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Written on In wake of Manziel saga, UT rewrites autograph policy:

At UTAD functions, players should be allowed to sign ANY item as long as it is just one per person.
Note to Hart: It's not likely that a player is going to bring a stack of jerseys to a UTAD event and take cash under the table. Get real here. Your are punishing the fans who are the reason you have a job.

Written on John Adams: Vols can turn APR dilemma into a winning number:

in response to budd#207344:

Ask your " highly placed UT athletic employee" to name one player who was rejected for academics at UT and went on to play for another SEC school. Then ask him to name an SEC school who admitted a academically rejected Florida player to play defensive line.

He actually gave me a name as an example of what he was saying. It was a highly touted running back that went to Bama, who really wanted to come to UT. This guy is credible and spoke to me in confidence. If I told you who the man is, you would not doubt him, not one bit.

As far as the Gator reject, we both know there are schools above us academically and some that are below us. We benefit from some, lose to others. At the end of the day, I'll take the higher academic standards.

Written on David Climer: UT's bad APR shows deeper troubles:

in response to bobbarbilly:

" Buy 'um books and send um' to school and what do they do... they tear the covers off the books and eat the 'rasers off the pencils".

-Old Hillbilly Proverb

Jim Bob came home from school and told his pappy that "Pi r square". "Dang son, you ain't learned a thang up at UT, a pie are round, cornbread are square.

Written on John Adams: Vols can turn APR dilemma into a winning number:

I spoke to a highly placed UT athletic employee 2 years ago who bemoaned the fact that our academic standards were too high, and we were losing top players to Bama, LSU, and others because of it.

BTW, that person is still there.

Academics should be emphasized, after all, they are "student athletes". UT should not be seen as a "football factory".

We shouldn't have to be Vanderbilt East, or compared to any other program. We should be building a reputation and legacy that will have other schools wanting to be compared to UT, on the field as well as in the classroom.

Written on Josh Dobb's calls now will be with Tennessee Vols:

Quarterback will be a team strength for several years to come if all our QB's stay.

Written on Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray to transfer:

in response to maciste54:

Players transfer all the time for a variety of reasons. Things are looking up for football. Don't be a downer. If the team followed some of you guys lead they'd never win another game.

Alex Bullard comes to mind.

Written on Travon Landry's father on recruitment: 'It's just the nature of the beast':

CCM is taking a page out of Saban's Book.

Sign a boatload, then throw the excess signees overboard.


Written on Mike Vollmar hired as UT's new senior associate AD for football:

Hart and CBJ should hire the best staff they can find. If they are former Vols, great, if not, get the best candidate available.

I don't see and of you critizing General Neyland because he came from West Point.

Saban doesn't win because he hires former "Bama" people, he wins because he hires the best staff he can find.

You will soon forget where they came from when they win.


Written on Butch Jones' finding of No. 1 pick in NFL Draft profiled by Yahoo :

CBJ is our "Diamond In The Rough." GBO

Written on John Adams: For Butch Jones, it's been access supplied during his time at Tennessee:

Adams quote: "The media isn’t that cozy with the coach, but it does have more access."

So who is to blame if the media isn't cozy with CBJ? Let me guess.

Written on Little separation in quarterback battle after scrimmage:

Making points with the profs. Smooth, CBJ, smooth.

CBJ is slicker than boiled okra.


Written on Peyton, Ashley Manning donate $500,000 to Pat Summitt Foundation:

May his gift be the dollars that find the cure. God bless, Peyton, Ashley, Pat.

Written on With coaches on sidelines, UT defense will be pushed toward 'accountability' in scrimmage:

Has anybody else noticed the absence of any comments by Gillespie and the running backs? All of the other coaches are doing interviews, videos, etc. Any clues?

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

For all of you Kim Mulkey critics and jump on the bandwagon lemmings.

Written on 'Test of maturity' coming on how UT football players used their spring break:

Lack of speed was our undoing the past 3 years. Year 0 and 1(Dooley's count)we played our DBs off the line and everybody completed passes underneath, then ran by us.

Last year in the "more aggressive defense"(Dooley's description), the Dbs played at the line and the wideouts blew by us and completed passes.

Lack of speed...yuh think, last year they couldn't catch a cold.

I believe CBJ and staff will improve our DBs in technique, quickness and speed. GBO

Written on David Climer: Butch Jones shows moxie Tennessee Vols need:

Dooley did sweat the small stuff. He was much more concerned about how much starch was in his shirts than he was about teaching fundamentals of tackling, blocking etc.

