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Great game. team coming together at the right time. Go Vols

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With the losers that Florida state has hired I think jay screwed up. just like T out at USC. jumped on a sinking ship. just hope they don't crawl back to knoxville.well at least we didn't have to buy out his contract.

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You know,loyalty is no longer much in the human race. There is some, but not a lot. It's about ME, ME, and ME. What's best for MEEEE! It's a shame, but it is what it is. When I grew up, the Bible had an influence on people where their word meant something. When a man shook your hand and told you his intentions, their word was sure. You could count on their word because they had honor. Not much Bible left in our society, not much honor and loyalty either. Our society thought we could get along without God back in the 60's and 70's and now we are left with a mess. Jay leaving is just part of that mess. I liked him and would hope that he would be different, but not to be. It is sad. My wife ask me some months ago, "Do they not have to fulfill their contracts;Do they not have to sign a paper saying they will do certain things or be there a certain time?" She could not grasp that you would agree to do something and it meant nothing to anyone. The world has gone insane, no doubt about it.

You spoke the truth broher. My generation has failed in raising a generation that you word and name meant something and when you shook a man's hand and looked him in the eye you kept you word without exception. sad times. the me generation has a lot to learn.

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I cannot believe the negative comments spreading through the Vol nation, beginning to be epidemic after the loss of Bell. Even worse are those comments indicating that the problem is CBJ. OK, Ole Miss had a great day as did the other big dogs in the SEC. Well here is my take. This is a solid group of players, especially for a new coach and staff to assemble. The Dobbs get has the potential to do much more good than the Bell loss to do damage to the Vol rebuilding process. Vandy and other schools ranked above UT on Rivals are only there because of numbers, not quality. UT finished above some of the hallowed programs such as Texas. The numbers issue may very well be addressed with 2 or 3 juco players. Given the last years of Fulmer and the disaster of Kiffin and Dooley, I am amazed CBJ and his staff did as well as they did. And even better, I am confident that we now have coaches who can coach, not pretenders such as Dooley and that nightmare Sal. I wish we had done better, but am also well aware of how much worse it could have been given the mess that has piled up over the past several years.We have 21 young men who love UT enough to be part of the recovery and deserve fans who spend their time apprecaiting them instead of griping about the loss of players who looked hard but went elsewhere.

that telling it like it is. believe......

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Not to excited about this class but to do this in 31 days is something. There is several players that have the talent to break out and be special. and they need too...badly. I still think CBJ can right this ship but so much damage has been's like trying to stop the bleeding of a shotgun blast with one band-aid. Ok Volnation let's forget the class ranking and who we didn't get but focus on the young men that went against the grain and took the road less traveled by. Let's show them the support they need and deserve. Because win, lose. or draw we are VFL.

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In two months CBJ has done some serious work and traveled alot of miles. His work ethic is 2nd to none. Good things are coming. this year might not be to great but if we give him the support he needs good thing will happen. VFL

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Liking Coach CBJ more everyday. He's got class and is commited to this 100%. Got a feeling come the 16th there will be more surprises. Go VOLS

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Sorry Dooley, don't go away mad just go away. Take your mills and take you a long vacation. I hear the south of France is nice this time of year

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I guess it's time to upgraded my phone and get a tweeter account. lol, Go CBJ, you the man

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I think it's good for Him and UT. like to see a complete overhaul. It might take a little time but CBJ will pull it all together and have who he wants in the right places.

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Great Story.

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Here's the schedule:

08/31/13 vs. Austin Peay Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tenn.) TBA
09/07/13 vs. Western Kentucky Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tenn.) TBA
09/14/13 at Oregon Autzen Stadium (Eugene, Ore.) TBA
09/21/13 at Florida * Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Gainesville, Fla.) TBA
09/28/13 vs. South Alabama Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tenn.) TBA
10/05/13 vs. Georgia * Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tenn.) TBA
10/19/13 vs. South Carolina * Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tenn.) TBA
10/26/13 at Alabama * Bryant-Denny Stadium (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) TBA
11/02/13 at Missouri * Faurot Field (Columbia, Mo.) TBA
11/09/13 vs. Auburn * Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tenn.) TBA
11/23/13 vs. Vanderbilt * Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tenn.) TBA
11/30/13 at Kentucky * Commonwealth Stadium (Lexington, Ky.) TBA

Thanks, could be an interesting year. Go Vols

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Stupid. We have talked about T Martin enough. let's move on.

