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We're not the Legion of the Miserable...we are simply waiting to see the tangible results in terms of a winning record and a quality bowl appearance. Jones was worse in his first year than Dooley was in his first year-and Dooley took over a team in disarray after Kiffin screwed over UT, leaving behind a mess.

We saw what happened when Dooley was given an extension after his first year.

Horse Feathers.

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Same old, same old. Wait for the excuses to start after we drop the prime time home opener to Utah State and continue till we get embarrassed by a Vandy team with a fresh coach.

Horse Feathers.

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Pretty sure you're a coach of the team, not a fan. Because this team has performed WAY below the way it should. Just watch the rest of the season, and we'll see who's right.

June 5, 2007.
'nough said.

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I don't have the socially acceptable words to express the disdain I feel for Finebaum.
I don't read anything he wrights.
I don't listen to his show, and I do not knowingly purchase any product offered by any of his sponsors.

P.S. If Jack Daniels is one of his sponsors, please, I don't want to know about it!

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If Jones weren't a football coach he could work in the State Department as a diplomat. No way could I be so gracious to Finebaum.

I don't have the socially acceptable words to express the disdain I feel for Finebaum.
I don't read anything he wrights.
I don't listen to his show, and I do not knowingly purchase any product offered by any of his sponsors.

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To bad Martin didn't "renew" his commitment until getting back from Marquette after not being offered the job! Funny how that works. Why else would he have got on a plane to start with if he didn't intend to take the job if offered? If he wasn't that serious about it he could have told Marquette you can come to Knoxville and talk if you want me that bad.

Horse Feathers.

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"UT athletic director Dave Hart, through a spokesman, declined to comment about Martin's status on Monday."

Gotta love the world we live in today, where it's necessary to use a spokesman in order to not say anything.

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Horse feathers.
3rd place is NEVER the goal.
It sometimes may be the least acceptable STANDARD.
But when somebody's GOAL is to be number 3,
they need to seek a career in journalism.

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PS: An expression such as, "Josh Richardson has made almost a 100 percent improvement in his scoring in the post-season" would be perfectly valid, because you are talking about an actual number. It is not possible to quantify a degree of improvement in health. That's all of that, I promise(;-D)!

I agree. My pet peeve is the constant use these days of the word "less" in place of "fewer".
It drives me to distraction.

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WAY too simple--and simple-minded--answer in today's college sports world. Don't you think, after losing his dream job for lying about something that isn't even a violation now, that Pearl might have learned something from it? I believe that if I had lost millions of dollars learning a lesson like that, it might stick. You act like he has a history of cheating. His only real offense before coming to UT was blowing the whistle on another program for cheating, pretty much what Fulmer did to Alabama. While that might have been a no-no among some of the shadier members of the coaching community, it hardly amounts to a murder-one conviction.

I don't think it was so much that Pearl was fired for cheating as it is that he WAS fired.
It's been my experience that once the powers that be (not just at UT but anywhere) cut someone loose (for whatever reason) they are extremely reluctant to rehire them.
It's almost as if to do so would be admitting they had made a mistake.
Something not everyone can bring themselves to do.

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Am I wrong or is Pearl doing his best "Rick Flair" in that pic. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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I'm going to get some heat from this but this isn't right. The only reason they are getting off is because they are football players. Anyone else wouldn't be so lucky. We wonder why the UT athletes get into trouble all the time, they know they'll get off because they play football or basketball. If I were the coach they'd be off the team permanently.

Ignorance can be cured.
Stupid is forever.

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A good part of the poor tackling fundamentals you mention are as much due to lack of speed as lack of technique. If you aren't quick enough to take the proper angles and get in proper body position, all you CAN do is lunge and grab. Butch says they are working on that, so I guess we'll see.

And again, as for the off-field stuff, they had ONE incident in a solid year now. Don't you remember the "Fulmer Cup" and the frequent transgressions of Dooley's players? They have also vastly improved in their academics, a fact which should be not only known but near and dear to the heart of a "facultyman". Some people just like to gripe for no apparent reason.

".....the frequent transgressions of Dooley's players?"

And to top it off with Dooley's players, it was more likely to be the QB!

