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Its Football Time in Tennessee!!! Go Vols!!

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I just have one question to your post. What IS the answer? I ask simply because since the university, in your opinion, has made every wrong hire since CPF was fired. So please pray tell what the correct answer is?

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Yeah... The NCAA just released some kind of ranking/poll with the top 64 teams in CBB. Not sure what it was but UT wasn't on it. Weird... And neither was Kentucky.

can we get a link?

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As someone else pointed out on a story last night, Louisville loses seven of their last 11 games and makes the tournament and Tennessee wins nine of their last 11 and doesn't make the tournament...something is wrong with that picture.

The committee has supposedly always put an emphasis on how well a team is playing at the end of the season, but that doesn't hold water with Louisville in and Tennessee out.

ummm....Louisville has won 10 straight

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Time-Warner Cable doesn't carry it here in Greensboro, NC. I'm hoping it's on ESPN3, otherwise I'll have to get by listening to Bob and Bert through Come to think of it, I might try the sports bar thing. Watching the game with a beer in one hand and a BBQ sandwich in the other while leaving the wife at home watching "American Idol" is sounding better all the time!

I second that idea!!! which bar

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And yes I do have a few folks in the know on this one (whether you believe me or not). Tee flew out here with all intentions of taking the job and not returning to SoCal. However our buddy Kiffin called and offered him the "QB coach in waiting" job. He is still the WR coach technically but he will get first dibs at the QB coach job (which we all know is the path to OC and from what I hear may be open at USC next year). He was given the opp to further his career faster there than he would here. Here he will be only the WR coach for at least 3 yrs. I cannot blaim the guy but alas Kiffin can BITE me!

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Alright, all together now: Who in Vol land never turned down a job offer? (Show of hands)

Now, what part of no do we not understand?

This should be a non issue. Tee Martin may be a fine man. He was a one year quarterback who happened to be along on our year of glory. He has worked at the college level (prior to USC) at two losing programs, in minor rolls. He is reportedly a good recruiter, but he did not recruit KY to victory (except over us). This is not a negative hit on Martin. He just seems another "name" we clamor for, and want to throw a hissy fit if we do not get him. We offered; he said no; end of story.

agreed and there are better wr coaches out there as well...

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If he doesn't want to be here then I reckon I don't really want him here...good luck sir but don't think the fans won't remember next time you're in Neyland.

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For all you haters out there here is some perspective. For all you TRUE Vol fans out there here is stating the obvious...

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The biggest problem I see with this hire, and I voted yes in the poll, is his offensive philosophy history. If he stays in the same style he's always coached, it doesn't bode well for keeping our present players who have another year. And certainly doesn't bode well for Worley & Peterman and probably most of our offensive recruits. Will be interesting to hear him address this in the press conference. Somebody on the beat report field better bring it up.

I thought the same thing, it'll be tough sledding to fix the D and transition the O...

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The trustees need to meet post-search to deal with the total ineptitude of both Cheek and Hart. Why would an Athletic Director ever be hired at a University that had an impending coach on the bubble who had never conducted a big-time college search before? Additionally, allowing him to move forward without the services of a search firm was unthinkable. The fact is Dave Hart has shown arrogance and poor judgement in many of his decisions and as for Cheek, "the fish rots from the head". This is no longer about a football coach, this is now about two individuals that continue to inflict embarrassment on a great university. The result of Hart's short tenure has been equal to that of the Hamilton's incompetence...2 lawsuits, the mangling of the dismissal of Pat Summit, and the slow trigger on Dooley with no real plan to replace him. Not to mention the wonderful sales job he has done at the Dooley news conference basically informing the world the the athletic department was basically broke. Is it any wonder why he can't close a deal.

i'll second that

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Please no more FULMER.............Don't go backward..............

and what exactly have we been doing since he left?

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The no-brainer solution is for Coach Fulmer to replace "Your Cheating" Hart as AD.


UT '81

Agree 100%

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Note to all NCAA athletic directors and attention to how Jimmy Cheek, Mike Hamilton and Dave Hart have operated and do the complete opposite if you want to get a good coach and have good athletic programs. The only thing UT has that is still relevant anymore is its fan base. We deserve so much better than this complete train wreck.

100% AGREE!!!!

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I don't know who was on Florida's list at the time, but very few coaches are going to leave their job after only one year. I doubt many ADs even consider a first-year coach, unless he has previous head coaching experience and he bleeds whatever color they are.

I can appreciate you calling me a Doolaid drinker, because that's what you call everybody who had more patience than you did. You are a shoot first, then ask questions kind of person. We can only hope you are also a start walking across the street, then look kind of person too. Somebody like you, who has no credibility with anybody but yourself and your little lover toddy, saying I have no credibility really hurts.......not!

The biggest differences between you and me, aside from you being a total d-bag, is that you give nobody a chance, and you have never said one positive thing about anybody involved with the Vols football program, and you actually think you make a difference.

