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Hey everybody,
Thanks as always for reading. Wanted to clear up a topic that was presented here, one I addressed in the longer story that ran in print.
Releasing a signee and releasing a transfer are two different things. Schools cannot place limits on where a released signee (never enrolled) goes. Once he is released from his LOI, no restrictions can be set. Ex: Larry Austin can now go play for Cuonzo Martin at Cal, if he wants.
Transfers (enrolled) are treated differently, obviously. We hear about their restrictions all the time.
But we, media included, sometimes get released signees and transfers confused.
In this case there's something else to know.
The SEC as a league has a bylaw that says a signee who is released from his LOI cannot receive a scholarship from another SEC school until he has been at the new SEC school for 2 years.
That was something I just learned today. It's harsh, and it's why it's pretty much guaranteed that none of the released signees from this UT class will play anywhere in the SEC.
But that is an SEC rule, not a UT-based restriction. If you hear someone saying UT placed restrictions on the released signees, they're confused.

Thanks Ben. As always, great article.

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Obviously these recruits had no allegiance or care about the University of Tennessee. They were wedded only to the coach. I think Tyndall is being very generous to grant unconditional releases, but I can tell from just listening to him these last two days that loyalty and love of your university will be of high priority in every player he brings in. So it will take a little longer for him to find his own guys, I'm going to be very patient because at the end of the day I believe we will have an even better product

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Can't blame them, I'm sure they've seen lots of message board material from Tennessee "fans" posting that they are "nothing" and "terrible" and how CCM's recruits suck. Wouldn't be surprised or blame them if they all went to another SEC school that offered them.

I don't believe I've seen any posts saying those things about these recruits. Its possible there have been a couple, but nothing widespread. Martin was not seen as an A+ recruiter and this was not viewed as a high ranking class by any service, so I have seen posts to that effect. I've no doubt the change will give them pause, but at the dawn of this new day, they will be coming to an exciting, upbeat program that sounds to me like it would be fun to play in. I see no reason to change your commitment if you previously signed on.

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Not surprised in the least....or especially disappointed. Would have been nice to see him develop with some early playing time. But if you don't see yourself as a fit at Tennessee, then guess what? You're not a fit and we're better off getting a player in here who wants to be that guy. Tyndall will find him.

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You can't base a complete judgment on two days of meet and greet, but I will say this; Coach Tyndall has gotten out of the starting blocks as well as any coach I've seen since moving here five years ago. I'm not sorry one of the big names didn't buy in and take this job one bit. We've had a great deal of success with people who were not #1 on everyone's wish list; Mears, Dickey, Pearl, Jones, and we could go on. Here is what I know about Tennessee fans.......we like the guys who fully embrace this university and it's traditions. We like the guys who will get out into the public and treat us like he cares. We like the guys that put a high energy product our there for us to enjoy. And we like the guys who WIN! To do that, they have to recruit hard and continuously. I think we have that in Tyndall. I know we had that with Pearl. I am certain we have that in Jones. And we most certainly had it with Pat Summitt! I'm so looking forward to our basketball future, and as deflated as I was at Martin choosing to leave, I'm equally enthused about who we now have. Welcome to Knoxville and Big Orange Country!

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If you go back and read any of my posts you will know I like Coach Martin and think he did a better job than a lot of people give him credit for.

Could Dave Hart and the administration given Martin a little more public support during the petition thing? Absolutely.

Was what seemed to be a lack of public support from Hart and the administration part of the reason Martin left? I don't know, but I would guess it played into things.

The bottom line is a fractured fan base that was split and splitting more each day might have been the biggest reason for Martin's departure. Again, everything is speculation because Cuonzo didn't give any negative feedback on leaving UT.

Cuonzo Martin's more reserved or seemingly aloof personality was always going to be a point of contention for a lot of fans just as Derek Dooley's personality was a problem along with not winning games as the UT football coach.

Martin probably could have scored some points in the community and with fans just by being a little more outgoing. But that is history. Cuonzo is now at Cal.

If get off your soapbox long enough to look at Donnie Tyndall's coaching resume it's better than the one Coach Martin had when Tennessee hired him. Tyndall already has won close to 200 games as a head basketball coach.