The one guy on the team who's supposed to be smart enough to not get caught, if nothing else!

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Glad these fools are playing football and are not in a military platoon. Hate to think someone's life would be in the hands of these immature punk lawbreakers. Jones is a joke.

Spoken like someone without an inkling how much trouble off-duty military personal sometimes get into.

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Actually Coach Stallings looks more like (the late) Peter Boyle who played the "monster" in Young Frankenstein.

I agree.
Dave Hart is the real thing.

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Posting the articles that you do doesn't justify retaining you either John, but I digress.

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"...But we are still going to come out and play hard every game.”


If you had played hard every game up to this point, you wouldn't be in this situation.

"It's a long season" is the worst mind-set a player or coach can have.

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Butch Jones is 55-34 overall as a head coach. Anyone who studies stats will know that about the best we can expect is him to 6 out of every 10 games. This will not be good enough. He only has one year on his resume with a .8 or better win percentage. Why will he be able to parlay his past mediocrity into success in the SEC?

Because there are three kinds of false-hoods.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

BrassMonkeys are well known for using all 3 liberally.

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And AGAIN a momentum destroying timeout is called immediately after a huge made 3 pointer. Someone please explain this strategy to me.

It's simple really, it goes like this:

Hit the 3 and immediately yell : "LOOK OVER THERE!.....HAHA!....MADE YOU LOOK!"

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Mistakes were made, of that there is no doubt.
That said, if this is the absolute worst mistake any of these guys make in their lives, I think they'll be o.k.
I'm sure Coach will do whatever he can to see to that.

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“But you have experienced guys. The good thing is you will be able to bounce back, learn from it and move forward.”

Therein lies the rub.
I believe they can bounce back and move forward.
It appears to be the learning from it part that's missing.

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"Every coach is trying to get their message out, and I don't think it's a surprise that they're mad because Tennessee's doing well.

Good. I can't wait until Nick Saban's head pops from sheer frustration.

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What the Hell is a luge?
Never mind. I don't even want to know.

Written on Vols recruiting celebration includes Signing Day event at Tennessee Theatre:

Bad as I hate Memphis rush hour traffic, I just HAVE to be there!

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Memo to Hart: Lose the clairol.

Dave Hart + scar on forehead + bolts on the neck = Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster.

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Well I don't give a damn about the whole state of Alabam, the whole state of Alabam, the whole state of Alabam.
I don't give a damn about the whole state of Alabam.
I'm from Tennessee!

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The Vols will crank up another installment of the Vol-lympics in 2013, which turns the offseason strength program into yet another intrasquad competition.

Maybe I just missed it, but I don't remember ever seeing anything about how the Vol-lympics came out last year.

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(This comment not posted in order to save the site staff the trouble of deleting it)

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Nicely done story, evan. I challenge all the critics of this site, and yes, the John Adams haters, to find this kind of content anywhere else. A mature perspective by a reporter who's covered the team all year and who can provide perspective. And John Adams is not supposed to be a cheerleader for your team. This is good journalism and it will be a crime if it dies because what will replace it might very well be the commenters on this board. Merry Christmas to all, and I mean that genuinely.

How the Hell did you bring John Adams into this article?

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"He expanded Saturday, calling for fans’ continued support of his players while simultaneously encouraging members of the team to block out any message that can’t help."

No blocked out message can help.

Written on GVX Audio: Cuonzo Martin to disgruntled UT fans: 'Put the heat on me':

"That one (the charge call) I couldn’t really couldn’t see on the screen until I watched it on film"

BS. Everybody else in TBA saw it.
The man needs to grow a pair.

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The only change they need to make is to play with passion.
That's it in a nutshell.
These guys have no passion.
It shows.
And it starts at the top.
Coach Martin displays no passion.
Passion doesn't have to be loud.
Coach Summit's famous stare was never accompanied by a shout, but can anyone deny the passion in that glare?

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When whats-his-name, Cotton? blocked Mammon's "uncontested" lay-up, I broke out in a chorus of "Turn out the lights, the party's over".

Written on A.J. Johnson returning would provide needed leadership on defense next season :

Did you ever get the feelin' that you wanted to go?
Still got the feelin' that you wanted to stay?

