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Written on UT running backs coach Robert Gillespie to be paid $300,000:

I just knew when I saw the title of this article all the sweetsports would show up ragging about Jay Graham leaving. Hey he chose to go. Has it ever been announced what his title is at Seminolecity or his pay there? I may have missed it. But he went out his way, on his terms. Coach G. is now in the stable and let's see what he can do before we ramble on and on and on against him.

Written on Could Tyler Bray be the steal of the 2013 NFL draft?:

Bray had ample opportunities to win big games himself and did not do it. Yes most of the 2012 woes go to the defense but there were a few games where he could have stepped up and made the plays, he didn't. In a few other games, he just did not look interested. If that makes him a steal in the draft, go for it! I personally see him holding a clipboard and watching for a few years. If he hangs in there, he may get playing time. With all his talent, there is still something lacking between the ears. His maturing as a Pro or lack thereof will tell the tale of where his career finally goes. Personally, I hope he gets with a staff that can help him become better and maybe even one day start. We await the draft and whatever happens thereafter.

Written on At UT pro day, players vying for NFL job interview:

Bray's arm is not a problem at all. It is that gray matter(which matters)or lack thereof that could hurt chances of an NFL team taking a chance on him. With the dry feel of qbs coming out this year, he may do better in the draft than many of us think. While I wish him well, I also think it will be a long, long time of clipboard management before he plays much on Sundays. But I am no expert and truly wish all the former Vols well as they pursue their fondest dream of playing in the NFL!

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

If you don't want to be in the NIT why accept the bid and no. 1 seed? I cannot feel sorry for the Kats. They have the best ever in the history of the world recruiting class coming in and hey those guys will likely be the starters. Who knows? It is a disappointment in Lex. but Robert Morris is living it up and loving every minute of it.

Written on Tennessee football bounces back with best effort of spring, Butch Jones says:

Glad to see a good report from practice and that they are making progress. There is a long way to go to be ready for the fall and it is wonderful to see not only the coaches expecting it but also the players stepping up with upped expectations. Keep it going guys.

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

I love Coach Martin and what he has brought to a down in the dumps Vol program but he should not be so surprised at the snub from the NCAA selection committee. First off, the envy of SEC football is all over the nation and bleeds into other sports. But...the Vols should not have lost to Georgia late, then play a lackluster SEC tourney game against Alabama. With the roll they were on, one would think they could have taken anyone after all those wins in a row. So now, go make noise in the NIT and come back stronger next year. It is a shame some of the teams chosen but hey it is not our choice. Life moves on. GO BIG ORANGE beat Mercer.

Written on In full-pads practice, Vols crank up intensity:

An intense head coach will filter into the other coaches and players. Then the results will be seen on the field. That will be obvious. Let's give it time and see how unraw Coach Jones and Co. can make this bunch left by the former coaches. I'm hoping we will like what we see though knowing it will take a year for us to see a big rise from the shadows. I am so ready for that to begin.

Written on Evan's Eleven: 5-star RB Jalen Hurd's commitment to Tennessee is biggest catch of Butch Jones' tenure:

in response to 45ReVOLver:

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I implied nothing pal...I stated it does not take a UT diploma to be a true Vol Fan. You did the implying on people who did not graduate; but let's not go back there. You obviously enjoy pretending you "fit pieces together" for others. By the way, this will be the last time I respond to you. Read things a little closer. That's all I will say. Done or since I don't have a UT degree I guess it's Dun.

Written on Reaction to Jalen Hurd's commitment on social media:

Guess what? Some of us do not care what the Vanderbilt head coach tweets, says, or thinks about hot assitant coaches' wives. What we care about is getting back to drilling the Commodores on the football field and want it to start this coming fall. I don't care if the smart mouth's tweetaroo was directed at Hurd or not. I care nothing about what that guy does. I just want the Vols to do their thing on Saturday's this fall. That includes a thrashing of the almighty Vanderbilt who won last year against whom?

