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7-5? I think we set our sights too low for our Vols.. ;-) GBO!!! Go Coach Jones!!

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Has anyone heard anything regarding Gunner Kiel transferring to Tennessee?

Seems to me this is a no brainer. Kid may be looking for a home, and CBJ's style may settle him down a bit. This is a kid who last year was the top ranked, 5-star QB in the country... it's worth the risk to bring him on board, insulate him, and spend his "bench year" developing him.

I know there will be nay-sayers. However, in my mind, the upside is worth the risk.

I've heard UT, Arkansas, and one other SEC school were hot after him, may have been LSU. Time will tell. All we can do is continue to support Coach Jones and our Vols. I think/hope/pray we got a winner in him. GBO!!!

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If he wants to play sounds to disrupt their concentration why not play some of Dooley's press conference. That was a lot like a baby whining or fingernails on a blackboard.


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“We’re going to focus on effort, technique, discipline — basically we’re going to focus on playing winning football.”

How long has it been since we heard that phrase and halfway believed it? High hopes and best wishes for Coach Jones. GBO!!!!

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I thought they were making another three stooges movie. Thank God it was only a coaching change. Joking aside, I agree totally with volthrunthru#658770. I don't like to speak ill of any of our former coaches, but Trooper Taylor appears to have constant trouble following him. I support Coach Jones and his staff. I support Dave Hart for as long as he is our AD, but most of all, and the single constant, is I support our VOLS! The young men who want to come to UT to play ball (hopefully secondary to furthering their education, but I am not that delusional). This is our school, our team, and I support them 100%. GBO!!!!!!

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Coaching is a business. If you want to perpetuate the VFL, quit hinging it on people's livlihoods and employment decisions. Show it in your being a fan. Go Vols, good or bad, win or lose, our school, our team. And THAT'S what VFL is for us fans. GBO!!!!!!

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And Coach Jones, I hope you're with us for a long time too. GBO!!!!!!!

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I don't think so, these guys can play in the SEC. They want to be here and I thought it was a good signing class...Bell was a kik in the teeth perhaps but he didn't want to be here and his parents apparently didn't want him to come here so forgetem'. All-in-all for the time they had, not a bad class at all.

Bell is taking a risk going to OS. With the mess Meyer left in Florida, what's he going to do on his hometown playground? I wish all the young men who signed anywhere, everywhere yesterday all the best. Football is a game, their education is forever.

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So, if a Bammer fan paints some recruits names on the rock in the middle of the night....

There's no penalty if every word is spelled incorrectly.

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Rudy only played a couple of plays in one game. I expect this young gentleman will see a lot more playing time given his work ethic. I would love to see UT win a national title every year, but I also like seeing young men of this caliber on our roster. VFL! GBO!!!!!!

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Tough to hear. Obviously there were other factors. If he were simply committed to his recruits and players, he would not have come to interview and check it out. I will not trash Tee. A man has to do what he thinks is right. If he does not want to be here, for whatever reasons, then I don't think he should be here. Let's focus on the best coach who wants to be here. Go Vols.


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Who was 3 and 4?

This is silly, and makes you look uninformed.

Jon Gruden was never interested, NEVER EVER CARED ABOUT UT. Get over it.

Charlie Strong confirmed as did Hart a contract was offered, choice #1.

Gundy denied everything, said he never thought serious about leaving and was just talk. Hart confirmed he was a candidate. choice #2, maybe?

Butch Jones, accepted, probably best option and probably should have been choice #1, ended up possibly at worst #3.

So I say again, who are these others????


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Dooley, not Cooley. Sorry.

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I wish Coach Sunseri all the luck in the world. Former Coach Cooley took a chance on him, he took a chance uprooting and coming to Tennessee. It didn't work out (obviously) and both paid dearly. Thanks to both, to all our coaches for their sacrifices and effort. Best of luck to them in the future.

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I'm excited. With the exception of Mora Jr. and Petrino, I would back Dave Hart's judgement and our coach 100%. Say what you want about Hart, he knows this is the most important hire he will ever make at UT. He appears to have handled the process gracefully and professionally, this casts a favorable light on our University. Coach Jones appears to have fire in his belly, demands respect and discipline from his players, and just appears to be a fine person and hopefully a winning coach we will have around to build a dynasty like Coach Saban and Coach Miles have. Welcome to East Tennessee Coach Davis. Welcome to your family. You're part of the family now. We may fight amongst ourselves. We get loud and rowdy. There'll be times we get angry with you and you with us, but you're a Volunteer now and you will not find a more passionate and supportive fan base anywhere. VFL GBO!!!!!!!!

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Dang. I need to check craigslist more often.

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I've loved my Vols since I was 9 and went to my first game with my dad... I only signed up for this to vent my complete and total frustration with Dave Hart. I know tons of season ticket holder in Bristol/Tricities area who will not be renewing this year. I cannot and will not support the slide into permanent mediocrity... It's the best a mediocre coach can do... we just became Mississippi State, NOT THE VOLS I KNOW! I refuse to watch this anymore... Done!

Grab your estrogen on the way out. You sound like a Georgia-Florida fan. Good riddance! Welcome Coach Jones! GBO!!!!!!

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Charlie Strong would relish beating Florida, every year, as much as all us Vol fans put together. In all the names, outlandish or not, that have been mentioned, I for one think Coach Strong would be the best choice. I will support any coach we get, but if I had my druthers..

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I worry about Mora. After seeing his antics when he coached the Falcons, he reminded me an awful lot of Kiffin..

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Totally unacceptable coaching performance. I love and support the team and the university, but the time has come.

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I hear she's going to take up golf.

