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All things to all people..the man can relate.

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JUST WIN BABY! CBJ will succeed or fail as a coach by wins and losses..not by uniforms.

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I believe we have 3 solid running backs. I don't know if any of the 3 have star quality but if they can be effective collectively (in the SEC)then it will help the starting QB greatly. Second down and 5-6 yds. and third an 2 really opens up that playbook. Air raid offense may be more exciting but I love that smash mouth ram it down their throat football.

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Defense will be much improved. I'm not saying that it will be great or very good but it will be much improved. I just want to see some guys fly to the ball rather than be tentative as they seemed last year.

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I am old school and a traditionalist. That said the best tradition is winning and I know there is a younger generation that buys tickets and players now like a little change from time to time. As long as it's got my Tennessee Orange in it I will be fine with black,grey,or whatever.

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Another solid recruit to solidify our 2014 class ranking..SEC Media Days this week..I do believe that football is just around the corner. I'm ready to watch CBJ to hold court in Hoover.

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I was at legion field too and that dude you were with was not nearly that hot.

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+1 for delusional.

Amen for media days. The only time of year I look forward to hearing Spurrier.

Agreed..Spurrier's little gigs if he has any won't go unanswered by Butch. I look forward to our charismatic coach holding court with the press.

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Please please please get me to SEC media days so that I know that we are getting close to football. Some people complain about our orange colored glasses. There are 4 types of fans to me. Some are pessimistic,some realistic, others optimistic and finally those like me that are delusional. I'm not ashamed of that. I never watch us play that I don't feel like we will win somehow. Everyone choose to see things as you will. All teams have the same makeup of fans. Vols Rock!

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KnoxVegas,BB and 43 I'll join the boycott of commentary with these negaladies. I rarely posted lately anyway because I got tired of the same ole back and forth. We've tried to school them but as the man said "You can't fix stupid." Let them talk to each other.

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You do love to pontificate. Why don't you get over your Dooley fetish? Does your wife know about your obsession?

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So you were the guy Theodore Roosevelt was talking about.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt

I believe that last sentence describes you and many of the whinners on this board cold and timid souls.

I don't think dude will get your message. I think he said something about finding some lettuce to make a sandwich. I feel ya though..very astute.

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Isn't it Kempt's brother who was offered scholarship as 8th grader by then Stanford coach Harbough. My understanding is that we are after him as he is class of 13. Might be one good reason for bringing him along as GA.

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Been to the SEC Championship 5 times in 12 years. I guess I can live with doing less with more. How's that back to back 1-7 in the SEC working out for ya? Gee whiz how do you even get the nerve to post your phooey..... amazing.
No mattresses were burned during CMR tenure at the Beast of the East.
just sayin'

How many of those 5 did you win? If you ain't first then you're last...someone famous said that you know.

Written on Tennessee football in 2012: Derek Dooley is at a loss; Butch Jones focuses on future :

I think that everyone would agree that the players do need to buy in for CBJ to be successful. If the players buy in then so should we fans. I'm sold and will expect the best and be supportive.

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Folks just can't bring themselves to resist the urge to feed the trolls. Then we wonder why they keep lurking. In a perfect world they would just go away for lack of interest on our part. Go Cincy.

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3rd in the country baby! We're ranked high in something. I'm not being sarcastic. I don't have a clue how twitter works but I'm glad we have a HC that does. If this is what it takes and an occasional tweek with the uni's then go for it. I'm for whatever it takes to bring the swag and get some of these athletes to The Hill.

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Sorry dude but you lost your credibility when you called LA racially neutral. I won't waste everyone's time to list the many riots they've had in LA and all the neighborhoods I wouldn't personally drive around for fear of my demise. Just keep that chip on your shoulder though.

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If I was Tee I would be worried about having a job after next year in LA. Kiffin was rated No.1 this year and went 7-5. Happens again and AD says cya.

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I figure Bray,Patterson and Hunter are gone. We lose Rivera also, but I'm really hoping that James stays for Sr. year. Our line would be awsome and really help our new QB whether it be Worley,Peterman or one of the freshmen.

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I'm sorry .... didn't realize I was on a rivals message board.

Fact is you guys can't win the big one and that why Richt got so upset. The reporter that Richt and Wade always seem to choke when they play the big one. We may be down right now but we don't lose because we don't have the n*ts to finish.

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He went out of his way to tell former players they are welcome to practice or anything else. He said they paved the way for this great tradition.

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I think that we are fortunate to have gotten BJ. He has a passion for football and the players will love him. Recruit em coach.

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Intoxicating is a good word to use. Watch out coach the big Orange can become habit forming. I'm glad you didn't "just say no."