Written on Evan's Eleven: 5-star RB Jalen Hurd's commitment to Tennessee is biggest catch of Butch Jones' tenure:

Good deal, the back we need looks to be on the way. I would not mind a couple more in next year's class. This start is the most exciting in years on Rocky Top. So better things are ahead in spite of what anyone may think.
45Revolver: any implication that to be a True Vol fan, one has to have a degree from there is not even worthy of a response. But I'll indulge; it's ridiculous! But then, you hold that degree close to the vest now! I can name names of people who graduated from Tennessee and now are rabid Bammers, Dawgs and even Gatatorial. Degrees mean a lot only as regards the temperature not in who is or is not a genuine fan. GO VOLS from a non-alumnus

Written on A look at Tennessee's 2014 class after 3 new additions, including 4-star Todd Kelly Jr.:

Looking ahead, I don't care who liked/disliked former coaches. That blah tee blah is so old. This is a tremendous start and should get even better. I am hyped and excited. I do agree, however, that big time RB needs to be pursued out the wazoo. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Tennessee's Orange and White game to be free again:

It should be a great day I likely will miss returning from Europe that week. But I hope it will be shown on Sportsouth or somewhere. I loved being at it last year even though the fall did not pan out. This coaching approach looks really exciting and while this coming fall may not yield a return to contention in the SEC east I believe we will see marked improvement all over the field. I hope so at least.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

Back to earth sadly and the NCAA bubble has burst. Got to keep going and get the last two anyway and make a showing in the SEC tourney. Looks like NIT at best now.

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

REALITY: Jay Graham is no longer an assistant coach at UT.
REALITY: Robert Gillespie is...In the words of that former loser Ryan Leaf..."CUT IT OUT!" The waste of posting and emotion on here is incredible. Since we don't have the "rest of the story" on Graham, let's go with what we know about Gillespie. He has played the position. He has coached the position. I don't care if he played at Moscow Technological Institute as long as he can toughen up and get ready our running backs. Meanwhile, the beat of all your posted junk does the Sonny and Cher song, "The Beat goes on and the Beat goes on......"

Written on Derek Dooley and fired assistants will cost UT an estimated $7.5 million:

Do the reporters enjoy continuing the fiasco of how blunderous the former AD and Co. were in reminding us of the 7.5 Mill of Jack owed fired coaches? I am sick of it. Let's try to remember we are moving on. The UT football program has but one thing to think about right now. That is how to get wins on the field. Dwelling on the past, how much we owe non-Coaches, cursing the current administration, bashing the former head coach, none of that means anything concerning moving forward. So let's try to look ahead and see what this coaching staff can do. If as some on here infer, they can't get it done, well we may be paying more fired coaches. But let's give this at least two years before we go overboard. But those reporters keep on keep on bringing it up. You know, with all the junk we see in media these days, I will be surprised if anyone will believe it when the UT football program actually does re-emerge as a force.

Written on Riley Ferguson embraces Vols' quarterback battle:

in response to OrangePride:

There were those who saw Bray's departure as a probable step back for Tennessee (although a lot of other folks on the board were happy he opted for the NFL). But the QB position looks really solid based on this article. The key is going to be how our receivers step into their roles. The OL should provide plenty of protection and the foundation for a solid run game. What I expect is that we will see less of the 30 yard pass plays on 3rd and 2, and a much more disciplined, play within ourselves approach. Oh how sweet that will be. I want to do that first down fist punch a WHOOOOOLE LOT this year. Can't wait! GO VOLS!!