Donnie Tyndall also seems to have the personality that will help him unite a fractured fan base.

You can cry about Alabama Dave all you like, but I haven't seen him do one thing that would indicate he is trying to sabotage the Tennessee athletic program. Poor decisions made under Mike Hamilton and previous chancellors left Hart with a financial mess and he's getting our program back in place.

I have supported every basketball coach at UT since Ray Mears. I have supported every football coach since Doug Dickey and every baseball coach since Bill Wright.

I might not always like the coach's personality or agree with their coaching style, but as long as they play by the rules, represent my alma mater with class and win some games I'll be in their corner as long as they represent the Big Orange.

You can pout about Hart hiring Tyndall all you won't, but please don't go poisoning the fan base with your venom at a time we need to unite.

If you don't support Donnie Tyndall that's your right, but please keep it to yourself until he's had a chance to show how in can do at Tennessee.

Great totally sums up our situation, both past and present. +1

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Chucked what? A $500,000 a year job for a six year $1.7 million job. I like the chucking. Bama Dave fell into a very bad trap by screwing Coach Martin and then begging the what 20th choice to come to K-town. If he had treated Coach Martin as well this experiment wouldn't be in place.
He seems like a nice guy that out negotiated the mullet head AD.
Good for him. Instead of getting rid of BB coaches maybe UT should have started with Cheek and Hart!
Good luck coach, watch your back!

I don't really understand why you are such a bitter, hateful person, but then that's none of my business. But it certainly doesn't look to most people that Tyndall was begged. On the contrary, he seems overjoyed at being here. As for CCM, I think it was the combination of mid-season fan negativety and what he saw as a weak buyout provision that prompted him to leave. So Hart does bear a good part of the blame for perhaps not being aggressive enough. But all of that said and circumstances being what they are, I think our new coach is a pretty good get. Maybe we will all have to find the sun amidst the clouds of these last 8 days. Feel better.

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Alden is a super athlete and a good young man. But all of a sudden our backfield is very crowded and his playing time appears to be diminishing. So his decision is totally understandable, and I wish him nothing but the best. And thanks for all he's done to help our VOLS.

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Key element of what's being reported today, he had told numerous people before being offered, "He really, really, really wants this job." He has an excellent winning record, is proud to wear the orange, and has a good recruiting record. I'm on board. Good job by Dave Hart.

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"White reportedly rebuffed an informal offer from UT on Monday due to concerns about long-term security."

If you want a guarantee buy a toaster.

White wanted no part of the Tennessee post or he'd be here......period. Let's see, 600K times 3 equals 1.8 million. Tennessee offers about 1.7/yr times at least 3 equals 5.1 million. So no matter what the buyout was, I think he and his family could have bumped by. So, at the end of the day, I'm a happy camper with our choice. I am anxious to see where we go. I liked Martin, he was a good coach, but we are where we are. I know Donnie can coach, so the only question is recruiting. That we will have to see. I'm optimistic.

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OK. We have a coach, and to my mind looks about as strong a hire as White, who frankly didn't want to be here anyway. You can bet White's offer was also in the 1.6 to 1.7 million as well. So how a man turns down a million dollar raise and a shot at the big stage escapes me, but too bad for him...we got a good man. Now let's all get on board, stay patient, and begin this reconstruction. This basketball roster is woefully short of quality numbers. A decent nucleus, but we have needs at every position. As for the recruits, I see early playing time. Anxious to hear this man's press conference.

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If you don't like to complain about umpiring, then don't. TN got beat by a better hitting and pitching and for certain a better fielding team. Serrano talks a big game, but the players either choke with the errors and stand there and take way too many called strikes. The time for moral victories is over. Win some games if you want to prove you are deserving of being considered as one of the better teams in the SEC. The vools will not make the SEC tourney once again.

You're full of beans long and straight. Just because they don't win, it isn't because of choking! As for taking too many pitches, that's not the problem either....they don't take any more called out looking K's than anyone else. I am willing to bet you have not faced one college pitcher in your life, but yet feel fully qualified to critique all our kids on their batting. doubt about it; Alabama has a better overall squad than us and we got beat by a team that simply outplayed us this time. But I wasn't a fan of some of those calls. We will see about the tourney later...but let me tell you something right now. This team has more grit and fight in it than you will ever have. It is sad how many fair weather fans there are like you! POSTSCRIPT: against Vanderbilt and Alabama, two top ten teams, we are 3-3. So get off their case.

