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Written on Details of lawsuit when Julie Hermann was Lady Vols volleyball coach released:

UT lost the case. That should tell you who was right and who was wrong.

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

I remember when Tee was just a recruit and he played the media....I hope he makes the right decision once again! Kiffin will be gone in less than one year.

Written on John Adams: Even though it won't be Jon Gruden, the new coach will win over UT fans at media conference :

John Adams repeatedly called for Fulmer's firing. Now we see where the program is.

Written on John Adams: With new coach, it may be time for UT to spread its wings on offense :

Why is John Adams commenting on this? He is just like Donald Trump...clawing his way to stay relevant.(And btw we will see how long it takes the KNS to delete this comment)

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in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say better watch or you will become a quoted "source" for half of Knox sports media. lol
Bones never lie.

I saw him in a restroom on the Strip and he was diagramming plays on his Ipad at the urinal.

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Y'all can say what you want, but I think Chaney is a pretty good coach. I appreciate him not throwing his boss under the bus, even though he could have. Classy guy.

Agreed...Just look at how well the offence is doing. I just hope Gruden keeps him ^_^

This is a joke guys... but Chaney is a great coach and a class act!

Written on John Chavis urges Tennessee's fans' support through rough patch :

It should make us all wish we could have a second chance and do things over. Also, John Chavis is a class act!

Written on Debby Jennings files suit against UT for 'unlawful discrimination'; says Pat Summitt was told she would not return as coach:

There was absolutely no reason for her and her lawyer to drag Pat into this!

Written on John Adams: Kiffin's Trojans will spoil the SEC parade :

Since when has John Adams ever known anything about football?

Written on Four earlier burglaries took place in Gibbs Hall :

in response to BufordTJustice:

Maybe he will go to Auburn and win the Heisman. The NFL and NBA definitely give future purse snatching, thieving felons like Cam Newton an alternative line of work.

Let's be fair. It was his Dad not him.

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in response to VolAtUGA11:

I gotta say I never appreciated peoples' criticisms of Adams as a guy who never has anything good to say about UT. How could a person who's made a pretty decent career out of writing be that biased? Why would he be out to get UT?

This article doesn't help the argument for Adams.

Adams simply writes whatever he thinks will draw the most readers. He is just like tissue in the wind. He is a hack who knows nothing about sports. But, make no mistake, he knows how to generate controversy and get people to read his junk.

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"Arthur Brown Sr., hired Knoxville attorney Greg Isaacs to help the cause but UT never budged."

Enough said. Just because you have the phone number to the KNS doesn't make you a good lawyer.

Written on Report: Bryce Brown, brother took gifts from Miami booster 3 years ago :

And all we did was send hostesses to watch a high school game.

Written on John Adams: Want to be the AD? Then pass the test :

Jeeze Adams you really are sucking at writing these days. Maybe it's time for a new Sports Editor.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

KNS is scraping the bottom of the barrel.. must be a slow news day!

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John Adams always has all the answers (I know another advertisement click is all it's about)! I am tiered of him being the deciding voice of UT Sports! No more clicks from me.......

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer could get by as athletic director:

I normally try not to click on Adam's articles, however:

With the decline of Fulmer so is the decline of Adams. John, why are you still trying to attack Fulmer? You are grasping at straws. It is time for John Adams to exit. After all, it is a new era in Tennessee Sports. At least Phillip Fulmer did it with dignity.

Written on Poll: Who do you support more, Mike Hamilton or Bruce Pearl?:

What kind of question is this KNS? Very poor choice.

Written on John Adams: Not many stars in 2007 recruiting class:

Typical Adams, taking another shot at Fulmer.What will you find to write about in another year?

How many articles have you written that didn't get many clicks? You are a very poor sports reporter and journalist.

Written on Former UT commitment Ambles suspended by Southern California:

OK...are we reporting on former commits at other schools? Move on KNS stop beating a dead horse.

Written on Bryce Brown claims depression for release from UT:

I am sure he is so depressed. How do you think KNS got the documents? His lawyer called the paper and gave them to them. The Both the Browns and Issacs just want to be in the press. It is very sad.

Written on Adams: Finish might have to last awhile :

"In fact, it might be the worst team in UT history."

But do you, John Adams, and the KNS, accept your responsibility in this? Phillip Fulmer was declining, but your personal vendetta was a big part!!!

Written on Local sports agent works to build business by incorporating trust, integrity:


Please stop copying others! You are no Witch Doctor!

