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Ole Miss didn't ruin it for the Vols.
The Vols may have ruined it for themselves.

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You mean the Vols may still get in the Big Dance in part because the Cats (which had a double bye and fresher legs) lost to Vanderbilt (the Cats also didn't score 50)?? Whazzup wit dat??

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If you've ever coached you know that many many many high school players don't value rebounding-or any other fundamentals. Such as boxing out, passing to the cradle position, following your shot, filling lanes, getting the ball to the middle on breaks and stalling. All they want to do is dunk or shoot threes.

It seems that a good number of those players that just want to dunk and/or shoot threes comes to UT.

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Do the Vols realize it's "win or go home" the rest of the way?? It didn't seem like that at times in the second half.

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According to what I heard from Bob Kesling, the Gators would rather let their opponents score than risk fouling them near the basket. It seems to work, as the Gators are ranked in the Top 10 (maybe not after this loss).

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I absolutely agree with you on Kenny Hall. I really want to see him succeed but it just doesn't seem like it's going to happen. Other than the dunk, he didn't seem to play with much energy tonight. This is definitely a better team when Stokes is on the floor.

Great hustle from McBee again tonight.

Perhaps he's Kenny...TATUM??

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My biggest complaint about this team was their boring style of play. Well...They're not boring anymore. Whatever Martin said or did to inspire these guys hit the mark. Tall order with Flordia and Mizzou still on the schedule to expect them to win out but who knows? Great job Vols!

The thing is, with CCM, CBP, or any coach, I hope the team realizes its style of play does not have to be boring again, of course, not guaranteeing a national championship every year, but filling up even more seats at TBA and on the road.

Written on Fourth overtime Golden for Vols, 93-85: of now, is it still BBB for some??

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LSU didn't quit...but Kentucky did.

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When can we see the video highlights here?? Or did Calipari pay "mucho" bucks for us not to see them?? Remember, Cal, in the previous meeting, you had the refs check out a possible foul by McBee that wasn't called (and should not have been reviewed) until you pointed it out. Now how does it feel with the possession arrow incident against you??

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The Vols are BASK[etball]ing now in the glory of blowing out Kentucky. Let's hope that they can BASK[etball] even more later.

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A great performance for the Vols in the first half. As for the second half, though they won the game and by double digits, they could have made one bite his nails to the quick, especially if this game was for the SEC or national championship.

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Nice win, but (from hearing Bob Kesling using the word), don't BOBBLE the ball so much.

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I turned off the TV after the first eight minutes. It was the most inept performance by a Vol team in many years. When a defender just walks up and takes the ball away from one of our guys, it's time to change the channel.

You reminded me of a game against Kentucky (I think it was not long after they won the title in '98) at home when a Vol was trying to keep the ball from a Kentucky defender who just reached and took it from him. I didn't know who the players were or if Kentucky scored (perhaps off a fast break) because of the turnover.

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All good things go thru Jarnell, the more he touches it the better they are, he even runs the break better.

So why is it they ignore him half the time? He works for position and they throw outside and away from him.

Get the ball to Jarnell.

Did you notice at times Georgia double-teamed Stokes even though he did not have the ball, like there was no use in guarding other players??

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It looks like the Vols may not make even the NIT, so why not bet on other things besides wins and losses and point spreads, like, to name just a few:

if the Vols score first
if the Vols are first to score a field goal
if the Vols are first to score 3 points, 7 points, 10 points, 20 points, etc.
if the Vols are ahead at halftime
if the Vols can score a certain number of points every 5 minutes
if the Vols can make at least 50% of their free throws
if the Vols can actually "pull one out" if being down by 5 points with no more than 2 minutes left in the game, especially with this "plan" of playing more defense and less offense (even if playing Kentucky)

Might be able to get a few bucks off these.

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Because it is the UNIVERSITY of Tennessee, I wish CCM would write a 1000-word essay on how to win a national championship based on offense and not just defense (typed and double-spaced, points off for spelling and grammatical errors).

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Perhaps, BB "someone who can stick it in these guys' faces with discipline and tough love," and, as it is a university, maintain satisfactory grades or one, no matter how skilled or popular, is not allowed to play in games.

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OOPS! "Are" instead of "Is" I should have used.

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He and his staff need to be sent home. This team is not SEC capable, in terms of talent. Those Pearl et al had coached have regressed. The new people are a mixed bag---and really have no discipline. The coaches are not able to teach defense---or offense. Maybe they can do special teams---no that's another sport in which we have tanked.

Really, the top people in the administration needs to be waxed, as well as the AD...and the caoching staffs, including Jones. He is just one more example of why an investigation needs to be made into what's going on at UT in Athletics.

He gets an $18Million guarantee, but lost to Derrick Dooley, and has to have Phillip Fulmer tell him that UT must recruit nationally to be competitive in the SEC. And his marquee coach is a guy whose people were walked on by Fulmer's, when Jones's guy was at Michigan.

UT is in more trouble than anybody knows...and it needs to be brought out, so it can be fixed.
The only reason that will not happen is that the primary driving force behind UT sports is the governor's father.