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I am embarrassed to admit that I had left my seat and was headed to the exit when the Vols got that first hit in the eighth. I sat down in the bleachers out in right just to see how far we could go. Welllll! I could barely believe what I was seeing, how these young men were scratching, clawing, and fighting there way back into this game. Then when that #7 kid, who had been killing us all weekend, knocked one over the fence, I said, "Well this is going to be tough to overcome." But then, these kids come back and take it right to them in the ninth and just totally awed everyone.....mostly Alabama who could not believe they had just been beaten by a team they thought was in the grave. It was so great to see how happy these kids were, celebrating on that field! Just made my Easter Sunday.....yes sir, it did.

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And who would want to be here given the moronic fan base? Who is going to say "Gosh, I am really excited about interacting with a fan base that will start online petitions everytime I don't show enough anger at the referees." "Who will always have some weird fascination with a previous coach who got the school in hot water with the NCAA and lied about it."
We will get the coach we deserve - either desperate to get out of a bad situation, past their prime, never going to get a another shot at an SEC job, etc.

No, I agree with you on that. We've not made ourselves very desirable with all that rhetoric. In fact I just had made a post on that very subject before I read your response. We have great fans, we really do.....but lately we have been far too impatient and outspoken with regard to firing people. It really has to stop. (Of course, most of those folks probably believe the only thing needing to be stopped is my

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Oh, and while I'm on the subject of our situation, I think all of you who see the real solution as getting rid of Hart, Cheek, et. al., should think this through a little further. Constant posts calling out, "Fire Hart, fire Cheek, fire Fulmer, fire Dooley, fire Pearl, and fire Martin, fire them all," has NOT helped us become a more desirable University at which to hang your hat. I can fully appreciate everyone's frustration, but constantly calling for people to be fired rarely makes the situation better. Let's just see where this ends and how this new coach, whoever he is, works out before we sharpen the headsman's blade.

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You know, before all the blame is put on Hart for not getting the deal done, we should consider whether we really want a guy who has to be dragged in here by the feet with a bunch of deal sweeteners. Here's what we know: 1) He was almost certainly offered a substantial upgrade from his current $600K. 2) This is Tennessee which is a much bigger stage and far higher profile post than La. Tech. 3) You will be on national TV and have your name out there in the wider world a lot more often once in Knoxville. So buyout money (from either direction) should be a minor point reasonable people can resolve. My final take on this? White did not want to be here very badly and wasn't even convinced himself that he could come in here and get it done. And for that reason, I frankly don't care he's not coming. At the end of the day, I expect to see someone just as good show up...and someone who WANTS to be here!

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I would just like to know exactly what the offer was that he turned down before I start jumping all over Hart's case on this. And I have heard so much criticism of Hamilton over his inflated buy out terms that now criticizing Hart for taking care with those seems a bit hard to reconcile. The other thing we don't know is just what parameters might Jimmy Cheek have laid out? I doubt there were many, but I also doubt that some expectation of cost control was never discussed. Anyway, I'd really like to know just what was refused. On to the next candidate. I'm thinking of sending a resume, we are getting near my level.

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I'll be honest, I don't know enough about basketball coaching to fully assess whether this is an A, B, or C hire. I'm thinking B+ at best. But here is what gives me pause. He is at a place that is hardly a premier venue, making 600k a year. But now we are having hesitancy about taking a job at one of the top 5 venues in the SEC? And there seems to be concern on the "buyout?" Here is the difference between him and the Jones hire: Jones new it was a tough situation, Tennessee is a demanding fan base, the last coach was fired, and the roster was thin at best. His response? "When do I get started?" He then landed here with a running passion and embraced us without reservation. This coach? "Ahhh, let's see. Let me think about that buyout. Hmm, looks like a thin roster and big rebuild. Let's see what else I need to get.". Sorry, but this is NOT sounding like someone ready to come in here and do the hard work of building us back to a top SEC team. So, if he comes, he has my support. If not, let's find a man who, like Jones, is anxious to be here and has the passion to build his reputation with Tennessee!

