its losses now and get entirely out of sports, especially football. I was unaware that physical play had stopped and the game is now played on paper---at least it will be much cheaper the paper way.

I have said it before and I am saying it again, I sure hope no one on this site works for me!!!

Written on With Tee Martin out, where will the Vols turn for WR coach?:

I heard Kippy Brown's name on WVLT last night. He is currently the receivers coach with the Seahawks.

I will give Coach Jones credit as he is trying to bring back former VOLS. Personally, I do not care if the new coach is a former VOL or not so long as he can coach.

Written on Mel Kiper recommends another year for Tyler Bray:

If I was guiding Brey through this process, I definitely would tell him to go to the NFL. There is way too much risk and not enough reward in him returning to UT:

1] New coach
2] New system
3] No NFL caliber receivers
4] Tougher schedule
5] Potential Injury

Any potential team interested in Brey has enough film to view on him to make a decision. It is better for Brey to be seen as a pocket, pro-style quarterback instead of a quarterback trying to run an offense that is built for a mobile, speedster quarterback.

I watched Brey at the Elite Eleven Camp when he was a senior in high school. There is only one quarterback, out of the eleven, that has been as successful [maybe more] than Brey and that is Matt Barkley. Of the eleven, most have transferred from their original college committed to or have changed positions all together. After watching the Elite Eleven, honestly if I was a college coach and could have signed any of the eleven quarterbacks, my choice would have been Barkley 1A or Brey 1B. I felt they were both head and shoulder above the competition.

Regardless of his maturity or leadership skills, once the pro scouts view Brey in a side by side manner with other quarterbacks, his draft status will definitely go up! Most any quarterback can hand the ball off, but only a select few can make the throws that have to be thrown, and Brey is one who can make the throws.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

Great. I do not begrudge or have any ill feelings towards him.

ALL Vol fans now know where Tee Martin stands and if he feels USC is the best place for him, so be it. I, for one, would much rather have a coach that wants to be at the University of Tennessee than a coach who is merely here to collect a check.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

I am glad Louisville stepped up!

I would much rather have Kirby Smart. He has more experience in the SEC in coaching and recruiting.

Alabama certainly does not mind that he has not head coaching experience as he is the “Head Coach In-Waiting.”

Obvious choice to me!

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

Assuming all this media hype is correct, I would go GET Kirby Smart. He is the Alabama Head Coach In-Waiting. Once Saban leaves and he is promoted, all VOL fans will look back and say “we should have gotten Smart [no pun intended].”

This is a preempted strike that kills four [4] birds with one [1] stone, (1) taking Alabama’s next coach, (2) he is more experienced [coaching and recruiting] in the SEC than any other coach being mentioned, (3) he is obtainable, and, (4) he is affordable.

I would, however, make Smart keep Chaney for a minimum of two [2] seasons so Smart could focus solely on the defense. Chaney’s offense is fine as the defense is the MAJOR problem. After two [2] seasons, I believe Smart would have the defense performing in an acceptable fashion. Then if Smart wanted to make an offensive change, the defense could hold its own while the offense was being implemented.

I can remember, not long ago, a whispering about Smart being the next UT coach with no one complaining.

Written on Mike Strange: Virginia, Georgetown, it's one long struggle for Vols :

Pitiful play!

I did not agree with the Martin hire, and I am even more convinced today.

Last season, I gathered a little confidence in Martin but lost all after the MTSU game. I have coached recreational [youth] basketball and even I know when an opposing team’s player has four [4] fouls you go after him. One of two things is going to happen, (1) you get the fifth [5th] foul and the player sits down, or (2) you get an easy shot. With two [2] MTSU inside players having four [4] fouls with over seven [7] minutes left in the game, Martin did not attack the inside---shameful.

I will give Martin credit as he does know [and coach] defense and it appears he can recruit.

For Martin to be successful, I feel he needs to make a coaching change and bring in an offense-minded coach as it is blatantly obvious Martin knows NOTHING about offense. With Martin’s defense, and another coach calling the offense, I believe UT would be a hard team to beat. With that said, I do not believe Martin’s ego will allow him to “share” the team with another coach as it is clearly apparent Martin wants to control both ends of the court, which will ultimately cause his dismissal.

