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my dad used to say, "let sleeping dogs lie"

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I would rather win in pink
Than lose in orange
Don't matter what color
Just win

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you have to know the whole scenario, might have been a situational or something, but I agree. A high school team defense will be more improved than last years

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Never understood the life of a troll

Like a fat kid that got no cake, whine and try be relevant

Get a life

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didn't read the article good enough, disregard my last statement lol

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didn't know Mike Keith was not a part of the Titans broadcast team

I often travel back to Missouri on Sunday's and not a Titan's fan, but he is good imo, like his enthusiasm

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but my hunch is that UT's 2013 schedule was probably pretty well set long before CBJ was hired... like set in stone! So the notion that CBJ dictated this schedule so that he could obtain a bonus for winning 6 games (IF, indeed, such a bonus exists) is clearly nonsensical.

You're soooooo sure that CBJ is a terrible coach, even though he's not even coached one game at UT yet. His track record is pretty good, and you cannot possibly trash his recruiting, since UT is currently #1 in the country. So, basically, you're playing a hunch, and you prove over and over again that your knowledge and instincts about college football are minimal.

You whine about UT playing only one good team outside the SEC? Look at the other SEC teams' schedules. Three teams play two quality outside-the-SEC teams, and everybody else doesn't play more than one. Take a look at the schedules for Missouri, Texas A&M, and Vandy; they don't even have one quality non-SEC opponent.

Alabama = Virginia Tech, Colorado St, Georgia St, Chattanooga
Arkansas = Louisiana-Lafayette, Samford, Southern Miss, Rutgers
Auburn = Washington St, Arkansas St, Western Carolina, Florida Atlantic
Florida = Toledo, Miami, Georgia Southern, Florida State
Georgia = Clemson, North Texas, Appy St, Georgia Tech
Kentucky = Western Kentucky, Miami(OH), Louisville, Alabama St
LSU = TCU, UAB, Kent St, Furman
Ole Miss = SE Missouri, Texas, Idaho, Troy
Mississippi State = Oklahoma St, Alcorn St, Troy, Bowling Green
Missouri = Murray St, Toledo, Indiana, Arkansas St
S. Carolina = N. Carolina, UCF, Coastal Carolina, Clemson
Texas A&M = Rice, Sam Houston St, SMU, UTEP
Vanderbilt = Austin Peay, UMass, UAB, Wake Forest

You're truly an idiot, no matter what your name du jour happens to be.


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Butchie as you say had nothing to do with this schedule. Stones? Give the guy a history before you talk of his stones,

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just win ballgames

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Oh look someone needs attention

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I was a little puzzled by him playing only 11 minutes. I thought he was starting; if so, that's not much run. Of course, they did win by almost 60, so maybe the starters sat most of the game.

I join some others on here in wishing Jarnell had gone to a big-man camp instead of playing on the National Junior Team. He has already made as much of a positive impression on the USA Basketball folks as he is ever likely to make. I just don't think his game is as advanced as he seems to think it is, judging by some of his quotes.

He just must develop a go-to move in the post that gets a score darn near every time. Any player with his size and strength should have a whole series of moves for every spot from block to block that will get him a score on almost anybody, but merely perfecting the half-hook over the left shoulder from the right block--that one shot alone executed at 70%--would make a HUGE difference in his confidence and efficiency.

Height is NOT the issue for a player who knows how to work his feet and explode on the right path. That and a decent mid-range jumper will go a long way toward getting him where he says he wants to go. IMHO, he would be more likely to perfect those things at a big-man camp than he would playing with a "pick-up" international team.

yes sir

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I agree, and did read the article. We are talking about a anchor in our post next year. The only way you get better is to play better competition. He gets no better over seas. Needs to be putting in work learning some hooks and mid range and such. Better footwork and ball skills. He gets eatin alive against next level. They got China next, big comp there...

13 lol, made my day ladies

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Ivory Coast? Isn't that a bunch a soccer players? Or is that soap? Either way, he ought to be in the 20's against those guys. Needed to be at a big man's camp IMO

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Witch Doctor say Clowney is a freak! Witch Doctor has watched that a thousand times...first time noticing for ONE split second the QB almost runs toward the flying helmet and not the ball. Witch Doctor all Vol but can appreciate talent. 1# pick in the next draft.
Bones never lie.