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And that balk wasn't the only horrible call by that umpire that led to runs. There were at least two others where the pitch was darn near the center of the plate belt high that would have been rally or inning ending strike outsbthat were curiously called balls. In each of those cases, they led to one or more runs. Alabama needs no help from umpires, but got a ton of it last night. Don't like to complain about umpiring, but last night's was atrocious.

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In a related story, Martin of Tennessee announced that he was where he wanted to be and a new contract would be out shortly.

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I never thought the joke was on UT, nor do I know anyone that did. Read THAT'S how it was. Well done, David Climer..!!

You know, reading your post hade me rethink my own. You are right; with the talent we had and the season we had up until its last few weeks, there really wasn't anything to actually "get behind." So, the petition aside, perhaps my and much of the media criticism is ill placed. And yes....Climber has it right on the mark. Thanks for the good post.

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Well said. Our fan base is deserving of the bashing its getting...those who signed that I'll advised petition as well as me and the rest of us for our halfhearted, lukewarm support. But all that is water under the bridge, and Martin made the smart move in leaving with his stock at the high water mark. But, in my view, Tennessee may also be better off with this new opportunity to bring in a proven winner who, like Pearl and Jones, is capable of re-energizing the fan base and building a championship program. It will only be a win-win if Hart can find and hire that dynamic individual. If he does not, then the joke really will be on Tennessee.

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Absolutely right. I think the prospects for next year were very sketchy at best. A down year would have reignited the petition crowd and even more scrutiny.....better to leave now. AND.....IF...Hart could attract Marshall, well then this whole thing is a big upgrade. There are a few others who might be easier to get, so I'm not buying any champagne just yet.

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Not thrilled at Martin's sudden bolt to Cal, but certainly not shocked. To my mind, Hart made a fair offer, but there has been a lot of poison poured into the well, not the least of which was the that petition. Our short term future looks bleak right now, and there will be big time recruiting issues that will likely set us further back. On the positive side, Hart has a huge opportunity to get a proven winner in here and start anew. Some good names are out there, let's hope we get one. I wish Martin well, but now we move on.....I am just glad Bruce is off the board because that had the potential to rip this fan base apart.

Written on Pat Summitt's dog, Sally Sue, dies:

Soooo sorry to hear this, Pat. Losing such a loving companion and family member is just one of the worst kinds of grief. Our collective heart goes out to you today.

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I expect that we fans will feel better about this year's offensive line than we have the past 3 because of the lower expectations. The group that just left came in with such hoopla that we all expected them to be the greatest line UT ever had and to be able to dominate the line of scrimmage every game. What we got was significantly less than that. They were good, maybe even very good - at times, but they were often perceived as being a disappointment due to the hype. This group, on the other hand, has little expected of them so if they are even adequate, they will be hailed as being better than they really are.

I think you have a very valid point Oldster. We all bought into that, "One of the best O-lines in the country" mantra and never quite saw it. But I remember when all those guys were new in Dooley's first year. Like this year's line, we had low expectations... but in the end, they were pretty serviceable. I think that could be replayed this season. We have been way above average in pass rush D these last years, and that might be the most noticeable difference with this year's group.....or perhaps not. It will be interesting to see them grow.

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JA has this right. We will be better at QB this year. The offense, which bordered on woeful last year, has more talent at receiver, the bigger RB they need, and two years under the Jones system. The big question is how the OL will perform. Frankly, I expect less, but not the big drop off some predict. We will get better as the year goes on. Looking forward to watching them all Saturday. PLUS..and let's not lose sight of this, we have some very fine talent arriving this summer. Its not all blue skies yet, but I do see some breaks in the clouds.

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jones, serrano and where we are headed.

Ditto.......and can't wait to see this O/W game Saturday. Weather looks fantastic and I want to see some of these new young guns with the QB's. Blue skies, skies. (Or are they orange?)

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Pretty sure you're a coach of the team, not a fan. Because this team has performed WAY below the way it should. Just watch the rest of the season, and we'll see who's right.