I agree whole-heartedly OP. My hope is that the rbs will step it up this year. While Jabo is less than I had most hoped for in our getting another back, I hope that as was reported he comes through more as he supposedly did his junior year of high school. But it is absolutely essential that the new receivers and ones with little experience step up and make catches even if for 3 to 5 yards and get crucial first downs. I am hyped looking to spring ball. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Riley Ferguson embraces Vols' quarterback battle:

Great to have a guy like Riley Ferguson enroute to Tennessee. It is not a bad deal to have a "battle" going on and a couple of Freshmen legitimately in the mix. I along with an earlier poster believe this season will be a try it and see deal. Worley and Peterman may be the guys to get the JonesGang offense off the ground. If so, let them do it and let Dobbs/Ferguson grow a bit before being thrown to the SEC wolves. In any event even with concerns about quarterbacking, anticipation for this coming season is better for me than it's been in quite some time and I was no Doolaider nor Dool-negativite. I just want the Tennessee Volunteers to be the best they can be and get back to the Orange and White winning ways.

Written on Tennessee's Jones embraces unfamiliar challenge:

Big Job ahead but this man is not ducking any of it. Let's give him a chance and see what he can do. This first year will likely be brutal. But that is not the final word.

Written on Butch Jones to be grand marshal of Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway:

Now There's a real Race issue regarding Coach Jones that is open for discussion. The FC 500 Is an incredibly exciting event!

Written on Saban: 4 arrested Alabama players dismissed from team:

THE right thing to do, one can only hope they wake up and smell the coffee and not behind bars although that may be where they belong. It is sad to see guys act out this way but so long counts when you throw away your opportunity be it in Loosa-ville, Rocky Top or some GataSwamp. Now can we move on?

Written on Vols land a big one, 64-58, against Florida :

Great win, great run, I hope they keep it going. Beating an 8th ranked team late in the season should cause their stock to rise toward the bubble. Let's see, they have the potential to make this a very special time for UT mens' basketball. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

I don't have to read this to realize the mouth-watering John Adams has something else to smirk about regarding UT football. Yes Graham's departure is a disappointment and a big loss but the Vols will move on as will hopefully JA and many others.

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

It is what it is...a huge disappointment and at first I thought devastating. But it is the job of the head coach and administration to get someone else when anyone leaves. It was going to be a tall task, at least this coming season with Jay. It will be a tall one without him. We have to wait and see how the RBs do this fall. In a new scheme, they may not need to be 1000 yard rushers. It is sad, a shame, disappointment. I do not know who is "responsible." Jay chose to go for whatever reason. Life goes on and this does not help the Vols with all the other issues causing hurdles. This should prove who Coach Jones really is in a)who replaces Jay Graham, and b)how well the whole team is this spring and especially next season. GO VOLS!

Written on Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze asked for emails, and did they ever come:

Rather than whine about not cheating and calling examiners out, just put it all out there Ole Miss and let the public know it is all clean. But you better make sure it is clean and if not, put that out there quickly. If not, you will be slammed in more ways than you can imagine. As for inquirers, guess what? That's the world we now live in, get accustomed to it or get out of it. All the hype and attention will be going nowhere. Otherwise, you still have some tough SEC west teams to beat before you even sniff the SEC Championship game. Good luck on that.

Written on Butch Jones impressing 'my mentality' on Vols during grueling workouts:

Coach Jones talks a lot but...he is also working very hard to make the Volunteer football team better. My guess is it is working and we will see the results in days ahead. As for all the nega-Vols ragging on him, it is not helpful. If you are a true fan, get behind the effort. It will take awhile. This is not twitter, facebook, pininterest and all the other instant expectant fixes. I say, let it go until we see how hard they play, how much they have improved and how many games they win this fall before presenting the foibulliscious conclusions which prove some will be so-not-fine. This is a beginning and the road is long. The time for true assessment is after it begins to play out. Otherwise, all postings are...part of our own hopeful or nega-hopeful imagining. I am looking forward to what is ahead and am sick of hearing about the past. It is done!

Written on Alabama student details alleged beating at hands of football players:

Well as long as Jurgens is "still gonna love Alabama football" all is well! Sad events when young men choose the wrong way, the wrong things in their lives. It would seem they will face the music. It will be interesting to see just what the "music" is they will face.

