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Written on Phillip Fulmer says Tennessee coach Butch Jones has 'lots of challenges':

Fulmer and his pals destroyed the program while they cashed in. Yeah, those years of pumping up his record on second tier SEC teams (which TN now is) and a weak OOC schedule while losing the games that matter were good times.

Written on Reaction to new UT uniforms likely generational:

Butch Jones "gets it". Those that are still whining about Fulmer being gone, do not.

Written on Tennessee football season opener to be on pay-per-view:

"John and Bill's call of the '85 Orange Bowl"

I have that on an old video tape somewhere. I need to burn it to dvdr. It's the ABC broadcast with the Vol network audio. Don't remember how I did that, but I did.

Come to think of it, a lot of people would probably want a copy.

Written on Tennessee football season opener to be on pay-per-view:

ESPN3 blackout again huh? I'll watch it somewhere else streamed on the internet. It will be out there, especially if it's on ESPN.

Written on For the good times: Vols celebrate 1998 championship game:

I lost some amount of respect for Coach Summit when she had to be forced out. She should have stepped down the day she announced her illness. She certainly had nothing left to prove to anyone. It would have been a classy move.

Instead, she thought she was Coach Forever and thus untouchable like Fulmer thought he was. And Fulmer didn't accomplish a fraction of what Summit did.

Fulmer is remembered for usually losing to Florida and Alabama, and a fluke NC win. While pumping up his numbers on second tier SEC teams (like TN now is) and weak OOC schedules.

Written on Saban's scheduled Tennessee appearance causes stir:

Grow up, people. Stop whining like a bunch of pansies.

Written on Pat Summitt's 1-year contract dips from $354,375 to $85,000 :

She should have stepped down on her own volition. It's a sad situation but the facts are the facts. She had an attack of the Fulmers. Some wanted her to coach until they rolled her out there in a wheelchair drooling. Walk away now with pride as the greatest ever.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

The reason ETSU football failed, is because morons ran the program. As you can see, nothing has changed.

Written on Dave Hart praises outgoing Alabama AD Mal Moore, says he's committed to Tennessee:

Besides, Fulmer is going to ETSU in some capacity. He is their problem now.

Written on Dave Hart praises outgoing Alabama AD Mal Moore, says he's committed to Tennessee:

"Bring back Fulmer"

Bring TN some fans that aren't idiots.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

I didn't want to see TN go in and get crushed by a top seed team in the first game anyway. They are getting stronger. Onward to next year. I don't care about the NIT.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

The Vols would go into the NCAA tourney as a low seed, and then get drilled by one of the high seeds in the first game. I would rather they didn't go at all.

Written on Derek Dooley and fired assistants will cost UT an estimated $7.5 million:

So, UT will be paying Dooley $3,644 a day through December 2016. I could live with being known as the worst TN coach ever for that deal.

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

I laugh at those stuck in 1950 who say only alumni can coach at TN. That kind of ancient attitude is why TN football is in the dumper. You hire the best coaches you can and pay them the going rate, which in the SEC is top dollar. No one cares where they went to school.

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Some still hold on to this VFL fantasy stuff. This is business. This is panic about nothing. Go out and hire another coach.

Written on Vols blow out Kentucky, 88-58:

That was fun to watch. And JC has himself a bunch of thugs at KY now. They fell apart and quit before halftime.

Written on Vols flip Brown from Syracuse:

Butch Jones has a good 2013 and gives UT a real shot of morale. Next year's class will be higher. Things are looking up.

And the fact that Urban Meyer is still butthurt about Kiffin makes me laugh. What a brat. It will just make the next OSU stomping from an SEC team that much more fun to watch.

Written on Vols flip Brown from Syracuse:

in response to mtthw741:

That was payback for when Kiffin told nu'keese to tell Meyer he was a gator, then say Tn on signing day. Meyer and Kiffin are equal in the shady department.

And nu'keese was really worth the effort wasn't he? Here's to hoping Vonn Bell gives Urban Myer the same treatment.

Written on A road map for getting back: Study shows Vols' fall from glory years:

TN sank because Fulmer coasted for five years while most of the rest of the SEC passed TN up. Fulmer had to be forced out, and Hamilton, the moron responsible for that mess, made two more disaster hires for HC. It's all quite simple.

Written on Tennessee's Class of 2012 has dwindled, but those remaining could still have role to play :

Looks like a .500 season. If we're lucky.

Then, build from that.

Written on Butch Jones' new Tennessee staff to make a combined $3 million, handsome raises over 2012 salaries :

They get paid because this is the SEC. This is the Big Stage.

Written on Doug Dickey's task in 1964 similar to Butch Jones' in 2013 :

Since the Phil Fulmer social circle is now gone, we can have hope again.

Written on Phillip Fulmer to be inducted into Chick-fil-A Hall of Fame:

The Fulmer-should-still-be-coach types are the same ones that swore Jon Gruden was on his way to Knoxville. So, it's not like they know anything.

Written on John Adams: Bowl season heats up without UT:

Talking to family at a Christmas gathering, we were all happy that we didn't have to see TN play and lose in another Whocares Bowl this year.

Written on Top 10 stories for 2012: Derek Dooley fired by Tennessee is No. 1 :

"People do not realize how close we came to getting Gruden and the immediate impact he would have made."

Wow. Denial is another river in Knoxville. Bet you though they just had the one.