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For me personally, at this point I'm just ready for the dust to settle to see what we have going into spring training and what recruits we have coming in the fall. Sometimes getting a fresh start means not only purging coaches, but players. I only want those players next year who want to play for the University of Tenn. Not improve their draft stock.

You said it. so many seem to either trying to improve there stats then playing as a TEAM. while others don't try to hard because there worried about injuries

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I am so sick of the RACE CARD. The man made a choice, so be it. So we vent our frustration that he is not coming back to UT and pop goes the RACE card. It get old real fast hearing, White, Black, Redneck remarks and where does it get us? We need to remember that we all have one thing in common and that is we are VOLS.

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Wow. What kind of message did Tee just send to his two kids who live in Knoxville. "I had a chance to be involved in your lives a lot more, and in a job with a university where I am a legend, but I decided you and the university are not worth my time and loyalty".

This I have to agree on. I love Football more than my kids? These kids will feel proud of there dad growing up in knoxville but then when there at the age to understand that "DAD" could have been in there life more. This speaks volume over anything else. NOTHING is more important than my kids, grandkids, wife, my family but it's his to live with and I think we will be just fine without him. That's why I like CBJ, he wanted to be here, badly!

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The TROLLs are out in force this mourning.

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I don't get where all these negitive post come from and attacking a coach who has yet been on the job 72 hours. Like it or not, he is our coach. Support him until you have reason not to. Like I have posted before "If we are on the TITANIC, then lets enjoy the ride"

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Just like the rest of the vol nation we all are a little jaded after the last 4 years but something tells me this is good. I like what he says and doesn't say (think about it) and another thing "If we are on the TITANIC lets enjoy the ride" GO VOLS

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I can't believe some of these comments. Are you the same people that want to bring Fulmer back? It's time for a fresh start. Fulmer's not coming back, Jon Gruden is not leaving ESPN and Hart was not willing to take a chance on Petrino. I can't think of a single coach who is more suited for the job, plus Hart didn't have to beg him to come here, he wanted to be at UT, and turned down good jobs hoping he would get the opportunity. We are very fortunate to get this guy. Who would you want Hart to hire (that would consider the job) over Butch Jones?

HORAH! Could'nt have said it better. He wanted to be a VOL. That alone speaks volume. Still not sold on Hart but he/we could have done alot worse. This/he has the promise to bring the vol nation back to where it's supose to be

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I like him. He wasn't one of my first choices, but if I had known more about him, he might have been. Saw a YouTube of him addressing his team and his sideline demeanor during the game. This guy is no Dooley. He's young, relates well to players, and has a bunch of fire. I've got a feeling he will relate well to recruits, as well. We'll see.

I agree, I was wishing for Mora but this guy has a fire in his belly and said he was holding out for the UT job. This is a coach that will "man-up" and and he has passion. He wants to fight with the "big boys" so I say lets get behind our new coach and support him. Go gettem Coach Jones. Your a Vol now !!!

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If any reports are true we only know of 2 confirmed offerings and only one with a contract offer.

Gundy offered, Strong received/reviewed a contract offer. So let idiots be idiots, nothing you can do about it.

True, But we did ask to speak to Mora and he declined and rumored that we wanted to speak to Golden and Fisher. They declined along with others. It does make us look bad and since UT is the last SEC opening...not good

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Dear Mr. Hart if your seat is not warm it should be. You have dropped the ball on another one.

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This was on Rant Sports
"Tennessee is a laughing stock in the college football world right. They have offered their coaching job to almost everyone available and they have been shot down every single time".and now were talking to Bo P of Nebraska. This is so sad but I still wear my vol hat and the power T is still on my truck. VFL

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Oh......and one more thing. You ended last season with two games of 60+ thousand in those stands (and that's a generous estimate)instead of 90-95000. That's about 1.5 - 2 mil a game loss of revenue. Do the math on what that is per season. Then go look at downtown on game days. Another bust!! Hire Jones and give us 3 more Dooley years and it will be 40-50 thousand over there with Gay Street turned into a ghost town. Nightmare!!! Keep up the good work guys.

So true and back in the day we were on National TV more. We took on everyone nation wide from UCLA to Miami. We have screw every VFL coach from Fulmer to Summit to Chavis. I know this is the 1st year I did'nt attend any games (sad) and being part of the vol navy it's really hard not to. It's time to right this. Clean house and throw out the trash.