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Determining the teams to play in the NC game is like trying to pick Miss America finalists. Even the prettiest and most talented of girls often do not make the finals because they may have had just one slip-up or a particular judge may have a bias. Having a playoff system will help, but even when 4 teams are selected for the playoffs, the 5th team will moan and groan over their being "overlooked"!

And if the field were 64 then whoever was 65 would cry.

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Around the bowl and down the hole!
Roll Tide Roll!

Written on John Adams: Vols stuck on seven losses no matter who's coaching :

That's it.
I've enjoyed all the Adams I can stand.
Cancelling my subscription right damn now.

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.........."The Vols aren’t going to a bowl. But they aren’t going into the history books, either.

With a loss, they would have become the first team in school history to lose eight games.

Once they took a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, they were never in danger of making history."


That just really chaps your backside hyde, don't it John. YCKMBOA

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“That’s very motivational,” said senior defensive end Marlon Walls. “We refuse to be the first team that loses eight games in Tennessee history. It’s way more important than us. We have to hold the bar.”

I agree. Now go do it.

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Just another young fellow trying to live up to his potential and the coaches and fans expectations . Guess most of us have never experienced that in our lives? Wonder how some of the guy's criticizing the kid would do if they found themselves in the situation Josh has been thrown into?

"Wonder how some of the guy's criticizing the kid would do if they found themselves in the situation Josh has been thrown into?"

My guess is crumble like a saltine.

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If Jones thinks this kid is talented, he is either talking about some position other than qb, or he does not know qb talent. The kid cannot pass well enough to be a qb at any level higher than say, Carson-Newman. He is better than Peterman, but that is faint praise indeed.

He may be poised under some circumstances, but he certainly was not vs. Vandy. One does not consistently throw the ball short of receivers that are wide open 5 yards downfield unless you are scared. Sorry, CBJ, but saying stuff like this does little to enhance your credibility or knowledge of the game.

It all looks so simple from the arm chair, doesn't it?

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"Cam Sutton received death threat after Vandy loss'

I hate to say it, but considering some of our ignorant, red-neck peckerwood fan base, I'm not surprised.

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While everyone is blaming play calling and coaching for the loss, the coaches were working with the cards that they have been dealt by the 2 previous coaches...NO SPEED, limited talent and a minimal number of true Division 1 players.

The players gave everything they had, but their limitations were exposed again. The seniors should be praised for not giving up and continuing to play hard.

That being said, it is about time for someone in the media to "grow a set" and comment on the worst review call that I have ever seen. Following the rule, there MUST be "indisputable video evidence" for the replay official to overturn the call on the field. Since the ball was never visible on any of the replays, by rule the call on the field should have stood.

Our spineless, gutless media would rather write articles that criticize both the players and coaches while not addressing the main reason the game was lost.

IMNASHO, game officials should be made available for post-game interviews by the SEC.

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Garbage talk like this is senseless..Jones will be here a long time and too many fans and former players believe he is leading this program in a competent manner to even blink when faced with this disaster..and that is what it is..but guess has been a long time in the making and it will not be solved overnight..this game could easily have gone to UT ..then what would we be will take more than this to convince the majority of UT fans that Jones is not going to get the job done..and in a reasonable amount of time..

Really no need to reply to this guy.
He's cut-n-pasting this same post on every thread.

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James Franklin, love him or hate him, has done an outstanding job at Vanderbilt, but a miracle worker he is not. No football coach, no matter how dismal the program they bring to prominence, is a miracle worker.

Yes, the replay official corrected some calls in favor of Tennessee, but those replays had indisbutable video evidence that the Vandy players had fumbled and UT recovered. There is no way, at least from the angles ESPN showed, that the replay official could have seen where the ball was when the play was blown dead. Once the scrum started the ball was lost in the mass of bodies.

I can't say that UT deserved to win the game, but I know we didn't deserve to lose the game on that overturned call.


Written on Georgia's Richt bemoans missed chance vs. Auburn:

"Georgia sophomore safety Josh Harvey-Clemons deflected the pass to Louis while trying for an interception. Safety Tray Matthews, a freshman, also defended the play."
I guess now they know how Pig Howard felt.