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Written on No Vols-Kentucky game in Knoxville for first time since 1952 season:

in response to SevenT:

This is Tennessee's Final Four game, Tennessee fan is obsessed with Kentucky. Kentucky fan could care less about Tennessee it is just another victory.

This is a silly statement. Which team has beaten Tennessee more than any other? Kentucky... AND which team has beaten Kentucky more than any other? Tennessee
This is a rivalry for both sides and always has been. UK has the upper hand but that doesn't diminish the rivalry for either side.

Written on Source: Trae Golden's departure 'based on academics' and 'repeated plagiarism':

and proof yet again that GVX is where all the assorted nuts come to post...

Written on The addition of Darius Thompson means someone is going or someone isn't coming on Vols' roster:

in response to Katphan29:

Kentucky Basketball's New Death Star.

Wall Street Journal article. Interesting read:

Take that cr-ap on back to Lexington.

Written on Vols' Jordan McRae makes first-team All-SEC:

Not really right that Noel can miss 40% of the season and still make 1st team while Stokes averages a dbl-dbl and gets put on 2nd team.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Does UT control its NCAA destiny?:

Be weary of resident trolls...

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Vols' missing MVP very evident in loss:

sure are lots of folks with short term memories around here...

Written on Stokely nearly empty, memories remain :

in response to SevenT:

Kentucky was flat out cheated by paid for refs many times in that dump of a building, and the master cheater was Ray Mears and his stupid orange jacket and unicylists. Good Riddance, the property will be better served as a parking lot.

Just Saying

and of course kentucky has never been known to cheat... but anybody that beats them must have, right troll?

Written on Vols have reason to celebrate against Oakland ... after the game :

in response to Rumblefish:

holy cow...were those stands empty. anybody know the announced attendance??? i mean EMPTY!

The stands were only really empty near the end of the game. Quite a few in there at the start.

Written on Vols beat Kennesaw State, 76-67:

Yemi got yanked quickly for bad defense IMO.

Written on Vols' school-record streak of NCAA appearances snapped at six:

in response to BigOrangeSmoker:

can anyone say thanks martin,a good coach with the load of talent we have would have got us in,like ive said all year and everybody wants to jump all over me about it which is ok i can take it....this coach aint a sec coach,heck he's tickled to get a NIT invite cause hes never had that in his past

What are you smoking?

Written on Yemi Makanjuola's double-double helps Vols to three-game win streak, 86-55 :

in response to rockypop:

I watched the game, and the Citadel was arguably the worst basketball team I've ever seen in the modern era. How could this victory even be considered worth counting?

the same way all our SEC bretheren are counting all their wins against patsies. A win is a win.

Written on Vols hope to steal Stokes:

in response to doh:

Bruce Pearl couldnt have won alot of games with this team. Coach Martin didnt inherit a load of talent. For people to say the clock is ticking after ten games dont have a clue about sports.

Amen brother...

Written on For UT athletic director Dave Hart, 'it's about progress' :

What is done is done. Coach Fulmer is gone (love him or hate him) and he isn't coming back, so why continue to bring it up? That helps no one.
The Bama fan was correct, a coaching change should always be the last resort. Every time you make a coaching change it will set your program or any progress back a minimum of 2 years unless the cupboard is fully stocked... and ours wasn't.

Written on Derek Dooley visits CAK, checks on QB Charlie High:

more like a lot of sarcasm.....

Written on UT gets verbal commitment from Travon Landry :

in response to BigOrangeSmoker:

I feel sorry for this kid from alabama beings thats where i live and he goes to school with my nephew im going to try and talk to him,Martin is not a sec coach,he'd be better off going somewhere eleseIm a diehard Vol fan but i hate to see Martin ruin these kids

Don't ever call yourself a Diehard Vol Fan and then follow it up with the crud you just spewed. You lost all credibility if you ever had any to begin with. You give the real diehard fans a bad name. I think we have got a damn good coach. He needs time to get his recruiting channels established, but that doesn't happen overnight.

Written on Oakland game a glimpse at how Vols might fare in SEC :

in response to rockypop:

The bad news here is that Oakland lost to both Alabama and Arkansas by serious double digits.

As Kampe said though, it was the first two games of their season and the team has changed a lot since then... plus this was a home game for them. Home rims are friendlier.
Having watched us in several games now, this looked like our poorest performance so far. I thought that Maymon still looked stiff or hurt. You could tell it when he was missing free throws (which he hasn't done all season until then). We made several unforced TOs in the first half especially.
I wouldn't put too much stock into the point spreads on those first two games Oakland had.

Written on Tyler Bray has broken thumb, out six weeks:

in response to CincyOhVol:

Dooley is 9-9 as our coach.

He was 17-20 at La. Tech.

This coaching staff hasn't recruited speed. They've recruited 2-3 star recruits that everyone else in the country overlooked.

Tired of this "star" phooey. There are 18 commits for next year right now and 9 of the 18 are 4 star, no 2 stars. They may have had to take a few his first class but he was behind the 8 ball then.

Written on Dave Hart: Cuonzo Martin needs time, support:

Wow OrangeTexas you are a ray of sunshine. Glad you want to give these guys a chance. 0.o

Written on Ryan Rosburg to attend game during official visit :

I wouldn't put much stock in the Jr year numbers. Sounds like he developed well over the summer in the AAU circuit. Lots of these players at this age blossom quickly. His Sr stats will probably look somewhat better. When these kid's game takes off you gotta be positioned at the right place and right time to get them.

Written on 6-foot-9 Ryan Rosburg has Vols in top 5 :

in response to lakindofguy:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Didn't read the article??

Written on Hamilton says Pearl's job to be reviewed after NCAA tournament:

Smooth move there Mr. Hamilton... screw any chance that we might have of landing a recruit. We are already self restricted, now you want to make sure to scare off any potential interest and distract our coach and possibly our players at the tournament.

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