BTW, you still haven't answered the question. You're too busy trying to shift the focus by insulting people. I have only pity for you. I would like to say I empathize with you, but I have no idea what it feels like to be so small and insignificant. I guess that's why toddy is the one who relates to you so well.

So, in case you've forgotten the question, who would you hire, genius?

When these guys are right AGAIN then maybe you will realize that there is a fox in the hen house so to speak and he is Hart(less)...

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hmm an Alabama guy hiring a Florida guy to coach at Tennessee. There is just something wrong with that! LOL

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And you know that how? Let me answer -- you know nothing...

no let me answer... simply because if you don't think that Arkansas, Auburn and TN weren't looking at the same list of folks(for the most part)then who's dumb? I'd bet lunch that Bielema's salary when it comes out will dwarf whoever we hire. We aren't serious players for seriously good candidates. We are gonna get another up and comer (Strong) vs a proven winner (Bielema) for example.

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I just figured out why Hart(less) didnt hire a search committee he would just let everyone choose first then his decision would be made for him. aaaaah feels great to have our program run a by an Alabama guy...(insert sarcasm)

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No, it proves that he has set his sights higher than either Arkansas or Auburn. And if you're dumb enough to think we're sitting and waiting, then maybe you should sign with Auburn too, 'cause you'll fit in better there.

you must like leftovers cause that's what we are picking through.

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Letting these other schools pick their coaches while we sit and wait just proves that AD Hart(less) is in over his head! The writing is on the wall people pull the bags off your heads and read it!

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Wrong about Dooley?

Here is what I predicted for 2012:

From: waltermXXX <>
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Subject: Vols

NC State L
Georgia State W
Florida Toss up
Akron W
at Georgia L
Open Date
at Mississippi State L
Alabama L
at South Carolina L
Troy W
Missouri L
at Vanderbilt L


I only have one ID. And I was ALWAYS positive:

Get rid of Dooley
Get rid of Dooley
Get rid of Dooley


UT '81

Walt I am slowly coming around to the side of you guys...I try to find the best in everything but now I'm starting to see the light I think. Here we watch AR go get a solid candidate (which in full disclosure was my choice weeks ago), Auburn gets a great offensive coach and KY cherry picked the guy they wanted while our AD watches and waits to comb over the leftovers. A true TN man would have the universities best interests at heart and do whatever it takes to make sure it succeeded. Its becoming blatantly obvious (to me)that the current regime does not. Keep fighting the good fight...

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people are so funny! TN fans think that just because the (formerly) mighty TN comes calling that there is a mad rush to get in line and hope you're The Chosen One. "This guy is the man!" or "That guy is the man!" - both followed with "do what it takes to get him!" LMAO!! Did it ever dawn on you fools that only those in coaching purgatory and/or those at mid-majors climbing the ladder and/or those that have never been a HC think this is a good job. And NONE are prime candidates for restoring the program to prominance. The best candidates (Petrino excluded) all have jobs! They don't need a rebuilding mess like TN. They all already make millions! If Mora, Shaw, Fisher, Gundy, and a host of others really wanted this job, they'd already have it! Again, Hart is running around talking to a few people but so far he's gotten a lot more "thanks but no thanks" than "he[[ yes let's talk!" responses. THAT should tell everybody one thing if nothing else - this will not be a high profile hire! Get used to that idea - it's the new reality for TN football.

First - Go Pound Sand!!!
Second - TN is and ALWAYS will be a top 20 job in college football period.

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We just fired below average. . .are you saying we need mediocrity? Charlie Strong has proven NOTHING, two 7-6 Seasons at Louisville, underachieving this year in a weakened Big East. . .come next year Louisville, with or without Strong, will be exposed.

7-6, 7-6 and 10-2 (and going BCS bowling)after having to follow Steve Kragthorpe's dumpster fire is pretty good...just my opinion

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Has there been any report of Hart interviewing anyone? I don't expect him to totally show his hand, but couldn't he let us know he's doing something? Notwithstanding all the Gruden rumors, there has been no credible report that Hart has even attempted to contact Gruden, or Petrino or Tressel. I wish he would at least schedule some interviews. I understand that he has to have permission to talk to any coach under contract, but has he asked for permission to talk to anyone? Besides, the best two available coaches, Petrino and Tressel, are not under contract.

Petrino is a BUM and If you want him as the face of our university then there is no hope left for humanity (I understand he is a great coach but as the face of the university well ummm NO) and Tressel has a show-cause penalty we can't afford the scrutiny that trying to hire him would bring from the NCAA. Gruden I too believe he would bring rock star status with him but we all know he wouldnt be here long term. Jimbo Fisher said it right...its never the guy whos in all the rumors. I'm willing to bet it ends up Butch Jones, Larry Fedora or Al Golden. Just my simple opinion.

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Have you ever been in a spelling contest?

...a collage of couches, makes me want a nap!

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What about Mario Cristobal (FIU, look up what hes done before blasting me) or Dana Holgorsen?