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John, you've written some good ones and you've written some bad ones. Even on the worst of days with your worst of columns, I wouldn't suggest Petrino to be YOUR boss! Besides, we'd lose him and two or three graduate assistants on the Dragon's Tail within a week or two..

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Sorry I'm late. I had to change the lock on an office door and deliver a U-Haul. Now I'm sitting here hitting "refresh" waiting for the "Dooley fired, Charley Strong named new coach" to pop up.

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I don't know... I'm starting to hear some awfully "Strong" rumors...

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You know, I bleed Orange and White, always will. I support our players, I support our coaches, but I think we can all agree this is the most reprehensible excuse for a defense we have ever seen. Just poking fun vol4gzus. Sometimes you gotta laugh cause crying don't do any good no more..

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..from exhaustion? I assume you're talking about the Missouri offense...

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He left out the line "Just for fun he says "Get a job"..."

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I haven't heard any votes of confidence from Dave Hart..

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Kind of like the reverse of going to bed with a 10 at 2 and waking up with a 2 at 10...

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It's a feeling of regret and excitement. I hate it for Dooley and his family as a person, working/living under such scrutiny has to be hard, but he should have known that coming in. On the other hand, it would be nice to not worry about Kentucky, Vandy, and Missouri...

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I have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach as I did after FCPF's last game against Alabama.

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"Sarcasm?" - Sheldon Cooper

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Dooley record is 4-15 in the SEC.

The only teams Dooley beat are:

Vandy (Twice)
Ole Miss

Those are the WORST BOTTOM TEAMS in the SEC - along with Tennessee thanks to Dooley.

Dooley has never beat a ranked team.

He has never won a game on the road.

Dooley should have been fired after the Kentucky loss.

Why is Dooley still coaching here?


One word..buyout... I think Coach Dooley (yeah, I felt a little vomit in the back of my throat) will be here until Peyton is available to be out head coach for many years. Look at the timing... As always, win or lose, whoever holds the healm..GBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There ain't no score until they play the game. GBO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A contagious virus and multiple arrests in Athens.

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Living in the Atlanta metro area (under protest much of the time), I will tell you we Vols have lots and lots of brethren down here. Y'all gonna feel right at home. GO VOLS!!!!!

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"Hello? Cameron? This is Gene Chizik..."

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All you've ever wanted was to be Alabama. Yet, you loathe everything Bama. Funny, isn't it.

I think the majority of UT fans (true fans, not bandwagon on and offers..) respect Alabama. Growing up, the third weekend in October was THE only game of the year that mattered. They say there is no truer form of flattery than imitation. And by the way, congratulations on number 14! GBO!!!!!

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Regardless of staff and players, they are our Vols and I will support them regardless. You all were delusional to think rebuilding the mess from the last few years of Fulmer (post Cutcliffe) and the travellng circus of the Bozo show would happen in a year or two. CDD may or may not be the answer, but for now, he is our coach, these are our Vols, and I will bleed orange until the day I die. GBO!!!!!!!!!!!

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Depth and experience take time. Chizik came into one of the best teams money could buy as did Muschamp. Not to disrespect either school, but UT was in a shambles before Coach Fulmer left and Bozo and his traveling circus of gypsies compounded the problem. Give the new AD and new coach a chance. I still think we have a winner with Coach Dooley.

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Tebow and Meyer rolled into one.

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Wishes for a speedy recovery to this young man.

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A ray of sunshine on a l-o-n-g day...

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Was head coaching on Muschamps resume? Negative.

Yeah, and we're seeing how that worked out. Chief was an excellent DC and I am happy for him that he landed at an institution where he is respected and is seeing some success. We were blessed to have had him and I am glad it all worked out well for him.

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Anybody that quotes Vern Gosdin is alright with me.

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Our Vols were riddled by the complacency that had set into the program under former Coach Fulmer. Look back a short time. It all started the downhill slide when Coach Cutcliffe took the unenviable position at Duke. Then FC Fulmer brings in some yahoo with an offensive scheme that was laughable. I think former AD Hamilton made a terrible decision to end FCPF's tenure the way he did. I honestly believe our boys mailing it in the last three or four games that year set us back at least an additional year or two. Then the circus came to town with Trojan boy and his six pack of condoms. My word. Putting up pictures of players from a different team from the west coast for motivation?! Trying to turn East Tennessee into a hip-hop school?! What the he11 was he thinking?! Ed Ogeron?! Really!! Puh-leeze! So now the puppet, the terror of the smorgasboard, and Bozo have left town. We have a new AD, a new b-ball coach, and a new football coach, and until proven otherwise, I would say three very good ones at that. I am proud of our Vols, I am proud of our school, and I am proud of our football coaching staff (no offense to basketball, it's just a place holder between December - September). He deserves our patience and our support. Coach Dooley is smart, he seems to instill discipline, and he understands southern football and Vol pride. You all that want instant gratification, I am sure that cesspool in Tallahassee Florida has some extra seats, and I would guess many more before the end of the season. GO VOLS!!!!!!!

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Amen to the DragonSlayer. I think all true Vols are optimistic and at the same time we have to be realistic. We have (in my opinion) a great coach and staff and are getting some battle ready freshmen and sophomores. This is what it takes to build depth. Blood, sweat, tears, and time. We all need to stand behind our Vols, pull for them win or lose, and not ever expect anything less than a "W" when they take the field whether we think we know the outcome or not. Our team has a rough and challenging month ahead of them. They are going to grow one way or the other, good or bad, win or lose. Someone hit the nail on the head, as long as they give it their all for four quarters, they are already winners, the accolades will follow.