And you base this most insightful assessment on just what? Your long, successful Division 1 coaching career? Your intimate knowledge of baseball talent and performance expectation? Fact is "guy," you have no idea of just what kind of expectation we might have. But here are some facts regarding current performance: 1) Off to best start in school history. 2)Took series from the number 4 team in the country, including a 7-0, 2-hit whitewash. 3)The team has 5-7 freshman and sophomore's on the field at almost all times. 4) They are in the top few of the league in several categories. So just what is it that you see as so woeful in their performance that it portends a disaster for the rest of the season? We lost a couple we shouldn't have? Is that it? Actually, what it sounds like to me is that you simply have some personal issue regarding CDS. If so, get over it! And BTW, the season has yet to unfold and you're spot on....we'll just wait and see if you're right. (BTW.....I don't coach the team. I'm just a fan and played the game a few years.)

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HOLY COW!! Is this really an article on baseball from John Adams?! Baseball has finally merited his attention? To be sure, Saturday and Sunday were special. Taking a series from Vandy might indeed be the springboard to Tennessee once again being relevant in the SEC. They certainly looked like a team to be reckoned with Sunday. Can they do it again at Georgia? Good question, but if they don't, not to worry. There are ample opportunities ahead for these Vols to demonstrate they are the real deal. To this point in the season, they have accomplished some extraordinary things even with that recent slump. But now it's time to kick it up another notch....and this weekend demonstrated they are capable of doing just that! Thanks for a great Sunday at the park! Go Vols!

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The theme is so repetitive that one hardly wants to even mention it for fear of contributing to the self fulfilling prophecy. We begin the year great and sweep thru our non-conference schedule and then hit SEC play with dismal results. And as these one/two run losses mount and our bats continue to fail us, the refrain becomes all too familiar. The pitching is much better than in previous years, but hitting is sparce and fails to come thru when key opportunities arise. Moreover, the bull pen has become unreliable in tight games and let several get away. The question now is, how will this team respond? Vandy is a good challenge and we are home. Its a potential turn around weekend; but we best come out on fire or we will again see some all too familiar results.

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I believe that dopey petition is a considerable factor in this decision... and it should be. But right now its a business decision and CCM is not going to throw any cold water on interest or offers. He will use those as benchmarks in his negotiations with Hart. And if Hart is not north of everything else, I'm not certain there is compelling reason for Martin to continue to stay. "In due time" we will know. (What an idiot thing for Hart to say!)

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I agree ..Kudos to the Vols for a valiant effort..but let me explain the point I was trying to make a little differently..with 10 sec on the clock and the ball in your possession..and the game on the line..the ideal situation is to have your best rebounder..and Stokes may be the best in college basketball..have him in a position to rebound a shot if it is missed..why put the ball in the hands of your best rebounder in this have a chance the shooter will make his shot and a chance to put a missed shot back up..I think this is the general coaching practice in this situation..I think we watched the same game ..we just have a different understanding of what we saw..I thought no foul should have been called and the Vols should have got the ball out of bounds at the end..but at that point it probably would not have changed the outcome..

There is another school of thought on this underhill, and that is have your best inside man attack the rim. He either makes the bucket or perhaps draws the foul. There are always two options on the inbound and you take what the defense best offers. Unfortunately the call didn't go our way, and it certainly could have. I guess we will always have thoughts of "what if" we had done it this way instead. Great determination by our Vols!

Written on Tennessee's tournament run comes to an end after rally against Michigan falls just short, 73-71:

In close games like this, the zebras almost always decide the outcome..especially if it involves the fine line between charging/blocking violations. Call could easily have gone the other way, but it is what it is. I give the refs some credit though, I think they worked very hard to make the calls right. And credit Michigan.. that first half was as good a game as they will ever play. But even more credit to my Vols for never quiting, scratching back into it, and making this game a nail biter. Just a great game and monumental heart. Thanks to both the coaches and players for making the end of this season so enjoyable. Proud of all of you.

Written on Mike Strange: The money ball is in Martin's court now:

Back in the midst of the post A&M "Bring Back Bruce" haze, I posted that if CCM was listening to all that, he might well choose not to come back on his own......especially if he ends the season well and somehow gets in the Dance. Well, here we are and Bozo's like Terry continue to make Moron posts that do nothing but add to that possibility. My guess is Hart will make a good offer and every effort to keep Martin. But will someone make an even better one? Very possible and we can only hope the voices of the real fans drown out the Terry's of the world.