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Hope we don't have to kick a field goal or an extra point to win the game.

true that!!!

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WOW its never a good thing when the word "hapless" is used...

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...and Kiffin would have us on probation

If all falls out the way it sits now, Kelly is gonna wish he was in the SEC...with an undefeated ND team on the outside looking in...

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IMHO he was too soft for CCM's style anyway...nothing gained nothing lost is what i say

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Anyone who thinks it is coaching has never actually looked into what it takes (and how long) to switch from the 4-3 to a 3-4 system. Look at GA a few years ago they were ready to burn Richt at the stake they were so bad. It takes TIME, LIKE 2-3 YRS!!!!

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First! lets not get our hopes up just yet....

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

that was my first impression too...

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Bama is not personal, it used to be a fun rivalry. The Gators are personal! Also, what smokysbark said.
The Vols haven't always been good, but I don't remember them ever being this bad with no hope of improvement. I don't think Dooley is going anywhere. Sad!

You must not be old enough to remember but Alabama is a much bigger game for us historically than Fla. Its a border rivalry for one but it goes way back, thus the reason its personal. GBO! Lets shock the country!

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He just mistook that backside for ol' Muschumps face is all, lil misunderstanding no biggie...


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Ok some dude messed me up at the top. At least I'm gonna blame him. Akron in Sept. and Troy later on. I still don't know where Troy is. and don't think it'll make any difference which one we play in Sept. It's a win I would think.

in Troy, Alabama

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go get back under your rock...

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I absolutely cannot wait til all these HATERS have to eat crow...and it WILL happen. You'd think all these folks were parrots with hung toes the way they squawk...

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Not saying anyone should be ill mannered. But I do believe there is a constitutional right to freedom of speech. At least at this time.

right to free speech and right to judge are two totally different things...

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Let me type slow so some of you can understand...

Ready? Phillip Fulmer was let go after mediocre recruiting and a growing loss column. Players left or didn't come because of the coaching change. It's called attrition.

Lane Kiffin comes in and stays one year. He recruits a decent class and then takes off in the night. Tries to talk Bray and a few others out of going to class so he can take them to USC with him. We have another coaching change and further attrition (see above). Something like 40 players were lost due to attrition in the 14 months between Fulmer's firing and Kiffin's red eye flight to the left coast. Derek Dooley comes in and puts together a decent class...but the damage has been done. A few more players including the great Bryce Brown can't deal with change and move on to what they hope to be greener pastures.

So what we have here is basically is equivalent to a NCAA sanction in the number of scholarships lost...similar to what USC is going through now with the 30 lost schollies...but certainly more devastating. USC is losing 10 per year over three years but LK is picking and choosing who he is yanking and giving schollies to. There's a little more planning in the process although I'm not too sure they come through this unscathed in a year or two. USC could very well see a drop off. But certainly they entered into it with a stocked stable and will do pretty well...much better than we who had already seen a decline in recruiting under CPF. We were like a weak patient going in for major surgery...and not like a strong and healthy patient going in to have his appendix taken out.

But enough with the analogies. You naysayers can call it excuses all you want, but when does an excuse finally be seen as a fact? In this Microwave society, I'm afraid that many of you won't ever be able to face the facts and the pain that must come with the rebuilding that CDD has been facing for the past two years. Two years approaching three...and those of you calling for a coaching change can't see that things are about to fall into place...or rather you choose not to see it.

I really do believe some of you are the types that want to live self inflicted painful lives...because from the way I see it...we are a program on the rise again.

Well said!!

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ok i have no idea who this guy is, 3 yr DC and safeties coach at The Citadel. He looks young anyone know his pedigree?

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Let's see: One Coach has his team seeded number one with 2 on first team, 2 on 2nd team, 2 on Freshman team, 2 on defensive team, player of year, Freshman of year, 6th man of year, and defensive player of the year.

One Coach has his team seeded 2nd with 1 player on second team and 1 player on Freshman team.

Coach of the year??????

you just made the argument for me!! Martin did more with less!! only 1 2nd teamer and 1 all freshman!! Cal didnt have to coach with that talent irregardless of the predictions....

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I'm not eating crow. . .and I'm not celebrating a potential NIT bid as some sort of accomplishment. When he starts recruiting talent we'll talk. Next year, if he doesn't replace Stokes and the senoirs with better players than he's recruited thus far, we're in trouble.

Every village needs're it. Be a true fan or not one at all...

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I have one question...what audience did kns think they were trying to reach with this article? I truly wish I could be bad what I do and still get paid...

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RIP AD, thanks for a spectacular season a couple years back. Prayers going up!

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Yeah, he had no idea what was going on with Alvin, Pickens, Carter, Hobby, Cobb, etc. So the deal is that it's not a lie, unless you fess up to something. Not coming forward or not admitting (Calhoun) to infractions is fine and less punishable. Deny, deny, deny, and your character will be held up, regardless of your guilt.