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

You little p*ss ants always attack winners. The Yankees, Saban, etc,. Mulkey IS a class coach who was fighting for, and speaking up for her team. A good coach should do nothing less. Baylor is a much smaller private school than most of their opponents and for the 1st time in decades they have a little sucess in their athletic programs. They lose and you "living in mams's basement" morons start crapping thru your keyboards. Get off your computer and go clean your rooms! GBO

Written on Tom Boerwinkle, the biggest Vol, dies at 67:

Seem to remember some Tom / Clyde lee clashes. Clyde seldom lost the big men battles, but he did when he bounced off Big Tom.

Written on Former UT running backs coach Jay Graham will make $275,000 at Florida State:

I suspect that Jay was partially blamed by HS coaches for Dooley's "do not recruit in TN" policy. It was easier to leave UT than mend fences, even with Jones at the helm. The HS coaches have long memories regarding Dooley and Jay was associated with that policy. Jay took the easy way out.

Written on Offseason could be time to evaluate Cuonzo Martin's contract:

You usually renegotiate when the coach has performed above the bar as a reward, and is attracive to other schools willing to pay more.

Who else would want Martin at or above his current comp. If he is not happy, leave or honor the contract that he signed.

Written on Butch Jones says Cordarrelle Patterson 'definitely going to the NFL' :

in response to AllVol1:

I have to say, I look forward to seeing which players really step up. I believe we have a lot of potentially good players. Croom is a big boy. Pig is quick and seems to just have "game". Bowles is more of an unknown to me. Vincent has experience. Cody Blanc could blossom like Rogers did this year. Our running game is solid with returning players AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE US LAND GREEN!! Go Vols.

Don't forget about Carter. He will be a "possession" receiver who will be as valuable as Rogers. Zack was a role model on how to be a Tennessee Volunteer.

Written on Poll: Are you satisfied with the coaching staff Butch Jones has put together?:

in response to 9willbesofine:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Since you can predict the future, what is the winning number of the next Powerball drawing?

Written on John Adams: Comparative shopping: Petrino, Tuberville, Jones :

We hired the best combination of head coach and staff of any school in the country, not just the SEC. They will win on the field faster than many believe.

Petrino and Tubs have to build their coaching staff from scratch. When the coaches know each other and work as a team, the players will progress and learn faster.

Look at our defensive staff last year as an example of how poorly those new coaches communicated with each other and the players.

Written on Chaney joins Arkansas as offensive coordinator:

in response to jt45:

Ive been here watching his teams, I dont need stats to know how predictable he is. Any coach could have put up big numbers with all the weapons coach Chaney had. Maybe your forgetting all those short yardage calls he kept making inside the red zone that went bad. I cant count how many times the Vols were at 3rd and inches and he called a busted pass play. You might see it differently but never cared for his lack of balance in the offense. It was better this year but was still really bad in third down situations, and every team that made adjustments beat us to death on time of possesion. Simply put it was Pass,Pass,Pass,Punt. The defense was bad, but made even worse by our offensive scheme, wich scored fast or not at all. Yes they put up good numbers but at a huge cost.

I wish Chaney the best of luck but I hope the next OC has more than 2 pass plays and the wildcat in his toolbox.

Let's get real here, Chaney was not the reason we lost those games. There were enough points scored in every game except 2 to win. Truth be told, Dooley and his bad time out decisions may have contributed to the MO loss, but it was the lack of defense in the second half that really lost the game.

Chaney overall did his job at UT, nobody is perfect and you can cherry pick on bad offensive plays all day long, but a very bad defense was the achielles heal of this team.

Written on David Climer: Is Butch Jones capable of building a winning football team?:

in response to volcop:

Jones did not specificly say he wanted the UT head coaching job, He just wanted to be head coach at a major university, UT just happened to be one that came along.

Jones turned down Colorado, Purdue, and Kentucky. He didn't lunge at the first job that came down the pike, he chose the one he wanted. He did say that he had watched and followed UT for years. He saw the Strong deal falling apart and waited for the opportunity to come to him. It did and he is now our coach.

Climer is a "Vandy-Camper" all beans, no meat. Climer will always give Franklin his love, UT get the gas off of his beans. Use this article as evidence.