Written on A season on the rebound: Vols roll into Sweet 16, send Cinderella Mercer home:

For about 2/3 of this season, what I saw from the Vols was a very slow, plodding team that only rarely seemed to really get on their horses and play uptempo ball. Frankly, they were often boring to watch......and their results were at best mediocre. But since that A&M loss, what we see is a high energy transition game, speed, and absolutely impassioned shut-down defense! It's exciting to watch, fun to be a part of, and producing totally awesome results!! It's the team we all thought would be here all year. OK, so it wasn't, but it danged well is now and give all the credit to Martin and these young men. They found their voice; and just in time for the dance. I am sooooo happy for them.......and me. I know some have us as pretty solid underdogs to Michigan, but watch out. I don't count us out on that game one bit. Oh yea! Happy in Knoxville!

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in response to goobervol:

Post Game Comments:

1. JS: Thank God for the opportunity, etc.
2. JR: (Paraphrased) We played for Coach Martin; Some coaches have nothing to do with you when you are not playing basketball, etc.
3. Coach Martin: So emotional to comment more than a few words.

Bottom Line: The Knoxville News NEEDS to publish all of the names that were signed by selfish, ignorant, and classless fans who signed any petition against Martin in favor of Pearl. Anything less is a travesty of justice, a personal slap to God's face, and an insult to the one and only man who never turned his back against God and has taught these young men more about the value of life in their short lives than the rest of us could ever begin to imagine. We do not deserve Coach Martin as a representative of UT. If he stays, that will be HIS GIFT to UT.

You mean because a bunch of people jumped off the wagon during the season, all the other fans and UT must now conclude "we don't deserve CCM?" Sorry, but can't go that far. Besides, of those 30 some thousand folks I bet you can't now find a dozen who will admit to it. Just happy for these young men and CCM right now. They have finally realized some rewards for the hours and years of work they put in.

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YES!!!! Zebras did their best to keep Mercer in it, but our total control of the lane and boards was waaaay too much. Another great defensive effort and Richardson was awesome! Go Vols... Sweet Sixteen here we come.

Written on Tennessee pulls away from Iowa in OT, 78-65:

Oh baby, how sweet it is. But I will have to see my cardiologist if we're going to have any more games like this! So glad for Coach Martin and my Vols. Losing this game would have a real downer, but somehow they found a way to win. Iowa's heart was gone when it went to OT. Now let's beat Mass and get a chance to really make a statement when we meet the probable Duke! Great job Vols!

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What do you haters want? UT was picked third and ended up fourth. Calipari and UK was picked #1 in the country and wasn't even in the top 25 by AP in the final rankings. GA was third but so disrespected by their pitiful schedule they aren't dancing. Three teams made into the NCAA while the rest of the conference bombed. I guarantee everyone of them would trade with UT today.
Pearl isn't coming back nor should he. He wouldn't have been as successful this year as Coach Martin. He didn't even play Maymon and failed with McRae while playing his own worthless son getting beaten by 30 to Michigan in Charlotte.
I truly hope the Vols do well and Coach Martin has a chance to leave Tennessee for a better more appreciative university. The lies and personal attacks against his intelligence, capabilities, character, recruiting and coaching style is outrageous.
The morons and racists that continue to besmirch this class act coach are not fans but ignorant cowards.
Sadly, the players even recognize the "element" in Tennessee as do a number of sought after recruits. The constant negativity is going to crush this program just like what happened in football.
Why don't you nimrods go rail on the 11 SEC programs that didn't have a winning SEC record or an invitation to the NCAA tournament. Become a Kentucky fan, they sure were a bust after not even going to the dance last year and then getting an 8 seed after being picked to win it all.
Coach Martin will be a winner wear ever he ends up! Not so much for the flat earth society!

I was going to write a lengthy post, but most of what I had on my mind is in yours. Frankly, it is what it is...we're in! And I hope these Vols come out against Iowa on fire as they have been doing in these last half dozen games. I really want to see a Tennessee/Duke matchup. For the Martin haters and naysayers, nothing will be enough, so the Vols have to focus on this chance to give them all a full portion of humble pie.