Written on In Butch Jones' 'VOLympics,' UT players will earn, lose points for actions away from field:

Such bickering over what can become a very positive experience for Vols football players and possibly save some from themselves and horrible choices is sad. To all who are unreligionist, no one is being forced to go to a Bible Study. But do any of you know what the word Bible means? It comes from a Greek word biblion which simply means book. Now I feel confident that Coach Jones would also reward Muslims attending their preferred activities, ie Koran study or other religions in their observance provided they were atmospheres of positive energy. Maybe, just maybe he singled out Bible studies because there is a lot of Christian sentiment around Rocky Top. A lot of young lives have been positively influenced by study. I would love to see anyone on here with a problem in this regard say something to Al Wilson or to the late Reggie White when he was still with us. That might be very interesting.
Finally, for all the nega-trolls, I happen to know there is secretly in the workings a STARVE ALL THE TROLLS DAY on this sight. Just wait, you know who you are, the DAY is coming...........

Written on UT self-reports 10 violations in athletics since August:

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING....the NCAA infractions' committee, armed and dangerous! I wonder why so close an eye is on the Volunteer programs HUM...!

Written on Four Alabama football players arrested on robbery charges:

in response to ronburgundy:

Oh, give me a break pal. These four thugs have the gift of a life time laid at their feet, and this is how they decide to pay back their incredible good fortune? These are four adult men with the ability to make whatever decisions they want in life. And this is what they chose. Did you take a look at their pics? Not exactly eagle scout material. These four should be gone and never allowed back on campus. And the coach and fans should be blamed for a lack of guidance for these poor little boys you say? Maybe I'm badly missing your point.

So my comment insinuates they should be forgiven and all is well come on back? Thanks for reading what I did not say. I merely remarked that their lives mean much more than playing for the University of Alabama or anywhere else. I guess you unthug never made a mistake,never needed to be given another chance.. Where is your picture posted so we can see how you look?
I agree they need to be gone but not completely given up on. What if...another school, lower level gave them a chance and they took that one seriously and turned their lives around? That does happen. For anyone to intimate they just do not matter because there are other top notch athletes waiting in line to be called up was what bothered me. Your even hinting that I say the coaches and fans should be blamed for their demise shows you did not read what I said. It's on them for their poor decisions. Now it's up to the justice system and what they do beyond its rendered decision. Do you see that point?

Written on Poll: Which 2013 signee has the best chance to make an immediate impact? :

in response to wagee12:

84, what a great, classic, negatron post. You da man. Worley, Gatorade National player of the year, Peterman, No. 1 QB prospect in Florida in 2011. The two running backs, Lane and Neal, combined for 1366 yards last year. Did I say you are a doltz?
Defensive line, Vols have best nose tackle in the SEC and Smith and Williams will benefit greatly from going back to 4-3 front. Please find another hobby. Your absolute negativity is really tedious and boring.

w12, I agree with your sentiment toward 84 but he has a point on this line; our very good qbs are somewhat untested. How did Justin Worley do when he was forced into the lineup? Yes he has some games under his belt thankfully. But that was with a completely different scheme. So we do have work to do and a lot merely because while the Vols were not moving forward other SEC teams were and some in huge strides. It is not negamania to realize we have our work cut out for us. Along with you, however, I am more hopeful than 84 in his postaneg about all things Vol football. I believe they will be good, play hard and show vast improvement from recent years.

Written on Four Alabama football players arrested on robbery charges:

Young men making terrible choices. That is indeed sad. But sadder still is the attitude it's no big deal if their lives go down the tubes because FB pope Nick can just call up more 4 star players. But that shows poor choice on a fan's part; the kids' lives do not matter, only that they get to play for almighty Alabama... That may be saddest of all.

Written on John Adams: Recruiting a running battle for Vols :

I read all the negative back and forth and back and forth; knowing that absolutely NONE of it will have any impact on how the team plays this spring or fall. But on and on and on it goes. The situation did not get to the point it is overnight. No ONE person is responsible and by golly it will not be fixed in one recruiting class. Watch and see how the Jones gang coaches and players play before you continue on and on with all the negativity. Otherwise, I guess you will just waste time posting. True VOL FANS do not care about individual NegaVols but this is a free site.

