Written on Pat Summitt has faith in guard Ariel Massengale :

I like Massengale's game! I've had the pleasure of seeing her play in a few games, and she is a really good guard. I think she will make a big differnce right away. She has basketball IQ, knows when to dish, when to shoot, and sets up the offense, and is vocal in doing so. She is confident, so I don't think expectations will get to her. She has been on big stage after big stage already on the high school level, and the AAU circuit. I think it has prepared her for what is to come. At least I hope it has! Welcome Ariel!

Written on Ex-Virginia signee Bria Smith to visit UT campus Monday :

in response to r2d2:

Let's be realistic. This young lady will sign with UCONN.

She passed on Uconn to go to Virginia! Sorry, but that ship sailed already! On to more important matters, I hope she chooses Tennessee. I like her game on offense and defense. She's a hard worker! Can't have enough players that are willing to work on both ends of the floor.

Written on Glory Johnson has thumb surgery after injury during workout:

Get Well Glory! My Warrior on the court!

Written on Angie Bjorklund chosen 17th in WNBA draft by Chicago Sky:

Congrats to Angie! Good luck!

Written on Bria Smith has 'crazy' choice to make :

I sure hope the lady vols land her! I like the fact that she can drive to the basket. That is a missing piece to this team. Simmons can do it, but rarely does it, and instead mostly settles for jumpers. I don't think the lady vols backcourt is overcrowded as the article states. We are thin in the guard spot! Ariel and Bri are the only two true point guards on the team. The team could really use Bria Smith! Simmons and Kamiko are wings, not guards, IMO! Bria Smith will at least give the team a third guard! Besides, I like her game! She is pretty good!

Written on Lady Vol Kelley Cain will not play senior season:

Good luck Kelly! I wish you well! Health reasons did'nt allow you to be the best that you could be.

Written on Poll: Should the Lady Vols revive their basketball series with UConn? :

in response to UTAlum88:

That jack@ss has cowardly changed his userless name to uconnfan1.

And he uses Championsarefromstorrs! Looks like they are from Notre Dame!

Written on Poll: Should the Lady Vols revive their basketball series with UConn? :

in response to uconnfan1:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The way Notre Dame kicked Uconn's a**! Too bad you will have to wait for title number 8! Tennessee already has it! Uconn is done! Geno should retire before he makes a fool of himself! He lost with the so called best player in the country. Looks to me like Skylar Diggans should hold that crown. Ha Ha Ha! You lose loser!

Written on Poll: Should the Lady Vols revive their basketball series with UConn? :

in response to uconnfan1:

yeah so!we still didn't throw our coach under the bus.him said he can't be mad because they are kids.

Too bad those kids lost! You should throw him in the river! Trick! I don't throw my coach under the bus either. I can accept a loss! Stupid Uconn fans can't! Geno lost! Muffet beat him down and outcoached him. Geno had no clue as to what his next move would be to counter the move that Muffet made. Skylar was too much for even Maya the so called magnificent. Wasn't too magnificent on this particular night. She took 30 shots! That is God Awful! A pure Ball Hog! Geno sat there and did nothing and watched the overall number one seed crumble before his wrinkled eyes. I know you are suffering, and as a result you are lashing out. Get off this board! You nasty troll!

Written on Poll: Should the Lady Vols revive their basketball series with UConn? :

in response to ps11824:

PINK, do not let the ignorance of intruders run/keep you off this board. Sensibility must prevail. I agree with your post. We must support Pat in her decision because this is OUR team and this is OUR space to communicate. We won't be seeing mike and his clones and various screen names. They are done like yesterday mornings biscuits.

We do not want to be associated with Geno. Pat knows the accusations he made, and she knows his underhanded recruiting tactics. And as far as that goes, most folks know how trash-mouthed he is with his players and associates. We do not want to renew the revivalry. We do not need to pamper espn or anyone else, for that matter. We are who we are.. We are TN Lady Vols and we don't care how many games he has won. Pat Summitt is still the best. I am sick to death of these mike clones bashing Pat Summitt, but it will not tarnish her reputation one little bit. The cream always rises to the top.

I'm happy for Nikki. I believe she's getting back into the sec for reasons "favorable to the future of Tennessee." I am so excited about next season.