Written on Meyer knew Florida had to 'create a play' :

The fake punt call was a "stroke of genius", darn I wish Myer wasn't such a good coach!

Written on Adams: Enough ineptness to go around :

The only way to let KNS and their superiors know What a smart alec fool that Adams is, is to stop clicking om links that are by John Adams!

Written on It took 56 hours, but Dooley's timeline to UT a longer journey :

in response to Mule_Days_King:

Nice article, Mike.

Agreed good article! Good Journalistic work. Only time will tell how things turn out, but we are behing you Coach!

Written on Dooley: Vol QBs 'young,' 'new':

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Ward = good.
Headline writer = bad.


Written on Adams: RBs won't be sideshow for Dooley :

Jeeeeze... Adams write someting relevant for a change! KNS is really slipping. Writing has been been really pitiful lately.

Written on Adams: Chris Walker proactive with pronoun :

I didn't know Adams wrote this or I would not have clicked the link!

Written on Kiffin move 'part of the business' :

Jeeze Dave....I would expect this from Adams. (you know---beating a dead horse)...but you?? Lets move on!

No news here. Must really be slow at the KNS!!!!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Very well said. Let the man enjoy his retirement from coaching. Lets just all hope John Adams gets the message and quits his bashing. Its time to move it good or bad. Whether John Adams likes it or not it Phillip Fulmer is a true member of the Volunteer Family! He will be rememberd as one of the great coaches of a storied program.

Thank you Phillip.

Written on Adams: Fulmer, Gore good choices :

Jeeze Adams....your just not funny. Can't you do anything original for a change.

Written on Douglas to transfer to Arizona Western:

I am a supporter of Dooley, but I think he was too harsh on Aaron. I just hope the kid gets his shot at the NFL.

Written on Dooley weighs in on variety of topics :

"Tennessee has been there before. They've been in that position so hopefully we can get our program where we're competitive in that level."

I sure wish he had said WE'VE instead of THEY"VE.

Written on Adams: UT fans pay the price, not the media :

Jeeze...Adams, how about some objectivitiy for a change? Your sensationalism is really getting old. Three coaches now and you still throw out the same "phooey". It is obvious what your are up too!

Written on Mic Dearstone, son of voice of Lady Vols, dies :

KNS...please fix this article. You are doing a disservice to a fine man!

Written on Dooley goes by book in first public appearance:

in response to mdvol:

He's got that John Edwards hair. Hopefully without the illegit kid.

Or the video!

Written on Photo shows hostesses with UT recruits:

Sorry bad link, her is the good one.

Written on Photo shows hostesses with UT recruits:

If you think that the NY times is biased in it writing go here.


Written on Gran didn't sign memo, doesn't owe UT penalty:

I seem to recall that everyone was in agreement that Gran chosse not to go for the buyout. It cuts both ways and we appreciate him for all he has done while he was here.

Written on Adams: Urban respects Monte, but ... :

Of course Adams never writes about all the arrests down there.

Written on Players like Kiffin 'talking trash' to Florida:

Must be a very slow news day!

Written on Reports: Stallworth drunk when he fatally struck predestrian:

I think John Adams is responsible, because he wrote a story about Stallworth once.

Written on Kiffin has 'not fired anybody' but Fulmer gets a secretary :

in response to VOLFORLIFE:

Why in Sam Hill would he tell a national publication he had fired somebody when he knew full well he hadn't?!? Then we find out he couldn't have fired them if he wanted to! I've been excited--and still am--about the prospects for the upcoming season, but I can't help but feel uneasy about Kiffin's apparent inability to tell the truth. If he's brazen enough to state falsehoods to SI, it kinda makes you wonder what he and the staff are telling recruits, doesn't it?

Sure hope at some point in the near future he learns to think about what he's saying before he shoots from the lip.

Just some thoughts.



Written on Higgins: Kiffin has long way to go before he's in Summitt's class:

Higgins and John Adams are in the same class.....classless!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

LOL! That is too funny! Everyone knows that John Adams is a smart-alec that wanted Fulmer gone. Lets see now if we can mount an effort to get Adams fired!

Whew!..with that out of the way, be cautious what you say CLK. You have roused the troops, but don't use the word "cheat" unless you can back it up. Now use the assets you have, and go out and kick FL and AL's collective butts ( all others too). There is talent here!!!

Written on Calkins: Joke of the day:

“'We’re going to let Ed Orgeron talk,' he said.

Now that’s a funny joke."

Totally uncalled for. Sounds like something John Adams would write.