Written on In Knoxville, Butch Jones, John Jancek talk up defense to fans hungry for improvement :

I see we have the experts on here about defense and still many of "they'll never do it" Eeyore types. Eeyore is the blue/gray, negative donkey in the Winnie the Pooh story. Granted the Vols did not come near to having the personell to run the 3-4 last year. They tried, failed, and are GONE! Some of us are moving on. We begin a new era and time will tell who they are able to beat or compete with etc. By the way, whomever pointed out how the 3-4 is better suited to stop the spread, I suppose was not watching Texas A&M against Bama last year. I know, I know the JohnnyFootball factor but early in that game the 3-4 just was NOT stopping the spread of the Aggies. I suppose that all depends on the personnel of the spread team you are trying to stop.

Written on In Nashville, Jay Graham steals the show — again — while looming vacation puts focus on coaches' families :

It is great to see excitement stirring all across the Volunteer state about Tennessee football. They have a long way to go to get where we who are fans want them to be and this is a good start. I am glad to see this happening even if we did not get the top athletes many expected the coaches to land overnight. Onward and upward is my cry and GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Butch Jones in Nashville tells fans 'I pray every day I’m going to be here forever':

in response to volthrunthru#658770:

Jones’ "best staff in the USA" University of Cincinnati coaches did not do well recruiting in the big-time.

The SEC-level coaches hired by Jones recruited okay, but were working with team-members easy for competitive recruiters to target as not Big Time.

For instance: Bell and his world knew about Urban Meyer, another guy from Ohio.

Fact: Jones says things publicly that are not accurate: He calls this class "selective.” His SEC-experienced coaches are more forthcoming: "ran out of time," "improved…with H.S. coaches," etc.

Fact: Jones claimed he could win the SEC with State of Tennessee players; was publicly corrected by Phillip Fulmer, who said UT must recruit nationally.

Fact: Jones missed on most of the best talent in Tennessee, as evidenced by the following Rivals chart:

Some of UT’s 21 scholarships went to East Tennessee H.S. players, iffy as SEC caliber. Same elsewhere for Jones, too, including a 2-star from a J.C. In Junior Colleges, UT finished by taking players that many of the better programs in the country had picked over. Did UT coaches EVER do that before?

Fact: Essentially this class averages 2.5 stars.

Fact: Bama, SC, GA, LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, A&M, & others in the SEC finished higher---MUCH higher.

Fact: Some of the UT signees were only offered by schools as fill-ins, in conferences that are nowhere near UT's level Clearly finishing with recruits whose rankings were fudged upward is not encouraging. This class is behind many schools from other conferences, too.

Final Fact: UT’s is one of the 10 largest football budgets in the country. The UT Athletics department spends a BILLION DOLLARS A DECADE. The governor says it must fill the stadium for the numbers to work. Dooley's last few games had 70,000 in the 100,000+ capacity Neyland Stadium. The official line is “only had 31-days. ” But if the ex-Cincinnati staffers had been able to recruit nationally, they would have brought in a recruit or two that was more than 2-stars, re-ranked to 3. Can you tell yourself just how those 35,000+ seats are going to be filled by what has happened in the past 31 days.

Clearly there is LONG, LONG way from the lead up to the National Championship of the Majors/Fulmer years & what Jones says is a "selective" class was recruited.

In fact, he previously said he could win the SEC with in-state players, & then lost the in-state recruiting battles in a big way to multiple SEC schools and UCLA and Minnesota and even MTSU.

Jones & part of his staff have many concerned. Apparently these young journalists are not among them.

Thanks Hart. Thanks Hamilton. Thanks Cheek. Thanks President of the Week.

Thanks for showing how pathetic it is when someone who makes a post like that even pretends to be a Volunteer fan.