Sometimes, it is better to have a “partner” and get fifty [50%] percent of the credit than receive one [100%] percent of the blame!

Written on UT out? Gundy, Strong negotiating to stay at their schools:

I hope to goodness none of the posters on here panicking are on my payroll!!

RELAX and let Hart do his job!!

Written on John Adams: Charlie Strong's strengths match up with UT's weaknesses :

Strong is certainly not the coach I was led to believe that would be hired. I suggested Mora, Jr. but evidently he was not considered. At this point, I would rather hire Kirby Smart than Strong.

The only good thing I can see about hiring Strong is the amount of money UT will save. I would estimate that the total salary for Strong and his staff should be no more than six million per year which would save UT at least two million per year.

I would rather spend the extra money and get a better coach.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

Folks, do not get caught up in all this media hype. I have posted multiple times on this site that Hart has only a couple of coaches on HIS list along with the "dream" coach.

I would not hesitate to bet that Hart has already made the hire. He knew at the beginnin of the year [2012] that a coaching change may happen, and trust me, he did not wait until last week to start a search. It would not surprise me at all if Hart has not already made a hand shake agreement, months ago, should a change be necessary. We are now simply awaiting it to become public knowlegde.

Remember, Dave Hart is not Mike Hamilton, so there is probably only six [6] people on the face of the earth that actually knows the whole situation. There is nothing to talk about until DAVE HART introduces the new coach, which should be next week.

Written on Tennessee's opening one of a dozen:

in response to Rumblefish:

I heard this morning on Dan Patrick that Gruden's Agent (no, not the dipspit poster on here) contacted TN to say he was interested talking to Tennessee FOR THE SOLE REASON to start a bidding war with ESPN, the Eagles, the Browns, Arky, etc.

GRUDEN IS NOT COMING TO TENNESSEE. He is just using the job opening to solicit better offers from somewhere else.

We do not need his kind here.

I agree with you about Jon using this attention to increase his own stock regardless of what occupation he chooses. Jon knows the more exposure and speculation that surrounds him the more money he can demand. I spoke with Jon at his wedding anniversary party back in the summer, and he made a statement that I have not seen mentioned on this [or any other] site, which pertains to his family. To paraphrase, he said he really enjoyed the amount of time he had to spend with his family, and that his work schedule was where he currently wanted it to be. With that said, this was before all the coaching jobs [college and professional] became available and the wallets opened.

Here is my suggestion for EVERYONE wanting Jon---go to the university and sign a donation contract thus guaranteeing his and his assistants salaries. The number I have heard on Jon is seven [$7,000,000] million base salary per year [for himself] and four [$4,000,000] million base salary for his assistant coaches---these numbers are not from the media or internet. Should Jon reenter coaching, he must be the highest paid coach in football regardless of it being on a college or professional level. Ideally, the university wants to spend around eight [$8,000,000] million [total] which would include the head and all assistant coaches.

I know exactly what “you” are thinking--- that is just three [$3,000,000] million dollars and “you” are correct, so “YOU” go and donate!

I know at the beginning of this coaching search the wallet was supposed to be opened wide but the above numbers for Jon [and staff] is simply not feasible, unless more donors are willing to step up and give. Jon may negotiate some, but it will still be higher than the amount the university wants to pay.

Hart only has a couple of “real” coaches on HIS list and the “dream” coach. The vast majority of these names being mentioned on this [and other] sites are not currently in the conversation. With the above said, should UT get shot down by the few coaches on Hart’s list, then obliviously some of these other names will be investigated, excluding Fulmer as he is not in consideration. Although not on Hart’s list, I suggested Jim Mora, Jr. as he fits well within the parameters of Hart’s needs and budget.

If the hiring goes as Hart has planned, I look for an announcement towards the end of next week. He is a no non-sense, direct and to the point person who knows who he wants as a coach.

Written on An early look at candidates to replace Derek Dooley as Vols' coach:

in response to exlineman:

For all of you fans who dislike him, you won't have a say in the hiring. The actual hire will be made by Jim Haslam and Thunder John Thornton. If they can iron out their differences or egos, you fans can get ready for Steve Spurrier to be the next head coach.