But somebody needs to get to the bottome of this mess...and drain the sludge out of it...and fix it.

Is "SEC caliber" and "SEC capable" worse than/as good as/better than "[any other conference] caliber" and "[any other conference] capable"??

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Agree 100% with you.......especially your last paragraph. Not being able to turn the other team over etc. I watched Arkansas closely on defense. When Tennessee had the ball, defenders were almost standing on our shoes..........hardly any space, and reaching, slapping at the ball........they got the turnovers. Tennessee? We were sort of like the football team was known to be doing..........playing a prevent defense. In other words, quite a bit of spacing between the Vols on defense and Arkansas' guys with the ball. Not too hard to see who would come up with more turnovers as a result.

Hate to be picking on certain players but in my very amateur opinion, McRae seems to be regressing.......missing front ends of free throws etc, plus the turnovers. was troubling to watch him observe a Razorback as the guy glided by on the way for a layup without much effort to stop him. Pretty much everyone knows McBee's role is to shoot 3's and he makes a few of them occasionally.

Bottom line guys is athleticism and raw talent..........mainly ball handlers and
someone who can shoot better than 20% from the floor. These things we need in my humble opinion.

Perhaps this team can also use a few one-and-done freshmen and two-and-done sophomores. Have the juniors and seniors caught on yet??

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Yemi has totally regressed..Boy can't catch a pass if you stuff it in his stomach and misses point blank shots..What the H%ll does he do at practice all week??

It seems like--what the H%ll does the whole team do at practice all week??

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I knew the moment that UT hired Cuonzo Martin that it would be hard for everyone (players and fans) to adjust to his style of play.

I remember watching Cuonzo play in college under Purdue's Gene Keady. Cuonzo runs the same sytem as Keady--focus on defense and run a methodical offense.(Quite a contrast to Pearl's system).

Martin's approach is essentially BuzzBall (remember Buzz Peterson) but with better players. As with any coach at any level, the key is to win games. If you don't win, no one will want to come see you play--and that adage is all-the-more true in a system like Cuonzo's. This system is geared for games in the mid-50's, and it only works if you can impose your defensive will on your opponent.

It was the right thing for Pearl to get the boot. I wish Cuonzo the best, but his teams have little margin for error under his system. Hope we can keep winning! Go Big Orange!!

Kentucky's system(s), whatever it(they) is(are), brought them 8 national titles, and possibly at least 8 more before this team can reach again or go beyond the Elite 8.

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Another valued Tennessee tradition??


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I thought Tennessee played a very good game. I have no idea what Tennessee fan is crying about? Tennessee rarely makes the NCAA field and they certainly won't make it with this squad.

Kentucky is cruising this year riding on last years momentum. KY plays a bunch of Freshman players who basically have not earned the right to wear a Kentucky uniform. I smell a "10-loss Tubby" type season if they don't come together.

Lock That Up

The sad thing is that there appears to be Tennessee juniors and seniors who have not earned the right to wear a Tennessee uniform.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What about Skylar McBee and Kenny Hall, both seniors?? Each has played high level ball for three years. McBee is just a three-point threat (???) and can play defense. Hall is foul prone and doesn't seem to want to score more.

And then, Kentucky had faced Elston Turner, a senior.

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A&M didn`t need the refs help. They have a heck of a player in Elston Turner, 40 points wow!

Elston Turner is a senior, and look what he did at Rupp Arena against a good Kentucky team.

Now, look at Skylar McBee and Kenny Hall, both seniors, and remember Cameron Tatum, a fifth-year senior.
What a comparison!!

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...then, again, maybe there is nothing to say about the Vols, even if they HAD won against Alabama, especially after those three consecutive and embarrassing turnovers late in the game.

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Golden, or any player for that matter, HAS TO be a "natural" point guard?? Why not just be a point guard?? MUST Skylar McBee be a "natural" 3-point shooter??

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Cool down..coal was the Great Bernard King who make that statement and backed it up..Kentucky beat the Vols in Rupp when Bernard was a freshman and the fans there got Bernard upset..Bernard said they would never beat him again and they did not..

It looks like CCM can say that the Vols will never win against Kentucky while he is coach and can EASILY back that up.

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If you think they choked here, today, ColdNose ... then just wait until Tuesday night when they're having to bang upon the ENORMOUS doors of Rupp Arena, in Lexington!!

A seven-letter word for the game at Kentucky (and perhaps others, especially after what happened the last four minutes of this game)...FORFEIT.

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John Gruden (or, perhaps, ANY football coach, for that matter [I KNOW, I KNOW, probably wouldn't do it for all the money in the world]) might coach this team better than CCM.

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How do you explain KY.? You can bring in two or three four or five stars and have a very good team. Remember Ernie and Bernie.

Kentucky players can make an alley-oop seem like a basic fundamental play. Tennessee players seem to make close, unobstructed, easy layups rather difficult tasks.