Written on Memphis gives Butch Jones a standing ovation:

Win Memphis recruiting, win the whole state and watch the football program rise and rise. It is just a beginning but to me feels a lot better than when we began with the last coach. Let's give it time and see what kind of team our staff fields this fall. No it is not ladened with all the star guys but if the ones who come want to be there and are willing to do their best inspired by great coaching, we might just be amazed! I for one am ready for a little, no a lot of amazing from the Vol football team in the winning way. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Wiedmer: UT should improve with Jones' first class:

Response to Brass...and rtchatt...........................................................................................
That's all you mean to True Vol fans.

Written on 21 new Vols in Tennessee's 2013 signing classs:

I love Vonn Bell, he is an outstanding young man and player. But honestly, I am more concerned that we did not get a top rb. Maybe one can be found in juco or a diamond in the coal pit(rough). Overall, we take it and we watch to see how well coached this team is and how they compete week in and week out this fall. I am glad for the guys we got and expect we will be fine; not competing for the East this year but will do well and beat the people we are suppose to beat. All the nega-Volling is not helpful. But seeing how many of us operate around here when disappointed, I get it. On the other hand, I reserve any naysaying myself until I see the team and coaches unable to compete after a season or two.

Written on Top247 QB Dobbs signs with Vols :

in response to BrassMonkey:

Great get. I am glad we barely edged out Kentucky for 11th in the SEC. Things are finally looking up.


Written on A road map for getting back: Study shows Vols' fall from glory years:

in response to RockVegas:

How I miss those days.Tennessee should have run CPF off long before he got fired first off.You have to get at least 10 top state players if your going by the size of the Volunteer state.Back then we were the first one's with indoor practice fields and all that,we should have been winning championships on a regular but people make one good run and get comfortable and alow other schools to catch up and their alums started to spend more money as the social media picked up more kids learned about the state school in state and wanted to stay close to home and go to school.The whole time Tennessee will be on t.v every Saturday finding a way to give up the big games that everybody was watching.We just lost that fire along the way,then you go out and get mediocre coaches that doesn't help either before you know it,your looking up at everybody.I don't know if CBJ is SEC material but I love his fire,and that's what TENNESSEE needs someone that can rally the troops,when people like you they will do almost anything.People didn't like CLK but that team thought they had a chance of winning every ballgame,and they did fight most of the games they played,just saying...GBO

Please keep your CLK comments to yourself. I saw the Chik-Fil-A bowl, that team was beaten within the first few minutes. They were not prepared to play. If they thought they had a chance, that thought quickly changed. VT was better than the Vols but not that much better. I put it on your beloved CLK and staff. Maybe he knew something then, maybe not. But that team had a lot of issues which a 7-6 record reveals. CLK did not really want to be at UT and thank God he only stayed a year.

Written on How do you feel about the 2013 football recruiting class so far?:

IF Jon Gruden had wanted to be at Tennessee we would have hired him, Charlie Strong too and any other "big name" prospective head coaches. It was obvious when Coach Dooley was let go, a for sure hire was nowhere near being in place. So Butch Jones and Co. have their work cut out. No matter how "marvelous" this class or the next or his last class at UT some day is, they still have to be coached. I am as interested in that as in all the stars behind the players' names. One of the saddest parts of this information age is all the junk we post even when we do not know the entire story. As wagee12 posted, give the coaches "a fair chance." We were already 2nd or 3rd on many of the big name recruits. It has nothing to do with Coach Jones. I feel excited if for no other reason than not hearing all the Nega-Vol stuff if we were under the former coaching administration. But then...the Negativity must just come naturally to some who come on here. I am excited but do not have championship aspirations for this fall.