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Hart has screwed this thing in the ground. Every coach he has offered to recruits around us and now is tearing us to pieces. These coaches have played hart like a fiddle. everyday we sink lower and anyone we hire looks like our 6th or 7th pick (if not lower)I thought we screwed up with dooley hire but this really worries me.

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I think Hart should contact all the coach's he helped get raises for and get a cut of the raise. then we really would have stupid money for a new coach.

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The only guy I see who would be a "Great" hire (Notice I said "Great") would be Jim Mora Jr from U.C.L.A.

I agree totally. I know he said No but if Hart flew out there with the rite $$$. he would listen

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Petrino or Mora.....

Amen, Hart fly your Arsh out to LA and show Mora show real love $$$ and bring his arsh back with you.

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This might not be a bad thing...we might have to roll the dice on a coach and if we do...say Petrino....wonder how hard he would work to shake that bad image...think about it

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Could be, I'm not from here, I just live here (Michigan that is) Actually lots of Vol fans in my area.

Yep. I'm a vol in BAMA and used to be in LA, Cal. there's a big group of vols that watch every game up in Thousand Oaks, CA and travel to one game a year. We are the VOl NATION

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I hope louisville does what they say and top any amount that UT can offer. I say we keep looking

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I agree with your post. Tn is bowing down to all the pressure being put on the school by the News Media to hire a black coach. Remember Wade Houston and what a disaster that was ??? Same thing will happen here. Within 4 years there won't be a white player on the entire squad. Call me a racist if you want, facts are facts. All of us TN fans had better get used to being the CELLER DWELLERS in the SEC East. If Tn had to give in to the pressure of hiring a black coach they should have gone after James Franklin, that man has PROVEN he can win in the SEC, He has turned the Vandy program around and won in the SEC. If he can win at Vanderbilt he can win ANYWHERE.

That is the truth. not being racist it's just the way it is. and you think we have trouble now. we will be on probation for life

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This blows!!! If this happens and I don't think it will but if it does please everyone that supports this in 3 to 4 years say "damm was I ever wrong" and I will do the same if he is successful.

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Mr. hamilton explained it to the UT faithful that this is a BUSINESS and we would have to PAY to PLAY. Loyalty counted for nothing. Now, UT is reaping the whirlwind. Folks have dropped their season tickets and discovered there are other things to do on Saturday, record the game and watch if we win, at our leisure. Money is being spent elsewhere. Once the pattern of support was broken, it will be hard to re-establish it. Really, too bad for UT and us long time fans.

Your so right! the Tn, Florida game was the first to get sold out in 2 or 3 years and only because of the team looked like it had promise, a chance to finally beat florida but Vol fans are tired of hopeing and wishing. I pray we get back to the"good ole days" where we had the chance to beat anyone and did alot. where we were never underdogs by double digits.

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I still say these coaches are better if available.
1.Gary Patterson
2.Bobby Patrino
3.Tom tuberville
4.Jim Mora

Mora turned down interview with Auburn and UT. Down to three. I say Patrino or Patterson

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With the coaches there looking at they could get cheaper. also fox said Mora turned down Auburn and Tennessee for interviews. D@mm

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I still say these coaches are better if available.
1.Gary Patterson
2.Bobby Patrino
3.Tom tuberville
4.Jim Mora

I'm with you on this one except drop #3, Tuberville. Look at his last year with Auburn. My wish is Mora.

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Dave Hart, the University of Alabama's former executive director of athletics, was introduced Monday night in a press conference as UT's new vice chancellor and athletic director at UT. Forget for a second the fact that he went to Alabama on a basketball scholarship and spent the past three years as Mal Moore's No. 2, he acted All Vol at the press conference.

Dave Hart is a Bama guy who will be rooting for the Tide against ND. He does not understand the hate Vol fans have for his alma mater. The Vol Nation has been screwed around long enough. Hart is NOT qualified to be the Vol's athletic administrator. He is here only for the money he can line his pockets with. He could care less for Lady Vol athletics and whether the Vols win or lose. You can paint zebra stripes on a donkey and its still a donkey. Hart can wear orange but his heart is Bama Red people.
Just FYI.

I'm a vol that lives in bama and I could'nt agree more. The vol nation does not need anything from T-town. Sick of Bama and we don't need anything that has the stinch of crimson on it.