98 I just could not take it! Nothing is done to censor this board from intruders and at that particular point in time I did not want to be in their presence. Everytime the lady vols lose a game, the trolls come out in flocks. I just decided not to deal with it. All the Pat bashing, and team bashing that I read on here was very disturbing. Sure the team lost to Notre Dame, and there was plenty of blame to go around. But the posters came here, and some lady vols fans, and pretend to be lady vols fans, and made it worse than what it was. Now we see that Notre Dame was a worthy opponent, and a possible champion this year. I will gladly surrender the loss to Notre Dame, just to keep Uconn from winning the title. Geno doesn't deserve it, and nor does Uconn. I hope you enjoyed the game 98! I really did!

Nikki being at LSU is a heaven sent to the SEC! Nikki has proven what she is capable of as a coach. I am really proud of her. Let me add that I am proud of my lady vols for the wonderful season they had. We fell short! But took it one step further this year! Elite 8! I know my well wishes are late, but better late than never! Can't stand the Uconn trolls that come here!

Written on Poll: Should the Lady Vols revive their basketball series with UConn? :

The series does not need to be renewed in my opinion! Champion are from storrs, or Mike in Connecticut, whichever you prefer. How is that humble pie? Uconn got destroyed by Notre Dame. This was worth my appearance back on this board. I could not resist coming back here and throwing it up in the Uconn trolls faces that come here. Skylar Diggens was clearly the best player on the floor tonight. Muffet was the best coach on the floor tonight. Notre Dame was the best team on the floor tonight. Eating crow yet Uconn fans. All the poking fun at Tennessee and you do the same thing. Congratulating Texas A&M, did you congratulate Notre Dame? Bye Uconn! Bye Maya! Bye Geno! Hello Notre Dame! Hello Skylar! I thank you Notre Dame for beating Uconn to a pulp tonight. What pleasure I had watching this game. How is that crow Uconn fans on this Tennessee board! Is it good, or does it taste bitter. LOL! Uconn fans are too arrogant for their own good. There will be no 3peat! There will be no 8 titles! You will remain behind Pat Summitt where you belong. You will always be inferior to mother Superior! What a great day to be a lady vol fan! We get to see Geno do down to the same team that took us down. Karma for Uconn fans!

Written on Pat Summitt stayed 'positive' in halftime speech:

in response to uconnfan1:

How is it positive to tell your team they make you sick to your stomach?

You are so stupid! She said no such thing! She said the fact that Ohio State was playing with more energy and effort than her team made her sick to her stomach. Not her team! Educate yourself so you can comprehend what you hear! I am sure Geno was sick of his team after the way they played against Georgetown!

Written on Change in lineup planned to counter Notre Dame:

Lady vols you can do this! Play hard, limit turnovers! Play tough defense, and rebound like crazy! Bring home the win lady vols! Let's Go!

Written on John Adams: Kelley Cain-Meighan Simmons duo gets the job done :

Proud of Simmons and Cain! Good job today!

Written on Lady Vols beat Ohio State, 85-75 to advance to Elite Eight:

in response to charlyand#601962:

Maybe you thought our pgs were good, but all I saw was Angie open on the wing and no one doing anything but taking it to the hole herself. I know they need to take shots and make them but you would think our best shooter would get to take more than 3. I know her shots didn't fall, but you know as well as I do that given the opportunity Angie will get hot. She is always guarded tighter than everyone else. Maybe when Meighan is looking at her turnover stats, she might look at her assists.

I think Simmons had 5 assists, and Angie was hesitant to shoot after she did not make her first few shots. No one denied Angie the ball, you stated it well, she is defended heavily. wouldn't want her to take a contested three!

Written on Lady Vols beat Ohio State, 85-75 to advance to Elite Eight:

Congrats to the lady vols on the win! This was a good game by both teams. Ohio State is not that bad of a team. However, I feel like the coaching staff did make a few goofs in the first half with the defense played. No need to double Jantel! Our post players were doing fine one on one with her. They were killing us from the perimeter, and the three! Too often Tennessee went under screens, when they should have been switching on screens. Dribble penetration still needs much work! On the other hand, if Kelly continues to play the way she did, we should be in good shape with a few adjustments. Glory needs to keep her head in the game. She lets the officiating get to her. I really would like Strick to pour it on early, like in the first half as well as the second. Nice second half, not so good first half. Simmons was spectacular, and she was not going down without a fight. I would have inserted Spani a little earlier for Angie. Angie was just way off tonight,and when her shot did not fall she was hesitant the rest of the night. Next up Notre Dame! Need a stronger effort! Go lady vols!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to Mike_In_Connecticut:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You filthy trollup! Geno coached in 1979! Pat started in 1974! Geno wasn't good enough to be offered a head coaching job so he had to settle for being an assistant to Debbie Ryan and Jim Foster! I did not ask the question how many times Uconn beat Tennessee in a title game, I asked that piece of trash how many times he or she had beaten Tennessee in a title game. Learn to comprehend what you read idiot! Geno does not allow dunking because he never had a player that could do it. I would not allow something that player could not do either. Spare me the excuses! Please about Geno and eithics! He has none! Geno would lie, steal and cheat just to be successful, hints of Maya's mothers house and handbag business, and Carolyn Doty's involvement in recruitment scandal with Geno and Sue Bird and Drunk Diana Taurasi who probably paid off the Turkish lab to redo her drug tests! It is funny how both came back positive and then all of sudden they got screwed up. NOT~! Geno probably help pay off that lab like he helped Moore and her mother financially! You filthy trolls can't tell me nothing about basketball or Geno. Geno flaps those filthy gums like a true idiot. Similar to the way you and Uconnfan and the rest of you Uconn trash do when you come here. Stanford and Rutgers still stopped Geno and Uconn in their tracks the years they were supposed to win it all and Tennessee took the crown. Still second fiddle to Tennessee! Always will be!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to Orange_since_84:

I agree with your comments, but please, slow down and correct your subject/verb agreement.

Sorry! But I was on a rampage! I didn't care how it sounded, I just had to get it out!

Written on All thoughts for Lady Vols now on defense :

I would like to see Avant get some playing time. I think she is pretty good. She gets to the hoop and to the free throw line. She draws fouls! I like that! Her on ball defense is better than any of the other guards on the team, IMO, then Briana Bass! Go lady vols!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to Mike_In_Connecticut:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

We don't need you coming here making excuses for Geno! You're the biggest non-factor of all the trolls that come here!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to uconnfan1:


The year Uconn was picked to win it all and Tennessee was waiting, uconn was too sorry to make it. Stanford and Rutgers exposed that! Sent Uconn packing!LOL!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to The_Truth_and_nothing_but_the_Truth:

How many times has Tennessee beat UCONN in a NC Game?

How many times have you beat Tennessee in a title game. How many wins does Geno has and how many wins does Pat have! How many final fours have Pat been to and how many have Geno been to. How many players for Uconn has dunked in a game, and it counted! How many titles does Uconn has and how many does Tennessee has? No need to answer! You're a non-factor! Act like one! There was still a scandal about the recruitment of Carolyn Doty. I read all about it! That is why you are really mad! Tell the cheater Geno to stop cheating! It is not my fault he is crooked!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to SoddyVol:

PINK....It was after Lady Vols won the 3 in a row the last 3 games they played that Geno couldn't take it anymore and did some underhanded recruiting. The fact that two of those 3 Vols wins were played in Connecticut really got to him. We have to face the facts. Geno's tactics have worked well for him. MM made them winners once again. Another thing it did in having MM is make recruiting easier for him now so maybe he no longer needs to cheat.

I agree Soddy! Whether proven or not, everybody knows that Geno uses underhanded tactics while recruiting.I can see if it was just one occurence, but as I understand, there was some type of scandal with Carolyn Doty's recruiting process as well. On the other hand! I am sure the dunk Candace threw down didn't help his ego either. What a bitter pill for Geno to swallow. So he got down and dirty so he did not have to swallow another one. Cheater!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to uconnfan1:

#1)I don't trash Pat #2)Why is anything about Geno on here in the first place?#3)y'all are the ones bring up Geno and UCONN when it has nothing to do with UT.

But you are here! Why are you here? That is the number one question. Obviously you are not a fan of Tennessee. Last I checked this is a Tennessee fan board. Not a Uconn hater board! You act as if the courant does not print articles about Tennessee. It is always full of articles on Pat Summitt and Tennessee. I need an argument that is more concrete than the one you are using!

Written on Lady Vols' bigs need to be ready against Jantel Lavender :

Wow! Alberta came back! It is always nice to hear when former players come back and work with the team. Any help is helpful! Agree with Pat! The bigs better be ready to play. Challenge them and get them psyched about it. Light that fire! From reading the article, it seems that most of my issues with the team are being addressed. I hope it translates to the court. Go lady vols! Really happy about using the post players more. I just hope they are ready!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to uconnfan1:

They say UCONN fans should get over the fact UCONN & UT don't play anymore BUT,they will always find a way to trash him.Maybe they should be the ones getting over it.

Obviously you are not over it! And yet you come here and read articles on a Tennessee board. Took it one step further and had the audacity to leave a comment. Geno will be trashed just the way some Uconn faithful trash Pat and Tennessee! Live with it! Stay away if you are offended! You most certainly will not be missed! Loser!