Steve loves golf and the S.C. golf courses, but he still has something to prove to his cousins etc, who are all big UT fans. If he and the Haslams and Thornton can get their egos ironed out, he is coming to UT, as our head coach. He is the best in the business and would get the top running backs and quarterbacks, as well as coaching them up. We have alot more to offer than S.C. and he knows it and wants to coach at UT. He has a proven record over any coach that has been mentioned even the great Saban. The man talks the talk, but what is ironic is that he can walk the walk as well. So don't be surprised, if he is hired as the next head coach at UT.

You can rest assured that Spurrier would hire great assistants that can coach as well as recruit.

You are correct, exlineman. I do not know about Steve Spurrier, but the administration has been contacting the Big Money people. From my understanding, Hart has a couple of coaches in mind and a pecking order---that is it. He is going to throw money at his couple of coaches until one steps up. And money is not going to be an object.

Hart and the Big Money people both know this hire has got to be a home run so there are no restrictions. Hart knows [and now the Big Money donors know], you get what you pay for and they are tired of losing!

Written on Derek Dooley: Dave Hart 'told me he had not made a decision' :

Wheather you like Coach Dooley or not, everyone is missing two huge items:

Number One, MONEY. Here is a suggestion for all wanting rid of Coach Dooley, each of you combine your money and raise the Ten Million it will take to buy this coaching staff out THEN sign a contract to pay the new head coach and staff their salaries which should only be around Eight or Ten Million per year. I GUARANTY this will make Hart's decision very easy. Until each of you [calling for Coach Dooley's job] steps up with money, it will simply be left up to the Big Dollar Donors. I know Hart is not Hamilton and is not totally forthcoming, but just like Hamilton, Hart knows he must get approval from the Big Money. When Hamilton told me about replacing Fulmer with Kiffin I simply asked one question, what can Kiffin bring that Fulmer does not have--the list was impressive and Kiffin delivered. With that said, I know if Hamilton knew the USC job was going to be open the following year, Hamilton would have not fired Fulmer and hired Kiffin. It was the correct move but the timing was certainly off.

Number Two, COACHES. Currently, there are no big named coaches that are willing to come to the University of Tennessee, none. The availability of coaches will help determine Hart’s decision, just like Hamilton’s. With limited interest in coaching at Tennessee, Hart’s hands are tied. I am certain Hart is smart enough to know if he decides to make a change, and the Big Money agrees, he MUST hire a proven winner, period. Hart has enough knowledge to know not to get into the same situation as Hamilton. If Kiffin had not been available, I would not hesitate to say Fulmer would still be the head coach--the availability is what cost Fulmer his job. I simply do not see any proven, big named coach available that would coach at Tennessee at this time.

So, here is your chance should you want to change coaching staffs, simply PUT-UP or SHUT-UP!!!

Written on Frustration mounts after UT misses another chance to 'get over the hump' :

This team reminds me so much of the early Fulmer teams with Cutcliff and Chavis as coordinators.

I do not fault the offense as thirty [30] points should be enough to win about any game. I do however have unease with the defense.

This poor defense cannot get off the field especially in long yardage situations. It is just like with Chavis, the longer the down and distance---the higher the probability of the opposing team getting a first down [remember 3rd and Chavis]. I knew there would be issues and breakdowns with the new scheme but it is so aggravating . Also, like Chavis, the tackling needs much improvement. I believe with time Sal can make the turn but it is very hard to swallow now.

The only positives I see with this team, versus the early Fulmer teams, is this team does not make the dumb penalties, specifically late and out-of-bounds hits.

Written on Mike Strange: SEC powerhouse? Vols hope O'Brien is right :

in response to BigOrangeFever76:

So Brett....are you betting your whole $20 on NC State? You are a "Professional Handicapper" about like my dog is a Deacon in my church. There is nothing professional about you. On your YouTube videos you sound like your nads are caught in a pair of vicegrips.(roids) Your head is the size of a washtub. Your shirt it about 3 sizes too small. Your hat looks like something Britney Spears would wear. Yep, you are a real professional.