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Jim Mora is the man. He's not going to take a whoopin from nobody. He took a less talented team and beat USC, I think the spot lite of the SEC and the money would get him. plus his family and the Mannings are tight. Mmmm

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Petrino will never be cheaper than he is now. To my knowledge he has never been in trouble with the NCAA for rules violations.
With UT's resources and a good recruiting coordinator it would be on like donkey kong.

Just make sure we give him a VOLette as part of his contract. heck maybe two or three

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No true Vol fan can root for Bama. If the Taliban brought a team over to play Bama I would be wearing a turban sitting with the muslims.

Can't stop laughing. But True

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Not sure how it has backfired in any way nor why you think the athletic department is/was without a clue in the matter. Hart talked to Gruden, either directly or through intermediaries (not his agent apparently) just like we would want him to. He was told "no thanks" just like we expected. He tried to call the man's agent and let him know about the conversations and the man wouldn't return his calls. He didn't want to say anything publicly before he talked to the agent. The agent was the one making the nasty innuendoes about Gruden and UT, just like we would expect a sleazy agent to do. The agent let it happen to drive up Gruden's market value to ESPN or any potential suitors in the NFL. Blame the agent, the media, or both but Hart handled this exactly as he should have. He called Gruden first, was politely turned down, and then patiently and properly waited before breaking the story. And the backfire I don't get either. So Gruden turned us rational fan should have expected differently. The entire time the Gruden thing was consuming the press and the fans Mr. Hart was quietly lining up interviews for New York and establishing a pecking order for his coaching targets without distractions... just like he wanted. Our program has no egg on its face and he is making his moves incognito. We'll have a coach by next weekend. Go Vols!!!

Thank you, common sence prevails

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Believe you are overreaching factual situation with "Gruden deal was there." Even if the offer to Chucky Boy was the kitchen sink plus Ayers Hall as office space, no substantive discussions occurred.

Confidence should be derived from Dave Hart living the Bobby B. debacle. No head coach should be able to have total control of the football program, much less the athletic department and the University.

The current situation has analogies to the General, Wyatt and Doug Dickey. This hire requires prudent decision making as it has to work on so many levels. I'm tired of the inmates (so called bandwagon fans) running the asylum built by Hamilton.

If you think some of the comments on here are bad check VN. there are some idiots on there. some are talking about getting in line to jump off the bridge. come on guys, lets keep the faith. remember VFL

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Respectively, unless you are an insider that is part of the decision process, you are only speculating like everyone else. Maybe Gruden simply never wanted to coach in Knoxville regardless of money or any factor.

I agree with some of your views but don't you think Hart's @ss is on the line with this hire. Alumni and supporters like us are tired of spending good money for no results. just my thought

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The local media frenzy was a relatively concentrated faction fantasizing about a tv personality. The frenzy was made possible only by the Internet as usual. Take MNFootball and the tv camps out and what do you really have? I guy who won a Superbowl with Dungee's team and talks flashy with zero college head coaching experience.. Maybe he would get recruits, maybe not. Maybe he could win, maybe not. Saban was a more sure bet than Gruden. There are other more sure bets than Gruden for winning on the field as opposed to winning a press conference.

I agree totally. Saban was a proven college and SEC winner. He was a sure bet. Gruden, not so much. that's why I like mora jr., college winner with NFL connections. We need a home run. After Hamilton broke the bank giving big raises to fulmer for below average season no wonder we hired Dooley. trying to pinch penny's...saw were that got us. time to break the piggy bank and get us back in the SEC race or were going to be bottom dwellers for a long time. VFL

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I wanted Mora 4 years ago and posted it twice on this board. Of course I was immediately branded a complete fool, who's right now???

Did'nt see your post 4 years ago but glad to know I'm not alone, lol He is a good coach and like you said 4 years ago, we should have him then we would'nt be talking about this.

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I still say Petrino is the best out there, but if the donors are squeamish, Mora Jr. is very solid.

I like Petrino aswell but I feel the donors pain and would his past hurt recruiting. mom and dad don't want a bad influnence on jr.

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How bout Stanford's coach?

It's a thought.

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Would you have said that last Saturday night or are you just living as the next game happens? If the focus shifts away from gruden, but there was never any conversations how can the focus be shifted. Just goes to show the focus on gruden was all on fans and message boards, not coming from people making the decisions. Don't believe what you hear unless a presser is scheduled and a real life coach starts speaking to media.

Yes I would have and did. He's got the respect of his players and beating team with more talent, Secondly he has NFL connections that recruits like. If you check any of the older post you will see I have been pulling for Mora from day one