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to Mike_In_Connecticut:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Liar! Geno is ridiculous with his mouth piece! He just doesn't know when to shut up. Did Geno tell you he was joking? I don't think so! You know nothing! You say he was being sarcastic,I say he wasn't, but whose to say. I have to believe what the article says he said. For that Geno is crazy to trash talk fans that support his team. I don't care one way or the other, but he should know better. Obviously he doesn't! You once again don't have a clue! Flapping your gums for no reason on a Tennessee board at that.

Written on Glory Johnson, Shekinna Stricklen finalists for All-America Team:

I am proud of them both! They really deserve this recognition. These two have worked their behinds off and have played some very good games. Nice to see that they are recognized for their efforts. About time they recognize the lady vols!

Written on Lady Vols advance to Sweet 16, 79-70:

in response to SoddyVol:

Two thing that most stuck out to me was: 1}Marquette coaches had a good game plan with good game management. 2}Except for brief periods, Tenn played only Average defense. Tenn has enough athletic players with basketball skills to have won more easily. They better start playing with more mental concentration to make it to the championship game.

I agree that Tenn has enough Athletic players with basketball skills to have won more easily. I think it is the lineups used that hinder this sometimes.

Written on Lady Vols advance to Sweet 16, 79-70:

Congrats on the win! I thought Simmons was pretty good tonight. Kamiko made some awful mistakes! Kamiko defends to close,needs to step back a bit on quick guards like Marquette had. I thought Manning gave some really good minutes. Proud of her as well!

Marquette post outplayed Tennessee's post from tip to finish. That one post player for Marquette did some damage. Our post game was awful! Our defense was awful! The three point defense was awful! Marquette took advantage of it. Cain still missing layups! I thought Vicki should have gotten more playing time.

This small lineup I am not a fan of! It limits our post game. Vicki or Brewer will need to be there with Glory. Stricklen is not the answer in the post. She will pick up quick fouls in there or let her player shoot over her. You don't want to risk your best player in foul trouble trying to defend post players. Stricklen thrives on the wing anyway. She is limited in the post as far as her offense and what she can give the team. Stricklen was also missing and tentative the entire first half. It is tournament time. You have to come to play. There is no time for this. Marquette played a really good game. But I think the lineups used aided in how good they played as well. I personally would like to see Spani, not that she is not playing pretty good ball,but I would like Brewer or Vicki in her spot. Spani is not needed on the floor when you have Strick, Angie and Simmons out there. I would like to see a balanced team on the floor of players in their prospective positions. Our post players are really rusty from sitting so much!

Written on 99 reasons for Lady Vols to share in the gladness :

Yes indeed! There was some good ball played today! Stay focused lady vols! Let's get Marquette! One game at a time! Survive and advance!

Written on Smaller lineup gives Lady Vols some flexibility :

I am not a fan of the small lineup really! Although Stricklen can play the forward spot and do well there, I feel she does better on the wing. She is more productive there IMO! I like when there are two true post players on the court. Either Cain, Brewer or Baugh along side Glory, surrounded by Strick, Angie and Simmons! I guess it is decided who starts according to the team they play, and matchups!

Written on No surprises for Tennessee; Lady Vols down Stetson 99-34:

in response to ROCKYTOPBRAD:

They have the one thing we don't,that's geno he has already tied pat for the most championship rings and this year will pass her.I'm sorry to say

You need to do a little research! I'm sorry to say!

Written on No surprises for Tennessee; Lady Vols down Stetson 99-34:

Congrats to the lady vols! It get's harder as the the tournament progresses so stay focused. Really nice to see Bass and Smallbone get in on the action. Keep having fun ladies, and winning!

Written on Focus on effort no laughing matter for Lady Vols:

in response to ps11824:

Isn"t it funny how mic talks to itself? No, not funny at all. Sick.

I noticed that to 98! I assume you mean making up other names and posting comments to them as if they were someone else. LOL! This Mike person is really a sick individual! He better hope Uconn get's by Georgetown and Duke!

Written on Quest starts in earnest for Lady Vols:

The lady vols are ready! Here they come!

Written on 55-foot buzzer beater giving Stetson attention :

The lady vols will shine! I have a feeling this is their year!

Written on NCAA women's tournament practices in Knoxville closed to the public :

Come on Kelly! Get focused lady vols! Time for battle!

Written on On court, 'sweet' Glory Johnson is a different person :

We have faith in you Glory! Stay aggressive, don't change!