Written on Tennessee Vols await Bray, Patterson plans:

It's very inconsiderate and unprofessional of them to make UT wait for a decision. GTFO of Knoxville already then, you ungrateful brats.

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

This whole episode has been yet another showcase for the stupid that post here.

With their totally believing Jon Gruden would be an awesome TN coach just because of some dumb ESPN show where he yells at college QBs. And, actually talking about bringing Fulmer back. geez

How do you manage to live anyway? You must have help feeding yourselves.

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

At least TN got a coach that wanted the job. Instead, of throwing a bunch of money at a guy that just would have shown up to get paid.

Written on Should Tennessee consider re-hiring Phillip Fulmer?:

And people that say Fulmer was so great do their best to not notice that no one else has offered Fulmer any coaching job. Not even a nibble.

Written on Should Tennessee consider re-hiring Phillip Fulmer?:

Wow, there are a lot of dumb people that post here.

Phil Fulmer IS THE VERY REASON TENNESSEE FOOTBALL IS IN A HOLE. The entire SEC passed TN up while Fulmer coasted on 1998 (which was, let's face it, a fluke anyway). Just bring back Mike Hamilton too while you are at it.

If you want to be the doormat of the SEC, might as well go all-in.

Written on Should Tennessee consider re-hiring Phillip Fulmer?:

Wow, there are a lot of dumb people that post here. Phil Fulmer IS THE VERY REASON TENNESSEE FOOTBALL IS IN A HOLE. Just bring back Mike Hamilton too while you are at it.

Written on What is your reaction to Jon Gruden not being UT's next football coach?:

We need a great college coach with experience. Not some guy that flunked out of his NFL job and has been sitting in a TV booth getting fat for years.

Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

I'm still laughing at people that say Gruden would be a great college coach because of some dumb show on ESPN where he yells at college QBs. That's some Obama-type resume stuff there.

Also. if you had a clue you would know no NFL coach of any accomplishment has ever dropped down to coach college, when they could have a NFL job if they wanted one.

It's like a college coach that could get the UT job, blowing that off to go coach a high school somewhere.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

That's pathetic. He should have at least tried.

Hart: "Hi, this is Dave. Someone just told me that everyone in Vol nation wants to hire Jon so I'm just giving you a call to see if...Oh, he's not...well, I guess this could have happened a week ago, but thanks anyway."

People with a clue have known all along Gruden is a waste of time. It wasn't worth even a phone call.

Written on Gruden, Haslam, Browns shoot down Memphis report over UT deal:

Why would the guy go coach a college team, which he has never done, when he could easily get another NFL job? Yeah, I know where his wife went to school. So what? What coach has ever took a job based on THAT? People are idiots.

Written on Reports: Arkansas has made an offer to Jon Gruden:

Consider this. Name one coach who has ever had success on the NFL level that has moved back to the college level to coach. THERE IS NO ONE. The only coaches that come back to college are ones that failed on the NFL level and already had success on the college level. (Saban, Spurrier, Holtz). Once a coach have succeeded on the NFL level that is where they stay.

Written on Reports: Arkansas has made an offer to Jon Gruden:

I would like to see what Gruden could do in Knoxville, but it isn't happening.

Written on Reports: Arkansas has made an offer to Jon Gruden:

Dumb people. Just because ESPN gave Gruden a show where he yells at some college QBs, dumb people think that proves Gruden is a great college coach.

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:

Phil Fulmer and former AD Mike Hamilton killed Tennessee football. Their buddy-buddy approach to everything sunk the program while the entire SEC passed Tennessee by. Then Hamilton made a dumb hire with Dooley and gave him an even dumber contract that TN will be paying on for years. Meanwhile Fulmer and Hamilton left TN with millions in their pockets.

Written on Poll: Who should Tennessee go after as its next coach?:

It won't be Gruden. Get a clue already. It's more likely Bill Battle will come back.

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

I long for the glory days of Bill Battle.

Written on Bowl trip last major goal left for Vols:

It appears that the silly bring-back-Fulmer crowd has moved on to the fantasy of Jon Gruden coming to Knoxville. Gruden (Tony Dungy's D won that Super Bowl) was always an overrated coach anyway. Just because Gruden yells at some guys on ESPN doesn't mean he would be a good college head coach. geez

Written on Bowl trip last major goal left for Vols:

I hope they don't go to a bowl game. I have seen enough and it's time to move on with a new coach. I don't need to see TN lose yet another game in the Who Cares Bowl.

Written on Derek Dooley: Dave Hart 'told me he had not made a decision' :

The announcement will be made next Monday after TN loses to Vandy that the KY game is Dooley's last game here. Making the KY game the Fired Bowl.

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

TN is only holding on to Dooley now long enough to maybe get a check from the Whatever Bowl.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: It's time for Hart to talk about plan for UT football:

Whatever the buyout on Dooley is, UT will be probably be losing close to that much at every home game now from fans staying away.

Written on Final score: Tennessee survives with a 55-48 win over Troy :

in response to south_alabama_vol:

Whoever said "first one to 50 wins" was exacatly right

Tim Priest said that early in the game.

Written on Report card: Tennessee's offense bounces back, but defense continues to struggle :

"The defense surrenders big plays or easy drives." --- Someone needs to teach them how to actually tackle someone instead of just lowering their shoulder and trying to knock them down. Often the DBs just bounce off of ball carriers. I see this everywhere not just at UT.