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This is our coach and he said this was his dream job. He is a part of OrangeNation so please give him the benefit of doubt. Day by day...inch by inch.

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in response to Agamemnon:

Good grief. People are silly. Do we really have our egos so wrapped up in kids playing a game that we want to boo a coach that we haven't even given the opportunity to fail yet?

Here's what we know:

When playing teams that have a similar amount of player talent, Coach Jones wins... a lot. When playing teams that have significantly more talent than his team, he wins sometimes.

He's done a pretty good job recruiting. Remember he's at Cincinnati in the Big East. A couple of 4* recruits isn't bad. Plus, he's not going to be the only guy recruiting. Let's see who else is going to be on the staff. Regardless, he's done pretty well winning with the talent he's recruited.

What we don't know:

We don't know if he'll succeed at Tennessee. Nobody knows. Not the guys saying he's an awesome hire. Not the guys saying he'll be gone in 3 years. No one knows anyone is going to succeed until they actually get their chance. Nobody knew Fulmer would succeed when he got his first shot. Nobody knew Saban would succeed when they gave him his first shot. Heck, nobody really knew Bear Bryant or General Neyland would succeed when they got their shot. You don't know these things until afterwards.

It isn't an insult to Tennessee for it to be the program that give Coach Jones his first shot at big boy SEC football. His body of work to this point indicates he was deserving of a chance.

I'm hopeful. If we don't lose too much to attrition, I think Coach Jones will have a good opportunity to make a name for himself at UT and help build UT football back to where fans would like it to be.

Welcome to the Vol Nation, Coach. Thanks for coming.

- Andrew

PS It's true that as a paying fan you've earned the right to voice your opinion by booing a man who wants to come and help us win. However, having the right to be a jack@ss doesn't make you any less a jack@sss.

Ditto...what you said.

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Don't make me Butch slap you!

Ha ha I love that. I look forward to Butch slapping some teams in the future.

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They could have hired Otis from 'The Andy Griffith Show' and I would be for him until he proved he didn't deserve it.



Wow Walt great post. Let's see how the players react after meeting with him..let's see how recruiting develops and what kind of staff he assembles. He is our coach let's support till he proves he can't do the job. Just maybe he gets it done.

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Of all the asinine things you have posted, this tops the list. F'n A! Illinois, Purdue, Kentucky and Colorado? You want us to support a guy that is being courted by those programs? Is that the level we want UT to be?
I'm so mad at myself for not reading the username. Folks, whenever you see BIVOLAR_BEARE, just scroll down and read the next post. Save yourself from the complete stupidity that I just had to endure.

Shut up you're giving me a headache. BB's forgotten more about football than you'll ever know. You're one of those guys that have all the questions but none of the answers.

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Uhhh, who knows who they have interviewed. I for one wanted Gruden or Roman, but, I like this hire if Jones is indeed offered. UCLA, Illinois, Purdue, Kentucky and Colorado have all been turned down by Jones. UT should consider themselves lucky he's still available..Hire the man.

We had a chance at Kelly once upon a time and took Kiffin because who wanted a coach from Cincy? I'm not saying Jones is another Kelly but who's to say he's not? I'll give him a chance if he's our coach.

Written on Tennessee's LaDarrell McNeil on SEC All-Freshman team:

I hope McNeil and Randolph give us one of the strongest safety tandems in the SEC next year.

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I will support Butch if he is hired. 9-3 with the 3 losses by a total of 16 pts. He lost by 3 in OT to Louisville and if they had won that game would be the one in a BCS game instead of Strong. Kelly came from Cincy and we had a chance with him and passed. Who's to say Jones couldn't prove to be the same? IF he is hired give him at least 5 games and see how we compete. Give the man a chance if hired.

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

That's it! I'm tired of being treated like a stepchild and the lack of respect that everyone shows us. I say let's give them all the middle finger and hire Petrino. I wanted Gruden,then Gundy or Strong and we get snubbed. Hire the horndawg and tell him to recruit and run up the score on everybody. No respect is given so give no respect. US against the world.

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Well it appears no Jimbo fisher.
I wonder how many more of super agent Jimmy Sexton's clients Al Davis I mean Dave Hart will make sure get a raise from their current school.
folks wake up and smell the coffee:
1. Jimbo fisher represented by Jimmy Sexton
2. Mike Gundy represented by Jimmy Sexton
3. Charlie Strong represented by Jimmy Sexton
4. Dave hart represented by I wonder who

Charlie Strong does not have Jimmy Sexton as his agent. He has no agent and represents himself.

Written on John Adams: Even though it won't be Jon Gruden, the new coach will win over UT fans at media conference :

Adams doesn't care if you're offended or night as long as you post. Until most agree to stop posting in response to his trash nothing will change.