Written on Lady Vols open with Stetson:

So here we have it! I like our bracket. I think the lady vols can handle any of those teams, and handle them with ease, if they play lady vol basketball. There are tests, Notre Dame, Ohio St, maybe Texas,but lady vols should prevail. Respect each opponent! One game at a time! Survive and advance! I hope for some truly healthy post players,and confident guard play during this tournament. Go lady vols! Can't wait until 11 a.m. Saturday morning when my lady vols take the court.

Written on Lady Vols likely to be on the rebound:

in response to Mike_In_Connecticut:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Tennessee has you really scared! Keep telling yourself they are not as good as you have seen they are. Uconn will go out in round two! Troll you are crazy! Tennessee has you by the strings. You are Tennessee's puppett!

Written on Lady Vols likely to be on the rebound:

in response to xvolx:

Brewer is not agressive in getting position. Won't or can't jump. Cain has the same problem, other than she can't hold on to the ball after she rebounds. Baugh is the best athlete of the three. All threes' problems could be because of physical limitations, but it is still a problem. Johnson, Strickland and Manning are the only good rebounders we have. Cain, Brewer and Baugh or going to have to suck it up and lay it on the line to help this team win a Nat. Champ..

I notice that as well about our post players with the exception of Vicki and Glory. They get up for the ball when they are in. Brewer in the Kentucky game was not aggressive at all. She slacked, that is why Pat pulled her, I believe. We need energy from the post spot. Mobile and Agile posts! I wish Vicki could just suck it up like you say and give it her all. As well as Cain and Brewer. I think all of our post players bring something different to the game. Against quick teams I would deploy Vick and Glory! Against a team like Xavier or a half-court team, or one that is not so quick, you can get away with using Cain and Brewer. Strategy just depends on the team you are playing and how they play. Just my opinion! Another point I agree with you on is none of our post, except for Glory, works hard enough for position to me.

Written on Lady Vols roll to SEC tournament title:

I can't be prouder of a this team. Pat and the team were at their finest today. I am at a lost for words! The basketball played today was just amazing by Tennessee. The biggest thing to me is that they were having fun. They were focused. They wanted this win and they got it. They deserve this! 98 I hate you missed it! It was amazing! Please find it somewhere and watch this game. You have to 98!

Shekinna deserves every award that she will receive. SEC player of the year, and SEC tournament MVP! That is all american performance in my book. She better make it this year. She has earned it. This team has made me proud today. All of them!

Written on Alyssia Brewer 'handing' MVP reins to Glory Johnson:

I like Alicia Manning's attitude! With more games like this, Glory could be SEC tournament MVP! Agree with the points made, defense needs some work. Stop that dribble drive from the opposition!

Written on Glory Johnson scores career-high 25 to lead Lady Vols past Florida in SEC:

Congrats on the win! Glory and Strick were fantastic. Brewer was good early on. I like when Brewer post and takes her time and shoots. Usually a positive outcome when she does that. Manning makes some awesome passes. The new Alicia Manning is a confident player. She makes the team better when she is playing like she has been. Good win lady vols!

As far as the point spot goes! Both Simmons and Kamiko bring something to the table. However it is tournament time and I like Kamiko's play making abilities over Simmons. Plus Kamiko is less turnover prone! I would like to see kamiko and Manning inserted into the starting lineup. Miko for Simmons and Manning for Spani! Just my wish! Spani needs to step up her game. It is tournament time. One and done! Can't have any slackers on the floor! No time for that!

Work on turnovers and defense! Lets go lady vols!

Written on 'Positive' is plenty from Lady Vols in SEC tournament :

Lady vols need to play the game hard and respect each team they face. No let ups! Crush them from tip to finish! Lady vols know what they need to do! Go and get it done!

Written on Lady Vols unsure if Lauren Avant (concussion) available for SEC:

We need Avant to be healthy!

Written on Lady Vols finish off perfect SEC regular season:

in response to Mike_In_Connecticut:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Uconn is overrated at number one! They lost to Stanford when Stanford was ranked number nine. They are number one now by default because Baylor slipped up. Uconn is not the best team in the country. Uconn is a team among other good teams. No one knows who will win the title this year. Not even a false prophet like you! Funny that Samarie Walker did not seem to think Uconn was so great. Nor did Elena Delle Donne and a host of others that left Geno and Uconn.

Written on Some SEC women's basketball teams may 'get chopped' :

in response to Mike_In_Connecticut:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You say Tennessee is no where near as good as Stanford, Baylor or Uconn. Funny thing is Tennessee beat Stanford. Stanford beat Uconn down! You know not what you type! A little research might aid in your cause to degrade the lady vols. All you have is speculation! I bet if someone asked you what your life was worth, you would draw a blank!