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How in the world can you say the football team is in good shape. They had a mediocre year and have not played or beaten anyone this year except themselves. I guess the large orange blinders are on. One has got to laugh at that. I suppose the verdict on men's basketball would be all peaches and cream if the liar and cheat were to be rehired.

How can you NOT feel the shape of Tennessee football is on the upswing. We can't correct the Dooley years or the past, but we whipped Georgia's butt all over the field and only lost on another official review. The following week we beat a very good South Carolina team. We have a top 5 recruiting class with 14 outstanding players already here. So you go ahead and wallow in the "woe is me" Dooley past if you like. But even though its only spring ball, for some of us, we are feeling much better about the state of Tennessee football. As for that silliness about Pearl, how about you watch what the Vols did today against #1 Florida instead. Very proud of this team tonight. And baseball as well. Why don't you stop by Alumni Hall tomorrow; I put a pair of orange glasses on reserve for you.

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"Declined under his leadership" ??....more like collapsed! This firing comes late. We will see if Hart has any magic in this hiring. IMO he did very well with Butch Jones, so we will have to wait and see.

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Yes indeed........ a heck of a matchup. The BIG difference in Tennessee since the A&M game has been defense, defense, defense. There have been very, very few uncontested shots and it has shown in the scoreline. Now....can they do that against the Gators? Especially Wilbekin, but he is not the only one. They have two or three who can kill you with the 3. An interesting matchup indeed. GO VOLS! MAKE A STATEMENT!!

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Wow. Talk about the sound of one hand clapping. Sheesh. I guess I'm the only one following our Vols in this memorable start. least following the stories. (Good job KNS with your newly crafted pay to view policies.....any more ice water you want to throw on UT sports?)

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Baseball Vols are playing great ball coming into the SEC season. The pitching has been sound, we're hitting the ball at key times, and we are playing with energy and enthusiasm. So keep it going and take the series this weekend! Don't know bout anyone else, bit I'm loving it so far!

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Three straight blowouts brings a new question to the table. Let us suppose we do well enough in the SEC Tournament and reach at least the semi finals, perhaps even the finals. Then we go to the Dance and get to the round of 32; perhaps if real lucky, the Sweet 16. Who is to say that CCM, with his stock at an all time high, might he not grab a good offer and pick up his hat right now? Particularly if no extension is coming from Hart..and that's likely to be the case. We have NOTHING pointing to a good year next year. The 49th best recruiting class, almost all your quality players moved on, and not much bench ready to step in and take big spots. Rebuilding at best. CCM is not deaf and he cannot be thinking he will have blanket support from the fan base through a tough season. SO, that leads us to the obvious question: if the Vols keep playing lights out ball, will CCM chance it and stick around? Given what we've seen this year, would you?

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This is unfortunate and I hate to see someone with his ability and experience enter the season as a question mark. He is a true competitor and was a major contributor last season. Let's all hope everything works out and he will be back with his teammates in August. In the meantime, REALLY looking forward O/W Day!

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This is what happens with a floor full of one and dones. Its happened two years running for Big Blue where in tight games, they've had lots of floor mistakes and lost. Away from Rupp where the crowd and officials can't help, Calipari is left only with freshman and himself. Apparently not enough. Maybe he's rethinking things? Doubt it...his ego couldn't stand the shock of being wrong. Anyway, NOBODY feels sorry for him OR Kentucky.

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Yes, QB was anything but a bright light last year EXCEPT.... let us all remember one very important fact. In Worley's last two games, he led the team to within a literal inch of beating highly rated Georgia, and he did beat ranked South Carolina. So before we put him in the back seat, let's just see what takes place this spring. From where I sit, it's going to be very interesting indeed.

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With Vandy arriving here Saturday, TBA better have a good crowd on hand because this group needs it. At least they need SOMETHING to fuel their game focus and intensity. The fact is that MSU outhustled Tennessee and basically outplayed us in the second half at Starkville. If we play that way in ANY of these next three games, they are almost assuredly going in the L column and we can make the NIT our regular post season destination. Memo to CCM: If your guards are constantly being beat and allowing everyone to the rim, how about changing to a little zone so the bigs can help clog up the paint. Good grief but we allowed a BAD team to whip our cans in that second half!!