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Who is the real idiot here?

Wow, Vandy has two good years in a row and all of a sudden their something to worry about? Please.

My hat goes off to coach Franklin for figuring out how to coach "responsible" players. A well deserved raise. If, and it's a BIG IF, Vandy seems to hold on to this run (best in almost 80 years) then the SEC east will have a 4th contender for eastern claims, but until they do, they'll fall right back to being a basement dweller.

True, the basement is full temporarily but the University of Tennessee will be back with a vengence and soon.

That horrible defense you mention was a product of an idiot hire who is now gone for sure. I hope they send the 3-4 packing with him and bring in a real DC. Remember they were 27th the previous year while playing a terribly strong schedule. Something Vandy is afraid to play for fear of yet another 1 win season.

One more thing...One win at home in 30 years by beating a useless defense to death DOES NOT make a champion.

Get a life

Word. By the way I don't give a rat's fuzzy about what Franklin does or doesn't do. It looks like we're down to Strong,Fisher or Gundy. I would take Strong in a lumberjack match over Franklin any day. Next year the universe rights itself and we put the wampusstomp back on Vandy.

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But Jeffy you are Dooley personified. This people that you list as losers are you. You failed,failed and then failed some more. I understand you support supposed winners because that is what you aspire to but you're like the ugly girl hanging with the hotties. The hotties only allow you to hang around them to have you be their flunkie and make them look better. Stay around jeff as you do make every other post look better.

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I think that Hart allowed the Gruden thing to play out while he worked behind the scenes to hire his coach. I believe that he has made that hire and that it is either Fisher or Strong. If Fisher I think it will be announced Sunday since FSU plays tomorrow. I will support either coach or whoever we hire.

Written on Evan Woodbery: Nine possible candidates for UT's coaching search :

Tressel rumor mill is really heating up on Volnation. I prefer Gruden but there's a lot of smoke suddenly on Tressel.

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Wow we found something that we can agree upon. Let's hope that we get a coach that everyone can get behind.

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So what you're saying is you are a coward? You talk about letting something go and you stayed on Dooley like a Pit Bull on fresh steak. I was ready for Dooley to be walked but you're not interested in who the next coach might be. So next season you'll still be on here talking about doofus,doolaid and other names while we're talking opponents. Oh of course you'll have a different username.

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Our foes did it on the field. You do it on a keyboard. You can disagree with the coach. I've criticized his decisions and the team many times as I have every coach. The guys gone and some of you rather than be optimistic and discuss potential coaches you find a way to jump Dooley. Let it go..he's gone. Serious question...who do you prefer as the new coach and who do you think that we will hire?

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That's precious of you to take up for your girl. Here's the thing. I know who he is and that he is truly a loser. You..we don't know what you do but you also must be failing at life to have to take out you frustrations on CDD. I supported him till Miss.St. and then said it was time for a change. You were on him from the get. Now go comfort your girlfriend and leave football talk to the men.

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Hey girl what you gonna complain about now that Dooley's gone...wife,kids,job, have so much to choose from.

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You kinda have to wonder if "Your Cheating" Hart is willing to put the best interests of the athletic department below his game playing with his seniors in the university structure.

An Alabama man would/could do that in a way a real UT man would not consider.


UT '81

This just in...Phil's still fat and nobody wants him. CDD will have a job before Phil. You're just stupid and as the man says you can't fix stupid.

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What a loser to be calling someone loser. I and others know who you are and I'm calling you a worthless coward. Got a problem with it? You want to denigrate people on here? Meet me anywhere and I'll tell you to your face what you are. Time and place?

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Kiffin got the last laugh on gators. Had USC won it was good chance UF would play SEC Champion is National Championship game. Lane's revenge!

Written on Evan Woodbery: Tennessee has matchup edge, but coaching distraction gives edge to Kentucky :

Not that anyone cares but UK has offered HC position to Butch Jones of UC. He has yet to accept or turn it down. I know it's early but getting anxious for us to make an announcement.

Written on Vandy: "Let UT have Knoxville, we’ll take Nashville and then let’s fight over the rest":

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Maybe, The question is "is Tennessee going back to being Tennessee any time soon?"
Bottom line: Vandy is going to a bowl (again) & the Vols aren't (again)
The times are changing & I really Think the Vols will be left behind.

Put the paint chips down. If we don't get Gruden and I think now that we will we will be getting a proven coach that will take UT forward as it should be. If we get Gruden I believe that it will hasten Franklin's leaving. He will feel the need to strike while the iron's hot. Hey SC may need a coach if they lose to Notre Dame.