Notice the UT lamp in the background. LMAO


Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

Written on The heat is on Derek Dooley, but how hot remains to be seen :

in response to GerryOP:

Coach Dooley's job is in jeopardy thanks to the press and fans. Hart says no and Coach Dooley is concerned but doesn't sound too worried. Is there a "magic" number? Not according to Dave Hart. Are there standards to be obtained? Never heard any mentioned. All that has been said is that they, Hart and Dooley, will sit down at the end of the season and evaluate program progress. Period.

Look guys, Dooley has done one hell of a job considering what he found when he got here. And even Dooley admits that the situation was worse than he had let himself be led to believe. The only real failure was UK. Unforgiveable? No it is not.

But, I have faith. Even if we go 12-0 and beat every opponent by 50 points, some of you idiot naysaying negaVol dorks would still find something to whine about.

This is a good post.

Coach Dooley has only lost one game that he was suppose to win [Kentucky]. He beat who he was suppose to, except Kentucky, and lost to who he was suppose to. Any coach would be ecstatic to claim that. Yes, it would be great to win every game or even an upset, but unfortunately there is a favored and underdog for a reason and Coach Dooley has performed, being favored or underdog, as expected [except for Kentucky].

As far as this “magic number,” this came from the media on speculation of “what it would take” for Coach Dooley to coach another season. Neither the media or fans know “what it will take” as there is only a hand full of people that actually know. Those hand full of people are the overzealous boosters as mentioned in the article.

I personally do not like the term “booster” as I prefer “contributor.” Regardless, I believe most contributors knew and understood the circumstances when Coach Dooley took over. Even Kiffin, as bold as he was, said (in private) it would take 2 recruiting classes for UT to be competitive, not champions, just competitive. And yes, I know he publicly stated that UT has great facilities and should win now. Common sense tells you, any coach is going to say “win now” in public but win now is as simple as beating NW Louisiana State. Remember, when Kiffin took over the program was in a sad state and then when he left it went from sad to pathetic.

With the program in shambles when Coach Dooley took over I believed it would take five [5] recruiting classes for the team to be competitive, but as I type today, I believe four [4] recruiting classes is an accurate time frame. Most contributors knew Coach Dooley's first recruiting class would be below fair due to timing and his second recruiting class would only be marginally better due to the state of the football program. In other words Coach Dooley's first two [2] recruiting classes would be mainly bodies filling uniforms, but both classes ended up exceeding most's expectations which is why I dropped to four [4] classes.

With the above said, this magic number theory does not exist. AD Hart knows we want a team that is competitive and a contender but he also knows it will take time to get there. Coach Dooley's future is based on where the team was the day he arrived, where the team is now [this season], and the direction the team is traveling in for the future.

Written on Derek Dooley doesn't expect suspended Da'Rick Rogers to return:

Hey Walter,

It is time for you to “man up” and do some explaining! You typed on this site on 8-23-12 at 2:21 p.m. the following:

“Some posters suggested that Dooley was not responsible for what the players did off the field.
But he is. He is responsible for everything the team does or fa”ils to do, and what the players do off the field is part of that.
We can't see the inner workings of the program and the ongoing chemistry, but it is obvious there is lttle to no passion, or teamwork or spirit among the members of the team.
Dooley is repsonsible for that too.
UT '81”
8-23-12 @ 2:21 p.m.

Now, courteous of Wikipedia, below are statistics during Fulmer's tenure as the Head Coach of the University of Tennessee football program pertaining to discipline, responsible, and leadership, or as I should say lack there of:

Fulmer Cup

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Fulmer Cup is a tongue-in-cheek award given each year in the United States to the Division I FBS college football program whose players collectively have the worst criminal record.[1]
The Fulmer cup was conceived in 2006 by sports blogger Orson Swindle, a fan of football rival Florida, and named for then-University of Tennessee football coach Phillip Fulmer. While Fulmer was coach, the Tennessee team had over 20 players arrested for criminal activity in a 16 month period from 2004 through 2005. This mirrored a similar outbreak of criminal activity at the University of Tennessee in 1995 when 9 players were arrested. Since this seemed to be a recurrent theme at Tennessee under Fulmer, the cup was named in his honor (USA Today).

