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Written on UT tells students not to paint Rock to welcome recruits:

Its a minor violation. I think UGA had 50 of those last year. They do nothing.

PAINT THE ROCK FOR VON BELL!!!!! We need to show this kid some love!

Written on John Adams: Vols chasing Vanderbilt in recruiting :

John Adams is a joke. It would be nice if he practiced journalism and didn't let his obvious hate of everything UT bleed into every comment he makes.

UT will be ahead of Vandy when its all said and done this year. They just have more commits, mainly 3 star garbage. Once the dust settles we will be ahead.

Its sad that Adams twisted this into an illogical rant designed to troll the fanbase. Pathetic excuse for a journalist.

Written on Vols' offense has Jim Chaney smiling :

in response to WaltGoVols:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

A fan doesn't come on a local news paper and completely trash his team and its players for all to see.

You are a troll. No one cares what you think or what silly little theories you have.

Written on No charges against Vol QB Tyler Bray, roommate in beer-bottle, golf-ball tossing incident :

KNS loves to bash some VOL players. Who cares about facts.

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