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Ole Miss is more physical and a better basketball team than I thought they would have Golden and McBee on the floor at the same time in a game like this is not likely to work..and it did not..Hall was useless..Yemi chose to compete..Stokes needs the help rebounding..Stokes played much better than some comments on here indicate..the lack of guard play was the killer..

"The Law Offices of Golden and McBee"

Would you really want their services??

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...just be the OPPONENT when playing UT sports.

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As for McBee, the following is the plus:

Hope that helps

This is McBee's senior year, isn't it?? WTF has he learned over the years?? Just shoot threes and play some defense?? Is that all he believes he can and must do??

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Beat by nearly 20 at home? And by Ole Miss? Pitiful. Hard to defend Martin with this kind of performance. How can they be that bad? This coach needs to talk to the fan base and tell us what the hall is going on.

"...what the hall is going on." Kenny Hall, for one, fouled out with no points.

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Don't know, but one thing has always puzzled me with UT basketball:
the inability to dunk.

A dunk isn't always a showoff play. Often, it's highest-percentage shot available...for just about everyone other than UT.

Another puzzler with this team is easy missed layups.

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Point well taken. This team has improved from last year without Maymon. This was a bad game for Trae and J Stokes. But what needs to change is that Mcrae needs to attack the basket much more and draw fouls/score. Skylar needs to fake a three and step around his defender and shoot a midrange jumper. I have seen him do it three times and he hits each time. He can be a gunner just go for two and not three. Josh needs to keep attacking as well. Trae will be fine. J Stokes needs to be more aggressive

In addition to more mid-range jumpers, each player can be more versatile (though it's better that the players play as a team and not just any player hoping to be a/the "star") instead of just each one's "specialty" on offense and then play good defense. Is this Skylar McBee's senior year and all he can do is shoot threes and play satisfactory defense??

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One thing that puzzles me:

CCM is a heady guy. He loves defense. He had kids here already trained in Bruce's inbounds D.....
So, why didn't be build on that??

I think Coach Martin is a good coach. AS good as Bruce? Probably not. Still, the Vols could have done much, much worse.

So CCM loves defense. Is it about time he loves offense?? And maybe the Vols can win 8 or more national championships.

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UT's game plan in the last 4 games. 1st half pass the ball around the perimeter and shoot 3's, find out which of the 5 starters came to play. 2nd half, attack the basket, bench the 3-4 starter's that are playing like phooey and grind out a win. This does remind me of the O'Neill days but we are getting W's and most of the O'Neill games were L's.

...and this game plan is the "secret ingredient" to multiple trips to the Big Dance and national titles??

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If players can be recruited like at Kentucky, EXCEPT for players who already may be so talented that they want to go to the NBA once they're born...

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Is there any of you out there that wanted Phil Fulmer fired 4 years ago that can say that it was a good decision? Karma is a you know what....

Whoever it was that called in and asked Fulmer (on a radio program with Bob Kesling a few years ago) if he was going to do you feel NOW????

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Tuned in the game on TV and saw the Vols had scored 37 points, but a 1/2 second later saw that Georgia had 51. Saw the Vols get to just 7 points down. Saw the Vols defense kept Georgia from scoring on the next possession. Thought the Vols had a good chance to tie or take the lead with not so much to go in the game, and if they did, thought their defense again would keep Georgia from scoring. Saw a few plays later Bray threw an interception.
Tuned out.

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It didn't just look like they quit, they did quit.

If Tyler Bray goes to his favorite three-hour concert, how would he feel if his idolized star musicians, after intermission, play like phooey or just quit?? Did Bray pay a least a few hundred dollars for front-and-center seats to see these musicians just give up during the second part??

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Tennessee makes good plays, scores, and takes the lead in the first half. There is reason to cheer and celebrate, but not as though the game is already won. There is still at least a half of game to play (if I remember correctly, according to Jim Wogan's talk with Heather Harrington, the atmosphere in the stadium was "electric" after Tennessee's first and second touchdowns). Neyland Stadium is being like today's "The Price Is Right" audience, who now cheer, celebrate, high-five, shake hands and hug, just because someone is called to "come on down!" to contestant's row. That someone might not even win the bidding to get on stage for a pricing game, win the pricing game, win the showcase showdown, and win the showcase (perhaps both showcases).

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Tatum kid gone also. Good.

One end of the "spectrum": Kidd-Gilchrist, a freshman, who, after helping Kentucky score over 100 points against Indiana and could help win the team its eighth national title, is going to the NBA draft.

On the other end, where is this fifth-year senior Tatum going?? After not contributing much (at least not scoring even a point as well as the rest of the team) in the last seven minutes of a consolation tournament game at home against a not-so-good team...

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Wasn't there a game against Connecticut a few years ago that Griner mentioned that she wanted out of the game?? Connecticut just took it to Baylor, and it didn't seem to faze them about Griner's height or ability to score (or gender, for that matter). I just heard on the Sports Animal that it may be better for the Lady Vols to let Griner have her (or his) way and focus more on dealing with Baylor's other star players to get to the Final Four.

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The Lady Vols DO care!! the MEN'S team, though??