Tiny is up for the rematch, could be interesting

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I figured Gordon would be back
Going to be challenging for sure

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from, Here are the top players who were not selected in the 2013 NFL Draft:

1. Tyler Bray, Tennessee
2. Matt Scott, Arizona - signed by Jacksonville
3. James Vandenberg, Iowa - signed by Dallas
4. Coby Cameron, Louisiana Tech - signed by Caroina
5. Jeff Tuel, Washington State - signed by Buffalo
6. Dayne Crist, Kansas - signed by Kansas City
7. Collin Klein, Kansas State - signed by Houston
8. Ryan Griffin, Tulane - signed by New Orleans

Bray is STILL unsigned!

the fins

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Your negative energy has no place either
Dave's doin what he can to field a young team
And teach them how to win, he's proven ,but with
Fans like you, probably won't get a chance.

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pops and landry average about 5pts and 4rbs combined....if stokes stays or goes, how do either of these guys help

Martin is on borrowed time looks like

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Here we go with the idiotic comments. We don't know why Lane is off the team, but it sounds like a door is open if he wants to do what he needs to do. Dooley's record had nothing to do with the talent on the field. He had no idea how to make halftime or gametime adjustments, that is why he had a losing record.


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Butch stole another from South Alabama and Memphis. I can smell championship. Does he realize his not at Cincinnati anymore?

bama and aub both have interest, so what's your point?

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Here's a shocker
He was classy in everything he said about Pat

Some of you need to do the same, accept it and
Move on

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Thanks, got it fixed.

And it's Woodbery.

-- Evan

Lol awesome

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Who's our coach this week? I lose track.

Not to worry, we would like to forget how many negative posts
And screen names you have

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Only problem with your statement is that Nick Saban is a very poor representative for college football.

The guy is more ethically challenged than Richard Nixon.

Wow, that dates me. How about a comparison with our national sociopath George W. Bush?

Quoting the very very average Johnny Majors is the cherry on top demolishing your argument.


UT '81

And yours with George bush
How you live everyday with your glass half empty
Is beyond me

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that's the biggest bunch of phooey written HooRay, if Jay wanted to be here, he would be here. I didn't see a short change

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In my life it doesn't matter who the coach is, it's the same ole' Tennessee when it comes to the SEC tourney. We haven't had a good tournament showing since Don Devoe. This is just a frustrating time of year. Why do we even watch and get our hopes up?

Pearl had them in the championship game 2 x if I remember
Do you even watch ut sports or just comment when they lose?

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Congratulations to Nerlens Noel, Willie Cauley-Stein, Alex Poythress, Archie Goodwin and Kyle Wiltjer for taking home a boatload of awards. GO BIG BLUE!!!!

Over rated

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The man still had a double double. Add 9 free throws and you have and awesome game. Plus he probably would have scored more in the last part of the game.

Oh well. He can improve his free throws.

totaly agree Mocs, still young too

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“Rightfully I was on the bench at the end because mentally I wasn’t prepared to make free throws.”

Stokes might just get it, he will improve

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I agree wow lol

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don't make sense, but this too shall pass
CBJ has a plan, Jay chose not to be in it,
I think CBJ will make the right hire and we continue the progression

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Pay no attention to thehalloffameblower
Not a clue

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Our strength and conditioning coach worth his weight in salt
They were ready
Hope they bring it Tuesday

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Please let him coach as good as he motivates

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no one felt sorry for us when Maymon went down for the year, I'll take a skint cat any day

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Funny stuff guys keep it comin

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Given all of the circumstances surrounding this program and it's current state, the fanbase included I would rate it an A. Why? Averaging the three most "trusted" recruiting services would amount to 26th in the nation. As CBJ stated many times in the presser, this staff had 31 days and limited contact to make an impact. I don't want to hear about Auburn OR Ole Miss. How did Arkansas do? 2 years ago Auburn won a national champiionship, and the coaches they hired, all came from the SE. Our former Head Coach as constantly lamented by the legions, allowed for the deterioration of relationships in the high schools and the prospects they should have been recruiting. CBJ, at the eleven and half hour, at least was able to attract the interest of some 5* rated talent and kept some guessing until national signing day. This on top of coming into new territory, with a broken program, 4 coaching changes since 2008, no bowls in the last two years and consecutive losing seasons to go with it made the task that much more difficult. If half the the legions would realize that we are never going to get back to where we want to be unless we are all in, all the time and that others feel the excitement or negativity within a fanbase, and it's program. Otherwise you might as well go root for Bama or Vandy. Go VOLS and GO CBJ.


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nothing like you and the rest of the negateers to jump right on. HOnestly we don't know how good or bad these guys will be until they don the pads and helments and put on the orange. As a fan, just hope this is the building block to a successful future ahead.

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real gems on the comments here

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Really doesn't take a genious to figure that out