Written on John Adams: Despite attrition of 2012 class, potential difference-makers still exist :

Holy Moly, is this really a John Adams article? It was really good. It is also good to think something the former head coach left might pan out and be useful with all the how horrible he was and how bad he allegedly left things as many people conclude. I am just hoping a combination of the ones remaining and hopefully some gems in the 2013 class will mean good things come fall and the season. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on John Adams: Don't hang your hat on recruiting decisions, they are tough on fans :

Just when I, as a fan by the way, was rejoicing to read that the North kid from Charlotte chose the Vols, here's good old JA capping the Vols again and acting like he cares about fans. You have to mention a lost top rb recruit and remind of the Vols' struggles. Oh well, that caps all your articles lately man. I can't wait til next Wed. Could that mean I have some inside information about a recruit or two? I don't think so. I just want to see who the Vols will have not lament who they do not get drama or not.

Written on James Franklin apologizes for calling Saban 'Nicky Satan':

in response to ProfessionalHandicapper:

Franklin has that swagger Vandy has needed for years and right now Franklin owns a longer win streak than Saban. Vandy now has the longest winning streak in the SEC.. UT fans can scoff but there is no TEAM swagger in Knoxville like Franklin brings to the table. We saw Franklin sit Rodgers for an entire game and he got the message. The man has guts and is winning, bringing in upgrades , bringing in talent and beating UT like a drum. Plus bringing in Bowl money to the SEC something UT no longer does.

Wow,I'm just loving all that Vandy swagger PHC. That fabulous coach just has it all and heck the Commodoores have beaten the Vols what ONE in a row. Let him dominate Tennessee, let him compete for the SEC East year in and out then you and he can run your mouths. Meanwhile, he trashes a coach he seldom plays then apologizes?...Oh yeah, that's swagger for sure. Beat some really tough opponents with all those better players you now have, then come back and tell us what an amazing coach he is. Apologize, makes me think he just said it to stir a controversy. Swagger, indeed!

Written on Tennessee assistants to get 8.33 percent bonus for making bowl game :

I hope they do get bonuses this fall. I do not like a 6-6 record for a possible bonus. So hopefully they will at least breach the 7 win threshold. I am excited and hope it goes well in recruiting, spring practice and in the season of 2013. Go Big ORANGE!

Written on James Franklin apologizes for calling Saban 'Nicky Satan':

Yeah old Franklin with classless jokes right out of the Twinky Kiffin playbook. It might be more of a joke for FrankyPanky to insist he is going to outwork Saban. That is laughable. It just sounds weird to hear this kind of junk from an Vanderbilt head football coach.

Written on Updated odds for all of Tennessee's football targets:

Looks like we will not realize an upgrade at the running back position. I hope that Neal and Lane can acclamate to the new offense and of course the new qb gets off to a good start. We can't expect too much this year in recruiting but I was certainly hoping. I am less concerned with 12th in the SEC or not in the top 20 in the nation and more concerned that we get quality players who can be coached up and we have a staff which can and will do that. Next Wednesday will come quickly. I am still hopeful a top guy or two or three will get on board. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Video allegedly shows Alabama players meeting with performance-enhancing drug reps before BCS title game with LSU:

in response to rtrchatt:

Ignorance is bliss and you are the King of the land.... 4 star DB Eddie Jackson from Fla has committed to the national champions. A true shutdown corner and VB the ship has sailed. Good luck chasing Amari Cooper and Robert Foster the next 3 yrs, you will need it. Hope you at least get to abowl game or two wearing the puke orange. Roll Tide, got 23 UT???? 13 is sooooooooooooo second place.

OK man, thank you for listing the next group of banned substance users/promoters at the University of Alabama! Enjoy that little tap on your shoulder continually of the NCAA investigator. Guess Nickalangelo might be rethinking his possible jump back to the NFL! We will see! But you go on and gloat. We are still ALLVOL around this neck of the site....

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

I see all the expert coaches on here telling Coach Martin what he needs to do. It is a win and over Vandy. So we begin there on a positive note. Yes they need to improve late in games and learn to shoot free throws is a win! I will take it and not qualify it as luck, home cooking or anything else the Nega-Volling brings up. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Orange and White Game scheduled for April 20:

I hope to be there even though I will be returning from Europe the day before. GO VOLS!