Above are facts given by you and Wikipedia. Based on your post, as written above, Fulmer was absolutely responsible for the Twenty Nine [29] arrests that were mentioned in the above article as “he [Fulmer] is responsible for everything the team does or fails to do, and what the players do off field is part of that.” I totally agree with you Walter [see your post], Fulmer showed no leadership and took no responsibility in these young men that were arrested by teaching them right from wrong, good from bad, and especially for not being with them, holding their hand, twenty four [24] hours each day, every day.

All the above are again facts based on you and Wikipedia,will you please explain how these Twenty Nine [29] arrests happened under the great coach Phil Fulmer? You and I both know the answer as I have already written it above being no leadership, no responsibility, as well as failure to implement other life building characteristics into these young men.

This is one tradition [see article] I know Coach Dooley will not follow!

Written on Jury selection begins in Auburn tree poison trial:

in response to SignalMtnVol:

And finally:

You ever hit on somebody in a V.D. clinic.
Your brother-in-law is also your uncle.
You bought a VCR because wrestling is on while your at work.
After the Prom you drove the truck while your date hit road signs with beer bottles.
Your father executes the "pull my finger" trick during Christmas dinner.
All of your four letter words are two syllables.
You've ever been too drunk to fish.
You cut your toenails in front of company.
You view the upcoming family reunion as a chance to meet women.
Your wife has a beer belly and you find it attractive.
Hitchhikers won't get in the car with you.
You've ever heard a sheep bleat and had romantic thoughts.
Your house doesn't have curtains but your truck does.
You wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean.
You can spit without opening your mouth.
You consider "Outdoor Life" deep reading.
You call your boss "dude".
You think a Volvo is part of a woman's anatomy.
You have grease under your toenails.
You consider your license plate personalized because your father made it.
Your mother keeps a spit cup on the ironing board.
You think Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader.
You've ever been fired from a construction job because of your appearance.
You've ever worn a tube top to a wedding.
You've ever cleaned fish in your living room.
You think Campho-Phenique is a miracle drug.
You've ever had sex with your buddy's wife in a Waffle House restroom after a home game.

I've had one heck of a week and needed a good laugh. SignalMtnVol, you certainly provided it.

Written on Steve Rubio no longer a part of Dooley's staff :

Who is this Jeffy Flowers [other than a rambling idiot on this site]?

Written on Signing Day at Tennessee: Who's in:

in response to Vols4life77:

Since this is Signing Day and this is a day we evaluate our recruits I think it's only fair to evaluate our posters.
Whiny crybabies 8:00- 11:00
1. Florida gator hater ( 5 stars for best idiot)
2. Rtrchatt ( 4 stars second best idiot, sorry)
Oh wait the recruiting services has changed. Moving into the #1 is?
1. Red beans and taco sauce(5 stars)
2. Florida hater (5 stars) yes you still get 5.
3. Snakeplissskin (4 stars)
4. Rtrchatt (3 stars) cmmon your slacking here, ol bear Bryant would be mad!
But the good news!! You are all 5 stars losers! At least rtr is a bama fan but red taco sauce your just pathetic. If you hate everything so bad why not change teams? Jump on the James Franklin bandwagon!

Now that is FUNNY!

Written on Sal Sunseri named defensive coordinator; 3-year deal worth $2.4M:

I, personally, believe each coach hired, so far, is definitely an improvement.

I believe Wilcox could be an above average coordinator in any other conference other than the SEC. The familiarity with the SEC is where Sunseri will have a definite advantage.

Knowing the landscape versus seeing the landscape means a world of difference.

Written on Navy's Buddy Green to interview; Harry Hiestand might provide another opening :

I, for one, hope that Harry Hiestandtre does take the Notre Dame position. I have felt the Offensive Line has been the weakest link on the team. I do believe Hiestandtre can coach pass blocking but not run blocking.

If I was Dooley, I would hire an OL Coach that has run game coordinator experience. Let the OL coach prepare the run game and Chaney the pass game, as Chaney is obviously a pass first coach. Send in a pass and run play, and let the quarterback make the decision at the line [based on the defense].

Written on Alabama's Sal Sunseri is target for defensive coordinator :

in response to shipperman#280095:

If you would care to make a wager on that, I will take some of it. Next year will be Dooley's last if there is not great improvement

Absolutely! The sky is the limit on my side, how much can you afford?