I'm all in with Jones. He is the best hire of the 4 SEC newbies. Look who took his place, some of you wanted Tubs at UT, we got the better coach by a long shot. Go Vols

Written on John Adams: Reality reigns in UT hire :

Adams said "if you look two years ahead, it's more likely that Jones will be on the hot seat than his team will be in contention for a BCS bowl."

That statement is an example of John's negative reality. He sees everything thru cracked brown lens.

I believe that CBJ can and will make winners of the players we have on the roster now. I know that with any kind of defensive effort in 2012, we could have won 4 more games with the same players. Coaches make a difference and in my opinion, CBJ is a difference maker. Go Vols

Written on University of Cincinnati coach Butch Jones to leave UC, become coach at University of Tennessee:

An analysis of Butch Jones style football...

Under Jones' leadership, Cincinnati has always been one of the most exciting offensive and defensive units to watch. On offense, they've been known to spread you out and be incredibly balanced, and on defense they're going to be fundamentally sound and pin their ears back and flat out get after the quarterback.

He is a Winner. If you can't get behind this coach, Take I-40 west to Vanderbilt. (btw, Jones beat Franklin last year in the Liberty Bowl.)

Written on Poll: Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

in response to brod:

i just hope that he doesn't install a chuck and duck offense. ut needs to get back to a mix of pass and ground game attack.

An analysis of Butch Jones style

"Under Jones' leadership, Cincinnati has always been one of the most exciting offensive and defensive units to watch. On offense, they've been known to spread you out and be incredibly balanced, and on defense they're going to be fundamentally sound and pin their ears back and flat out get after the quarterback."

I wouldn't call that "chuck and duck"

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

in response to TritanVol:

Anyone in the country would be an upgrade over what we endured the last three years.

Gundy lost Saturday because his defense couldn't stop a very good, but not great offense. Sound familiar?

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

in response to TommyJack:

Jimbo, Schmimbo. Would not be the right choice.

I'm afraid he will be our coach. I agree, Fisher is not the best coach of all the names floating around. 2 of the best are in their 1st year and have more character than to pull a "Kiffin"..... Mora and Fedora.

One of the brightest coaches winning in a tough situation is Fitzgerald at Northwestern. His problem is he is not a "name coach" that will register with SEC recruits immediately.

Jimbo wants in the SEC, Hart likes him. Hart will provide a better coach / AD relationship than Jimbo would have at Auburn or FL State.

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

in response to OrangeBloodFlood:

My son is watching and just asked the same thing.I know John Adams is big on Briles but I don't know a lot about him.If he can recruit Texas though that would be a big plus.Hey Bear,I agree,we missed the boat on Sumlin.

My son is a junior at Baylor. Knows the players and coaches. He says Briles is Texas born and bred and will never leave Texas for any amount of money.
He may coach at UT someday, but it will be that scorched orange (brown) and white version.

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

in response to DingoVol:

Jimbo has been mediocre at best with far superior talent and in an easy conference. He lost twice to Wake Forest! Jimbo is not the right choice. Blames everyone but himself and his assistant coaches do not like him. Sound familiar?

You pick who you think will be named our next coach if not Jimbo.
I win, you buy me and my wife a beer at Chili's on O/W spring game day.

You win, I buy. Fair Nuff ??

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

in response to Rock85:

OOORRRR JUST MAYBE..Hart is the guy that wanted to keep Dooley, so much he almost cried.Which with Dooleys record If you stop to think might just make you question his Judgement.AND If you THINK Might just make you wonder If HART is DOOLEY in the AD office??? YOU THINK MAYBE....

Ya think????? Nah!

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

in response to SummerfieldVol:

I agree. I think he has had his man for quite sometime now. Just had to work out the little things in the contract. I do not think it is Petrino because he had no reason to keep it quite because Petrino is not coaching any where and therefore he could be announced as soon as he agreed to come. I believe it will be Jimbo Fisher.

Great Minds.......

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

in response to gobigorange5090:

Hart started the Gruden frenzy? I dont think so.

I didn't say he started it. He used what the media and fans started. The Gruden frenzy was convenient because it kept all the attention off Hart's activities.

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

Hart cleverly used the Gruden frenzy as a decoy to keep the media and fans distracted while he went about the business of finding our next coach.
I think Gruden allowed the deception to play out with his silence.
Hart called the agent today to stop the media speculation about Gruden because he has found his man.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

Hart has allowed Gruden to be his decoy while he checks out real coaching candidates. Wise Up !!

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